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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 8, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. as the coronavirus spread throughout the white house the nations leading infectious disease expert speaks virtually with students at uc berkeley. >> what we are involved with today is a divisiveness the likes of which i have never seen. >> dr. fauci was on the task
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force and warned tonight of another surge of covid-19. it evening. >> dr. fauci stressed the importance of wearing a mask and following guidelines for social distancing. we are here in out more with what the doctor said about the pandemic and how students reacted to the virtual event. >> reporter: frank, doctor fauci spoke for 45 minutes tonight and a very frank conversation with berkeley students. >> it is my distinguished honor to welcome dr. fauci to the berkeley form. >> reporter: in a virtual fireside chat sponsored by the form the student group in the school of public policy , dr. fauci, director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases talked about the pandemic . >> i have never seen a disease with a wide range of clinical manifestations from 40% to 50%
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of the people who get no symptoms at all. >> reporter: he said the vaccine probably would not be widely available until spring or fall of next year. >> our baseline of infection is around 40,000 per day, which is unacceptably high, so we have to get that down. otherwise, we will have a very tough winter. >> reporter: the organizers say the invent drew an unusually big crowd. >> for this event we streamed through two platforms and first through facebook which we had approximately 2000 views and on youtube with approximately 1500 views. >> reporter: concern and interest tightened as a number of cases in the u.s. and deaths rise. >> even if people disagree with these ideas, we want them to have a chance to interact with them and interest and them and level. truck the public health side of the pandemic has become increasingly political. >> we are driven by the science. science knows no political party. science, in its purest sense, doesn't know any ideology. it just knows the facts.
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>> reporter: the facts of coronavirus prevention that he listed such as wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding crowds and washing hands have at times been disputed by president reagan, trump and white house advisors. the new england journal of medicine published an unprecedented editorial signed by all its editors critical the trump administration that said quote mac truth is neither liberal nor conservative when it comes to the response to the largest public health crisis of our time and our current political leaders have demonstrated that they are dangerously incompetent. >> the new england journal of medicine tried to stay focus on policy and they gave a devastating critique of what the trump administration has done, but they didn't go so far as to say vote for joe biden. >> reporter: a sign of the times according to henry brady dean of the golden school of public policy during an unprecedented election. >> donald trump has broken so many norms that many professional organizations, journals and so forth are breaking norms that they have
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held for a long time as well. >> reporter: he said today if the vaccine development goes as scheduled in a patient combination may be able to return to normal by next spring or next fall. president trump doctor said tonight that the president can return to public engagements on saturday, which would be 10 days after he tested positive for the coronavirus. the president suggested in an interview on the fox this morning that he caught the virus either at a rose garden event announcing his supreme court nominee on september 26 or at a meeting with military families at the white house the following day. >> they come within an inch of my face sometimes and they want to hug me and kiss me. and they do. and, frankly, i am not telling them to backup. i am not doing it. but i did say, you know, it is
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obviously dangerous. it is a dangerous thing, i guess, if you go by the covid thing. >> president trump that he is feeling perfect now and he does not think he is still contagious. at least 34 white house staffers and contacts have reportedly been infected with the coronavirus. today senator mitch mcconnell says he is not been to the white house in more than two months because of what he says are lax protocols. >> i can tell you that i have not been to the white house since august 6. i personally didn't feel that they were approaching protection from this illness in the same way i thought it was appropriate for the senate. >> he said he still speaks to the president regularly, but he said he is following the advice of the cdc and the capital physician on wearing a mask and a social distancing. tonight, it looks like there will be a presidential debate in miami next week. today the commission on presidential debates announced
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the debate would be held virtually and they say president trump is refusing to take part with just 26 days until the election. truck after the commission on presidential debates announced that the second showdown between president trump and joe biden would be virtual, the president announcing he is bowing out. >> no. i won't waste my time and virtual debate that is not what debating is about. you sit behind a computer and do a debate is ridiculous and they cut you off whenever they want. >> we don't know what the president will do. he changes his mind every second and for me to comment on that now would be irresponsible. >> reporter: former chair slammed the organization for changing the format. >> there is a 10 day period that is nerally accepted in the medical field with respect to how long you would have to wait. this is really an issue of when the debate should occur. >> reporter: they say that trump campaign is wise to push for a delay in the debate.
