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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 2, 2020 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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nearly 10 million americans filed for unemployment. how the corona virus continues to impact the economy. what it means for workers right near in california. and just minutes from now. also, hospitals reaching their capacity. the message from health officials as california reaches more than 10,000 corona virus cases. the news at noon starts now. this is ktv fox 2 news at noon. both of us working from home, of course. every day at noon, we have been bringing you governor you new? h. today marks two weeks since the governor ordered a shelter in place for the entire state. at today's news conference, he planned to announce assistance for small businesses and workers impacted by the corona
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virus pandemic. we'll bring you the news conference as soon as it gets underway live. we know there are 10,000 cases here in california. more than 2700 of those cases are right here in the pay area. los angeles county is the hardest-hit in our state followed by santa clara county. new unemployment i numbers are breaking records for the second week in a row. according to a new ap poll, half of working americans say they or a household member have lost income due to the current pandemic. the president also and some members of congress now considering another nick relief bill. others as a cow that needs to be milked. not enough people see free enterprise for what it actually s. a healthy horse pulling a rds today, and i couldn't at this
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moment particularly with the national headlines and 6.6 million americans filing for unemployment insurance. with the headlines that we have seen as a trend line for the last few weeks. march 12th of this year, we started to see applications for unemployment insurance here in the state of california skyrocket. now, over 1.9 million californians alone since march 12th have filed for unemployment insurance. we have averaged 111,000 unemployment insurance claimings on a daily basis in this state over just the last seven dayings. the check consequences are mr. prove found, and i want to speak to those issues today. not only from the individual's perspective as it relates to unemployment insurance claims, the issue of the impact on mainstream. the impact on small businesses. 49% of state employees or
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rather 49% of all private sector employees in the state of california are employed by small businesses, people that make a go of it, put everything on the line, take risks in ways large and small. and we think about small businesses, it is not somebody with run hundreds of employees. in many cases, it is not someone with any employees. self-employed individuals. independent contractors, businesses that have one or two part-time employees, and so often we take them for granted even in the best of times. right now, they have been devastated. and i want to speak specifically about what the state of california is proposing to do for small businesses and i also want to highlight what the federal government has done to help small businesses because we will not be the beneficiary of that help unless we are aware of what it is exactly that is being provided and how we can access those supports. so let me again with what the
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state is now announcing, and advancing as it relates to supporting small businesses. every small business man or woman knows exactly what i am referencing when it comes to the issue of sales tax. we collect your salestax as a small business. we send it to the state to distribute it back down to the cities and counties. the customer pays a sales tax. we hold that into an account and every quarter, we fill out forms, small business men and women, and former small business -- i am a former small business man, so i know a thing or two about this. and we send that money to the state. what we are calling for today is a one-year reprieve for small businesses where no fines, no penalties will be attached, where they can take upwards of $50,000 as a loan and not have to pay the state  those sales tax receipts for 12 months. in essence, it is a bridge loan. the money that you have already
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collected, you will not have to pay the state for 12 months. no penalties. no interest. decfacto a loan. i had previously signed an executive order extending for a number of months through july 31s the need to even file your sales tax. this extends beyond that as a reprieve so that upwards of $50,000 can be used as a bridge over the course of the next 12 months. when i call it bridge hone in this cob text, because we need to be able to get the federal dollars into the state of california which means we need to get people to amy for these federal supports that were recently announced. both in the in the more recent that just passed. the $2.2 trillion. there are two programs in particular i want to highlight. an incredibly important for small businessmen and women to
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take advantage of. number one was the disaster injury. it is the small business loan- related to injury-related to the economic consequences of covid-19 p. you can get a $10,000 loan upfront as your application is being processed. you are presumed eligible for the dollars in that loan account. that loan provides upwards of $2 million for small businesses, payback over a 30- year period, and interest rates of 3.75% and for nonprofits in that category. 2.75%. we want to make sure people are taking advantage of that economic injury disaster loan program. we have information on our covid-19. ca. gov website. it will link you to the sba,
