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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 20, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> after health officials showed it was safe to reopen. it is certainly a welcome sign of progress there, welcome everyone to the 4 this afternoon, i am heather holmes. >> i am alex savidge. it means that restaurants can now open for dinan surface stores. customers inside them however it is up to the district or the individual schools which say they will not be opening up that quickly.
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tom joining us now, tom all of these businesses they will be opening up with a number of modifications. >> many many modifications, and if any phase applies to the reopening of napa's dinan restaurants, it's this. easy does it. he will follow the rules no matter how strict. >> i ask that you have a facemask on while you walk around my business. take your facemask off and enjoy yourself. we are asking that they put hand sanitizer on the hands, as soon as they have entered the building, and then we have paper menus that are disposable, we have condiments that are single use condiments.
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>> if they are open right now, i'm going right now. >> hopefully people coming in will increase the sales and people will enjoy themselves. >> the safety of our employees and community, being the first one out of the gate, we have to be more cautious than everyone else to make sure we get this right. remake able to dine responsible . >> for our purveyors, we really want to make sure that when we open we don't have to close again, because we done it
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irresponsibly. remake wineries and taser rooms remain closed. >> we do look forward to further relaxation, as the health official allows, and as the state allows. remake a restaurant owner will wait to open for a week or so because so much is at stake. >> it's not so much the restaurants, but the supplier chain. the wineries you know? i think for everyone restaurant, it's 40 businesses that are supported by it, and part of it. >> on any further rule -- it depends on entirely the number of coronavirus cases, whether they spike, or whether they received. tom, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> such a delicate process to reopen here. county by county through the ktvu app . we have a running list of what is open and where
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and it's right near the top of the page. >> we continue to see the number of coronavirus cases increase at nursing homes, today critics demanded that moore be done to protect those at a long-term care facility in vallejo, where almost a dozen people have now died from ppe. reporter henry lee now with the calls for a comprehensive testing program for all residents and staff. and also the cost of doing so. remake $36 million for all of california, but not everyone is convinced that that is the right way to go. >> i want this facility shutdown william bennett the third died at the care center last week. >> the other patients in there
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that are fighting for their lives. because of the incompetence of this facility. remake it came on the same day the healthcare association the national care -- assisted- living will cost $36 million to test all residents. >> a lot of the money ends up in the pockets depends on the staff in the supplies, and resources that they are actually open for. >> the next day they could be infected . remake alisa is the director of the assisted-living facility where at least 12 residents have died from the coronavirus. she says there are some drawbacks to testing. >> the testing often generates a whole bunch of potentially
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false negatives. >> relatives say something needs to be done to improve the situation. >> there is so much neglect, and in that facility, i feel sorry for the patients. remake her grandmother tested positive at the vallejo facility. i >> the nursing staff, they are overworked and -- it's just atrocious in there. >> we need to shut down and start over. >> reporter: now reached out to the vallejo facility and was transferred to a voicemail box that was full. reporting live, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> thank you henry. >> it's been almost 70 days since the state shut down schools and now some parents are finding out when might reop depends on the districts. the state has given permission for schools to start reopening.
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as soon as next month. instead school districts will make their own decisions about when and how to reopen their top priority. will be safety of staff. >> in order for us to reopen for schools and social distancing kind of fashion, that students and staff will have to wear masks. it is believed that we will have to sanitize schools down every day. it is believed it is likely i will have to have smaller class sizes to accommodate students being able to maintain six feet of distance >> the superintendent has most districts are planning to reopen at their normal time in the fall, that would be in late august, or early september. >> very important decisions for
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school system leaders, that will obviously include some difficult trade-offs join us this afternoon to talk about it is leon lee. unified school district, thank you so much for being here, you heard the superintendent say that it will be up to individual school districts as to when they will reopen. here in san francisco, have you established a start date yet? >> our schedules start date is august 17th, that date has been on the calendar for many months now. that is still the date we are planning to reopen in some fashion. it's less clear at the moment, is whether it will be a physical reopening of school campuses, or whether we will continue to be in remote distance learning mode. >> what factors are you considering as you look at the potential to reopen classrooms. >> i think the comments that
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the state superintendent me today, they are on the front of our minds to, number one is safety, and things like ppe for students and staff, enhanced cleaning, smaller student to adult ratios, physical space so all of these factors are there are so many unknowns right now, and we are anxiously awaiting more guidance from the federal government. from the state government, we are doing our own thinking, and planning ourselves, and a lot of it also has to do with resources. because, we are also while we are dealing with these new public health challenges, and safety challenges, we are also facing a crisis in terms of decimating our budget.
