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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 1, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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so to speak a good morning, thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2". i am a dave clark. >> look who is joining us today for the lovely weather forecast. rosemary, hi, nice to see you. >> gosh, good to see you. >> good morning pam, good morning dave. happy friday. we do have a nice weekend coming our way.
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we are going to cool down a little bit over the weekend. we have partly cloudy skies, and it is a cool start. 43 degrees right now, in santa rosa. we have 51 in san francisco .54, to start the morning in oakland. and livermore, san jose also checking in in the low 50s. so, relatively nice outside this morning. as we get into the afternoon, partly cloudy skies, temperatures very seasonal. before we call it down just a it into your weekend. details on your afternoon highs for today, and the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> we do have traffic that is off to a very nice start. we haven't had anything major around the bay area. as we check and you can see traffic is looking good on the bridges, including the san mateo bridge heading out to the high rise. no major issues on that bridge, or the bay bridge, or any of
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the spans. it's for: 01 let's go back to dave. >> changes about reports on the plan to close all of california's beaches. but instead, he is shutting down beaches in orange county. political reporter greg lee tells us why the governor changed his original plan. >> >> reporter: governor gavin newsom, suggesting he was poised to order the closure of all ages in the state parks. citing images like this from last week and. the governor took more targeted action. >> we want to make some clarifications be we are going to do a hard close, in that part of the state. just in the orange county area. >> this is the announcement and the directive, and i can't, i can't square what others may have said. but this is what we are saying. >> >> reporter: they ordered 275 people over the pre-the beach last weekend. beaches and state parks remain open here, san mateo county
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supervisor david can up, is urging people to follow guidelines. >> the governor has made it very very clear, that you will be shut down. so, now was not the time to be complacent, it is to be vigilant. >> reporter: six bay area counties start restrictions on monday. though it can be confusing as some counties limits are looser than the states shown here. they can vary from county to county. >> we will continue to work with our county health directors. our local officials, there will be a constant update to toggle, and to iterate. >> >> reporter: excited to get the green light towards more outdoor activities. >> let us be responsible for what we are doing. and everybody do their own thing. because we need this. >> reporter: to add further
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discord to this, the mayor is saying that last night the governor's staff told him all beaches would close. only to get a call just minutes before today's news conference, telling him it would just be orange county. greg lee, ktvu , fox 2 news. >> more than 50,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in california, more than 2000 people across the state have died. however, testing in california, continues to rise as well. more than 625,000 people in the state, have been tested for the virus so far. today a remote part of california becomes the first county in the state, to ease those stay-at-home restrictions. modoc is a rural agriculture county in the far northeastern part of the state. it has a population of roughly 9000 people. there has not been a single confirmed case of the coronavirus in that county. county leaders say restaurants, churches, and several other facilities can reopen. however, they stress strict social distancing rules remain
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in place, and they are advising people over the age of 65, or with underlying health conditions, to stay home. >> we are doing it very strategically and in stages. just as the governor is recommending. and we feel confident enough. the county in itself, the businesses are moving had with others. it was in our best interest to get framework out there, and guidelines for them >> they sent a letter to governor newsom last week outlining their plan. they say paul is the governor's guidelines on using stay-at- home orders in phases. >> more californians get tested for the coronavirus, more positive cases are reported. but, health experts say that is not necessarily a bad thing. >> it's really important for the viewership to take into context, that as we do more testing, we are certainly going to have more cases. the newer cases aren't the only important statistic it is important to see of course,
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what the other statistics are, which is hospitalizations, icu care, and ultimately if there is an increase in mortality. >> the mayor said 145,000 people were tested within 24 hours. that soon, every person who lives in the city, will be able to be tested for the coronavirus. meantime, the giant u.s. navy hospital ship docked on the a coast, only has nine patients. the u.s. and is mercy was come into relief hospitals to the captain of the ship says it's ready to do more with the 250 beds per the spokesperson for the governor's office of emergency services has talks are going on now about how the ships medical workers might be used someplace else. the navy hospital ship comfort, has left new york city, after a month of helping hospitals there. the ship has been dogged in manhattan since march 30th . first as a hospital treating
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non-tran19 patients. but quickly accepted them because of the rising staggering number of cases. the comfort's departure is actually a sign of progress for the agents hardest hit to city during the pandemic. >> we are going to make sure the military capability of healthcare workers is needed. we are going to be there to help our nation. >> they now had to virginia to go through maintenance work before taking on possible more covid-19 missions in the future. >> the future dropping to a big drop on the opening here on wall street, when they open up this morning, apple announced its quarterly revenues are flat compared to last year. amazon reports first quarter sales were up 26% from the same period last year. but, the e-tailer warns profits could be dragged down by $4 billion in pandemic related operating costs. april by the way, was down the s&p 500 since 1987. those gains could be wiped out today.
