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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 18, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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áreleased. áa pair of autoá combrafed air jordans sold for á half million dollars.á they soldá for $560,000. áthe shoes wereá made between february and april áof 1985.á because jordan woreá mismatched shoes, the left is aá size 13 and the right is a 13á and a half. á gradually lyftingá restrictions on businessesá during the covid-19 pandemic.á we will tell you what isá happening in phase two of theá reopening.á that's across theá state and then in some bay areaá counties.á help for undocumentedá immigrants during the crisis.á the financial assistance beingá offered in california despite the immigrtion status.á plan to ábe closed on memorial day and áthen the arlington national ácemetery that may now be need á
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neededá and thing what's behind me.á oneá thing in particular and it'sá right over my left shoulder. áwhat is that?á it's over andá going back to august 7th out atá the ballpark and barry bonds hit 756.áá right here on the top isá the sporting green from the next áday and they say a new king.á that's a new ticket and then noá iphones.á we did not have theá tickets then, and then there'sá two pictures that i took. áone of those, and it's right whená bonds hit it and then theá celebration with the fireworksá and then the two pins below. áthat's that.á that's what thatá
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is.á it's currently in my son's ároom because my wife would not álet him put that up.á that's theá story behind what is over myá left shoulder there.á with that, áwe welcome you to the 9. we're ácoming off the weekend, and i'á starting a new segment of theá highs and lows of the pandemic. ái'm going go really quick with áthis. ámy high was playingá wiffle play.á we had a greatá game going, and we had áback-to-back days and my lows wereá some running shoes.á the leftá shoe squeaks.á the leftá shoe seems to squeak, and i have toá get rid of them or fix themá that's the highs and the lows.á let's go around to the highs aná lows of the weekend?á >> well, i think without a doubá my high is on both nights we puá the buys to late and i crawledá in to bed exhausted and then 20á minutes later i hear 10-yea-oldá feet coming down thá hall and my baby son comes andá kisses me good nights and hugsá me. usually heá does not get outá
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of bed.á for whatever reason, heá did.á my low is coming homeá yesterday with groceries andá tired and frustrated and theá dishwasher was not emptied as i hoped itá would be.á i was aá little bit short in asking my áhusband why could he not you weretyá the dishwasher.á sal, weá have been talking about how weá talk about our feelings all of the time.á i think that i gave a áproper apology, and he 100%á deserved.á >> highs for us is that we drová by some friend's houses with thá kids and waved at them and maintainedá distance. á>> great.á >> we said hi and saw people.á that's pretty good.á i guess theá low is that it rained on myá daughter's unicorn outside. áwe're going have to repaint thá unicorn.á all in all, not thatá bad.á i want to show you guysá something.á this is as we átransition to steve, i want toá
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show you this beautiful siteá over saná we got thisá shot o rainbow. álook at áthis. steve says that we'reá going see some rainbows todayá was of the clouds, rain and suná let's bring steve in here, andá steve i'm going to be out withá my camera.á do you think that iá can capture one of these?á >> absolutely, sal. áwe'reá getting them in the morning andá in the afternoon. yes,á we'reá getting snow amount up in the ámountains.á it will get down toá the lake level.á it's notá already. áthere's some iná kingville and chains on 80s iná both direction s. some of theá pop ups you're watching and theá seeing a pop up, and the one that's goigá from the castroá valley has been going on for aná hour.á that's going to a half aná inch of rain and then a reallyá good cell popping up and then iá have some rain and that looksá
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like it's moved off.á sometimes theyá can fire up and trigger áother el cesareans. the line isá stretching all the way down toá the mountain and then brentwoodá and then discovery bay. áthat's áreally active for a while hereá looks like there's a back edge toá it as the strong low for maá coming in and that's going give áus some pretty good thunderstom áactivity or hail reports.á thatá has the rainbows written allá over it.á the rainfall is prettyá good.á that's good for some, andá then we had over two 2 in vpá inches of rain and then goingá north napa and then clayton 28.á that's along the mash creek road.% showers and thunderstormsá maybe you can easily get aá downpour here that can do it ifá you get a thunderstorm as well.á the second valley is painted foá a flash flood watch iná anticipation of a storm.á theá winter storm warning goes until átomorrow.á that is coming downá 600 feet or so and additionalá