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link you to the services and supports so that you can take advantage of that program. the other even more significant program was just recently passed. that is the $2.2 trillion act. this provides businesses up to $10 million loans. if you continue to pay your employees. you have to provide 75% of all of that loan benefit to your employees, to payroll. this can be done through your bank, through traditional institutions, not just through the sba. that is the paycheck protection program, the ppp program that is finally getting some attention. this is a profoundly significant program that has $349 billion of federal supports attached to it. this program starts tomorrow. and that is why it is incredibly important people start stilling out the application, filling out the form to make sure they are
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aware of their eligibility. and this is one of those things a lot of people are going to be rushing to get the benefit of this program. again, april 3rd is the first day to start drawing down those applications. so work with your bank. work with your lender, and if you commit to keeping your employees, even if you have no business, even if business is closed, but you pay your employees, this is a grant program, not a loan program where you are reimbursed for the costs. again, the cap is $10 million, not insignificant, but there is a modest -- well, modest is relative, but a .5% fee attached to it. interest rate. fixed. at .5%. above and beyond that, you have the capacity to substantially get all of that loan completely paid l government as a grvery
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complicated and in many respects, it is. we just want to make it easier for folks. go to our website. covid19. ca. gov website. we have a link and we'll link all the information to folks so they can take advantage of these programs. the reality is not everyone can take advantage of these programs. while the spa has debt forgiveness programs and they have other programs that one can avail themselves to. not everybody has the capacity to get an sba loan. as a consequence of that, we are announcing the state of california is putting $50 million into our ibank, our infrastructure bank to create microlending opportunities for people that otherwise would not be eligible for sba-relief, the paycheck protection act and these other disaster emergency injury disaster programs. and so it is an additional contribution for this state to address those that may
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otherwise fall through the crack. so that is an of all sense of what we are trying to do to highlight those federal supports, advance some state relief through sales tax. up to $50,000 for a year with no interest, no penalties, and then provide microlending opportunities through our ibank and the state of california. and we are encouraging businesses large and small again up to hundreds and hundreds of moes. they are eligible for the status of these benefits. to do just that. and get prepared because tomorrow, again, and that paycheck protection program, those applications will start being processed and so let's get ahead of it. and let's make sure if you know someone who is a small business person, make them aware of this. and if you are business person, let's make sure you get this paper work done and get those applications in as quickly as possible. something else we are announcing today. i am very proud. i met with a small group of
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people in fresno, california about a year ago. an organization called bitwise. remarkable economic story in fresno and in the central valley, one that is not often highlighted in the news. it is not just an agricultural community. it is a vibrant community with remarkable human capitol. young people. people young at heart doing incredible things. a good entrepreneurial spirit and a technical expertise that is very prepresent in the central valley. bitwise is the center of this. bitwise has partnered with linked in and sales force to create a new site called onwardca. gorg. and that is about getting us back up on our feet. not just small businesses, now, people that have been layed off or need a job. bitwise has already created a remarkable website to match open jobs to individuals and
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their particular skillset. they actually prompt 37 questions to specify where you are geographically. what your exact skillset is, what your wage preference may look like, and then they match you with open job let's listings throughout the state of california. already 70,000 open jobs are now listed on their site. we'll probably have 100-plus thousand just in the next number of days. they have prioritized four areas that disproportionately are hiring remarkably at this moment. not surprisingly healthcare being one of those four areas. agriculture is looking for workforce. logistics broadly defined being that transportation, warehousing and the light that the logistic sector is in need of work. and of course, grocers. 70-plus thousand open jobs in the state of california. go to the bitwise new site. it is onwardca. org site and fill out those
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applications and see if we can patch you with a job just down the road and make sure we get you off unmoment insurance or if you haven't gone on, make sure you don't have to go on so we can get you in the workforce. i want to thank our partners in putting together this job listing website. we also have very pleased about the work that is being done, the heroic work. by some estimates, i mentioned one march 12th. not surprising, that is unprecedented and it is overwhelming the call volume at our department. we refer to as . that is our state department. that is responsible for processing applications for unmoment ensureness. they had a 21-day turn around in those unemployment checks in the good days. we are struggling to deep up with that. we are still confident we can do that.