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so we have to be assured that whatever we need to do to open our campuses, safely, we will also be accompanied by adequate resources for those new costs that we haven't had to have before. you mentioned funding at your school district. >> several others here in california, urging state lawmakers for more funding, not less funding as the governor has proposed, of course he has proposed those budget cuts to deal with the budget deficit. if those cuts do in fact go through, would you then have to postpone the start of the new year? >> it is really unclear at this .. and we hope that things will become clear, and frankly we are going to get some vernment, or from the state government. so, we know that a big ggest question that the state and all of the other districts on that letter and everywhere else are really looking to see what happens, with the federal stimulus bill.
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so, we know that the governor is really championing the plea for states and school districts, and to cities, and counties to get support. from the federal stimulus that is being debated in washington, d.c. now. that is going to be the single biggest question for all of us. including our district. because, if we are exposed to the kind of cuts that would happen, and the proposal that was outlined by the governor, then it's really hard to imagine school system leaders face including for very much. >> 16 and 17-year-olds allowed to vote? a new ballot measure in oakland
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would give teens a voice in certain elections. >> up next, more than 100 million a new lockdown order will speak with the doctor about the reported second wave of covid-19 in that country. >> the storm clouds moving out of town, in fact lots of sunshine this afternoon, and a bit of a warming trend, we will take a look at the numbers coming up.
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>> lawmakers out of washington for the memorial day recess as fox's lauren blanchard republican leaders seem unlikely to take action. >> i don't know why it has been so difficult to get our friends on the other side to focus on
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an ongoing national crisis. >> remake expressing frustration against democrats as senators prepare to leave the nation's capital on friday without a deal on another relief package. meanwhile his counterpart majority leader mitch mcconnell firing up witticisms of the houses heroes act, the $3 trillion bill funds items unrelated to the pandemic such as planned parenthood. >> it is their central mission, and they took advantage of a national crisis, and help themselves to tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that they were clearly, clearly forbidden from taken. remake coming is the cdc published new guidelines for states reopening. such as schools, businesses, and restaurants, not included, faith-based institutions, removed from the institute's original draft. speak of these masks and senegal, and they can easily social distance, and restrict the number of worshipers.
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remake a remark that is inappropriate with someone diagnosed as quote morbidly obese. >> i was only quoting what doctors had said about him again, dose of his own medicine. democrats want to extend them through the end of the year whereas republican say it could keep people from wanting to work. in gainesville virginia, lauren blanchard, fox news. circa >> a lot of sunshine this afternoon, and a warming trend, that headline as we move toward to approach the we can, nothing major, eventually we are talking about some 90s. quick look at the national perspective as we take a look at the maps right now, we have dry conditions out across the west, as we put this into motion. into your thursday, and of
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course watching whether towards the eastern seaboard, lots of clouds approaching detroit, and the nation's midsection we could have some thunderstorms popping up. old systems moving out of town, this area of high pressure this will be the source of some more as we head into your thursday. thanks guys this afternoon, in fact lots of clear skies up and down a good portion of the state. as we come in closer right now, does look like we have some patchy overcast lingering closer to monterey bay, that's kind of what is left over from this morning across portions of the bay area. as we come in closer we will check out some of the wind speeds because the winds have been picking up, nothing too extreme here, but not like yesterday. over the past couple of days. still, sfo gusting at 26 miles an hour, san jose sustained it 10 gusting to 80 miles an hour. current numbers, lots of 60s
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and a few spots were made to the 70s this afternoon. 72 in santa rosa, livermore checking in 70 degrees, mostly clear skies, it will be a lot warmer forecast for your thursday. talk about some low it is for the warm spots tomorrow. mostly sunny skies, it will be mild to warm, overnight lows not changing rent too much, we are thinking some upper 40s to the 50s, and maybe some patchy fog to start out the day, but then it will be a warm afternoon, in fact take a look at the forecast model showing you those brighter colors indicating that warm-up out there. in fact, that 80 degree line is starting to creep in closer to the bay area. that will lead to the warmness locations approaching the lower 80s, intact, on average, most areas tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than today. we can, we could be talking about some 90s, we will talk about the warm-up headed that way with your full forecast coming up in just a little bit.