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600 feet of snow as the low goeá over the bay area by tonight.á iá would get ready later on this áafternoon. we hadá an activeá morning and it's going to getá more so this afternoon. áafterá tuesday, you have to imagineá that things would calm down.á they will.á they're warming upá in to the weekend, guys. >> thank you, steve.á it's 9:06. á48 states areá relaxing the shelter at placeá and then stay at home atá businesses and schools.á the cdcá is issuing new guidelines as the peopleá return to classes andá jobs.á with more than 20% of theá united states workforce filing áfor unemployment, some areá questioning how the economy is ágoing bounce back. one topá adviser say that is he compendsá it to happen in stages.á >> think of it swinging. áweá don't know the magnitude of the áswings and then the duration of the swings or settling point. áthere's really an uncertain áoutlook.á >> massachusetts and connecticuá are keeping the stay at homeá
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orders for the entire state.á here it's done on a county by county basis.á the restrictionsá on the beaches are being liftedá and it was a normal weekend in mayá and then in honolulu.á social distancing is still árequired, and people can only á in groups that include the ámembers of the meet household.á beach goers say that in the áchance for the sun and water ws áa welcomed relief.á >> for a lot of families this iá getting back to normal. áthat's great.áá topping today the road mapá and reopening is beginning for áthree bay area counties chili áwe're joined live with more on áthe story. sarah,á good morning. >> good mornin. as áyou knowá much of the bay area is moving áslower than the state when itá comes to reopening. today threeá bay area counties are added toá the list of those in phase two. ifá you live in the san francisá
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or san mateo counties, you will noticeá some loosenedá restrictions today.á the newá rules went in to affect atá midnight and san mateo counties and going in to affect at 10:00 áa.m.á it's all part of theá governor's four part of theá recoveries.á phase two is brokená down in to two parts.á the firstá part is allowing the lower riská places to open gain and then thá manufacturing and some officesá and outdoor spaces.á some areasá will also have the loosened áparking restrictions and then the county can reopen indoor aná outdoor pools.á the alamedaá counties will go to phase twoá next week. santaclash ráahá county has not announced theá plans to move out of phase one yet.á we spoke to the projectá manager of the recovers, a grouá that's helping the localsá understand what they need to do to reopen.áá as edger as they are áto get back to work, business áowner say that they want go iná
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to phase two the right way and átake all precautions.á >> there's a fear if we do notá do it right we will have more áhealth problems down the roadá and that businesses will have tá either kind of tailback there offerings on what they can do oá otherwise close, and i thinká that's a huge partnership with the folks. á>> the second part of phase twá is when the malls, dine in árestaurants and schools can opá with the remode if i case. áphase three is when they rowá open and then when the stay atá home order is going to beá lifted.á we don't know the átimeline on that just yet.á reporting live with ktvu fox 2á news. >> allá right, sarah.á thank youá for that.á also, happening today the londoná mayor and county áofficials are going discuss whá is next when it comes toá reopening the city of saná
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francisco.á the director ofá public health and the directorá of san francisco disease and ácontrol will discuss the nextá phases of recovery from the closuresá associate with the coronaviru.áá last week theá mayor announced a major áexpansion allowing the cells ad certain types of businesses to begin today. also, when it comes to theáá governor is going to be in theá north bay to give an update on the state seas response to theá pandemic.á the governor is iná napa for a announcement and then áa special meeting on thursday.á they approved a erie port from áthe health officers and theá county is ready to allow moreá businesses to reopen.á they'reá seeking the approval from theá public health to move in to the nextá phase of opening up theá dine in restaurants.á starting today undocumentedá immigrants can apply iná california can apply for theá coronavirus relief.á $125 million has been set asideá for people that are unable to
