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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 29, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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protests and rallies and marches happening from coast-to- coast. on the left is the scene from minneapolis. right now the time is 8:00 and a mandatory nighttime curfew is underway. it bands travel on public streets in an attempt to curtail violent protest that we've seen. on the right side of the screen is video over protest that we followed in san jose this afternoon. >> we can see nothing like what we've seen across the country. this appears to be a demonstration you saw folks holding up signs and there have been some tense moments. people have fired tear grasse c you see the video on highway 101 where the protest started. there was a confrontation with demonstrators where they broke
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out of vehicle window. you see police continuing with some unrest. it appears that they fire some teargas. we see some people detained at this point at least two that we caught on video that had scrimmages with police. we are not sure what happened to them at this point. police continue to hold the line. this is our san jose bureau in downtown santa clara. live look right now of the coverage of the protest happening in san jose. we do have protests scheduled as well. we will have much more on those the viewers hear this round look. the camera on the ground shows one person being detained by police officers in san jose. this is a second person we've
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seen being taken away and detained. we saw one earlier a person i don't know if it was a man or woman but they were in the crowd and at one point they were tackled to the ground by at least two or three officers. then picked up and walked away from the rest of the group. now you can see the camera was on him a few seconds ago, he was also detained as well. at least two people detained. you can see officers raising a weapon almost raising a weapon towards the person. we have not seen things turn to violent as of yet. we have seen teargas dispersed into the crowd. at some point the crowd seems to be calm and peaceful. they are shouting and holding up signs. of the other point you see crowds dispersed and run when the teargas is fired. it's a very fluid situation and a very chaotic situation for people on the ground. you can see the protesters
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raising their hand to the air in front of the police line to get people some perspective. this is downtown san jose in santa clara and 10th street. you can see the media is in there as well is a try to record what is happening. people have their cell phones out as well. trying to capture anything that will happen in any type of confrontation with protesters and the police officers. >> again, we've seen the moments in the protest. we saw one police officer in san jose engaging in terms of a verbal discussion it seemed like an intense discussion. he was engaging in discussions with folks. these are members of the community as well. san jose chief, eddie garcia and other law enforcement officers in the bay area condemned what happened with floyd and his passing and his death. now we see the officer involved
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was charged. all across the country there are protests. denver, we had hundreds of protesters. that one, shut down bus and rail service. we have not heard of that happening here in this area. we did see protests around different parts of the country. it got a bit chaotic. minneapolis of course in the last three days. we are watching here again, police and demonstrators, some getting very verbal. nothing we have not seen in previous demonstrations. we see skirmishes breakout as we walk in. at least two women were being detained and another person was being detained after they lunged at an officer. the mayor said they want folks to be able to have their voices heard and that's what some
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people are doing. hands up and signs in the air. something familiar we've seen and pass protests around the country when people are demonstrating against violence against african-american and minority groups you see folks holding signs and you see some engaging with the police officers. once in a while you will see some tear grass gas into the crowd. some folks are causing more of an issue they are doing more according to the mayor, they are causing issues that are causing police to act. in the larger picture here, police are in the position they are in to keep the demonstration peaceful. they do not want violence. >> you are mentioning sam ricardo, the mayor, will he spoke with us for some time talking about what's unfolding
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in his city. he said he wants people to exercise their first amendment right and he understands the need to protest but when things turn violent, police officers will step in. they don't want things to turn violent tonight or into the weekend. we also asked him about his thoughts about the death of george floyd and officer, derek chauvin have been charged with third-degree murder. the mayor said he was a former prosecutor in this was the right move to make in this case. he understands the anger and the fact that people are upset in the community. this is something that should not have happened. george floyd should still be with us today. when we heard from the mayor he was understanding and sympathetic to the protest but he wants to make a point to say they want these protests to remain peaceful, if they turn violent, the police will step in and have to deploy teargas. what we've seen so far things have been peaceful.
