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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 26, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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governor newsome says his kids cut his hair. now he is allowing hair salons and barbershops across california to reopen. >> 47 of the 58 counties will be able to add in barbershops and hair salons to those regional variations, starting today.
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>> 47 of 58 counties are good to go, but only three of them are in the bay area. good evening, i'm julie haener. it is great news for anyone who needs a haircut, but the star only sonoma, napa and solano counties can move forward and allow hairstylists and barbers to get back to work. the bay area's other six counties lagged behind the rest of the state and have not yet been cleared for the next step. live coverage tonight with the long-awaited news, at least for some. >> reporter: newsome says not every county is pursuing a waiver. some of their testing rates up and infection rates down. but many will be cutting hair again. >> probably about 30 or 40 text messages and calls already since the news was announced. >> reporter: customers are ready, but the crown in petaluma isn't. chairs shoved aside, the salon and disarray as the owner uses his closure to renovate,
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tailoring it for the covid area era. a workspace, more like a hangout. >> kind of than a normal. we are learning quickly to really look at the salon in each zone and realizing how to make that a safer environment. >> reporter: touchless wherever possible. not just the sanitizer, but faucets and soap dispensers. >> we are not able to put in couches, we put in separate seating. >> reporter: keeping people apart is priority. he's trading his waiting area for an expanded shampoo room. clients here will wait another week to get in. >> it's definitely something i wanted to be finished right the first time so i don't have to do that again. >> one size does not fit all and they can pace accordingly. >> reporter: 47 counties have the okay to move deeper into phase two reopening's. >> and a direction i believe is hopeful and promising, at the same time sobering.
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>> reporter: salons have been a sore spot for newsome, some defiantly and publicly opened early, insisting they are no more risky than the supermarket. guidelines now specify stylists and clients must wear masks so shavings and facials are out. physical distance is a must, along with a disinfecting plant . newsome says his own barbers are not in compliance. >> it was actually a collection of barbers, a six, 8-year old and 10-year-old barbara. >> reporter: newsome's scissors to kids to him over the weekend. >> to remove by what was called by my wife as a mullet. >> reporter: hairdressing staff must undergo temperature checks upon arrival and temperature screen too. at crown clients will get a call checking their wellness before appointments and put it in writing. >> disclaimers that people will sign that says we are meeting you here with this safety and
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sanitization. in respect, please sign this and say you are doing the same for us. >> reporter: that shop will be open seven days a week. that's to spread the appointments out so fewer stylists are in the solana one time. frank is early eager to get back to work and ready to adapt to these changes. in san francisco restaurants could soon be offering outdoor dining. the city's economic recovery task force today outlined their new shared spaces program that allows restaurants to use sidewalks, parking spaces, parks and pauses to serve customers outdoors. city supervisor on the task force says the key is striking a balance between safety and economic necessity. >> there is no question that outdoor dining in cafc is
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really a part of the equation. it's far safer than having people indoors. we are looking forward to engaging with the department of public health to make sure we've got the protocols and guidelines in place. >> the plan also applies to retail shops that can move merchandise on the sidewalks to allow customers to browse and buy. details of the plan are expected to be finalized by the middle of next month. the number of coronavirus cases in california is approaching 100,000. the state has now recorded for the 97,000 positive cases, with 3780 deaths. that is 19 additional deaths in the past 24 hours. six of those were recorded in san mateo county. in the meantime, alameda county has passed santa clara in the total number of cases at close to 3000. more than three dozen employees at a fish packing plant in morgan hill tested positive for covid-19. loose america foods is located
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on railroad avenue not far from highway 101. we have the precautions the company is now taking to prevent further spread. >> reporter: at least 38 employees are at home now after testing positive. the test results came back yesterday. county staff plan to return to the plant tomorrow to repeat testing. at the end of the workday on tuesday employees of loose america, a wholesale seafood distribution plan in morgan hill , were seen wearing face masks, nonmandatory, amid a coronavirus outbreak. >> a couple of weeks ago, an employee found this company, the spouse was hospitalized from covid. >> reporter: santa clara county public health officer dr. coney says the county discovered the cluster of cases after an employee's spouse got sick. that employee was then tested, as was everyone the person had contact with in the company. >> over the course of a day