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the dow jones could drop a four or 500 points. president trump predicting the economy will rebound next appeared more than 30 million americans filed unemployment claims in the past six months. the administration says the number of unemployment cases have gone down week by week. the president is holding a ceremony entitled hard work, heroism, and hope. >> in terms of growth, in terms of bringing our country back. >> they want another relief bill one that helps smaller communities, house speaker nancy pelosi says the full house will not return to washington that week next week, but several members well. democrats will look at those virtual and in person meetings as they craft the next care act. >> public health officers
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everyplace advises, take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. but, there is a health expert here in the bay area who knows that more than others. when he issues a warning. marin county public health officer mack willis is a survivor of the coronavirus. he became sick for three weeks back in march. now he is fully recovered, he is working long hours at marines emergency operation center. >> i am feeling much better, it has been about two weeks that i have been back in the saddle here, and feeling better every day. i realize that i had really underestimated the power and unpredictability of this virus. >> he says he became sick after appearing with other county health officials declaring the first day areawide shelter in place order back in march. he still doesn't know where, or how he contracted the virus. >> that is scary i am glad to hear he is doing better. i interviewed him myself. we are thinking of today? >> we are together.
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>> we are both in the same mode. it is friday, rosemary is joining us this morning with our friday forecast, it's been pretty nice i have to say, not too hot not too cold. i hope that will continue. >> is going to be another pleasant day, good morning to both of you, and happy friday, yes a nice vibe going on around. here we do have seasonal temperatures in store for today, as we get into the weekend, temperatures are going to drop off a little bit, only to rebound in the week ahead. so, take a look at what is going on outside our doors as morning. partly cloudy skies, temperatures a on the cool side, but not bad. a look here at san francisco, 51 degrees below 40 is reported in the north bay of santa rosa. we have oakland, livermore, and san jose, all checking in in the low 50s. 24 hour temperature change shows you that we are a little cooler out there this morning, specially over the north bay, down by about seven degrees or so in santa rosa. by four. as we look towards the east in
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fairfield, and around the bay, very similar to how we woke up yesterday morning within a degree or two, the winds are generally light and calm over areas of napa and santa rosa. a little bit of an onshore breeze, some cool split -- pacific air. 70 miles per hour reported at the time. as we get into your afternoon to appear we will go partly cloudy to mostly sunny and pleasant rather. low 60s along the coastline, a lot of 70s around the bay and inland. reaching into the upper 70s, perhaps just an 80 or two out there. most of us are going to enjoy partly cloudy skies, and 70s for our inland cities. 77 four napa today, for the inner east bay, 77 and concord. redwood city 74, hayward, 70 today .65, in the city of san francisco. temperatures, continuing to drop. getting into your we can put i will have can expect for your w beyond, coming up in just a little bit per day. >> the stay-at-home order is keeping workers away from their
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jobs, and away from a paycheck. up next, the national message, for workers on this may 1st. the new website governor newsom has four parents in need of childcare.
