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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 10, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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bringing back restrictions for half 1 million people. that bay area county that will be added to the states watch list today. from ktvu, this is mornings on fox 2. welcome to friday, it is friday. july 10. i am dave clark. good morning, i am pam cook. happy friday to i love you. steve paulson is joining us to tell us how hot it is going to be. i am glad i live near the bay. it is much nicer. >> a couple years ago i lived in clayton, as you guys know. it gets hot in clayton. where i live now is 15 degrees cooler. you know, it is that big of a difference. you know what i mean, pam.
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once you get used to the fog and the onshore wind, if you do not get it it is a huge difference. there is not much of a breeze, but there are cold temperatures near the coast. the city is at 52. that is to below average. it is hot inland. 100 degrees on the temperatures today. there's a bigger fog bank. san francisco bay is that 51 degrees. that is cold water for this time of year. the fog comes flying down the coast. that is leaving the city below average. that is not something we say all the time, but when the 51 that make a lot of sense. write about average for this sa 52 and sfo. 66 degrees in concord. inland, it is going to be hot. 90s to 100 degrees. by the coast it is going to be cooler today.
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you do not have to go far to find heat. let's get over to sal, let's see if there is anything new out there. sir? >> we have better news on 580. we had a problem there. i will tell you about that in a second. i want to show you the bay bridge. you can see that traffic at the toll plaza is looking pretty good. there have been no major issues at the toll plaza of the bay bridge. there are no problems on interstate 880 as we drive through oakland. remember, we have a grass fire in the middle of the freeway between 580 and between the freeway. there was a grassy section that had burned up. traffic is slow in the area. all of the lanes are open. let's go back to your headlines. all right, thank you, you were talking about interstate 580 being open at the pass. after the overnight fire, it
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was near north flynn and carol road in the livermore area. just before midnight, a truck crashed into the center divide and burst into flames. that is what closed interstate 580 and both directions for some time, and within the past five minutes california fire says that crews have contained the fireback open. no injuries are being reported. a developing story at contra costa county, an officer involved shooting where a suspect was killed, three sheriff's deputies were hurt. alyssa harrington is here, and you have the latest on everything that has happened. good morning. betsy started as a domestic violence call that turned into a standoff that lasted 11 hours. this happened on the 1700 block of greenacres lane. it is northeast of brentwood. sheriff's deputies were called around 9:45 am yesterday morning. the suspect said that he was
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going to set his girlfriend on fire. the suspect barricaded himself inside. swanton the sheriff's office hostage negotiation team try to get them and surrender. the suspect exited the home and opened fire. he had injured three members of the s.w.a.t. team, and deputies had returned fire that killed the suspect. the two of the deputies are in the hospital this morning being treated for gunshot wounds. the name of the suspect has not been released. thank you, alyssa. sonoma county has been added to the california growing list of coronavirus watchlist counties. at the press democrat supports that county health leaders have
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been notified that the official declaration from the state is now expected sometime today. it follows three days of talks between state and county experts about how we will slow down the number of virus cases that have spiked in recent weeks. it is expected that the state will now be re-imposing restrictions on ours, tasting rooms, indoor dining, and other restaurants for three weeks. happening today, an online form hosted by the health department about coronavirus situations and the response by the county, the area has seen a big surgeon virus cases, causing the county to be placed on california's watchlist. marin county will not allow indoor dining for three weeks. you can join the call by going to the web link section of, everything will start at 4:00 this afternoon. and inmate release from san quentin prison painstakingly picture about covid-19 situations inside of the prison. erday, right outside of prison. more than 1600 of the 4000 inmates have been infected by the virus.
