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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 28, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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violent protests across minneapolis as people demand justice for george floyd. 40 million jobless claims in america. the new numbers announced just today and the new layoffs right here in the bay area. more dmv offices open up and we will tell you when the first customers lined up and by so many were turned away. the news at noon starts now. >> this is "ktvu fox 2 news" news at noon. good afternoon, everyone. i am mike mibach. >> and i am claudine wong in for garcia today. they forced many americans out of work. the 2.1 billion new unemployment claims are claims last week. 41million americans have applied since the pandemic hit 10 weeks ago. in the meantime the number of
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californians who have filed has fallen to the lowest rate in two months. the labor department says 212 thousand workers in the state filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week. the development department is looking to boost staff to handle the flood of unemployment claims brought on by the shutdown. the department is looking to hire 1800 people along with the 3000 workers on the job. the edd needs people to help process claims and handle phone calls. they are looking for people with accounting and auditing experience. >> demanding justice for george floyd. the unarmed african-american man who died while in police custody in minnesota. an officer seen with the knee on his neck. protests are planned right here for today and tomorrow and all this taking place after
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demonstrations from los angeles to minneapolis turned violent and william montanez has the story. >> reporter: smoke was out of building of minneapolis after another night of calling for justice for george floyd. the black man who died while in police custody. the crowd set fires and looted nearby stores leaving behind broken windows in degree. one looter was fatally shot. >> if people are there, truly there to honor the memory of the decedent of the family, this is not how you do it. >> the demonstration started out peacefully but later turned violent as protesters threw rocks and bottles at police who responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and tear gas. their calling for the officers to be charged. >> the family has not been shy about what they want. they want him arrested for
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murder because they injured george floyd. >> a white officer has his knee on floyd neck as he was lying in the street. he matched on the description who used a forged check. after several minutes he became unresponsive and found dead at the hospital. >> there are two violations here. there is murder and the use of lethal force and legal force to deprive him of his civil rights. >> the president is ordering the justice department to investigate. william montanez. fox two news. >> an investigation underway in the city of san jose after multiple people were hurt. in all five men were shot just before 10:00 p.m. last night. a man walked up to the men who were standing in the driveway
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of an apartment complex shot the men each want. all were transported with non- life threatening emergencies. police are looking for a shooter and none was released as of yet. rotary park police investigating a deadly shooting of a man and a parking lot. the shooting happened shortly after 9:00 p.m. in the parking lot of redwood credit union. police identified the victim but are now releasing information after the family has been identified. hayward police in the alameda county days officer investigating an officer involved shooting that someone someone to the hospital and it happened at sleepy hollow and bahamas avenue not far from mount eden park. officers responding to a man with a motorcycle and then banging on doors.
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a man approached him with the weapon and they shot at him. there is no report on his medical condition. governor gavin newsom says both the u.s. and california have reached a grim milestone in this pandemic. >> we have feared a lot better than the other states and the number of deaths in the state as it relates to the pandemic. by no means have we've been immune. >> the coronavirus killed more than 100,000 americans, officially the most of any country in the world. california has 102,000 cases with more than 3900 deaths. in the bay area 30,000 people have tested positive. at least 434 people have died. most counties report a rise in the number of cases but experts say these rising numbers do not necessarily say there is a
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spike because of relaxed restrictions. it could simply be due to more rather more testing. coronavirus cases at nursing home facilities are on the rise. 1700 patients and staff have died. that includes 342 people between may 14th to may 25th. skilled and nursing homes and nonmedical assisted facilities have accounted for 52% of all recorded for covid-19 tests in california. there could be more cases because there is not enough testing and many facilities. >> the dmv opened up more field offices across the state and in the bay area today after two months where offices were closed all because of the coronavirus pandemic. it is not business as usual. allie rasmus joins us to talk about some of the big changes. allie, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, mike.