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they tested everyone there and identified 38 more people who are positive. >> my reaction is not unexpected. i think we are going to see cases like this spring up all over the country. we have closely packed people. >> reporter: san jose professor mark schwartz is speaking about the food processing facilities where covid-19 infections have spread, mostly meatpacking facilities , including one in central california for 138 employees tested positive for covid. he says the work is labor- intensive, employees are in an environment where the virus can take hold. >> a mask is really there to prevent you from spreading its other people. but if you're breathing hard, it's not 100%, if it slips down , you're going to perspire and you're going to breathe hard and you're going to have a more likely chance of spreading the virus. >> reporter: in a statement, loose america so the majority
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of americans who tested positive are asymptomatic. several new measures are in place, including closing the cafeteria and locker rooms or social distancing is a challenge. checking in place temperatures at the beginning and later at the end of the day and adding physical barriers to workstations. >> they are playing catch-up at this point. we need to do it before the infection hits a certain area. companies need to do that before they find out somebody is infected, not afterwards. >> reporter: the company has a distribution plan in california near l.a. and that is where several other food processing facilities are being investigated for coronavirus outbreaks. no reports of cases in vernon, nor at loose america's processing plant in washington. the company is expanding operations at those two locations to meet demand. new at 10, in san francisco a falling tree limb came
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crashing down on people in washington square park. this is video from the citizen at. five people were hit by the branch, including a two-year- old child. fortunately all the injuries are considered minor. the toddler was taken to the hospital as a percussion. it happened at about 5:30. this is the same park in north beach where a 100 pound branch fell on a woman in 2016, leaving her partially paralyzed . the city agreed to pay her 14 1/2 million dollars in damages. a missing boy from antioch was found dead today in the american river in sacramento. the body a five-year-old zion butler was recovered late this morning. was last seen at a picnic area with his family yesterday when they say that he just disappeared. family, friends and law enforcement spent hours overnight searching the area. rescue teams eventually found the little boy's body not far from where he was reported missing. >> it's too much. he was high-
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spirited, he was one of them kids that would just come up to you and just hug you for no reason. even if you're mad. >> it's presumed that the boy drowned, but the coroner's office says the exact cause of death has not yet been determined. with another day of hot weather expected tomorrow, the city of san jose wants to be sure people can safely escape the heat. the city is opening five cooling centers and community centers that were closed due to the stay-at-home orders. >> reporter: tuesday morning in san jose it was already in the 80s by 10 a.m. and whether working or walking, when a heat wave hits when a shelter in place orders in effect- >> it encourages me to stay inside, turn the air conditioning on, work from home and not go out. >> reporter: finding relief is a little harder for some. >> just trying to find a cool
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spot because i don't have air conditioning. cellular in the house with a fan or sitting out on my patio in the shade. >> reporter: while the wildlife can cool off, and santa clara county popular water features remain off. and city pools, libraries and community centers remain closed. >> there is still 7000 people out in the streets that have no place to go and a heat wave. >> reporter: later in the day that changed. concern about seniors, children and the homeless, the city of san jose announced its opening five cooling centers for limited hours starting tuesday night at mayfair, roosevelt, cyprus, seven trees and camden community centers. all which have been closed since march. from staffing to spacing, opening the facilities is complicated in the covid era . >> to we have enough space? can we host people six feet away from each other? is the air conditioning on in
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the facility? >> reporter: san jose's cooling centers come with rules that require visitors to wear a mask, stay six feet apart and ask if you or anyone in your home is sick to stay home. as for prevention, the san jose fire department is advising people to stay indoors, if possible. especially in the heat of the day. and remember to hydrick, pointing out last week's distress call of a hiker. >> the water in the park was turned off and this hiker had gotten lost on the trail and didn't have adequate water with him to stay hydrated. >> reporter: as for the cooling centers, the city of san jose says it will be checking the temperatures of people as they come in and only keep them open during the heat of the day through thursday. looking into the weather out there we've got a records that are again today and a couple of records yesterday. napa was a big one, 99 degrees! that's a hot one, set in 1896.
