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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 21, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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great shape.>> that was president trump late this afternoon responding to questions about states reopening this week, and the potential for a second wave of >> we have a lot of developments to catch up with her this evening. first to washington where the u.s. senate approved nearly $500 billion in new coronavirus relief. 310 billion of that will be used for loans to help small businesses survive weeks of closures. there is also money for hospitals and virus testing. the house is expected to pass the bill on thursday and then the president would sign it oil prices went up slightly today but even so stocks were lower on wall street. the dow was down 631 points, more than to have percent. the nasdaq fell 237 points, nearly three have percent and the s&p was down 86 points. you will recall that oil
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features were negative, but today they went up slightly enclosed at $10 a barrel. a new study from the national institute of health says hydroxychloroquine may not work against the coronavirus. the study found that that anti- malaria drug did not show benefits in treating the virus and may actually lead to more deaths. researchers say 28% of the patients given the drug died compared to 11% of patients who received routine care alone. and as more states move ahead with plans to reopen their economies, the director for the centers of disease control and prevention is warning about a possible second wave of the virus. in an interview with the washington post, the director said the second wave would be worse, especially for hospitals because it would likely coincide with the start of flu season next winter. in the bay area bart announced that all passengers starting tomorrow
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will have to cover their nose and mouth inside all stations and onboard all trains. enforcement is set to begin tomorrow when the order takes effect, but many people are already wearing masks. this comes amid similar orders in alameda, contra costa, san francisco and timoteo counties. officers will be instructed to remind riders of the new requirement. san francisco is looking into a large coronavirus outbreak at an assisted living facility. the health department says there are now 67 confirmed cases at central gardens convalescent hospital in the western addition neighborhood. 39 residents and 28 staff members have tested positive for the virus since the first case surfaced last month. we spoke to a staff member at the facility and she says it was scary at first since the patient to tested positive for the virus have now been separated for the others.
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>> now everybody is okay, no fever, oxygen levels are fine. we expect to get much better in these coming weeks. >> these facilities are under the supervision of the state which is also overseeing testing and treatment at central gardens. so far no deaths have been reported read today the san francisco mayor announced a plan to close the streets in the city to help residents keep better physical distance. san francisco will have it through traffic are nearly 13 miles of streets. you can get a sense of them on this map. residents and emergency vehicles will still be allowed in. the plan is similar to one in effect in oakland that is designed to create safer streets for pedestrians trying to reach muni lines and to allow for more social distancing provokes out walking. the plan will be rolled out in phases with the goal of closing 223 street each week. in san mateo county the sheriff's office says deputy issued
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nearly 300 citations this past weekend to people who violated the stay-at-home order so they can visit county beaches. as andre senior tells us now, the city of pacifica said police officers they are issued more than 400 citations.>> reporter: at this popular beach in san mateo on tuesday surfers look for the perfect way to easily keep their distance. the same cannot be said for those laying soccer on the sand. with lowering images like this it's easy to see why some people use the speech as an escape. >> we wanted to get out, see the beach, just sort of get out of the house. >> over the weekend pacifica officers citing more than 400 people for violating strict county shelter in place rules to prevent the spread of covid- 19 which has infected around 930 people in san mateo county
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so far, causing at least 28 deaths. >> we found an alarming number of folks have in fact traveled more than five miles to come to those beaches and hiking trails. >> pacifica police telling ktvu that even though beach parking was closed, people came out in droves over the weekend, some as far away as sacramento, also drawing that i have county officials. >> when you have hundreds of people on the beach, that is not social distancing. >> officers out there were engaging folks in casual conversation. >> many visitors used in alternative parking that has cut people nearby alerting authorities.>> a mile away, maybe. >> that is obviously impacting the residents, if we are getting calls from them as well. >> they issued a warning that reads in part "this is alarming because unsafe conditions are occurring and as a result the city in coordination with the state may be left with no