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in most cases you will need an appointment to get something done at the newly reopen dmv office. once inside you will notice new social distancing measures. mass are required if you go and more than half of the chairs are now gone. the new precautions taken now that the california department of motor vehicles has opened up 71 of its field offices. >> we want people to bring paperwork and patients. we are requiring people to stand six feet apart. we have very few cheers in the lobby. we are trying to do our best. >> several offices in the bay area reopened in fremont at the oakland coliseum pittsburgh san mateo daly city and corte madera and this is what it look like in pleasanton. people who did not have appointments were turned away. >> how do i renew my license? >> most things you need to do at the dmv can be done online.
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there are specific urgent needs that will be taking care of with walk-in. >> some of the specific urgent needs you can walk in for include anything to do with the commercial drivers license and things like paying for an impounded car. dmv reps say they hope to have the remaining 100 field offices that are still called open by next month. reporting live allie rasmus, "ktvu fox 2." we do have more information now on counties and services reopening on the "ktvu" news app. there is a running list of what is going on there right there near the top of the page. still to come at noon. more california counties are reopening. sonoma county is saying not so fast. why they are defending their efforts plus. >> the president calling it a
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big day for social media and fairness. i have more on the president signing an executive order targeting social media companies. some parts of the bay area are seeing temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. some like the break and tomorrow and even bigger cool down on the way. marc tamayo will have your full forecast coming up.
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take a look at stocks right now. investors looking past this economic data. 2.1million just last week. the dow jones up one half of 1%. the s&p up nearly 1% is experiencing its longest win streak dating back to the month of february. president trump is preparing to sign an executive order aimed at curbing the liability protections for social media companies. reporter lauren blanchard has the story. >>reporter: the united states is not reporting more than 100,000 coronavirus deaths. this, as the labor department is saying another 2.1 million americans filed for
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unemployment last week bringing the total of job losses near 41 million. >> it is a large number and we have to get acknowledge that this is a challenging time for workers across the country. >> the president rolling out an executive order to rollback legal protections for social media platforms, which under current law are protected by lawsuits and content prepared by them. this is a big day for social media and fairness. this comes during a fight with twitter after the fact checked two of his tweets. the president along with republicans, say there is a bias on social media but the order will likely be challenged. >> we have seen some egregious actions by twitter and to single political motivation was there. >> the ceo said our intention is to connect the dots to show the information in dispute so people can judge for themselves.
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on capitol hill democratic leaders polling the revised bill on the foreign intelligence act and the lost support. >> it's no surprise. the administration and those in the justice department really don't want a bill that protects protections for the american people. >> reporter: the white house considering a formal government commission that would investigate anti-bias and big social media platforms. lauren blanchard, "ktvu fox 2 news." south carolina people are dealing with heavy rain and flooding after tropical storm bertha named landfall and the second named tropical system. at landfall bertha had sustained winds of 50 miles per hour. bertha will weaken as it moves northward from west virginia to northern canada by the end of
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today. >> cooling centers are open again today as the bay area deals with the last of the heat wave. cypress seven trees in camden community centers will be open from 1:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. people will be screened before they come in and they have to follow guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. there are no plans to open tomorrow because temperatures are expected to cool down. four cooling centers will be open today and tomorrow. the offices in antioch, appliances to hell, hercules and richmond will be open until 5:00 p.m. for seniors and people with disabilities giving them a chance to cool off. anyone entering those facilities must practice social distancing and where a mouth covered. 's still warm and some pockets but cooler there where we were 24 hours ago. as we make bring in marc tamayo with us. as we wake up it's nice to feel
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that marine layer north of the golden gate here. >> rate. taking off the edge of the extreme heat. more high numbers inland but everyone cooling off for today. especially as we head after friday into the weekend. the main source for today. it's back near the coast and our live camera showing you that looking out above the fog looking out over the golden gate bridge. stubborn clouds over portions of san francisco along the coastline. that impacthe graphics for you showing you the highs from yesterday. we are showing you the wednesday highs. 96 in santa rosa. oakland 81. livermore 100 degrees. san jose 94. a bunch of down arrows. no more triple digits for today . livermore 99 degrees.