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>> when the pandemic hit, of course schools were forced to take the classroom online, and ktvu is highlighting the teachers who continue today we are honoring ms. wong, in east oakland. emily and louis lacroix, says she is their hero, because when in class learning was halted, she stepped up. she created a packet of learning materials and books when she paid for herself, and invited us to join her online, and continued learning with her kindergarten class. she is a teacher that goes above and beyond, and when this is over, we will remember her as a bright spot during a troubled time. thank you, and we here thank you for your tremendous efforts. to nominate a teacher please send us an email, tell us why they deserve to be recognized, and don't forget to send photos or a video to my hero at fox
4:20 pm >> in china, new lockdown orders have been put in place for more than 100 million people after a new outbreak of coronavirus cases in the jilin province for this is raising concerns about a potential second wave of covid-19 in that country. joining us now to talk more about this is dr. john swarts burke clinical professor of infectious diseases, a uc berkeley's school of public health, dr. schwartzberg it is good to have you on here. what do you think we are seeing play out here in the jilin province, in the northeast part of china? is this in fact a second wave of coronavirus? >> it's hard to tell, but all indications are it may very well be. >> what are the indications that you look at that suggest that? >> was disconcerting is china have this pandemic quite under control after the ciccone and measures that they used. earlier in wuhan, then they
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started to open up society again, we wanted to hear more reports and cases. with all indications that it's going to represent sorry -- it's going to represent a second wave. at least that is what things are looking at right now. >> do you think with this new lockdown order that has been put in place, more than 100 million people once again, forced to stay in their homes, school shutdown, businesses shutdown, do you think that china will be able to sort of stamp out this second wave before it gets going. >> they were very successful stamping out the first wave, it
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was as i mentioned ciccone i think was something that would be very very difficult to institute here. all indications are they might have to go back to that now, and if they do. i suspect it will be successful. what's frustrating me is we are seeing this is a roller coaster. that we go through, a terrible wave of disease. and we go through draconian measures to correct it, and we succeed. and we let people back to work, and back into society, and we see it explode again. >> every state here in this country is in some form or fashion beginning to reopen just today we talked about this up in napa county they are talking about allowing diners and restaurants, customers inside stores, the potential
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for schools to reopen within weeks. exposing ourselves >> we know what to do in terms of doing it right. that is have adequate testing, we know in fairly real-time what's happening in terms of cases. to have a robust picture we have adequate work is in hospital beds, all of these things have to be done. if we do this correctly, put a few people out at a time. make sure there is no problem, then we can let more people out, and keep doing it that way, i think we can avoid, but we probably are seeing in china
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right now. >> of course, we should all be prepared, and be ready for the potential of sort of having to take a step back from the process of reopening. we will see how things play out of course, in the province in china, and how the process plays out here in the u.s., dr. sean we will leave the conversation there. thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> coming up here on the 4 we are going to talk about the catastrophic flooding happening in the midwest, after at least one broke there, more rain is on the way, we will have the details after the break. >> don't miss the finale of "the masked singer". that's followed by the series premier of ultimate tag at 9:00, then be sure to keep it right here
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on ktvu for the 10:00 and 11:00 news. and... let's get started.
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>> taken under some breaking news that's happening in hayward this afternoon where there is an investigation underway following a police shooting. sky fox giving us these live pictures above the scene right now, you can see a large number of police officers and police cars in this area here we understand the shooting happened earlier this afternoon at the corner of wildwood and center street. as you can see from the shot here, how officers are focused, it would appear on a car that has a doors open in this area. we are still working to get more information on the extent of the injuries that are involved here. but we do have calls into the hayward police department on exactly what led up to this shooting here, again we do know that an officer or potentially more than one officer involved in the shooting here.
4:28 pm
we're going to continue to monitor this ongoing situation in hayward, and bring you more details as soon as we get them. >> heavy rains caused two dams in central michigan to collapse and send floodwaters downriver. thousands of people were forced to evacuate, as mike shows us, the governor is now warning that some spots could be under nine feet of water. >> remake widespread flooding in at least three states, in illinois the rain isn't over, but some areas around chicago are still underwater, leading to dozens of water rescues with the city's wettest may on record. >> we are in a hotel right now. we are struggling. remake it's a similar situation wisconsin with heavy rain and is from sunday to monday is making traveling a nightmare in folks in the south and northeast part of the state. local officials now pleading with residents to stay at home,
4:29 pm
and avoid driving as possible. >> as soon as it spun around it was floating. remake michigan could be the hardest hit state so far. >> this is the worst flooding i have ever seen in this area. remake they are ordering 10,000 people evacuating with the river rising quickly and two dams suffering with the national weather service is calling catastrophic failures. anxious home and business owners now assessing the damage hoping for a fast recovery when the waters finally received. >> i hope for a lot of the places that have been impacted and stuff like that, there is ways that we can all help out, and get them back up. remake help coming from mother nature, no rain in the forecast for the next few days, in chicago, mike, foxnews. >> coming up here, we are going to speak with the city councilmember behind the recently passed ballot measure that allows 16 and 17-year-olds to vote.
