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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 26, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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6:00 . >> the bay area firefight now appearing to turn a corner as officials begin to talk about getting more evacuees back into their homes. >> please bear with us as we move through this, we are moving as fast as we can as we do our best to get this wrapped up and get you guys back home soon. >> the bay area's three fires are far from extinguished. there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. tonight, the most progress is in the north bay. the l.a. new complex fire has burned 350,000 acres so far. but the good news is that it is now 33% contained. >> in the east bay, firefighters now have the fcu landing complex 27% contained. the fire has no burned more than 260,000 acres. >> in the santa cruz mountains, the ccu to complexes now 19%
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contained. 80,000 acres of burned there so far. cal fire is expected to give an update on the ccu fire any moment now. we are monitoring the briefing and will update you with any new information a bit later in the newscast. in the meantime, progress made by cal fire in the santa cruz mountains may allow for people to return to their homes by early next week. more on that from ktvu's jesse gary . >> backfiring like they call it is under very specific conditions. we don't just use it for whatever. it is not just a random action. it is a very planned event that we use for the fuel. we bring that fire line to a safe area. >> reporter: late wednesday, cal fire cruise intentionally lit fires in the missive and make a brush fire, burning portions of santa cruz and san mateo counties. firefighters are testing the viability, doing multiple controlled burns in the area
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bounded by l soil road to the south and how low road to the north. >> we want to contain the fuels between the control line and the main fire without being too aggressive and too hot of a burning fire. >> reporter: this potential problem spot stretches from filton to the southern edge of the mount. >> bringing the fire after the fire that is on the ridge top and that will illuminate that issue. what that will do is create a very nice barrier for the fire around the community of felton. >> reporter: firefighters say, it could take three to five days to gain the upper hand on the ccu lending fire. so far, the natural disaster has torched more than 80,000 acres and destroyed 30 structures. >> big long-term issues to consider as well is getting people safely back into their homes. >> reporter: thousands of residents, told about about a dozen evacuation sites in santa cruz county say, they are anxious to get back to their homes if their homes are still standing. >> very anxious.
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i was praying today. it is absolutely prime on my mind, yes. it is. we are all worried about that. no way we can find out. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies and police officers continue patrolling for people violating the evacuation order. this, as damage inspection teams are on the ground, assessing the difficulty in repopulating some areas. >> from four to five days and, hopefully, we will look at bringing some sense of normalcy back to this area. we have had detailed plans to strategically get folks back in when it is safe to do so. >> reporter: experts warned, even when this crisis has passed, the danger still exists. >> is this really the right place for people to be living for the next hundred years? are we just moving them back into a danger zone? >> reporter: controlled burns set wednesday afternoon will continue burning through the night time and into the early
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morning hours of thursday. firefighters are working with the the hillside to monitor the burning. they say, if you see smoke or smell smoke, don't be worried or alarmed. it is all part of the plan. they are doing is not because of favorable weather conditions which could change coming up this weekend. ktvu, fox 2 news. a tool where people cannot check on the status of homes in the santa cruz mountains. this map was created by santa cruz county emergency operations to show a house-by- house view of the damage. the assessments, done using color-coded icons, red icons represent destroyed homes. the orange is major damage. the other, minor damage and the green is no damage. to the north bay now where firefighters are getting help tonight from the national guard. hundreds of troops arrived earlier today. live coverage now from our ktvu's tom vacar at the fairgrounds in santa rosa. tom? >> reporter: julia, an army battalion is usually between 301,000 people.
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today, a battalion arrived here. they are the men and the women of citizen soldiers of the national guard. just afternoon, some 300 california national guard troops, most coming in white pickup truck along with some heavy military vehicles arrived at the sonoma county fairgrounds where they will be based. >> they have been on orders, some of them continuously since early this year with covid. >> reporter: a third of the citizen soldiers have been on major fires before but they have been trained at camp roberts before coming here. they come none too soon. >> this is a much-welcomed asset, a viable resource to us here locally and it will be getting to work right away. >> reporter: cal fire newly desperate for this help. >> this season is very busy. we fill in the gaps that cal fire doesn't have the resources. >> reporter: these strips will have a hand seven on role, to provide a variety of critical functions, including write up on the fire line.
