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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 29, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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speak on highway 101 in san jose. this is, of course part of a series of nationwide we want to talk now about the demonstrations happening across the country over the death of george floyd who died in police custody in minneapolis. demonstrations that are happening in other parts of the country. obviously you saw the situation had that unfolded last night in they march from san jose city hall starting around 2:00 this minneapolis. afternoon then they got on the freeway at east santa clara street and we have this group those demonstrations turned violent and destructive last night. many parts of that city are now on the freeway blocking lanes in ruins. of traffic on highway 101 in minnesota's governor deployed the national guard. santa clara. now there will be a curfew they been blocking them for enforced in minneapolis. more than 30 minutes there. the governor called this week one of the states darkest chapters. we're joined now with the latest developments. >> at this hour we are seeing large and growing polar tests similar to those in san jose across the country. the family of george floyd reacted to
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they want first-degree murder charges. the former minneapolis police officer seen on video kneeling on george floyd's neck taken into custody accused of murder. he is being charged with third- degree murder in the death of a black man. >> we have never charged a case in that kind of timeframe. we could only charge a case when we have sufficient evidence to prove the case without a reasonable doubt. >> floyd was nonresponsive for nearly 3 minutes before floyd was down. >> provide the order. they promised swift
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justice well standing for peaceful demonstration. >> i refuse to have it take away the attention of what we need to work on. fundamental racism that allows a man to be held down in broad daylight. >> after activists including al sharpton called for the rest and conviction of all four officers at the scene. floyd repeatedly said i can't breathe. >> we have a way to get justice. we are not asking for anything but what is right. >> we will use our platform i will use everything i have to get a conviction. it to get all these people in jail.
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i'm angry. >> president trump took to twitter writing thugs are dishonoring the memory of floyd. when the looting starts shooting starts. he tried to clarify later saying looting can lead to violence. >> it's time for us to take a hard look at the truths. it's time for us to face the deep open wound we have in this nation. we need justice for george floyd. now preliminary autopsy results were also released today. it said the combined results are being restrained by police officers, underlying health conditions amp attentional potential toxic conditions led tdeath. the family has vowed to get its
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own independent autopsy. showing a distrust for the police department. it's been a day of protest all across the country and across the bay area as well. joining us live from san francisco where a protest is scheduled to get underway any minute now. >> alex people are outraged round the bay area. going back to the live picture in san jose. that protest starting about 45 minutes ago with the protest that started in downtown san jose. protesters marching around and then marching up onto the 101 freeway. the 280 interchange locking the southbound lane. chp block the northbound lane because it's so danger to make
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people could not be injured by passing traffic in either direction. san jose police now blocking access to the on ramp trying to make sure more people don't try to drive on to that section of 101 south bound or that more protesters try to join the large group of protesters out there. there is several dozen there on 101. that's the south bound side just before you hit the 280 interchange to get the sense of where that is. there is no sense of when all of this will wrap up. we've seen police in the area but we have not seen officers or chp or san jose police moving into disperse the protest or try to arrest anyone that was there. you can see traffic backed up as well. hundreds of cars backed up trying to go southbound on 101.