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reeiveá unemployment or stimuluá checks due to the immigrationá status. the stateá contributed $5 million to theá fund and 50 million came from private donors. the one timeá payments will be $500 per adultá and then a cap of a thousand dollar per household.á application period runs through ájune 30th.á the governor is proposingá shrinking the california systemá due to the passive budget cutsá from the covid-19 pandemic.á theá revised budget that he sentá includes closing two prison in the coming years and closing thá 20% of the inmate firefighterá camps and then eventually áclosing all three state raná juvenile prisons. ámany of themá wobbler move today the county ájails.á today the alameda countyá will accept the reservations for the court hearings.á they'reá limit today mostly civil, familá
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and probate cases.á they will áhave access to website. well, it's going to be aá the u.s.á senate is going to getá together and have to decide whaá to do with the three trillion ádollar chick relief bill thatá was sent over from the house. they're talking about theá nominations and the presidentá fires another inspector general. lauren blain card has the latest fromá wash warn.á >> reporter: speaker nancyá pelosi is your honoring theá senate republicans to take upá the houses 3 trillion billá passed on friday.á they say thatá the bill is dead on arrival.á >> it's really sickening thatá the democrats are using the opportunity to enforce the social richly.áá >> reporter: the republicansá backed by the while house haveá been seeing how the economyá rebounds.á >> if the economy continues oná what we have been seeing that iá think that one might conclude áthat the stimulus that we have passed is enough.á >> reporter: the president isá
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vocal on wanting state oz theá get back to normal.á they sayá that if there's no second wave áof the virus, he is cautiouslyá optimistic about a recovery iná the second half of the year.á >> for the economy to fully árecover, people have to be fuly con if i kent.á that may have to áawait the arrival of a vaccine. á>> reporter: while they deal withá the heros act, they'reá going to face the questions oná the late friday night firing ofá a state department inspector general.á bob menendez launchingá an investigation as to what they callá a motivating firing.á this áas there's a response to theá coronavirus and then during theá virtual actual commencementá speech.á >> the epidemic has fully pulled áback the curtain that so many n chargeá know what they're doingá a lot of them are not pretendiná to be in charge.á >> reporter: president trumpá meeting with the restaurantá
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owner on monday afternooná followed by the teleconferenceá with the nation's governors. fake a look at the stocks.á it's a great start here.á theá s&p and dow up more than 3%.á the nasdaq is up 2.5%.á why theá rally?á well, due in part to theá data of the possible coronaviruá vaccine.á coming up next here oná mornings on 2. the poplar bayá area cafe closes down after ádecades in service.á when they will be expected to shut the ádoors for good.
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on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. 9:16á now . actn oder cf1 cf2 xds tf1 tf2e álooking for a gunman behind :00 9:16 now. the police are @looáking for a gunman behindá a deadly shooting. it happenedá around is 30 thisá morning on james boulevard. weáá did send a crew did find aá
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36-year-old mane back patio. áhe was pronounced dead áat the scene.á the 23-year-oldá man was also shot.á he isá expected to survive.á policeá tell us that several people werá inside of the apashtoment whená the altercation happened, andá that a man fired a gun.á so far áno one is in custody. at a meeting at the world healthá organization today,á china's president pledged the ásupport to help in the response toá the pandemic. áreporter gregá has the story from london. á>> 4 million confirmed casesá world wide and the outbreak isá still spreading. oná monday theá world health organization ending áthe annual two day conferenceá hoping to coordinate theá entertainment response.á instead, the spotlight was oná the growing fiction of the u.s.á and china.á chinese president --á accused beijing of lying on the áorigin. á>> we have shared controlled
9:18 am
experience with the word, and we haveá done everything in power á support and assist everybody iná need.á >> reporter: leader saying that theyá acted too slowly hen the outbreak sartá and acknowledginá the organization needs to makeá some chances after it failed toá stop the virus from becoming aá pandemic.á >> we all have lessons to learná from the pandemic.á we'reá committed to the trainings porná si, accountability and continuous improvement. á>> reporter: this is as moreá countries are getting peopleá back to work and including the uk. áthe hardest hit country in áeurope, and that'sá restrictions.á joining the mixedá reactions from the commutersá here in london.á >> yeah, it's pretty good.á it's ápretty much feeling good.á >> yeah, you're not safe becausá there's a lot and there's space áreally for people to get the
9:19 am