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we have reorganized our staffing. 200 additional folks to deal with a surge of demand. we have 800 other folks that are now ready to increase beyond the surge of support. checks are from the low of 40 dollars to as high as $450 a week for unemployment insurance. and in addition to that, people are eligible you for at least the next four month with an additional $600 on top of the 400 to $450 per week because of the federal stimulus. and so those that may not have availed themselves in the unemployment insurance, please do so. again, easiest side is the covid19. site. will process these and we are doing everything we can to make sure we do so in a timely
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manner because we recognize people are feeling deephang sigh anxiety about paying for basic necessities and food and rent and the like and childcare for so many, eds. so that is it in broad strokes where we are leaning in to this economic moment. i should just preview i have an economic development team focusing on how we can get this state back on its feet sooner than later, and what that looks like from an economic stimulus perspective. some of the best and the brightest from across the country now advising the state of california. our department of finance, our go biz which is our economic development team and advising us which sectors that we should focus on and hooking at our regulatory system and looking at ways we can stimulate real growth and real time. but when we turn the corner on this virus and so i want folks to know that we are taking this very, very seriously, but we have to deal with the immediate hi helping individuals that are
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unemployment insurance claims. i want to make a few additional points and open up to any questions we may have to make this point. it was just a few days ago that i announced 25,000 people filled out applications. fully botanists, and emts, paramedics, nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, et cetera, to help support their loved ones, their community, their state, and our healthcare delivery system by saying you know what? i may have just retired but i am happy to go back to work as part of this health corp site we put up the. today, we have over 70,000 applications. it is just extraordinary. the most difficult for us is going to be triaging all of these applications. it just gives you a sense of this civic moment and how people are doing this
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extraordinary amount to try to anticipate in meeting it head- on. i just want to compliment all of do you that told folks about this website and they have filled out an application and we are going to do our best to get back to yu. we're going to try to match yu up geographically based up aexer teas and work through some details. just know we are going to respond as quickly as we can. and in terms of response, let me just continue to make this point. i really want to thank all of you for plaque at this timing, not just sitting there promoting or teachi of millions of californians that allow me to say the following. the number of positives are growing. the number of deaths, 203, have grown. but the icu numbers in the & the hospitallyization numbers -- while they are growing, they are not growing as
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significantly as you are seeing in other parts of the country. we're not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination, and we showed folks what we mean by that when we showed you our modeling yesterday. the reality is that we are buying time. for every individual that is in the icu, my heart goes out to them. that is 816 individuals that are currently in the icu representing a 5.4% increase from yesterday. 1922 people are in our hospital system with covid-19 that are positively identified. those are big numbers, but well within our modeling and well within our capacity to serve and meet this moment. it is the physical distancing that people are doing. it is taking this moment seriously that is allowing me to make that statement, that we have the capacity currently to meet the moment. we still need to do more on
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personal protective gear. the n95 masks. i could tell you -- i could write a book about how that is unfolding real-time. i know a lot of attention has been placed on that and most of what you are hearing is true in terms of it being the wild wild west, in terms of procuring the masks, shields, glove sets and the like. currently in california. we have already distributed 35..9 million. while we have gotten 1 million. apparently we are going to get another 17 ever thousand masks. we were just told that this morning. people on the frontlines broadly defined we recognize our obligation to you to continue to find this personal
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protective gear and to do more not just to source n95 masks, but surgical masks and the gowns and the coveralls that all of you do deserve. our hospital system was slack, not just surge. every day we are bringing on more beds. every day we are building capacity, and every day i continue to be miss me rised by the incredible leadership within our hospital system, our assisted living facilities, our skilled nursing homes, where they are anticipating the need to do more and better and providing more points of access and more space as they reconstitute and repurpose existing space in order to prepare for our peak in the next number of weeks. every hour, every day, we must take advantage of keeping this curve at a modest trajectory so we don't experience what other parts of our country and other
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parts of the globe have. every day, none of us will regret doing our part to do more to bend that curve. final point i to make and completely emmoment even beyond just the health corp site. i want to thank all the countless volunteers through our cal volunteers program that have gone to their site to contribute their time and energy at our food banks. over 2 million meals have been delivered just in the last few weeks just at our food bank. it is an unprecedented surge of need. to all the folks that reached out a few days ago when we asked you to make five calls to connect with your neighbors and seniors, thank you. weir seeing that on social media, in terms of partnership with nextdoor. we're seeing that with the work that is being done in alzheimer's and others, aarp
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that are helping amplify that sense of community. the commonwellth. all throughout the state of california. and i just can't impress upon you, let's keep doing more of that. let's stick together and let's be defined by our capacity to seize this moment as so many other you are seizing every single day to do the right thing including making sure that we are proking our most vulnerable. our seniors and our homeless. the update for today. of course, here to answer any questions that anybody may have. >> develop knob governor, thank you very much. this is a two-part question. the governor of new york named to cancel construction sites in his state. this week, the bay area health officers appeared to do the same when they issued new day- at-home restrictions that
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prohibit most construction. a tax worker is taking a different take. if the building sites are safe and the construction they are enforcing and adhering to some very strict guidelines, are you comfortable allowing construction to continue in california rather than doing what they did in new york and boston? the other question i just have really quickly is april 10:00 is coming with the second half of property taxes do. is there any suggestion that people can defer or waiver those payments? thyroids are the two questions. >> the conditions in new york are very different than in california. we have been working very closely with building construction trades, specifically long conversations with hunter, their leader, and i want to just acknowledge and applaud them for their strict workforce efforts and making sure that their own members are protected and make sure their members are protecting their community and those that they serve. we put out guidelines a few
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weeks ago that we think are appropriate as baseline guidelines as it relates to construction in the state of california. i am well aware of what are going to do every we can to bend our curve. we are not naive about the challenge ahead of us. all of that is subject to change but i am staffed with those state directives. as it relates to -- i have once again forgotten the second case cardiovascular devotion. carlisle, i'll answer that offline. >> john meyers. >> governor, thank you, can you mare hear me? >> john, you may need to ask me one question. i have the capacity only for one. but you guys can circle back. i know you have a lot to ask and i want to be able to be as repensive as possible. >> i want to ask you about people wearing masks? public.
