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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 10, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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not just the smoky skies but there's ash that covers cars, buildings and more. our camera above the studios in jack london square gives us a live look across the oakland estuary. normally we could see across the bay to san francisco. as you can see, you can even see the bay. the city is off in the distance, can't see it at all. what a difference a day makes. and downtown oakland has the erie hue. exact same shot on the right but now it's shrouded with haze and smoke. >> as the day progressed the air quality got worse. you can see it on the time- lapse map. we talk to some people out and about today to see if they notice the difference in the air quality. >> we just have to deal with it and wear a mask. >> the way it looked yesterday you thought it was worse. but today it settle so you are
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breathing it in more. >> i bought for error purifiers from target. so i have air purifiers in my apartment. i close the windows. that's all i could do. it's the new toilet paper air purifiers. personal care businesses that have seen customers outdoors, are being forced to shut down again because of the smoky conditions. they just opened up an outdoor area after being closed for six months. they are eager to go back to work but not with the current poor air quality. you can see the fine layer of ash on all the furniture. many salon operators feel the cities restrictions are not there.y we are high risk rather than retail that can't contact trace and don't have a
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questionnaire and we are doing all these things to be as safe of as possible. we are left behind and later than these other things that are open. >> the salon owner got new and good news from the city. they will be able to open indoors with limited capacity beginning on monday. satellite images from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration shows how widespread the smoke is. according to these images they were taken 22,000 miles above california. you can see the smoke is almost covering the entire's date, stretching over the pacific ocean and all the way down to mexico. we are joined now with ville martin and the latest on the air quality. >> why is the smoke worst today
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? mainly because it's dropped down. as the winds died down, the red flag warning went away. the air stopped a moving and started to fall out. stick instead of the orange sky because of the smoke high, there was a lot of it. now we're seeing higher readings of particulate and bad air at lower levels. that's why bogan has dropped down. we have encouraging news. of the general twit trend is for onshore wind on the surface. how long will it take? here's yesterday. you can see the smoke in the bay area. see the texture on the smoke, it looks like a cloud. that texture with a little shadow. and then this is today. you will see much thinner, not seen texture, is more diffuse, if you will.
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as you look at that in relationship to the temperatures. all the smoke drop temperatures. the son did not get in. you have solar panels and looking at your production, it's been really low the last couple of days. the smoke has done a heckuva job of's filtering out the son. the winds are in the right direction. slowly we know this will go away. why is it taking so long? the fires are huge. historical fires in the bay area from san diego all the way up to portland. there's fires burning everywhere. i would suspect you see improvement tomorrow and the next day. in some areas today you see improvement out on the coast as well. the fog does not help as well. we will take a look at the five day when we come back. a deadly fire in plymouth county is burning out of control tonight. this is the north complex west
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is zone fire instead of the bear fire. it's cause thousands to evacuate and at least three people have died. cal fire says more than 70,000 acres have burned and 2000 homes and other buildings have been damaged or destroyed. you can see the damage left behind in the town of barry creek. one man who works as a hotshot superintendent said he stayed behind to protect his home. >> i got in here before it hit. i was able to run between my garage and screen porch and house and managed to keep up with the fire. >> volunteers are rescuing animals that survived the wildfire. casualties of the there fire is camp 1024. is a special place for children battling
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cancer. we spoke to a father whose son went to the camp. >> reporter: the gate is one of the few items the bear fire did not destroy. okizu was not just any summer camp . for the past 20 years is been a safe haven for children with cancer. there is no cost to the families. >> we've been devastated. for 10 years we have been going up there. >> reporter: his son ethan, was diagnosed with leukemia but he's recovered now. >> the camp is available to let these kids get together, where they could be normal and play like a normal child should be doing every summer. >> reporter: the kids are on a large plot of land with trees.
