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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 20, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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pam and dave, we have low clouds in place. the rain ends for now. chucky has been reporting moderate rain, they are not done yet, but we are. the low clouds are in place and you can see the activity, even snow. it looks like they are about ready to wind things down, this could be the last system of the season. overcast conditions, mostly cloudy. 46 and santa rosa. we will get more son, warmer inland. cold, mild and warm, we will have an afternoon breeze. there's a breeze right now out of the west. there's an onshore breeze on the delta, temperatures will bump up a little bit more so as we head into the weekend. today, mid-70s, the coast today looks like it will be 60s. let's go over to sal. what about the past?
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>> it is still slow, the pass has slowing on 580 at 238. this is normal traffic. let's go to the bay bridge and show you that. you can see traffic there is looking good coming into san francisco, using that bridge there are no major delays. interstate 880 continues to look good in both directions. he had mentioned to the east bay, we have slowing onto 85 as steve had mentioned, not for any particular reason, just a lot of people show up at that location. let's go back to the headlines. a bay area county takes the next big step for reopening, napa county has been approved to move into the second part of phase 2 of the governors roadmap to recovery. you have the details, good morning, sara. >> reporter: good morning, dave, napa county is ahead of
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bay area counties in moving towards the second part of phase 2. the county is now officially in the second part of phase 2, effective immediately. what does that mean? restaurants will open for dine- in service, you will be able to shop at nonessential stores, all with modifications. the businesses will have strict guidelines including maintaining distance, face coverings and sanitization. schools will be allowed to reopen june 1. districts will have the final say on plans. wineries and tasting rooms, a major part of the economy, officials will hope to include this in the second phase of reopening. it is being pushed to phase 3. >> wineries and tasting rooms are a moving target, at some point between may 8 and may 11, it would be allowable, and then, taken away, put in stage iii, and, it is back and forth.
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we are going to follow what the state is allowing. >> on monday night, napa county submitted to the department of health, the state approved their plans, as of tuesday the county had 92 cases of coronavirus, 10 people where hospitalized, six were in the icu and three have died. the total number of cases will likely go up because there are 300 people in the county waiting for test results. all right, you can see the reopening information, county by county, with the ktvu news app, we have a running list of what is open and where, at the top of the page.
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alameda county has confirmed coronavirus cases, more than any other bay area county, reporting 65 new cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 2000 522. previously, santa clara had the highest number of coronavirus cases, santa clara now has 2483 cases with 30 new cases that were reported yesterday. as of today, there are 11,000 confirmed infections and the bay area, every bay area county reported a case and the past 24 hours. several reported deaths related to the coronavirus, following a two day streak, san mateo county reported 14 people died yesterday, after no reported deaths on sunday and monday which have not happened since the early days of the pandemic in march. a two day break in the loss of life is a promising step in the right direction. >> you have to be careful, it is a short time to make gross
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generalizations. the trend in the bay area, overall has been that it is flattening. >> experts credit the combination of social distancing, gloves, masks and shelter and place orders flattening the curve. governor newsom's plan to delay reopening church has caused the justice department to get involved. in a letter, officials say governor newsom should allow in person church worship area the civil rights division of the justice department says the state has discriminated against religious practice. the governor has said that churches will start welcoming back parishioners and the coming weeks. on capitol hill, democrats and republicans are at a stalemate on whether or not to move ahead with an economic relief package, democrats passed a bill of $3 trillion,
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called the heroes act. it includes direct payments to americans and, and money for state and local governments, testing and future vaccines. senate republicans want to see how the economy responds that, as more states are reopened. >> senator mcconnell says he doesn't see the urgency of congress acting now. he is suggesting that we wait until june or july. >> when they are ready to pass an economic relief package, republicans want liability protection for businesses that, at the white house president trump had signed a new executive order directing federal agencies to review regulations and to permanently remove them where possible, in order to help with the economic recovery. >> with millions of americans forced out of work by the virus, it is more important than ever to remove burdens that to destroy american jobs. >> with the u.s. senate, leaving town for a week on
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friday, no other relief bill is expected to pass before memorial day. the city of oakland says they have achieved their goal of raising $12.5 million, to provide public access to computers and the internet, only six days after beginning the campaign. the final funding came as a $700 donation from mark pincus, the founder of the online gaming companies singer. he said he was inspired by the $10 million donation from jack dorsey last friday. six california school districts say they may need to delay reopening, los angeles unified joined san francisco, oakland and three others in sending a letter to legislators that had requested more funding. the superintendent argued opening schools with cuts to budgets is unrealistic.