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>> it gives the trump campaign the best chance of getting the best possible performance out of the president. truck this comes as they say the president can't beat joe biden without another presidential debate and at the same time the president is watching support from senior slip away and the president thursday putting out a video targeting that crop of voters. >> the seniors will be taken care of and everybody will be taking care of. >> reporter: republicans and political experts believe the outcome of the election may hinge on undecided voters. >> the candidate that says to them here is how we will move forward into 2021 and have that be successful, i think will grab the momentum in the closing days. >> reporter: a real clear politics average of national polls find that joe biden is leading president trump, but just like the last go around forecasting the november 3 victory may very well be a fools errand. >> this is a closer election than most people think. i think the polling numbers that we see are very optimistic
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for joe biden. >> reporter: the trump campaign is pushing to have next weeks debate delayed to october 22. the biden campaign initially agreed to that date but later pulled out. instead biden will hold a town hall next thursday the day the debate was supposed to be held. a study of the antiviral drug found it reduce recovery time for people with coronavirus. the drug cut recovery time by five days compared with the placebo of 29 days of treatment. for patients on oxygen recovery time was reduced by seven days and remdesivir is one of several drugs given to president trump to treat his infection. the report was published in the new england journal of medicine. of the bay area has seen a spike in the number of deaths from the coronavirus and at least 35 deaths were reported yesterday including 13 deaths in alameda county and six people also died in contra costa county and six deaths were reported in santa clara county. according to data compiled by
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the chronicle, this is the highest total in the bay area in three weeks. new state numbers released today show california with 835,000 cases of coronavirus since the pandemic began. there were nearly 3600 new confirmed cases reported today and more than 16,000 people with the virus have died in our state including 99 more deaths reported in the last 24 hours. the 14 day positivity rate is 2.6%. in santa cruz county, officials are trying to trace the origins of an outbreak at a nursing home. so far, as we find out 61 people have become infected and at least nine people have died. >> on the outside we are scared to death for loved ones and we don't know what is going on and it is really hard to get information.
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>> reporter: mary campus at her 91-year-old mother has been on lockdown inside the watsonville postacute center. this is santa cruz county health officials confirm they covid outbreak with started three weeks ago. >> we don't know where it started. it is very likely that it was a staff or contractor in the building but it is sue, too soon to tell. truck she said nine residents have died so far with the corner set to send the death certificate for a 10th. 46 others have been infected with the virus and 15 staff members also tested positive. santa cruz has over 2500 total cases, and officials are now conducting contact tracing to determine how the infections within postacute occurred. >> we are still dealing with an out-of-control pandemic. >> reporter: stanford university infectious disease expert doctor jake scott said
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as long as covid-19 cases continue spiking outside of care facilities, those insider at risk. >> we can't feel them off completely because the staff and people who have to visit these facilities come from the community. >> reporter: county officials say the national guard has been called in to help supplement postacute staff since more than a dozen are now quarantined. facility management has posted a statement saying quote mac each day we evaluate all of our residents are following state and county guidelines to determine who meets the criteria to be transferred out of the unit. this is a positive first step in reducing the number of positive cases in the facility. " >> reporter: even so, not knowing eats that relative the residence, almost as tirelessly as the fear of the spreading virus. >> i am trying to prepare myself that i will never see my mom and person again. >> reporter: health officials say they expect the death count to rise in the coming days and that relatives of those on the inside can check with the facility to see if they want to bring the relatives home or leave them in place in the
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middle of a covid outbreak. searching for answers for an unsolved killing in oakland. at 10:30 we hear from the victim's mother who said she doesn't know why anyone would want to kill her son. tracking hurricane delta. i will let you know how that will transpire tomorrow and a chance of some what weather in our forecast. it has been three years since the devastating fire hit santa rosa and today's ceremonies two the victims and how survivors say life has not been the same ever since. this year's anniversary, it was difficult because we did not know if we would have to evacuate from the fire and last month it was the august fire.
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and get quality care with no copay. kaiser permanente. thrive. pg&e is planning for possible power shut us in the coming days in certain parts of northern california. they say the eastern portion of tehama county as well as butte, plymouth, yuba and sierra counties could go dark on sunday and monday if no rain falls in those areas and the high wind continues. the outages are meant to keep trees from falling on powerlines and starting wildfires. none of the nine bay area counties is included in the possible planned power shut off.