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>> when it hit, it hit hard. of the early communities it hit , that's where we saw the most destruction. >> we've been there for 20 years. a lot of memories. >> reporter: 700 children come through the camp each summer. they also hosted family week during the school year. >> this was for all kids that had all facets of cancer. was basically a hospital it had a landing pad up there and they had doctors and nurses. >> reporter: it was here kids could go on hikes, right zip lines and go fishing. >> my son has done nothing but blossom up there and made lifetime friends. >> reporter: the camp will find a way to keep going but no one is sure what rebuilding will look like at this point.
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the lightning sparked august complex fire burning to the north of the area is now the biggest fire ever in california. the complex started as 37 different fire started by lightning strikes on august 17th. those fires have merged or been contained. the august complex fire has burned more than 470,000 acres and it's only 24% contained. one firefighter has died from battling the flames. the fourth flyer broke out tuesday and is burning south of lake tahoe. evacuations are in order in el dorado and plaster county. as of right now, the fire is 0% contained.
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the creek fire is roaring through the sierra national forest, northeast of fresno. also with zero containment. is being fueled by dead trees and low humidity. it's by schafer leg. is burned more than 175,000 acres and burned structures including 62 homes. baking on football. the sports star hope it will bring the return of customers. gyms reopen for indoor workout for the first time in six months. city leaders in full a unveil an approach to address the increase in violent crime. a look at traffic on this thursday night. highway 101 in san jose moving along very well. we will be right back.
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>> the nfl season kicked off tonight despite concerns of the coronavirus. they areas bortz bars are hoping fans will head to their outdoor setups. >> we have a lot of people eager to come out. >> reporter: the long wait is over for the athletic club in oakland on grand avenue. they are looking forward to the start of the nfl season. co-owner said a lot of thought and work went into reopening outdoors. they trained staff on protocols for their new space. complete with tv and tables on artificial turf. >> everyone wants a drink a
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beer outdoors anyways. they are eager to kick it and watch a game and pretend like things are normal. >> reporter: loyal customers have already been hanging out at patio bars. they are ready for footballs return. >> reporter: we love the support from the community and the surrounding community. football brings everybody together. >> reporter: some owners will be missing this boost altogether. this owner of the blue-chip courts lounge in san jose said they did not survive the pandemic. the family-owned business lasted 13 years but everything changed in march. the month-long shutdown doug them in a whole even with loans. >> the landlord gave option to
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walk away so we thought that was our best option at the time. >> reporter: he plans to reopen at another time in hopes other bars staying open will have enough customers to keep them sustain. >> 200 people out here but it will be a lot less. we are doubly concerned. we are hopeful and optimistic. we plan to be here the next 20 years. >> reporter: some are concerned about business. and the legendary pub in san francisco has been around for decades, thanks they will be making it through the end of the year. they know it's going to take a long time before they fully recover. 49ers play this sunday. nfl coverage on fox starts with it doubleheader on ktvu. at 10:00 it's seahawks against the falcons. then at 1:00 in the home opener for the 49ers.
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santa clara county is allowing gyms to operate indoors. operations have changed after a six-month closure. >> reporter: the strain of operating a gym in the midst of covid in santa clara county got easier on thursday. this as patrons now allowed inside two-tone body and spirit for the first time since the failed opening in july. >> we are ready for you to come in and provide you the safe and clean space to take care of your physical and mental really well-being. >> reporter: this reopening have had to the why i it. people are cautiously optimistic that this will hold up. >> this is something that in our control, keep a little bit back and this will help us physically and mentally.