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several colleges and universities make adjustments to academic calendars enough all because of coronavirus, the university of notre dame, rice university and creighton are among those planning for a shorter semester, instead of christmas. i have also reduced or eliminated any kind of full break to reduce the number of students and faculty that travel. the chancellor of the california state university system is also considering a plan. i will say, i already know, dave, csu's systems, a lot of the classes are going to be online in the fall semester. >> we see it coming. steve paulson, just for a second, it is very mild outside. it is calm. >> well, it is very overcast. coupland mild, is done. it is holding up in the sierra
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nevada. a rain snow mix, nothing left, let's give this year is some credit. where is my mouse? everything is disappeared. here we go. that happens. there is a little bit of rain and snow mix, but, 1-8 inches of snow. kirkwood had 8 inches. even blue canyon had an inch of snow. 4700 feet, that is not too bad for this time of year. morning fog, santa rosa will jump up to 76 degrees. it does not change the city much, there is just livermore bumping up to 73 and 74. golden gate park, 51 degrees.
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92 is their record, not much has changed, there is too much of a low-level cloud cover around. the onshore breeze continues the high will make a move, this will keep things in check, temperatures warm up, sunday into monday. a city approved camp is set up very close to city hall. look at this. later this hour, we will look at the village. michigan, heavy rain across the midwest has some communities underwater, the problematic michigan and illinois, why some communities have been evacuated.
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welcome back to mornings on fox 2, it is 12 minutes after 6:00, a morgan hill man is under arrest after leading chp on a chase. the chase began in santa rosa earlier yesterday when a car sped off after being pulled over. a chp helicopter picked up the pursuit in marin county, speeds hit 120 miles an hour as the car approached the richmond bridge. it exited in richmond where the driver and passenger had gotten out and began walking away, but with help from the helicopter, they arrested 23-year-old anthony for reckless driving and evading a police officer, police did not say if the passenger in the car was arrested. and san jose, firefighters look into the cause of a fire at a tire store, happening at 2:30 p.m. on story road, the owner told us that the fire was contained
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to a pile of tires that were outside his shop and it did not spread inside of the building, he also told us that a firefighter had hurt his ankle while fighting the fire. we have a call into the fire department to check on that person's condition. during the next few weeks, the los angeles county officials will have a slow but expanded reopening, retail businesses, walls and restaurants will reopen by the fourth of july. the health director of los angeles county says much will happen first, but business leaders say that everyone is willing to make it happen. permission to move to a stage iii reopening, this is california's second biggest county, this is how fast they can reopen things like a giemsa, and swimming pools, and condo complexes. it will also allow hair and nail salons to reopen, and allow out your religious
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services to resume. sacramento county is waiting for state approval to reopen, supervisors voted to move further into phase 2, retail businesses will reopen tomorrow. employees are contacted and scheduled to come back to work on short notice. thousands are under evacuation orders, where heavy rain and rapidly rising water overtook two dams, you can see water pouring out of the dam and midvale county and central michigan, a second dam downriver has also failed, there could be at least 9 feet of floodwater in downtown midland. if you have a relative, or a friend somewhere else and that stated that you can go and