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there are only a dozen cases a month ago. seven of the inmates have now died from coronavirus. the demonstration yesterday had included activists reading letters from inmates and from people who were simply released it, talking about what it was like inside. >> scary, dangerous, uncomfortable, unpredictable. >> i am now begging you to see how we suffer. i am begging you to open up your hearts to compassion and not politics. i am begging you to hear us, and to gavin newsom, save our lives. we're dying in here. >> governor newsom says the state will keep working to reduce the inmate population at san quentin, and tents are set up outside to provide more social distancing. the governor is also addressing the states record capital, saying that people need to take the virus more seriously. >> for those that think, people
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are getting at and no one is dying, that is very misleading. in fact, it is fundamentally untrue. california's numbers are reporting over a seven day period, 149 death yesterday. it is a testament to that point. how deadly and devastating this disease continues to be. >> the governor says the state is particularly focused on getting help to four of the 26 counties on the watchlist. they are tulare county and the central valley, and los angeles and imperial counties in southern california. more than 302,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus and california, yesterday, there were cases of coronavirus statewide. the death toll is at 6700. in the bay area, 3200 cases have been reported, and an increase of 1636 people have
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died. at the zuckerberg general hospital, patients become infected. cases rose by 50 percent in 10 days from june 27 to july 6. that is according to the chronicle. in a memo the hospital ceo believes that the cases may have come from community spread, rather than inside the hospital. the hospital is now reportedly increasing safety including opening a new breakroom in order to allow for physical distancing. santa clara county will allow gyms and fitness centers to reopen, beginning monday. however, they have to comply with a set of guidelines that were just issued by the county health department. that includes wearing face masks at all times, including while exercising. social distancing also has to be followed and there is a limit to the number of people that are allowed inside of each facility. in the meantime, indoor pools, steam rooms, showers and vending machines will be off limits. you can check the county by
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county information on reopening, with the mornings on fox 2 ktvu news app. california fire expects to fully contain the cruise fire by next thursday. the fire started along cruz road east of gilroy last weekend. flames are no longer spreading of the fire remains at 8 1/2 square miles. it is now 85 percent contained. one home was destroyed, and there are no other evacuation orders or road closures at this time. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we get to talk about the weather, and a lot of people who are dealing with hot weather on this friday. steve paulson is here in his home office and he has the details. >> on this date, july 10, in 1913, death valley reached 134 degrees. wow. incredible.
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>> while. >> that is why they call it furnace creek. okay. that is just a little bit of weather trivia. what is the coldest temperature ever recorded in california? there is a town called boca that is 7 miles from chucky. it dropped to -45 january 20 in 1937. we have extremes here. we get the coldest and the oneness. i was looking up stuff, that is why i am not prepared. okay. i am now prepared. you can see clouds, there's a bigger fog bank here. it will be cooler on the coast. i think a teeny bit around the bay, it will be warm to hot inland. a coastal fog bank, by that i mean it has made a push on the sonoma coast.
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these will fill in and then they will not fill-in. half moon bay, nothing new there. san francisco bay is at 51. that is really called for water temperatures. that is why the city has dropped to 52 degrees below average. -- 52, which is two degrees below average. that is a cold wind for parts of the coast and the city. you can find mid-60s. there are good threads here. pacifica is 51 degrees. santa rosa is down to 51 degrees. 56 at bodega bay. petaluma has dropped to 49. the leo as at 60. 60s and 70s on the coast. 100 degrees for you inland. not much change over the weekend. there will be a tip on the temperatures. they will be right back up on sunday. it looks like the cooling trend will start on monday.
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the unified school district is trying to figure out what the school year will look like. that are debated for 37,000 students. exams, art galleries, zoos, all struggling during the pandemic. how you can support to the aquarium of the bay and san francisco, while it stays closed. this isn't our first flip.
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welcome back to mornings on fox 2. today, demonstrators will gather in antioch to honor nine men that were recently killed in police shootings. the candlelight vigil will be outside of police headquarters, and follows several weeks of protests. they allege that police brutality and racial injustice goes on. it is a response to a former san francisco police officer that is involved in a fatal shooting of a homeless man four years ago. the city of berkeley will soon become the nation's first
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city to have unarmed transportation workers conducting traffic stops. this idea is part of an effort that is taking place around the country, in order to redefine law enforcement. the berkeley city council will debate the issue after their meeting next tuesday. a fatal police shooting one month ago is raising more questions this morning. a police officer that shot and killed sean monte rosa, after firing a rifle from the backseat of a police truck. a law enforcement shot and killed a suspect from inside of a police vehicle for the third time. any police officer say it is dangerous if they get out of their cars during 10 situations. civil rights attorneys had this reaction. >> shooting from the inside of the vehicle is a dangerous action. you can create danger for the driver of the other car, danger for yourself, your car could go out of control.
