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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 21, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a creative approach to keeping people at a safe distance. stay six feet apart to make sure park goers keep their distance. summer calling those circles human parking spaces. hello again. frank is off tonight. the circles can currently be found. washington course part. the city's recreational park department is putting the circles at the jackson playground tomorrow. our reporter joins us now with reaction to this new effort. >> this idea first came from new york city where they tried it at a park there. they said why not give it a shot here. with talk with some people who said they were a little bit skeptical. other people told us they loved it.>> take a walk in the park
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and you may see one of these. why circles in the grass. >> we did not notice them until we walked back. >> the new markings are spaced six feet apart. more are being drawn up with other popular city parks. such as washington square park. >> i thought it was pretty smart. >> the circles encouraged him it was safe to socialize outside. >> this is one the few times i left.>> some were skeptical about the parks human parking spots. >> i thought it was a little far-fetched. then they say they found they liked the markings took the guesswork out of social distancing. >> i feel people were trying to do their best. at the same time it was not six feet apart.>> the social circles is a relief after past weekends with big crowds. >> it is super clear where your boundaries are.
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i think this is definitely more organized and relaxed. then it was on saturday. >> for cisco decided to try and after talking to new york city where officials tried it in domino park. >> we also wanted to put it in four separate corners of the city. this is the pilot program. we wanted to see how it would work out. >> it essentially takes no additional funds. the department is talking up the cost. they hope it will be another reminder for people to stay safe during this pandemic. >> the pandemic has really showed that parks are not nice to have. they are a must-have. they are a critical part of our infrastructure. they are what is keeping people healthy and sane. >> the parks department plans to add circles at the playground picnic area. tomorrow.
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they said they want people to send in their feedback to the website so they can get a sense of whether or not it is popular. if people like it they may expanded to other parks in the city. it is a simple move to promote a very serious problem. thank you so much for that report. the city of oakland is reminding people about new roles at its parts. parking lots are closed through sunday. no parking is allowed. oakland has also banned food trucks and vendors from its parts. people can still run and walk in and around parks. large gatherings are discovers. police officers will be out monitoring and enforcing the rules. restaurants are now allowed to reopen for dine in service. today, restaurants welcome customers to dine in for the first time since the start of this pandemic. salon account to receive permission last night to enter
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deeper into phase 2. in addition to restaurants, that means retail businesses including malls can also reopen with modifications. santa clara county is just beginning phase 2 tomorrow. it is the latest bay area county to begin phase 2. they join us now with how businesses are preparing. >> some small business owners i spoke to are preparing signs open curbside service will help with cells. one, bookstore owner is testing the system. >> the small business owner is displaying new merchandise. hoping to attract customers to browse and shop.>> santa clara county will have curbside pickup. they move they have already taken.
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they can now offer dining.>> it is frustrating to watch other counties open. >> are to watch when businesses are open.>> we are chomping at the bit.>> the chamber of commerce argues the town could move faster. in the reopening plan. >> i wish the county could parse out the different municipalities like the state does with the counties.>> we have not been a hotspot. >> starting friday, certain retailers from toys to clothing could start curbside cells. face coverings are required to any business. restrictions eased since the number of new coronavirus cases is going down. the number of hospitalizations is also declining. >> i got clorox wipes. who has those. i have lots of different kinds
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of beans. i have top ramen. >> the owner does not agree with the new order. he is converting his, bookstore into a convenience store. 20 percent of his floorspace now filled with essential items. he plans to have stoppers come inside on friday.>> the important thing is the business stay safe. it is not important so far what they sell but are you safe. we have always been safe. we will always continue to be safe. >> to that point, the owner says he plans to open with safety measures in place including maintaining social distancing at the register and wearing face coverings. he has already been decided once for reopening. he is not too worried if he is cited again. good to see more and more places opening up.