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only a few people a pain detained. is not just san jose police, the sheriff's office is also stepping him. they have a bunch of resources on the ground called him. they were first called from the california highway patrol. chp called them this afternoon when the protest started on the freeway on highway 101 in san jose when the group of protesters started to block cars. is been 100 people in we see the crowd grow over the past two hours as we enter into the 6:00 hour. this has been going on and people are protesting in san jose. as we mentioned at the top of the hour, there is a curfew in effect in minneapolis to curtail the unrest there. what we are seeing in san jose is the tip of the iceberg of protests that we are seeing across the country. >> i want to say with the mayor
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tweeted after conversation on the 5:00 news. san jose police will take a measured approach. the mayor said on his twitter page two facilitate peaceful protest at but there will be no tolerance of violence. a peaceful protest will also be a peaceful response but violence will never be. he talked about his sadness over george floyd's unfortunate death. the mayor letting residents know that he understands what happened is certainly wrong. he understands that san jose police chief, eddie garcia said a few days ago that denounced the law enforcement officials and announced and denounced
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what happened to george floyd. >> we have seen small moments breakout in which police have used teargas canisters. it started at 101, alum rock area. seems like a couple hundred people taking part in demonstrations as we speak. you see people with bullhorns, they are holding their signs and holding their hands up and declaring hands up don't shoot or hands up i can't breathe. it looks like gas canisters. >> police are now moving and. someone on the ground. they appear to be okay not quite sure it seems like protesters are taking him back in trying to protect them from the police officers who moved in. some type of action is being made and you can see teargas is
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being deployed at the crowd. protesters are yelling and shouting at the police officers. police officers are responding with teargas. >> to be clear what we are told earlier, they only use these measures if they were attacked or an act of violence is committed. if that's the case, we are right there and police are firing the teargas canisters. someone might have been throwing something at them for someone responding in that way. we can't tell what has happened but we have seen obviously we have been covering this for the last hour and 15 minutes or we've been on the air since 4:00. we've seen a traffic cone, water bottles and several things tossed at police officers. they are trying to hold the line and make sure the protest day peaceful. putting your hands up i can't breathe, that's part of the
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demonstrations i have. law enforcement is watching out for the this. people throwing more things of the police officers. police officers might be prompted to use tear gas to disperse the crowd. we have people that are holding their signs up and then you have people throwing things at police officers. we don't want to see people fire teargas into the crowd. >> if this point we have not seen any type of damage to any businesses. we haven't seen damage to small businesses. we are just seeing what we have seen here, police officers are trying to move in and keep the crowds back. in terms of major property damage we have not seen, fires we have not seen. we saw a car have its window broken out. that's the extent
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of the damage we've seen so far. we have the mayor from san jose joining us on the phone. mayor thank you for joining us in this next hour. tell us about the dynamics that has now changed from the last hour to now as you see police move in and control the crowd here. >> the police are trying to push them west along santa clara street to disperse the crowd. so we don't have so many people gathered in one space. obviously that reduces the risk of a violent outburst. >> mayor do you have a sense of how many are arrests have been made? >> i don't have a good number for you. i know it's been several. and we've also had one one of the police officers that has been hurt and being treated now. >> have you been able to speak to chief,
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has he told you about what has happened here? >> chief garcia has told me he's doing everything he can to take a measured approach. they don't want to provoke a violent reaction. but they do need to disperse the crowd. that's why they issued the unlawful assembly order there have been some damage to the city and violent outbursts. that's when we need to take a no tolerance approach which is disperse the crowd and help them get home safety. >> go ahead andre. >> all the protesters are they trying to get them to leave the area is that what you are saying? >> yes absolutely. every one of these officers want to go home to their families safely and the protesters want to go home safely. i think everyone agreed we have the same goal.
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we will be able to get there and i should add everyone of the individuals probably share the same outrage over the atrocity in minneapolis. >> can you give us a sense of the crowd is it diminishing? it looks like it's getting smaller. is seems dispersed, we can't tell if the crowd has grown from what we saw on the highway or if it is getting smaller. >> is seems smaller, base what i've seen. we had peaceful protest at city hall with a larger number of people that were assembled. that would appear that it's a relatively small number i would guess, no more than 50 that are there on santa clara street that have a confrontational posture with the police. they are trying to make sure they stay calm and cool so we can go home safely. >> the police department across
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the country, have taken different approaches with connecting to their community. you mentioned earlier during ne there is another layer here of making sure the community understands what the police are doing and vice versa. can you explain what the police department have done to help both sides be on the same page? >> the police chief is very deeply committed to ensuring that communities have long felt abused and neglected by the police or targeted by the police. those communities that he reaches out to personally. i know everyone on the city council feel the same way. we want this to be a single city that recognizes a critical place that keeps us all safe.