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>> and mission here is to help the cal fire incident command gain the fire parameters and help to allocate resources, callout evacuations and keep people safe. >> reporter: already at the fires or so, other units were used manned helicopters as well as uav's unmanned vehicles, something similar to but far more sophisticated than radio -controlled civilian drones. >> this can take two or five firemen out of harms way and you kind of get a picture from our camera from the sky from areas just to map and assist cal fire and how they allocate resources and adjust their attack plans following. >> reporter: one soldier, already here for two weeks thinks this will help turn the corner. >> see them coming in, the weather kind of help us in the last couple of days. it definitely does seem like we are getting a handle on things. >> reporter: this has been going on so long and in so many
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places that folks on the lines are simply exhausted. that is why this is such a welcome sign and they will be up there on those lines tomorrow morning. ktvu, fox 2 news. tom, you have been up that the last several days, watching as cruise battle the fires there. it looks much clearer today where you are. would you say that is the case, that the air condition and air quality is better than it has been in the past few days? >> reporter: there is absolutely no question, air quality is better. the smoke -- this is a sea breeze coming in so it is being blown out to the east. the problem is these sea breezes can also kick up these fires, especially in the afternoon. the other problem we talked about is the fact that september is just around the corner now and that is when the traditional fires start up and they're big enough that they can be hot cakes for other fires with numbers cast outside, far, far away.
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>> they represents a whole new set of challenges. tom, thank you. some people are returning to the lake neighborhoods to sift through the ruins now of their burned homes. that area was hit hard by the tennessee fire which is right at the l and you complex were tom is. one resident said, he went to work in san francisco where the fire started, thinking firefighters had a handle on it. hours later, he rushed home to find the fire burning nearby. and another man told us, this was the first wildfire to chase him from his home. >> kind of let our guard down on wednesday, thinking that we were going to be okay. but by noon on wednesday, this place was very, very active. >> i watched the thomas fire burn. i live in camarillo and when the thomas fire was burning, the whole mountain was on fire. >> the official amount of damage to the area surrounding lake area say is unclear. officials say, a lot of
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neighborhoods were damaged or destroyed. positive news from the sco landing complex wire, not 25% contained. the fire is currently the second largest in state history burned more than 365,000 acres. new aerial pictures show some of what has been lost, including homes as you can see here. cal fire says, 37 structures have been destroyed or damaged and that 20,000 remain threatened. the scu fire is burning in seven counties in the diablo range in the east and south bay and into the central valley. in marin county, evacuation orders remain in effect for the woodward fire at point reyes. official sigma crews have made progress with help from the fall. the numbers so haven't been updated today. containment still shows 5% with 2700 acres burned. authorities say, 90 homes were evacuated and evacuation warnings are in effect for parts of molina's.
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governing newsom says, the state is mustering all available resources to tackle the 700 fires burning across our state. >> just the last 24 hours, to put things in perspective, we had 423 lightning strikes, primarily dry lightning strikes, primarily 50 new fires overnight. by the way, as of an hour or so ago, they have been effectively suppressed, all 50 of those new fires have been. meet those resources include 15,000 firefighters on the fire lines. all of these lightning-sparked fires put california on pace for a record-breaking wildfire season. already, 1.3 million acres have burned. the average from 2014 through 2018 was 1.1 million for an entire year. >> for the latest news on the fires including how to help those affected, visit
6:11 pm there, you can find latest developments on containment and evacuation orders. and pretty good news for the firefighters for the humidity in the moisture and the influx of coastal air. you are seeing a live picture here of san francisco airport. the fog has done wonders for firefighters. tom brings up a point about september. usually late september and october, those are really are scary fire months because you don't have that fog. because we do have the fog, i think firefighters are able to get a good jump on these fires and for the rapid containment from what i can see. despite these winds, you can see the wind, a classic on- shore wind in san francisco and it shows winds, you know, maybe going 15-25 right there. that is pushing, affecting lots of cool air inland with high levels. that is a huge help for firefighters. let's look at this hurricane now. this is really the big story.