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i think there is still a thrill bit of confusion. do your guy dislevers it up to let people do what they think best. that is not what we have seen in riverside where they are being much more specific. and even l. a. mayor who was much more specific last night. so are you not comfortable with issuing a little bit more strong guidance on this because it is not the same everywhere in the state. do you think those locals are doing the right thing and people should just listen to that. what is the message about wearing a mask. we were clear. absolute clarity. first state ve. not a sub city tuesday. i'll repeat that. masks are not a substitute for physical distancing. that is crystal clear. an incredibly important message to express. it very con sis can't message. i think the message that was sent in riverside as well. so there is continue newty and
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clarity. we play and put out guidelines that if individuals want to have face coverings, that that is a good thing, and a preferable thing in addition to the physical distancing and the stay-at-home order. we put out guidelines of what that looks like. the concerns that we have about mandating is. we still want to protect healthcare workers providing them the appropriate mark oh masks, gowns, and cover alls. the testing capacity is also impacted by masks and personal protective gear. and as a consequence, we want to make sure that that is prioritized in the state of california. but we have been very clear that if you are going into an
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environment where physical distancing is all but impossible. for example, into a grocery store with small aisles and a long cue that we do believer it would be additive and beneficial to have a face covering. >> governor, i want to ask about some reports about churches and other religious organizations that are staying op despite the stay at home orders. earlier today, you reported on a church in rancho cordova. i is your office looking into that church or any churches tvs that reported to staying open. do you have any message for religious loders that are arguing the service is essential. >> with all due respect, it is essential that we practice
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physical dins dancing ever where, full stop. i would highly encourage anyone who is not practicing physical distancing to recorr consider it to the extent they refuse. we will apply social pressure and to the extent possible, we will advance additional enforcement specific to your question about this specific site, i am not aware of any ongoing enforcement. as you know, the protocols for enforcement are bottom up, not top down, and so we would look to local leaders to enforce those policies first and to the extent they need support from the state of california, we would avail ourselves to providing additional enforcement. >> angela heart,. >> governor, thank you. i wanted to ask you. we are getting some reports by a month happening.
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if so, to what do degree, and is that sort of your broader effort of caring for covid- positive homeless people as well as homeless people who don't have the virus. >> so tomorrow, we're going to make some very specific announcements and update everybody on our efforts around homeless. the current status of our trailers that we announced a number of weeks ago and the number of hotel rooms we are procuring. how we are pry wrote. we're going to lay out regional partners but you county and be able to provide collar? in terms of your question. tomorrow, we'll with laying things out. >> hi. thanks so much. i afters wondering, generally, how you are preparing for the state budget.
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than is upcoming to be revised and specifically whether you intend to continue advancing the idea of providing health insurance to undocumented californians who are over the age of 65 as you proposed in january. >> we have a workload budget that suggests everything on the table. the january budget is no longer operable in terms of conversations with staff and legislative leaders. they recognized enormity. 1.9 unemployment since march 19. the world has radically changed since the january budget was proposed. everything is on the table. that is an honest and sober reflection of that reality. we certain will i are being benefited modestly by the federal stimulus in terms of and counties, though, nts. will continue to struggle and suffer and that is carla's question and now it has come back to me on the issue of property tax which they
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disproportionally rely on. it is the one that doesn't come to the state of california. sea sac, the county association. we have a call, and they have requested that we not impose upon them any mandate or dictate from on high unless we are prepared do back film the impacts of that manneddate, and so carla, that is the answer to that question, but it is part and parcel of a totality of considerations including the announcements i made today on defer for one year of up to 50,000-dollars in sales taxes. that is money that people need in counties and cities and at the sate level. the magnitude of the impact is just come action just coming into guilty light of day. we should be ready for substantial differences in our budget. >> caught len. >> hi governor. i want to talk about texting.