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it helps us have coffees in cafes and encourage folks to come out and engage in have those difficult conversations and pose tough questions. we have an ice cream truck that shows police officers in a good different light. so it shows they are here to help. there's scrutiny and accountability. extraordinary measures have been taken across the country. body cameras and we released support and youth support arrests have been declining. this is something we take seriously. we de-escalate violence this is not something they take up an occasional episode in the country this has been ingrained
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in the culture over the last several years. it's something that the chief is deeply committed to. >> you would say this department has definitely focused on the issues that have really bothered many parts of the country in terms of relationship with minorities. you say this department as a whole it in the city has a concerted effort to make sure this is a situation where both parties understand each other. >> certainly. we will keep taking those every measure we possibly can to continue to reach out. the reality is the issues of race and policing and injustice are not going to go away. this is something we have to work at every single day. obviously we will see these kinds of confrontations. we know this is part of the natural outrage that is expressed when you see and
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injustice of the kind we see in minneapolis. this is something we need to let people express the outrage and allowed the feeling and hopefully a lot of learning. >> mayor, can you give us the sense at the start of your call that there have been several people that have been arrested in one officer has been hurt. you know if the people that have been arrested have been hurt as well and what was the nature of the officer being heard? >> i don't. i have not seen any ambulances or firetrucks that would help someone that was hurt. i have not seen anything visibly along santa clara street. i don't have good intelligence right now because as you imagine the situation is changing very quickly. >> at this point you don't know the officer who is injured if they were taken to a hospital or if it was an injury. >> the officer was taken to
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valley medical center and being treated. >> mayor let me ask you a question. we can show these pictures and talk about situations. that's why i tried to talk on the subject of we've seen the outreach from the police departments around the country where you describe what happens in the san jose police department. to do think it's enough to ask as you watch what happens in minneapolis and what's happened here, is this enough or if so or if not what else would you do ? >> is obviously not enough. we got a lot more to do. the struggle our nation has had it is not gonna go away despite good intentions from many of us. it reflects centuries of injustice. is going to take all of us to
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be determined to ensure when there is injustice, we speak up about it. and we do everything we can to end it. hopefully we can do that in a way that's nonviolent. i know it's disappointing today to see that some of the protest has taken the wrong turn. most of the protesters are out there expressing themselves in a way that frankly, reflects the outrage that the entire community feels. >> what would you say, mayor, two people who are upset by the type of damage and violence that they see for example, if things turn violent tonight and businesses get damaged vandalized, what would the message be to the public? >> we hope that certainly not going to be the case. the officers seem to be doing a good job right now to de- escalate the situation. the crowd is getting smaller and smaller and most of them
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are dispersing. i think the important message for everyone here in the days ahead is to recognize we are all on the same team. there is not an officer on this police department the does not feel the outrage that all the members of the community feel when they see the awful video on the horrible death of george floyd. and no officer in this department ever wants to see that happen ever again in the united states. >> people will tell you that they see this happen time and time again. one thing that i know of, they want to make sure something is being done the conversations are being had. a lot of time these protests happen because they don't feel their community is being looked after. it took several days to arrest this police officer. the conversation is what's important . moving past the conversation
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and the action as well. what do you as a city leader plan to do after all is said and done with your colleague or do you have a plan in mind and what you can learn from this. >> there's a lot of actions we are taking now that we need to continue. in november we will go to the ballot to expand the authority of the police officer. >> can you talk more about that ? >> there have been limitations of the authority place when office was created back in the 90s over their ability to review cases, for example. we've been in engagement with the police officers and the union and everyone and i think everyone agrees, this is not right, we need to assure there's more accountability and transparency. we want to make sure they have the full scope to review the cases and review problematic investigations to light.