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this is a historic hurricane, just by what the location of it is in the gulf. the size of it also, category four. last time something like this happen, in this area around lake charles, that was in the late 1800s. this system has lakes, it is a category four, coming onshore right now, in the next two hours or so. the story with this system is going to be lots of storm surge, over 20 feet. when we come back, taking a look at that to give you an idea what to expect and then we will look back at our forecast as we move towards a thursday. all right. coming up, athletes, taking a stand against racial injustice. the boycott in milwaukee today that led to three nba playoff games being postponed. first, vice president mike pence will be in the spotlight tonight. this is his wife karen speaking right now at the republican national convention. the issues the vice president is expected to address. and the cdc changes as guidelines for coronavirus testing. but the governor of california
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says, this state won't follow them. >> i don't agree with the new cdc guidelines, period, full stop. it is not the policy of the state of california. and a live look outside right now, traffic on the san mateo bridge. the connection down the left, we will be back with more in a moment. ♪
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tonight, the third night of the republican national convention and the theme is for heroes. a look at the live stream right now. the keynote speaker will be vice president mike pence who will officially accept his nomination for reelection from baltimore's historic fort mchenry. right now, this is trump senior advisor kelly and conway who is speaking. as you know, she is leaving the trump administration shortly. tonight, she is speaking. a major theme, the vice president pence's speech will be for support of law enforcement and he is also expected to trade democrat joe biden as someone who will lead
6:16 pm
the nation down the wrong path. our political reporter greg leigh now, this is a chance for the vice president to step into the spotlight, greg? >> reporter: absolutely, frank. before we get to that, we'll tell you, in the last 45 minutes, republicans have continued showing him and women in their party. pence and conway just spoke. the press secretary for this administration also spoke. tonight has been about president trump and vice president pence's support for the military. the question is tonight, when mike pence does speak, the white house has said, it will be an optimistic tone but how he will address the unrest and violence and the shooting of jacob lake in wisconsin? still to come. >> we need my husband to be our president and commander-in- chief for four more years. >> reporter: from the white house was coming, first lady melania trump made the case for americans to relax her husband on the second night of the republican national convention. >> just as you are fighting for families, my husband, our
6:17 pm
family and the people in this administration are here fighting for you. >> this was something she believed and she doesn't get a lot of their time. she went on for quite a while last night. i thought it was very effective her >> reporter: vice president mike pence will take center stage on the third night, likely to tout the ministration's accomplishments. >> he but as a great economy prior to the pandemic and we can expect to see that again with another four years of trumped up and vice president mike pence. >> reporter: many are still talking about the visuals from tuesday. sometime, granting a pardon in presiding a natural somatization. >> i don't know if you know this, a full partner. >> reporter: governor watchdogs and others are calling foul, saying, these are parent violations of the h.a.t.c.h. act, prohibiting federal employees from conducting such activities. secretary mike pompeo's visit from jerusalem and the state
6:18 pm
premises, no government resources were used. >> unprecedented in the views of many, many people. but everything these days seems to be unprecedented. it should be no surprise to him anyway the per >> reporter: some of them made appeals to women and people of color and took aim at democratic nominee, joe biden. >> mr. vice president, look at me. i am black. we are not all the same, sir. i'm not in chains, my mind is my own. you can tell me how to vote. >> if you're not joining or voting republican because you think we are not diverse, i hope that i you see that is just a falsehood. >> reporter: encounter program, democratic vp nominee senator, harris is speaking in several virtual campaign events. >> elections matter. this is probably one of the most important elections in our lifetime. there is a clear difference between donald trump and joe biden. >> reporter: and other live look at the rnc. again,