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it was three years ago tonight and howling winds and downed power lines whipped up a firestorm of the north bay in sonoma, napa and mendocino counties and what no one realized then it was not a one- off but a new normal. we are joined now live with more on the anniversary. >> reporter: julie, santa rosa got the worst of it in 2017 with 22 lives lost, 5600 homes destroyed. survivors say it was a turning point. >> three years ago, we went through some very incredibly difficult times. truck the fire chief of santa rosa in the past presided at public ceremonies marking this date and disaster. covid quashed that this year. plus, he is still turning the corner on the glass fire and hundreds of homes gone into counties. firefighters are not all that aware of anniversaries. >> i want to thank all of you for being here today to help us
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with this current fire we are experiencing, knowing that many of you were here in 2017 helping us. >> this was my neighbors house. truck that night fire warden so fast people ran for their lives and then have a long ordeal of turning wasteland in the neighborhood again. coffee park is almost entirely rebuilt but nobody forgets, not with big fires and the camp, the lightning complex and every year since. >> we had people in santa cruz reaching out to us to be able to give them information. >> reporter: is neighborhood leaders make welcome packets for returning homeowners, they now hear from a new wave of victims. >> we do have a wealth of information that can help them know there are people who have gone through it. we will help them every step of the way. >> vegetation management is a huge issue for us right now. >> reporter: he was santa rosa's mayor during the
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disaster and now a newly elected county supervisor, he expects fire to remain a dominant issue. >> i don't know whether we are getting better at stopping them or we are getting lucky, they have all had the potential to be just as bad as the tubbs fire and 2017. >> reporter: while there has been improvement on warnings and readiness, he understands how ongoing stress, smoke, power shut off, may have people ready to leave. >> when one crisis hits year after year after another it gets hard. but i tell you i think this is the best place to live in the whole country. i am not going anywhere. >> reporter: thursdays glass fire briefing was dedicated to those who didn't survive three years ago. >> for the 22 souls who lost their lives on october eight and nine. >> reporter: a long moment of silence to honor them. there will be some small remembrances tomorrow and an early-morning bellringing in santa rosa and some neighborhood meet ups. but julie, mindful of the
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pandemic, public observances. >> looking at those pictures of all those burning homes and the debris and not much left after, it is hard to look at. thank you. >> it was life-changing. >> it certainly was. the glass fire burning in napa and sonoma counties has burned more than 67,000 acres and the fire has also destroyed more than 1500 residential and commercial structures. it has been burning now for 10 days and containment has increased to 70%. the cause of the glass fire is still under investigation. >> a spare the air alert has been suspended since saturday. there have now been 48 of those this year and the bay area air quality management district said it is a new record. the previous record for an entire calendar year was 46 back in 2017. the district said smoke from the glass fire burning in sonoma and napa counties is a big factor for the bad air quality in the bay area.
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joining us now for the air- quality under weather is our chief meteorologist. yes. first we have to look at delta, which is a major hurricane, category 3 right now and it looks like it will come on shore near lake charles, louisiana as a category 2. so the forecast models have up to 7 feet or 11 feet of storm surge. category 3 just off shore of lake charles. quickly it will hit landfall at category 2 tomorrow later afternoon or early evening. six named storm to hit this area this season and that is a record and that will be more problems for them and a lot of rain and wind and a lot of problems and that is a friday there. here, we have the weekend coming up. the chance for rain is less
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than it used to be and the rain chances are down. we could see a few sprinkles but not a lot. the main impact will be clearing out the poor air quality and keeping temperatures cool. when we come back we will look at that and the five day forecast. a strike team returning from the fire lines today made a stop in san francisco to honor a fallen firefighter paramedic jason cortez. in these pictures tweeted by the fire department you can see engines from southern california including the downey alhambra and la county fire departments as they saluted station 3 in the tenderloin and that is where cortez worked. he was 42 years old, a husband and father of two young children and died yesterday morning after falling three stories during a training exercise. more calls for an in-person classes in the south bay and coming up, the photo of two young girls studying at a gas station that some say highlights the need to reopen schools. and coming up the buccaneers quarterback tom brady with a rare mental error that caused
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tampa bay a chance that a win. we will have the details coming up in sports. it is been more than 10 years since oscar grant was shot and killed by a bart police officer. how his family is reacting now that the alameda county district attorney said she is reopening this case. >> we will continue to battle into we get justice. they do one of the most difficult jobs there is, even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities,
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in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. when you take a it all begins to un-ravel. ann ravel's no reformer, she's backed by big corporations who've poured hundreds of thousands into her campaign. and she opposes ballot measures to make the economy more fair for working people. only dave cortese is endorsed by the california democratic party.
