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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 12, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> good morning i am dave clark. >> i am pam clark thought thank you for joining us this morning. it's a little drizzly, a lot of rain here yesterday. i don't know about you dave. but let's check in with steve. >> i looked at the clock at the time he said it was coming, i said look at steve. >> sometimes it works, sometimes but marin county was the leader of the pack there. all day, that is true. there's a little bit of and going into the san mateo coaster looks like it's washing out.
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there will be a few showers. russian river wasn't far behind. santa rosa, incidentally not just picked up missing a half inch of rain. as we mentioned it was all about areas north of the golden gate, that's exactly what happened. 50s, 60s on your temperatures here. san jose is 50 degrees per that's a little band right there. i don't think there's too much left. maybe even up to san francisco, oakland and over towards a 80 might get a little rain there. we're looking for a mostly cloudy day. there may be some sun breaks for the next system is going to drop in and the pattern looks very active here going all the way out into next week. so highs today now they will be below average even though yesterday there were some 70s to the south before the clouds made it. let's yesterday was very quiet latifah continues today. how are we looking out of the gate south?
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>> traffic is moving along very well. around the bay area. good morning to you. let's take a look at that san mateo bridge. and show you that traffic is moving along pretty well, moving out to the high-rise. this morning our right now between 4:00 and 5:00 usually pretty quiet. this is no exception. let's go back to dave. >> happening today, governor newsom will announce the new guidelines for reopening restaurants, and for letting customers dine in. among the affected new guidelines, tough new limits on who can sit at the same table. also, he is expected to ban buffets, salad bars, and shared bread baskets. and a salt and pepper shakers may be replaced by hand sanitizer. they want the governor to be clear about the rules for reopening. >> are we going to do it on a capacity basis? the number of people in one group? are there going to be masks on everybody, customers are we going to be able to test for temperature. are we going to be required to
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have plexiglass partitions? >> the governor will give specific details on how restaurants can make sure they are social distancing, and that workers and customers are safe. nine moore california counties want to reopen under the guidelines, but we don't know which counties yet. those counties will adjoin 19 other counties. they already use their stay-at- home orders. the governor suggested those nine counties may be approved to reopening as early as today. >> i imagine there will be expressions of frustration inks in that respect. if they jump ahead, we will continue to use the tools, that many local governments have already been using. the governor also says he and the governors of four other western states are asking for one trillion dollars in federal aid. because those states desperately need that money to do with the budget crisis, caused by the pandemic.
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>> many businesses are preparing for the next big step in the cities reopening plan. starting next monday, florists, bookstores, beauty supply stores, and several other businesses will be allowed to reopen for pickup and delivery only. mayor london says that they will be required to follow san francisco's soak -- strict social distancing and safety rules. >> the fact that we are offering a delivery, and a pickup service, is a big step, and it is definitely a big risk. >> san francisco's public health director is warning these businesses could be shut down again if the reopening's lead to a spike in new virus cases. a survey of san francisco apartment members say nearly all tenants were able to pay
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their rent this month. san francisco apartment associations as members received 97% of their may rent. despite record unemployment. one landlord said economic stimulus checks, and higher than usual unemployment are probably the reason. we are keeping an eye on wall street this morning right now the futures . to a higher opening across the board. not a big opening but slightly pit that follows a mixed day yesterday with the dow finishing down about half of a percent. the others squeaking out some gains by the closing bell. technology stocks doing pretty well throughout the day. helping out -- investors are watching closely as these restrictions on businesses are being lifted in many places across the country but this creating some optimism. california's only carmaker trying get back to normal quickly as possible. elon musk restarted production at the fremont plant yesterday. that defy the order from
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alameda counties public health department. the head of the bay area council says he is confident muscat is taking necessary measures. supervisors got says he is violating the agreement with public health officials that planned to reopen next monday after civic steps had been taken. >> do i want elon musk arrested? absolutely not. do i want his employees escorted out by the police, no i don't. what i want is a situation where cooler heads can prevail. >> it's time to get back to work, clearly he feels they are ready. i don't think he wants to put his employees at risk. >> one employee that we talked to said there are plexiglass barriers in place. workers temperatures are being taken when they arrived, and all employees must wear masks. we also received calls from people who claim to be tesla employees who told us they're concerned about their health. one specifically told us there is no social distancing on the
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assembly line. >> happening today, the trump administration's top health experts will testify today, before the senate's main health committee about the response to the coronavirus. dr. anthony fauci and three other officials will testify before the senate panel, but lifting restrictions. about how the administration is handling the pandemic. the witnesses will be testifying by videoconference. after several people in the white house, and on capitol hill tested positive for covid- 19. >> this will be one of the first opportunities, for dr. fauci to tell the american people the unvarnished truth. without the president looking over his shoulder. dr. faucher, let it rip. >> dr. faucher among other things is suspected to warn about the dangers of reopening too soon. and warned about ignoring