6:19 pm
kellyanne conway, senior advisor to the gym, speaking again. like you said, frank, scheduled to leave the white house at the end of the month to focus on her family. we have also learned that tomorrow, vice president nominee and senator kamala harris will speak from dc in the afternoon. a direct counter to president trump's acceptance speech tomorrow night. reporting live in greg leigh, ktvu, fox 2 news. frank? greg, thank you. reminder, stay with ktvu for live coverage of the republican convention. we will bring you all the main speakers uninterrupted, beginning at 7:00. now to the latest on the coronavirus, the cdc has updated its testing guidelines. it is no longer recommending tests for people who are not showing symptoms, even if they have been in close contact with an infected person. ktvu's andre seger joins us now with y local health experts say, the movie not supported by science. andre? >> reporter: julie, it is a
6:20 pm
shocking and stunning change by the cdc and the big question this evening, why the cdc decided to reverse course in the first place? a head-spinning change from the centers for disease control this week, which issued new guidelines that no longer recommends tests for people who aren't showing symptoms of the novel coronavirus and for those who have been in close contact with an infected person. it is a move that quickly from today bit from santa clara county's top official. >> when i first. about this change in guidelines, i actually didn't believe it because it seemed entirely undercutting of the basic tenants of how we control infectious disease. >> reporter: the move comes after months in which health experts regularly urged that testing would be a key linchpin to navigating the virus that has already killed nearly 180,000 americans and infected just shy of 6 million. >> since the very beginning, testing has been the achilles'
6:21 pm
heel for our country and for our county and getting us out. >> reporter: the cdc previously had advised the local health departments to test people who have been within six feet of an infected person for more than 15 minutes. according to an email from the department of health and human services, which oversees the cdc, the decision for the change came after a meeting at the white house. the reason for that change was not made clear. >> i think it is not a good idea and i hesitate for this. i do not think it is a good idea. >> reporter: strong words of the change, coming from dr. george rutherford from the university of california san francisco who says, testing and contact tracing continues to be a key element for slowing the spread of covid-19. >> i think in order to control this, especially in the context like contact tracing, you absolutely, absolutely have to test people without any symptoms
6:22 pm
her >> reporter: as to the possibility of changes to testing for residents set the clare county, dr. tony sought to clear up any confusion that the public may have about testing. >> the truth is that if you have been in contact with someone who is infected with. you absolutely need to get a test. >> reporter: meantime, gavin newsom says, cdc guidelines will not be policy for the state of california. the cdc estimates, 40% of people who contract coronavirus actually never so symptoms. the mix is all the more curious as to why the cdc decided to make this change in the first place. back to you. andre senior reporting live tonight. thank you. in sacramento, the state senate's daily session was canceled today after state senators tested positive for the coronavirus. republican state senator brian jones of san diego county says, he learned about his test result this morning. this is the final week of the legislative session and it is unclear when it may resume. the legislature has already been interrupted twice because
6:23 pm
of the virus. another delay could mean lawmakers will run out of time on some high profile issues, including police reform and extending eviction protection. still ahead tonight, a fifth grade zoom class in the east bay, exposed to porn. how the school district is responding to the inner up to and
6:24 pm
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6:26 pm