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it >> it is not best practice, the class will fly back. if there is a threat to yourself or someone else, then, i do not think any policies cover that particular aspect. >> there have been three deadly police shootings and the bay area for the past three years where officers fired at suspect from inside of their vehicles. all three cases are now under investigation. the aquarium of the bay and san francisco's pier 39 is bleeding to reopen their doors. they were forced to close four months ago and the aquarium staff says they have lost 4 1/2 million dollars because of this pandemic. even though it has been closed for business, operating costs are high because of the thousands of animals that the aquarium cares for. the aquarium was set to reopen last week. only to have a reopening delayed by the city leaders, and now they are asking to be
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allowed to reopen with strict safety guidelines. >> i would like the city to look at it as an essential the san francisco zoo, and perhaps the aquarium. our aquarium holds 24,000 animals. 186 species. we need life-support systems. we need diapers. we need veterinarians. we need the staff that supports and feed the animals. >> the aquarium is now asking for the public health by visiting and buying merchandise. the aquarium has also said a go fund me go with the goal of raising $5000, and they have raised $8000. a little girl from the bay area is helping save the oakland zoo. she was heartbroken when she heard the zoo may close permanently after being hit hard by coronavirus pandemics. she started a facebook campaign last week. 100 percent of the money will go to to the zoo.
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she is also making bracelets for every donation over $25. so far, she has raised more than 91 thousand dollars. happening today, the san jose earthquakes soccer team will play their first match in months. they're going to play the top- seeded seattle sounders, in the mls tournament this evening in orlando florida. these teams are among the big league soccer teams that are getting back into action for the first time since march. san jose had played two games before their season was suspended, because of the pandemic. nba teams are taking part in the season, have arrived at disney world in orlando. the 22 teams arrived at staggered times over the past three days. the teams checked and wednesday, and can start practicing today. players and coaches will have to quarantine for 48 hours and their hotel rooms before being
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allowed to resume practicing. the warriors by the way are not part of the restart of the season. the players have to do something, they find creative ways to spend time stuck in their hotel rooms. here they are. the dallas mavericks had an impromptu dj session. players were spinning water bottles, and set of turntables. several players got in on the action, while social distancing on their balconies. 76ers star took no chances on the teams charted flight to florida, put on a full hazmat suit before he got on the plane. he speaks out about not wanting the nba season to resume, but says he is a team player and he is in orlando with his team.
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all right, let's get back to the dancing. we have our own dj here. sal castaneda, he has the traffic jams. a little bit of dancing goes a long way when you are stressed. >> i saw that tweet, that you dancing between the brakes. >> i do. >> she dois a great answer as well. >> i know she is, that is good. good morning everyone, let's take a look at what we will have on the roads. i want to show you the east shore freeway. it is a nice drive if you drive on 80 westbound, heading out to the macarthur area. there are no major issues driving through. traffic moves along very nicely. as you drive through the area, this is that they bridge. there is a backup. nothing major. 880 moves well. we have slowing on the ultima pass. because of an earlier
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crossfire, the lanes are open but the traffic is slow. to be 80 in san jose looks pretty good through downtown. let's bring steve in with today's weather. we have a bigger fog bank out there and very cold temperatures. and lend it will not matter, it could be near 100 degrees. but around the bay we are going to drop a little bit. i set myself up, because of it is one degree warmer, then when i forecast two degrees cooler, i will here, he said it was two degrees cooler. i dropped a couple of degrees because i think this -- look at pacifica. 49. the city is at 52. so is sam carlos. oakland and berkeley are at 53. 51 in san mateo. other pacific locations are at 50. atherton is 52. it is a little bit below average.
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64 and sacramento. monterey, phoenix, 92. they are setting a record warm low temperature for the day. i am sure that the high clouds are coming in. no monsoon moisture for us yet. we will keep an eye out southern california. fog is confined to the customer because the high-pressure is squashing this. it does not make a big impact in line. 60s, 70s, 80s, near 100 degrees inland. not much change over the weekend. there will be a slight dip on sunday. it will look cooler going into next week. ere is confusion about when to make exemptions to wearing a face mask. we will be hearing from the local business owners who say that they follow state guidelines, but was still fine. it is a classic american company, but harley-davidson is struggling during the pandemic. we will tell you how many jobs the company is eliminating.