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so it is my understanding that california has a testing backlog of somewhere around 59 or 60,000 tests that we just haven't yet processed. and yesterday, l. a.'s county health deck director was stating that some people are waiting up to 12 days for results. what are the specific things that we are doing to reduce this backlog. are we adding half to analyze tests. that that other are way making sure this doesn't just grow as we wrap up testing. has the state acceptability guidelines to counties about what data they should be collecting and sharing with the public when it comes to testing? >> very specific guidelines have been sent off some time ago. not just the counties. there are four buckets of testing in the state of california. you have academic institutions that are testing. you have the state labs that are testing. you have commercial labs that are testing and than you have all of these private sector
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point of care labs that are popping up everywhere. so we have sent out a detailed request that not did amount of positives once those results come back, but the number of negatives. we have protocols in the past where commercial labs and others were only providing certain information, not the totality of the information. and that is why as you know well a few weeks ago we have been very transimportant about this. we said those numbers would change. and they did. you are corrupt. it is 59,500 test results are still pending. this is a national problem. just one lab in the united states has over 100-plus thousand backlogged tests. those large commercial labs are overwhelmed by the demand. and you know, you talk about lab corp. and quest, this is what they do 24/7. even this moment is overwhelming for them. here is the good news. every day, we are increasing the number of tests that are being conducted but we do
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recognize the timed delay. yesterday, i mentioned up to 12 days, so i heard that the day before. we had heard up eight to ten days. the backlogs are not necessarily getting better in real time but we are hopeful as these protocols and procedures and the new tests -- those are the blood-best tests that look for proseen teen we lated to your immune system began to sup were policemen. just the pcr test will be age able to stash those results. after that, it is specific. you know because we have all written about it. abbott announced their testing pasty is five to fifteen minutes to get back results. those are point of care tests. i want to caution people. the state of california received only 100 cassettes. 15 different lab sets. do the math. i mean, it is irrelevant. it is an insignificant total
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amount oftests that we can provide in five to fifteen minutes in the state of california. so before people rush -- >> . it is all about scale and the scale is imacted not just a other the time for diagnostics and it is also impacted by the ability to get the samples. that is swabs. that is the media, and still, it is about reagent. so there are not any extraction. that is the test that binds the rna virus in the nasal cavity. then you need the i did traction kit. those continue. those supplies amount continue to be scarce for many. so it could sound very confusing but i lope it gives you a sense of the totality of what we are looking to organize in terms of our testing regimes. we have a new task force on tests, and in the next couple
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of days we're going to provide some very good news about our capacity to substantially incrows our cities tests in the state of california. there was a reason i spoke about blood based tests and the have a remarkable cession add ricing us to if to the next level. we have the best in class even from international perspective, not just a national perspective in terms of apropping the tomb to diagnostics and provoid the appropriate level of supplies incrowding ppe. >> ashley. >> highway governor. i am curious about any possible travel restrictions that california might put in place. just given that, you know, you said that we are buying time here. and just looking at, you know, some constant atravel from the east coast to here.
12:37 pm
it want to get your input. >> if many plea bargain in the tate statute off of. anybody who comes into the state is subject to those same rules and same regulations. that is we haven't thought beyond that. as long as our strong stay-at- home orders are enforced and into effect in the physical distancing is constant. if you are a visitor in the state or you are a resident in the state, you are required. it is appropriate for each of us to recognize that we all have our responsibility once in this state to have an application of those rules equally applied to everybody. >> finally, do we have bloomberg law? >> hello. we are taking these questions. several application can'ts have asked for a moratorium of water
12:38 pm
shut-off during this. can you comment a little bit on that? >> not only can i comment. we appreciate their leadership, their at have that is i. i was very proud to work with them this year. say thunking water. atly and last year, not just a you, to me. if they want to protect not just residents from having their water shut off but also small businesses. i signed an executive order today to do just that. thank you so much for taking my question. i am wondering if yesterday during your schooled update whether it was you and tony's to do as well as without an order. >> kids are not going to go back to their classrooms. they, however, are going to
12:39 pm
have a lot of work to do at home. we'll continue to educate our kids through distance learning. i can't be more clear about this. the superintendent can't be more clear about this. the modeling. the model we provided yesterday shows other more. the worst decision we could make is cutting our parachute when we are way above the ground. and i don't think there would be anything more impactful that would example or manifest that metaphor than than 6-plus million children who come back to do. bo tennessee were testimony as we get a burnt exit.
