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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 14, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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number of 911 calls in the east day, the reason, emergency operations people across the country say is a bad trend. we should have a camera system on our freeways. >> three shootings on bay area freeways in less than 24 hours. but one lawmaker said the solution is simple. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. foom to you, thank you for joining us, welcome to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> good morning i am pam cook. thank you for waking up with us this morning. it is thursday, may 15th. unfortunately we have to start with a fatal traffic accident. let us go right over to sal. this crash happened just after 10:00 last night on night
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it was a multiple fatality accident. we are seeing a bit of traffic approaching the area. what happened, according to to chp, this vehicle was involved in a fatal wreck. this vehicle flipped over several times. four people inside of the vehicle were killed. the driver was arrested after suspicious of driving under the influence. an investigation shut down all of the lanes and people were forced to get off the freeway. there is still an investigation on the scene, this is i-80 five in san jose. we have a crew op the way and we will have more live from the scene coming up.
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the rest of the traffic is light. let us get steve in for the weather. >> not much change from wednesday. we have rain and drizzle. there is a lot of cloud cover. the only difference is that there is a back edge to the cloud cover. by the afternoon and early evening you may see an end to this. cloudy to mostly cloudy. light rain mainly north. 70s to the south. golden gate park, 55. livermore sitting at 54 under partly cloudy skies, not much of a change between the coast and inland areas, everybody is close on the temperatures. there is a bit of rain to the north. that is not going to change any time soon. the moisture keeps coming. there is some clearing to the west of that. may we get some sun in the
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afternoon, but for now mostly cloudy and light rain. thank you steve. we are keeping an eye on wall street this morning. route now the future indicate a lower opening across the board of the the three major indexes dropped yesterday and never recovered. the dow is down 2%. investors are reacting to the federal reserve chairman warning that the coronavirus pandemic would likely cause long term damage to the united states economy. investors will be watching closely when the employment department releases the unemployment reports. that comes in an hour from now. most economists are predicting that two and a half million people have filed for unemployment. that is a total of 36 people who have lost their jobs in the
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last few months. the bay area equity lists grocery store clerks and delivery drivers and farm workers as the essential workers. the group said those jobs put people at greater risks because they cannot practice social distancing and a disproportionate number of those people are latino, african american women and other immigrants. the united nations said that the coronavirus pandemic could push millions of people into extreme poverty. it said that the coronavirus is making income inequality and poverty worse around the world. one company that owns 265 apartment buildings in san francisco received more than three and a half million
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dollars in paycheck protection loans. veritas said that will allow it to rehire workers who were recently furloughed. the loans are supposed to help small businesses with less than 500 woshers. this is 170 workers but $3 billion in assets. tesla supporters are celebrating elon musk's new deal to reopen his plant in fremont. tesla was approved to expand their minimum factory operations this week with full operations starting next week. monday tesla brought in workers defying public health orders. some are saying that his strong arm tactics paid off. >> he rallyied strong political
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allies like president donald trump and he made serious threats to move jobs to nevada or texas. this is a real victory for tesla. >> now county health officials will work with the fre month police to make sure that tesla obeys safety guidelines. the world health organization warns there is a chance that the coronavirus may never go away. officials said without a successful vaccine it may take years for the world wide population to build up an immunity. a top official with the world health organization said that the coronavirus may join that mix of viruses that kill people around the world each year. he also said if a vaccine is developed it will talk a big effort to produce and distribute it around the world. in the bay area, the numbers of calls to 911 has
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gone down dramatically. people may be putting off care that they need. >> reporter: you have likely heard the saying that in an but some people are not emerge that is the experience for the san ramon fire protection district. >> we would do cardiac calls and stroke calls and when we looked at those areas we were finding a dip. >> there was a spike in emergency calls in february but then the shelter in place orders went into effect. they received a 32% decrease in stroke calls and a 52% decrease in cardiac calls compared to the same time this the past two years. >> when we got the calls the people were in worse shape
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because they were also delaying care. >> we have high levels of personal protective equipment. >> it is why the agency created a public service announcement urging people to call 911 in an emergency. a similar message is being shared nation wide. they are concerned that people are avoiding the hospital out of fear of the coronavirus. >> call 911, come to the hospital. we are leer and we will keep you safe and take good care of you. >> you hear in new york, stay out of the hospitals, it is the worst place to be. that branding had an effect on people's logic and the way they were thinking. >> reporter: still people should not ignore the symptoms that they are feeling. >> covid-19 is at the front of our minds but we do not want to
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lose anybody to anything. >> san francisco said 911 calls are down 24% since mid march compared to the same time last year. san jose is also reporting a dip in calls. thank you. we want to check in with steve paulson on the weather. some of us are going to get a little rain. is it still looking like a decent storm this weekend? >> sunday and monday. saturday will be okay. saturday will be all right. still a lot of moisture is streaming. but the good news is that there is a back edge fo this. by this evening you may get a little more sun and clouds. but we are painted with this low level moisture and clouds. i hit the wrong graphic. that was a couple of days ago.