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choice but to close the beaches entirely to everyone unless conditions improve." pacifica police will be putting up no parking signs enclosed by neighborhoods. >> please stay home, these orders are in place to protect everybody's health. >> when people think they can have a beach party on the back of others, that is not social distancing. that is being socially irresponsible. >> with sunny skies expected throughout the week, more people could end up on the beaches. pacifica please tell me they only issued citations this past weekend but if you are caught violating the rules in the future you can face a fine of up to $1000 or jail time if convicted. i'm andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. state health officials are working to get more coronavirus testing facilities open around the state. governor newsom gave an update during his daily briefing today and said some experts say at
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least 400,000 people should be tested for the coronavirus every week in california. according to a newly created task force on testing, right now that statist averaging only about 14,000 tests per day. >> when the task force was created on testing we were averaging 2000 tests a day. today we are averaging over 13,500 tests a day. that task force to put a marker out there. they said by april 14 they wanted to average 10,000 tests a day and they've exceeded that they put a second marker out, and that was to get to 25,000 tests a day at the end of the month and i hope and expect they will exceed that still.>> governor newsom also said that he plans to release more information about testing along with a timeline for easing stay- at-home order's in phases. the white house task force also gave its daily briefing this afternoon read president
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trump and members of the coronavirus task force laid out their plans to further combat the virus and to reopen the nation. officials say states looking to reopen it may not necessarily be meeting the white house guidelines but it's up to the governors to make those decisions. >> they are moving along pretty quickly, three announced today, as you know. and they will be doing it safely. and they will be doing it with tremendous passion. they want to get back to work, the country wants to get back to work read >> guidelines run through april 30 that states such as georgia stay and have plans to reopen later this week. this afternoon president trump signed an executive order suspending immigration in the united states for at least two months the move creates fears that there will be more racism against immigrant communities and is also leading to questions about constitutional separation of power.
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jesse gary has more on the order and its impact. >> president trump first tweeted his intention and then tuesday made his desires official. >> in order to protect american workers i will be issuing a temporary suspension of immigration into the united states. >> the executive order applies to anyone seeking a green card to gain entry into the country. the temporary halt will be in effect for 60 days. experts say while congress has control over immigration, they have previously granted the chief executive the power to close the borders in times of crisis. >> the ban was the camel's nose underneath the tent and now we are seeing the real potential for that type of ruling and that type of use of congressional power. >> the president says after 60 days, a group of unspecified people will review the suspension's effectiveness relative to economic factors. he says the federal government will review additional embers.
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>> he is taking the steps you think is needed to protect our health and protect american jobs, that is inappropriate action by the president. >> one size appropriate steps are another's steps in the wrong direction. an immigration attorney says his clients fear families could end up separated. >> we still don't know exactly how this will go. but there is a genuine fear as to what will happen for people who are already here were are trying to come in that are in process. >> political observers say the move likely intensifies the partisan war in washington.>> i expect most democrats and most people of color will be opposed support. so the country will be polarized about this issue. >> i think it certainly has to worry anyone, our constitution
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was intended to not worry anyone who came. >> i wish they'd stop using our constitution as a political chip. >> in an age of political dysfunction, both parties seem to see talks and actions through the crucible of partisanship. coming up, a confrontation with police leads to it stand up to glide church in san francisco. our crime reporter henry lee will have the latest on the situation. a dog still in her months ago in the bay area is found in southern california. what we know about the man accused of taking him. a significant warm-up today, temperatures will continue i will have specifics right after the break. also a big push in san francisco to get voters to mail in their ballots for the presidential election in
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november. and a live look outside in oakland right next to the coliseum. you can see it is all clear now but early this morning there was a big backup because of caltrans roadways. ktvu fox 2 news at 6 will be right back . we will all, continue, to thrive.
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michelle williams: not just to protect yourself but to protect others.