12:40 pm
>> he's got a good application or a school-based meal application. the deep anxiety and stress that places on our parents, particularly our mothers and those teachers that i met with yesterday on a zoom call that are not only educating their kids through distance learning, but are also having to take care of their own at home. and so deep respect and empathy once again and admiration for those that are bearing an even greater burden to meet this moment with a call for those schools to shut down. >> guardjner as a con. chronicle. >> hi governor. we have had stories about nursing having to cut up trash
12:41 pm
bags to you as protective equipment and taking other treatment measures if they don't have a commitment. you mentioned the state had a deal to obtain more than 100 million masks. can you tell us anything about how soon nurses and healthcare workers might expect to receive those supplies and how long the state expects they might last. >> so every day, i am updating you. today i upthth. the number has changed substantially from even a week ago. in real-time we are answering that question. as soon as we get a shipment again or 10,000 or 1 million, we do our best to get it out as quickly as possible. i use the n95 as a proxy. we would go for the gowns. equally important for many.
12:42 pm
i realize everyone's strategies. makeshift and doing highway he everything we can can. we have folks all around the world and shipments coming. the partnership with fema. they come in on a daily basis. i talked about the 176,000 matings coming in. the shipment from the national stockpile. i am working almost 24/7. it is not a gross kaj walk. -- as a can con sometime. i will. i'll give an example. we had a shipment that other channel in texas. it was sent back in why? because all the masks were moldy. that is something that is going to happen when you are shipping things from around the world and trying to get folks to move quickly. others have been turned back at the border in mexico. so we work it is a huge logistics operation.
12:43 pm
in addition to that, we are working do mystically with partners within california. i mentioned properties including privateer sector, not just apple that other can the work being done by 7/is 1 that provided in their warehouse a mask for the state. so as soon as they come in, we get house. >> katie? >> hi governor. i want wanted to follow um on the property tax deadline. it seems like you are saying the could be did not to extend the april 10:00 deadline. what do you say to homeowners who can't afford to make that payment right now? >> the assess sos and the counties hawk that determination. this is not the state's money unlike a lot of other taxes
12:44 pm
that are. we have made great progress on the lets dential side. that is a preview with conversations we are having with nation's largest banks similar to the mortgage and the deal we just announced. we are sissing our options as it relates to property tax and i deeply recognize that anxiety as someone like you and others, perhaps to pay those property taxes, to see what we can do. we are working with the counties. they are very anxious as i said in this space, and we are seeing if there are ways to soften this so this is a conversation in real-time but again, the purpose of full transparency, they were very color. the. they were very clear abtheir hope and presentation, but iment carry that weight to answer the question to you and the millions of homeowners in the state that are feeling that
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anxiety coming up on april 10th. we're going to see what our options are and see what we can do to help this moment. i don't want to overpromise in this space. governor, you talked about the need for community surveillance festing and we would like more details on that. where has community surveillance testing been done so far. how many people have been tested and what are the results? >> so, we'll put that out. i told you we have this new workforce. i talked at length about the pcr. we'll be announcing so you'll have exactly what you are looking for. an update of all of the tests that have been done, where they are getting done, whether or not is doing them? what the specimen collection challenges are, what the extraction or reagent challenges are. we're be very satisfied with s hundreds and hundreds. excuse me, thousands and thousands of points i want to make sure when that information
12:46 pm
is provided it is as accurate as you would expect and demand of me, and i expect and demand of my director of health and human services that is leading that effort. >> karma dickerson, fox 40. >> hi governor. thank you for talking about the unemployment claims, specifically what the edd is doing to try to increase capacity. but this question goes to more along the lines of the federal cares act. the unemployment expansion there. people who would not have been typically covered under unemployment. wanting another extra 15 weeks of benefits or the self- employed. applying it. eed says they have been people been told you are nearly covered but have no applying. for example, someone like a hairdresser depending on when her stay-at-home orders come down hasn't had a paycheck in on processing times
12:47 pm