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backup going quite a distance as those cars are simply stuck, unable to leave. we've seen protesters allowing a few vehicles to pass through the time. many of the vehicles simply stuck there where they are. protest here are said to get underway in san francisco. the bay area is preparing for more protests tonight and in the coming days. >> in san jose, hundreds of protesters marched around the downtown area and around city hall angered over the death of george floyd while he was in police custody. in downtown oakland, businesses began porting their windows beginning with the possibility that anger could be boil over and the damage of the city. the mayor said her office shares the frustration many feel after watching the officer
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neal on floyd's neck. the officer worked with public safety to make sure people could protest. >> we are not only aware of but planning for this. we understand the tensions within the community and we do stand with our community as we see the situation and the disturbing situation that has unfolded in minneapolis with the police department there. >> oakland's mayor speaking out on mornings on to sharing the anger and asking for peaceful protests. >> in oakland we will continue to facilitate peaceful protests. while we will not condone unlawful acts, i certainly understand where they are coming from and will absolutely continue to fight passionately for the feelings that are inspiring these protests. >> coming back to the live look at the freeway blocked in san
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jose. just to get you up to speed if you are joining us just now. southbound 101 close to the 280 interchange. protesters have marched out onto the freeway about 45 minutes ago. protesters angered over the death of george floyd. it is sparking outrage across the country and you are seeing that in the bay area. that happening right now as we speak in the san jose area. again there are some officers on scene. you take a look at that shot there are officers approaching the protesters at this point. there is no sense on exactly when both directions of 101 will be reopened. no sense someone those cars that are stuck in that holding pattern by those protesters will be allowed to pass. at this point we have not heard about arrests. police are in the area. we have not seen them starting to move up the ramp where they will
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either disperse the protesters or start arresting the protesters. meanwhile, all of this is on the backdrop of more expected protest. you have heard how oakland is preparing for protest right now in san francisco the marina district another protest getting underway, a car caravan. they will not disclose exactly where they were going. you can see there are clearly a lot of very strong feelings here in the bay area. even though it's 1000 miles away from minneapolis. lighting san francisco. fox 2 news. >> we are streaming the live pictures from sky fox right now.
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>> a lot to unpack this afternoon. is not clear yet if today's arrest or the mandatory curfew will tamper these protests somewhat. let's talk about all of this now with the legal at nellis michael cardoza. the officer has been arrested. what have you made about the charges against him? >> they brought the charges quickly. i know people were frustrated and want them to do it more quickly. they do have to do some investigation to be sure the charges they bring sticks. i'm not surprised at all. they did charge witz called in minnesota third-degree murder and a manslaughter charge against one of the officers. that leaves three others out there. prosecutors are trying to decide if they can prove the case against those three
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officers. those facts seem clear right now they have a relatively good shot to prove beyond a reasonable doubt those officers were conspiratorially involved with the officer kneeling. i'm not surprised at all that these charges were brought. michael, do you think this third-degree murder charge is the appropriate charge in this particular case? in minnesota is defined as killing a person without in fact having a danger to others. does that fit with what was on the video? when you step back as an ex- thatno journey jury
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would convict on first-degree murder. many situations they could not get a jury to agree. other juries have brought back lesser degrees of homicide. emotionally everyone says bring that first-degree. is difficult to get a jury to convict police officers. that's just the fact we have to face, no matter what the ethnicity of the juror. that's what those prosecutors have to look at. third-degree, to my mind, is appropriate, although i think the most you are going to get out of that is a 25 or 15 years top on it. 15 years in state prison, which does not seem like a lot but you are more likely to get that conviction. >> i want to go back to the
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fate of those other three officers. at least one of them is stated as saying hey maybe we should roll over floyd and put him on his back instead of his stomach, does that help at all? does that help that officer's case? >> is going to help, certainly mitigating and if the jury hears that, they will say you've got an officer out there. i think we all understand that blue loyalty that police officers have to each other. in this case three of them turn and think get your knee off his neck what are you doing? but they are afraid to say something because then that affects that career. but your personal feelings have to go beyond that. we have to reach deep as a police officer and say hey pal, what you are doing is wrong, get your knee off you will hurt him. a jury will look to that.
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they may be a little kinder to the officer that aid hose things. maybe we ought to roll him over on his back. now officers throughout the country know if you see this be more active and get involved, pull that guy often say what are you doing? that is the problem in police departments. i'm prosecuting the case now where the chief of police down in the valley is running the case. i'm talking to the da and young black men involved in the case. the das office is afraid of that. we don't want to dismiss these charges even though we think we should. das have to stand up to police departments even like chief of police do. in this case the officer had 18 complaints against him. i don't know how many were valid but i would imagine enough of those. there will be millions of dollars, that's where you look to the chief why is this guy on
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the street? >> legal analyst, we have to leave it there. we appreciate you coming on and offering your insight. we want to let our viewers know we are continuing to follow this developing situation on the south bay. live pictures from sky fox were portion of highway 101 is shut down right now in san jose were demonstrators have taken to the freeways here. they are protesting the death of george floyd in minneapolis. we continue to follow the breaking news and we will bring up dates.