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>> reporter: all these counties moved from purple to red. santa clara county's slowing positivity rate from maeve moved up from purple to red. gyms can allow 10% occupancy inside. >> is important to keep in mind this production framework. that overlay continues to exist. >> reporter: many gyms require patrons to make reservations and temperature checks and all who enter must wear masks and social distance. group classes are a thing of the past. reopening these types of businesses are a shot in the arm for the overall economy. >> as long as they can cover the cost, this will be a great
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thing even partial cost. that will extend their lifetime to support the business until they get back to full operation. >> reporter: santa clara county could move up another tear or revert to the lowest level. that direction depends on how well the populace keeps up with the struggle with covid-19. california's daily number of coronavirus cases continue to trend lower. there's been almost 743,000 cases in california since the beginning of the pandemic. that includes 3300 new cases from yesterday. sadly, 14,000 people have died statewide since march. including 137 people who died yesterday from the virus. date health and human services secretary said the 14 day positivity rate is down 4%. deaths are still disproportionately among black people, pacific islanders and
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latinos. >> california's most impacted, nearly 60% of our cases in california have been among latinos. nearly 50% of the deaths among latinos. yet, they make up just shy of 40% of california's population. >> reporter: many in the latino community are at greater risk because of their jobs as essential workers and multigenerational living conditions. it's about the air quality. the temperatures have cooled off and fire danger dropped but the air is horrible. pointing out surface winds. current surface winds. the white clouds are high clouds. that's weather. the smoke is the gray stuff underneath it, you will see shadows. the wind direction, you will see which way it's going.
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that sets us up with the pattern on the surface. and then the wind will start trending this way. that's the south wind their southeast wind. or southwest wind, that's pushing everything out. what i just illustrated is all layers of the atmosphere where the smoke resides are going in the right direction to clear this up. why is it worse on the coast? the fog makes it soupy. conversation from the fog and water vapor grabs onto the particular matter of the smoke and you get junk. the gnarly air quality has been showing up at the close. everybody has unhealthy levels. to san francisco some of the worst as the smoke has settled down at the surface. again there is the surface at the upper level and the surface winds right there. you see the light things those are high clouds. the gray stuff is the fog. it will take a while to get
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that out of here because these are record buyers. this has burned as we been the state of california, most fires burning. not just central california but portland and seattle all the way down to san diego. we definitely have a lot of smoke to clear out. temperatures at least have cooled off. overnight lows will look like this. tomorrow morning the smoke settles down. i was suspects, based on the winds that i've showed you, the wind is slowly pushing things. unfortunately for lake tahoe, up to lake tahoe. reno in those areas you will have poor air quality. that's the forecast we come back we look at the forecast to help you plan the weekend which is not far off. on wall street, the stocks failed to build on yesterday's gains and fell sharply. dow off and the nasdaq down and
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the s&p 500 fell 59. up next tonight. of the relief package falls short in today's senate vote. >> what part of the bill are they opposed to? >> so filled with poisoned pills and partisan design, designed to fail. help for california wildfire victims. in order to get disaster relief aid, they must go through the states overwhelmed unemployment office.
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jobless claims remain at high levels according to new claims from the labor department. claims have unchanged from the week before. in addition 840,000 people fire claims for self-employed or gig workers. in all, 30 million americans are receiving federal or state unemployment benefits. on capitol hill, the republican back relief package failed to advance in the senate. democrats argued it did not provide enough relief. some telus a back the house bill that passed months ago and propped local and state government. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell said republicans latest coronavirus relief package was what the american people needed
6:25 pm
with all democrats voting no, the senate failed to move the bill forward. president trump spoke after the bill was blocked, defending himself against accusations he downplayed the coronavirus at the beginning when he knew it to be much more serious. we go i don't wanted jump up and down and start screaming death. >> reporter: this package didn't include stimulus package for individuals or anything for state or local government. >> so pardons designed and designed to fail. >> it was nicknamed the skinny bill because it was smaller than the trillion dollar package that macconnell released in july and only a 10th of the size house democrats passed in may. >> we have a major disaster. let's not have a skinny bill when we have a massive problem. >> reporter: speaker pelosi said she's hopeful the relief welcome pass congress before the election, just not this
6:26 pm
bill. california makes up one quarter of the weekly jobless numbers. 247,000 california's filed claims. self-employed and gig workers file for the separate benefits. that's more than half the national total. californians began offering $300 a week and assistance that was approved by the trump administration. now the employment development department is offering help to people whose jobs have been impacted by the wildfires. >> whenever there's been natural disasters, over the past 40 years. we have a system of disaster relief. >> it might be a while before fire victims see a check. they are massively backed up and many who applied for sister
6:27 pm
assistance months ago, have not gotten their money. things may not change until california reopens the economy and gets more people back to work. coming up on ktvu news at 630. of the mayor of vallejo knowledge some residents don't feel safe. he joined the police chief to announce what they plan to do about a spike in crime. a sports fan dream. this is the first day ever that 10 sports leagues play games or tournaments on the same day. >> reporter: supporters say it's been a long time coming. an area in san jose was officially designated for the lgbtq community.