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stay with, please go to their home. if you do not, go to one of the many shelters that have been set up in and around midland county. >> the evacuation includes the town and midland, including 32,000 people. it is also home to dow chemical, it miles from the plan, they say they have activated their emergency operation center. chicago's tallest building may be without power, until the end of the week, the city has been hit with 8 inches of rain over the weekend, causing flooding and sending inches of water to the basement of willis tower, damaging the electrical system of the 110 story building, workers pump the water out, but the building will be closed until the power is restored. hey, sal, everyone is behaving on the road so far? >> yes, they are, we have a
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commute -- dave and pam, the commute is nice, if you can look at your tv screen, you can see the traffic is doing well. even though there are people out there, there are not enough to have any crowding conditions, you can see traffic on interstate 880 as looking very nice. there's a little bit of slowing on the southbound, approaching 88th street. also on 580, at the 205 interchange, this is normal. this is the very first thing that we saw, getting back to normal conditions. of course, the traffic will get better once you get over the altima pass. let's bring stephen with today's weather. >> we will get to it, overcast conditions. it looks like our rain is done,
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even though it is raining, up at chucky and south lake tahoe. we had a good fog bank in place, i don't think we will get too much warming, inland temperatures will make a move near average, slightly above. there is no being reported at the higher elevations, chucky has light rain, south lake tahoe says rain, the system is falling apart. for the past seven days, i am sure we'll see modifications to this, but 2 3/4 inches of rain, santa cruz, vallejo, santa rosa, and the city gets a third of an inch of rain. the oakland hills had a lot more rain than that, 1 inch and a half. in the past 24 hours we had that ban set up from hayward to fremont, newark and fremont, and the most rain -- this was the last rain of the season, it would mean fremont has the most. somewhere around the county, that might be it for the last
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rain of the season for the north, and fremont had the most. after the clouds clear, we are starting off with 40s and 50s. clouds will keep mid-50s for a few, 41 a lakeport, 45 at the napa airport, and there are 40s. mid-40s, lower 40s, mill valley is at 45. onshore breeze is in place, 37 at lake tahoe, 47 at ukiah, the rain ends for us, that may be it for the season. warmer inland, it will kick in by the weekend. 60s and 70s, a few near 80 degrees. it will take until the weekend, and then we will see warmer temperatures sunday into monday. >> thank you, setting the record straight, millions of dollars helping local transit agencies
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welcome back to mornings on fox 2, why can't we be friends? that is a good question. a very good question, we have a live look at lake tahoe with the clouds, a beautiful picture, here is war.
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all right. auburn, thank you for the request. send me your request, if you would. facebook, twitter, instagram, use the hashtag ktvu. >> i have not heard that song and sometimes, members of the fitness industry find solutions to safely reopen during the pandemic, the california fitness alliance will provide relief to employees who lose their jobs when gems were closed. they will also work with state and local officials to define safe and effective reopening standards, and guidelines. >> we are going to have a reservation system, so we can manage capacity. we are going to be having a camecause, that is a big indicator of someone being sick. the last thing that we will do is open, -- and we would hate to close later down the line.