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santa clara county is putting out a call for hundreds of volunteers to help them do contact tracing. right now the county has 15 health experts. there able to trace context for the average of 30 new coronavirus cases. health officials say tracing contact for people with the virus is key to stopping the spread. as the shelter in place lives. while the shelter in place, people tend to come into contact with the five people on average to live in their home and their immediate community. we expect a shelter in place is lesson. that is why we need to be able to have a larger workforce to reach those folks as well. 30 volunteers will start training this week. the county says it has a particular need for bilingual volunteers. two more residents have reportedly died in the nursing home dealing with the outbreak
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of the coronavirus. that brings the total number up to 13. 99 other residents and 37 workers at the care center have tested positive for the virus. that is more than 80 percent of the residents and staff at that one nursing home. most are asymptomatic. health officials are working with staff on managing the outbreak. a nursing home is under investigation tonight. they have had at least four patients die from the coronavirus and more than 50 others have been infected. the district attorney's office said is working with the state department to look into the situation. some developing news to tell you about tonight. the chp says a pickup truck went off the road and into a pond in the area of nevada. this all started right after 6:30 pm. both the driver and fema passenger made it out of that
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truck. they were holding onto the bed. then, a dog managed to get free from that wreck. he went under and never resurfaced.>> we are still investigating right now. we were told they were actually pulling out of this parking area directly behind me prior to the vehicle possibly losing control.>> the passenger of the vehicle was taken to the hospital. chp says the dive team and other agencies were searching for the driver. we just learned that a missing girl has been found. she is safe and in the custody of the fbi. the 15-year-old left her home last week. we told you her story on tuesday. her phone had gone dark. we have now learned she was recovered by the fbi today and is safe.
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nowhere jet on where she was or if anyone has been arrested. we are told police had asked for the fbi help. she is expected to be reunited with her family tomorrow. working from home could change the landscape of the bay area. how many people said they were considered moving away. also, new details about the kidnapping and murder of a tech executive. the men arrested and the connection to the victim.
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two out of three workers say they would think about moving away if they could work from home somewhere else. the social network surveyed nearly 3000 bay area workers. about 18 percent said they would consider moving somewhere else in california if they can work remotely. another 35 percent would move out of state and nearly 60 percent would think about moving out of the u.s. they shared those results with the business insider. the labor department says 2.4 million more americans fought front upon the benefits of the last week. here in california, the numbers up to 246,000. a 60 percent jump. since the coronavirus lockdowns began in mid-march, the number of americans filing for jobless
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claims is approaching 39 million. san jose is extending its moratorium there in the coronavirus shutdown. city council voted to extend the eviction and repayment period for another month until june 30. landlords are prohibited from evicting tenants to make be experiencing financial stress. renters have six months to pay half of the past due rent. plus an additional six months to pay off the remaining half. san jose police have arrested a man for possession of child pornography after receiving a tip from the national center for missing children. they arrested him today at his home. the 26-year-old works as a parent educator at oak grove high school. the district superintendent says there is no evidence that the inappropriate images involve any students. now to santa cruz where the
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sheriff's office released new details. for men are in custody. two of the suspects had worked for him. authorities believe these four men are responsible for the kidnapping and murder last october. she was a tech executive. he also ran a cannabis business. authorities believe that is how they knew him. >> according to the county sheriff's office, the foreman broke into his house. >> we had a murder scene. we had a home invasion kidnapping seen in pleasure
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point. we had a really grainy video. that was it. we has suspect from out of the area.>> they made the arrest in southern california tuesday. >> all of that work is culminated. bringing for people who did a very awful thing to justice. authorities believe the crime was planned.>> they came there to take monetary items. i think that really speaks for a lot of itself. they said they're great for for the investigators hard work.>> we believe the spirit lives on
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in us and countless others. >> three of the suspects have been booked in jail on charges of murder and kidnapping. the fourth is said to be extradited back from michigan sometime tomorrow. i am overwhelmed. i am feeling very grateful. >> a unique homecoming in the north bay. the celebration for 86-year-old woman who beat the odds after the top fires wiped out her home. memorial day has a different look. the travel alternative that is becoming more popular. the holiday weekend just about upon us. we have some pretty hot temperatures coming your way. i will have the specifics coming up on your weekend forecast.
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86 road fire survivor from santa rosa has had a rough few years and is finally home tonight. our reporter shows us how her loved ones help celebrate the homecoming. >> a pandemic ritual. the drive-by celebration. the santa rosa neighborhood turned out for the housewarming. the 86-year-old blue kisses and gave hugs on her triumphant day moving back to jesse court. >> i am overjoyed and overwhelmed. i am feeling very grateful. >> we chose this when we moved him. >> they raised a family. in home they love. one of thousands of homes level. >> nobody plans for this to happen. will have homeowners insurance.