would be at least another month. is there anything that can be done to get some clarity between the federal and state edd offices. >> well, this is where i am very pleased to say that i have julie sue on the line. and julie is our labor secretary and is asking and half asking and answering this question among many others on a daily basis and an hourly basis. let me ask julie to giver you some more specifics about those circumstances which we are very familiar with. julie? >> thank you, governor. of course. so the federal cares act has a number for components. and just to be really clear, some of them do apply to traditional unemployment insurance. there is the $600 a week for up to four months that people who are applying for unemployment insurance will be eligible for, and we have been gearing up and are ready to get those payments out as early as next week
12:48 pm
barring any last- minuterequirements of the federal department of labor puts into place. you are asking about the pandemic unemployment assistance which is for individuals who are not eligible. these include the self- employed. true independent contractors, and we have been working with the department of labor to get more guidance. in the meantime, we are putting up some information about it, so if you go to -- you can go to the labor agencies, the labor. ca. gov covid-19 information to find out more about that. but we are working diligently to both get the information we need from the federal government and to sand up to information up here to mange sure that soon as the federal money is available, we are able to get it out. >> thanks, julian. and i want to acknowledge julie's incredible leadership. she has been hosting webinars in this space. we worked in our partnership. i want to just thank univision for their efforts to make sure that we are truly culturally
12:49 pm
competent in terms of the outreach in the state of california and the space. she has over 1200 advisers, 8 different locations that are trying to tree yang and answer those questions quite literally in real time. we have a lot of work to do. the magnitude of this is again without precedent, good enough never is. we recognize the deep responsibility and the burden that it is on us, julie, and her incredible team over there to be able to answer those questions, to help people that are in a point of deep anxiety and crisis. another question? >> jim ruth. >> thank you, governor very much. and please thank the first partner, too. that is one understanding spouse you have there, i'll tell you. interesting to know because based on the president's comments and comments from other governors around the country, april seems to be a make or break month. i redirect examination mutt it was respeck. she layed a bunch of stuff
12:50 pm
yesterday about what what could happen if we try to flatten that curve. could you tell me in your words what do you think the next two or three weeks looks like in the state of california? line >> reporter: mentioned this in the past. i'll repeat it. the number i wake up to every single day is the number of hospitalized covid-19 positive and the number of people in the icu. again, those numbers. 1922 covid positive that have been hospitalized and 816 that are in the icu. we look at our capacity within the system to surge and we look at our capacity to meet this from a human resource perspective and with the appropriate level of protective gore. that was the line we are other mod wroughting. it is. in terms of seeing the 5.4% incollies in icu numbers. remember a ously pause in some concerns.
12:51 pm
so day-to-day, it matters, but we would like to see trends. and so the trend that we layed out yesterday was. if we continue through the appropriate physical distancing and the incredible work 40 million californians have done to help bend this curve and meet this moment. if we could continue with that curve at a more modest slope, that would buy us more time to prepare and that could be two weeks for a peak that could come into the muddle of may. this that is a very differentic peckation in other parts of the country. that is our basis of our current modeling which as i convention to remind people could change every day. michaelson, fox 11. >> thank you, governor. a question on the issue of education. we're a few weeks into this distance learning experiment. i know you like to talk about
12:52 pm
statistics and learn about things. what do you think is working right now in terms of distance learning? what is not working? what is your advice to parents on that issue and for yourself on a personal level, how do you talk about that issue with your own kids? >> i'll tell you it is -- there is a big distance between a parent teaching their child and a teacher teaching their child. it is not that our kids don't respect their parents. they just don't seem to respect them when it comes to educating them as much as they do their teachers. so if there was ever any doubt about how extraordinarily valuable in society our teachers are, i hope we disable anyone of that doubt. this is an incredible burden that is placed on hold justice of the weir augusting taking to four teachers. they are doing their best. they were offering the best
12:53 pm
practice advice from oakland to and yea doe go, toes aross langless about their studies. i -- los angeles. i am going to bring these up. in parts of the state that so he shall owe economically have incredible capacity to provide for internet access and how they are struggling even within those communities to get download speeds that are appropriate to the connection curriculum. so many of their own kids don't have access to what you and i cake for granted. that is a smart phone, a tablet, chromebook and the like. what i am learning is there is not just a rural issue or an urban issue. the reality is all across the state, people are struggling, and we put out very comprehensive guidelines. i again mentioned yesterday i was very proud that they are being shared across the country, but we have enormous amount of work to do. that is why the apounced yesterday was so important to remind people to anchor in their consciousness that schools are closed but classes are in, and we have to double
