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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 30, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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that. coming up next year at 11:00- >> we are not your typical bowling alley. this place means a lot to a lot of people. >> a bierria bowling alley closes down to the pandemic. another iconic business unable to keep rolling. cloverleaf bowl in fremont, a community fixture since the '60s, couldn't outlast covid. >> the bowling alley is the latest on the business to fall victim to the pandemic. the owner telling us there is still no timeline for when indoor entertainment might resume. new tonight, another example of how the coronavirus is changing our communities and changing life as we know it. >> reporter: this place was beloved in fremont, part of so
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many people childhoods and a moderate for other bowling centers in the country. with cloverleaf closing, others worry they too will be knocked down. >> obviously being here your whole life it's rather difficult to be going through this right now. >> reporter: family-owned for 57 years, mike hellmann's grandparents bought cloverleaf bowling alley. more than a bowling center in fremont, it has become a haven for senior leagues, teams and the community. the owners fought hard when developers tried to tear it down two years ago to make way for housing. three years left on it the lease, covid is a fight they can't win. >> we have rent, utilities, bills to pay. >> reporter: 20 weeks without income, the future too uncertain. >> there was never a date where bowling centers and circle it on the calendar and open up. it's just wait and see and try
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to find out what phase we are on. >> reporter: experts the institutions going away can have long-term implications. >> i fear we are going to lose not only venerable old institutions like skating rink's and bowling alleys, but also that new businesses trying to open up simply aren't going to be able to make it because they don't have the runway to create the clientele. >> it is possible that all indoor activities where people gather are in jeopardy. >> reporter: mike leon owns a restaurant in san mateo, open for 63 years, devastated about cloverleaf. he worries about his business, investing $35,000 to make it safe. frustrated, county health is quick to shut the industry down without visiting. here they would see thermal cameras to check patrons' temperature, partitions between bowling alleys, touchless restroom doors, and air conditioner purifier and gloves
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for bowling balls. >> i was hoping and praying the center would be able to survive these last wrenching five months and open doors. >> reporter: cloverleaf's owner reading a card left at the front door thursday. he says he will miss the people the most. >> it will be a big hit for the schools, our special needs and the families of fremont. it will hit them pretty hard. >> cloverleaf used the ppp loan they received for payroll. owner believes the government needs to do more to help the industry survive. on to san francisco now what that badlands nightclub in the castro district closing for good. that's according to their social media account. the post went up today. they say a new barr , under new ownership, will open in the location this fall, contingent on state mandates. badlands had been around since 1975. in recent years they have
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billed themselves as the castro's most popular dance barr. at 11:00, the archdiocese of san francisco is putting pressure on city leaders to allow more masses to be held. right now the city allows only religious gatherings to happen outdoors with a limit of no more than 12 people. the church says it's a double standard since scheduled street protests are allowed to continue with no limits on people and no real mask requirements. san francisco health officials are planning to open an overflow medical facility at the presidio to care for non- coronavirus patients. the city says it may need the room, with cases surging, and 109 covid patients in city hospitals, marking a new high. >> reporter: in a matter of weeks, san francisco's infection and hospitalization rates have skyrocketed and after but the city on the states watchlist. >> i can't speculate on how
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soon, if we will get off the watchlist. i will emphasize, again, we are in a major surge here. >> reporter: 57 people in the city have died so far. there have been more than 6000 confirmed cases and hospitalization rates have increased by 15% every week this month. public health director dr. grant colfax saying, now is the time to wear face coverings and stay home as much as possible. he says, with the amount of virus currently circulating, residents have to assume that anyone at a gathering, big or small, could be carrying the disease. >> we think gatherings are certainly contributing to this, which is why it is so important people do not gather outside of their household, if at all possible. >> reporter: some residence in the city said they have been following the latest news about the spike and hospitalization rates and are redoubling their efforts to protect themselves and others. >> wash her hands, wash your mask. where the mask, social distancing, just all of the
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things you learned over the last four months to keep us safe. >> the city's public health director saying, if the people of san francisco cannot follow those guidelines and bring down infection rates, the city's hospitals could be overwhelmed by a flood of patients. supervisor catherine stephanie joining dr. colfax to announce the city is opening a pair of overflow medical facilities located in the presidio, ready to take non-tran17 patients to help the strain on the city's medical system, if needed. >> unfortunately other elements are not stopping just because of the pandemic. when asked if the city would consider some kind of a fine structure, the director of public health in the city sent so far that has not been ruled out. the nta clara county health department is investigating a coronavirus outbreak at costco. so far this month employees at four different stores have been confirmed to have the virus.
