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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 23, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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at ikea, we wondered that too... we found that people didn't say catching a new movie, or going on a trip. it was to simply be with loved ones. having that first hug. sharing that first meal together. and showing off the good news. we know you can't wait to welcome people back into your home, and neither can we. let's get ready for what's next. ikea. lawmaker the governor to reimpose the orders of california's coronavirus cases and deaths spike higher. >> things are clearly out of control. we are a nature jack three that's only going to go up. a stronger shelter in place order is what is required today for stopping the spread of this
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virus. >> that state senator steve glaser. he said we need to limit interactions to slow the spread of the coronavirus. >> the east bay lawmakers is the spread of the virus is out of control and that tougher rules are needed. today the u.s. passed 4 million cases of coronavirus. this comes just 15 days after we passed 3 million. here in california the state report a second day of more than 12,000 new cases. sadly, we set a new record with 157 more deaths in a single day. we have the call to action from state senator glaser. >> reporter: state senator glaser says he thinks that governor newsom allowed the counties to reopen too soon. he says the governor should be putting in place, basically shelter in place restrictions like we saw at the very beginning of this outbreak to try and slow the virus' spread.
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california's steady increase in not just a number, but also the percent of coronavirus tests from 4% in may 2 7.6% this week is causing alarm. >> a stronger shelter in place order is what's required today. >> reporter: state senator steve glaser of orinda is calling for immediate action. he's proposing any county with more than 2% covid positivity rates, or adjacent to the county but more than 2%, should be shut down. return to restrictions with number outdoor restaurant dining, salon services are gathering. that essentially would mean the entire state, including modoc county with zero cases that orders lassen county with a 14% positive test rate. glaser says 2% has been a successful standard in some countries. >> the way to get us back quicker and sooner is to have a strict shelter in place for a minimum of three weeks and bring this virus infection spread down to a manageable level for our testing and tracing can keep it contained.
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>> we are clearly going in the wrong direction in a pretty rapid clip. and we have to stop this. >> reporter: dr. john schwartzberg, uc berkeley clinical professor of infectious diseases says it will take several weeks before it reflects whether governor gavin newsom's tightened restrictions on july 13th will slow the virus' spread. dr. schwartzberg says 2% is not necessary. >> if we are doing enough testing, if you have below 5% usually you can pull the pandemic at a certain level. if you can get below 3%, that's when you can start using contact tracing much more aggressively than we are now. >> reporter: laser is also calling for a 14 day quarantine and anyone entering the state from an area with high coronavirus positivity rates. but dr. schwartzberg says while that might help, the biggest factor is californians wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and avoiding gatherings. >> we need to hold a mirror up to ourselves and look in that
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mirror and say are we, or am i, doing everything i can to prevent this pandemic from growing? >> reporter: i reached out to the governor's office and received a response from the health and human services secretary's", we are confident our approach, data-driven with a commitment to ongoing learning, adapting and adjusting, will guide us through this pandemic. dr. schwartzberg says if the numbers don't improve by mid august, the governor might not have any choice and need to impose more restrictions. new at 10:00, another person in the white house has tested positive for the coronavirus. the marine corps says a marine that was assigned to the unit they handles the presidential helicopter has the virus. in a statement, they say the marine had been in bedminster, new jersey where the president often spends his president or helicopter, resident from today
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canceled plans to will the republican national convention in jacksonville, florida next month. the president cited a flareup of the coronavirus. the presidents nomination will still go forward in charlotte, north carolina. about 336 gop delegates will gather to vote on august 24th. the remaining 2500 will vote by proxy. today the president said he regrets supporters once he the pageantry, signs and excitement. >> the timing for this event is not right. it's just not right with what happened recently, the flareup in florida. to have a big convention, it's not the right time. >> resident trump still plans to deliver an acceptance speech and what will be an alternate form. the thing about confidence in joe, is your heart and your
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character and the fact that you are going to be able to reassemble the kind of government that cares about people and brings people together. >> the 15 minute long video cover topics from healthcare to economic recovery and racial injustice. there also expected to pair up for an online fundraiser next week. santa cruz county has seen an increase in covid-19 cases and is being added to this is watchlist. health officials say the county will be flagged for three days before it is official. when that happens, many indoor operations such as gyms, hairs and nail salons will be forced to shut down to limit the spread of the virus. excuse me. here is a map now showing the bay area counties on the state coronavirus watchlist. all but one are on it. as you can see, san mateo is the only county not highlighted on the map.
