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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 13, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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. there is a real risk you will trigger an outbreak that you may not be able to control. the nation's top doctors issuing warnings about reopening too soon. from ktvu fox 2 news news, this is mornings on 2. good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. good morning i am pam cook, thank you for joining us, it's wednesday, may 13th. let us check in with steve. it feels very different, are we going to get any rain this morning? yes we . yes, we are getting some rain today north of san
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francisco into oakland. it's hit and miss of the there is nothing too heavy out of this. already after shore we are getting a break but you can see the activity beginning to pop up. we are not done yet. there is going to be some this morning and some this evening, a mix of sun and clouds, showers to the north. 40s for a keum of people in santa rosa, 50s for most. we have a bit of activity popping up. it's not too far away, i cannot find anybody with rain right now but this is going to translate into rain later. mostly cloudy today, inland below average, on the coast, temperatures are a bit above average. good morning to you steve
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and just a quick note to those traffic cameras, today is spheefy stevie wonder's 70th birthday so send in your requests. traffic is off to a nice start if you are driving on the bridges or the causeways if you have to be driving. thank you, sal, when businesses reopen especially restaurants, for dine in service, they will not look the same as before the pandemic. the governor issued his long awaited guyed lines for strains, shopping malls and offices. he is encouraging letting employees when possible to work from home. he said stores can offer curb
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side pickup only, businesses will have to institute site specific plans to protect employees and customers. none of this means anything if customers do not feel safe and none of this matters if employees do not feel safe and they do not want to come back to work. gaff naw knew said 27 counties with few coronavirus cases are talking to the state about moving into stage two of the opening process. el dorado county has already received permission. the temperatures of every employee will have to be
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checked before shiftsshared shu other condiments will be avoided and take out tapers will have to be filled by the customers. so silver on the tables, no salt and pepper on the tables. restaurant owners said that one of the guidelines that they are most concerned about involves alcohol. alcohol can only be sold at the same time as a meal is being served. the governor is the target of a federal lawsuit demanding that nail and hair salons be permitted to reopen. the professional beauty society
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claims that the closures violate the rights of their members. the lawsuit says by trained workers and is highly regulated by the state. >> we have 1,000 hours of training in safety and disinfection protocols, we value the safety of our complaints above all else. they are our family. industry experts said california has a half million salon workers. tesla now has the approval the alameda county to expand their minimal operations this week and full operations could be back as early as next week. they have been defying alameda health guidelines and monday,
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the parking lot at their factory appeared to be full. county officials have said that negotiations with tesla had been good but they did not anticipate the plant reopening until monday. >> these vehicles are pre- sold before they hit the assembly line, he knows that he has to goat the vehicles out to market. >> health officials will work with the police to make sure that there is social distancing inside of the plant and monday other american car makers will restart production. in europe, car makers are already back to work. this is a video of ferrari employees wearing face masks and gloves, back on the job. >> the nation's top health
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officials are weighing in on whether they think that the country should reopen. we have the take take away from the hearing on capitol hill. >> reporter: a no nonsense warning from doctor anthony fauci. >> as k points we put in our guidelines, there is a real risk you will trigger an outbreak you may not be able to control. >> reporter: in a tense exchange, senator chris murphy said the guidelines are criminally vague and they are not available when his state reopens next next week. when will we get the guidance. >> i expect it to be posted on the cdc website soon.
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>> soon? >> reporter: on the subject of covid-19 deaths which stand at more than 82,000, bernie sanders asked how much higher the number could go. >> i am not sure if it's going to be 50% higher but most of us feels that the numbers of deaths are likely higher than that number. there are likely people who died at home who did have covid- 19 who are not counted at covid- 19. >> reporter: they detailed how the federal government shipped two states 12 million swabs. >> we anticipate that the nation will be capable of performing 40,000 tests per month. >> reporter: mittmitt romney
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hit them with this question. >> is president obama or president donald trump responsible for not having a vaccine. >> neither is responsible. i think that is something that you cannot say neighbor is responsible for. >> reporter: work on a vaccine has been underway for months but it is 12 to 18 months away. governor gavin newsom said there have been fewer new cases of the coronavirus in california. the death toll and the number of new cases went up monday with 1700 new cases for an overall total of 71,000. 103 people died. the death toll is almost 2900. there was a small increase in people hospitalized but fewer patient are in intensive care
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and at this point more than 1 million people in california have been tested for the coronavirus. >> good news on testing and progress. not where we need to go but progress none the less. more places to go in california with familiar sis throughout the state. more opportunities now to reopen based upon the ability to get more support for tracing. >> also the governor said california has greatly expanded the number of free testing sites. we want to check in with steve paulson. he said we are going to get some rain. >> it is hit and miss. north is a better opportunity than south for the rain until we get to the weekend. then it looks like everybody will get in on it. there is a lot of moisture
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streaming across and just a bit of rain offshore. nothing too heavy but it keeps the rain going. you have half an inch of rain in the last 24 hours. half moon bay a quarter of an inch. jose and oakland, .4 inch of rain. today santa rosa is expected to get .08 inches. this is not a big system here. it will continue to give us a mix of sun and clouds. clouds north sun south. san francisco and oakland get the sun. right now 52 degrees, partly cloudy. 40s and feats on the temperatures, brented wood and livermore, 51, 45 in lake port but there is a lot of moisture streaming across. that's going to give us cloud
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cover up north and sun breaks to the south. look at the projections going forward sunday into monday. santa rosa an inch. clear lake an inch, that is a lot of rain. san francisco half an inch of rain sunday, monday, maybe into tuesday. 60s and 70s on the temperatures here. we have thunderstorms that popped up in the valley by the weekend. we have a break friday. that is the warmest day, rain could start sunday evening. all right steve thank you. a missing bay area man is still missing this morning. the search continues. up next, the leads investigators are following and the message from his family to anybody who may know where he is. plus how nba players are responding to word that they may play again, possibly soon.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a man has been missing for a week and his family is asking for help to find him. 28 year old davohnte morgan took a trip and suddenly vanished. he was last seen on may fifth at the cold creek inn near mt. shasta city. the police chief plans to meet with a business owner today to look at more surveillance video. >> nothing like this happens in our town. we have to sleep at night because we are worried for
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these people. >> can causes me a little bit of worry. what has he been eating and where has he been staying. >> family members are concerned for his safety. this is the first time he had been to mt. shasta. his cell phone is either turned off or the battery is dead. the oakland police memorial event will honor police killed in the line of duty. mayor lab shaf shaf will lay a wreath at the memorial wall. happening today, a south bay congressman will team up with steve to talk about the coronavirus about staying home during the coronavirus.