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concord minute 102, that's a record. it was a heat advisory today, and excessive heat warning in the central valley. san jose broke a record that goes back to 1951, richmond 87, as if it had a record at 89. and santa rosa was 97. so it would have was hot! these are some of the highs from today. look at that fearful number, sister significant in terms of just blasting heat. the big- time heat is in the central valley. that's weather is an excessive heat warning and that's nothing to mess with. the heat advisory is significant , but the heat warning is really the big deal. that will impact san francisco or oakland. we are seeing lots of cooling, or some cooling around the bay. we will see more tomorrow is the seabreeze kind of pinches in and down that heat advisory.
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i would say by tomorrow afternoon we have some fog at the coast. but inland it remains hot. so the trend the next two days is for cooling, little bit cooler tomorrow. a bunch cooler on thursday, friday and saturday and that the weather story. after this two days in a row of record heat we're going to sue this big drop in numbers and maybe umbrella weather a possibility. i will see you back in a few minutes and we will look at the five day forecast and that computer model. coming up, reopening bay area theme parks. one operator tells us there is a plan ready to go. plus the battle for mail-in ballots and separating fact from fiction, how governor newsome and twitter weighed in. protests break out after the death of a black man being detained by police in minnesota.
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on wall street traders are feeling optimism about the economy and prospects for a coronavirus vaccine. the dow was up 529 points, which is more than 2%. the nasdaq was up 15, the s&p was up 36. traders also got a psychological boost today from
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the reopening of the new york stock exchange floor. new york governor andrew cuomo ring the bell to mark the occasion this morning. today shows of airlines rose along the banks and tech stocks. >> the market is probably head of the economy, but there's nothing unusual about that. but i do think the market is responding in a very positive way to the economy reopening. that is the most important thing. >> however, mcbride also said he thinks some segments of the economy will take longer to recover than others, particularly the travel and tourism industry. >> the justice department has repeatedly closed and insider training investigation for stock sales to three senators, including dan feinstein. senator feinstein come under scrutiny before the markets crashed. she denied having any personal involvement in the stock sales.
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georges senator kelly loeffler and jim an of oklahoma are also said to be cleared. for the first time two of president donald trump's tweets today were flagged today by twitter with a fact check label. the two tweets falsely claim that mail-in ballots be used in california at the november election are fraudulent. at the bottom of each tweet, in blue, is a link that reads get the facts about mail-in ballots. twitter uses the flags to warn readers that the message contains potentially misleading information. the president's tweets come on the heels of a lawsuit filed by republican groups against governor newsome over his election plan. our political editor greg lee tells us that the battle over mail-in ballots is heating up. >> reporter: president trump
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took to twitter again, this time to blast governor gavin newsom's plan to mail every registered voter a ballot for the november election. the president ended the message with this will be a rigged election. >> at the massive civil rights violation and dilution of legitimate voters to span the electorate with unrequested absentee ballots. >> reporter: herman dylan represents the republican national committee and other gop groups suing the governor for his executive order, calling it a power grab. the lawsuit argues it's up to the legislature to make such a decision. >> we don't have a problem with absentee ballots or vote by mail. we have a problem with it being done unilaterally in this kind of span fashion. >> reporter: california, and several other states, have explored mail-in voting limits during the coronavirus pandemic. when asked, newsome says there's no evidence that mail- in ballots lead to widespread fraudulent voting, citing three studies that support his case. >> i don't think it deserves to be politicized. this is a health issue on the basis of principal. i hope we can temper our