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to make sure police are doing as good a job as possible policing themselves. we are going to make sure his publicly vetted. we look at what this chief has done in implementing new kinds of training around policing focusing on all the hidden bias that each one of us have and de- escalation of violence that's all happening at the lease academy level. repeatedly throughout the officers career. and also ensuring we are doing a better job reporting as we did several years ago we show every day intention of every individual, no matter how brief recorded. age, every aspect of the individual is detained. and that is reported and outside auditors and experts are looking at the data and trying to understand how are we
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doing and are we policing fairly and constitutionally? inviting the scrutiny of outsiders in and ensure everyone in the public can see the data. those are the kinds of steps we need to push forward. >> are you proud of the progress we have made so far when it comes to police brutality or in terms of the training and attack etc. used every day? >> absolutely. we've got a lot of work to do, this is not a perfect department. we will have those days when we are all going to wish it had been done differently. the reality of what we have seen is a decline in the use of force over the last couple of years. that is the result in a very intentional strategy for the entire department. it's a result of training and a result of more scrutiny. i know these are officers who want to do right by the
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community. that's why they are serving. and they are human. we need to remember both. >> i was just saying, the protest right in front of city hall at the moment here as we watch what's happening. do you know, we see people on the balcony at city hall building do you know how they got up there? i thought that would be closed by now. >> there may be city employees on the balcony. some don't feel safe to go to their cars. the garages on the other side of the protest. so they are probably hanging out. >> mayor, a final message for the people of your city who are watching this unfold. we know that there are people that are concerned about their property.
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we know people are concerned about police brutality and injustice. it's not a black and white line. you can support both sides here . i want to know what you think your final message is for your residence. >> we've shown such extraordinary characters over the last several months how we've come together and volunteers have stepped up to distribute food. i would hate to lose that. because of an incident where one or two people simply step over the line. i think you need to recognize we all share this outrage for the horrible injustice of minneapolis. will get through this when we recognize we all share those values. >> mayor sam ricardo. a thank you so much. we are
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watching police trying to disperse the crowd now in front of city hall. we go on now for a few hours, we have watch this unfold. this was a clear and unlawful assembly by the way, because a police cruiser was damaged during the protest. that is when police started making sure the crowd here is dispersed and that's what they are trying to do now. we have a live shot another angle of what we are seeing here. we are switching to cameras. many people holding up their sign with hands up don't shoot. we have seen similar protests around the country in which black or brown people, their lives were lost during an altar can the altercation with a police officer. in this case an officer was charged in the death of george
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floyd. right now part of this protest along highway 101 and then proceeded to the streets of downtown san jose. >> sadly we have seen over and over again these images where protesters take to the street because of racial injustice and police brutality. we've seen people in a line standing up to police. i'm not quite sure what is happening it seems the crowd was going in towards one of the buildings. can't figure out what exactly is happening in the crowd. we have seen the crowd become more vocal. it appears they are shaking the fence of the building that appears to be under construction across from city hall. construction workers are trying to get them to get back. a fire hydrant is now being sprayed into the crowd. these are images we have not
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happened in terms of a fire hydrant. we see teargas being dispersed into the crowd. i will say that we have seen this crowd in a very fluid and dynamic situation. we mentioned earlier on the highway downtown city streets. the mayor said he believed the crowd is dispersing. it looks a lot smaller than what it was on the highway. i'm not sure, because we don't have the vantage of sky fox. at least 100 people were there. police have launched water bottles at police officers. now several people have been arrested and one police officer that was being taken to the valley medical center the nature of his injury is unclear. anyone arrested was hurt during the arrest. we saw one person being tackled to the ground and taken away in
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handcuffs we've also seen an officer that had a number of zip ties on their body ready in case they have to make any arrests or if they're going to detain a large number people. this is what we've seen so far in downtown san jose. the line is holding strong. a line of people holding their signs, but in their fists up, compared to what we saw an hour ago when they were kneeling on the ground. it appears for the most part, things have been peaceful and san jose. we do see short bursts when people throw things at police officers. someone got a hold of a fire extinguisher we are not clear if he got it at a construction site. the new high-rise it's going up around city hall. that's where jesse works out of and other folks work in that area as well. so we don't know what happened in that situation yet.