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fairfield 87, livermore 84. san jose in the upper 70s and a chilly 57 with 59 degrees out toward the coast and right around san francisco. these numbers are cooler compared to yesterday this time. santa rosa 16 degrees cooler than this time yesterday and as we widen out the view there is a circulation out here and this guy is approaching the bay area bringing in some more cooling and we are talking showers here. chances of thunder friday night , possibly dried lightning. the concern is we could have a thunderstorm not producing any rainfall. maybe a lightning strike that could lead to fire starts increasing to fire danger. showers and thunderstorms as we head through the 1st half of the weekend. in fact as we get closer area of low clouds and fog and we are pretty good onshore wind as well.
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as far as the overnight lows mainly in the 50s. once again the partly cloudy skies near the coast and near the bay and a cooler weather pattern 60s to the 80s and 90s and it will be warm inland with the temperatures backup around 93-94. maybe 95 degrees but we are not talking about any triple digits for this afternoon. here we are tomorrow morning showing you low clouds and fog near portions of the bay and scattered high clouds throughout the bay. friday night we bring in the possibility of a thunderstorm or two and maybe a few showers. this saturday we could track showers first thing saturday morning 6:00 a.m. and then 10:00 a.m. the main action to be north of the bay area into the afternoon hours and on sunday a lot of clouds moving in. mostly sunny skies and coastal fog. san francisco mid 60s. a lot of 70s around the bay and
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temperatures inland heating wil through friday. we could track a few isolated storms and showers, especially, north of the golden gate bridge. the cooler weather pattern remains in place sunday into monday of next week. going from heat advisory's to cooler temperatures to maybe some showers and storms. a lot to talk about in this forecast and we will have another update coming up in just a minute. still to come. recognizing kids at pleasant hill and the milestone for those students.
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new at noon. the california public utilities commission is considering pge's bankruptcy organization plan. right now they are listening to comments. pg&e plans to implement changes to improve operations and governance for the long-term. most of the comments you see is in opposition of the plan. >> and calling in to oppose the cgd payout. they say ratepayers must be protected and not be faced with the failures of pg&e. prepare
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should be given a share of ownership of the company. >> they want to qualify for state wildfire fund and they have an estimate $30 billion and wildfire liabilities. parents in the valley are protesting against the district pay raises for administrators, and the bonus for the superintendent. a group of parents gathered this morning outside of the construct county school district. they are upset they approved an annual 2.5% cost of living age for district administrators. the retiring superintendent is set to receive an $18 thousand bonus while the district faces in a million dollar budget shortfall this year. >> they voted for saying this is a tradition.
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we negotiated this before covid. guess what. a lot of people have lost their their bonuses and their salaries are being reduced. too bad it's a tradition. a lot of people's traditions have changed because of covid. >> the district says the 2.5% raise is giving management is exactly the same race giving to teachers this year. an elementary school at pleasant hill celebrating its ongoing fifth grade class, even though it's typical promotion ceremony had to be canceled. efforts to prevent the spread has shut down graduations across the country and administrators are holding a drive-through celebration to make sure they recognize their 5th graders. parents are grateful for today's event and the hard work the teachers have been putting in. >> i am thankful for them putting this together.