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comments on the other side. i recognize we are in political season. >> reporter: newsome is working with counties to keep and present polling places say. colorado, hawaii, oregon, utah and washington already conduct elections entirely by mail. >> the idea that we have some sort of systemic problem with our voting systems, whether it be in person or vote by mail is simply not the case. >> reporter: loyola law school professor jessica levinson, an expert in law, stresses cases of voter fraud are incredibly rare. she believes states need to act now to allow people to act safely. >> one it be done meteorologist said we will likely have a second wave and it will be in the fall and local county registers need time to ramp up and send in all of the vote by mail ballots. >> reporter: a fox news poll released this week show 63% of americans support having u.s. citizens to vote by mail in november due to coronavirus
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concerns. san francisco botanical garden is set to reopen monday. it has been closed since mid- march to the pandemic. reopening will happen in three phases. during the first phase masks will be required and visitors will be limited to 25% of the parks capacity. the main gate near lincoln way and ninth avenue will be the only entrance and will be open from 730 a.m. to six p.m. advance ticket purchases are recommended. 's there is no word on when six fax discovery kingdom in vallejo and in concord will reopen. when they do new health and safety guidelines will be in effect. temperatures will be taken and masks and physical distancing will be required. visitors will be separated by empty rosen seats on rights. six flags is working on implementing an online reservation system. walt disney world and seaworld are expected to present reopening plans tomorrow. a task force will need to sign off and get approval from the orlando mayor and florida
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governor. universal studios in orlando is expected to reopen on june 5th with new safety measures in place. being black in america should not be a death sentence. >> strong words and swift action . how the city of minneapolis responded today after the death of a black man who was killed by police officers. also the debate of wearing a mask turns political. how joe biden fought back today. i really appreciate ktvu understanding artists are an important part of our community. >> gives you the power to beat the heat. >> if you have air conditioning, staying inside is your best bet. >> plus the power to prepare. >> hot wednesday in the cold on friday. >> itching for a vacation, tomorrow we take you to the great outdoors and talk with the travel expert about
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camping. >> tomorrow on mornings on 2.
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and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies with the geico giveback. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead. in minneapolis tonight, protests are escalating following the death of a black man in police custody. large crowds of demonstrators have been gathered at the third police precinct in south minneapolis. some people are seen throwing rocks at the station and up police vehicles. police used tear gas and pepper spray to try to break out some of the protests. all four officers involved were
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fired today. cell phone video showed one officer kneeling on the man's neck for several minutes while the man pleaded for air. multiple investigations are now underway. >> reporter: authorities are investigating the death of a black man who died in minneapolis police custody and the four officers involved have now been fired. the incident happened monday after police responded to a report of a forgery suspect at a grocery store. police said they located the suspect, george floyd, in his car and he resisted arrest. once he was on the ground and handcuffed, cell phone video capture the confrontation between the officers and floyd, showing a white officer kneeling on floyd's neck as he said he couldn't breathe. >> i can't breathe. they going to kill me. they going to kill me, man. >> reporter: you can hear my standards pleading for the cop to take his knee off of the man's neck.
10:26 pm
>> is not responsive right now! >> reporter: once the officers realized he was in medical distress, they called an ambulance. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. the officers were initially put on paid leave, but just hours after the fatal incident they were terminated. on tuesday, the city's mayor defending that decision. >> being black in america should not be a death sentence. for five minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee into the neck of a black man. this officer failed in the most basic human sense. >> reporter: the fbi and state law enforcement are investigating the deadly incident. in new york a woman has been fired now after video shows her calling police and falsely claiming that a black man was threatening her life.