12:54 pm
down on our distance learning work. i was proud that google stepped up. 100,000 hotspots they donated to the state of california. three months of free unlimited data and downloads they are providing so we can address some of those vulnerabilities throughout the state and providing somehow thousands of chromebooks. i said this in my remarks yesterday, we need more google. if you are a company that provides hotspots or if you are a company that wants to contribute more in terms of those books and the tablets, please, this is the moment to do. it is also a remainder that the equity issue is magnified in a crisis. in profound and deep ways. and it reminuter reminds me of where we were before this crisis which is unacceptable. the digital divide and the disparities that exist in this state and in this nation. we must confront them head-on,
12:55 pm
and this is just a prime example of that and so if there is anything good that comes out of it, it is going to be protocols and procedures that are not only sered in our mind and memory but in our frame of reference moving forward and on a resolve to address those issues much more proactively. any other questions? >> renee? >> listening in to governor garvin new? speak for about an hour. as the governor was finishing his news conference, we just got the words in the confirmed cases of the corona virus now top 1 million worldwide according to the tally being kept by researchers at johns hopkins university. let's focus on what is happening in california. the governor talking about schools, property tax payments, whether or not people should wear masks.
12:56 pm
he started his talk by focusing on small businesses and people who work for them saying 49% of privateer sector workers here in california are employed by small business. he said some of those small businesses are just one person and he is focusing on keeping those workers and those business owners financially afloat. >> and let's talk about jobs, too. when you think about california specifically, 1.9 million californians have filed for unemployment benefits since march 19. 1.9 million. so the governor -- i thought it was kind of interesting. he talked about this new website. i didn't create it and check it on my laptop to see if it is up and running and it is. it is called onwardca. org and basically he said there are currently 70,000 jobs available on that site. so what do you do? you log on. you say this is how much i made for you. usually, this is what i am interested in and then that site tries to set you up based on geographically where you liver in california, and how
12:57 pm
much you made, and trying to connect you with the new job. and he said there are 70,000 out there mainly in agriculture. healthcare is another big sector as well as list gistics. millions are losing their jobs including right here. but that is one website to offer up some help and support for those who are unemployed. much more coverage online on the governor at right now, i want to turn and mark, if you can give us a little forecast for the rest of the day here? >> yeah. a quick update on the forecast for today,guys. lots of sun seasonthat that afternoon. here is our live camera. another sunny day for today. lots of sunshine. the winds are already picking up around 15 to 20 miles abhour as you can see here on the satellite. lots of clear skies up and down our coastline. the main stormy activity. it is out here in the pacific
12:58 pm
and that will be changing as far as the rain chances as we head toward the weekend. now, wind speeds are up and in a few spots. you can see fairfield. that is a northerly wind gusting to 20 miles an hour outtoward sfo right around eight miles an hour and halfmoon bay winds at about 16 miles an hour. most areas in the 50s to the lower 60s. and the plan for today. lots of sunshine. forecast highs about 62 to 67. maybe 68. the strongest winds near the coast and near the bay where they could be topping 20 miles an hour and the winds will be somewhat of a factor for your friday as well. here is that change as we head toward the weekend. we bring back rain clouds. by saturday, developing maybe some thunderstorms into your sunday forecast and showers likely into monday. so enjoy the sunshine today. because the weather pattern is changing quite a bit as we head into the weekend, especially as we head towabe
12:59 pm
picking up. san francisco is throwing lifeline to small businesses devastated by the corona virus. launching a small business emergency loan fund. the city is directing $9 million to the program. small businesses can apply for up to $50,000 in zero interest loans. the city says it will set flexible repayment options and terms will be determined on a case-by-case basis. all right. that is going to do it for us here at noon. as the governor said, social distancing. the numbers continue to rise here in california. but he thinks that social distancing in doing the job. in terms of lower percentages when it comes to increase of hospitallyizations and those being admitted into the icu. that is going to do it for us here at noon. more coverage online at our next newscast is at 4:00. dr. oz starts now.
1:00 pm
>> this is the best study. dr. oz: my team is investigating and possible break-through that could bring treatment. is the u.s. doing enough to slow the spread. dr. ne-on-one with the birx, coming up next. dr. oz: it's day 73 of the coronavirus pandemic in america and there's breakchin


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