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they have done such a great job. the teachers doing what they can. and them coming together to resume meetings and being able to do that. it is working out. >> teachers and staff are handing out certificates and flowers to the students, and providing fun photo ops. spacex scrubbed the first manned mission to space from u.s. soil in near than a decade. just 16 minutes down. phil keating has the report of when the next opportunity for launch will be. >>reporter: americans will have to wait. >> dragon spacex, unfortunately, we are not going to launch today. >>reporter: the milestone mission is days away. spacex and nesson teamed up for the experimental flight marking the first time in history a private company is carrying a crew in orbit and nine years since america sent men into space. >> we continue to violate a couple of different weather
12:26 pm
rules that we now do not expect to clear in time. >> thunderstorms scrubbing the planned launch in which veteran astronauts doug hurley and bob bacon were scheduled to blast off prepared by the falcon nine rocket. prior to the cancellation it was all systems go and all smiles as they committed last- minute preparation for the launch. they wants through the same double doors. deals all strong buzz cauldron used before landing on the moon. the big goodbye to families and were taken nine miles to launch pad 39 and a tesla model x and boarded the shuttle. before they can make the next giant leap into history the mission was halted. hurley and bacon will have to wait until saturday to make their historic mission from the launch pad to the space station
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and the mission is expected to last anywhere between one and four months. at the kennedy space center. phil keating. fox news. still to come. more layoffs announced here in the bay area. we take a closer look at the economic impact of the coronavirus and the businesses still looking to make cuts. when the murray's started using gain ultra flings... ...they fell head over heels in love with its irresistible scent. looks like their dog michelangelo did unfortunately for him, it's more of a forbidden love. new gain ultra flings with two times oxi boost and febreze...
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the mayor of minneapolis is urging peoplekeep the peace. he is asking the governor of the state to deploy the national guard to help respond two additional protests. ministrations began peacefully as crowds demanded justice for george floyd, the african- american man who died after police officer pinned him down on his neck. then they looted businesses and set buildings on fire. one border was shot and killed, possibly by a shop owner. this morning the mayor addressed the protests. >> and emotion risen conflict over last night's protests. anger and sadness that has been ingrained in our black
12:31 pm
community. not just because of 5 minutes of horror by 400 years. >> the mayor called for charges to be filed against the police officer directly involved in floyd's desk. the one with his knee on his neck. the fbi and justice department are investigating the case. our golden state warrior starts talking publicly about the death of his longtime friend george floyd. steven jackson opened up about their close ties. jackson posted a photo showing him with childhood friends. jackson and a white shirt while floyd is in the striped shirt. >> he beat the hood to make it out he went through living his best days and to go like that is tough to swallow. >> they were more than good friends. he called floyd his twins. he was known for having a kind heart who cared about everyone
12:32 pm
that was around him. another 2.1 million americans have filed for unemployment insurance. about 41 million americans have applied for unemployment benefits since the pandemic hit 10 weeks ago. more layoffs announced here in the bay area. we have the new realities facing workers. >>reporter: the doors to san francisco's famed california academy of sciences have been closed since march 12. no ticket sales, visitors or revenue. a handful of staff now hearing for the 40,000 animals inside. and wednesday the announcement of 110 employees being laid ber his fate. >> i don't know. i will find out in an hour. >> and unthinkable emotional moment for the san francisco native. >> i grew up coming here. i did not think i would actually work here. it was really sad. >>reporter: the decision was devastating according to executive director john
12:33 pm
sampson. >> this is hard to lose 20% of our staff. it is heartbreaking. >>reporter: even the $8 million federal projection loans they received will not be enough. >> we are projecting a decrease in our earned revenue of $12 million in our next fiscal year. layoffs are rippling through a range of industries. boeing announced wednesday it's laying off more than 6700 workers and other high profile company such as amtrak, hoover, air b&b, the golden state warriors and united airlines have announced thousands of layoffs. >> we think the unemployment rate could be going even higher . >> gary schlossberg, an economist at the wells fargo investment institute said as businesses reopen there will be
12:34 pm
a rehiring pump. this is a new coronavirus economy. >> clearly this is a game changer. while many of the activities, eating out and mass entertainment may eventually come back they may be modified a bit. spending maybe modified. the pattern and spending. >>reporter: sampson hopes to rehire soon. >> we would love to do that. that would depend on how long it takes our revenues to approach what they were before covid-19. chevron plans to lay off a 50% of its entire workforce, most of the job cuts will happen before the end of the year. the company has 45,000 workers and has raised in the u.s. chevron said the move it so it can remain competitive in an industry severely impacted by global shutdowns, which drastically reduce the demand