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there have been six cases in gilroy, eight at san jose's center road location, 13 in sunnyvale and four cases in mountain view. researchers said they are exploring a new concept, so- called super spreaders to explain how and why coronavirus clusters pop up in some environments and not others. >> apparently some people appear , appear, we don't know yet, but a. to spread it more easily than others. >> health officials say it's safe to shop at a business where employees have tested positive for the virus. but they also say it is important to guard against getting sick, by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and washing your hands often. the california prison population has dropped to fewer than 100,000 inmates for the first time in 30 years. more than 14,000 inmates have been released since march 11th to the pandemic. currently there are about 1600 active coronavirus cases among
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inmates statewide. today the juvenile justice system went as far as to suspend intake at the stockton correctional complex as a precautionary measure. now to marin county and the push to remove the name of early explorer sir francis drake from schools, roads and landmarks. critics say he was a slave trader with ties to white colonialism and should not be honored. there was a rally tonight to rename that school. >> reporter: there are signs here at drake high school demanding the name change. supporters say recent changes are a sign that protests calling for action do work. >> all of the different people that are organizing against the drake name, whether it's in a statue on the school- >> reporter: dozens of people, students, community, and activists gathered thursday evening.
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the school sign bear the name of the explorer, now gone. >> the name is the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: protesters are now asking for the removal of his name from sir francis drake boulevard, a major thoroughfare in marin my county. >> we are asking for a lot. not all can be changed overnight. >> reporter: this week the statute of drake was removed by city crews. officials say it was done in response to planned menstruation's to tear down the statue. >> our concern was really a matter of public safety. people can't show up and engage in that kind of activity in a way that would subject themselves to harm. >> reporter: members of the native americans who say their city's arrival of the statue. they say drake's image and name should be replaced with native american leaders. >> i want them to be honored for being here, the stewards of the land for thousands of
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years. that's what i want and it's happening. >> reporter: they say these changes are, in their words, the beginning of a new beginning. >> the true history is so important so we can change the narrative. >> reporter: changing the names of public spaces is a powerful way to teach american history that includes the native american perspective, that their history needs to be told. >> our voice was taken away from us. that's the history we want to share about that experience. and how we survived. two public readings are scheduled for next wednesday and the city council plans to discuss the future of the statue. s to have a new name as early as later this year.
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coming up, a growing outbreak of coronavirus at a jail in the south bay. the family of an inmate says they are worried the outbreak is and being taken seriously. plus, a special prosecutor tap in vallejo.
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new at 11:00, where that a veteran san jose police officer is facing multiple charges. investigators say robert foster exploited workers that he
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employed at a private security business he operated. investigators say the employees were overworked, underpaid and mostly minorities. the santa clara das office says foster hid millions of dollars from state unemployment and other taxes. along with foster, nine other people, including his wife, are also facing charges. turning now to solano county , where an independent prosecutor has been tagged to review the vallejo police killing of willie mccoy. he was shot in february of last year after falling asleep in a car at a fast food drive- through. vallejo police said mcquay had reached for a gun on his lap. today the solano county district attorney announced the appointment of michael ramos as a special prosecutor to oversee the case. ramos served as the elected district attorney of san bernardino for 16 years. the solano county da says the appointment comes after an overwhelming public demand for an independent review of this case. a judge is banning police in oakland from firing various
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types of projectiles at peaceful protesters. let me in a preliminary injunction issued yesterday, opd was banned from launching stinger grenades, rubber bullets or pepper balls i protesters. he also set limits on the use of teargas, flash grenades and foam tip projectiles. writing, that they can only be targeted at a specific imminent threat. the rule also applies to outside agencies providing mutual aid. this comes after the nonprofit anti-police terror project accused police of using excessive force during black lives matter protests in june. there is a new outbreak of the coronavirus behind bars, this time at the elmwood jail in milpitas. our crime reporter henry lee tells us more than a dozen inmates tested positive just yesterday. >> the elmwood correctional facility is the site of a new break of covid-19. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's office says 16 male inmates tested positive
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for the coronavirus on wednesday. there are at least two dozen inmates at the on what infected with the virus. >> there is no social distancing in this environment. >> reporter: nickel is rated by a 40-year-old husband who has been here since december. he has tested negative so far, but even that haircut on him, salons and closed. >> my husband does have health concerns. he has lung disease, he has other issues that make him a higher candidate. >> reporter: the first in this cluster was to take, just before the inmates dental visit, the entire housing unit was then tested. at first, none of the inmates showed any symptoms, but two later did. the source and extent of the outbreak is unknown. so all visiting to the unit, known as and mate, has been suspended. earlier in the week a female inmate tested positive and was taken to the hospital. >> you can find things like tylenol for things out here that can probably take you care of you a lot better.