distance.á >> reporter: president jingá pledging $2 billion to fight the coronaviru outbreak.á in londoná with ktvu fox 2 news. á medical researchers at oscá university maybe leading theá race to develop a vaccine of thá coronavirus. later tests from aá lab in southern england areá showing the encouraging results. someá of the mob can is that weá tested developed antibodiesá within 14 days of being inject áwith the experimental vaccine.á they hope to have it this timeá next year.á medical officials areá puzzled after more sailors oná board of the uss theodoreá roosevelt have tested positiveá for the coronavirus for a second átime. áthere's now 13 crewá members that spent two weeks in áisolation. theyá were notá allowed to return to theá aircraft carrier until theyá tested negative for the virusá twice.á medical officers areá wondering of the accuracy of the
9:20 am
átest.á the navy has yet toá comment.á arlington national cemeteryá is going to be closed this ácoming memorial day because of áthe pandemic.á only families ofá the fallen military serviceá members buried at the cemeteryá are allow today visit.á they'reá require today wear the face ácoverings in the area thatá they're not able to main tin thá social distancing.á it's uncleará if the wreath laying of the unknown soldier and address byá the president will happen.á starting today all drivers áand passengers on uber areá required to wear a face mask.á they will use the selfie technologyá that they're weariná the masks, and they have a áchecklist that they do not havá symptoms. thy haveá to wash their hands.á it will be an áoption to report a passenger or ádriver that's not wearing aá
9:21 am
massing or face covering.á investigating a hugeá explosion. how firefightersá areá doing after some were sent toá the hospital.á new details in the ahmaudá arbery care.á a new text message that's being investigated.á
9:22 am
9:23 am
a active listoá fatal shooting of ahmaud arberyá it centers on a text messageá that was sent by a glenn countyá police officer.á it was sent twoá months before ahmaud arbery wasá shot and killed. áthe officersá text was sent to a propertyá owner that was concerned at aá home that was underá construction. the officerá suggested that the property áowner contact gresh erie ámcmichael if the motioná detectors went off again.á heá and his son travis are charged
9:24 am
áwith shooting and killing ahmad arbery. á>> a caravan gathered outside á demand the resignation of theá district attorneys over their áconnections to this case.á johnson recused herself at herá office because mcmichael workedá in the office as aná investigator.á lauren hill had áthe case for a month before ástepping aside because his soná works for johnson as an assistant prosecutor.á a dozen firefighters wereá injured on saturday night and someá in critical condition, but áthey're expected to survive.á reporter christina gonzales has áthe story.á >> there's been an explosion. iá
9:25 am
have two down firefighters.á >> reporter: the chilling radioá traffic as an explosion overá takes them in downtown la.á >> i am on the front side of thá building.á we need help.á >> this star a one story building with smoke showing is bread and butter.á >> reporter: but this building á warehouse distributor sellsá smoking and vaping products including highly flammable álighters, glass cases and átorches and honey oil.á theá explosion caught firefightersá from engine 9 inside of the ábuilding.á the video shows theá moments that they escaped downá the ladder and much of it just too grapic to show.á >> it was not just an exá employees, but then to have go through a blow torch.á >> reporter: fox has learnedá that it happened before.á september of 2016la city fireá responds to the same location.á no injuries, but the large fireá
9:26 am
is on the third street side of áthe same industrial complex.á >> for the same as doing the ábusiness for smoke tokes.á that's part of the active investigaton.áá >> reporter: the investigationá with the fire departmentá helicopters surveying the area áthat's considered a crime scená arson is here and lapd major ácrimes.á no indication of anyá wrong doing, but the building shouldá have had makers outsideá saying that the highlyá combustible materials wereá inside.á the damage so severe,á that if they were there, cannotá tell.á >> there's as much re such ásignificant damage, that i couá not tell, but that's part of thá investigation.á >> lapd mayor says that a lot oá firefighters are remaining shakená up. áthe good news isá that expect is expected toá survive. á coming up, the tesla plantá in fremont is getting ready toá
9:27 am
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active listporá states.á state officials areá facing pressure to restart locaá economies.á >> reporter: the coronavirusá continues to spread as states áreopen their economies.á the áflorida keys will reopen toá tourist on june 1st with hotelsá at half capacity.á casinos areá going to welcome guests in álouisiana and arkansas thisá week. ábusiness owner say thatá they're adapting to the new socialá distangsing guidelines.á >> we cannot have anyone in theá store, but we can still do theá best that we can with, you knowá
9:30 am