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now to our top stories and san francisco. a big step forward for some businesses. starting monday, salons and barbershops and personal services and gyms and fitness centers will be to open indoors with limited capacity. the city previously announce hotels, outdoor entertainment and drive-in movies could resume business on monday. the smoke from the wildfires is blanketing the bay area. it's much worse today than it was yesterday. it can be seen 22,000 miles
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above california. the national weather service is not expecting the air quality to improve sick vacantly for at least a few more days. the bear fire has destroyed a summer camp for children with cancer. families familiar with camp okizu say it's a special place. it was operating remotely this year because of coronavirus, so no one was there. of the camp says hopefully they will be able to rebuild. you are watching fox 2 news at 6:30. the city of the a had a news conference to address the city's violent crime. we are in vallejo tonight at the police headquarters with how the city plans to address the problem. >> reporter: crime in vallejo is no secret. is become worrisome because crime and other areas have fallen but that does not hold
6:32 pm
true in vallejo. the mayor joined the pleiades cities police chief and the head of the local naacp chapter thursday, to announce a initiative operation peace. >> i received numerous calls and emails from residents expressing their concerns about the ongoing violence we are seeing all to frequently and full a. >> we are at a crossroads. the city we watched two descend into a city where people no longer feel safe in their neighborhoods and homes and communities. this is affecting our children and working-class families. >> reporter: there have been 209 shootings up a staggering 300%. homicides not just an increase but a spike with 21 since the beginning of the year. wrecking a record of 30 murders
6:33 pm
set years ago. >> our goal is to build positive reactions to interactions. while increasing police visibility to deter crime and aid in the prosecution of offenders. >> reporter: the officials are navigating operations in the house. this one was shot and killed during a confrontation with an officer. this one was shot in a drive through and he was sleeping in the vehicle and had a gun on his lap. improvements are being made in the department. >> organizational structure and
6:34 pm
training, we will continue to do that. >> reporter: the police office association said was needed is more bodies. they are operating on 60% of the staffing needed. during nonpeak hours you need eight officers on the street and during peak hours you need 13 officers on the streets. of alejo police department said there's only six officers patrolling the streets at any given time. live for us tonight, a campaign to defeat a ballot measure is picking up steam. there was a virtual news conference this morning. it was attended by crime survivors, victims rights organizations and elected officials. it included district attorneys. of pass come up propped 20 would reclassify fraud and six crimes as families felonies.