governor newsom and state health have released a new guidance for some schools to allow small groups of students to return to campus. state superintendent of public instruction tell me knee thurman says, the guidance is for schools with the students with severe to moderate special education needs and those with special support needs. school district and counties on the states' monitoring lists will also be available to provide in-person learning under these new guidelines. >> this creates an avenue for those who absolutely have to have some form of in person instructions. this also keeps the numbers very, very small. we met thurman says, the guidance will help school districts to manage the needs of all of their students. sadly, the san leandro school district is in us getting a zoom class that showed pornographic pictures to a elementary class. >> my son's zoom class was attacked by three grown men who shared pornographic photos to the children in the fifth grade
6:27 pm
class. bad ones. >> the district confirmed the incident, also saying, quote, they required teachers to set security protocols for all of theirs in classrooms. san leandro police are currently investigating. coming up on fox 2 news at 6:30, easing covid-19 restrictions in the bay. see why business owners' reactions are mixed. also, a sergeant remembered after losing his battle with the coronavirus. today's ceremony to honor him and the latest on the outbreak at the state prison. later, explore the playoff games postponed as nba players refused to take the court after the shooting of a black man in kenosha, wisconsin. look, this isn't my first rodeo
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i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better now to our top stories on bay area wildfires, the czu fire complex in the santa cruz mountain is 21% contain and evacuation orders have been lifted for uc santa cruz. 300 california national guard troops arrived in the north bay. the lnu fire is 33% contained. and in the east bray the scu lightning complex is now 25% contained. tonight is the third night of the republican national convention and the thiel is land of heros. the key note speaker with vice
6:31 pm
president mike pence. and the cdc is getting criticism for posting new testing guidelines for the coronavirus. the cdc now says testing is not necessary for people who showed no symptoms even if they've been recently exposed to someone with the virus. the change was reported in response to pressure from top officials in the white house. governor newsom says california will not follow these new guidelines. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. public officers in almeda and contra costa say they are easing covid-19 restrictions starting friday. >> some small business owners told ktvu rob roth say this is great news, 0 other says it will do nothing to help them. >> at the dorsey kent vineyards in livermore, finally some good news from the almeda county health officer. >> this is a big step for us, it's something we have not been able to do or entertain since march.
6:32 pm
>> almeda county is easing some of its covid-19 restrictions effective this friday. it's allowing wineries to have outdoor tastings without having to serve food provided social distancing and other safety precautions are in place. this winery will open labor day weekend for its members only and eventually the general public. >> for us we have to get our staff back, get them trained up, get things rolling with the new protocol in place. >> in addition to tasting rooms, the new health order allows swimming and outdoor hair salons that is no help for hair places where the salon sits on the second floor. >> i don't even now how a we would get our hydraulic chairs downstairs or set up and not block the entire walkway. and be on a busy street, it's not feasible for us. >> almeda county has been among the throwest bay area counties to loosen restrictions, almeda
6:33 pm
county nicholas moss says, these outdoor activities we are allowing to reopen are relatively low risk, but whenever we increase opportunities for people to mix, we see an increase in cases. neighboring contra cost at that county eased restrictions in july, but about to go further. beginning friday, hotels will open to the general public not just essential workers, and gyms will be allowed to operate outdoors. the percentage of positive covid-19 tests and hospitalizations have decreased this month. >> so we're heading in the right direction. we have a long haul and a long way to go but it means that less wristee outdoor activities and service it is start to open. >> as luck would have it outdoor openings are coming while the bay area is blanketed in smoke from the wildfires so some may have to be delayed. we have today's updated numbers now from the state of
6:34 pm
california on covid case and deaths. there were 6 new cases reported today. that lifts the total new positive cases state wide to 679,000 since the outbreak began. reported 150 death from yesterday. 12,000 people died from covid- 19 in california. today in the south bay, a california correctional sergeant was laid to rest after he lost his bat well the coronavirus. ktvu brooke looks at his life. >> frank, nine california department of corrections employees have died from covid- 19. and sergeant gilbert polanco is the latest one. family and friends of sergeant pola nco gathered in san jose,