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he's helping us battle the pandemic with a science-based approach. and expanding health services and child care to those in need. for state senate, democrat dave cortese. new at 10, a picture from social media of two girls from san jose doing their schoolwork in a gas station parking lot is reigniting calls for in person learning to resume. we are here now after tracking down the family and that picture. >> reporter: like many parents in the bay area, mario struggles with taking care of his daughters while also trying to earn a living. he owns a food truck and says he has no other option but to bring his girls to work.
10:24 pm
>> reporter: this photo shoot on social media shows two girls underneath a san jose gas station awning distance learning. their new classroom during a pandemic. steps away is a food truck and that truck is tacos l porky's and belongs to mario and the two girls in the photo are his twin daughters. >> in spanish, mario says while they are making do, it has not been easy watching julie and rebecca age 7 as they remote learn. his wife is a housekeeper, so two days a week he has the girls by his food truck. chrome books and wi-fi hotspots provided by the district. the girl say they have adapted, but it is not a deal. >> the hardest part is that my dad is in the taco truck and all of these persons are talking while we are reading and stuff. >> reporter: their second graders at aptitude community academy. >> heart wrenching. you know, it is something that
10:25 pm
we have been trying to address through something that we are calling learning pods. >> reporter: the superintendent said in august the district opened three school sites to help working parents but had to immediately shut them down after a staff member and the student tested positive for covid-19. her district with the zip code that has the highest cases in the county and testing and contact tracing is a challenge. >> really need a better partnership and we need our friends from the county or the city or whoever is able to support us. >> it is highly inequitable that some of our children are trying to do their schoolwork from the parking lot. >> this parent saw the photo and said it illustrates the need to reopen schools. she started a petition support hybrid learning options now with 350 signatures. >> reporter: as for the girls, they are doing good looking on
10:26 pm
the bright side. >> we get to go outside and be with my dad and mom. >> reporter: the superintendent wanted to express thanks to that parent mario for continuing his children's education and she knows other parents may not. that superintendent plans to offer assistance saying the earliest schools could reopen in the school district is mid- january. >> the story is so sobering and those two little girls are just so precious and thank you. coming up you may have already received your mail-in ballot. later tonight what election officials want you to know about voting by mail and the safety measures in place if you would rather cast your ballot in person. and also tonight the oscar grant case will be reopened, but one local expert said there is little that can be changed after so many years have passed.
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it has been almost 2 years and the family of a young man killed her in oakland and the police are asking for help in solving this case.
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a homicide case in oakland has gone unsolved for almost 2 years. 25-year-old man was shot and killed while he sat in his car. amber lee joins us now after hearing from police and the m's mother about the case. >> reporter: julie, oakland police and the victim's mother gathered at the scene of the crime this afternoon and they came together to ask for help in solving this case. a memorial in east oakland and his family describes the five, 25-year-old as a kind young man with a promising future.
10:30 pm
>> he had this glow of radiance. >> reporter:'s radiance gone. he was shot and killed here february 11, 2019. the case was unsolved. >> i miss that smile. i miss that, mom, let me tell you what i did today. let me tell you what i got accomplished today. >> reporter: it was 9:15 at night and he was parked on clara street in week cut east oakland and police say a 2000 and finity suv pulled up to his car and the passenger in the suv pointed an assault rifle at bell and shot him multiple times and bell died at the scene. >> i could not get here on time to tell my baby goodbye. and i could not give him that last hug. >> reporter: police say the only have general descriptions of the two men in the suv. she said her son made this music video shortly before his death and his dream was to own a recording studio.