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new at 10:00 tonight, san francisco's iconic ferry building has been approved to reopen just one day after the city ordered it to shut down. officials had ruled the marketplace with an indoor mall. now they are classifying it as a transport terminal. as a result, all of the indoor and excuse me, outdoor merchants are in business. they say they are taking a host of measures, including enhanced cleaning, air filtering, curbside pickup and more to make sure shoppers stay safe. this week we are seeing haircutting and nail salon services move outdoors. also, massage and other bodywork. we have a look at how that's going. >> reporter: is a stretch for those that don't have enough space. but those who do are jumping at it. >> we've got our little
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protective shield here. i've got my mask on. >> reporter: facials and waxing underway at a low spot with space for three tables, two for massage, all of them full. >> and all of them was so happy and so blissed out and felt so good. >> reporter: the owner wasn't sure if clients would jump from indoor to outdoor treatments. now she expects to extend hours to fit more people in. >> not only the pampering aspects, but just the relaxation of the nervous system. and right now everybody is pretty stressed-out. >> reporter: many clients are concerned their health and well- being have slipped in the pandemic. >> everybody need to the service for their mind, body and spirit at this point. >> reporter: at the stretch lab , in the same mall, flex allergists are working clients' muscles. >> three, two, one, relax. >> reporter: but this franchise
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open less year has only about 20% of his regulars. >> once they see the efforts we're putting in, they do see a great deal of value in stretching as opposed to not doing anything at all. >> reporter: the manager admits not everyone will find it relaxing, getting work on outdoors at the mall with the freeway running alongside. but- >> it certainly helps to relieve a great deal of stress. it's a point of connection with another. our hearts go out to each other. >> some outdoors and ventilation is a great idea, given current circumstances with public safety. >> reporter: they have been here 16 years and surviving on boutique sales. when it reopens fully antivirus air purifiers are in place. but for now, outdoor massage is working, fully clothed, under a blanket. >> the nudity is not happening right now [ laughter ]. >> reporter: and no one is complaining.
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instead of spa music , they are hearing the beep beep of an atm steps away on the sidewalk. >> it's different, but if i learned anything in 2020, it's to be adaptable and flexible. we are working with it [ laughter ]. >> the portable tables easily stowed help make this work. and most spa's will streamline their menu services. what's left, tattoos and piercings still not permitted, even outdoors. on wall street, shares slumped on the latest unemployment numbers. the dallas 300 53 points, the nasdaq, which had been a record- setting pace, fell 244 points, only 2%. chairs in apple and microsoft lost 4%. the s&p 500 dropped 40 points. the labor part departments is 1.4 million americans filed
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for and implement benefits last week. that's the first increase since march. 52.7 million americans have now lost their jobs. 52 million since the start of the pandemic. ktvu scraggly tells us this comes as extended unemployment benefits are due to and. >> we are all dreading the august 1st date. we call it doomsday. >> reporter: allison gormly fears reality is about to hit her family hard. the event planner lost her job, her husband was furloughed, they have two young kids. she has applied for dozens of jobs and smart, but nothing panned out. the only relief the far is $600 a week extra unappointed and if it's develop millions of americans. >> we live in the bay area. the cost of raising children and living the lifestyle in the bay area is extremely expensive. the $600 saved our lives, essentially. >> reporter: the benefit is set to expire at the end of the month. many californians will receive
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their last name and sunday. bernice scott also relies an extra 600 to pay bills. she is banking for it to continue. >> if you are going to shut down the economy, then you have to be responsible for taking care of people without any restrictions. >> reporter: as congress negotiates the next relief bill, there is disagreement over the future of the $600 boost. democrats want it continued. some republicans wanted eliminated and others agree with the white house plan to reduce it. >> we are not going to pay people more money to stay at home then work. but we want to make sure that the people that are out there that can't find jobs to get a reasonable wage replacement. >> reporter: the white house and gop plan calls for a 70% wager iceman, which some economists say would reduce the bonus to about $200. >> there is more than $14 million workers ban job openings. you are not going to incentivize people to take a job and it will just cause pain.