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>> businesses are adapting to new social distancing guidelines as health officials issued travel warnings ahead of the upcoming memorial day weekend. fox's jonathan terry has more now from atlanta. >> remake states are prioritizing social distancing walt disney world supported
4:33 pm
folks with markers and signs during the grand reopening of disney springs. >> we are going to be in an area where there is going to be a lot of experimentation, a lot of policies being updated regularly. >> at least 16 have seen their average daily new cases dropped by more than 10%, experts say business owners should be ready to adapt it new infections pop up. >> if it turns out people aren't able to social distance. then the states have to be flexible enough to say okay, maybe we need to retool what we are doing. remake officials fear holiday travel could lead to a spike in cases. they are urging folks to maintain social distancing when you got, the u.s. and canada world health officials say as torres and gets back underway, prioritize comfort and safety.
4:34 pm
>> my answer is going to respond to those companies who provide them with an environment that is safe, that is managed, there is an atlanta, jonathan, foxnews. >> the city of san jose today, and in santa clara county announced free testing for all residents at two locations, the testing will be offered at powell stadium in east san jose, and santa clara county fairgrounds. >> we know that the data is telling us the need is, his hearing needs to san jose. it is here when we are seeing a disproportionate number a facto frankly many -- there are many factors behind that, but the fundamental one is what the
4:35 pm
economic need is. >> it is free and available by appointment to anybody 18 years or older. >> an important vote by the city council, to put a measure on the ballot that would give voting power to teens. joining me now city council president, and will teens be allowed to vote, but only in certain elections. >> that is correct, we work with the broad coalition with young people and advocates for voting rights to pass unanimously through to put on the november ballot to 16 and 17-year-olds vote in the local school board elections so they can have a voice in their own futures. >> talk about why you think it's important for 16 and 17- year-olds to have this right. >> there is widespread concern
4:36 pm
in this era as we are fighting against voters oppression, it's all the more important that we take action to expand opportunities to vote, and to make sure everyone in our community has that right. young people are significantly impacted by the decisions that the school boards make, and so it's only fair and also strengthens our democracy. to have our young people get a chance to vote in those elections. >> this is something that other cities have done as well. >> the city of berkeley has already passed a similar measure, several cities in maryland have a full done so, and numerous other cities are working on this as well. we also recognize that letting our young people but helps encourage positive civic engagement, and can encourage them to be involved throughout the community in positive ways.
4:37 pm
>> while this whole idea was been debated, a lot of students themselves expressed support for having the ability to vote in these particular elections. i was very >> to have so many of them speaking at the council meeting, the teleconference meeting but still a meeting yesterday urging my colleagues to vote with my proposal, to put it on the november ballot, and still please that it passed unanimously. in the young people really showed, their dedication and their leadership. >> we will see what rebecca, always a pleasure to see you. thank you. >> from farm to homecoming up here, we will speak with the ceo of a company that has been very busy during the shelter in place, getting fresh food to people in their homes. >> weather today, starting with
4:38 pm
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which could need hospitalization, skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones.
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>> during the pandemic a lot more of us are relying on grocery delivery services. many of them are seeing a surgeon customers, that includes one bay area-based company that offers fresh produce direct from local farmers. joining us now to talk more about this is into the hall, the ceo of good eggs delivery service, it's good to have you on here, you work directly with farmers and ranchers here in our area to hing else that you direct to customers, why do you feel like your model is so popular during this particular time.