10:27 pm
>> sir, i'm asking you to stop recording me. >> please don't come close to me. >> sir i'm calling the cops. >> please call the cops. >> i'm going to tell them there's an african-american threatening my life. >> please tell them whatever you like. >> the woman in that video is amy cooper. she works at franklin templeton, an investment company based out of san mateo. the video posted yesterday shows her calling police on a black band during a confrontation in central park. they both are the argument started because amy cooper's dog wasn't on a leash. the video has been seen more than 25 million times on social media. cooper has since been fired and has also apologized for the incident. still ahead tonight, back to business for a bay area mall. the changes in place. fighting flareups at a massive fire on san francisco's waterfront.
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leader in sports of the national hockey league's plan to call off the season and go straight to the playoffs. mark has a look at how that would work and how it would affect the san jose sharks. plus- he's a fool. an actual fool to talk that way. >> joe biden firing back after the president criticized him for wearing a mask. one expert tells us politicizing masks could backfire. it's always gooder what you'to have 'em.or, and when it comes to your internet, xfinity gives you the ones you need.
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president trump and former vice president joe biden traded barbs today over what's become a hot political issue, whether to wear a mask or not. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us live with what happened and what doctors say about it all. >> reporter: both of the
10:31 pm
candidates have used masks as a way of attacking the presumed political opponent. many health experts are saying politics should not muddy the waters when it comes to a very important public health issue. image has always played a role in politics. with the coronavirus pandemic, masks have become politicized. president trump, who has refused to wear one, retreated a comment mocking vice president joe biden for wearing one on memorial day and cast doubt on his decision. >> biden can wear a mask, but he was standing outside with his wife, perfect conditions, perfect weather. they are inside and don't wear masks, so i thought it was unusual he had one on. >> reporter: biden fired one back at president trump. >> he's a fool, an absolute fool to talk that way. i mean every meeting dock in the world is saying we should wear a mask in a crowd. two biden changed his twitter
10:32 pm
photo, tweeting the words, wear a mask. and told cnn in an interview that a mask is a signal to the country. >> leadership. presidents are supposed to lead , not engage in folly. >> reporter: the cdc recommendation in april that people should wear masks in april to stop the spread of the coronavirus. >> masks have absolutely nothing to do with politics and everything to do with public health. mike dr. john schwartzberg, clinical professor at the uc berkeley school of public health says scientists are still learning about the coronavirus transmission. multiple studies have shown masks can prevent droplets from spreading. >> especially if you are inside, but also outside you should be wearing a mask. the greatest risk is if you are within six feet the degree of risk if you're beyond six feet drops off. it never comes down to zero unless you are an awfully long way away. >> reporter: a pole last week shows 67% of americans think president trump should wear a mask and polyp public.
10:33 pm
there was a partisan and divide with 90% of democrats in favor and only 38% of republicans. >> i don't understand why he's not. i think it's because he's lame. >> at the gets kind of him a critical. everybody's wearing why isn't he wearing a mask? >> he is check every day, he is doctors that check him. >> reporter: some chump supporters are following the president lead. the uc berkeley politics professor eric strickler says the refusal to wear a masters, political risk. >> if in the long run it leads to a higher infection rate, that's going to make it harder to reopen the economy and get the kind of growth he's going to need to have a better chance for reelection. >> reporter: according to that poll, when asked whether everyone in public should wear a mask, 64% said yes.
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there are new measures in central bay area counties to help renters during this pandemic. today the marin county board of supervisors and the contra costa county board of supervisors both approved extensions of moratorium on evictions. and in redwood city faith leaders asked san mateo county supervisors to extend the temporary ban on evictions there. santa clara county supervisors approved a similar measure. supervisors say they can't finalize the order unless the governor extends the statewide moratorium. >> if the state does next on the moratorium, the challenge we have is that we are going to see a significant number of people becoming homeless and our plan is to have the governor do what he can. because no local government, not santa clara county or anybody else in the state is going to be able to handle the vocations of that happening. >> the california rental
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association represents landlords and says the moratorium on evictions goes too far. they say back rent will come due and that will cause even more problems. investigators in stock and are trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire at its processing plant today. a five alarm fire broke out at five this morning and sent flames shooting at least 100 feet into the air. stockton fires is 1 1/2 acres of plastic pallets were burning. crews battled the flames and rising temperatures for hours. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with heat exhaustion. other than that no injuries were reported. investigators in san francisco still can't access the site of a destructive fire along. 45 at fisherman's wharf. as ktvu's tom baker explains , crews are still fighting flareups days later. >> reporter: this is how the north east end of san francisco pier 45 looks four days after saturday's fire.