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>> reporter: the former chief economist at the u.s. department of labor argues cutting the bonus could cause even more job loss as lawmakers battle over what's best. allison is just trying to stay hopeful. >> we are living in a really large unknown that's difficult to wake up to every morning. >> reporter: is estimated that more than 4 million californians have been receiving the extra $600 weekly over just the last month. we are tracking that forecast as we head towards the bay area weekend. temperatures will be on the mild side, but a warm-up will occur for part of that weekend. breaking barriers on the baseball field. tonight at 10:30, the parents of the first woman coach for a major league baseball team. , we sit down with alameda's police chief on his decision to retire.
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we are hearing from the police chief of alameda on his decision to retire. he explained why he is stepping down and how his department could make a statement and who they choose to be his successor. the chief says it's a very demanding job, even in a city the size of alameda. >> reporter: the police chief tells me he's proud of the work the department has done and that after a long career in law enforcement he is ready to retire. alameda police chief paul rolleri leads a department of 69 officers. he describes himself as a people person and a problem solver. he joined alameda police in 1992 . now, after 28 years, the last seven as chief, he tells me it's time to retire. >> honestly sometimes at the younger persons came. i'm not out in the street doing real police work and i haven't for a while. you can't ever really be off. even at night you could get a call. even in a town like alameda. >> reporter: the alameda native
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made the decision to retire while on vacation in january. the 56-year-old announcement comes two months after controversial incident in which someone called police on a black man dancing in the street as exercise. >> the body camera footage we released did not have to be released. there was no obligation for me to do it. >> i'm dancing in the street. >> yes. hold on, woman. you are not free to go. >> reporter: the chief tells me he released the video because he had nothing to hide. the two officers who took down the man are new to the department. one had eight weeks on street patrol and the other, four weeks. they were not paired together and by chance both were dispatched to the call and arrived at the scene and separate patrol vehicles. >> i think some people were concerned about why i didn't just fire them. but again, there's a process. >> reporter: the process includes an outside independent investigation that is underway. the two offices are on paid administrative leave. the chief says that incident played no role in his decision
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to retire, but the change in the department is good and inevitable. >> if we are going to change, let's go big. >> reporter: big means a departure from the history of white men leaving the department and finding the best qualified leader. >> and if they can also package that with a woman or a person of color i think that would be a great thing. and i think it would be progress and change and it would be good for everyone. >> reporter: rolleri says he hopes his legacy would be that he was a good and fair chief. >> there's lots of great things about this town and what this department has done. i would hope that we all could be judged by that and not, you know, not just one or two romans. moments. >> reporter: police chief rolleri's day will be august 28th. i asked him, what's next? he tells me, he plans to unplug his cell phone and relax. a re
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accused of lying u.s. visa. the fbi says joan tang is heading out of the chinese consul in san francisco. she is one of four across the country facing visa charges. when she applied for her visa she claimed she had no affiliation with the chinese military, but the fbi says pictures of her in uniform tell a different story. some neighbors at her apartment where she lives in davis were shocked to hear the news. >> it's pretty scary to know that is lying about their identity and close by. i've got kids here, you know. what else are you lying about? >> a uc davis spokesperson says tang was visiting a researcher working on oncology. schools that her work was solely based in the laboratory and she left the university at the end of june. if convicted of visa fraud, she could face up to 10 years in