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giannina gibelli: stay at least 6 feet away from other people. 2 arms length. just because you're at home... michelle: ...doesn't mean that we can't be alone together. taylor bennett: together. a daylong standoff continues in the tenderloin neighborhood in san francisco tonight after a man with a knife got into a confrontation with police and then ran into glide memorial church. our crime reporter henry lee tells us police opened fire another man is barricaded inside the church.>> reporter: if he can at around 6:30 this morning when san francisco police were called about a man with a weapon. >> we received a call with a person with a knife on the 500 block of joan street. >> officers found the suspect and there was some kind of
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confrontation. >> during the contact and officer involved shooting occurred. >> at least one officer open fired, police are not saying what led up to the shooting and it's also not clear if the suspect was hit. >> it is unknown at this time whether the suspect has any injuries from the incident.>> the suspect ran around the corner and barricaded himself inside glide memorial church. they were still offering free to go meals but they already close the dining room. the s.w.a.t. team and negotiators came to the scene and tried to get him to surrender. >> we are in communication with the subject, our tactical team as well as our crisis and hostage negotiation teams are unseen. >> they hope for a peaceful ending to the standoff. >> we are prepared to have this end at any time. we are also prepared to stay here at long as long as it takes to create the best outcome and best resolution possible.>> at this time we don't know the suspects name or what charges he may face.
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and australian shepherd that was stolen in san francisco last year is back with his owner after being recovered in los angeles county. san francisco police released this video of the very happy reunion today. the dog named jackson was taken from outside the good life grocery store back on december 14. surveillance video showed a man approaching a bench where the dog was tied up. he was dropped off at a shelter in los angeles county on monday. a 26 zero man has been arrested in the case. the marine mammal center is trying to figure out why a home bell humpback whale washed ashore. scientists performed a partial necropsy this morning and said the young female humpback is about 37 feet long.
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>> about the humpback, it's always interesting, there was a time when we didn't see a lot of humpbacks, and you see a lot more now, unfortunately that one was dead along the coast. the temperatures will warm up this week, and that's what's happening. as we go into friday, upper 80s, may be a 90, i'll bet somebody pops a 90. for this time of year, if you hit 88, i call that hot. as we elevate in temperatures over the next couple of days, you will start noticing, and you will really noticed that tree and grass pollen's. they will start to proliferate, they already have. but this kind of warmth really pops those blossoms so be ready for that.
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for about a month during this time of the year i have to take something. temperatures today, 74 in santa rosa, 73 in napa, 78 in fairfield and 79 in antioch. the plan now is for this high- pressure ridge to do what it does, and it will set us up whether, probably the warmest run we've seen. this run, and i will show you in the five day forecast, this run coming up will hinge us with a bunch of 80s, so we will see 80s, maybe a 90, and stay in the low 80s into the weekend, so kind of a long run of warmth. when i get back we will map it all out. election day 2020 is still more than six months away but san francisco is already preparing for the presidential election in the midst of a global pandemic. as christien kafton reports,
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there was a big push today from city leaders to vote by mail. >> reporter: americans traditionally vote for president the first tuesday of november and this election year is no different. but what may be different is how people cast their ballots. in light of the coronavirus pandemic the chair of san francisco's democratic party sent a letter to city leaders asking them to have the city vote by mail. he watched voters go to the polls in the wisconsin primary earlier this month and said san francisco has to do better.>> to really effectuate and all vote by mail process, takes a lot of time. and so we in san francisco need to start thinking about how to do that now. so that we don't put our san francisco voters in the position of having to choose between their health and the right to vote.>> the city's director of elections that his department has already spent the last weeks mobilizing, taking twin pass to prepare for the general election. >> we are still considering how we can rent an election in
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polling places where we can provide social distancing to voters and pole workers. but simultaneously we are also planning for and all vote by mail election. >> mayor's office released a statement saying "we are focused on ensuring access to voting for everyone in the upcoming election and will explore all options." that haney and hillary ronan are not waiting. at the supervisors meeting they are pitching their legislation which would still allow polling places to allow people to vote but would require vote by mail to include everyone. >> we don't want to have to force people to worry about if they are registered the right way or signed up for vote by mail. they should get that pallet directly either way. we don't want people having to go line up. >> the election department has already designed envelopes for november so if they need to put in an order with suppliers they can do it early so they won't get caught up in a supply bottleneck if other areas moved to vote by mail ballots as well.