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>> okay. >> here we go. i will load this in. mostly cloudy, light rain, drizzle and showers. sun and clouds. that is going to take us into this afternoon. i have a few breaks later today. let's see if this goes to the next graphic. it does not, i am going to have to reload. santa rosa, 50s on the temperatures. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. santa rosa is reporting some fog, there is a little bit of light rain and drizzle up towards mendocino and lake county. not much of a breeze. napa and fairfield, west and southwest winds, that funnels in all of that moisture, there is a bit of a break fo the west. earlier today we get a few breaks. the system is coming in.
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it still looks like it is going to pack a good punch. an inch of rain plus in santa rosa, that is a lot of rain, 60s to lower 70s on the temperatures. more sun to the south. further north more cloud cover and cooler conditions. friday and saturday being okay. showers and thunderstorms sunday. sex offenders in oakland for the moment are off the radar. how the pandemic is effecting the ability of the police to monitor hundreds of offenders still out there on the streets. >> plus how road blocks are helping local businesses. how technology is helping in the age of social distancing. this is one.
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so is this. and so are these. they all represent something more. the feeling of home. that's why we're here. to help make your home be everything you want it to be. because home is what unites us. welcome back to mornings on 2. this week there have been at least three shootings on bay area freeways and two of them may have been rode rage, the
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shooters may be getting bolder with less traffic out there now. the last shooting was on 580 but two people were hurt in separate shootings tuesday afternoon. they have been in areas not covered by the cameras on the highways. >> we should have a camera system on our freeways, it is sad that this is continuing. >> there is no food reason to not use this type of technology because it works. it has greatly helped us. >> freeway cameras have helped solve earlier shootings. there could be more cameras installed in the bay area in the coming future. the monitoring system that keeps tabs on sex offenders in oakland has been suspended
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during the coronavirus pandemic. hundreds of sex offenders are violating the law whether they want to comply or not. >> reporter: we put a whole population at risk and i find that concerning. nina, an attorney with crime victims united fought to pass the sex offender registry. police have no current records on the with abouts of hundreds of offenders. >> it is like an open field. >> reporter: sex offenders in california are required to check in with their local police department and their information is updated on the local data base, transient sex offenders are required to go in every 30 days, while other law enforcement agencies have found ways to update sex offenders the oakland police department
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has shuttered it's offender eupt. >> the little bit of reporting that was left, oakland has just completely shut down. now we are going to have this huge at risk population with no place to go. >> reporter: the city of oakland has 880 sex offenders registered on the megan's law website. the police department confirmed that their register unit is closed and the registration process has been suspended due to the pandemic. we pressed them as to why but they did not comment. several offenders have been released in order to thin out the jails during the pandemic. the alameda county sheriffs office along with the cities of hayward and berkeley are continuing to do registration either in purn or by telephone according to the district attorney's office, san francisco is giving people a
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form to fill out with a 60 day waiver for other requirements. >> i mean, it is like there is just a huge pit in my stomach. >> oakland's policy is frustrating residents trying to follow the law. he is a registered sex offender, he wants to follow the law. >> you have done everything that i can. >> reporter: he spent 10 years in state prison for the continued sexual abuse of a minor. then he wept to a state hospital where he continued to get treatment. now he is in violation. he can be arrested and possibly prosecuted. >> the surprising thing to me is that the police department was not telling us anything. they are saying, we will reschedule you as if everything
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is fine. >> if they are stopped by law enforcement for any reason they can be taken immediately into custody. >> reporter: this civil rights attorney said people like the homeless man we spoke to trying to register but cannot may face charges. the police department said they are coordinating with the police department so they are not charged but if they are in another county they may face prosecution. >> oakland county is the only county that cannot registering sex offenders and not trying another method. i believe that oakland is vieting state law. there is a major development in a san francisco scandal, the department of justice said the owner of lefty
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odooles will plead guilty to two counts of wire fraud and cooperate with the fbi. he and his partner are accused of trying to breub a commissioner to win a bid for a straint at the airport. in another high profile federal case prosecutors indicated this that will add a new wire fraud charge against elizabeth holmes of theranos. the two with pleading not guilty. elizabeth holmes was scheduled to go to trial this summer but the date was pushed back because of the coronavirus pandemic. california and eight states are suing the epa for easing pollution restrictions during the pandemic. they said they would stop going after companies that failed to
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track their transmissions as long as they could explain that it was coronavirus related. california is accusing the trump administration of using the health crisis to sweep environmental regulations under the rug. steve are we getting a break from the rain today? >> late today maybe but not for the morning time. it is similar to what we have already had. you can see, the set up is similar to yesterday although there is, it look like, some clearing to the west. early afternoon you may get more sun. for the week, some areas are getting some rain. santa rosa, napa, walnut creek, a quarter of an inch to a 30 of an inch. cloudy to mostly cloudy north.