12:35 pm
for oil and gas. crude oil prices are down 50% from late february. >> san francisco mayor london breed, will unveil a timeline when it comes to reopening the city. the mayor will have a virtual news conference. it will get underway in about 25 nantes minutes from now. we will stream it for you and "" mayor pres will provide an update on protecting public health and with more states reopening we are seeing more cases of confirmed coronavirus and jonathan ciri has the story. >>reporter: for the 1.7 million confirmed cases in the u.s. and the outbreak is spreading. the difficulties containing it while all 50 states move ahead with plans to reopen their economy. >> of course there is concern over a second wave, especially as we love to stay at home. >>reporter: more than two dozen
12:36 pm
states reporting a spike in new infections. that's not stopping governors from getting nonessential workers back on the job, including in hard-hit new york, the epicenter of the outbreak. businesses on long island are opening their doors after months of closures. >> we have people standing six feet apart. >> some website orders but it's been horrible. >>reporter: business leaders do not expect the situation to improve for some time. >> you are going to need a vaccine. people need to feel good there is no risk. that is an 18 month process. until then it's going to be difficult. >>reporter: the cdc is reopening office building focusing on hygiene and social distancing. jonathan ciri "ktvu" "ktvu fox 2" news.
12:37 pm
napa and solano are getting ready to let people get haircuts and attend church services. in sonoma county officials are pumping the brakes and that's up to 200 new coronavirus cases that showed up. "ktvu" has the report. >>reporter: santa rosa christian church, like so many places of worship, i will rejoice with people in the pews again, with physical distance. >> we have 25% of capacity is frustrating knowing that restaurants and other venues can open up. >>reporter: sonoma county began to allowed outdoor dining with precautions picks up faith leaders challenge officials. with outdoor worship be any different. >> what if we serve food? can we meet outside speaking in
12:38 pm
jest but at the same time there is some reality and it's confusing and seems subjective and arbitrary. >>reporter: sonoma county falls behind neighboring napa and solano county's. sonoma said standards it set for itself are not being met, a doubling of cases that cannot be explained by an increase in testing. these are clusters. >> but we are seeing is someone who has a positive case and we interview their contacts and we find more positive cases and we interview their contacts and there are more cases. i can't just be a politician and say you are >>reporter: supervisors do not want to abandon health metrics especially seen cases spike but they are feeling the pressure to restore civic life. >> at the church says why can't i have 100 people inside and
12:39 pm
the county comes back and walmart is filled with 300 people at a time and you have a problem. >> we should be able to pray together and worship together. it's a different dynamic. >>reporter: the faith community will keep counting the days and live stream services not the same. >> there is definitely a missing ingredient but we cannot be in each other's presence. was supreme court justice elena kagan, gave california officials chilled tonight to respond to charges that they are discriminating against religious activity. a san diego pastor is leading the charge in the fight to allow places of worship to reopen right now. >> everylslod to operate it. and none of them are in the u.s. constitution. we are protected in the u.s. constitution. [ applause ]. >> this is being heard at the
12:40 pm
state level because the ninth circuit declined to step in. two more inmates and santa clara county tested positive for coronavirus. in response, more than 300 inmates will be tested for covid-19. the two inmates who tested positive for the same camp there in the al peters. they tested positive on tuesday and wednesday and comes after a confirmed convection over the weekend. other inmates who live there will be tested to prevent the spread and there will be isolation and contact tracing among those who are vulnerable. prisoners here in california say they feel safe and unprotected. there are more than 1200 confirmed cases among californians inmates and nine of them has died. "ktvu" received letters about
12:41 pm
inhumane conditions and they said they are doing more deep cleaning and providing masks as well as sanitizer. so far there have been two outbreaks affecting prisoners and staff. >> the fact of the matter is there are still hundreds of people using the same toilet, sink and having food prepared communally, by people who may be infected. >>reporter: investigative reporter brooks joe rose took an inside look and what one mother is doing to make sure they are protected. watch that story right now on her website at "" still to come at noon. several counties reopen hair salons. it won't be easy to get an appointment. the trend many salons are seeing. a slight cool down when compared to yesterday. tomorrow is even bigger coming your way. meteorologist marc tamayo will have your full forecast coming up.