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in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, the latest on the health of the north korean leader kim jong un, amid reports that he is incapacitated following heart surgery. and in nova scotia the death toll has gone up again from the mess shooting that happened last weekend. ♪
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there are serious questions tonight about the health of north korean leader kim jong un. intelligence agencies are looking into reports that he is in grave condition after undergoing heart surgery.>> north korean leader kim jong un reportedly undergoing a major cardiovascular surgery that might have left him unable to run the country. reports first emerged in the south korean media and now some south korean lawmakers say they can confirm that he is incapacitated.>> someone told me he had surgery for cardiovascular problems. this is from those who know best about north korea. kim is known to be a heavy smoker who lives heart disease. he also missed a major celebration of his grandfather's birthday last week. the information coming out of north korea is notoriously unreliable. kim's father died in 2011 and
6:25 pm
the intelligence agency didn't know about it until days later. the trump administration says it is working hard to get more information about kim's condition. >> there are a lot of watchmen on the tower that are keeping an eye on america's adversaries, to make sure the american people stay safe as we battle this coronavirus here at home.>> there is also heavy speculation about what the u.s. will do if kim does die. is a they would rely on china to step in and manage what happens in south korea. >> it seems to have been a family succession, we've at least had three leaders that were in the family. >> the south korean government says it has no indications that kim jong un has become incapacitated. the death toll has increased again in the
6:26 pm
aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in canadian history. authorities now say at least a 22 people were killed. the man disguised in a police uniform shot people inside their homes and set things on fire during the mass shooting over the weekend in nova scotia. the gunman has been identified as 51-year-old gabriel wortman . investigators say the victims include a 17-year-old as well as a police officer who was the mother of two. there were also at least 16 different crime scenes in five different communities. coming up, girl power to help front-line workers. we will introduce you to the women from girls garage were cranking out hundreds of face shields. also, it could be a game changer for protective gear, the bay area company that is upgrading regular surgical masks to n-95 strength. and later in sports mark will have details on a blockbuster
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now to our top story, the senate today passed a new relief package that is close to half $1 trillion. 310 billion of that will be used for loans and small businesses to help them make payroll. the house is expected to vote on thursday after members return to washington. steve mnuchin said today that he expects the paychreporting o
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larger coronavirus outbreaks in the bay area. the healdepartment says there are 67 confirmed cases at central gardens convalescent hospital on ellis street in the western addition. no deaths have been reported. staff members said the patient to tested positive how now been separated from the others. starting tomorrow bart is requiring all passengers to wear something over their face when they are inside all stations or onboard all trains. this comes as mask requirements take effect in alameda, contra costa, san francisco and san mateo counties. bart says elise will be on hand to remind riders about the new requirement. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. they may not be the iconic rosie the riveter from world war ii but some young women in the east are taking part in the
6:31 pm
fight against the coronavirus. >> they are making protective equipment for front-line medical workers and rob roth talk to some of those teenagers today about why it's so important for them to help.>> reporter: here at girls garage in berkeley, these young women have joined the battle against the pandemic. >> i am not on the front lines but i can help those in need. >> simone is a 17-year-old junior at el cerrito high school and is part of a team of female teens making fascial to help keep you safe the doctors, nurses and other first responders who may come in contact with covid-19 patients. >> sometimes it feels like you don't have a lot of power, and it's really scary in uncertain situations. there are small things you can do that can have an impact. >> girls garage turns out about 100 face shields a day, 1000 since they started making them. the desperately needed shields have been going to hospitals and care centers here in the bay area and also to those in new york and new jersey. the shields start with a baseball cap. >> the plastic shield gets bent
6:32 pm
and then the brim of the hat gets marked and clipped and then they are attached using pliers.>> all the while the team practices social distancing. >> the girls garage is a place where girls age 9 to 18 can learn how to work with their hands and use power tools, skills that are often associated more with boys and men. the nonprofit has made furniture for women shelters and sandboxes for preschools and now they have enlisted in the battle of a lifetime. >> i'm super happy that this group of girls get to continue making and building in response to something that is so urgent. >> sitting around my house gets me really antsy. >> eliana is a senior and says she has ap tests coming up yet it is also important for her to be here, too. >> so many people are trying so just being able to get a hands-
