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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 22, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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welcome, i am dave clark. new maggot good morning i am pam cook. it's friday. >> pam, you did it, you brought us through again. >> happy friday everybody and guess who is here? >> hi everybody it's great to see you even at this hour. >> yep. all right, so we talk a little bit of weather? >> it is a little breezy out there, don't know if anybody thought that on the way to work, but we do have some breezy conditions happening in particular offshore. we have a gale warning that is out there off the bay area. let's take a look at some of
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our peaks is about 20 miles per hour. it is 33 miles per hour on mt. diablo. that is not quite as pronounced, little but oakland in a little bit in concorde but not bad elsewhere. we have a low pressure system that is to the north of us in oregon and that is what is bringing a little bit of wind and i will also include a feud drew brees down today compared to yesterday. just a few clouds of visibility and current temperatures shows oakland 57 degrees 50 degrees san francisco and upper 40s in napa. today we will have a sunny day, that is slightly cooler but still above average in most spots, we will look at load 70s and that is the beginning of a big woman coming our way ever
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now i will send it over to sal. >> i write, thank you very much we do have traffic that is moving along pretty well around the bay area, as a matter fact i seen we do have traffic that is looking good here on san mateo ridge, we can see no major issues there and traffic continues to look very good and no problems on any of the bay bridges areas we often get taught start. >> thank you, we are following news a plane crash in pakistan. authorities say an international airline flight crashed a little more than an hour ago. dailey says 99 passengers and seven crew members were on the plane. it was an airbus a3 20, no word yet on how the plane crashed or how many people may be heard. again, this is in pakistan, a plane crash, we will bring in
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information on this as soon as we get it in. >> have any today, we join the rest of the area and relaxes with the shelter place orders. santa clara's last bay area county to enter phase two of the governor's riveting plan allowing some businesses to reopen on a limited basis including allowing curbside cells at some of those nonessential stores. santa clara business owners are happy to be making some money again after two long months. >> i am super happy that we are finally getting to this point, it is frustrating to watch other counties of them. >> we are itching, we are chomping at the bit to get to that next point. >> the changes taking effect today allow curbside cells on a wide range of retail businesses from toy stores to clothing shops, also face coverings are required though at all businesses of public transit and when anyone is out in public, operates are loud in santa clara county.
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you can get more information on all of the bay area counties are now reopening with the news out. there is a running list of what is open and where, right at the top of the page. it is especially important now that restrictions are being lifted. the county is looking to build a workforce of more than 1000 people for contact tracing in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. volunteers would help investigate first cases that divide those patients who may have been exposed. >> while we shelter place, people come in contact with the four or five people on average live in their home and their immediate community. we expect to shelter place has lessened and people want more contact and that is why we need to be able to have a larger workforce to reach those people. >> the health agency has a
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particular need for bilingual volunteers. stir make your deaths reported in vallejo in a nursing home join with the coronavirus operate. now the death toll is 13. 99 other residents and 30 staff members have tested positive for the virus. that is more than 80% of residents and staff of the nursing home and most of them are asymptomatic. public health officials are working and trying to contain that operate. a nursing home is it being investigated after several patient died from the coronavirus read at least four patients at the care center have died from the coronavirus. 50 others have been infected. los angeles county death toll from the coronavirus is now more than 2000. 46 more
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people die from, 19 yesterday in los angeles county and now it accounts for nearly 60% of all related deaths in california. deaths in the county are decreasing which has public health officials up in the county of los angeles has reached its peak and that the number of people contracting the virus will continue to decline. over the next year, u.s. health officials are planning to test blood samples as it is across the country including san francisco. the cdc says the goal of the 25 city study is to better understand how widely covid-19 has prepared researchers will test nearly 300,000 samples looking for the antibodies that signal exposure for the study begins next month and continues until october 20 21. as we head into the memorial day weekend, san francisco recreational parks to permit as a creative way to make sure their social distancing.
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how circles. in the park can help people stay safely away from others. >> reporter: take a walk in the park and you may see one of these come away circles in the grass. >> with just love them are space 6 feet apart, were being drawn up at other publicity parks such as washington square park in north beach and dolores park in the city's mission district. >> i thought it was pretty smart to put circles. for mac this man encouraged him that it was smart to socialize outside. some were skeptical about the parks human parking spots. back when i first saw them on the news of facebook i thought it was a little far-fetched. maybe then they said they like that the markings take the guessing out of social distancing. >> before trying to do their best but it wasn't 6 feet apart
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. these are blatantly 6 feet apart. >> here is super clear where your batteries are, you can put your stuff down. i think this is more organized and relaxed actually. yeah, i like it. per mike zimmer cisco decided to try to after talking to new york city where officials had it in brooklyn's domino park. >> we also wanted to put it in for supper corners of the city because this was a pilot program i we wanted to see how it would work out for memorial day weekend. for mac it is as you take the additional funds, the department is talking of the cost to works normally done marking cities sports field. there will be another reminder for people to stay safe during this coronavirus pandemic. >> the pandemic has showed that parks aren't nice to have, they are must have. they are critical part of our infrastructure and they are what is keeping people healthy and sane.