6:35 pm
opponents say it will rollback criminal justice reform. >> the proposition is this, do we want to turn back the clock 20 and 30 years ago when we had prisons that were bursting at the seams, that were unconstitutionally overcrowded, that we had to send our prisoners to other states? >> prop 20 is supported by law enforcement agencies. they say reclassifying crimes will help prevent the early release of violent criminals from prison. san francisco has castro. but san jose did not have a designated the lgbtq district until now. they share the vision of community leaders in san jose. >> reporter: is a first for san
6:36 pm
jose. a section of downtown designated as the hub for the lgbtq community. today local leaders unveiled the community district located at on historic post street. >> the project will ultimately be a pillar for the folks in the community. >> reporter: city officials chipped and $66,000 to get the project off the ground. phase 1 includes banners, lighting, trees and art. phase 2 will involve community input, deciding how to grow and bring in new businesses and planned events. the owner of splash bar hopes the area will become more vibrant. >> when you have things go around you that help the energy, you can't go wrong. >> reporter: is about the longing and inclusivity about having a permanent area to call their own. >> it sends a message on how we
6:37 pm
are prioritized by our community and leaders. you're welcome here and safe here. >> with this space, we the lgbtq community in san jose will not go back to the closets in any medical choral co. way. and said we will be infused in the hearts of downtown. >> we're not stopping here but starting here. >> the community district is looking for artists. they are also organizing a series of town hall meetings to discuss what comes next. some families who are receiving food today at the oakland schools grabbing gross service was greeted by a member of congress. barbara lee helped give out food on 98th avenue to 22 schools. food was given out monday to
6:38 pm
all families with children in oakland. >> all children deserve to have a meal, be able to eat. there should not be hunger in america. no child should go hungry. to no family should be without food. food security is a big issue. we are the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world. >> reporter: the congresswoman is working on a waiver with the department of agriculture will extend the distribution program to the end of the school year. right now i will stop at the end of the calendar year in december. tape-recording show that president trump deliberately downplayed the threat of the coronavirus. new panic in beirut where a fire broke out at the same port where a massive explosion killed 200 people last month. ♪
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if we do it together. ♪ a huge fire broke out at beirut's pork port. there were no injuries today. people did report dark smoke and the smell of toxic fumes. army helicopter there's on the ground. that's month 200 people were killed and thousands were injured at the same port. extract tomorrow's the 19th
6:42 pm
anniversary of september 11th terrorist attack. observance will take place in new york city but with changes because of the pandemic. the memorial and museum plan to honor 3000 men, women and children killed in the attacks and the world trade center and on flight 93. this year there will be no live reading of the names. president trump and joe biden will mark the university of pennsylvania at the site of the memorial. is a field where united flight 93 headed for san francisco, crashed when passengers and crews stormed the cockpit after realizing their plane had been hijacked. president trump defended himself over his emission he downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic. the president said he knew the
6:43 pm
virus was airborne and more deadly than the flu. democrats, including joe biden for saying the president's stance may have cost americans their lives. the president said he was trying to keep people from panicking. >> i didn't lie, what i said is we have to becalm, we can't be panic. if he thought that was a bad statement, he would've reported it, because he thinks we don't want to have anybody is going to suffer medically because of some fact. he did report it because he didn't think it was bad. president trump held a rally in the key swing state of michigan with little sign of social distancg or mask wearing. a lot of air-quality issues in the bay area. of the heat is gone but the smoke is not. the forecast and five day looking at your weekend. we go to alec savage with a
6:44 pm
look at the stories we will have on the 7:00. >> wildfires have intensified year after year. tonight at 7:00, an expert will look at how this relates to climate change. new pictures of a burning man party in san francisco that's been condemned as reckless and irresponsible. a supervisor is calling for an investigation. those stories coming up live at 7:00. a recent movie based in oakland gets a tv series and off. the details about blind spotting still ahead. we will be right back. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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big basin redwood state park will remain closed for at least a year because of the extensive damage from the lightning complex fire. today we got a tour of the park. the historic core areas destroying long-standing structures, including big basin's headquarters. the flame damage the iconic redwood. for street experts say the trees are standing but not stable. >> we will see the forest will recover. the redwood trees and forest itself have been coexisting with fire for thousands of years. we are confident that despite the heartbreaking damage to the infrastructure, the forest will thrive.