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information about infection rates, and hospital capacity. you can watch today's hearing live, beginning at 7:00 a.m. on ktvu plus. >> here are the latest total coronavirus cases in the united states. more than 1.3 million americans have contracted the disease. more than 80,000 have died, but almost a quarter of 1 million have recovered here in the u.s. here in california, we have almost 70,000 confirmed cases. almost 2800 deaths. the bay area may reach 10,000 cases today. so far, 354 people have died. governor newsom says 25 californians died from the virus on sunday. but that is the lowest single day death toll in more than a month. >> far cry from how we began last week. with substantially higher number of deaths. we are still seeing lives lost from this pandemic. we are still seeing them number of positives increase. >> the governor says there are
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conflict numbers when it comes to hospitalization rates. while the number of people admitted to hospitals rose by almost 1% the number of icu patients went down by half of a percent. newsom still says he will make important announcements about testing, and testing capacity in today's news briefing at noon. health experts are urging states to order coronavirus testing at all nursing homes. studies show that about a third of the debts in the u.s. occurred in nursing homes. >> this is why we continue to prioritize vulnerable populations. in our ongoing response. including people over 60. and those with underlying health conditions. the city says it's ahead of the curve in testing at assisted living center space >> the city issued a help order at the beginning of the month, that all staff and residents in the state is 21 skilled nursing
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facilities, are tested every two weeks. >> pam and steve we were talking about most of us got a pretty good rain yesterday. and, will it happen again steve? >> we are in between systems, there will be a little bit today, but i tell you sunday, monday, tuesday looks right now to be pretty impressive. coming up if you want to look -- or unimpressive if you don't want the rain. it was not a bad system for me. to come in through. does a little bit going on through the san mateo coast but it looks like it's falling apart little bit. so far, that is the leader of the pack that i found. cassa dara almost in there. santa rosa, santa leah, in the hills there was a little bit more than that. mount diablo, this is good. .81, mount peter the 179. santa cruz mountains, two thirds. castro valley, 6100, and redwood city picked up 12 100.
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again, it was mainly focused north of the golden gate, san jose only had a trace. mostly cloudy, a few showers. there is our little band that's going through it now, i don't think there's too much left of it. san mateo coast come up towards san francisco, oakland. getting a little bit. there is not a lot associated with the system. we will get a few in the morning here. 50s on the thames. everyone is pretty close here. 51 degrees -- so, the main courier system is open the door. we are kind of in between the tweaks in between. there will be some serious systems moving through, nothing strong until we get to about the weekend. it does look on sunday, monday into tuesday there is some projections of maybe another really good round of rain here. santa rosa, looks like you got an inch of rain. looks to be favoring areas north of san francisco but we have four or five days to get the details and out. 6270s we had some mid-70s distribute southeast breeze and sunshine until the system
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arrived. there will be more in 60s and 70s were hit missing anything else. friday looks nice, okay saturday. then we clouded up and rain begins on sunday the guys. details of negotiations going on right now about permanently ending service. 2+ major league baseball's plan to bring back baseball. by the fourth of july. ♪ ♪ when you need it, jack delivers: order on uber eats, postmates and grubhub.
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and go online for services if it's possible. this is just one of 25 dmv offices statewide and that have reopened, other offices opening here in the bay area include santa rosa concord san jose, and the claremont location in oakland. it is 4:15. bear bay area transit industries are losing writers and losing a lot of money because of the covid-19 crisis. jesse gary says if things don't get better, countering me eventually cancel their service. two >> >> reporter: they are bracing for service termination, as a last resort if things don't improve >> worst-case it could happen. >> reporter: president dave pino said passenger gait care accounted for 70% of revenue that ran the system, then the
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coronavirus hit. and ridership plummeted as regular passengers sheltered at home, or lost their jobs altogether. >> i used to take it daily. but -- i got laid off last week heard i will be moving out of the area and about a month. >> reporter: it has received almost $50 million from the federal cares act to stay afloat into the fall. after that, reductions could eventually lead to discontinuation of service. >> we will be under tremendous financial pressure and will be dependent on federal stimulus funds to help bridge the gap. >> reporter: expert says mass transit all over the country is bracing for a new reality once the crisis is over. >> i suspect we will see less
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transit service. at least for a while. >> reporter: executives are waiting to assess ridership. once the shelter in place restrictions are lifted, but it will be slow going for the service as it tries to secure funding at the time all levels of government are stretched to the breaking .. >> happening today, bart general manager bob will join the national coalition of public transportation agencies to call on congress to include federal funding. as part of its net relief patrick. they will make their announcement in a zoom conference call at 9:00 this morning. the smart train wants to hear from writers about possible reductions in service between sonoma and marin counties. the district has come up with a survey to ask how people would be impacted. possible service reductions. some of the reductions being considered are eliminating all
