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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 10, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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social distancing may be the co happening today in oakland the city plans to close 74 miles of neighborhood streets what that means for californsta home may possibly end.>> we to drivers. the goal is giving pedestrians and bicyclists more space to get outside while still social cannot actually be in the presence of one another and an distancing. this emergency measure is called oakland slow streets and assembly or in fellowship with it will cover about 10% of all one another but by way of spirit. >> on this good friday creative streets in oakland. and innovative worshipers are staying connected during this very special holy week.>> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2 . step by step, we're going to figure this out. >> good morning and thank you we're gonna find a way through this. us stock markets are closed for joining us, welcome to today in observance of good we're working really, really hard in hospitals, mornings on 2 i am dave clark. friday and they will resume our nurses, our techs, all the docs. normal trading hours monday investors hoping the recent >> and i am pam cook, april 10 surge will continue as stocks rallied yesterday to close out it's about staggering when people get sick their best week since 1974. that is partly due to the multi- so that the hospitals can cope. trillion dollar stimulus plan. now that plan is an attempt to we're gonna go through an awful lot of these. all across puget sound, people have been stepping up made it to the weekend and the boost the economy including weekends have a very different $2.3 trillion in lending and feeling but still time with and donating personal protective equipment. family and now let's check with steve on the weather.>> okay pam and dave, maybe some sun bond buying measures and the program will target companies that are too big to receive federal loans under the
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government stimulus program. we stay at work. for you. you stay at home for us. jerome powell believes the of t for the weekend which is good news but still some rain around the santa clara valley. the ever persistent pesky low on southern california does not just know we're all with you. want to go but it is showing under control the businesses will reopen and people come back to work. thank you, thank you so much. there is every reason to believe the economic rebound when it comes can be robust. thank you doctors & nurses. signs of moving. a little warmer the next week and a little overcast with >> the senate democrats blocked afternoon sunshine and bumping a republican bill to add an up the highs a little and on monday we had a lot of 50s but now we are all 50s. san jose is 56 and the line additional hundred $50 billion in relief for small businesses stretches across nevada and the and democratic leaders say any valley and about san jose south bill providing money for small towards watsonville as well, businesses would need to provide just as much money for all the way over to hospitals, local governments and food stamp recipients. once we got to know each other as people i was not just today is good friday, a a statistic.>> amazing. very special religious day around the world. northeastern nevada, la and san in paris at the damaged notre diego had incredible rain but for us after the system of dame cathedral this morning a south we get a little more small good friday service was sunshine and highs bumping up a held as seven people gathered little, it l including priests attending a have more son and fewer clouds. meditation ceremony. let's get over to sal castaneda this marking the crucifixion of on this friday morning, good jesus christ. and many bay area churches will use the internet this easter
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morning . >> happy friday to you steve, weekend to reach and connect traffic off to a good start for with their congregations and the most part with no major beyond by staying home and not going to church. issues. as we take a look at the san ktvu's amber lee talked to mateo bridge and westbound 92 looking good going towards the religious leaders about that peninsula, clear weather and dry roads and no major issues challenge.>>reporter: we're as you go across the bridge. really putting our faith into action.>> faith into action for now let's go back to pam. bishop keith clark means bring easter services from his church >> all right topping our news in east oakland to the this morning we may be just committee on facebook live the days away from hitting a peak church is empty physically but the number of deaths in words of hope will be offered coronavirus in both the threat taped sermon sunday california state and across the morning. >> connect with the body of country, the numbers are being closely watched by federal and christ. >> one man says it is important state health agencies and according to researchers at the have easter services even university of washington deaths without having to be in a from the virus will peak on church.>> hopefully it will keep our heads up but there is easter sunday and a model for california shows a week here a lot of hurt going around three days later on april 15.>> right now. >> bishop clark is coping with a personal challenge, is 72- these are good predictive models that work for the week ahead and beyond that it gets year-old father johnny clark, a minister in oakland, is uncertain and it depends a lot hospitalized suffering from on what else happens. covid 19.>> the ambulance came to get them from the house and i had to stand across the street