the walk up option and, youá know, serve customers the best thatá we can.á >> reporter: with 36 millioná people filing for unemployment, governors are facing pressure to áreopen even more businesses.á some restaurant owner say they haveá been left in the dark witá no idea when they can reopen. á>> our leader have decided that they're going pick winners and losersá among the businesses.á >> reporter: nearly every stateá has start today reopen in someá way.á just over a dozen have metá the federal guidelines to do soá texas saw a resent surge in theá infections over the weekend andá an increase of 1,800 new cases áon saturday. state officialsá say that more testing contribute today the search but businessá owner say that they're not takingá any chances. á>> we have taken a lot of extra áprecautions to make sure that á have the safety of everyone and taking in a new system that they haveá and filter the air andá purify it as it comes out. we hav added a maáská for ourselfá and client.á
9:31 am
>> they say that a vaccine coulá be more than a year away.á iná atlanta with ktvu fox 2 news. áá >> alameda county are the twoá counties that are more cautious beforeá they move in to phase two.áá >> santa clara county isá
9:32 am
stopping short of moving toá phase two. the south bayá merchants say that they'reá worried that they could lose businessá to neighboring conties.áá >> we will probably go to the nextá county santa cruz to goatá hat or a pair of jeans. á>> santa clara counties have há the most so viruses and deathsá in the bay area. many sayá thatá it's going to be the last ones toá move in to phase two of theá reopening plans.á easing the restrictions on the parks and trails.á they willá allow the cars in the area again.áá marine county says theyá will remain close to the county beaches. restart the production today at the factory and may scale up toá the full production by the endá of the week.á as ktvu explainá the company has told the workerá that they have been able to getá a green light to get back to the
9:33 am
áfull business.á >> good morning, sal.á yeah, weá did see a lot of activity áoutside of the tesla companyá factory in fremont earlier thisá morning just after 6:00 is when áwe saw a dozen of people andá workers heading in go the doorsá they were keeping a safeá distance and even though thatá the shelter in place is in affect tesla did get permission to reoen starting today.á according to the san francisco chronicle,á they may scale up by the end of st. week. thtá sitesá an internal letter sent to the employes overá the weekend andá saying that they had localá support or permission from theá county officials to return toá full production.á it may have aá federal spat with the health áofficials. theyá had restartedá the operations earlier this ámonth and county officials tolá
9:34 am
them to stop. muká filed a álawsuit and threatened to moveá the headquarters out ofá california.á under a settlementá last week, tesla was allowed to ápartially reopen today. again,áá the latest information is thatá tesla got the okay from theá county to reopen later on thisá week. áwe reached out to theá officials and teslaá representatives to get moreá information on the laterá development. we're stillá waiting to hear back from them.á reporting live with ktvu fox 2 news.% á >>á ali, thank you.á a long time cafe is shutting ádown for good.á ktvu aliciaá harrington reports why theá bakery is shutting down after 33á years in business.á >> reporter: the covid-19 ápandemic has shuttered anotherá bay area business. áspecialtiesá cafe and bakery with more than 50á location in three states. áthe announcement was posted oná
9:35 am
the website and they read itá attributed to the shelter in áplace and decimated the news. á >> i am deeply saddened. theá familyá is devastated. á>> reporter: eric is a regulará customer and say that is the áfamily put in the extra take ot toá support the business.á theá app is not working, and heá wanted to put in one last orderá >> specialties has been ásomething special for lunches r átreatings for us for years and years.áá we did not expect thatá it would just close right in thá middle of everything that's happening.áá >> reporter: specialties hasá been in business 33 years.á it'sá headquarters and i spoke to the ávice mayor over zoom.á >> we were disappointed, sad.á >> reporter: she is concerned áability other struggling restaurants in pleasant ton. stll,á only able to offer takeá out. á>> we cannot wonder who else áparticularly in the downtown.á >> reporter: city council membeá say that is the closure not only means the loss of jobs but willá
9:36 am
impact the city's budget and taá revenue.á >> i have enjoyed eating thereá and i have been catering it.á aá big disappointment and yetá another piller of the businesseá to fall.á >> reporter: specialties hasá locations all over the bay areaá mainly in business districts ácatering to office buildings ad áoffering meals for those on thá go.á there was a warm cookieá radar.á >> reporter: specialties willá close this good on tuesday,á may 19th.á anyone that placed an áorder for after that date willá get a refund. alicia harringtoná with ktvu fox 2 news. >>á on a related note here theá golden gilt restaurant hasá released the results of a surveá and 47% say that they laid off áthe workers during a shelter iá place. áof the 43%, 60% say thatá