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>> reporter: fox news. a man and a dog drowned in nevada. a pic of. off the road and land landed in a pond around us! third leslie. both the driver and a female passenger escape from the truck by holding onto the truck's bed as the truck started to sing but then a dog that was in the truck started swimming away and the man went underwater trying to rescue the dog, but he never came back up to the surface. >> where celibacy right now and working with witnesses, we were told the roxie point out of this parking area directly behind me here prior to the vehicle losing control and going into the water. >> the female passenger was treated at the hospital. today leaders with the san francisco wrecks and parks department harmony with the
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mayor to talk about the future of summer camps in the city. currently all programs remain on hold but are not yet canceled. wrecks impart usually host hundreds of activities during the summer and many of those are full-day programs which pairs use as a form of childcare in this morning online chat will happen at 11:30. steve paulson is off today but we have the great kyla who is here with us, good morning carla. >> i sure did come i would miss it for anything. you know i love you guys read even at this hour the morning, i'm here. >> let's talk weather little bit because it's the interesting going on right off the coast, we have a gil warning meaning is a dangerous day to be out of water today. we're starting to see that as you take a look at some of the wind report just off shore, you can see about 36-mile-per-hour winds, weighs about 7 to 10 feet, which means you should be
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careful you out on the coast at all. that wendy is being felt if you are near the coast if you're not near the coast, it's really not too bad. let's take a little temperature toward this meaning it is a mild one out there. good morning to you in dublin, it's 54 degrees to you about 57 degrees in oakland as ever cisco 52 degrees. it is for 5 degrees in palo alto . check this out, today will be a couple degrees cooler than yesterday, average size about 76 today we're looking at 78 and seven cisco will see about 68. as we head toward weekend warm- up kicks in.
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our communities will see high in the mid 80s and by sunday we will kick that up to the upper 80s. it still will be pretty seasonal by the coast if you're up by the water, but you know if you are on the bay you will see some 70s and that is just the beginning of the warm-up as we head toward the weekend and that it continues into monday, tuesday wednesday and those are the monday temperatures you're looking at on the right side of your screen. it is 90 degrees for san jose. >> time is now 4:12. we will tell you how one landlord in oakland is accused of illegally kicking tenants out other home. also, some new rules and parks take effect this weekend. we will tell you how city leaders are making sure the
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people are safe distance away from each other. is alive for traffic this hour, barely any traffic around the bay bridge toll plaza. sal is watching this and all of the traffic and he is pulling together music for cells traffic jams. coming up here on mornings on 2. we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99.
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my new bite-sized, crispy popcorn chicken is so irresistible you'll want them whenever, so don't resist! pop 'em while you game, hang, or do your thing. pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. here's a reminder for the city of oakland. there are new rules and parks in oakland this holiday weekend. parking lots at all city parks are closed through sunday and you cannot park around lake maren. the city of oakland has also banned for trucks and vendors at the parks. you can still go out and run, walk and bike, but the gatherings, they are
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discouraged. the city also has investors out there is also police keeping an eye and enforcing the rules. an 86-year-old wild fire survivor from santa rosa has had a rough few years but is finally back on. here's showing us her loved ones are helping her celebrate the special homecoming. >> reporter: a pandemic ritual, the drive-by celebration. the santa rosa neighborhood turned out for the vet is back housewarming. she blew kisses and hugs as she was moving back to jesse court. >> i'm over joined and overwhelmed, and i fling very grateful. >> reporter: they raised a family there and there home her late husband loved.
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one of the fires. >> her home was underinsured to her coverage for contents went to construction. she battled her insurance company because her rebuild was delayed by medical crisis. >> if she was diagnosed with cancer right before the fire happened. she had to go through surgery and treatment for cancer while she was displaced from her home. it was a lot going on, more than even the fire. for mac to major fires, floods and now this. those survivors say it takes real resiliency to process to this point. especially in sonoma county, battered by consecutive emergencies in recent years. here is the survivor of the disaster in users certificate of occupancy right in the middle of this worldwide pandemic. >> yes, i remember you.