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>> health experts say that next week would be too soon to because of the virus. >> he says there is good news, consider lifting shelter in place or social distancing orders and they say lifting the his father was taken off the orders to soon would risk a ventilator wednesday after 10 days in the hospital and he is second spike in cases across improving but clark says easter the country. another person has died at sunday means renewed hope. the nursing home in hayward >> no bad health friday is raising the death toll to sunday morning is on its way. seven. at least 40 other residents and 25 staff members at the gateway >> the celebration of easter care and rehabilitation center have tested positive. has his assistant pastor and a volunteer assembly 200 easter basket and families will be up the alameda county health to drive by and pick them up department has moved the infected patients to one side of the facility as it monitors maintaining social distancing. the deadly outbreak. this is the latest update on the coronavirus here in >> we cannot be in the presence of one another and assembling with one another and fellowship california. there are 20,169 confirmed with one another but by way of cases of the virus, 547 people spirit and being able to connect and with social media you can interact.>> this single have died. nationwide mom found out about the easter california is fourth in the us baskets on social media and the number of coronavirus cases plans to pick them up for her following new york, new jersey children. >> due to the times we are and and michigan. the bay area has 4431 confirmed to get something for the kids cases, 118 people have died. and let them know easter is
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governor newsom points to 1.9% still here. drop in the number of patients >> and for clark easter represents hope as his father fights to recover from the and hospital intensive care units between tuesday and wednesday as a good sign. it is the first time since the coronavirus.>> no matter how rough it gets hold onto your outbreak began that the number faith because if you can keep of icu patients dropped from the faith, the faith will keep one day until the next. you. >> faith leaders say this the governor is warning that a single 24 hour timeframe is not easter sunday holds a special a trend but it is a good sign. meaning, it is a reminder you don't need a building to come together. in oakland amber lee ktvu fox 2 california is also helping first responders and others on the front lines of the pandemic news . a nice reminder and you know we are all together, not physically together but we are . governor newsom's is a new program that will give vouchers still together. for travel and shelter to 4:09 am and it sounds like healthcare workers as well as discounted hotel room rates is we'll have a pretty nice a good thing.>> we will extend weekend for all of the those deep discounts directly to w income christian religious families and everything they will do.>> workers we will provide 100% it will be better by sunday and reimbursements so they are allowed to stay closer to their monday, we are slowly getting there in this is a really impressive low for april which is producing torrential rain in patients and provide them the southern california, but first opportunity and not to worry a little warmer the next week, about it being out-of-pocket or worry about exposing their a little bit of overcast, but
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temps have come way up early in families. >> governor newsom set 150 the week in the 30s to now mid- hotels are already part of this 50s and pressure is up 30 pressure is up 30.07, not much change tomorrow but it will be is expanding temporary housing for the homepeople. more sunshine in temperature start to bump up, upper 60s and low 70s in the next few days but still rainy san jose south coming from the valleys of gilroy and morgan hill and santa cruz mountains and some of that stretched all the way into nevada. that is the circulation around the room the low what is a powerhouse low for april and it is slamming los angeles, mid- 50s, one upper 40 at fairfield at 49, some of the rain or stay in stockton and tracy and mount hamilton, but it is starting to wane and taper off a little bit. we will check it and see what is going on but san jose and livermore and been on the south looks to be the line, but we
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are looking for the southern california low to finally move but san diego is off the chart for rain and look at palm springs. that is a lot of rain all the way over to flagstaff so the system is making its move but it is finally moving which will allow a little more sunshine for us and temperatures bumping into the 60s. now it looks pretty quiet sunday through tuesday with more sunshine and warmer temperatures. criminals making things even worse at a time when businesses are already suffering. next the crime at a san jose business and how it directly affects first responders. plus another sport knocked out by the coronavirus next the reluctant postponement of ufc fights and which company stepped in to shut them down. and we will also take a live look at your traffic, we have a little bit of traffic around the bay bridge toll plaza, sal
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castaneda is watching that and everything else and he will have this one is addition of traffic jams for you coming up on mornings on 2. lately, i've discovered that while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery.