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>> welcome back, it is 4:14 . today is may 1st, mayday, labor groups and activity activists will hold protests while maintaining social distancing guidelines. in san francisco, demonstrators will demand red legislation cancel rent and mortgage. there is also a noon demonstration at city hall, protesters will call for
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workers rights and more. activists will also rally in their cars at the port of oakland, their demands include worker safety, and education for all. advocates for affordable housing are calling for a nationwide rent strike today. supporters held a video conference call to launch the campaign. we strike together. organizers say millions of tenants were struggling, even before the covid-19 crisis. >> according to what we are hearing nationwide, i am choosing to be a part of this strike. so we are asking the governor to help with rent, and mortgage, forgiveness. >> michigan congresswoman was on the video call to lend support to the national rent strike crisis. she says minorities and low- income groups have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. >> homeless advocates want san francisco mayor to speed up moving the homeless into hotel rooms, in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. >> open up your heart, for your
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people. hard timing in the middle of the streets. >> more than 50 protesters gathered outside the home of the mayor . some of them laid down in the streets, wearing black and holding flowers. the board of supervisors passed an emergency ordinance requiring the city for more than 8000 hotel rooms for at risk people by last sunday. so far the city has received seventh place, about 2500 rooms. 1100 of them are now occupied. also in the south bay, moved people into the hotels there. they marched across the street to the san jose fairmont hotel, and went into the lobby. holding t us in. >> this hotel could house hundreds of un-housed people. just like all the other hotels in san jose are sitting empty. there is no reason that 10,000 people should be out on the
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streets. >> since the outbreak, santa clara county leaders have been saying they have been trying to add more bids to shelters, and also move the homeless into hotel rooms. >> new help for parents across the state. governor newsom announced a $100 million investment in childcare services. for essential workers, and a new website. it's called my my it allows parents to type in their address or zip code to find child care centers, and homes that are open during the pandemic during -- in that area. parents who are essential workers, or blunt to vulnerable populations. it comes is 63% of licensed childcare facilities have been impacted by the crisis. experts say a website like this has been in the works for years. that was sped up because of the pandemic. >> health and safety criteria, whether or not they are being
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met. licensing, a chance to really learn about the quality, not just the access, the available slots. >> they recognize that we cannot keep our economy going, and we will not recover, endless parents who are essential workers have childcare, and unless childcare providers who are essential workers themselves, have the ability to stay open. >> the state says childcare will become more important as day at home orders are modified. there are still areas where not many centers will pop up for certain zip codes.that problem. also today, community-based organizations will be providing free meals to students o. student nutrition services is providing free grab and go meals for families throughout the city, families can pick up the meals at ella hill hutch community center on mcallister street at 12:00. we want to remind you that fox
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2 is partnering with the school district to provide the daily educational television program for some of the youngest students who are out of the classroom right now. weekdays at 2:00 p.m. its channel 36, it's a daily academic lesson, for children in preschool, through second grade. >> that is good stuff. pam, you brought a rosemary, i haven't seen you in like 20 years rosemary. >> it feels that way. it really feels like it. i miss you guys. i can't wait to see you in person, hug you in person. for now we are keeping our distance under some very pleasant weather in the forecast today. temperatures are going to be similar to what we experience yesterday. if you enjoyed it yesterday, i think you will enjoy today, we are going to cool it down just a bit just going at your we can
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be better details on that in just a moment. let's take a look at what is going on. satellite view here points out what we are seeing for the weekend. we have a system that is moving through the pacific northwest, that is going to eventually bring our temperatures down, even bringing a few scattered showers torthern california. in the meanwhile, is kind of broken down the high-pressure overhead along the west coast. and we had turned more into what we would call a zonal flow. you can kind of see how those arrows are a little bit flatter, when we have a very strong ridge overhead, the onshore flow arrows are very curved. here is a view of some of those winds out there. reporting 70 miles per hour that looks to be one of the breezy are spots, meanwhile in the north, calm over areas like napa, santa rosa, and along the east bay shore seven miles per hour reported in oakland. he is a look at what we do expect for your friday afternoon, right around 4:00 or so, partly disguise from the coast and around the bay.