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welcome back everyone to live coverage of the breaking news happening in san jose. now we can see the group of protesters is on the move as you take a look at the live pictures from sky fox.
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you can see the group of protesters is now on this overpass. traffic at this area is at a standstill. you see a large number of police here. they have blocked off this intersection. they are not going to allow any vehicles onto the roadway here. as you can see from these live pictures, the protesters are on the overpass and continuing to march. the traffic obviously, at standstill. this protests in response geor minneapolis who died in custody . we have reporting the officer seen in that video that outraged so many people with his knee on that neck. everything has been unfolding in minneapolis and they are taking their anger to the streets in san jose.
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near highway 101 i'm not sure which overpass this is but you can see a large number of police vehicles here. you can see a large number protesters. i'm being told this is near santa clara street. obviously if you are in san jose, avoid this area as protesters have taken over this particular section of santa clara street right near 101. they were marching on the overpass. now live pictures you can see they have all gathered at this intersection and are walking with signs. some of them have stopped. it appears they are approaching some of the police vehicles. i'm not sure if what if police are telling them to do at this point. they have literally taken over this intersection in san jose. >> this is a demonstration that began a short time ago a couple hours go at 2:00 this afternoon it began in city streets in downtown san jose. as we showed you earlier in the newscast, this group of
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protesters made their way onto highway 101 in san jose and santa clara street. it was a face-off between protesters on the freeway and law enforcement in that area. we see the scene has shifted once again and protesters on the move, blocking this intersection. we see a large number of police officers there on the ground. the word that we are getting from the chp down there in san jose is at this point there have been no arrests made by you law enforcement. obviously we are working to get more information from the san jose police department as well as the chp in the south bay. you see 100 people at least probably more protesting. we understand is the protesters walk down some of the city streets, there were folks that
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were hitting windows, smashing car doors etc. . that's the word from law enforcement. we'll wait to see the extent of damage that has been done in the city. again, the scene unfolding in san jose, live pictures from sky fox where large group of protesters have taken over this intersection. >> as we watch it appears as though the protesters are sort of stop at this intersection, mingling. we have seen a lot of police vehicles. it appears that officers are out of the vehicles but not quite sure what these protesters are being told, if they are being told, don't enter the freeway, dispersed, none of that is clear as we take a look at pictures from sky fox. what is clear is this is a significant number of people who have gathered at this
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intersection near santa clara street in san jose. they were earlier on the freeway and made their way on the on ramp and have now gathered here at the intersection. we have these lied live pictures with traffic going around. people have of the street as p make their presence known. we see this picture from a wider view, you see that police have positioned their vehicles to stop the protesters from getting back on the freeway. perhaps this is by design where these protesters have now gathered. officials don't want them back on the freeway as they were earlier when the protest began a few hours ago. >> obviously there's a lot of concern about safety for everyone involved when you are talking about having large groups of people on the freeways. cars traveling at high rate of speed and has the potential for
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devastating consequences. law enforcement would prefer that a demonstration like this is going to happen, not on the freeway. obviously, as we shown you with the map, you speak about highway 101 near santa clara street. that's where the freeway was shut down for a time. you have to imagine if you are out and about this afternoon. that area as we put the map back up, this area of highway 101 as you can see, slow traffic in both direction, approaching the scene. if you are in the south bay in trying to make your way around on the freeway system is a good idea to avoid this particular section of highway 101, even though the protesters as we see, have shifted and are now on surface streets. again, we are seeing the large gathering at this intersection. we have though word at this
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point, no arrests have been made or any altercations of any kind that have been taking place. this is a demonstration that started 2 1/2 hours ago on city streets in downtown san jose and again, things moved onto the freeway and there was a bit of a parked here. you see the squad cars parked here at the intersection where you have at least a couple hundred people who have gathered here again this is protesting the death of george floyd who died earlier this week while he was in police custody. again the officer seen on video pinning george floyd to the ground was arrested and charged with third-degree murder. >> as we continue to watch these live pictures unfold, what looks like now one side of the street. it appears th