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dr. about the ms:, whyspread of coronavirus?are well we know that people with underlying medical conditions over the age of 60 are at highest risk, but they've got to get it from somebody. dr. deborah birx: so we're asking everyone to be selfless for others so that we can protect those who are most susceptible. dr. anthony fauci: not going to bars, not going to restaurants, it all just means physical separation, so that you have a space between you and others. dr. jerome adams: for more information on how you can social distance please go to
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while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery. >> police in san jose are investigating at least a dozen car break-ins atpeople who live there say they've never worried about car break- ins because security patrols are visible around the clock.>> put something in the truck and noticed the truck was messed up and i thought i did not leave it like that and then i came around and saw the window was smashed out and i saw my backpack was out of the car.>> management says they are currently looking at security
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camera footage. a small business in san jose is trying to help first responders also broken into and burglarized this week in the owners tell us that thieves took $20,000 worth of masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. >> the owners of this janitorial supply cannot believe their eyes, someone had broken in apparently by throwing a large boulder through the front door.>> we came and there was glass everywhere and a lot of our supplies were missing. >> the thieves took gloves, facemasks, and sanitizer and toilet paper and the losses upwards of $20,000 what is worse is most of the items were earmarked for organizations like chp, vta and health clinics.>> we need these essentials for our community and to help workers and people who really need it we are in an epidemic that we are short on supply i do have some person come and vandalize and take our
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supplies is unfortunate.>> authorities say the value of this personal protective equipment skyrocketed and they are seeing more and more people trying to capitalize on that and the california attorney general's office has a task force looking at a price gouging online and san jose police are investigating this theft.>> they either sell it online or if they are afraid to get caught they sold on the street. >> they say there is no way for them to replace the inventory and demand is high and supply is backordered, they say they will do their best to get what eight they have left into the right hands and in the meantime they are taking safety precautions to keep this from happening again but>> we have added bars to the business and this was a wake-up call and a warning to be prepared, you don't know what is coming next. >> the owner said part of the break-in was captured on surveillance video and they say you can make out a gray suv and possibly a honda crv with three people inside and anyone with information on the case is
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asked to contact san jose police.>> ufc, 249 has been canceled after espn got involved. the pay-per-view event was set for later this month at a casino near fresno but espn called ufc president dana white and asked that he postpone the event. espn as a five-year contract is the exclusive home of ufc fights. and the national football league is selling football fans it plans to be back on the field and play games this year nfl commissioner roger goodell said he thinks having football games will be beneficial during hard times like these.>> we can help our country heal and we can help bring our communities together and we can provide hope and provide the distraction from the everyday issues and show people there is a future out there and that we will all be a part of it.
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>> now he did make it clear that the nfl will put public safety first in deciding when to play. the 2020 nfl draft will be conducted virtually later this month with all team facilities closed down. most of americans say they will not feel safe going to a live sporting event anytime soon. according to a seton hall university poll 72% of americans said they were not go to games until virus. 12% say they would only go to games only of social distancing was in place.>> very interesting, a lot of people talking about that and how they will address that with baseball season, will they just let half of the fans in? an ongoing situation for sure. 4:18 am and let's check back with steve, i know we're talking a lot of nice weather this weekend but still reminding people do not go to the beach with the parks.>>
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that is correct pam and dave and the weather does look a little bit better as a low in southern california will finally make the move take a lot of higher clouds out of it 53 at golden gate park and cloudy with a southwest windows 7 and barometer pressurize go not with 30 with 30.07 and a low cloud deck is persistent but that will burn off have rain down san jose and santa cruz mountains, mount hamilton has .08 and even down to watsonville but the big low is just giving incredible amounts for april down in southern california. 50s on the temperatures except for fairfield at 49 in sfo is 56 that line of rain which came all the way across nevada and even across cameron park and the sierra looks like it is about done but a couple one hundredths from livermore and san jose we will keep in the forecast for just today but then it is out of the picture. that low has no place to go but
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it is finally making a move producing unbelievable amounts of rain, not so much now for la but for san diego, they are way ahead of us and they are continuing to stack up on the rainfall. 60s on the temperatures and even in antioch it will be 70, morgan hill close and conquered bumping it up, not that much change on saturday but mostly sunny and warmer into next week you guys.>> thank you steve. talking about the nice weather this easter weekend it might be tempting for families of people to go out and enjoy the sunshine but most parks around the bay area are shutting down. next we will detail some of the closures and the fines for those who break the rules. plus how bay area food pantries are answering the call during this time of need an extra help they have provided.