6:35 pm
the first san quentin employee to die from the virus, including a 21 gun salute. the army veteran worked at the prison for 34 years. his family believes he contracted covid-19 after infected inmates were brought to san quentin from keno state prison, polanco was 55 years old. since march there have been 2700 corrections employee whose contracted the virus, a little more than half have returned to work. nine have died. inmate infections have topped 10,000. more than 8600 cases have resolved but there have been 57 inmate deaths, the state says it has reduced the prison population by 20,000 since the pandemic began. one of the largest prison outbreaks was at san quentin after the state transferred 121 inmate from a prison in cino
6:36 pm
without testing immediately before. 26 inmate from san quentin have died. to slow the spread the state stopped receiving prisoners from county jails in march, but now the department of corrections is resuming county jail in take beginning this week. it says the intake will be controlled, limited and follow public health guidelines. the state says there is a concrete effort this time around and new protocols to decrease the risk of covid-19 transmission when moving inmates around, frank. >> brooks rose live for us tonight, brooks, thank you. coming up, police release new information about the shooting of jacob blake as protests in kenosha, wisconsin turn deadly. a moment bigger than sports, this ba players boycott playoff games in their strongest statement yet against racial injustice
6:37 pm
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today police released new details on the controversial shooting of a black man in kenosha, wisconsin. the officers responded on sunday after a woman called 911. while trying to arrest jacob blake, officers first use add taser but not successful. blake then walked to his vehicle and that's when an officer fired seven times hitting blake in the back. in the wake of the shooting, blake admitted he had a knife which was found in his car. a 7:00 p.m. curfew is in effect in kenosha
6:40 pm
after three nights of violent protests. fox news johnathan hunt tells us, two deadly shootings during last night's protests are adding to the tensions. >> police in illinois arresting a 17-year-old in connection with two fatal shootings in kenosha, wisconsin after two night's protests turned deadly. just before midnight the juvenile allegedly opened fire with a rifle in what appeared to be, according to the sheriff a vigilante attack. cell phone video capturing the alleged shooter after he shot one victim in the head. the gunman appearing to say, i just killed somebody before running. the young suspect is expected to be charged with first degree intentional homicide. >> we have a person in custody, out of state, working to bring that person to wisconsin to face appropriate charges. >> the deadly incident happening during a third night of unrest following the police
6:41 pm
shooting of jacob blake on sunday. protesters clashing with police and national guard troops as the protesters set cars and dozens of businesses on fire, police responding firing rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd. but kenosha's officials say they are going to put an end to the violence starting with moving the curfew up to 7:00 p.m. >> violence in the community is not acceptable. violence to property, violence to people, absolutely unacceptable. >> president trump responding to the violence today saying he will be sending in federal law enforcement and the national guard. in kenosha, wisconsin, johnathan hub, fox news. kenosha is a city of 100,000 people located 40 miles south of milwaukee and 65 miles from chicago. 67% of residents are white. 13% latino and 11% black. all three nba playoff games
6:42 pm
set for tonight have been postponed, the milwaukee bucs january nouned they would boycott tonight's game. bucks a guard george hill, read a statement calling for justice. the two other nba playoff games to night between the portland trailblazers and houston rockets and oklahoma city thunder are also postponed. the milwaukee brewers post toned their baseball game scheduled for tonight. discussion bus social justice and the black lives matter movement are scheduled to be part of this weekend's inland lands, celebrating san francisco's outside lands music festival. it takes place friday and saturday including archived productions from previous years as well as new live stream performances. brittany howard, sophie tucker and tyco set to perform, available for free on the live streaming service twitch.