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weekend service, reducing the level of week service, and suspending free wi-fi service on board the trains. you can find a link to the survey on just click on web links. awarding a contract for a major construction project. between highway 101 in the town of ross. the marin county department of public work says it would be good to get the project started now, to take advantage of lighter than normal traffic or the project involves paving, pedestrian and cycling safety improvements, intersection and signal upgrades, and new streetlighting. that work is expected to start in june, and will continue for 18 months. >> major league baseball will announce plans for starting the season. team owners degreed -- agreed to play 7282 games. that includes only playing
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regular-season games, in nearby regions. no matter which league we are talking about, the designated hitter will be used for all of the games, the playoffs would expand to 14 teams. this is approved by the players union, regular-season baseball games could start, around independence day. >> i am missing baseball. just talking about that. for marin county over to the park we have such a beautiful ballpark. you know what -- all in due time i guess. yesterday let's check in with steve. it's a little drizzly out here. >> we are into an active pattern here. there will be often on rain. i've kind of enhanced the table here but look at all the low level question that has to swing onshore. i would not be surprised if towards again, marin county north, there is some often on rain most of the day, as the system continues to just funnel and moisture, now that the doors open, kaz a darrell is close. san helena not -- there was
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more than that going up into the santa lena hills. they had about 6/10 of an inch of rain. the system to come through this was pretty impressive. it held together and it was pretty much in line with one of the projections i used. mt. diablo. canceled, not after that -- that a quarter of an inch. cooler for all today, mostly cloudy again often on rain. it tends to favor areas around san francisco. although this morning it's favored on the san mateo coast. highway 1 there is a bit going through there. occasional light rain. the system is what we are going to get today. cloud coverage moving onshore, giving us some rain. temperatures are in the 50s from santa rosa, nevada. the power alto, and burnt wood, and concord. big loft the pacific northwest . the moisture starting to get funneled in here. that is what we are going to be
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dealing with over the next couple of days. the forecast models are very very bullish for sunday and monday, and even into tuesday. you are seeing another half inch to maybe an inch of rain. i know something we want to keep an eye on as we head toward the latter part of the weekend. 60s on the temperatures to soft 70s. but, a lot of 60s so clouds, son. off and on rain. could be a few showers on wednesday. friday is a break, saturday looks okay, something clouding up. rain may take us into tuesday off and on. >> thank you steve. quite a change. distance learning is not the same. for students outside of the classroom. the efforts expected later today to help bridge the digital divide in underserved communities. plus, we will tell you how farmers are dealing with production issues as they study the closure of food chains, shops, and markets.
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>> send me a request will you, go ahead and use the hashtag ktvu on our social media platforms. facebook, twitter, instagram, and i will play your song, dave.
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>> the santa clara board of supervisors meets today, they will talk about a proposal for the county's office of education, now the county wants to provide home internet access to people who may not be able to afford it. so officials want to buy equipment for students, and start by providing 14,000 laptops or ipads, as well as other equipment for students to continue online learning. >> many of our families would typically go to the library, or stand at a mcdonald's or starbucks to get wi-fi. that is no longer an option for these children and their parents. >> the plan focuses not just on education, but also the need for families to have access to healthcare providers. delivery services, and other resources online. >> providing daily educational
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programs for some of the youngest students that are out of the classroom now. sf loves learning errors we days at 2:00 p.m. on ktvu plus. that is channel 36. >> the superintendent of the pittsburg unified school district will distribute 400,000 smart thermometers to families to help them track covid-19 hotspots. the distribution will be at the heights elementary, on see no avenue in pittsburgh between 9:00 and 11:00 this morning. the thermometers are free, they are significantly faster than others. the san francisco-based company that makes the thermometers has worked with the private donor to fund this program across the state. including pits berg unified school district.
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>> teachers and administrators drove to the homes of the many seniors. to celebrate their students accomplishments, the seniors won't be able to take part in a traditional ceremony the school wanted to make sure that they got recognition. they dropped off a special package with items including students capping down, a sign, and handwritten letters from the teachers. do you know someone who is making a difference or providing some hope in your community? ktvu wants you to nominate your local hero. email your story along with pictures or videos of that person in action. to my hero at fox and we will highlight some of those wonderful stories. keep it going. dr. fauci is expected to testify in the senate later this morning for what he is expected to say about states reopening their economies. the measure being considered today that could help the youngest voters in the country.
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>> it is time to get creative and think outside the box. how the owner of several bay area salons is readjusting for business. plus -- >> especially right now deserves a place to be warm and safe. >> a city putting a homeless encampment. the best way of getting people off the streets. >> im dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. thank you for joining us . it's tuesday morning. may 12th. eating some sprinkling out here. we had a lot of rain and marin county. let's check in with steve paulson because that seems like that's our trend now for a little bit. >> the next couple of days i am very concerned about sunday, monday,


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