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prison. china is responding to the u.s. shut down of its consul in houston. china has ordered the u.s. consulate in the city of chengdu in southwestern china to be closed. the u.s. state department says chinese agents tried to steal data for medical facilities in texas, including texas a&m and the university of texas. china called the accusation malicious slander. today today reported strong user growth, but a big drop in revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic. twitter reports the daily user growth spiked 34% for the quarter, but revenue fell 23% as the coronavirus to console on advertisers. ceo jack dorsey confirmed that twitter is considering an ad free subscription service, but said the idea is in very early stages. we are checking the weather pattern, which is calling for more of, which is this low-pressu
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that's what images have been cool, it's not really supposed to be there. the air is rotating around, it's a little cooler. it brings onshore flow, that's what we've been seeing. what happens this weekend, which is different, not different, but something different from this week is the high bills in from the southwest. when that happens we start to warm up, especially in the inland bay valley. not a big warm-up, but certainly warmer than today. has tomorrow will end up being about the same, maybe a little cooler. the warm spot was 90 in antioch, the warm spot tomorrow we might see a couple of upper 80s, may be a low 90 out on the east side of fairfield. but more of the same. we've got here is what we are pretty much going to see, and that's evident by the cloud cover. you see all of the clouds moving in on the estuary. a lot of fog and onshore flow. a lot of mild weather. when we get back, we'll talk about the warm-up for the weekend with the high is starting to build in. still ahead tonight, even
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more businesses moving outdoors. the two to traffic tonight so restaurants could spread out also ahead, and arrest in the south bay after more than a dozen cars are vandalized. businesses are starting to bounce back.
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new at 10:00 tonight, police in san bruno are investigating a gruesome discovery. public works crews were called to the area of susan and jeffrey drive on tuesday to wean up some garbage. that's when they found a large construction bag with human remains inside. an autopsy was conducted by the san mateo county coroner's office yesterday. the remains were confirmed to be male. but due to the condition identification could not be made. anyone with information is asked to contact san bruno police. dozens of people in san jose woke up this morning to find out their car windows had been smashed. a man with a bat went on a rampage. are crime reporter henry lee
10:25 pm
shows us what happened. >> reporter: this is the mug shot of 24-year-old sammy bernard after he was spotted smashing a car with the baseball bat. 18 other cars were also vandalized. roberto andrade spent the morning cleaning up after someone smashed the windows of his jeep liberty in san jose. he wasn't the only victim. >> just broken windows all around. my neighbors broken windows, myself four cars broken. now it's time to fix them up again i guess. >> reporter: this is the second night he has been hit by vandals near capital expressway. he spent $250 to fix a window from the night before. so when he heard a noise before on thursday he was jolted awake. >> around 2:10 we heard a bat shattering glass. a metal bat hitting, like you would had a hard all. you would hear the ding and then shatter. >> reporter: he jumped up and
10:26 pm
went to see what was happening. >> i looked out the window and didn't see anybody. but you could hear him going on the street busting windows. >> reporter: you will have to shell out at least 300 more dollars for a fruit new front windshield. other residents of will to realize they had been hit too. vandal picked cars at random, some parked on driveways, others on the street. neighbors tell ktvu nothing like this has happened in this area before. the motive is unknown. but what was clear, business was risk for mobile auto glass companies. >> you can't really do anything about it. you just fix it and keep going. >> reporter: there was a similar car vandal spree in the glen neighborhood. we have sad news to share about an alameda county sheriff's deputy who has been fighting for his life against the coronavirus. deputy oscar rocha died tonight after a three-week battle with covid-19. his wife was at his side at john muir medical center in walnut creek . the deputy was 56 years old.
10:27 pm
he had the deputy for 25 years. usually he worked in a superior court building, but more recently he was taking shifts at santa rita jail in dublin where more than 100 inmates have tested positive for the coronavirus. coming up, faster coronavirus testing for large populations. how stanford plans to process more tests by pulling samples. and baseball is back. the giants and dodgers meeting on opening night. first, the giants new female coach. alyssa nakken's parents talk about seeing their daughter take the field. >> it's a wow moment every time.