9:37 am
they're losing money doing so.á 65% say that they received money áfrom the paycheck protectioná program, and 54% say that they planá to reopen regardless of tá seating and limited capacity.á contracting covid-19 whileá on the job.á this morning we'reá discussing the employees that can now get workersá compensation. workers compáá attorney is joining us live andá thank you for taking the time. i appreciate it.á >> good morning, thank you.á >> so i understand that the ágovernor signed an executiveá order tie today the issue of thá workers compensation. ái want to áclarify for those at home whoá can clarify.á use me for aná example.á i am deemed aná employee, and i go and getá tested in a week. áit comes backá positive and i have covid-19.á i can go now and file for theá workers compensation?á >> that's correct.á in this sill áadministration the presumptioná is that anyone that's working
9:38 am
áoutside of their home after march 19th it is presumed to be áa work related event if they'rá working outside of the home.á yes, you can now file for theá workers compensation and then thatá you're entitled to that.á >> okay. álet's say that i'm notá an essential worker and i'má working from home and i contracá it.á i don't fall in to thatá category, correct? á>> correct. áyou don't have toá be an essential worker, but youá have to be working out of theá home.á this new order is veryá expansive for your listeners and áother workers in that you don't áhave to be an essential workerá you have to have a return toá work and be working out of yourá home, so cannot be working fromá home. ifá you're working outsideá of the home, it would apply toá all workers and to all of theá listeners.á >> it seems like the burden ofá proof was always on the workersá
9:39 am
from what you're saying that thá board burden of proof is on theá companies that cannot argue orá debate whether the employee didá contract covid-19 while working. áthey could have been doing it á the day off and maybe contracted itá somewhere else? >> yeah, correct. beforeá it wasá on the worker to prove that it waá a work related event.á now,á that's changed and we presumeá that it was a work related evená and the employer can challenge áit.á the period to challengeá that has also been reduced.á before it was 90 days and nowá cut down to 30 days.á they haveá to respond to it rather quicklyá if they believe that it was notá a work related event.á >> okay.á this is the line ofáone ringing? have you been getting a lot ofá knocks on your door with helpiná to file the claims?á >> you know, this is slow toá trickle down. while people are ácalling because they have ácontracted the covid-19, a lot áof them are not aware of this new presapx that i think is very
9:40 am
important.á áas it is started toá trickle down, we're seeing a loá more people now calming becauseá they realize that it couldá happen, and it's presumed toá have been work related.á >> i guess someone could argueá that the businesses are payingá for the rising rates and claimsá go up and payroll goes down and áneither of those are good oná their own. here is theá question. áshould the cost of ácovid-19 of the coronavirusá really be shifted to the laps oá the businesses that are reallyá just trying to keep the doorsá opened and keep people employedá >> that's the big question, and i amá sure that i'm going to beá debating that a lot. it'sá toughá to answer. obviously as you caná imagine, these businesses justá want to stay open, and they need the workers to come back. someáá of the workers might contractá covid-19. whatá do we do? that's goig to beá iá will assumeá something for a very heatedá debate coming up. i will leaveá to it the higher powers and the
9:41 am
politicians to ke bait theá fairness of who should get the áburden. áit's an expansive rule, áand i'm assuming that there's á bit of consequences to that.á >> okay. and then if i amá the -- if i have the company, iá can rebut the claims as well? áiá don't know how that gets handled orá who is the judge i guess iná between, but a company can rebut áa claim?á >> yeah.á in the worker'sá compensation system, we do have the worker'sá compensation judges. thy have a right toá rebut it.á the period is reducedá to 30 days.á that does put a áburden on the employer andá insurance company to try to actá like you mentioned, this is one áof those very tough siltations áand how do they rebut that ápresapx. áhow do you prove that áit did not occur?á that's a very
9:42 am
tough question.á we will see howá that unfolds.á >> okay.á thank you so much.á we appreciate the time. áthank youá for clarifying the questionsá here.á >> thank you.á okay.á coming up nejs here on morns oná 2 at 9:00. a deadly planecrash cáaught áoná camera.á the salute to honorá that turned tragic in canada.á also, a 10-year-old rescueá from the dangerous surf and hisá father still missing.á up nextá the latest on the search for the bay's dad.