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>> nights in white satin never reaching the end. legends are written, never meaning to send. >> welcome back to mornings on 2 and margaret thank you for that one we go back to the 70s on this one, i do remember my dad playing it on his brand-new fm stereo radio. when fm was a thing, dave.>> i hear you.
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beautiful.>> thank you. and margaret thank you for the request, it is nights in white satin, if you want to send us a request go to us on ktvu instagram, twitter hashtag ktvu. there is a new program by a bay area nonprofit group tell people at high risk of becoming infected of coronavirus and volunteers with this committee project are live cancer or have vulnerable immune systems. the food is repaired and san rafael and then delivered to homes across marin and sonoma counties.>> what we focus on is a really heart healthy diet all made with whole foods, whole grains and no processed foods or sugars. very high on vegetables and whole foods and then we are
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unique in that we do all organic mills.>> this allows people to not be able to go to the grocery store and risk becoming infected. bay area food banks are serving a growing number of families during this pandemic and there are concerns the situation will get worse in the days and weeks ahead. we show you how food banks are responding to this unprecedented challenge. >>reporter: these are emergency food boxes for people in need of groceries during the coronavirus epidemic. >> each of these boxes holds enough food to make 16 meals and normally the redwood empire food bank together about 1200 of them a month.>> with the national guard packing 7300 of these in one day and they did the same thing yesterday and they will do the same thing tomorrow>> right now it is this gallatin staff working
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alongside the guard and volunteers are the backbone of any warehouse especially during holiday food drives are instead sheltering at home. and when the all clear comes for the helpers to return the need will have multiplied. >> we are on the front line and i believe when we punched her this coronavirus will now be considered first responders in our country from here on out. >> before the pandemic food banks and pantries were feeding those whose income doesn't cover the cost of living buuble from 80,000 to 160,000 households annually when people emerge from the immediate crisis.>> in all likelihood they will not have a job and their companies may not exwill insecure which comes food insecure which becomes hungry.>> and while food lines grew after wildfires and power outages those emergencies are dwarfed by what is ahead.>> when we had a fire here and 5000 homes burned we helped
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people 14 months so now with an entire community at risk we expect that this will go on for many years to come. >> the guard will be deployed here packing boxes for the next month.>> they are productive group of people and it helps when you have top brass working solo shoulder to shoulder with them but they are eager to help and that is why they enlisted. >> and while food banks talk about the war on hunger.>> are beach with a bunch of sand that goes out miles>> the looming need seems more like a sternotomy disaster. >> and there is this wall of water you can barely see which is coming our way which is the ocean and that is the stage where at in this tsunami right now.>> ktvu is partnering with food banks around the bay area help them raise money during this very difficult time, your donation ensures that food
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go to our website, bank. prisons and jails across the country are becoming hotbeds for covid 19 outbreaks and next what activists and family members of inmates want done to try to save lives. a contentious relationship turning peaceful, we explore the shifted tones between governor gavin newsom and president trump as they work together through the coronavirus pandemic.
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