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one of my favorite bob sager tunes. this is a lie aversion. this is the version that you here mostly. this is the one that you hear. thank you, mark. use the hashtag #ktvu. that is how i get my songs. let's go back to with the anchors. >> all right.
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a little bit more music for you this morning. the tower of the arts, bridging the divide as people continue to practice social distancing. in today's trip, we will show you how virtual platforms replace the stage and what local musicians do instead to reach out to their fans. >> we said, let's do it every friday and give this weird time some structure, and give people something to look forward to every friday. the >> that is a nice thought, the craft makers that you are used to seeing at outdoor events, they work hard to stay in business during the pandemic as well. we will hear from some of them, but do not forget to join us at 9:00 for our trip. we celebrate the arts around the bay area. >> in today's dollars and cents, harley-davidson is announcing plans to lay off 700
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workers from global operations. the ceo said of the company will need to move in new directions. the chief financial officer of the milwaukee-based company is being replaced. harley-davidson sales have dropped in recent years, as the core baby boomer customers are getting older, and the pandemic is also hurting sales even more. his social media giants instagram are blocking the promotion of conversion therapy which tries to change a person's sexual or gender identity. any post regarding conversion therapy treatments for psychotherapy are now going to be banned. the widely discredited pride this will involve shock treatments and other abuse. the company stresses that they will take time to make updates that reflect the ban. there's an investigation underway after human bones are found in the south bay. up next we will tell you where they were found, and how.
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from ktvu, this is mornings on fox 2. a the stock exchange, stephen minh nguyen says he expects a stimulus package to the past by the end of the month, however he is warning that the federal unemployment benefit of $600 will be reduced in order to make sure that people on unemployment get less money than they would if they were returning to that coming up in today's dollars and cents. thank you for joining us, it is friday morning. i am pam cook. he >> cook, when are you going to write a book at how you can hit the ballot wall street perfect every time? >> i have a lot of help from our colleagues in the control room. our directors and producers.
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>> all right, i am dave clark. we are back after running errands for steve paulson. we are looking at the weather outside. a beautiful start, steve. it is nice now, but i know what is coming. >> dave, you know it is coming inland, for sure. it is pretty nice for some. not for all. it is a little bit cool around the coast and the bay. there is no doubt about it, the fog has a much bigger presence north of the golden gate. the city is at 52 degrees. that is two degrees below average for this time of year. san jose is at 60 degrees. equal coast, mild around the bay. hot inland. a much bigger fog bank.
6:32 am
it is making a little push, but not enough to make an impact. for inland temperatures that started on wednesday, it'll take us until sunday and monday, cooler. it is a pretty hot stretch for the inland areas. you can see mid-60s for some. 49 and pacifica. 42 for sfo and san carlos. the city, it has cool conditions as well. lakeport is at 51. if you are near the coast, not bad. 50s and 60s. near average to well above, once again. let' the page. >> thank you, bob sager. we are going to focus now on the toll plaza. i am glad that usi question. we will check in on 580 and we will start at the toll plaza. there is a little bit of slowing here. no major issues as you drive into san francisco. 880 is looking good. we have focused on 580 and it is still slow. things are better but it will be slow because ofan earlier grass fire that is out. all of the lanes are open. no major issues in san jose.
6:33 am
let's go back to your headlines. it is supposed to be back to school in a few weeks. the bay area school districts are scrambling to put learning plans together for our tran nine world. oakland unified is finalizing their reopening plan, we have mornings on fox 2's frank mallicoat here with the details. good morning. >> reporter: dave, good morning. summer is flying by. oakland unified schools open in a few days. today, teachers, parents and students alike will be getting a much better idea on how that will look when the district lays out that they are preliminary plans. oakland unified has worked through a number of scenarios. how the first day will look, not to mention the rest of the year. their top priority is safety of the students. options include distance learning. staggered enrollment with learning from both home and school during the week. we will also find out about meal plans for the kids. we will also find out how
6:34 am
they will keep the classrooms sanitized. early this week, parents and district staff members held a car caravan demanding the schools remain close to during the pandemic. safety of the 37,000 students is priority number one, they have said. another issue is the district budget, which kyla johnson said is the worst reduction to education since the great risk traction -- the great depression. $35 million needs to be cut from osd budgets. there are lots of moving parts to consider this morning. all of that is subject to change if alameda county and the states covid-19 cases were to continue to rise this summer. the preliminary plan will be revealed sometime later this morning. we will have that for you here on ktvu . that is the very latest, frank mallicoat, mornings on fox 2.