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>> a timeline on reopening is unclear, members of the fitness alignment are hoping to reopening counties that state approval to listen restrictions, including el dorado, plaster, and sutter county. bad news for pier 1 imports, they are closing their stores for good, the furnishing chain filed for bankruptcy before the crisis hit, the company said the pandemic made it impossible for them to take out of the financial hole, pier 1 began as a single store in 1962, and san mateo, selling beanbag chairs and left beads, the company has asked a court for permission to liquidate the 540 stores once the stay-at- home order is lifted. reporting an uptick in air travel, as vacations, summer vacation seasons began, southwest bookings are now outpacing cancellations and,
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they have logged a moderate improvement, and american airlines a, plans of fly 35 percent full, up from 15 percent last month, and air canada says that they are seeing an improvement in demand with fewer cancellations. the tsa says the airport screenings the highest level since the coronavirus restrictions began, on friday, 250,000 passengers were screened nationwide, up from 90,000, in mid-april, and, some airlines resume flights abroad, that had been shut down. >> june 1, we will resume flights to europe, this will be the first nonstop service to europe that we have seen since april 1. >> concerns over health and safety are prompting the travel industry to take new measures, mandatory masks at airports and on planes, sanitizing wipes, social distancing and even new
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cleaning protocols are now in place. >> canadian joe rogan has signed a deal with saponify worth more than $100 million. his podcast will be available exclusively on saponify, starting september 1. listeners have to pay to to listen, major offices are in san francisco. the finale of the masked singer is tonight. >> night angel, turtle and frog while face-off, the mystery
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celebrities will be revealed, and only one will take the golden masked trophy. you can watch the big radial tonight at 8:00, right here on ktvu. the competition show filled with the chasing obstacles and a trio of nfl stars kicks off tonight as well. fox's new series ultimate tag takes a classic schoolyard game to a new level, competitors will raise through large-scale up to school horses, while being chased by professional taggers in the field, nfl stars jj and derek watt host the show, the action-packed premiere of ultimate tag starts at 9:00. after the mass singer finale, the series premier, stay tuned for our newscast at 10 and 11:00. there's a lot to do tonight. bart says they have locked down a date to open the expansion into san jose, when
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they open the bay area station. when it comes to reopening, we have a look at approval from the state and what services will now resume.
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this is mornings on fox 2. there it is, the opening bell at the new york stock exchange, facebook survey finds that one third of small businesses have stopped operating the pandemic , of those close, one third do not plan to reopen. there is a continuing weight on the economy, i we will continue to monitor stocks and business news coming up in today's dollars and cents i, live at the big board, there is a big strong opening, on good corporate music, the dow jones is up about 300 points, they are expecting it to hit quickly, the s&p is up a quarter percent. the nasdaq is up 100 points,
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one percent, thank you for joining us for mornings onto, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, we are at the studios, and steve paulson is they are, i think it is safe to let the cats go out. it feels pretty good. >> if you want to take a walk, a light jacket, it is cool for some. most of us are clear to the north. i am seeing patchy fog, but it will be a nice day. the rain is ended, and there is a little bit in the sierra nevada. i think they are about done. tahoe is also seeing light rain. more sent today, some areas are clear and we will get a breeze out of the northwest, cool, milder warm. inland temperatures will warm up. 46 degrees at santa rosa. there's a little bit of fog, there is clearing to the north. mostly cloudy at 57 degrees.
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here is your west and northwest breeze, for livermore, it turned southwest but there's an onshore breeze. it will hold things in check. rain will and, the bigger warm- up is to for the weekend, today is 60s and 70s, close to average this time of year. let's head over to sal, pretty quiet conditions, ultima pass, we are seeing red there? >> it is still backed up, a lot of people are coming through, and we don't have a crash to blame, and a lot of people on the road. the first official bay area slowdown post pandemic, i put the arrow to show you that you can see how slow it is. the bay area commute is looking pretty good. let's talk about bart, because ridership is down. it is down 90 percent because of pandemic, but there is something to cheer about, they are weeks away from reaching san jose, the station will open june 13, marking the first ride
6:33 am
into santa clara county, a milestone over to, where joins live with the details on the new saturday station, frank? >> good morning to you, it is a long wait, i have a price tag, two decades later we have a $2.3 billion expenditure later, san jose will get part in three weeks. the brand-new 10 mile stretch well extend from three months station, to stop number one, station number one, stop number two will bring into the berryessa station in san jose, linking the five bay area counties. commuters say the east bay, they are excited to have a ride into the bay area's biggest city. >> it would be good, if you work at hayward, if you have a job in san jose, you can take bart. it is good there opening more stations.