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it's opening night for major league baseball. the san francisco giants are making history. their new coach, alyssa nakken, is the first woman coach on a big-league team. we talked to her parents, tonight. >> reporter: during the giants exhibition game against the oakland a's monday night, mom watched her youngest daughter alyssa in a baseball uniform. >> i saw her on tv and i go, there's alyssa! he was not watching the same tv i was. and i go there's alyssa on first base x it was incredible. >> reporter: from the family home and would end, alyssa's parents had no idea there 30- year-old would be making her debut as the first woman in mlb history coaching for a big- league team. neither did alyssa. >> she did say she was glad she was wearing a mask. [ laughter ] you shouldn't say this.
10:31 pm
i'm glad i was wearing a mask so nobody could see my lips tremble. >> reporter: the nerves went away. on tuesday she coached the whole exhibition game. alyssa's parents never thought it would be possible. >> not on the baseball field, not in my wildest dreams. as far as are making it, and impacts somewhere, even in the giants organization, yes. i thought she would. >> reporter: a four-time academic all-american at taxed state before earning a masters degree in sports management at usf, alyssa was a giants intern in 2014, worked on community projects through giants enterprises before moving to operations. holding her head up high when she was named coach, just write some naysayers and the pressure. >> she doesn't let it get her down. >> reporter: at momo's, across from oracle park, fans watching opening night thursday appreciate the diversity. >> women are becoming more and more prominent in these mail- based professional leagues. >> reporter: some hoping nakken
10:32 pm
aspires for more. >> that's the beginning. that's where you start, hopefully someday she becomes the manager. >> reporter: alyssa nakken's parents said her daughter doesn't see herself as a trailblazer. her focus is on the team and winning, changing the culture and making the giants organization better along the way. >> i'm hoping that the other clubs in the league realize, you know, there may be something to this that can help us. there is other female talent out there that can do what she's doing. >> reporter: alyssa nakken text of this photo of her opening to uniform today hanging in her locker, to the whole family. the uniform, she told us, will be sent to the national baseball hall of fame. >> that is just so awesome. i mean, we did hear from her parents there, but gosh they must be so proud of their daughter. >> reporter: yes, they were beaming throughout the entire interview. as they mentioned, they had no idea she would coaching this
10:33 pm
week. seven they saw her on television, they were just amazed. >> this is so outstanding. the parent company of the women's clothing brand ann taylor is now filing for bankruptcy. they will close more than 870 stores, although ann taylor locations only make up a portion of that. the company owns other retail brands coming putting loft, lane bryant and girls clothing for justice. a seen as the major retailer to file bankruptcy among the coronavirus endemic. brooks brothers, j.c. penny and neiman marcus are among the other big name companies that have sought chapter 11 detection. a new study finds more than 300 restaurants in the sanford scope-oakland area have permanently closed since march. yelp says that the first third- highest number of losers in a metropolitan area around the country, trailing behind new york city and l.a. the restaurant hendry industry
10:34 pm
has been hit harder with permanent closures. the city of san francisco closedown part of valencia street to give businesses a boost. the closure allowed them set up outside >> reporter: we've been telling about a sector of the economy of the pandemic, the restaurant industry. the impact has led to closures or a precipitous drop in business for many. the losses of not gone unnoticed by local governments, like san francisco, which is throwing small businesses in one section of the city a much needed lifeline. >> we will set up curbside and we will also set up one or two tables. >> reporter: the manager of project juice on valencia street describes how her location will have more room to serve customers outdoors when the city begins thursday closing down valencia between 16th and 17th streets and 18th
10:35 pm
and 19th streets every thursday through sunday. >> there's a lot more people walking outside. they see the business is open. >> they think it's really important for a lot of businesses and we are really hoping to see increased foot traffic as well. >> reporter: just down the street, manager of dandelion chocolate is looking forward to the change prohibiting vehicles from driving or parking on this section of valencia street between 4:00 in the afternoon and 10:00 at night four days a week. >> a lot of businesses couldn't survive if we were doing something like this. it's really good to see the city and the merchants association taking action. >> reporter: a welcome change, not without challenges. that's because the mission has the highest number of covid-19 positive cases in all of san francisco, with 827. we caught up with supervisor rafael mendel and he told us this. >> it is terribly concerning and critically important people wear masks and follow the
10:36 pm
public health guidance. there is a tendency, i think, when you are drinking to take the mask off and get in people's faces. this is not the time for that. >> this is what we have to get used to, whether we like it or not. >> retail shops will be able to move businesses outdoors and into the street. the experiment is temporary, lasting for the next three months. the fda has reportedly authorized stanford health to conduct pool testing for covid- 19. the chronicle says samples from eight people will be tested at the same time using just one test. if the pool tested negative, the next batch of eight can be processed, speeding up times. if the pool tests positive, each will be tested individually. the approach has applications in group settings like schools and senior homes. still ahead tonight, a wish
10:37 pm
that couldn't happen because of the pandemic. see how a community came together to give a young cancer patient the next best thing. at first, we will up date you on two wildfires. together, they burn more than 25,000 acres in northern california. we are tracking that forecast. there is a lot of fog out there tonight.