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traffic is trying to get by on the other side. that might be what police are trying to do it lee's corel the protesters in one area. so they don't disrupt more lanes of traffic. right now we will bring in our south bay reporter. jesse you are very familiar with this particular area of san jose. talk about what you are seeing right now. >> i'm watching like everyone else, here on the television or online, this is santa clara street which is one of the main drags downtown in fact city hall is on santa clara street, maybe a mile or so back to the west. this looks like it is the eastbound side of santa clara as you approach the 101 freeway, which if you keep going east on santa clara, will take you into east san jose. the area where you see these people gathered, you have stores and shops and such, not too far from roosevelt park
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community center. it appears as though the chp is making sure they don't get back they have their cruisers parked the way they'd do to keep them off the freeway. that makes it more of a problem and it's also dangerous someone coming down the freeway not realize what's going on and hit somebody. i think that's what you are seeing. that's santa clara and as you go over the over past you go east on 101 below it. a lot of time you spend sorry alex i did not mean to interrupt you. i know you spend a lot of time talking with officials in san jose, do you know what the game plan is heading into this? would they protesters gather and then at some point asked them to disperse?
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or do you know how they might be approaching this? >> i know in the past, chief eddie garcia said he wants to have people to have the freedom and the room to express themselves with freedom of expression. however chp is the point agency because it does involve the freeway where people are moving from the streets onto the freeway. that's why chp is handling this. a want to let people have their say and as you can see people are moving away from the freeway and heading west on santa clara. i imagine they want people to be able to express themselves without being violent or destructive or dangerous in doing that. i think that's what the mindset of the chp top brass would be. express yourself, be outraged about the killing of mr. floyd,
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is one thing kinda burn down your own community because you are upset is something completely different. so it looks like chp is getting people to move through the opposite direction, away from the intersection and junction of santa clara and 101 south bound. >> that seems to be, jesse you are right from these pictures it seems like that's what the strategy is, trying to make sure this group does not get back onto the freeway. as you point out, that causes so much concern about public safety. it looks as though from these pictures we do have a number of police officers who are now out of their car forming a line and blocking the entrance to the freeway. are we getting any sense, jesse of the size of the crowd involved in this particular
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protest. obviously is fluctuating do we have a sense on that? >> we started out with a few hundred. but i don't know if it grew as folks made their way from downtown san jose towards the freeway, or not. i was covering something else when this started so i don't know how much is grown since then. i would say a couple of hundred and there is a concern from police you don't want a couple hundred to grow to 1000 and no way to manage the situation. i think that's why they have that line of officers to make sure no one gets out onto the freeway. again people are walking and you are headed westbound now, away from the freeway down towards downtown san jose. if i can i will try to give you more information while i listen to you.
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i can get more updated information. >> we can just recap for our viewers who might be tuning in. we are following breaking news is happening right now in the south bay. we have live pictures of the scene in downtown san jose where there are protests over the death of george floyd. he is the man that died in police custody in minneapolis early this week. we believe a couple hundred people are involved in this demonstration. they are angry over his death. they have taken to the streets. at one point at least a portion of this group was on the 101 freeway in the south bay. they have blocked both sides of the freeway for some time. we believe all the demonstrators have since left the freeway. authorities in the south bay doing their best to keep the group from getting back onto the freeway because of concerns for the public safety.
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this group was blocking one intersection at santa clara street in downtown area, i don't have the exact cross street, near 101. again this group is on the move and presumably you will have police officers tracking and following along to make sure everything remains peaceful. as far as we know things have remained peaceful. as far as we know there have been no arrests as a result of this protest. >> as chopper gives us a wider view, you can see right here where all of this began. now where some of the pro protesters have gathered. they went down to the intersection you've mentioned they've gathered with their signs. they stayed in that area for quite some time. you can see the line of vehicles, law enforcement vehicles blocking entry back onto the freeway.