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the largest school district in sonoma county has now moved closer to improving a roadmap to room reopening. santa rosa city school trustees say that the plan will allow flexibility to address quickly changing life amid the pandemic. it appears likely that the school year will start next month with all of the districts 16,000 students learning from the antioch unified school district has made a unanimous decision to push back the start of the school year by nearly one month. the diri devoteto switch to a traditional school schedule, with a september dat it now calls for a mix of in person and distance learning for antioch students. the cdc is expecting to release federal guidelines for reopening the nation's schools next week. the announcement comes after the head of the cdc had said
6:36 am
that health officials will not be revising guidelines despite criticism from president trump. the cdc's current guidance recommends that teachers and students wear masks, spreadout desks, stagger schedules, eat meals in the classroom instead of the cafeteria and add physical barriers between bathroom sinks. we have a developing story in eastern contra costa county, three sheriff's deputies were shot and a suspect has been killed after a long standoff. it happened last night around 9 p.m., in an area that is northeast of brentwood. sheriff's deputies say a suspect in a domestic violence case burst out of the house and started shooting and deputies. the deputies had immediately fired back , killing the suspect. two of the wounded deputies are in the hospital right now. a woman who was in the home is able to get out safely. the sheriff's department says they will have more information about the shooting later today. and investigation is happening now after the sheriff's office said that human remains were found near a homeless and canon in
6:37 am
unincorporated san jose. the investigators went to the area after getting a call from someone who had found the balance. sheriff's office said it is too early to know if the bones belong to a man or woman. deputies say remains were found in a creek bed in the area of richmond avenue and santa teresa boulevard. if you have any information, call the santa clara county sheriff's department. federal health officials are trying to decide who will be getting the first doses of coronavirus vaccines, once a they become available. according to a preliminary plan, medical officials will be first. other essential workers, the elderly, and people with underlying conditions will follow. health officials say a vaccine will be ready by this winter but it will take several months before it becomes widely
6:38 am
available for everyone. mcdonald's restaurants and the east bay reopened under strict safety protocols after 25 coronavirus cases are linked to that location. the mcdonald's and oakland and in berkeley are being court ordered to follow guidelines, and show that they are keeping employees and customers safe. the case is connected to the two stores include a manager for both locations, 11 workers at the oakland restaurant and six family members that include a tab told the baby at the berkeley store.berkeley bowl, they would not say how many have been infected but they say it is a small number. they say others who have had close contact with them -- the stories have been deep clean. berkeley bowl says they will not be allowed to return until they test negative for the virus. the mayor says she has
6:39 am
tested negative for the coronavirus. she said she will be tested again next week, and until then she will continue to follow the advice of san francisco department of health. an event an online forum will be hosted by the marin county health department about the county response to covid-19. they have seen in certain cases causing the county to be added to california's watchlist. the county will not allow indoor dining for at least three weeks. you can join the zoo by going to the ction of the event begins at 4:00 this afternoon. right, it is already starting to warm up around the bay area. let's check in with steve paulson. i feel like it is time for me
6:40 am
to run around and shut off -- close all the windows. >> i know what you mean. it will not cool off anymore. if you are over by the coast, it is freezing over here. it is. water temperatures are 49-51 degrees. the city's temperature dropped to 52, two degrees below average. now, most of this is going from north to south, but, it is spilling in from the sonoma county coast. a little bit is moving over the bay, but the napa airport is not reporting any fog. 60 degrees, which is really warm for them. bigger coastal fog banks, 68 for the city. two below on are low. it is a teeny bit cooler. i stick my neck out when i say this, but it was 88 yesterday,
6:41 am
and it is 86 today. i think that 49-52. oakland is at 53. santa rosa is 51. and what is 69. again, alameda is at 53. richmond is at 53. danville, you can find 60s for some. if you are inland, it will not take long to warm up. if you are by the coast, i think it will be a little bit cooler today. 110 degrees in phoenix. that is not a record. look at sunday. the forecasted high as 160 degrees. the high as it builds northward will really send toasty temperatures for the inland areas. yesterday there were a couple 100. we will see that on sunday as well. fairfield, what are you going to do? 60s, 70s, and 80s. the temperatures look like they
6:42 am
backtrack a teeny bit on saturday. hope is fading and the search for actress naya rivera, from the tv show glee, now presumed dead in southern california. but the rescue team says is delaying recovery efforts. we get details about california's plan to bring the high-speed rail into san jose, and on into san francisco. how long it will take to ride the train between the two cities. dozens of graduate students at uc santa cruz are fired for withholding grades as part of a protest. the agreement that is in the works, to get them back on the job. you can have the morning headlines delivered directly to you by signing up for your new ktvu newsletter. just go sign up for the daily service.