6:34 am
>> i am really excited to take public transit, that has not been the strength of san jose. the two stations that will give the bart 50 stations overall, 130 miles of track around the bay area, the first will roll around the station early saturday morning, june 13. it will be bound for richmond. wait, it is not over yet. phase 2 of the project clued three more stations, two in downtown san jose, and the final one will be in santa clara, a $5.6 billion price tag , and the project will not be started until the year 2022, it will not be completed until the year 2030. i am frank malik out, ktvu, mornings on fox 2. today, there's a $4 million
6:35 am
plan to expand operations, 21 miles of tracks between larkspur and cloverdale, they will haul freight into the north bay, detectives say they will have an extra source of income, but, they are also looking at ways to cut $6 million from their budget, in march, voters turned down an early renewal, a sales tax that provides 15 percent of the smart train annual budget. bay area officials are responding after president trump on twitter said $700 million in federal funding is coming to the bay area for transportation, the money will be for san francisco international airport, and also for bart, to help with economic recovery, the original announcement actually came weeks ago. >> this is something that we
6:36 am
had received confirmation of, we know that are cut of this will be a $254 million, for us this will really help address our revenue shortfall. >> back in march, nancy pelosi secured $1.3 billion for bay area transportation, the metropolitan commission allocated the first batch last month. today, the city of san jose and santa clara counties are announcing free testing for covid-19, for anyone in the county, whether or not they have symptoms. at 11:00 , the mayor sam locarno will join city and other county officials to provide details of the new coronavirus testing program, the testing will be offered at the stadium and the san jose, and, today, san mateo county, there is a free dry through testing site at the jefferson high school district office, in daly city, the testing site will operate wednesdays and thursdays from 9:00 and the morning until 4:00 and the afternoon, testing will be
6:37 am
available to anyone but you need to make an appointment in advance. three new coronavirus testing locations are opening up today, including a mobile site, the walk-through site is in the tenderloin neighborhood, operating outside of the recreation center on ellis street, there is also a testing site at the city college of san francisco, and another in the bay point community, combined, they are capable of conducting more than 500 additional covid- 19 tests per day, in addition to the tests that are already being conducted at other sites, that are already opened napa county says they have received approval to move into phase 2 of reopening, napa is the only bay area county allowed to have dining restaurants, as well as customers, welcomed into the non-retail stores. shopping malls and flea markets, schools will be allowed to reopen june 1, individual districts will be the ones that make the decision
6:38 am
if they reopen. napa county businesses that reopen must continue to follow social distancing guidelines outlined by the state, they have to post a sign, showing what steps have been taken face coverings are still required in businesses and workplaces, wineries and tasting rooms are still closed, and they are part of the state phase 3 of reopening. the oakland police department reports a nether employee testing positive for coronavirus, officials say the employee has not been at work since last thursday, and is recovering and self quarantine. all employees have protective equipment, as well as testing available for them, this is the 13th employee to test positive at the police department. covid-19 testing is
6:39 am
underway at the laguna honda hospital, after four more people had tested positive for covid-19, to where staff members, the other two are residents. so far, the staff and residents there, 718 residents, and more than 1300 staff members have been tested. the universal testing allows hospitals to protect residents and staff from being exposed by identifying covid-19 cases among those who do not show any symptoms. new safe sleeping site for homeless and san francisco, this is a temporary tent village i, at civic center between the asian art museum and the main library. it has space for 70 times, there are 6 feet between each other, and there is access for bathrooms, handwashing stations, food and health care services, and the area is fenced in for safety.