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from this view, it appears that most of the protesters have now left that area. there might be a few sticking around. but it looks like they were moving back onto side streets and continuing to march back down to downtown san jose. >> obviously heather, this is just one of many protest taking place today all across the country. we saw the situation that unfolded in minneapolis last night where we saw one of the police stations there, one of the precincts in that city was set on fire and destroyed by fire last night in the midst of demonstrations over the death of george floyd. today we're seeing the series of demonstrations across the country and that includes a number of demonstrations happening in the bay area. obviously, sky foxes over this
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section of san jose right now. we have some details of protest happening in san francisco. we are expecting protests will be happening in oakland at some point coming up tonight. there are number of protest happening all across the country over the death of george floyd in minneapolis. sky fox giving us live pictures as the group of protesters, they appear to be on the move. they gathered at one intersection near highway 101 and now you have people involved in this protest moving through the streets. moving in between all the traffic that is out there on the streets. and when you see them making their way down this street, you don't really see any police involved here. you have to assume that police are in the vicinity, maybe up ahead, trying to control traffic and
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making sure no cards cars comes speeding down the road like this when you have demonstrators marching down the middle of the street. obviously the goal for police is to protect public safety and make sure no one gets hurt in this demonstration. that's part of the reason there was a big effort we saw from law enforcement to try to make sure this group of protesters could not get back onto the freeway. again, this protest on the move in san jose. of the last word we have this group was on santa clara street in downtown area after leaving highway 101, there was a face- off with the officers in the middle of the freeway and that shut down traffic for a time. there is understanding that the traffic should be moving once again on highway 101 although you may have residual slowing in that area. >> it appears as though whenever there was that standoff on highway 101, law
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enforcement and did not make any arrests. at some point they were dispersed and as you mentioned they decided to make a move and him move on to the overpass and that intersection where they had gathered for a brief time. you are looking at pictures from sky fox it's hard to track this group now. some of gone in one direction and other protesters in another direction. it's unclear what the demonstrators have planned next. obviously they wanted to make their point and felt like the way they wanted to do that this afternoon in san jose was to get on the freeway. law enforcement concerned about the protesters safety as well as the safety of drivers in that area. we will not allow them to be on the freeway for an extended period of time. at that point we saw those demonstrators moving out of
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that area and again gathering at the intersection. clearly, a big presence of chp vehicles at the intersection to stop the protesters from getting back on the freeway. that was the main goal to make sure protesters stayed on city streets and not get ckth freeway, obviously putting themselves at risk. again ing in the street. some of the traffic in this area at a standstill as protesters voice their displeasure's for what happened in minneapolis. we have not heard of any arrests again. not sure what the next plan is, the next part of the protest is for the demonstration. >> is one of the big questions i want to bring back in south bay reporter joining us on the
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phone. i understand your heading towards the scene of this demonstration in gathering more information on exactly what is taking place in the protest and what the police response is and what are you learning? >> i talked to police chief, eddie garcia, they said they want people to be able to vent and express themselves as i had speculated earlier. however, the chief was adamant saying we will not tolerate property destruction or violence. they will not tolerate property destruction or violence. he said he will allow them to continue to do what they are doing for a time. he wouldn't commit to it time limit but he said they can continue for a while. he said if it becomes violent and there's property destruction or acts of violence, police will move in.