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
firefighters are making progress on a couple of fires burning and lassen county. the gold fire started monday and is burning through dense rugged forest, northeast of writing. the fire is near susanville. the gold fire is 35% contained
10:40 pm
but has burned close to 15,000 acres. seven structures have been destroyed and two firefighters injured. cal fire says more homes and ranches are still threatened. the second fire, the hog fire, broke out on saturday and has charred 9500 acres. it is also 35% contained. evacuation orders are in effect. the cause of both fires, still under investigation. berkeley police were investigating a break-in and theft at a jewelry store. thieves hit the studio six jewelers on telegraph avenue overnight. the owner of the business says the thieves hid behind garbage cans as they cut the metal guard that was protecting the store. he says they made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise and that's not the worst of it. >> i would like to survive this covid-19 shut down . i canceled my insurance and a lot of stuff during this to save bills. and i don't think i will be able to open back up without
10:41 pm
that inventory. >> he is asking the thieves to please return but they took, no questions asked. he just wants to save his business. but he says the store may have to close now after 62 years in operation. tonight a federal judge blocked federal agents from arresting or using physical force against journalists and legal observers at the protest going on in portland, oregon. this comes after the mayor of portland was teargas by federal agents late last night outside the federal courthouse. mayor ted wheeler says he would come and stand with protesters in the face of what he described as an occupying force sent by president trump. wheeler called the federal agents presence in portland unconstitutional. a judge has ordered michael: to be released from prison by tomorrow afternoon. the judge said he think the government retaliated against cohen for writing a book against president trump. he was returned this month after being on home confinement
10:42 pm
is of the coronavirus. he sued, saying the justice department was punishing him for his tell-all book he plans to publish before the election. the late congressman and civil rights leader john lewis will lie in state next week at the u.s. capitol. on sunday his funeral procession across the edmund pettis bridge in selma, alabama where he and other demonstrators were beaten on a march for voting rights back in 1965. then at the capital the public can pay respects monday and tuesday. a private funeral will take place next thursday added mandates historic ebenezer baptist church. he passed away at the age of 80 last friday. to have to pull that back a little- >> it's not what they planned, but didn't stop make-a-wish from celebrating with a young girl. also, our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking a warm-up in time for the weekend.
10:43 pm
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a new poll finds three out of more for americans say people should wear face covering all outside their home. the a people shows 50% of republicans back mask policies. support women democrats is 89%. the poll also found two out of three americans disapprove of
10:46 pm
how president trump is handling the coronavirus outbreak. united airlines says all passengers will have to wear face covering starting tomorrow. the rule includes flights, but also service counters, kiosks, club locations and airline gates. american and southwest airlines are also tightening mask guidelines. both airlines are ending medical exemptions. while the coronavirus pandemic has caused so much anguish, it has been especially heart-wrenching for extremely sick children involved with the make-a-wish foundation. ktvu's rob roth spoke with volunteers who say many of their wishes can't come true right now. >> reporter: here, outside this home in los gatos, a volunteer with the make-a-wish foundation was putting together a special balloon display. it was a surprise for 7-year old colette towler, who has battled leukemia for the past two years and is now in remission. >> amazing.