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á active listport
9:45 am
>>c>le caugfht2 xds tf1 tfá one member has the fightá demonstration team dead and another one seriously injuredá after a crash in britishá columbia. they used similará jets to the blue angles.á they áwere perform nothing theá frontline works.á the pilotá selected and hospitalized the passener and the teams public affair offcerá died in theá crash.á no one on the ground wasá hurt. thisá is the second crashá of a jet in less than a year.á the man's son was pulled outá safely, but the life guards sayá that the father was pushed backá under water and did not áresurface. they sayá that theyá had to make hundreds of rescues ovr theá weekend.á
9:46 am
>> based on the conditions átoday, you would have to be aná we're having a hard time staying iná one location to dive.á the conditions are hard to say theá least.á >> i always go out and i wasá like okay, we were about to drawn. iá was like this is real. ithappened that qáuick. áá >>á >> tmz is reporting that theá father that was pulled underá water was wwe star.á caveers áwill continue the efforts througoutá the day. á this week firefighters areá breathing a sigh of relief thatá there was enough rain to keepá the hillsides from becoming higá fire areas.á we checked thatá this morning and there was noá fresh snow on the ground.á the áofficials say that they'reá grateful for the rain, butá preparing for a difficult fireá season. á>> mother nature is definitelyá
9:47 am
giving us some time. it'sá a double edged sword and á have the rain and then we getá the grass props.á we don't haveá enough rain and the fuel dries out.áá >> cal fire does say the rainá could delay the fire season, buá when the hot summertime is hereá for good, it will not make thatá much of a difference. fire crews have to be readyá when ever fire season starts.á the economic affect of the ápandemic is becoming moreá widespread and much moreá apparent.á property owner thatá bout a real-estate are nowá seeing the cancellations due toá the coronavirus.á laura ingleá has the story.á >> right now we have not aá single person on the booking foá may or for june.á >> reporter: huge drop offs and áincluding the short termá property is leaving the property owner that are going to make the áincome with little to no residencer summations.á fromá coast to coast the rentalá
9:48 am
bookings through companies likeá airbnb and home away are veepá waiting. áthe concerns of theá travellers worried about their healthá and safety with the cová exposure is finding both owner nd renters in unprecedented áterritory. á>> we bout this house a littleá bit over a year ago with theá idea that we were going to builá a fantastic home and the abilitá to do that and finances thoseá things was through airbnb. áwithá that money it pays two-thirds oá the housing cost.á that's nowá gone.á >> i have decided to cancel allá travel plans that i have.á ifá everything is opened andá available for us to do it, i am ásure that i can rebook it. á>> reporter: airbnb saw aá $1.5 billion in bookings vanish áin mid-march and expedia group thatá owns home way have releasd the financial results showingá that bookings have fallen ferment while the property owneá
9:49 am
are following the guidelines to ákeep the properties virus free, áthey say that they need to taká their own precautions every step ofá the journey.á >> the real risk with the traveá is that the travel because you'reá likely to encounter maná other people during that period áof time in close proximity.á >> experts also agree that if yo do decide to travel, áremember to keep your social distane.á wear a mask while iná public and always wipe down theá high contact surfaces like doorknbs,á light switches and counter tops.á in new york withá fox news. á you at home in the south bay áis using art to inspire the positiityá during the pandemic.á see how he is using theá buildings to spread the messageá and a new take on a poplar childhood game. áwhat nfl superá star has to say on hosting theá competition ultimate tag.á youá will see it right here on ktvu.
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and so are these. they all represent somethin that's why we're here. to help make your home be everything you want it to be. because home is what unites us.