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those brief spurts of violence is essentially what we see. another altercation. we are not sure what happened in that situation. that spurred a little act of violence that prompted police to fire tear graphs. a couple hundred is what the report said. we think the crowd is getting smaller. is a fluid situation as you might imagine. is been going on for a couple of hours. we are trying to stay in touch with the right folks and get the right information and see what's happened here. we have seen police make advancements and pushing the protest. we have started at 5:00. it's making its way further downtown in san jose. >> what we're seeing here is protester who is been taken to the ground and now being
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detained by police. it appears our camera was just on them maybe moving back at the request of police officers who have to move a trashcan out of the way to make the detainment they had the person to the ground. 2 to 3 officers on that person as the arrest was made. we see people are standing strong in that line. police of advance a couple steps forward when there was an altercation a few moments ago. we have seen off and on teargas has been around these people. a lot of yelling. people are being very vocal about police brutality and racial injustice so far in this country. is something we have seen here in the bay area, not just in minneapolis. protest happening all across the country. we have a crew on the ground. we appear we have jesse who is getting ready to give us an at
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date. i'm not sure if they are ready to go. we will get to him. >> keep talking for little bit while we get ready. >> as he does get ready we will say he is very knowledgeable in terms of san jose community in fact this is something that's very unique. i should say not unique not unique to the south bay this is happening across the bay area. here we go with the fluid situation. to jesse as part of a group that is now being dispersed by teargas bombs being dispersed into the crowd. >> jesse can you hear us? >> go ahead. >> jesse is dealing with the teargas fire. into the crowd. he is obviously in the middle of it and has to deal with that situation right now. we will show you the video earlier today when we were
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following the crowd as it started around 7:00. this was clear unlawful assembly that's when they tried to disperse the crowd. a moment ago we sell the crowd turn a little bit. at least our cameras are in the middle of it so we see more. that might be the more involved we've seen and our reporter, jesse was there. he works less than a block so he knows the city very well. we were hoping to talk to him and get his perspective about what was happening right in front of city hall. we saw teargas fired into the crowd. were not sure what the altercation was. police were holding their batons up as the crowd gets in front of them, raises her hand, raises her signs, the crowd chance and police are holding the line. then if something is thrown at officers that's when you see officers armed with tear gas launch and fired at the person
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who has thrown it at police officers. it could be water bottles. you seen shrapnel as well. officers are responding to those acts where they are targeted and things are thrown at them or as we saw earlier, we saw one demonstrator taken down when a protester comes at them. it looks like that's what happened at the 5:00 hour. we saw officers take a guide down. he went towards the officers and several officers took him to the ground. several people have been arrested. we saw one moment ago an officer was hurt he was taken to valley medical center. we're not sure the extent of his energy injuries. everyone wants to go home safety . demonstrators are making sure
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that they are announcing the state of affairs when it comes to police brutality. that came when an officer put his knee on the neck of george floyd and caused him to die. he was arrested several days after the crime and the killing in public. that's what the demonstrators are demonstrating against right now. we've seen it time it time again in the country, a couple different times. this is boiling over when things are not done or a police officer is not taken to task. we've seen colin kaepernick for instance, talking about police brutality. that's an extension of the underlying issue here which launched the protest here in san jose and in minneapolis as
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well. there motive is they do not want to see this happen again to another black or brown person across the country. that is what's happened over the last several years that's was led to protest. the police are trying to push the crowd back. we have seen in downtown san jose, santa clara street. restaurants obviously not open that many are close for the pandemic right now. >> we are waiting for the crews to get to a safe spot, we can see them being hit with the teargas. they are trying to get to a safe location where they can broadcast to us. this is right in the middle of everything. as you know this is a fluid situation. we've seen the crowd peaceful one moment and then disperse and get loud and rowdy the next. for the most part, people here you are mentioning this in response to george floyd's death
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. you want to mention the prosecutor and district attorney in minnesota was the first one to come out today yes we have made a decision to charge the officer involved here, derek chauvin and lesson four days later is the fastest time they have decided to charge an officer. usually things like this take nine months or more because of all the investigation they goes into an officer involved death or in person or in custody death . they have the evidence, they have video and they were waiting for some final pieces of evidence to come in overnight. they have what they needed today to be able to say we are going to be charging derek chauvin with third-degree murder and manslaughter. now the question is will the other officers be charged as well? the family is calling for all the officers to be charged.