4:41 pm
>> online groceries certainly having its moment, we are certainly busy, one of the things that we do that is really unique, is buying the majority of our food direct from local producers, that is also having its moment. thousands of local producers, and buying direct from them. it makes a lot of sense, and it's uncommon then we do it for couple of reasons. one, we care about buying local, it's the only way to share customers a steady supply of products. >> there is also helping out to these farmers, we know that a lot of them hear the stories about the food supply chain in this country. the crops are being wasted, do you feel like you are helping a lot of these farmers to be able to send their products, and their produce directly to
4:42 pm
customers. >> we are doing for both of our producers and friends we have actually been able to fill that volume and by more volume. many of our best producers are buying three or four times what we were pre-covid, >> at the same time it seems like the way you are delivering produce from the farmers, in that process, there are fewer hands the food that someone is going to eat, is that a selling . for customers right now, when we are all focused on trying to stay healthy and stay safe with the coronavirus? >> i think both knowing where your food came from, and knowing that is local, knowing that it's less, all pretty
4:43 pm
important. they want to have a trusted source. we have fulfillments, for the thousands of suppliers are dropping off everyday, that is the fulfillment center. so comes in and often goes out the same day or the next day. that's a pretty unique way of doing it. because you are taking a number of steps to try to make sure that your employees are safe, i also understand that -- you provide health insurance and benefits your employees, as well as paid sick leave, what are some of the steps that you are taking in admits to this crisis to make sure that your workers are safe. >> we have been adding jobs that are pretty decent, adding 400 people in the last 90 days, since the beginning we have been focused on providing a good full-time job. in this moment, in this time that hasn't changed. i think what has changed is we
4:44 pm
have layered on a ton of proactive health and safety policies, to keep our team safe. there is an independent comparison of companies recently and we were the only one in the bay area to provide health insurance to provide sick leave before you are confirmed with covid. to have bonuses, for people who are essential workers right now. and to provide pp and e and safety equipment for every single person who works here. >> pretty early and pretty proactive. >> you are seeing a huge demand right now, how much -- how far in advance do i need to order groceries in order to get it? >> we have been doubling every 4 to 6 weeks that's been keeping us busy. luckily, we open this fulfillment center, six days before this day in placement into effect. as of today, you can get a delivery, tomorrow, and if you wake up early tomorrow you
4:45 pm
might just get -- >> okay, all right. we appreciate your time. antley hall the ceo of delivering eggs. thank you very much, take care. >> several hours before a food giveaway in san jose by the group hunger at home. it's known for partnering with convention centers, stadiums, and entertainment venues. during the pandemic it stepped up to provide meals to those in need, twice a week the organization hands out bags of groceries, meals, and other essential items such as toilet paper, paper towels. >> everybody is working. >> barry helping me. and i am the voluntary also. so yeah, i need more food also right? and then get food or better.
4:46 pm
>> hunger at home has distributed more than 300,000 meals to people in need during the outbreak. speak a lot of sunshine out there, we start out today low cloud cover and fog, the fog is clearing out rapidly, ultimately leading to sunny skies this afternoon, eventually talking about a warm- up over the next few days. take a look at some of the overall thinking here with our forecast, you will notice this, temperatures warming up a little bit for your thursday forecast. then on into friday, we are going to pull things off just a little bit then be rebound by the weekend especially as we head toward's sunday. here is a quick look at the national radar, and as you can see we are watching the weather out toward portions of michigan. they have of course have the intense rainfall over the past few days. expect the showers to come on
4:47 pm
today into tomorrow. for us our old system moving out to the east, high-pressure rebuilding. that will be the source on some inland warming. bay area warming effect. was acetylene from earlier today, as we come in closer. show you the overall trend, moving from north to south, with that we have clearing skies. for a good portion of the bay area. looks like we have more left over cloud cover closer to monterey bay this afternoon. some stubborn patches down there. we will check in on some of the current numbers per warm spots, look at that fairfield 79 degrees. san francisco, 62. >> as we jump into your
4:48 pm
forecast tomorrow, temperatures in fact, tomorrow inland approaching the lower 80s and here's a forecast model, the auto computer this morning. not as much cloud cover for the morning hours, maybe if you high clouds as we head toward thursday night into friday, then friday still more sunshine. antioch and brentwood, san jose, 77. here's a look ahead, your five- day forecast a little bit cooler than your friday, temperatures to warm-up and the weekend. looks like a sunday, and into monday for memorial day. the hotspots inland approaching the lower 90s, bayside locations lower 80s and the beach is inching closer to 70 degrees. so, over the past few days that we have been tracking the
4:49 pm
unsettled weather pattern. circa >> a special delivery for healthcare workers in palo alto to tell you about coming up here on the 4. the sincere gesture that will let you hold veterans during the pandemic. coming up today at 5:00 we are looking at what the impact has on tourism because of the pandemic. companies that specialize in cleaning and sanitizing offices are in big demand right now. the one company helping businesses plot a safe and healthy reopening.