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that conversation takes place at 5:30 this evening. it will be on their instagram accounts. the nba is polling players to see how they feel about returning to action this year. they said there is overwhelming support for resuming the season. stef curry said they will be ready when or if the season resumes. >> just talking about it, i want to play. >> practice facilities are still closed this morning however the nba believes 22 of its 30 facilities will open by next week. steve said we are getting more rain today in some areas then another strong storm system will move in.
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this comes after a dry winter that raises concerns about the upcoming fire season a number of comm which started back in october. that leads us to steve paulson who is next to you. steve, pick it up from there. 2-inches of rain is not too bad for may. >> yes. it has rained quite a bit. >> mainly in marin county and north. this afternoon we get some heating and some areas could see afternoon scattered showers. there is just a lot of moisture that has to stream across. there is thog really organized here but it does not take much in may, you have the sun breaks. napa, half an inch of rain in the last 24 hours. a quarter inch in half moon
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bay, sand cruz a 30 of an inch. today there will not be a lot. most of it will be around napa and santa rosa, mostly cloudy, a mix of shun and clouds. showers, more sun to the south more clouds to the north. livermore, 51 partly cloudy with a south east wind. the pressure is .03. 49 degrees at half moon bay, palo alto, 50, the low off seattle is bringing in all of that moisture, it's a really strong system that looks to be coming in late saturday and into sunday, you are seeing an inch and a quarter projected
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through tuesday. a mix of sun and clouds. showers to the will keep the fo the north. nice day friday, clouds saturday. rain returns sunday and monday and maybe into tuesday. thank you, steve. right now coming up next, doctor anthony fauci weighs in on whether or not students will be safe in the classroom this fall. plus, the creative thoughtful ways at that bay area schools reach out to their students during the stay at home order. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. stevie wonder, he is 70 years old towd. 70 years young. he just does not look 70 to me. send me a song. it does not have to be a stevie wonder song but can can be. use the hashtag ktvu fox 2 news on facebook, twitter or instagram. if you have not listened to him in a while you forget just how good he is. that's awesome. happy birthday. at the senate hearing on
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covid-19 there was a tense exchange between senator rand paul and doctor anthony fauci. the senator pushed for schools to reopen in the fall. doctor fauci urged caution. >> i do not think you are the end all. ii do not think you are the one person who gets the make the decision. >> i am a scientist, a physician and a public health official. i give advice according to the best sieptsivic evidence. we do not know everything about the virus and we better be very careful particularly when it comes to children. the president of the california teachers association said when schools reopen there will need to be measures in place to protect the health of students and educators. >> teachers will not be willing to go back unless they know that the students and the
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educators have what they need. doctor anthony fauci said school reopenings could be based on the availability of testing. california's community colleges are suing u.s. education secretary betsy devos. she is accused of illegally preventing more than 800,000 students from getting coronavirus aid. under the cares act only students who qualify for financial aid qualify, that leaves out students whose parents brought them into the country illegally. the california state university system will stay virtual for the fall semester. he said the climate of the pandemic is not suitable for normal college life. ktvu fox 2 news is partnering with the san
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francisco unified school district to provide daily educational tv programs for younger students out of the classroom. sf loves learning airs weekdays on ktvu fox 2 news plus, it's a daily academic lesson for children in pre- school through the second grade. students at notre dame high school in san francisco were surprised at their homes by a graduation gift from teachers and staff. >> it's so nice, i am so glad that the school is doing this for us, it really means a lot with what the school is going through now. >> 30 teachers and staff members spent yesterday afternoon delivering gift bags to graduating seniors. they received memories of the school year and a gift wrapped face mask. >> this is a gesture to tell
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them how much they mean to us and how much we love them. this is just a way of reaching out to them. notre dame is an all girls catholic school that has been in operation since 1851. the class will have a virtual graduation ceremony on june 1. do you know someone who is making a difference or providing some hope in your community. ktvu fox 2 news wants you to nominate your local heros. e-mail your story along with pictures or videos of that person in action to my heros at our website, and we will highlight some of those wonderful stories. congress now weighing in on a new relief bill that would include a second round of stimulus checks. coming up what else is in the relief packages and when that
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vote is expected. plus a blatant gard for the health order. a fight caught on camera after a man refused to wear a mask. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99.
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my new bite-sized, crispy popcorn chicken is so irresistible you'll want them whenever, so don't resist! pop 'em while you game, hang, or do your thing. pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. during this coronavirus pandemic many major companies are considering a permanent change in the way that they do business. how working remotely may become the new normal is certain industries. we are continuing to learn with what covid-19 looks like in children. >> what doctors are learning about the new illness effecting young children and how it may be linked to covid-19. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. foom to you. thank you for joining us, welcome to mornings


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