10:36 pm
it remains way too dangerous to begin an investigation due to flareups. >> we have seen numerous occasions, as i've just described, from saturday at 2:00 to today. >> reporter: the fire department hopes to have this continuing danger resolved by week's end before any investigators can go through. then they will begin the tedious and scientific process of taking the collapsed layers off the pile and then determine the fires cause and begin burning. >> at this time investigators have compiled a list of individuals they will be talking to, as witnesses or people who observed this incident. >> reporter: is it possible someone perished inside the burned and collapsed shed? >> our rescue teams and some fire rescue teams enter the building to do a quick, rapid preliminary search with negative findings. they were pushed out of this fire by the heat and by the flames themselves.
10:37 pm
>> reporter: beyond the loss of one of the warehouses, millions of dollars worth of fishing gear stored inside belonging to sfa commercial fisherman went up in smoke. also damaged, the fish distribution center apart and away from the main processing companies on the other side of the. , which resume operations after sanitizing for smoke damage. >> at this point we have about 30 or so tenants in those facilities and we are working to clean each bay before we resume fish processing. >> reporter: the historic liberty ship jeremiah o'brien, the last original condition world war ii cargo ship of its class, slightly damaged by the fire will get hauled away and placed in temporary storage at pier 35. still to come here, a historic launch for nasa and space x. it's the first u.s. launch of humans into space and more than a decade.
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and also the first by a private company. also coming up, a bay area leader with strong warnings against reopening churches. after a couple of days of record warmth, we will cool down. you will notice it tomorrow and then significant cooling for the weekend. harness the power of good with ktvu , fox 2 news and arts been. here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken.
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keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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new at 10, and east bay church leader is urging faith leaders not to reopen their houses of worship against the advice of public health officials. he tells ktvu's amber lee it's a matter of life and death. he probably knows because he is recovering from covid-19. >> reporter: absolutely. the pastor tells me fighting covid-19 was one of the most
10:41 pm
difficult experiences of his life. he hopes to inspire others to listen to medical professionals. >> i miss going to the building . >> reporter: the building is word assembly church in east oakland. it's been empty since march when the congregation at the shelter in place. for 15 years reverend johnny clark senior preached here on this daily before he he became infected with covid-19. >> i was in such horrible turmoil and pain until i actually wanted to take my life. >> reporter: the 72-year-old tells me the pain was so unbearable he contemplated suicide for the first time in his life. he was hospitalized for nearly a month and a half. he was on a ventilator for 10 days. >> the dr. said that they are keeping me on the machine trying to get you better. >> reporter: he shared this video of his father in the hospital. a nurse used her phone to help
10:42 pm
them communicate with his family. now they want to help others. clark tells me he felt weak, three days after returning home from a trip to new orleans where he may have contracted covid-19. he was barely able to walk and he had a fever. he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. >> they tell me that they introduced me into a coma. but i couldn't remember. >> reporter: this is video of clark arriving home after his release from the hospital april 30th. he credits his survival to great medical care and the power of prayer. he says he's pained by the loss of those who did not survive. >> it hurts, because people are suffering. it hurts because i can't do anything to really help but pray. >> reporter: he has a message to faith leaders who want to reopen their places of worship, against the advice of public health officials. >> how dare you! who are you to tell people to come back to a place that's not safe?