9:53 am
>> > activ ase listort encoá down, ktvu is happy to honor alá of the teachers that are making áa difference to children and áfamilies. áif you want toá nominate them, we would love to heará why.á say why you'reá nominating the teacher and sendá the photos or videos toá we're proud áto feature teachers that areá doing in vetable work.á cleaning must recalls on ábusinesses and windows.á ktvu áshowing us his work and the phrase tha it's getting.á >> reporter: 24-year-old jorgeá is working on the latestá painting.á the canvas the windowá of the office building iná downtown san jose. áthe messageá stay strong san jose.á >> it's nice to feel comfort aná support each other.á i thinká during these times we're seeingá that now more than ever.á >> the artist name is jay, andá
9:54 am
he has been painting itá professionally for the last three years and the first one by áthe tech giant that says ágreetings san jose.á >> since that he has lostá several projects and not beená able to sell the art at theá street fairs and festivals.á like many, he displayed the worá on social media and it caughtá the eye of the owner of paper mooná cafe that asked them to ádecorate on north 2nd street.á earlier this month he painted tougher times and tougher ápeople. á>> i was tired of seeingá everyone so worried about theá negative of what is going on áright now and just let people áknow that it's okay.á thins willá get better.á >> now, several windows in downtowná san jose have beená trance formed with his art.á oneá that reads slow times.á
9:55 am
>> i try to do works of art thaá make someone passing by thatá looks at it crack a smile áhopefully.á >> stay strong san jose is aá message of hope that we are allá saying right now.á >> the real-estate firm requested this current project.á >> times are tough, but knowingá that we have a fantasticá community and everyone is iná this together definitely speaksá volumes.á >> his art work is free andá donations accepted.á he uses ápaint and sticks to one color á keep the cost down. áhe knowsá these windows maybe temporaryá but hope that is the messages are long lasting. >> á á the bakers race will haveá wait was schedule átoday take place yesterd,ponedá the run to oceaná
9:56 am
beach is going to hopefully take áplace on september 20th pingedá organizers say that all race áregistrations will be honored for the new date.á sports slowly coming back tá television.á nascar had theá first race yesterday iná darlington.á pit crews andá drivers will the temperaturesá check and the event had no faná in the stands, but that did notá affect the drivers. á>> all that you hear is race áengines, so it's going sound tá same at home.á you will noticeá that the stands are empty, butá you will hear it and feel it.á >> too much and he is off. á>> jimmy johnson was in the led áwhen he lost control andá crashed. kevin harvick number 4á won the race. ánext is a 400-lap árace in darlington on wednesday afternoon.áá you can woven it on fox sportsá 1.á a new extreme version of thá childhood game tag is coming toá fox.á earlier this morning i satá
9:57 am
down and talked to jj watt andá when the pro bowler was askedá why he wanted to be apart of it, heá said that he knew at that átime that he wanted his brotheá to be involved.á >> we grew up playing tag in the backyard and had the competitivá fire and we had the fun back aná forth where we rip on eachá other.á that would be fun. then it was something soá ásimple. everybdy knows how toá play á.á you have done it on the play áground and the backyard and thá park. áwe want to take it toá abextreme level.á it's a thingá that every family can watch.á >> ultimate tag premiers on wednesay night at 9:00 on ktvu.á espn10-part documentaryá series on michael jordan and the álast season of the bull's dynasty ended with the viewers saingá what if. itá was a feud ábetween the general manager and
9:58 am
head coach phi jackson. áe1ay that is the whole team was ready to come back for a run and the nb title.á >> if you ask the guys that woná we give you one year contract tá try out.á do you think that theyá would have signed?á yes, theyá would have signed.á would i haveá signed for one year? yeahá, iá would have.á i was signing themá up until then.á would phil haveá done it?á yep. if they were going to be áthere and mj wasá going to be there, to win theá seventh, pip was not going missá out on that.á >> instead jordan retired and áphil jackson stepped away fromá the game, and scotty and steveá traded and dennis rodman wasá released.á how about this.á a pair ofá autographed air jordans sold foá more than a half million dollará
9:59 am
recently.á the nike air jordansá sold for $50,060,000.á the shoes were made between february andá april of 1985 and because jordaá wore mismatched shoes, the leftá shoe size 13 and the right is a á13 and a half. áit shatters áprevious action for a pair ofá sneaker. ái mean it was $56 andá maybe i would be in the mix,á sal. i don't know. ái am in toá the shoes.á they were a hotá item.á >> yeah, jordans are still.á people will actually breaká quarantine to get the newá jordans. ái know.á not that i amá advocating that, but that áhappened.á >> the shoe that squeaks is it the left shoe?á >> yes.á >> what are you going do?á >> i have been running with it and i slammed it on the sidewalk and twist it and turn it. it'sá ádriving me -- i'm going have to áget a new pair or return theseá >> okay.á
10:00 am
>> you got it. atá least you'reá out there running.á good forá you.á it's going to be anotherá sowing by one.á the newsá continues right now at new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: welcome! to monday! [laughs] [cheers and applause]


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