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right now you can see the demonstrators who are moving, continuing to move west towards downtown san jose along santa clara. they are moving away from the freeway and it looks like they've got traffic back up and running on 101. >> it's interesting to point out what we saw across the country in response to the death of george floyd. and the action seen on that video of the officer who has since been arrested. we saw a number of police chiefs across the nation come out and condemn immediately the actions of the officer in this case including chief eddie garcia. you've had a chance to talk with him about the case. he feels very strongly that police officers cannot allow something like this to happen. he feels like it's almost a step back in some ways. in terms of police community
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relations. >> that's very true and what you are saying segues into a story i work on today. a little less than an hour. chief garcia is trying to use what happened with the former minnesota police officer, chauvin, with him allegedly murdering mr. floyd. trying to use that as a teaching tool for the current class, class number 37. or its the academy. he met with cadets today and he showed them the video, he showed them all of it in its entirety to drive the point home and we talked, once again we talked about how this training you will never get rid of violence we are all human beings. the idea is to not let your bias
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override your ability to do your job. he said that and you will hear that coming up later today. chief garcia came out strongly against that but more than this he's trying to use it as a training tool. i believe he said when he was first on the force or not too long on the force is when you had the rodney king beatings in southern california and the riots down there. and the wave of negative feelings about police around the country because of that. so the chief said he wished someone had taken the opportunity to help him understand exactly what are you getting into and why people have these feelings towards the police. that's what he's trying to do
4:41 pm
with this current crop of cadets , i'm not trying to scare you out of a job but this is the environment you are waiting into . you need to understand that when you are out on the beat and you are met with negative comments and views by people. this is why people are upset. we are saying there is some violence that has taken place on the freeway. i think that's why they wanted people off the freeway. people are vandalizing storefronts in businesses and homes, that enment will move in you can defend and express that but that's different from vandalizing someone's home or business or vehicle. >> yes jesse we appreciate the
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up date from police chief, eddie garcia in the south bay. he will let the demonstration play out peacefully. he is only asking there not be destruction or violence in the south bay. we should let our viewers know it what you're looking at on the right-hand side of the screen is new videos you got from the ground of this demonstration you are seeing a short time ago, there were folks who were smashing car windows on highway 101. it looks as though there were some drivers stuck in the backup getting out and confronting the protesters who were blocking traffic. obviously very tense situation unfolding on highway 101 in the south bay here. as we are watching the demonstration over the death of george floyd in minneapolis play out in san jose.
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and again as we have talked about this is one of many protests happening across the country and across the bay area today. >> what every police department all three big cities are bracing for protests. people in san francisco also expecting protesters. i want to touch on what jesse was saying in regards to san jose police chief, eddie garcia , highlighting the video as a way to train his new officers and telling them these types of incidents are in fact the reason why particular communities of color lack a lot of trust in law enforcement. it's a reality and another example of why that is and we have to work just as hard. that's what chief, eddie garcia is trying to drive home now to those cadets that are in the academy, using this is a teaching moment. as our reporter in the south bay said after having a conversation with the chief a
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few moments ago, chief garcia is going to allow people to voice their frustration, displeasure, anger and disgust at what has happened in minneapolis, at the same time he's not going to be willing to accept any sort of violence in his city. as we know these protesters are on the move. as we take a look at some of the live pictures, the crowd, seems to be much smaller than it was earlier in the day when the protest began. they are taking over some of the streets downtown not far from the freeway onramp where they first marched onto and took over the overpass, the intersection and are continuing on the city streets. as i say is i'm looking at the pictures from sky fox it appears the crowd has thinned out and it's not quite certain or i'm not quite certain where exactly they are heading and what the next move is, if they
4:45 pm
are planning on demonstrating in a particular spot in downtown san jose, or feel like they have made their voices heard by getting on the freeway and continuing on with this march. i will say that the chp came on rather quickly, let the demonstrators have a moment on the freeway but it was a priority number one to get them off the freeway as soon as possible in a safe manner without any of the demonstrators being injured or anyone in the vehicle who might be stuck in the backup. they don't want those individuals hurt as well. we are reporting some tension among the demonstrators and drivers stuck in the backup. smashing car windows and confronting the drivers and the drivers confronting the demonstrators. obviously there was a lot of frustration in what was going on. that's what we are seeing
4:46 pm
playing out in san jose. we are at least an hour into the protest that started not too far from 101. that's where the demonstrators were able to get ontoayed there little while, held up traffic and then they continued marching and that's what we see here, not quite certain what the endgame is and where they are hoping to all meet up again as part of the plan. they are confirmed that san jose police are keeping a close eye on the protesters. also keeping annette arm's- length as well, giving them their space and their opportunity and voice their frustration and not going to tolerate any kind of destruction or violence. >> there is anger and outrage here in the bay area and across the country to this video we saw earlier this week. a police officer there in minneapolis,
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holding his knee down on george floyd's neck for several minutes. and again, george floyd died in police custody and earlier on today a huge development in that case is that authorities in minneapolis said they had arrested the officer who was seen on that video and he was taken into custody on suspicion of third-degree murder and manslaughter. still this afternoon, we are seeing that anger and the frustration over what took place in minneapolis. it spilling out into the streets in san jose in cities all across the country. a couple hundred people are marching and protesting in the south bay. for short time they made their way onto highway 101 in san jose. there was a face off with chp officers on the freeway.