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a criminal complaint filed today there was a recommendation for the officer to turn george on his side so he could breathe that the officer did not listen to that suggestion and he remained kneeling on george's neck. the family said the beginning of justice but they do want the other three officers who were involved here to be charged. there was something i learned, i did not know of when i looked at the video. you see the officer with his knee on george floyd. from the video you can only see that one officer. but apparently there was also two other officers holding george floyd down that you cannot see. that is where the call from the family and from protesters in minneapolis are calling for all of the officers to be charged. because of the unrest that has happened, this is now spread
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throughout the country, we've seen not just in minneapolis where there is a curfew underway but also in san jose, the protest yelling from the highway out onto the street. i have every reason to believe we have seen some things similar of this getting untrue way in san francisco and oakland. law enforcement is saying remain peaceful, don't inside violence don't damage businesses and don't destroy property. they are concerned about public safety and they want to keep themselves safe and just as the police officers want to go home to their families at the end of the end of the night that's part of the reason they are out on the street and that's why they are saying george floyd should be with his family at home tonight he should not have died in custody. protesters and police officers in san jose, for the most part things have remained peaceful but we are seeing these protests, i will say we have seen them grow. the mayor mentioned a short
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time ago, they are getting smaller. it's hard to tell from the vantage point from what we have on the camera on the ground whether or not that is the case. from what we can see, this is a lively crowd. they are loud and they are making their voices heard about racial injustice we saw a few moments ago one person taken to the ground by police officers and detain. one of several people that have already been arrested tonight and you mentioned an officer hurt as well we don't know the nature of that but being treated at valley medical center. >> the mayor mentioned a short time ago this is unlawful assembly. that's why they started to disperse the crowd because of police cruiser was damage. some people emailed me why is this protest happening. one instance back in 2014 the death of a 17-year-old teenager, that officer in that case said the teenager was being erratic. and nothing was
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done until the dashboard video was released. and so you have the african- american community saying this is what happens in our community. we are often blamed with what's happened to us and the police officers are not held accountable for this. as we've seen in the case of george floyd. that officer in this case has been charged. some people have said some respected people said it took a little too long. some protests in minneapolis said it took too long. this is still an issue with police and the african-american community and the black and brown community. is something that needs to be addressed. they are doing a lot with the san jose police department to address this. still, more has to be done. it's an issue within our society that needs to be paid more attention to. this is probably around 5:00.
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one of the protesters tried to rush up police officer. several police officers wrestled him to the ground. one of three people that we know about, so far that have been arrested in this case. these are videos that we are showing you from earlier today. we had a crew on the scene there . as we both saw, jesse gary was there, i'm not sure who the journalist was but there was a skirmish and police fired tear gas at the crowd and so he's probably getting ready right now on what is going on. we don't see him just yet. we don't see what is going on right now but he was in the middle of all that teargas. shortly before the teargas was fired we saw a guy grab her and around the crowd. i understand now we have jesse gary ready to go for us. give us information about what is going on down in that area. to jesse can you hear? >> i can hear you, you're
6:44 pm
talking about a scrimmage that touched off the activity. we are standing on north fifth and santa clara. there was a demonstrator on this corner who was going back and forth with police. at some point, i don't know whether he longed or they move forward that the two came together. that's when police forcefully arrested one man right here. that's when people started throwing things that san jose police officers and that's when you started to see teargas being lobbed by the police down santa clara street. police have since moved from their position here on fifth and they have pushed the demonstrators back along santa clara. they are headed towards the west if you know downtown at all, moving towards sap center. there are residual police officers left on the back and to keep people from going onto santa clara street.
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you see officers on the nights six and gas masks they are using teargas. go ahead turn to the left. there are armored personnel carriers down at the other end. that's at sixth and santa clara, they block it off with armored vehicles down it that end. santa clara is blocked off. we're right by city hall. you see city hall it's got bad words over there. they've made a little bit of a mess out on the plaza of city hall and they are pushed westward along santa clara street which is one of the main thorough peril thoroughfares of downtown san jose. police of fired tear . the teargas has been f and once you get a taste of it it causes you distress.