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back over to steve paulson for a weight on our forecast, what are we in store for her in the next few days, steve? >> the rain is ending, we had a cloud deck in place, but all signs point toward sunshine, warmer in then. it might bump up a little bit, rain and snow in the sierras, and in the past hour, chuck and south lake tahoe report rain, and, you can see a little bit of snow there but we got some of the past few hours. kirkland 8 inches of snow. soda springs had four. echo summit had three. blue canyon had an inch of snow. that is good to get snow below 5000 feet. santa rosa will bump up by four degrees. that is the spirit. livermore and gilroy, from 69 to 73 degrees. it is slightly below average
6:41 am
for many. 40s and 50s on the temperature. novato is at 47 degrees. a lot of mid-50s. clayton, dropping into the 40s, 46 degrees. the mid-50s. the clouds will keep most locations in the low to mid 50s. onshore breezes are in place, west southwest, and west northwest, at half moon bay. is this the last rain of the season? it is looking like it. once you get the june, it will be breezy, upper 70s for the most inland locations. johnson & johnson announces plans to take specific items off of store shelves, we have
6:42 am
the health risk that they pose. social distancing plays a major role in the fight against coronavirus, coming up, the unique tactic that some businesses are using to impose the six foot rule.
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welcome back, at noon, the birth rate fell to the lowest rate and five years it is down
6:45 am
20 percent from 2010, that is the lowest level since 1985. they attributed to many women and couples delaying giving birth and having children, and having fewer children after they begin a family. johnson & johnson will start selling their talcum baste the baby powder said, johnson and johnson faced more than 19,000 lawsuits, claiming that the powder caused users to develop cancer. the company has already won 12 of the lawsuits, and still defending themselves and other cases, johnson & johnson says the lawsuits are less popular in north america, voting and school board elections after the city council approved a ballot measure, the youth led
6:46 am
initiative council president rebecca kaplan wrote the initiative, supported by libby chef, voters will get the chance to weigh in during the november election. publicans hold a majority in the senate, but 53 seats are up for grabs is here. experts know that one advantage of incumbency is constituency politicians and action, responding to the biggest crisis in our lifetime, there experts believe the federal response could affect the state elections. it was the white houses it put the country on the back foot, in the health response,
6:47 am
the testing and the economic response. other factors complicating the election cycle include speaking directly to voters and raising campaign cash. the time is now 6:47 am, the oakland did not make their rent payment according to the mercury news, the paper says that they were supposed to pay, but they said they had no ability to pay, it is not clear that they would be available, because they would use the coliseum as an emergency location for coronavirus patients. they could be fined for not making that payment on time. starbucks is starting to reopen some of their businesses around the country, they are asking landlords for a break on rent, starting next month, and they continue through next may,
6:48 am
a san francisco real estate lawyer says it could affect landlords and varying degrees. institutional owners, they have reserves and a staff that can do with this, the smaller buildings in the neighborhood, or family owned buildings -- this is a primary source of income that they have learned to rely on. >> he also says for the larger landlords they could be in their best interest to negotiate with starbucks, starbucks is a major employer, and has 8000 shops around the country, which should bounce back. he says right now that starbucks is facing financial uncertainty, and may close locations where they don't have a break on the rent. loving cars and trucks, this boy got us a price for his birthday.
6:49 am
conjures parents are both nurses, and they wanted to do something for his fourth birthday. >> there's a lot of emotion for everyone and the family, to make it something -- really full of love like this, with so many people, they say yes we want to put a smile on the child's face. it is extremely heartwarming. it is certainly a birthday to remember. >> how do you follow that? >> you can't. >> that is amazing. >> sal is here, you're playing music, but you are watching traffic around the bay area. >> i am watching traffic, a
6:50 am
fire engine had showed up, my goodness, good morning everyone. let's go take a look at some of the traffic pictures. i think you will like what you see. we have had slowing, but, most of the traffic looks like this. the day bridge looks nice, there have been no major issues on interstate 880. there are slowdowns, right after 238, you can see that normal slowing. there is normal looking slowing on the ultima pass in the hours. it should be gone by 8:00, but it goes to show you that slowdowns, it does not take much to fire this back up again. you can look at the rest of the commute here, it is fine, no down to the central area, let's bring stephen with today's weather. we have a lot of low clouds and place, the rain is over for now. we will look at the last rain and the season, if you took this, you would have some
6:51 am
pretty high odds. as of that. it looks like this is done, but truck in south lake tahoe, both, they said light rain, but there is a little bit of snow, 1-8 inches of snow in the past 24 hours. that looks like the end of it. in the past seven days, these will be fine-tuned but there were impressive totals. santa cruz, 2.62. north napa had an inch and a half. santa rosa had two thirds. oakland airport, san jose, and the oakland hills had an inch and a half. it depends on your location. in the past 24 hours, from hayward to fremont, castro valley, if this was the last rain of the season, fremont will come in with the most. i doubt anyone would've taken that a few months ago.