10:43 pm
>> reporter: clark says the church is not a building. it's people that make up a church. he is grateful to be alive. how are you feeling now? >> like brand-new money, crisp, alive. >> reporter: clark tells me he misses going to his church, preaching sermons and feeding the homeless. but for now, what's most important is listening to medical professionals about wearing masks and social distancing. he says it's about saving lives. spacex and nasa teamed up for a historic launch at the kennedy space center in florida tomorrow. spacex is preparing to put two nasa astronauts into space. they will fly in the dragon spacecraft to the international space station and it will mark
10:44 pm
the first time a commercial space company is carried humans into orbit. it's also the first human spaceflight from u.s. soil in 10 years. >> this is a unique opportunity to bring all of america together , in one moment in time and say look at how bright the future is. >> the launch is set for 1:33 hour time. if all goes according to plan, the astronauts will arrive at the space station on thursday morning. a bay area mall reopens for business, but with big limitations. see how a trip to the mall now works. then chief meteorologist bill martin is back with your forecast. see him on the heat wave is going to stick around. ♪
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businesses are starting to reopen in san mateo county, but a trip to the mall isn't what it used to be. ktvu's rob roth with overreport. >> reporter: at the hillsdale shopping center, and was chairman pulley got a pair of sandals for delivery.
10:48 pm
>> i have nothing to do today so i figured i might as well get a pair of shoes. >> reporter: retail stores inside indoor shopping centers are allowed to provide curbside service, even those that don't have direct access to the curb. that allowed nordstrom, macy's, old navy and others to get back to business. all customers didn't exactly flock to hillsdale, there were some who did come out. >> i'm really happy we can get everything rolling again. i'm just really worried people won't take health precautions. but i'm happy to get the ball rolling. spa word gets out, people talk to each other. we did and i social media push letting everyone know this is happening. >> reporter: customers may not enter the store as they place orders online or by phone with same day pick up.'s blossoms flower shop tells customers to stay in their cars. >> we bring it out to our car with masks and gloves, a fresh pair each time. and replace it in their car,
10:49 pm
and a safe location on the floor or seat. >> bears signage promoting wearing a mask, social distancing, wash her hands. we are trying to train the businesses, employees and community to understand the precautions they have to take. >> reporter: they have about 1000 employees, most who have been unemployed. the shopping center expects 25 more stores to reopen for curbside later this week, more workers back on the job. >> it just takes time to prepare. have to get the employees back in, get everyone trained and making sure they are following the guidelines of restrictions. >> reporter: no word yet on when the san mateo county health department will allow customers inside the stores and restaurants. it is toasty out there today, or it was. still pretty warm though. we've got mid-70s in the valleys.
10:50 pm
records today, i talked about that. there's a bunch of them there, couple of ties. well one time ty in sfo and one in richmond. two in concord and 99 in napa. those are big numbers for a very warm day. two days in a row of records. i think we might see a record with cooling or a further drop in temperatures along the coast these are highs along today. we can see the influence of the high building out of the southwest it's just taking in the inland valleys. that the coastal section there is a slight seabreeze, which was safe in san francisco right now. when you get a heat advisory in san francisco, or in an extreme heat warning, there's not a lot of air in the town. same with oakland. but there is enough of a seabreeze that you can see here tonight it's keeping things like pacifica is at 59 and the new get inland and there the big numbers, and 85 it's 85
10:51 pm
degrees in brentwood. holy smokes that's hot. hot again tomorrow and then the fog comes back on thursday night. i've taken this model and rolled it up to thursday because i want you to see the big change in weather. it's kind of warm until thursday morning and then watch this, come on. the showers and chance of showers. it's much cooler, clouds, talk about going, we're going to get the bends going from that depth to the surface. i mean, we're talking about a complete change in weather come friday. the forecast highs tomorrow then, i think slightly cooler. mark you think slightly cooler as well with the little bit of a seabreeze. then as you look at the five day forecast, let me get you a five day forecast coming up here, the five day forecast social temperatures trending out rapidly as we go into the bay area weekend. and a chance of some sprinkles too frank and julie, talk about a change in weather.