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hair salons and barbershops are not allowed to reopen under modified conditions. many people across the state were scrambling to get appointments. we have reporter walter mccullough who explains what you can do and what you can expect next time you go in to get a haircut. >>reporter: gone are the days when you can in and get
12:45 pm
your h. intment. salons can finally be open, getting an appointment isn't so easy. >> places are booked up for a few weeks. >> they thought they would book first thing this morning. a lot of people had the same idea. >> it was three weeks out but i got in somewhere next friday but i'm driving to napa to get in. >> as soon as you open the floodgates everyone is trying to get back. >>reporter: this man says they are thrilled to open up and now he scrambling to fit everyone in. >> are phones have been blowing up text messages blowing up and e-mails blowing up. >> they lost a lot of business since they closed. although the list is long he and his business partner are doing whatever it takes to safely reopen 30s is wearing a mask of a shield and gloves they are even eliminated the waiting area and asking customers to
12:46 pm
wear disposable calls before touching any products on the shelves. >> we are trying to take care of everyone. we want to consider everyone's safety and help. >> we want to add additional time so there is extra time for them to disinfect. >> the biggest challenge they face with customers is what will look best without seeing facial features. >> sometimes when we do here we look at what is best for them. >> with the mask requirement they can and they recommend a current photo. in the end we can relate to this. >> i learned i can go longer without getting my hair done. >> reporter: walter mccollum. part is getting ready for riders to start returning with the 15th step welcome back plan . bert says trains will be longer to allow for social distancing. additional trains will be added if cars get too crowded.
12:47 pm
part is getting ready for riders to return with a 15 step welcome back plan. bart says additional trains will be added if it gets too crowded. every night bart says face coverings are required and personal hand straps will be provided for $5 each. starting monday drivers will be charged to use the express lanes. tolls were suspended back in march. weekday traffic volume is about back to 60% of last year's levels. let's go to "ktvu" to mark tamayo now. marc, i have to tell you i was excited to wake up and feel cool in the air. it's been a little too hot for me the past couple of days. >> the heat has heat up if
12:48 pm
the 2-3 day period and the fog comes back in the fog is back to the rescue even if you don't see it in your neighborhood you can notice the temperatures coming down a bit coming to yesterday's. outside now we have low clouds and fog coast side. even right along the bank more sunshine, especially for the inland neighborhoods. with the change a stronger onshore breeze with the fog nearby that is leading to the beginning of our cool down. take a look at the graphics as we show you the top row from yesterday. 96 santa rosa. livermore 100. san jose 94. everyone with a bunch of down arrows. hotspots no longer extremely hot but warm in the low to mid 90s. let's check out the current br fairfield. concord checks in and 80.
12:49 pm
san jose upper 80s. santa rosa 74. a chip in the air out toward half moon bay and san francisco. for most areas santa rosa down 60 degrees compared to this time yesterday. cooler compared to 12:00 on wednesday. there is a lot happening here in the pacific and we are talking a cool down but shower chances is this guy approaches the bay area and closer to the bay area. we don't talk about that from friday night into saturday. the chances of thunder friday night and saturday we could attract scattered raforecast mo the local house clouds and fog close to the coast. close to the immediate coastline. there is a cloud cover near the post near portions of the bay and the winds are ushering in a cooler marine air and affect is
12:50 pm
coming closer and we see some sunshine over portions of san francisco and over portions of ocean beach we have fog in place of their. as far as the plan for today. temperatures 60s, 70s and 80s. hotspots no longer triple digits. it is still warm to hot in the warm up will kick into your fridays forecast. still low clouds and fog. a lot of cloud cover as we head into friday. friday night we bring in the chance of scattered showers or storms and the concern with this pattern and the energy moving in, we could have a thunderstorm that might not produce as much in the way of rainfall and lightning strikes would boost the fire danger and we are tracking that closely all weekend long. scattered showers into your saturday and sunday we start out the day with clouds. forecast high school closed.