6:52 am
40s and 50s, the east bay temperatures are in the 50s, the coolest location is a beautiful, clayton at 46 degrees. looking for an onshore breeze, half moon bay is at 22. sfo is west at 16, and the rain will and for us, this could be it. once you get to june, things are done anyway, but, 60s and 70s, not much change through friday, but, this will have warmer temperatures. all right, what started as a health recommendation is now a fashion statement, coming up and the next hour, how designers turned facemasks into fashion accessories. plus, did lebron james really think about playing in the nfl? we will tell you what the nba star revealed about leaving
6:53 am
basketball, and what team actually offered him a contract. first, history and the making, you will need the hayward police officer that is breaking barriers, and making a childhood dream come true.
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[music] [music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:56. i hear the clapping already from mr. dave clark, and i agree, this is a good son. [ laughter ] and, susan spasms adams, okay, i'm kidding about that, but thank you susan for the request. send me your request, using social media, on facebook, twitter, or instagram, and just for extra good measure, use the hashtag, ktvu. >> cell, we know what's going on, thank you. time is 6:56. using the stay-at-home restrictions for celebration.
6:57 am
>> you don't see this everyday, a musician put a piano on a gondola, celebrating the city's reopening. italy, as you know, has been under lockdown for more than two months. this musician is known for taking his music outside of concert halls, and he wanted to give the city of venice a gift by playing for an hour while sailing on a gondola. italy, by the way, is due to reopen next week to european tourists. back here at home, a plan is in action for summer activities for children. the mayor will meet on friday with other city officials for plans for summer camps and other children activities in the coming months. >> it will center around opportunities mostly for the summer, and transitioning kids into, you know, a place where we can allow, in some cases,
6:58 am
some summer activities. >> now, important for many parents who want to get back to work. and for children who want to get back to seeing their friends. and you want to remind you, ktvu is partnering with the san francisco defied school district to provide daily educational tv programs. sf loves learning airs on ktvu plus , it is a daily academic lesson for children in preschool through the second grade, but any child is welcome to watch. weekdays, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. on ktvu plus. time is now 6:58. the hayward police department taking history, they hired the first officer in alameda county who will wear a turban while on duty. he graduated this week from alameda county sheriff's academy. he says it is a dream come
6:59 am
true, it started when he was a little boy. he met hayward police captain, mcallister, who stopped him at a gas station that his father owned and talked to a young boy, him, and later became his mentor. he says he is proud to wear a symbol of his faith while he is working, and hopes it will help the community get to know him. >> might even have questions about the turbine, or some people might not know where i come from, and that would be a good opportunity to introduce myself to them. >> along with other officers, they will hit the streets before the end of next month. a major shift in coronavirus cases here in the bay area. the county, where you the poin after two days of no cases. new reopening plans for california. the bay area county that got the green light to reopen restaurants, shopping malls,
7:00 am
and pet services. and deadlock over whether or not to move ahead with another economic relief package. why senate republicans are not yet moving forward with passing the heroes act. >> from ktvu fox 2 studios, this is mornings on 2 . 7:00. happy hour to you, as we say in our house now. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. it's may 20th, good morning. >> good morning. i love hearing from you. >> same. icu and steve paulson next to you, and he is talking about our weather for wednesday, steve? >> it looks pretty good, gasia, and dave. it looks like this may be it for the season, almost to june. we usually don't get anything in june, but it looks pretty impressive for also april and may, but things are winding down. there is still a little


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