10:47 pm
i went outside and then i just saw all of these villains balloons, decorated. >> reporter: truth be told, this was not colette's make-a- wish wish. she and her sister and parents were set to take a trip to australia in april to get up close with koala bears, but the coronavirus pandemic put that on hold for now. >> they are just really, really cute. i really wanted to hold one. >> reporter: the balloon display did include koalas and her of their favorite, sloths. >> it's nice to have something like this while she waits to know that people are still supporting her and thinking of her. >> reporter: the balloons were a way to bring joy during tough times. >> what better way to do it and bring smiles to kids his wishes weren't granted for now? >> reporter: for all the misery covid-19 has brought , among the worst is having to tell a very sick or terminally ill child their wish, especially if it involves travel.
10:48 pm
>> it's hard to have that conversation. we are in the hope and joy business. to have to pull that back a little and say hang on just a little bit longer- >> reporter: make-a-wish handles 350 to 400 cases a year in the bay area, 4000 nationwide. if possible, make-a-wish is trying to see if something else works that still includes sheltering in place. >> it's heartbreaking. and yet there is also, there are things that are just great about it. there are things that we are seeing of the joy. you have never seen a kid so joyful when they get a beautiful puppy. >> reporter: for colette it has been a tough road filled with hospital stays and daily chemo treatments. she was looking forward to seeing her friends at school, but now even that must wait. so for now, perhaps this will keep her spirits up. >> it's a joyful day and it's so nice to know that they are still thinking of us and know that she is waiting patiently for her wish.
10:49 pm
>> reporter: and maybe the koala bears are too.checking on there, we've got plenty of mild numbers. these are the highs from today, very similar to yesterday and the day before that. at these temperatures, you know, nice, really nice. a little below where you might expect in a place like santa rosa for late july. 90 in antioch, that's the warm spot. highs tomorrow do the same thing. then as we go to the next couple of days we will continue , at least through tomorrow, with similar patterns and temperatures. then on saturday and sunday it will warm up a little bit as this marine layer, which is thick and persistent, begins to go away. or not go away, begins to compress a little bit and get struck down a little bit. that would be the plan for saturday and sunday. you might notice that in the form of a few degrees warmer, especially inland saturday and sunday. tomorrow will be just like today . there is fog on the coast and
10:50 pm
a little clearing out right now around stetson beach. the fog should fill in tonight, the robust sea breeze, which has been a signature this last week. the green represents that, right? this is all the way in the delta again tonight. places like sacramento feeling the cooling influences of the pacific ocean. and then the microclimates set up like you would expect. upper 50s to low 60s of the coast, the 70s around the bay and then the warm spots will get into the mid-80s. than if you look really hard you will find an upper 80 or perhaps a low 90 out towards brentwood or modesto. that's the plan. that's tomorrow, friday. here's the fog forecast for the morning hours. and then you see the fog burn off pretty quickly off the inland areas. it days at the coast and you guys like this. is temperaturesof days. 87 in brentwood, 76 in santa rosa. pacifica just 63 and then in the santa clara valley we have
10:51 pm
76 in san jose, 81 in morgan hill and a five-day forecast that looks a lot like the last five days we saw. quite frankly, the five days you are seeing here will bleed into next week. which will be kind of mild too as the low pressure that has been lingering in the pacific northwest, it's going to hang out out there. when it does, we see more of this type of weather. julie, as you pointed out earlier, it shows it's comfortable and it's functional because it really does put a damper, if you will come on fire danger and poor air quality. we will take it. another few days like this, maybe some will break loose next week and we will warm up with a little less fog. coming up, it's opening night and the giants were taking on the dodgers in l.a. all of the highlights, coming up next. then on the 11:00 news, the white house reportedly tracking cities all across the country that are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases. one of the cities is here in
10:52 pm
the bay area. how officials are responding.
10:53 pm
my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card to buy heavier weights online. got it! go time! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i should've purchased lighter weights!
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how's it going, everybody? mark ibanez coming to you from the vinyl room tonight. i don't care how much you think you know about major-league baseball, forget it. it's a whole new world from top to bottom. and particularly so for the san francisco giants. it looks like no buster behind the plate, no poaching on the bench and i'm going to tell you what, 60 games for this roster assemble could be a very long season for the san francisco giants. of course it is just one game, but opening night didn't turn out too well. although we did see various social awareness observances. gabe kapler, giants manager, called and a unifying moment.