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>> we are checking to make sure you are okay how are you feeling after being in the middle of that? >> i feel fine, it was just one of those perfect storms where we were going live, i happen to turn to see what was happening right when they had the teargas canister land 10 feet from me and exploded and that's when i get hit with teargas. is happenstance, we were trying to move further away in the teargas landed right where i was going. i'm fine, my eyes burn a little bit that i've had worse i have really bad allergies so i've had worse. that's what's going on. they continue to move demonstrators westward onto santa clara. we will reposition and maybe get a better view of where things are moving right now. >> before you do, there were images shaking offense at the building next to you under construction the green fencing.
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can you tell us what that building is and whether or not they have been able to cause any damage to that site. >> this building has an interesting history there used to be a carwash on the site for many years. and the car wash owner sold and they decided to develop here. this has caused a lot of problems since they'd came across an underground aquifer and water was bubbling up for months and then they were finally able to get the foundation in place and start building. it's seen its share of problems. i don't see damage to the exterior or the glass panels on the building. they ripped up the fence i'm being told by a photographer that they ripped up the fence, which is not the building i'm sure anybody the damage the fence so they did not get to the actual building. they did damage the fence that surrounds it. >> jesse wanted to ask you
6:48 pm
quickly. what have you noticed about the size of the crowd. i know you described that particular location. earlier there might've been 200 people. what would you say your estimation. >> more than 200. i see, we've got to back up. backup. people are coming down fifth street unaware that is blocked off. so easy now. he has to back up and turn around. if you're in san jose you want to avoid downtown at all costs. the size of the crowd is much larger than 200. i entered this area from north third street and walked two blocks to where the heaviest concentration of people was located. there are also people down on the of people to the east which is sixth and a group of people,
6:49 pm
steve, hold on. i'll get him. come back, come back. >> please don't want us going too far down, sorry about that. these are people on sixth and people being pushed westward. i'm on fifth probably be tween fourth and third right now. you know where the pizza shop is in starbucks and in that area. they are moving to the west. >> i think that's the first time when you pointed out just earlier we have seen the armored vehicles. we had not seen them earlier on correct? >> right. >> we are watching the situation. i did not realize there was another crowd of people back there. and now we're talking maybe a larger crowd here unfortunately nothing has gotten crazy at this point. jesse is wiping his eyes obviously in the middle of
6:50 pm
that. >> what's touched off the use of teargas, they started throwing objects at the police officers. i talked to them earlier this afternoon in the police officer said you can come and vent and express your frustration and your anger, but we will not tolerate violence, acts of violence and acts of vandalism. so when they started throwing things at police officers, one of the objects i think it was a bottle it hit another protester he was near the police. you can be near a police officer and hit another protester. that's when they said they were going to move in with teargas and push people back which they have. >> we're looking at video. >> it looks like a police officer >> it looks like i'm not sure what happened here. and officer was injured. it looks like a civilian helped
6:51 pm
the officer up. we will get some clarification on what happened here. if the officer was injured he did stand up and he helped a fellow police officer and civilians as well. >> what's happening there now? >> somebody wants to walk by in the are not letting anybody by this area. you cannot, you cannot cross santa clara street between sixth and i would say 4:00. if you want to do that go the other way. if you're in a car don't come down here. don't come down santa clara. the main strip obviously through the city and there's plenty of other places to get to the other side. san fernando you come and do the same thing >> jesse we were talking earlier, i'm sorry we were talk
6:52 pm
police officer, from what baton engage when something is thrown at them. is that your perception? >> we saw that with the photographer he was trying to get a shot and the officer approached the line, don't go any further and that's when he said hey don't go any further. they have a line, you can do anything on this side of the line but don't cross the line. they are enforcing that. >> jesse you had pointed out the armored vehicles that are on the other side of the street there. you have any sense of when those arrived? they had to deploy any type of teargas from that side of downtown? you do know where you are near city hall, it has been pretty tense. >> i see green uniforms i believe that's the sheriff.
