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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 24, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> people are out this holiday weekend and crowding spaces. they are getting too close. for health experts it is a troubling combination a three- day weekend and nice weather and quarantine fatigue. i am frank somerville, the weather is going to get hotter tomorrow there is an excessive heat warning for inland areas, bill martin is here now and what we could expect. >> we are warming up, heating up, if you will. we saw middle 90s today tomorrow we see upper 90s we talk about the excessive heat warning that is the area in red it picks up and fairfield and
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vacaville. this excessive heat warning will go right through the week into thursday. that will be especially for the southern san joaquin valley. the heat advisory and except for san francisco and oakland and the bay area cities will have the sea breeze and that will help. we could see records this week as well these are the highs from today. if we add if you degrees on to them. the air-conditioners will be on. not too bad along the coast but not as hot. we will see you back here with the 5- day forecast coming up. if it was the normal memorial day kickoff people would be holding back yard parties and barbecue herding and traveling ktvu azenith
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smith joins us now. >> reporter: people are desperate to get outside and they are staying outdoors in crowded conditions for a long . of time is not a good idea . our at the beach and alameda county people flock to the beach to enjoy the hot weather. some visitors were practicing social distancing and somewhere not. >> we are trying to enjoy . >> it was actually scary to leave the house, personally for me. >> reporter: similar images of people crowding public spaces was seen across the area. the beachgoers without social
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separation with no masks in sight here. visitors walking shoulder to shoulder and some people without face coverings. >> the main concern is the spread of the virus . many people could be asymptomatic and spreading it to people. >> i know that people are getting tired we all are. >> we had crowds at all of our parks. it has been a busy weekend . expected the crowds and they encourage visitors to wear masks and for the visitors to stay at home and not cross county lines and no camping and no swimming. >> we encourage people to ride bicycles and not stopping for too long. >> they said no swimming
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allowed and there were a lot of people in the water. there were parking citations police were visible and parking spaces were blocked off to deter out-of-towners. at dolores park in san francisco most of the park goers stayed in the social distancing circles. >> reporter: in santa cruz public health officials are investigating your crew family clusters and it will take weeks to understand the impact of this holiday weekend. in southern california they have beaches open for active use with no sunbathing but people and malibu were not following the guidance and they
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had on umbrellas and chairs set up in the sand in being outside does help and son does help with killing the virus but it doesn't change the fact that people need to be responsible and maintain distance. check out this video making grounds on social media this was a packed pool party in the lake of the ozarks in missouri. clearly, no social distancing is being tracked this . the united states is facing a grim milestone with 100,000 deaths the number of people that died since it 97,000, in california there are 94,000 cases of there are 3700 people that died in the bay area there were 12,000 cases of the coronavirus. 425 people have died. in sonoma county more
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restaurants and businesses are reopening in many restaurants have to get creative setting up tables outside because only outdoor dining is allowed in the tables are small and spread out but these days customers say that they appreciate the chance to dine out and the owners say that they are happy to welcome the guests back. >> people could come outside and sit. this part of the reopening wineries and brewers can serve meals outside and the health order said that tables have to be limited to people that live in the same house. they join nampa and salina county with the dining restrictions. they are pushing back against the ban on visitors. ago fund the has raised money
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to remove jason colin from office the no visitor will has hit the hospitality industry hard along with those that ran off vacation homes. >> i had to close my business and layoff 27 people i am in the vacation rental business and i had no rentals at all. >> south lake tahoe is allowing sitdown dining with restrictions and the mayor wants everything to reopen as quickly as possible with ensuring the health and safety of the community. a young boy in the south bay battling cancer got a big surprise for his birth day. the covid-19 forced the family to cancel special trip to legoland but the father came up with another memory making idea. >> reporter: the little guys
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name is bryce kelly he did get a birthday gift that he did not expect. even though he is just five years old he is very crazy about cars. and a group of people with fancy wheels decided to pay him a visit. playing in the pool he looks like any 5-year-old kid but underneath the surface it is hard he is facing and dealing with liver cancer >> he is in stage iv battling liver cancer. he deserve something special. >> reporter: this is part of the something special that he got saturday afternoon two corvette groups, they put together a personalg a kid that
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loves cars he was thrilled. >> he couldn't believe it there were corvettes lining the street he was so excited with each different one that came by. >> reporter: he got a vet of his own and they reached out to the car enthusiasts to make a wonderful memory for the loving son that had his birthday trip put on hold. >> we normally have quite if you of social events but this was good timing. showing off our cars was for a very good cause. >> reporter: the county sheriff cruised by as did firefighters. he has been through one round of chemotherapy and he will begin round two. he had a lot of supporters wishing him a speedy recovery and a birthday
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celebration that has topped them all. >> this made a great birthday for him and it was awesome. >> reporter: mr. kelly said it was exactly 2 years ago today that the family learned about the cancer diagnosis. officially he will turn five years old on tuesday and wednesday he begins another round of chemotherapy. >> it is so nice to see the people come out and support bryce and his family with schools closed essential workers are trying to find help. warmer weather means higher fire dangers. and firefighters are worried about
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purcell is the hardest hit country in latin america. the president issued a ban to protect our country. purcell has reported three and 50,000 cases of the coronavirus
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that is second only to the united states. president trump has ban travel from united kingdom, europe and china. they will close youth presence for the next three years. the governor wants to close the last three youth presence and they currently house 300 juvenile offenders. the cuts would fill a $54 billion budget shortfall due to the covid-19 pandemic . the sacramento gel is not taken precautions to protect people from the covid-19 and people wanted more transparency for the inmates well-being and the inmates are not given suppan asks and social distancing is in being followed.