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the jail itself is not designed for a pandemic. it wasn't designed to hold human beings during a pandemic, a worldwide pandemic. like we are facing now. >> reporter: in a statement, the sheriff's office said we are concerned about the health and welfare for those in our care and are committed to providing the best custody and medical services as possible. >> they talk on the phones all day, there is no sanitization. they don't have hand sanitizer for clear reasons. >> all covid positive inmates are being held in single cells under quarantine with their movements restricted. the bay area discovery museum in marin county is planning to reopen its outdoor spaces for visitors. the museum is located in sausalito many the golden gate bridge. it plans to reopen for members only on august 8th, with a public opening on august 22nd. the museum says it will
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implement a time to ticketing policy to prevent crowding. coming up, the campfire on the big screen. the new documentary by don howard set to debut tomorrow. but first, mysterious seeds popping up in more mailboxes. the latest warning that they could be dangerous, or are they harmless? and we have a bit of a warm- up coming our way for inland communities this weekend. i'll talk about that and the extended forecast and update you on the hurricane threatening florida. businesses are starting to bounce back. but what if you could do better than that?
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the nationwide mystery regarding packets of seeds arriving in people's mailboxes has now spread to marin county. officials say at least three people there reported getting the seeds in the mail. the unsolicited packages
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arrived from china, or other asian countries, and contain unlabeled seeds. officials say the seeds could be an invasive species and they are warning people not to plant them, but also not to throw them away. they could end up growing in a landfill. instead, they ask that you try to burn them or destroy them in some other way. ron howard's new documentary , rebuilding paradise, is set to premiere tomorrow. it can be seen in select theaters, virtual screenings and drive-ins due to the pandemic. howard produced and directed the film that focuses on the deadly and devastating 2018 camp fire. it shows how the people of paradise have been able to rise up after the tragedy. earlier today we spoke with michelle john of paradise, a fire survivor who appears in that phone. >> there are many lessons to learn from this. paradise was a very prepared down. we had an extremely active fire safe counsel. people had their to go bags
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ready. we had practiced one-way egress and yet it was the perfect storm . it can happen to anybody at any time with very little or no warning. >> the documentary may be difficult for some to watch, especially those who lived through the fire. 84 people will killed in the campfire. pg&e recently pleaded guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter, admitting that its equipment started the blaze. we're going to start off this evening with a lot to talk about. we have a warm-up on the way for weather, but i wanted to give you a look at what's going on but the coast of florida and bahamas right now. the hurricane hunters have flown in and taking measurements and gone more data and now know we are looking at a category one hurricane right now. this is hurricane isaias ,
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expected to track over the bahamas and up to the coast of florida. this is the concern here, as you can see the cone definitely has a possibility of it brushing along the coast there. is a little early to say whether or not that's going to happen, but this is the track as we know it right now. then of course we have much different weather. it's been relatively calm here with a low-pressure system to our north and west bringing in the onshore flow and helping us to keep the marin layer rebuilding everyday, which is good news for us as we are going to our fire season. it helps to the moisture and dry fuels. rent temperatures right now, 57 degrees in san francisco, 60 in oakland, 59 in mountain view and good evening to you in napa where it's 56 degrees where you are. these are our lows tonight. areas of fog, partly cloudy and similar to what we had last night. pervasive fog in the northeast for tomorrow morning. we are caught between two pressure systems here. high-pressure will start strengthening for the weekend. that means that we are going to see the temperatures start to pump up for our inland
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communities. so at the coast we will still have the clouds that will keep you cool. if you are inland you could see some of those 90s. so here are tomorrow's highs and you can see where the 90s are there in the north bay, in the east bay. places like concord about 92 degrees, livermore 90, 93 at fairfield. but san francisco, 68, right on average we should be for this time of year, 84 in san jose. 00 extended forecast for the warm-up roles right and through the weekend and monday and we start to pull back into tuesday and get to more seasonable temperatures. inland a little warm this weekend, but around the bay will be 70s and quite lovely. san jose city college is broken ground on a new emergency operations building located at the campus on moorpark avenue and will serve as a headquarters for the school's emergency operations team to plan, prepare and practice for a real-life situation. in addition, the building would house work and office spaces
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for its milpitas extension staff. san jose city college has more than 14,000 students. coming up after the break, the nba season restarts in >>plinning. up first, a live look with a foggy view of the city.