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>> takers are slowly starting to reopen. reporter mallory martinez is showing what you can expect. >> >> reporter: designs at the
4:52 pm
front door say they are following all cdc and state guidelines, and they have a greater plan to keep kids safe. for example, during drop off the lobby, only one family is allowed inside, and that is just one part of their overall plan. >> pretty soon she will have to decide whether to send her two- year-old back to daycare, amid the pandemic. >> feels that we are in a safe bubble in our house. >> reporter: the daycare reopens next week like others throughout northern california. >> the thought of sending her to school just makes me nervous right now. >> reporter: the doors are open at building kids preschool. they never shut for essential workers, starting in june, they are welcoming back all families. >> they need childcare. so many people have signed up to come back next month, they have surpassed normal numbers. and they have a plan to keep things stay. >> every child that walks in, and every staff --
4:53 pm
>> we are not clamped into the small sections of rooms. make sure they are napping six feet apart, where they are eating there is no more than three at a table, we have been sanitizing vigorously i have to say, every single day. >> any kind of opening of childcare that is going to result in children interacting in a group setting, is going to increase risk, the only question is how much, and how much can you mitigate that risk? >> while children can't be expected to practice social distancing, being social is also crucial. >> also socialization is important for children's development, so there are so many benefits for children being together in these impairments. >> reporter: he says that the balancing act, one that jennifer's family is waiting, as they signed up for a spot in july. >> we are going to see what information comes out in terms of cases here in sacramento, how safe we feel, we just don't
4:54 pm
know yet. >> reporter: melanie martinez -- speak of the veterans administration hospital received a donation of 100 face shields with healthcare workers created by local volunteers. organizers demonstrated those face shields as they drop them off at the va this morning. they say more than 250 people joined together who were concerned about the shortage of personal protective equipment here in the bay area. local businesses, and nonprofits pitched in to design, create, and assemble the shields, among them was a former marine corps officer who described how the project took off. >> they have been delivered to the bay area, as well as across the u.s., the nursing homes, hospitals, and other emergency services, there is a critical shortage, and we wanted to step in and help. >> diy said that they
4:55 pm
are hard at work at a new face shield design, you can visit their website to learn how you can help. >> president trump and former vice president are finding ways to attack each other leading up to the 2020 election, coming up.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> presumptive democratic nominee joe biden continues his criticism of president trump, and his administration's handling of the pandemic. roy reports is election day inches closer, both sides are eager to get out on the campaign trail. >> sleepy joe biden. >> reporter: quick to use nicknames, the presidential candidates are on the attack, former vice president joe biden has repeatedly criticized president trump for his handling of the coronavirus.
4:58 pm
>> he didn't even read them or he ignored them both of which is a szczur election of his duty. >> reporter: some of his big? critics said he should not have band travel from china earlier this year. >> they were against me, they said you don't need it, is too much, is too severe. >> reporter: is also venting frustration increasing the vote by mail ballots to prevent spreading the virus while voting in person. it's a message he shared again and again. >> the mail ballots are corrupt in my opinion. >> reporter: this was done illegally, and without authorization by a rogue secretary of state. secretary jocelyn benson responded, we sent applications, not ballots, just like my gop colleagues in iowa, georgia, nebraska, and west virginia. tuesday, she tweeted about the
4:59 pm
ballot applications, no voters should have to choose between their health, and their vote. >> reporter: president trump will visit on thursday on a plant making ventilators. ray bogan, it is a day the restaurant owners have been waiting for. napa county becomes the first area to allow dining in in the restaurants. the news has restaurant owners making some big changes. good evening anyone. i am frank sommerville. >> i'm juli working from home tonight. the modifications allow retail stores to allow customers inside their shops. we are joined with more on all of this. >> if any phrase applies to the reopening of napa's restaurants, it is a single phrase that says this, easy does it. >> it is fantastic.
5:00 pm
>> that was the napa golden bagel cafcowners first reaction to opening his eatery. >> we had quite a few customers sit down and eat. >> joe says he will follow the rules no matter how strict. >> first i'm going to ask that you have a facemask on while you walk around in my business. once you get to your table, you're welcome to take or facemask off and enjoy yourself. we are asking that they put hand sanitizer on the hands as soon as they have entered the building and then we have paper menus that are disposable. we have condiments that are single use condiments. >> one customer we met is delighted. >> it is about time and i am really looking forward to bringing business back into the city. i feel terrible for local businesses that have been suffering. >> with coronavirus still out


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