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>> we want to make sure that the public is aware that this is a safety and health hazard and it is a violation of human rights in >> the jails continue to be covid-19 free . and they keep them quarantined and this is proven effective. with the schools closed and a lot of people out of work many families are worried about how to provide for their children we're life has suddenly happened hard 300 and stories with life disrupted from the widowed physician and mother in need of childcare. >> i will have to go to my in- laws or parents and they have could put them at risk for covid-19.
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>> when kids were in school we could count on the school lunch program but the help is not available right now we're >> the uncle became healthcare provider. >> three kids $90 an hour for the next two weeks you are talking hundreds and hundreds of dollars. >> reporter: with hospitals unable to do routine surgeries. the businesses who have not resorted to layoffs or furloughs, they have maxed out the unemployment contributions, one unemployment expert is calling for flexibility. >> maybe they cannot work from home but they say you know
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what, my husband could watch the kids in the morning or the afternoons could i work different hours ? >> reporter: they talk about modernizing and this is something that he has long advocated that workers can be productive of from home but it is a concept that doesn't work for everybody. >> reporter: there are hundreds of other job categories that are considered essential. and they will be relieved when the vaccine becomes available. this has been closed since october will be open for if you hours, the army corps of engineers have been working hard to preserve, there was an overwhelming response after they announced the special memorial day will be held at the reserve and itcapac
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area will be open to the public in limited numbers between 12 noon and five a clock tomorrow afternoon. it will be open on the weekends starting next saturday and all through june. in sacramento county rancho cordova has a tribute display for memorial day 300 flags lined bowl some boulevard , the city isn't having large gatherings to comply with the social distancing guidelines but officials say that they look forward to the personal and moving tributes that have been held in rancho cordova year after year. we had a warm one today. these were the highs from today which were warmer than yesterday. the highs tomorrow are warmer than these temperatures. it was a warm one today along the coast not as warm there was
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a slight sea breeze, the pattern it will heat up in length but the sea breeze will stick around. and that's for places like san francisco and oakland. the heat advisory is for most of the cities but the inland valley the real story is the excess of heat warning. it will last to wednesday or thursday and it is significant. it will be over 100 degrees every day to wednesday or thursday and the possible record possibly as we get into tuesday and wednesday. this will be the highest temperatures that we have seen a after day this season for sure. get ready for it, tomorrow is spare the air day we do not anticipate any fog until we get to thursday night. thursday night things will switch around or go the temperatures outside right now you see the little
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bit of the sea breeze, the forecast high, kelo is 70s, the reds are 90s. this is when the break comes, this is tomorrow morning, this is tuesday morning, this is wednesday, watch what happens, you see that curly cue we now have the push. this is thursday morning thursday night all those clouds will push in and we have a different weather pattern and we will see drizzle in the forecast with a little bit of rain, that is towards the end of next week the forecast highs 99 fairfield, tomorrow, 77 pacific,, 77 san francisco and i will look at the weekend, do your best to social distance, masks work one thing that is interesting, one of the
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governors of the new york was saying this by wearing a mask, if you are out and about show respect for others. it is a smart move. a homeless man is facing burglary and arson charges the alameda county district office is charging the span with the crime. he committed all of the crimes that the same home two different days, last week. surveillance video showed him entering the home, starting the fire then leaving on a bicycle on both occasions. firefighters said the wind was the cause of two fires that happened in elk grove. earlier, the firefighters put out a 25 acre fire and the fire
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chief said his department is concerned with temperatures later in the week as six degrees higher and temperatures will happen later this week. six structures were burned but none of them were homes. four of the biggest sports stars were at a charity competition we will learn how they did and how much money they raised that is next in sports.??
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here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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good evening again. the memorial day weekend is usually a big raise weekend the indy 500 was postponed. but the stock-car racing the coca-cola 600, keeping with the spirit of the weekend, the fallen veterans were honored but two pieces of tungsten used as the balance weight fell out of denny hamlin's car, there could be a penalty. it was delayed by rain for 90 minutes pushing the finish on the east coast on monday morning. there was a car the caught fire and the caution flag came out
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and elliott gambled with fuel, brad got the jumpstart and johnson who is retiring at the end of the year had 102 races without a win. ladonna was 14th today. and phil mickelson and tom rady made for tv golf match for raising money for coronavirus relief. this is his tee shot. he nailed the hot, brady is no slouch this is the seventh whole in lands and on the perfect spot he does it every time. this is the win look how close tiger gets.
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they were shooting for $10 million and how about doubling that waxy >> . $20 million was raised for people going through tough times. it was something i will always remember and cherish. we are definitely missing things griffey junior is seven, he added three to is total against the yankees. we will take a look back on this and smile on, you knew this they were happy when they built this place.
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>> there is a lot of history . it was a good thing to see the celebrity golf tournament out there. we were talking about the trickle down effect. they are doing the things that they can do with social distancing. i don't think they will do anything with big stands anytime soon. thank you for joining us, good night. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community.
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