6:48 pm
>> before the park will be able to be open to the public, the trees will undergo's dress testing. big basin was established in 1902 and is california's oldest state park. the air-quality has been as bad as we've ever seen at. about his i've ever seen at. i'm sure there's times with certain regions but not over the entire bay area. we are getting hip. winds are going in the right direction from the surface to loft. they are going in the right direction. there so much smoke and we have so much topography, the mountains and the hills, some will linger in tomorrow over the weekend. some will linger. surface winds going that way. we are down about their 800
6:49 pm
feet or so. upper level winds are 5 to 6000 feet. they are blowing with the southwesterly flow. that is blowing things towards the north and the east. since the smoke came from the north, that's helpful. it's not howling, not super strong winds. but the trend, the direction is the right direction, that's what you look for. otherwise we will be stuck in the pattern. if this was dead of winter and we had a high pressure set up like a strong one the kind where we get the radiation fog, we would be stuck with this stuff for a week. so this pattern is good. there's a better pattern coming down around the corner. this will set up with the continued southwesterly wind, blowing everything that way. but a trend cooler with rain in the north state. and perhaps northern california. good pattern. what did i just say? we have this week you see in the five day and then we have
6:50 pm
next week the looks like things will be mellow in terms of fire and smoke. that's what you look for in september. you want to string a bunch of weeks together and get yourself closer to the big rain, that first grain. here is that system that shows up next week. that's an okay looking system. see how south that is is a spinner, extra tropical weather. it will smooth over to the north of us. we will get cool air and breezes. these are forecast highs for tomorrow, not that warm. that's good news for firefighters. here's the five-day forecast pops in here. you can see i'll step out here little bit and we'll see we have temperatures generally running in the 80s and we will you. of the movie that was filmed in
6:51 pm
oakland is getting a spinoff television series. oakland native wrote and costarred in the movie with his childhood friend. the film came out in 2018, wrestled with please brutality and the economic makeup of oakland. it will air on the cable channel, stars. and no word on a release date. the oakland a's dominate the houston astros is a start to run away with the american league west. we are up next.
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hello everybody, we're with you tonight. a story could day in sports. for months we have nothing to talk about now we had too much. the never happened before. major-league baseball, all all the sports. we've got golf and tennis and i know i forgot somebody but i apologize. let's start with your first place oakland a's of the coliseum this afternoon. closing in on the western division title. they wax the astros again. as usual the home run ball had a lot to do with it.
6:55 pm
as usual, home run or nothing. that's the 12th home run of the year. that puts the 80s up. same score on the seventh. things went to center. they had a nice day come into the score 31 lead. alex brakemen hammered hendrix. had he ground to center field for the a's. he runs it down, nice play to and appeared the a's be the astros seven out of 10. they have opened up 6 1/2 game lead in the westover houston. their magic number, they are talking about that. all right the san francisco giants, they look like a bona fide playoff contender. five-game win streak. no time for sentimentality. is the end of the line for
6:56 pm
pablo sandoval as a san francisco giant, better known as the panda. he's been designated for assignment saying you are cut. one of the most popular players in san francisco giant history. his infectious smile will be missed. the fans will remember the catch of the pop up at the end of the world series. home run game 2012. arguably top 25 position player in san francisco giant history. the mba, let's get on with it. everyone knows is going to be the lakers and clippers in the western conference final. just don't think the rockets are up to it as they proved tonight. not going to be denver either. the lebron and company, they do what they need to do to get it
6:57 pm
done. watch lebron move downhill. he had a great all around game. beautiful touch. harder touch then he made it look like. beautiful english to make it happen. he was up third quarter. russell westbrook will put up a brick. look at that all in one motion outlook. breaking in stride. his fell did not count, 29 points. 12 rebounds for anthony davis. he goes up 3-1 in the series. bring on the clippers and lakers in the western conference final. it is undoubtably one of the most beautiful stops on the pga golf tour. even with the lousy weather that we've had to mess up the skies. silverado country club in nampa, hindered by the poor air quality.
6:58 pm
but it went on as schedule. third shot, perfect line got himself an ego. he needed it as he finished even par 72. first round leader. a birdie at 18, finished at nine under, 63. check this out with the time that we have left. mike trout a superhero. but apparently does not have x- ray vision. he accidentally slams into the plexi glass there. angels dugout for protection in the world of covid. and that a's having a rough go of it for the afternoon but he makes the play. tough being a ballboy these days. >> i should not have laughed, i would've missed it also. >> thank you mark.
6:59 pm
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