6:33 pm
on activity to help these people is gratifying.>> the girls from girls garage say years from now when they look back on all of this, they will see this is a time when they learn about themselves, the world and how to make a pretty good ratio. to form apple engineers are working to create n-95 masks for the public. the founder of the nonprofit are upgrading surgical masks to provide the same protection as the n-95 masks. >> for the mask to be effective it has to filter well, so we came up with a solution by deconstruction of the n-95. and because of its shape, it filters well also because of this material. what we noticed is that this
6:34 pm
material here is the same as the material here. oh how effective is this? this material itself can filter out 95% of microparticles. that's a little technical, but we believe is as good as it can get to that letter n-95 with the materials we have available. >> sabrina says for every n-95 masks made, 300 surgical masks are made and they are design can help and the global shortage of n-95 masks. the design is currently awaiting cdc approval. you can find more information about fix the mask at our website, just look in the web links section. the small business administration says nearly 8000 business owners who applied for government loans may have had their personal information exposed. they say the website that handles economic injury disaster loans may have
6:35 pm
inadvertently displayed data to other applicants on march 25. they say only the disaster loan program was effective and there's no evidence of misuse but the data did include birth dates and social security numbers. people whose debt it was exposed are being offered free credit monitoring. and effort is underway in oakland to raise money for a relief fund to help vulnerable students and families who are impacted by the coronavirus crisis. so far the oakland unified school district, the city of oakland and the oakland public education fund have raised more than one half million dollars. the goal now is to raise an additional 2.5 million because they say the need in oakland continues to grow.>> donating to the oakland public find is one of the best and most informed ways to get directed to the families that need it most. that might not feel comfortable coming to government programs but will be comfortable telling their teachers or their
6:36 pm
principles, with a trust.>> the money being raised is used to provide food and cash assistance to families as well as laptops and internet access to high school students. there is some good news for of bay areas based chocolate company. they are resuming operations. right now only a limited number of stores are open, you can order by phone, and then pick up your order outside the store including one in north san jose. they say that sales on their website will also resume soon. in santa rosa, an employee of latoya factory has tested positive for coronavirus. according to the press democrat, the employee did not have any contact with completed tortilla products. the factory has about 300 employees and has been a staple of sonoma county since 1977 when it first opened as a local
6:37 pm
tucker area. today it's a 75,000 square-foot plant and makes more than 1 million tortillas every day. coming up, for only the fourth time in history, germany's oktoberfest has been canceled. we will tell you about that. also ahead, some of the bay area road projects can be fast- track now that fewer drivers are out on the road.
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across the nation, few
6:40 pm
states are moving toward reopening certain businesses. the governor of georgia has announced plans to reopen gyms, hair salons and tattoo parlors beginning on friday. south carolina has already begun to reopen most retail stores and it is also easing restrictions on public ethics to beaches. in texas state representatives to say they are planning a gradual reopening next week.>> to the degree in which people are complying with stay-at-home order's has been remarkable. but, that is being strained right now. i hear it every day.>> tennessee also plans to and it stay-at-home order next week. u.s. officials say more than 4 million americans have been tested for coronavirus as states worked to ramp up their testing capacity. these are the latest numbers. the u.s. now has more than 800,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. nearly 45,000 people have died in the u.s.. around the world there are more than two and half million cases
6:41 pm
and almost 177,000 deaths. nearly 680,000 other people worldwide have recovered. in germany this year's oktoberfest celebration has been called off. the festival was scheduled to start september 19 and ran for two weeks. the event typically attracts 6 million visitors. this is only the fourth time the oktoberfest has been canceled. the other three cancellations happened during world war i, world war ii, and during a power outbreak in 1800s. and in spain, the annual running of the bulls has been canceled. it was scheduled for july every summer people from around the world had to spain to participate or be spectators. currently spain has the second most coronavirus cases in the world and more than 200,000, and at least 21,000 people there have died. checking on the weather as we get back here we will look at the warm-up.