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>> reporter: family and community got her through it and she got her journey a roller coaster. >> when i go up to the top and went down to the bottom, there is always been someone there to catch me. >> reporter: in her new house, and iron gate savage from the fire has been rehung. a survivor like bev, ready to greet all who come. >> they love me and cheer for me, is a love all of it? for mac fox 2 news. the owners of san francisco's oldest bar won't support as a plan to reopen. the owners of the stud parts of the economic fallout from the pandemic has been too much for them, they will continue to have an online presence and city and state leaders have pledged support in helping the owners of the bar find a new
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home. a bar in oakland that is been open since 1918 is also closing permanently. the owners of the stark club can no longer play the rent and are facing challenges because of the children placed order. the bar was well-known for a hub for rock music. it was a gathering place during oakland's first fridays. berkeley site is reporting the owner host to reopen in a new location. we have some good news for san francisco foodies and iconic mission district restaurant is set to reopen next week. it will be open next wednesday for take out orders. this has more than two months after the business closed is doors due to the pandemic, the owner says the original plan was to pay its employees for the remainder of the year and keep location close to for safety reasons, but over the last few weeks, more of his employees encouraged him to reopen. if you have never been there, it is definitely something for the bucket list. it is delicious.
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>> the time is now 4:19. kyla grogan is here leading into the weekend. >> if you like it hot, boy, you're going to like next week an awful lot. no rain in the forecast, but we do have some jicama in our way, so let's get to it. let's talk about where temperatures will be today. napa will be about 70 degrees 73 in oakland and san jose, 75 degrees. those are the temperatures today. the top of your screen or temperatures where we are going on tuesday. look at that, 94 degrees oakland, 95 degrees and has a. not today, but tuesday. that is where we are going. we are not there yet, these are your current temperatures, it is nice out there right now. we have a couple 40s in napa and santa rosa about 56 degrees in san jose. wind is a little breezy at the coast. we have the onshore flow, but
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not bad everywhere else. santa rosa is calm right now. we do have a few clouds have been thrown away, they are courtesy of a low pressure system that is to the north of us. that is where we will see temperatures a couple of degrees cooler today than yesterday. that is not long-lived. today visibility is looking great this morning. we head towards the weekend and that is when the warm-up? and because high pressure will build in. this one has some staying power so that he will be with us peaking monday through wednesday of next week. not only is it going to be a little bit warmer on saturday, but check this out. yesterday we were kind of warm and got into the 80s. we are really off to the races and temperatures will be in the 90s, even the upper 90s on monday. this is where we're going today though, it will be lovely 78 degrees in santa rosa.
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there is a little breeze out there, but not bad. tomorrow we start to feel the warmth, so inland communities into the mid-80s, the bay will be the mid-70s. look what happens as we head toward the holiday weekend. by monday it is not just warm in the inland but also the coast will be 34 degrees. lots of such an award given your way, you have to get ready and be prepared because we haven't seen these two bridges in quite a wild. thank you kyla. college admission test will become a thing of the past for getting into the uc schools. there is a by the shakeup in the admission process. facebook joins others in letting more employees work from home for good. when a new poll of bay area workers say people are packing
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up and moving on. we would like to remind you you can watch generosity 36 an academic lesson for children from the senate for cisco unified school district. that is weekdays from 2 to 3 on ktvu plus.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. someone is in a friday mood. [ music ] a little bob marley and gosh, it is just past 4:20 if you know what i'm saying. did i say that out loud, i'm sorry. jim, thank you for keeping us
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in request. if you want a request is going to do and let us know. use the hashtag on twitter or instagram. let's go back to pam. new numbers from oakland international airport confirm a dramatic decline in trouble due to the pandemic. airport officials report a 96% drop in passengers in april compared to april of last year. typically the airport becomes much more crowded after memorial day when they travel season kicks off for the airport spokesperson says it is still too early to know when more people will start playing again. two out of three bay area workers say they would think about moving away if they could work from home someplace else. social network planning survey almost 3000 bay area workers and 80% said they would
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consider moving somewhere else in california if they could work remotely. another 35% when move completely out of california. almost 16% would think about moving out of the united states. facebook is the latest bay area tech company to announce plans to let us employees keep working from home after the state home order has been lifted. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said only 25% of the employees are excited to come back to the office in the early stages of reopening. in the next 5 to 10 years, up to half of facebook employees could be working remotely. memorial day will certainly not be the same this year, up next, we will tell you what travel experts are saying about how people are changing their
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plans. also cracking down on illegal evictions during the pandemic, how city leaders say a landlord tried to pull a fast one on tennis.
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most people don't have traffic plans for this memorial day weekend this year. houston the experts hope demand for travel can recover. good morning to you and thank you for joining us. i am dave clark. in mourning, i pam cook and it is friday morning. may 22nd, tyler grogan and for steve, kyla i know steve is been saying all week is out like we are going to get pretty hot over the weekend. >> especially next week. i don't know if


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