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welcome back to mornings on fox 2, president trump will fly to florida for several appearances including a meeting with the u.s. southern command. he will get everything by military leaders about dealing with the drug traffickers. the president is leaving the white house now, and he will be landing in south florida in about two hours. the trip also includes a roundtable meeting with dissidents from cuba and venezuela. the president will then be going to a fundraiser where couples attending will pay as much as $580,000 in order to be at that event. several major bands receive big loans from the governments
6:46 am
paycheck protection program. according to rolling stone, the bay area group green day is among several bands that ney in support crews that are affected toys. the eagles, guns and roses, and pearl jam. the fans received between $350,000-$1 million. the city of austin texas is cracking down on those that do not wear a face mask. they approved a measure that finds violators 2000 dollars. leaders say that they are strengthening people have been and acted. >> i want to live and i want to stay safe. i want other people to stay safe. my curiosity comes from when people are dying and on ventilators, when arthur last thoughts?
6:47 am
the city council says the intention is not to issue fines, but of the community comply with safety guidelines. the counties are currently in stage iv or for a five stage reopening process. the owner of a wine bar is now speaking out after he was cited for violating a state order that employees would have to wear a face mask. two agents from the california department beverage control stopped by the loft wine bar and restaurant after receiving a complaint to that employees were not wearing masks. the owner says four out of five employees did not have a mask because they say they have held exemptions under the states mask guideline. >> i was told that i am not allowed to ask that, as an employer there are many things that i am not allowed to ask employees. if they feel that they fall underneath that exemption, they have to sign off on it.
6:48 am
>> the agents say that they determine face coverings could have been worn by employees so they had cited the owner for failing to obey a public health order. starting next week, starbucks says that customers will have to wear face coverings regardless of regional rules. starbucks said that customers that do not want to wear a mask inside will be able to order from the drive through, or do curbside pickup or delivery. the customer mandate will be affecting all 9000 starbucks locations in the u.s., and it begins next wednesday. golden gate transit has major service changes that are coming beginning sunday. the golden gate transit authority will have a temporary restructuring. some of the commute routes will be cut by 50 percent. others will be expanding. officials say they hope to work out a balance between matching service levels with the low rider demand, while at the same time having enough service to allow for physical distancing on buses.
6:49 am
california has now unveiled their vision for high-speed trains between san jose and san francisco. they want to provide a 30 minute ride between the two cities on what would be the busiest stretch of california proposed 520 mile rail system. the bullet train will go as fast as 220 miles an hour. california's entire rail project has a very uncertain financial future. this time, we want to check in with sal. we heard from the napa valley check. she wants to hear everyone dance, because we're talking about dancing. >> okay, let me get a piece of paper here. i still use paper. >> paper and pen? >> yeah.
6:50 am
in 2020. let's take a look at the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a backup there. it is backed up for a 10-15 minute wait before you make it onto the bridge. we have a backup on a friday. sometimes i get a little bit of a break. this is a look at interstate 880. the commute looks good. we have slowing approaching the past. there have been no major issues they are, and there goes the train. steve loves when that happens. it looks good as you drive up to cupertino. let's bring steve back in here and talk about today's weather. we have two forecasts, one near the coast and one in line. one will be on the warm to hot side. there is a much bigger fog bank making an impact for some. not for all. these hot temperatures make up a lot of the fire danger. anytime you get temperatures that are in the 90s to near 100 degrees, it is dangerous.