6:42 pm
it's already started today and continues through the rest of this week. let's go to alex savidge now for a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7 o'clock news over on ktvu plus. >> healthcare workers protest outside of the white house saying they are still not getting the ppe they need to be safe on the job. also, what teachers across the country are finding out about the effectiveness of distance learning. why they say less than half of all students are actually taking part read those stories and much more coming up tonight live at 7 over on ktvu plus. first after the break, he's known for leaving his heart in san francisco. now he wants to use his signature song to bring the bay area together. the request tonight from tony bennett. and taking a live look outside on this tuesday night, what a beautiful evening.
6:43 pm
ktvu channel 2 news at 6:30 will be right back.
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>> the monday through friday traffic essentially is down 50% from 2019 levels. >> for example the bay bridge which recorded 135,000 vehicles a year goat saw 71,000 this past thursday, a 47% drop. in a bridge that saw 49,000 vehicles a year ago recorded 13,000. the reduction in traffic means that they have expedited their improvement projects. now already several weeks ahead of schedule. >> i would sum it up as a very small silver lining for the dark cloud of this pandemic. >> caltrans also says it's taking advantage of the unprecedented traffic reduction and moved up a number of projects.
6:47 pm
one project is starting three months ahead of schedule. >> we will be able to do a very impactful project a lot sooner than we were expecting to come in april instead of july. we will also be able to do it faster.>> speaking of faster, watch the red tesla our camera captured, it highlights one of caltrans additional concerns right now.>> because there is less traffic we do see speeding increasing. >> one transportation official told us that the germanic drop in traffic speaks to the spirit of the bay area for reducing nonessential travel. for that he says people should be commended. the uc berkeley campus welcomed three checks over the weekend. the falcons are nesting, there had been four eggs but one broken was nonviable.
6:48 pm
the checks will double in size over the next few days.>> there are lots of birds hatching right now. it's that time of year. a lot of you may have nests in your back yard. i had some small little finches, then we will see birds for the next few weeks as spring keeps going. we are looking at a pattern that will be very conducive to everything you like to do outside except allergies. you will start to notice those as it warms up a lot. today warmed up by 10 to 12 degrees. temperatures into tomorrow will be up another five or 6 degrees. right now it is 73 in fairfield, compared to yesterday, the temperatures really came up. tomorrow they keep coming up, back in the 80s tomorrow and we will stay in the 80s pretty much into the weekend. at one point we will see
6:49 pm
temperatures perhaps in the upper 80s, we may squeak out a 90 degree reading. so one of the warmer patterns we've seen. coastal fog is trying to get to the coast. you can see it clicking in here by tomorrow afternoon. there are some patches of it now, but by tomorrow afternoon to see the fog and low clouds, that will be back along the coast. and there are your basic three microclimates, you are looking at the coast, the bay, and then inland, upper 70s, low 80s, so just hundreds of microclimates in central california, more than that even, but those are the three big ones. so the forecast for tomorrow, few clouds in the morning, maybe low clouds and fog in the richmond district. clears up, partly sunny to mostly sunny all day. 81 in fairfield, i think these
6:50 pm
numbers might be a bit conservative. i think we could see a few low 80s in places like antioch and fairfield. tree pollen, grass pollen, all coming up. it's that time of year. he is a five day forecast, little bit of fog at the coast, looks pretty good, we haven't seen something like this in a while. we've had nice weather, but not in the mid-80s. the whole week and is nice but slightly cooler on sunday.>> bill, thank you. tony bennett is asking bay area residence to come together for a mass sing-along. the grammy award-winning singer is inviting everyone to sing his signature sound, i left my heart in san francisco, along with him at noon this saturday,
6:51 pm
april 25. bennett says this is his way to pay tribute to front-line workers. a blockbuster trade in the nfl. the tampa bay bucs have traded for one of tom brady's favorite receivers who has actually retired. mark is up next with sports.