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do we really know what is going to happen. >> our home was vastly underinsured. her coverage went to construction. she battled her insurance company. because her rebuild was delayed by medical crisis. >> she was actually diagnosed with cancer right before the fire happened. she had to go through surgery. was she was displaced. there was a lot going on. more than the fire. >> two major fires and floods. >> though survivor say it takes real resiliency to persist to this point. especially in sonoma county. >> the survivor disaster. she gets her certificate of occupancy right in the middle of this pandemic. >> family and community got he she calls her journey a roller coaster. >> when i got up to the top and
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went down to the bottom, there has always been someone there to catch me.>> in her new house. a irongate salvaged from the fire has been rehung. a survivor like her ready to greet all who come.>> they love me and care for me. >> in santa rosa. ktvu fox news. for the first time in 20 years, aaa is not issuing and memorial day travel forecast. many people who would normally head out for a three day weekend is staying close to home. santa clara university says the roads we feel is real.>> time to not only launch it but it is also a time to kind of reflect on what the summer is going to look like.>> according to gogol,
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virtual tours are now extremely popular. from the comfort of home, people are touring the smithsonian and yellowstone and they're just a click away. just around the corner. we will be a little cooler for today. these were the highest for today. fairfield instead of 85 like it was today. fairfield tomorrow will be 80 or 79. about five or 6 degrees cooler. the slightly cooler little more wind. then we warm up drastically. rapidly as we head into saturday and sunday. there was some wind. check out sfo. gust up to 40 miles per hour. sustained at 28. that is significant. gust up to 26. just breezy. there is that system.
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the cloud is coming in. as that area drops down here, it brings in the cool air from the northern beaches. it does not come right over us. it is just going to be close to us. that will be enough to trend the temperatures down a few degrees. tomorrow slightly cooler. significantly warmer. monday being the highest temperatures. certainly around the bay area. they are the forecasted highs for tomorrow. you will not see any oranges. then as you look at the forecast. 78 in santa rosa. 75 in napa. the 5-day forecast pops in. we will see your holiday weekend looks pretty good. where those mask. look at some of the studies. it is pretty amazing what they can do for stopping the transmission of the virus. looks like a warm one.
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thank you. after being rained out last night, nascar was back on the track today. coming up, how the heartbreaking week ended with a victory in south carolina. and... let's get started.
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how is it going. coming to you from napa. a real live sporting event to talk about. eight events in 11 days. if the weather will cooperate just a bit better that would help. south carolina is the place. postponed by rain on tuesday. 15 laps left. he spun out. it kind of comes in front of the scenes. it comes down to the final two laps.
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the great finish. right down to the checkered flag. he will wind up winning the toyota 200. if you have not heard about the story, what a emotional week for him. just two days ago. him and his wife went to a routine checkup. his wife was 12 weeks along. they found out the child had no fetal heartbeat. he caught it the worst day of his life. follow by one of the best days of his life. certainly no shortage of drama. over the past couple of days. think of our local archivist. he loves to dig in the files. we have has some classic matchups.
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it was madison bumgarner getting over on clayton kershaw. he homered for the giants first run. in 1986, the lakers and rockets were tied with one second showing on the clock. ralph sampson got the role as the rockets eliminated the lakers in the western conference finals. on this day in 1977. on the way to winning the triple crown, they won the second leg of the crown. >> that is this day in sports may 21. we're not quite to the end
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of the week but this is deafly my favorite video of the week. you need to check this out. it happened in fresno california. he is 100 years old. it is not hard to throw it. it is where it ends up. that is a sight to see. do not get overly excited about the fact you just wrote a beautiful strike. >> he still hasn't. >> this is a instagram style. wes williams. we're going to slow this down. in between his legs. look at this. the big catch right there. playing this guy in a game of horse. trick shot artist. from bloomington minnesota. do not bet him in gamma force.
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is he a great bowl or what? >> that was so sweet. it is a strategy. >> i miss you guys. have a good weekend. thank you for joining us. good night. yeah! bravo! bravo! [ whistle blows ] [ buzzer ] [ applause ] bravo! bravo, manny, bravo! well, when i heard manny wanted to fence, i was like, "sure. "uncoordinated kid, lethal weapon -- how can this go wrong?" [ whistle blows, buzzer ] [ laughs ] yeah! gloria: and what do you think now? i'm proud of our little zorro. i mean, i worked with him a little, but the kid's got skills. it's in his blood. his father was a master swordsman. he was an artist with his sword. i mean, the way he throws the sword --


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