6:43 pm
and we're tracking hurricane laura due to the historic hurricane in the gulf right now, look at the air quality for tomorrow in the five day forecast. we are monitoring hurricane laura a category 4 hurricane. and could cause catastrophic damage in louisiana and texas. and taking a live look here in the bay area on this wednesday night, hazy out there because of the massive wildfires that are still burning, ktvu channel 2 news at 6:30 will be right back.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
hurricane laura is now closing in on the u.s. gulf coast as a catastrophic category 4 hurricane with winds
6:46 pm
of up to 156 miles an hour. it's currently off the coast of louisiana and texas and is expected to make landfall near port arthur around midnight our time. it could be the strongest hurricane to ever hit louisiana and authorities say it could bring an unsurvivable storm surge which is expected to be as high a as 20 feet in some areas. more than half a million people have been ordered to evacuate the gulf coast. let's get to bill martin now on this 20-foot waves, bill, or storm surge, excuse me, just mind boggling to think how catastrophic that could be. >> it is, frank. and highlighting that you are doing the right thing, it's a big hurricane, a lot of rain. there is going to be some really strong winds, but this when all is said and done, it's 15 to 20 feet. in an area, coastal areas that are just above sea level. so you are going -- imagine 20 feet of water coming over and it doesn't come in as a wave,
6:47 pm
it comes -- it literally is a surge, more like what you might see with a tsunami or something. it will keep coming. it will work its way up through the evening hours. we'll know a lot by 10:00 it will be on -- it should be touching the coastline. but i would say this, the areas like lake charles, areas in the right quadrants, right here, that's the strongest storm surge, that's the strongest winds. so these areas kind of on the right-hand side of this hurricane. the white quadrant going to hit the hardest and as frank pointed out it's historic, they don't get this big. last time one got close to this big was in the 1800s so this is a big deal. we'll be watching it. back tonight at 10:00 and 11:00, obviously and we'll have a lot of information by then. they are telling people, get out right -- many thousands of people evacuated and the authorities are saying an unsurvivable storm surge which is true, you can't -- that much
6:48 pm
water battering into homes and lower elevations could be a big problem. so we'll watch it, fingers are -- thoughts are with these folks right now down there. for us the temperatures cooled off quite a bit, toggle to some graphics talking about the big weather. big weather stories are fires are down, air quality is bad. it kind of comes and goes, the morning is the worse, tomorrow important morning will be nasty. parts of lafayette were bad. san francisco a little better today but this fire until they are out both those fires are north and south of us. so the prevailing winds are northwest or southwest and so the winds are brew drawing all that smoke into our area. until the fires die down we are going to see smoke and they are dying down, hopefully by friday we have a handle on it. forecast highs for tomorrow, good pattern for fighting fires, firefighters are really
6:49 pm
-- cal fire is really enjoying and appreciating this weather pattern. i mean, it's not easy but the firefighters they like their back fires based on sea breeze and conditions, i have great respect, via bunch of friends at the san jose state fire lab down there, the meteorology department. the only thing we can't fix is the smoke, it should get better each day as a fire -- kind of die down, boy it's close clearing for sure. >> so much going on from fires to hurricanes to covid, all at once, tough time. bill, thank you. in big sur wildlife experts continue to search for four california condor chicks unaccounted for after a fire swept through the sanctuary there. after the dolan fire moved
6:50 pm
through last week, that fire destroyed 9 research center and the condor release pen. none was injured in the fire. four condor chicks are unaccounted for but wildlife experts say they may have survived if their nests were up high and not impacted by the flames. tomorrow the society is holding an auction fundraiser to raise $500,000 to rebuild the sanctuary. winemakers say they are concerned about the potential damage to their grapes from all the smoke that's been generated by the fires. workers at michael david winery says the smoke is the worse they've seen in year, they are doing what they can to keep the ash away, trimming back the leaves and spraying the grapes with water while still on the vine. >> the air call sit really bad. you can see it and can you sense it. as farmers, we're concerned. >> it can taint the grapes, where we are at right now, you can see the grapes are ripe. we are going to be picking them
6:51 pm
soon. >> grape growers are hoping that the current state of the grapes will work in their favor. research has shown that smoke is less likely to taint grapes further along in the growing season. up next in sports, sports director mark ibanez, 40 years of covering professional sports. reminder to stay with ktvu for live coverage coming up in just minutes it's 7:00. ♪
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more now on the decision by some professional sports teams to postpone several games tonight in the wake of the jake occ blake shooting in wisconsin. sports director mark ibanez joins us now with his thoughts on all of this, really unprecedented, mark. >> never seen anything like it i think we all share one commonality we wake up in the morning and say what can happen today and all in all reminder that these social in.justices continue and now bleeding heavily into the world of professional sports. now this chain of events started earlier today in the bubble for the nba playoffs