6:51 am
that will take us into monday. it looks a little bit cooler monday into tuesday, but we have a north west trees. we have pretty cool temperatures here. 52 and the city. that is to below average in pacifica. send carlos, atherton, san mateo, 53 and los altos hills. 92 degrees in phoenix. an eye o monsoon weather in southern california. for us, it is the fog. that will make for a big difference with temps. san francisco and oakland, temperatures will be around 41 degrees.
6:52 am
we hand at a cooldown saturday, right back up sunday. it will look cooler going into next week. developing news a, of a deadly officer shooting and injuries to three deputies. i had, what the investigators know so far about what had happened. encouraging news about a possible coronavirus vaccine, how quickly the potential vaccines that may be available. we now know how the famous notre dame cathedral will look in the future. we will tell you the way the french government wants the 900- year-old church to look. this home is equipped with gig speed internet from xfinity. there's this game-time internetting room. so fun. and then there's this work-from-home internetting room. finally, the open-concept internetting room. this is not an open house. but your front door was open, so technically it is.
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and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. [ music ] pam? dave? everyone in the studio dancing? this was the big song back in the day. it is 6:55, welcome back to mornings on 2. you can dance in your living
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room, it's allowed. i'll allow it it. thank you, napa valley chick for the request. send us your requests on facebook, twitter,. time now is 6:56. the iconic notre dame cathedral will be rebuilt just as it was before last year's devastating fire. the architects have been told to do everything possible to keep the historic look and design. they rejected calls from the artistic community to give the monument a more modern look. back in this country, the search for actress naya rivera of the show glee continues this morning. video shows her renting a boat and preparing for a fun day on the lake with her 4-year-old son. her son was found asleep and a
6:57 am
alone on the boat. there was no sign of his mother. the clafrt of the lack of clafrt of the water in the reservoir is slowing down the search. >> we are talking about a lake that is dirty, debris down there. there. >> her 4-year-old son is from her marriage with actor ryan dorsey. he is now staying with family members. the death of an african-american man found hanging from a tree has been ruleded a suicide. his family insists he would not have taken his own life and said authorities were too quick to rule this a homicide. the sheriff's department says he purchased a rope in may. his family has hired a private
6:58 am
investigator to retrace his movements before he died. in lorraine county, tensions are building between a group of neighbors and a man who says he is opposing the black lives matter movement. he has been sitting with an american flag where a black matters sign was once posted. neighbors accuse him of tearing it down. he denies it. he does however criticize the black lives matter movement. >> they are a communist organization. they are anti-american. they are antipresident. let's get this country on the right track and stay that way. >> neighbors say they are surprised to hear that kind of sentiment in their neighborhood. a group has been standing across the street with black lives matter signs and american flags showing opposition. a coutinez who have been charged with a hate
6:59 am
crime for defacing a black lives matter mural is telling their side of the story. nicole and david nelson were caught painting over the mural hours after it was finished. they went on fox news and told host tucker carlson, they think they are being treated unfairly. >> this is the double standard and the hypocrisy of the whole thing. it is okay for blm they have done more harm than they have done good. >> protests in martinez are scheduled for this sunday. a big crowd is expected as well as counterprotesters. the suspect is dead and three sheriff's deputies are hurt following a shooting in contra costa county. what officers know about the circumstances leading up to the incident. sonoma county is expected to be added to the california coronavirus watch listrus is spy
7:00 am
in parts of the bay area. and early but promising research on a vaccine for a coronavirus, we will explain the progress made so far. this is mornings on 2. >> it is 7:00. i know the days run together but it feels like a friday. >> it does. good morning, i'm dave clark. it is july 10th. and i know where to find steve paulson at the home castle. >> i am indeed, good morning. >> good morning, sir. >> we'll get to it. the dieding line is between nice and cool and warm and hot. there is a bigger fog influence this morning. the coastal water temperatures are upper 40s and low 50s. the bigger coastal fog bank will make for a cooler day for


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