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eventually officers were able to get the group off the freeway and the last check we believe the traffic should be flowing once again on highway 101 on the south bay. there is some residual slowing that could be happening. again you see the live pictures from sky fox and we have protesters on the move and last check we have they are moving down santa clara street. as heather pointed out we don't know exactly where this group might be headed right now. you can see here they are walking down the middle of the street, obviously there's a fair amount of traffic in this area. you can imagine, even though you don't see in this shot that we have police officers, chp officers, as well as the santa clara county sheriff's office as well, all of these law enforcement agencies involved in trying to keep an eye on this demonstration, trying to make sure things remain peaceful. the last word we got from
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authorities as there have been no arrests made even as protesters made their way onto the freeway just a short time ago. >> again we had reports that protesters were smashing windows. we are waiting on word from authorities as to what exactly develop at this demonstration. right now the main priority is keeping demonstrators safe and traffic flowing in this area as best as officials can. it's not an unruly crowd that it is a crowd that has now separated and gone in different directions so not as easy for law enforcement to keep an eye on and protect and make sure they are safe and those around them are safe. they have moved onto city streets and are in the middle of the streets, blocking traffic, coming together and standing and
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continuing onto march down what appears to be santa clara street , not far from where they were able to get on the 101 overpass. again, this is something we are seeing playing out across the country. there are more protests planned in the bay area. a lot of frustration and anger over what has happened in minneapolis and people feeling they need to take to the streets and have their voices heard over what has transpired. i'm interested to hear from some of them in regard to today's big news and that is the arrest of the officer seen in the video and how they feel about the arrest and charges against them. we are waiting for the three other officers involved in the incident also charge. as of now no charges against the three individuals. no charges yet. they are continuing to investigate. they felt like it was most important thing was for them to go ahead and make that one arrest of the
4:51 pm
person scene, the officer seen in the video with his knee on george boyd's neck. this is the quickest arrest they've ever made of a police officer in an incident like this. there may be a lot of frustration among community members about how long it took from the time of this incident, prosecutors making it clear this was one of the quickest arrest of a police officer in a case like this. the investigation will continue and the frustration will continue in this case. it has obviously stirred up a lot of emotion, anger, not only in minneapolis but across the country and hear the bay area as we are seeing with this demonstration that continues in downtown san jose. again, the police chief saying he is going to be respectful of the demonstrators essentially, as long as they are respectful of his city.