10:52 pm
it's going to be a big-time change come thursday evening, thursday afternoon. coming up in sports, the nhl announced a plan today to get teams back on the ice this season. with the commissioners proposing for the leagues and sadly why the sharks will be included. on the 11:00 news, mcdonald's workers walk off the job.
10:53 pm
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we'll have some catching up to do. has a going, everybody? the theme tonight is what was i thinking about when i bought that record? [ laughter ] me know there have
10:55 pm
kind of an interesting back story. in the meantime, thank you to frank for donating his very minimal oh record. i appreciate that, frank. got some good news with hockey, your favorite sport. it looks like it could be we are going to get it in the new future. they release the plan today. shark fans don't get too excited, san jose have the worst record in the western conference and 12 games left for the regular season. so this plan, number regular season. and expanded 2014 playoff. seven teams won't make it, including the sharks, and i met l.a. california on the short end there. the sharks looking to the future with the draft lottery coming up june 26th. the commissioner looking to his future, he wants to give away that big cup at some point this year. >> i cannot wait for our players to hit the ice again and i look forward to the greatest privilege of all,
10:56 pm
presenting the most coveted trophy in all of sports to the captain of the 2019-20 stanley cup champions. >> reporter: as optimistic as the commissioner sounds, they've got a lot of details to get through. in fact, here are some voluntary work at seven june. some of the protocols are only six players on the ice at the same time. will have shortened training camps that will begin theoretically in july. there's one in the east and one in the west. that could ever be in canada or the united states or both. the situation with major league baseball, not quite as optimistic and at the crux of that problem, you got it, money. is baseball announced the situation today, it's going to be a touchy subject. their plan calls for big salary cuts. it calls for the highest- paid players to take mammoth cuts, more than 60%.
10:57 pm
for example, that guy like clayton kershaw making 35 million, it would be down to 7.8 , get it down to 10 million, get it down to 2.9. $563,000, that would be cut from 262,000. players not happy, because you may remember in march they agreed to for salaries, but at a prorated rate. wants to sift through their before we see major league baseball. however, you're about to see one of the funniest moments in the history of major league baseball on this day in sports. wait for it, with joe fonzi. ♪ >> the warriors were facing elimination on this day two years ago in the western conference finals. klay thompson had it going from outside, totaling 35 points.
10:58 pm
the warriors one big and forced a seventh and deciding game in houston. an iconic indy 500 finish on this day in 1985. danny sullivan kept control of his car after they 360 and went on to win the 500 for the only time in his career. at an all-time baseball blooper on this day in 1993, cleveland's carlos martinez gets a home run. >> look at this! [ laughter ] and it's out of here! >> that's the stay in sports may 26th. >> [ laughter ]
10:59 pm
nascar making the best about the fact that they are the one live sports activity going on. they have some reason tonight at the charlotte motor speedway. truck racing and todd gilliland bumped, hits the wall and sparks would fly, but he is okay. the final lap of this race, chase elliott and kyle busch. winning the north carolina educational lottery on the tuesday night. but as the sporting life, lots more coming up at 11:00. thank you, frank and julie. next at 11- >> all it takes is one person that's infected to come in and spread the virus. a coronavirus impact artifice rushing at a fish
11:00 pm
packing plant. employees at a wholesale fish packing plant in morgan hill tested positive for the coronavirus. 38 of them came back positive. good evening, i'm frank somerville working from home tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. county health officials say they have traced the spread to an employee's spouse. we have the precautions company is taking to prevent more cases. >> reporter: was 38 employees are no longer at work, they are at home now. staffe distribution plant tomorrow to test employees again. at the end of the workday on tuesday, employees of loose america were seen wearing face masks, no mandatory amid a cornice outbreak. >> a couple weeks ago


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