10:55 pm
donnie quinn, a decent performance with one run. he caged in mookie betts in his dajour debut. in the seventh the dodgers have tied it to take the lead for good. mookie betts with great rakes to the plate, even with the infield in. he clearly gets his left and in safely. 2-1, the inning continues. hernandez with two out. he hopes to break it open with a two run shot to right center. took second on the throw, 4-1, played five innings with the los angeles dodgers. hernandez, five rbis, so low two runsft field line. the only homer in the night and this thing. they are loaded with talent. gabe kapler postgame clubhouse. >> my impressions are a bit we didn't execute as well overall. you are trying to retire some of the best hitters in
10:56 pm
baseball. it's going to be a task to do it once. so we really have to be careful with using our strongest weapons in that situation. >> they are going to have to play the dodgers a whole lot this year. that's rough. that team is truly talented late in. all right, talking about the washington nats, there opening up the season against him anything could be in the world series. the yankees, dr. anthony fauci will throw out the first pitch in washington, d.c. a long time nats fan, i can safely say he socially distanced from the catcher on that particular opening day throw. some work to do there and the big lineup for the yankees. deeann carla stanton, that's a tape measure shot, about six foot five, deep in the letter left-center field. the yankees wind up winning it in a called game, 4-1 in the
10:57 pm
sixth. by the way, star of the knots one set out tested positive for covid. like i said, forget about history and tradition. the players association and that major league baseball owners have agreed to expand the postseason now. get this, 30 teams in the league, 16 will make the postseason. so like i said, everything is altogether different. so we've got some highlights tonight. we've got a lot of things cooking all around the world in sports. is actually a busy night, that's not a stretch. check this out, the 3 a.m. pga open. that is an ace, he shot a 500 round, three shots off the league. nascar tonight, kansas lap 182 ryan newman gets loose, sending ryan preece into the wall at high speeds.
10:58 pm
denny hamlin the winner. in charlotte north carolina one of our fellow channel 2 callings reuben carrington the nephew robert [ laughter ]. very cute, possibly a future olympian diver [ laughter ] that's some pretty good stuff right there. and beer pong olympian john gayle bright sips, slips and slides. watch him flip the coin into the cup [ laughter ]. that's a whole lot of talent and maybe a little too much practice doing that. what the heck? all right, some stuff with regard to pro sports and their names. i guess you can say not having an is better than having a racist nickname. and that would be the case with the washington franchise of the nfl. they will have no neck and. the team announcing today they will call themselves the washington football team this summer as they continue efforts to finalize a new permanent
10:59 pm
name for the team. they will keep the burgundy and gold color theme. you see the uniforms will look different as well [ laughter ]. all right, how about the new seattle nhl franchise? frank, have you had a chance to digest this? up in seattle they will be called the seattle cracken. >> i don't get it. >> that's a legendary sea monster and scandinavian folk lore. >> the old sea monster. yeah, how did i miss that? [ laughter ] >> julie, you are from seattle. they're looking to have a pro hockey team up there. the cracken, get used to it. it's not going away. that is the sporting life at this hour. it's 11:00, time for more news. >> the legendary sea monster. all right mark, we will see will little bit later. next at 11:00:
11:00 pm
>> to have a big convention it's not the right time. i have to protect the american people. >> a surprise announcement from president from. the republican national convention in florida has been canceled due to the coronavirus. a reduced number of republican delegates are set to meet in north carolina to renominate the president. but the big party in florida is being called off. >> the president's announcement comes as the white house incumbents work to negotiate a compromise on another coronavirus relief bill. we have the latest now from washington. i looked at my team and i said, the timing for this event is not right. it's just not right. >> reporter: in a surprise announcement thursday evening, president trump canceled the republican national convention set to kickoff a month from now in jacksonville, florida. >> to have people going to it or not to be a hot spot, well and


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