6:55 pm
being conducted and it started with the orlando magic taking on milwaukee, milwaukee the team that plays in the home state of where this all emanated from deciding not to play the game. and do you know what, this is a big differential here. the league completely supported their actions. and the nba as a whole has been progressive throughout all these social protests by the athletes and not only that milwaukee bucs were not only joined by the orlando magic in boycotting the game, the two other playoff games scheduled for today in the bubble were also canceled. the players of the league and the league itself have not set a path forward as to reschooling any of the games as of yet. but you can imagine the consternation going on behind the scenes, guys, as they decide what to do next and then let's face it, a lot of these things are all about money and
6:56 pm
there are literally millions of dollars at stake regarding tell advising of nba playoff games that is one sport undergoing boycotts today. >> baseball is as well, the giants and the a's are playing tonight, what are the status of their games? >> first of all the a's did decide to play against the texas rangers down in there texas, that game is in progress, i believe they are in the 6th inning with the a's leading 2 to 1. another one of those unprecedented events. we have video of what the ballpark at oracle in san francisco looked like, less than an hour before the game started. obviously no fans in the stands, but no players out on the field but yet an official announcement had not been made with regard to whether this game was going to be played tonight between the giants and the dodgers, it has been decided the game will be postponed, early reports have them playing a double header tomorrow since this is the last
6:57 pm
scheduled meeting between the two teams. so, two other games have been canceled around the major leagues and then the san jose earthquakes canceled their game tonight scheduled for san jose, as did four other players for the major soccer league. like i say, just unprecedented, and athletes saying, do you know what, we are not going to entertain you until changes are made. and that's the bottom line of this stance right now. >> and mark, talk a little bit about colin kaepernick, this is around the 4th anniversary when he took a knee and protests when the 49ers were playing the packers, when do you think these boycotts will end. >> point ken tyndallly or ironically, it's four years to the day that colin kaepernick began to stir emotions on both sides of the fence with regard to him protesting during the national anthem as we later found out of course in his mind
6:58 pm
it really didn't have to do with disrespect toward the anthem, it had to do with what he perceived as police brutality and social injustices and it has caught fire. four years to the day, and all of this breaks out today. as far as how long these boycotts will last, julie, that's undecided. the giants seem to have already made a decision that they are going to play a double header tomorrow. but the nba, where all this started earlier today, they've not come out with any formal announcement, players, management, ownership and of course television networks all meeting today to decide where they are going to go from here, just absolutely unprecedented, never seen anything like it in my years of experience. >> totally is. all right. mark, thank you. a reminder here up next our live coverage of the republican national convention begins, it
6:59 pm
all starts right now. a woman in her leadership role can still seem novel. not so for president trump. for decades he has elevated women to senior positions in business, and in government. >> just days after announcing her resignation, kellyanne conway make has case for president trump being a strong supporter of women's empowerment on night thigh of the republican fashion convention, special coverage of the republican national convention i'm frank summerville. >> and i'm julie haener. land of heros along with celebration of women, special focus on the military, both active duty service members and veterans. speakers have paint add picture of mr. trump add a law and order president did you not specifically addressed the shooting of a black man by police in kenosha, wisconsin. tonight's headliner is vice president mike pence. >> taking a live look right now at the convention as we bring
7:00 pm
in our political reporter greg lee who has been watching the convention along with us, what are we expecting to hear tonight from the vice president? >> yeah, frank, we'll get to mike pence. right now this is burgess owens u.s. house candidate for utah, only leah republican. the republicans trying to display their diversity, we herd from many strong women in the party tonight as several black voters who support president trump which has seemed to be the theme. the trump campaign said they expect him to give a positive message, one that he hopes will bring the community together and portray what the trump/pence administration has done for americans. it is not clear if he will address the unrest and the violence and the police shooting of jacob blake in wisconsin, that is still up. but obviously a lot of people wondering how they will address that. what we have herd is similar to what we herd the last couple days which


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