6:53 pm
those are sheriff's. i don't know when they came. i had to walk over here and i just saw them and spotted them out for you. i don't know when they were positioned. those are sheriff's deputies on that and and on this end we had san jose police. i hear more sirens in the distance. it sounds like they are going to close this, they are moving from the west to the east i would guess, i can see them but i hear the sirens. so i guess more officers are on the way. >> for people who are just joining us we are across the street from san jose city hall, this is on santa clara street one of the main thoroughfares of downtown san jose. demonstrators have vandalized the exterior of the building i don't see broken glass. i don't believe will be able to
6:54 pm
get into the building. they have vandalize the outside of the building with graffiti and other items that are broken and thrown about. >> jesse you were surmising that perhaps the law enforcement in green uniforms were sheriff. we spoke with sergeant michael low, during the 5:00 hour i believe it was, he said they were assisting san jose police in this. they are working with san jose police right now in a larger capacity even though we only see san jose police right now behind you. >> in general what will happen the sheriff will hold the perimeter. it's technically sj pd jurisdiction. so the sheriff holds the perimeter while sj pd enforces the first order. i don't know if we have audio but san jose police were giving audible instructions. this is an unlawful assembly, we order you to disperse. that preceded the throwing of
6:55 pm
the items and then the teargas. >> it's a situation where it's been brewing in america, we've seen it happen here. you watch the happened in minneapolis over the last few days. give me your thoughts on what you're looking at now in san jose. and nothing near on that level at all to be clear. someone that's lived in san jose for years and covered that area, give me your perspective a what you are looking at. >> this is a and wound that's been festering for a long time. this is a physical expression of it. the expression of disillusionment, this impression
6:56 pm
of disenfranchised night. people are burning buildings not here but people have a lot of things that are pent up and they are venting. venting as part of the american way. of the vandalism is not. that's something that the police chief was firm on. you can vent and express your anger, without tearing things up with graffiti and throwing things, etc. i made this point earlier, just to reinforce the point, what happened in minnesota involved 3 to 4 police officers who were on the scene, we don't know if there were others on the peripheral that saw and didn't ask but right on the scene,
6:57 pm
there were a small percentage of officers on the force the do an excellent job day in and day out. they are arranging their spacing a little bit. they are arranging their spacing. >> jesse we will let you go because i know you been in a situation where you have been told to stay back by police. we will let you get situated so if you need to move in the next hour. we appreciate you reporting and it will continue on the next hour. we will get a recap to the viewers if you are just joining us it's a protest that started in downtown san jose and became tents at times. one person being detained by several police officers. we know quite sure if anybody has been hurt. we know that the police officer was hurt and taken to the valley medical center. i'm saying we don't know if
6:58 pm
people of been hurt i meant protesters. this started around 2:00 this afternoon with the group of protesters. this spilled onto highway 101 we are blocking several lanes and traffic is back up and the group made their way off of highway 101 onto city streets near 10th and santa clara. we've seen over the past two hours. teargas being thrown, water bottles from protesters. we see people with their hands in the air yelling at police and police responding as well coming at the crowd to try to maintain some type of order and safetye of the protesters pick up and grab that onto the crowd and towards the building that was under construction. we have a very fluid and very dynamic situation.
6:59 pm
all of this coming in response to the death of george floyd in minneapolis who died in police custody after an officer kneeled on him for eight minutes that led to his death that happened on monday night. here we are four days later, a police officer who was kneeling on george floyd, that officer, derek chauvin, charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter on this case. >> we are watching video taking this shot earlier today. we see nothing happening and then we see police react when things are sure thrown at them. in one case it was a traffic cone. that was the largest thing i've seen thrown at police officers. the other thing is water bottles thrown at police officers. in one case, someone, one of the demonstrators or protesters through water bottle through it at the police officers but it
7:00 pm
hit another protester. this was declared an unlawful assembly earlier on because a police vehicle was damaged here when this started. this is after the protest when it went from highway 101 back onto local streets and that's when the police decided to disperse the crowd. early reports said there were about 200 people. jesse said a lot more people than 200 out there right now. we are not sure right now we don't have an official count to give an official number what the crowd is growing or shrinking. that does it for 5 to 7 coverage. the news


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