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some sun breaks to the north. golden gate bridge towards mendocino county and lake county. there is not a lot there but that is where it's going to stay. 50s in half moon bay, 52 in walnut creek. there is your on shore breeze. it's not much of a wind but it is on shore. it brings in all of that moisture. it is finally beginning to head inland. that talks away the moisture. then you have a break friday and saturday then a stronger system is on top for sunday, monday and maybe tuesday. that is a lot of rain in santa rosa and south. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. after today a break friday and saturday. mostly saturday. sunday rain and possible thunderstorms. higher elevations have snow.
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in the sierras monday and tuesday. this is not in our play pook. we are used to disasters but we are not used to pandemics. >> coming up how fiefs are preparing for the fire season in this age of social distancing and what you should be doing to protect your home. >> plus, what california classrooms may look like when students eventually come back and who has the final say on the starting date. but first, reconnecting with pets. what people are doing with their pets after being separated during the pandemic. this is one.
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so is this. and so are these. they all represent something more. the feeling of home. that's why we're here. to help make your home be everything you want it to be. because home is what unites us.
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you can use the hashtag ktvu on twitter, to request a song. you can do it on facebook and instagram. send us a request , let's go pet owners are waiting to be reunited with pets, after being separated because of the coronavirus. many pets were stranded because of canceled flights and closed borders, and major u.s. airlines
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have been canceled because of high cost and safety concerns. a family in new york that flew to israel in early march, for a family emergency hired a pet transportation service to be reunited with their dog after two months. >> we felt like we were missing an important part of the family. it was a great way to have her back with us. >> people will do anything to get there that's to them. >> before the pandemic, the price has gone up, there is only a handful of airlines that still transport animals across borders. uber is changing their ride hailing and food delivery apps, on monday, uber will limit the number of passengers in cars, and start using selfie technology to verify that drivers are wearing masks. there will be a checklist to confirm that they do not have
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symptoms of the virus come a and sanitize their vehicle, and wash their hands. it passengers, drivers, delivery workers and restaurants will also have to report unsafe behavior or lack of proper protocol for social distancing. >> if we notice that the writer is a repeat violator, and not following regulations or necessary policies and, we can take further action and take them off the platform. >> have acquired 20 million facemasks and distributed 5 million of them to drivers. companies are turning to technology to make sure that social distancing is followed and safety is followed when employees come back to work. global consulting firm pwc launched a contact tracing app. the contact tracing app uses indoor geolocation to monitor
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the time and the proximity of employee interactions on the job. employees have to opt in to use the digital tracing app. >> they will need to download the app, if the employee turns off the application, the employer can be notified and to know that this is in your best interest to turn this back on. >> other companies are using other tools, including thermal and ai cameras, finding out if employees are wearing a mask or coworkers are too close to each other. restaurants and businesses are turning to delivery robots to get food and groceries to the customers. the san francisco-based company starship technology says robots are more popular, first introduced in 2014 on college campuses, and now they are
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expanding for more businesses. customers within a two-mile radius can order through a mobile lab, stores put the item in the robot, close the lid, locket and off they will go. >> i definitely see robots and all of our future, you know? they help us get to its destination. >> they move at the same rate as pedestrians and, some of the robots are already being used in downtown berkeley, and other cities. we follow breaking news this morning, four people were killed on highway 85, shutting down lanes, the crash scene is cleared and the investigation continues. what we are talking about concerning the crash. plus -- >> if this leaves us with a stronger recovery, it is worth it.
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a green forecast about how the coronavirus will cause long- lasting economic damage. we get another report on jobs, this morning. from ktvu, this is mornings on fox 2. thank you for joining us, i am glad you are waking up with us. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. it is may 14. steve paulson is right next to pam, he has the forecast, steve, how does it look? >> we have light drizzle, and light rain. you might get a little bit of a break, but there is nothing much different from yesterday. the rain line is focused mostly north of the golden gate. there is a lot of cloud cover, and santa rosa is reporting fog. you can see mendocino county,


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