12:51 pm
inland spots near the mid-90s. the cool down continues into friday. we are tracking scattered showers in the heat is moving out of town right now. disney world is preparing for the public. the big changes guests will notice if they plan on visiting the parks.
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12:54 pm
facemasks, temperature checks and limiting the number of people who can go inside stores. these are the precautions apple is now taking here and in the future. apples opening up 100 stores across the country this week including about one dozen right here in the bay area. "ktvu" as mrs. smith has that story. >>reporter: for the first time in two months since the coronavirus forced stores to
12:55 pm
close. they reopen wednesday with customers lining up at the door. >> i had not planned on coming here at all. it happened my phone died this afternoon. >> apple is now open for storefront pickup and tech support at the genius bar by appointment only. all visitors get the temperature checked. everyone must wear a face mask. if you don't have one apple will provide one. once inside the store distancing. not too difficult since the number of people allowed in is limited. >> i think the process is good. i feel safe. >> sanitation -wise was good. they had water out. you can't really ask for more. >> reopening the stores has been gradual following local health orders. in the bay area this map shows more than one dozen stores in green from santa rosa to los gatos that are back in
12:56 pm
business. >> i will say apple was responsible about closing their stores relatively early, both in china and the u.s. and other markets. >> tech analysts say like many companies apple sales have dipped. not too many people rushing to spend on electronics. as a tech leader other companies may look to apple for direction. >> i think other companies look to apple for guidance. i think it will be followed by other customers. >>reporter: the decision to reopen was not rushed and the store opening in no way means we won't take preventative steps of closing it again should local conditions warrant . as miss smith, ktvu kfox two news. disney world could soon be back open to the public presented its plant yesterday on july 11th their opening to
12:57 pm
opening the magic kingdom, animal kingdom, talk and other studios will be opened on the 15th. reservations are required and you will have to sanitize your hands before and after each ride. a parade and fireworks will be canceled and there will be no character meet and greets. a sign of the times that hercules high school. a special graduation ceremony held there today. the school held its first of its time graduation ceremony for its class of 2020. they had families watching from a safe distance in their vehicles. >> everything is disappointing but i like to look at the big picture of things. i am glad that my family and i are happy and healthy and saw all my fellow classmates are. even though we don't get a prompt we can have a party after the virus has gone.
12:58 pm
>> the school district initially planned a virtual only graduation until contra costa health department allowed for car-based gatherings. jhonas tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. for our first zip trip of the summer season. because of the pandemic, covid- 19, we cannot take the show on the road road. we had so much fun and i wish we could do it the same. we are doing something similar. we thought we would use this chance to talk about the power of the community during the pandemic. tomorrow's theme is education. we will talk with teachers about how they scramble to adjust to distance learning in a matter of hours and days and parents teaching their children at home. when i think about how lucky i am to be able to spend time with my very favorite human beings on the planet, i cannot complain there.
12:59 pm
the adjustment fell upon the students whose daily way of life changed overnight and they became the class of covid-19. join us tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. every talk about the changes we've experienced in our schools. a very special birthday is being celebrated today in walnut creek. peggy margaret is turning 100 years old. they gather to celebrate with her family and friends. a world war ii navy veteran and also attended the barbizon modeling agency ork city. she's volunteered for local hospitals and has been a member of the rotary of lafayette for over 20 years. happy birthday, peggy. it's noon time and our next newscast is coming up at 4:00
1:00 pm
p.m. doctor oz is next. every friday, a celebrity super fan takeover. this year, tia mowry. >> ding ding ding. dr. oz: and the winner is -- and tia is serving up her own oz approved desserts. plus, the science behind binge watching. coming up next. ♪ >> dr. oz! -- oz: what the


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