6:52 pm
step by step, we're going to figure this out. we're gonna find a way through this. we're working really, really hard in hospitals, our nurses, our techs, all the docs. it's about staggering when people get sick so that the hospitals can cope. we're gonna go through an awful lot of these. all across puget sound, people have been stepping up
6:53 pm
and donating personal protective equipment. we stay at work. for you. you stay at home for us. just know we're all with you. thank you, thank you so much. thank you doctors & nurses.
6:54 pm
how is it going everybody, coming to you live from napa. assuming we have an nfl season this fall, right now it looks like a fairly big assumption. it will be interesting. suddenly the tampa bay bucs, a team that probably nobody really cared about outside of tampa will be a focal point for the nfl, joining tom brady is of the nfl's wild man, tight end rob gronkowski. yes, he is the wwe champ from
6:55 pm
earlier this year, a little example of his outgoing personality. the someday hall of fame tight and will apparently come out of retirement to join his favorite quarterback, tom brady, after his rights were traded from new england to tampa today for a fourth-round draft choice. the former 49er coach weighs in on the trade.>> i'm telling you, the defensive coordinators in the nfc south right now are scratching their head. okay, how are we going to defend this guy. because they will have a lot of fun with cronk and a tom reunited. they've been great at passing the ball, with jameis winston, now at another one of the great tight ends of all-time, ll you
6:56 pm
whether you like those guprovoc assuming again, that we have football. in the meantime, if you love baseball, automatically you appreciate and enjoy minor- league baseball. get this, mlb is laying out a proposal that apparently will go down tomorrow. it will drastically reduce the number of minor league teams across the country and as far as 42 teams, minor-league teams, could be eliminated. of course the coronavirus is greatly to blame for this and you can understand mlb's point of view. the big-time guys are fighting for survival right now as it is. so minor-league baseball will take a tough low officially tomorrow. in the meantime, back when we were seminormal this time of year we would have baseball in
6:57 pm
full flight, the nba and nhl playoffs and gear, but that was way back when, i think joe fonzi likes to reminisce about this day in sports history. >> perfection was the order of the day on april 21 2012. the white sox needed a little help to finish off this strikeout. but when the out was made he became the 21st pitcher in major league history to throw a perfect game. on this day two years ago sean minaya was not perfect, but he cold off the boston red sox. the seventh no-hitter in oakland a's history. on this day in 1996, the bulls finish the regular season, 72
6:58 pm
wins. >> 20 years later the warriors would be that number, that's this day in sports, april 21, i'm joe fonzi. >> yes, that they did, the warriors, in the meantime a lot of people have been making these crazy homa videos like this tick-tock. this is former nba player rex chapman's wife karen. her first, maybe her last tick- tock, check this out.>> [music] >> now, we can laugh, we can only laugh because she is okay, she is healthy. that's the sporting life. such as it is. to make all my gosh.
6:59 pm
>> all right, see you later everyone, good night. >> good night. the winner of our design your own flag competition. but i can't. the only entry was from gameygamer75, and i know that was a jpeg of your buttocks. now this week we have a very special episode where we explore the flags of the popular entertainment franchise,star trek. and to help me, i'm pleased to introduce internet personality, former star ofstar trek: the next generation, and the only guy i know lucky enough to be immortalized in 1/16 scale-- set phasers to "fun"... ...for my friend, wil wheaton. hi, sheldon. thanks for having me. i'm happy to be here. cut. what's wrong? sorry, sheldon, you were brilliant as always. wil, that was a little wooden.
7:00 pm
wooden? don't worry, it wasn't terrible. just, this time, try to say it the way people sound. and action. my friend, wil wheaton. hi, sheldon. thanks for having me. i'm excited to be here. so, wil, what do you have for us first? well, this is an exciting one. this is the flag of the united federation of planets. now what's interesting about this flag... cut. what was wrong with that? it's called "fun with flags." they're not at half-mast, nobody died. let's try and keep it upbeat. um, no offense, but i've been acting since i was a kid. i think i can handle a web show without a lot of direction. sheldon: it's true. in 1982, wil played the voice of martin the mouse inthe secret of nimh. you moved me. you'll have to forgive me. this is my first time directing, i just want it to be good. so do i. great. so, this time let's try more real boy, less pinocchio.


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