4:52 pm
and no violence, no destruction will be allowed to march. they will be allowed to make their statement that things will come to an end if there is violence or destruction. to chief, eddie garcia, making that clear. that is not what the chief of police in san jose is going to tolerate at all. by the same token, we talked about this already. to chief garcia, chief of san jose police department, he himself was extremely outraged and he came out strongly to condemn the actions of the officers seen on this video. he was deeply troubled by what it all meant for the relationship between the police departments and the communities, particularly communities of color in this country. he came out strongly to say that he wants to facilitate the demonstration and he's hoping that things will remain peaceful
4:53 pm
. at the same time, as you are seeing this video we have from the 101 freeway a short time ago, some of the protesters, clearly, made their way onto the freeway and there was damage done to some of the cars. we also saw some heated confrontations between some of the demonstrators and some of the drivers who were obviously stuck in this backup. you can imagine felt frustrated as well. things got very tense on the freeway as traffic came to a standstill early this afternoon. the good news in all this is we are not hearing about any arrest. we don't have any reports of injuries at this point. we are thankful for that and we hope that remains the case. we should also point out, at a certain point, chp officers, law enforcement officers, were able to get this group of protesters off of highway 101 there in san jose. obviously it's a dangerous situation. you have a large group like
4:54 pm
this on the freeway, traffic speeding by a potential for somebody to get badly hurt. it's so real. that's not what police want but that's what law enforcement in south bay is doing everything they can to allow this group of protesters to ask russ there anger and outrage. >> i think it's really telling when you see this group move from the freeway onto the overpass onto the intersection and now from the pictures i'm able to see i see them gathering outside what looks like city hall. it appears this demonstration is not over yet. they are going to continue gather there, they will continue to let their message be heard. although it does not seem to be as large a crowd as it was earlier today. i'm guessing that some of those folks have gone along the march
4:55 pm
in this area. what started on the freeway and moved to the overpass and the intersection down city streets seems to be culminating outside san jose city hall. the police chief there in san jose telling us they are going to do everything they can to make sure the protests are peaceful. they will allow the demonstrators a chance to share their message and voice their frustration. again, emphasizing the need for everyone to remain calm and remain peaceful. that has been echoed by other officials throughout the bay area. they know the situation, they know the frustration. they sense the anger and they want to allow these protests to happen, but at the same time, especially as we are in the midst of this pandemic when there's already so much economic frustration and uncertainty, they don't want any further violence to impact, let's say, small businesses or any other people in their
4:56 pm
cities and counties. they do want to make sure these demonstrators are heard. >> you talked about the big news today, there arrest of the officer from the video might sit with demonstrators. you have to imagine there would be some satisfaction and you can take some solace that there is a arrest made. at the same time many of the folks who are out on the streets right now, some may be asking themselves why there is not a more serious charge brought against the officer. at the same time there is the question of we were discussing this with our legal analyst earlier, michael cardoza, talking about when or if there may be charges for the other officers who were involved in
4:57 pm
that arrest and involved ultimately in the death of george floyd. a lot of lingering questions and you have to imagine those are some of the questions people gathering for this demonstration in san jose are asking themselves and asking other officials, they want those answers. the anger and the frustration across this country is palpable right now. again, we are seeing protests in cities nationwide and we are seeing them in all of the major cities here in the bay area. this demonstration in san jose, you just said, it appears to be outside of san jose city hall and at the same time we have a demonstration to get underway in san francisco, we are monitoring that situation as well as the protests that will happen in oakland. all of this to express outrage over the death of george floyd in
4:58 pm
minneapolis. >> as we continue to watch what's happening here in san jose, obviously, other bay area officials are monitoring this as well. everyone wanting the opportunity for those demonstrators to have a chance to voice their frustrations but also remain peaceful. that's what we hope happens in san jose. we will stay on top of this developing news in san jose. news at five starts right now. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> derek chauvin has been charged with murder and manslaughter. >> one officer under arrest for the murder of george floyd. to minnesota's governor calling this week one of the darkest chapters in minnesota history. protests spreading to the bay area and oakland. businesses spending the day
4:59 pm
preparing for all this. thank you for joining us as our continuous coverage continues. we want to get right to the breaking news. this is happening down in the south bay in the last hour. protesters blocking the highway 101 in san jose. we have sky fox over san jose right now. alive images coming to you from downtown san jose. the protest started around 2:00 this afternoon and ended on the freeway and in the last hour, the protesters about 100 or so at least have made their way to downtown san jose. this is right in front of city hall. at one point the protesters were on highway 101, they were smashing windows on cars that were trapped. they have since left the freeway and now gathered at intersection in san jose. we have seen a heavy police previn presence on city streets and trying to make sure
5:00 pm
everything remains peaceful so far. we've been watching this going on for not our now. we want to show you a video from about an hour ago. watch this. >> along 101, crews blocking traffic and then this,


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