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as we get into saturday morning, the low clouds return, along the coastline, inside the bay, we wake up with partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies, and by saturday afternoon and evening, you may have noticed how that -- blues kind of pop u northern california, it washes out before it reaches the bay area. earlier in the week there were indicators that we may see a little bit of rain and favoring the north bay. but at this ., a sprinkle or two, is what we are looking out for the weekend, and again, it looks like it could be for lake county, as well as the north bay, the rest of us will remain dry. for your friday afternoon, into the south bay, low to mid 70s expected for today. going to be very nice by that lunchtime, 69 degrees, than the rest of the afternoon spent in the low 70s, under mostly sunny skies, here's a better look around at the region, low 60s expected in pacifica, most of it is around the bay. 73 in mountain view, 73 for fremont. for our warmer locations, inner east bay, north bay, and for the south bay, upper 70s.
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morgan hill going to 75. then in the north bay, 77 expected for napa. let's take care of your we can forecast for you. notice temperatures drop, getting into your bay area on saturday. upper 60s for our bayside communities, now we are in the low to mid 70s for our inland communities, even cooler on sunday. right now sunday looks like it's going to be the coolest day. when temperatures across the board, in the 60s from the coast around the bay, in this it is up to the upper 60s per that's a 10 degrees drop from now to send it. it doesn't last, getting into monday or tuesday, a nice little rebound upper 70s to near 80 degrees were in the city. 70, around the bay. low 60s expected at the coast, back to you. >> coming up democratic presidential candidate joe biden will offer his first direct response to sexual assault allegations. plus, if you want to help, if you want to take action. all you have to do is take the first step. >> we will show you group of
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teenagers were helping vulnerable people during the pandemic.
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this is kind of a first... for all of us. ♪ ♪ but maybe this is a time to put other things... first. ♪ ♪ like being the first to check in. ♪ ♪ or the first to try you hand at the culinary arts. or all the arts. be the first to volunteer. or the first to say it's all going to be okay. and when the day comes, when we're no longer looking at our worlds from the inside out. it will be what we did in here that will make us stronger out there.
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>> welcome back to "mornings on 2" . it's the beatles. people are in the way back
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machine again. joaquin, thank you for the request. if you want to send me a song, go ahead and do that. go ahead and do that with the social media sites but i almost forgot, what is that thing called? it's called the facebook remember? facebook, twitter, instagram. use the hashtag ktvu. >> thank you very much, i love the songs in the morning. a group of high school students are running a program that matches young volunteers with people who really need their help. and shows us the work that they are doing for people at the highest risk for the coronavirus. speaker remains normally they would have been prepping for s.a.t.s, or studying for finals. instead these juniors found their focus had shifted. >> they really needed help getting there errands run.
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>> reporter: pairing volunteers, many of them also high school students, with those in need of assistance with rosaries or errands. >> after about a week we made flyers, we deliver them to grocery stores, and people's mailboxes. we posted them anywhere we could. neck expanding into other parts of santa clara county. >> we do have some sort of responsibility to get back to the people who need it more than we do. >> reporter: is so for most of the requests have been for groceries, the volunteers have a protocol to make sure the food is handled safely. they're also working on a partnership with a local retirement home, their goal to spend their time making a difference. >> i think it is amazing to see how much impact a group of high
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school students can have. you don't really think about it. if you want to help, if you want to take action, all you have to do is take the first steps, and anyone can change in the community. >> reporter: the service is free, and anyone inclined to tip is asked to make a charitable donation instead. for more information you can visit for link to their website. >> still ahead, new body camera video shows the moments before a police officer in san francisco, fired his weapon at an hours long standoff at a church. plus, one last way before restrictions take effect, the outdoor activities that will be off limits during this stay-at- home order. open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99.
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