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good evening, my cabanas back with the. they've been playing major league baseball since 1876. a pretty good game, wouldn't you say? they are really tampering it with this year, just all kinds of wacky rule changes and one of them certainly affected the
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giants tonight, trying to do it again and come back against the padres. last night mike yastrzemski the walkout, today they get down 6- 1 and become the come back. donovan celano, one of the heroes last night will score with a shotgun the left-field line. the giants have two more in the seventh inning. come the eighth inning the walkoff here, you! deep center field. he will end up with an rbi triple to close the gap and eventually score the tying run on a sacrifice fly. we that extra innings, tied at 6-6. in the 10th inning the padres get to start the frame with a man on second, just a ridiculous rule. transgression starts, nobody out. tommy pham will bring him home with an rbi single to start a blowout. a six run inning for san diego. the giants managed to scratch back one run in the bottom of the inning but wind up short, we sure, 12-7.
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to spell the naysayers, the nba bubble is alive and well with a little trouble to report as they go with an opening night doubleheader. we start with the late game first and that's probably the two best teams in the nba, the lakers against the clippers, all taking a need for the anthem. and this guy certainly looks like he hasn't lost to be. lebron, even in the middle of summer, going strong to the hoop. he had 16 points. look at the fourth quarter, under a minute, clippers down three, get it to paul george, he is healthy and heading the three. he had 30 points, that ties things. he will go to the bucket and miss emma but alert following the shot and the lakers go up 103-101. with the clock winding down, of course lebron will walk down on paul george. he won't be able to hit, he cries foul, to no avail, and the lakers prevail 103-101. and
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the opener, as you would guess, all about zion. and he looks pretty good, even though he played only 15 minutes. he will get it from true holiday. 13 points in 15 minutes as the pelicans led the jazz by as many as 15. but here comes the utah come back led by donovan mitchell, of course. he floats one home, he had 20 and the jazz come back to when it 106-104. so two pretty good games to start the nba's phase two, we will call it. got a little time, so when i checked this out? raider fans, pay attention here. i don't know if you like it or not, but anthony garcia, a big- time raiders fan, sporting his new tattoo. because apparently he really likes second-year player out of alabama, josh jacobs. he took a lot of ridicule for this new ink on social media. but you know what, if he likes it, it's all good [ laughter ]. i would've waited for josh
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jacobs to maybe prove himself [ laughter ] but that's the sporting life. such as it is. >> we will see later, thank you. no air holes in the box. that's a good sign. lily loved having that chicken. one more time than she realized. listen, i just got an e-mail from our wedding singer. he has a small request. another one? since when does the wedding singer send us requests? well, no, he just wants to change a few songs in your medley to avoid overlap with the stuff that he's performing. well, i hope it's none of my showstoppers. oh, they're all showstoppers. [ chuckling ] oh, you're too kind. oh, my gosh, it's us. for our wedding cake. couldn't you just die? i really think i could. my dad made this. he's a world-class soap carver. you know, once, when i was a kid, i cussed, and my mom washed my mouth out with the leaning tower of pisa. she still blames herself to this day. oh, i would have nixed that wedding topper immediately, but cam and i have an agreement. we -- we each got three vetoes of each other's wedding ideas --


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