10:31 pm
he worked for ups and had plans to attend college to study law and real estate. family members say they don't know who would want to harm him suspect and be may be a motive. >> something is going to break and whoever is taking these peoples lives with jealousy and stuff like that comes around goes around. >> reporter: investigators say they have not established a motive what they describe as a senseless act. >> it really breaks my heart to see mothers and other family members be brokenhearted over the loss of life. i really ask that people come forward and help us. >> that person needs to be locked away. >> reporter: buckley said there will be no peace until those responsible are held accountable. >> my whole life is turned upside down. i don't know what to do. i can't rest and they won't rest until justice is served. >> reporter: police say there
10:32 pm
have been six more homicides in that area since his death. three of those cases were solved . the oakland police and crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information in bells case. >> heart raking to hear his mother talk about the loss of her son. thank you. there is no evidence tonight about the significant increase in gun violence in oakland. the oakland police commission heard an update from the interim oakland police chief susan manheim or early this evening. she said there has been a marked increase in homicides and gunk, gun crimes this year and they are up 56% compared to this time last year. the number of shots fired according to the shotspotter system has spiked by 65% to 70% from the same time in 2019. >> this community is seeing a tremendous trauma with loss of life and with the fear of
10:33 pm
gunfire. >> so far this year officers have recovered 946 guns off the street and the chief said 735 of those guns were linked to crimes. that is an increase of 35% over last year. more than 10 years after oscar grant was killed by a bart police officer on the platform at the fruitvale bart station in oakland, the alameda county district attorney is taking a fresh look at the case. henry lee tells us even with this new look, legal experts doubt that anything will move forward. >> here we are, today, waiting 11 years for this appointment to talk about reopening the murder of oscar grant case and taking a look at it. >> reporter: it has been a whirlwind of emotions and back and 2009 a bart police officer
10:34 pm
shot and killed his nephew at the fruitvale station in oakland and this week he demanded that alameda county da nancy o'malley reopen the case and in a surprise move she did that without telling the family first. >> and we are ready to continue this battle until we get justice. >> i want the district attorney to do her job as she is paid to do. and not just say she will open the case. >> reporter: his family said then officer anthony perrone should be charged and he said he was aggressive and restrained grant before he was shot in the back. >> he is the ultimate cause of this entire event. >> reporter: the attorney said it is still possible for him t be charged with murder. >> after holding oscar down physically and aggressively with the other and then he stepped back and fired the fatal shot. >> reporter: he said he mistakenly pulled out his gun instead of the taser and charged with murder but convicted of involuntary manslaughter. >> manslaughter, that statute of limitations has run. >> reporter: legal analyst said it is too late to charged with manslaughter let alone being an accessory to manslaughter but a
10:35 pm
jury in la determined it was not a murder case. part settled with the family and friends of oscar grant years ago. >> if they already brought a civil suit, it is over. >> it is unfortunate and it is an election year and i think people are trying to grandstand. >> reporter: he is president of the bart police union and he also said the case is over. >> how can you make somebody an accessory to an involuntary act? really, from talking to lawyers that represent us, there is no continuing charges that will be filed. truck prosecutors are not discussing what they are looking into but only it is under investigation again. the search continues tonight for former uc berkeley student missing in san francisco for more than a week now. her parents are asking for the public's help in finding their daughter. >> this is every parents nightmare. all we want is our daughter sydney to be found safe and brought home to her family.
10:36 pm
>> sydney west was last seen on september 30 near the golden gate bridge bike chrissy field early in the morning before dawn. the 19-year-old woman moved to berkeley in august from chapel hill, north carolina. sydney west is 5'10" and weighs about 100, 130 pounds. anyone with information on her whereabouts should contact san francisco police. an elaborate plan to kidnap the governor of michigan stopped by the fbi. the harsh words president trump as for the governor tonight. we will take a look at the friday forecast and there is the chance of a few showers as we head toward the weekend. plus some cooler weather. the details are coming up. i am political reporter and every registered voter in california will receive a boat
10:37 pm
by mail ballot for the november 3 election, but in person polling locations will offer voter registration, replacement ballots, accessible voting machines and language assistance for anybody who needs it. social distancing guidelines will also be followed to keep in-person voter safe and for that and more information on the 2020 election, you can go to i can't believe it. what? that our new house is haunted by casper the friendly ghost?
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that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running. which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr. the fbi said they stopped the violent plan to kidnap the governor of michigan with the hope of potentially starting a civil war. authorities say third team members of two militia groups were prepared to kidnap and possibly kill governor gretchen whitmer. the militia group allegedly saw governor whitmer as a tyrant according to intercepted text messages and they opposed her strict coronavirus restrictions. tonight president trump criticized governor whitmer and took credit for the fbi's
10:40 pm
effort to stop the attack. >> you know, i see her today complaining but it was our justice department meant that the rest of the people that she was complaining about and it was my justice department that arrested them, but instead she goes and does her little political act and she keeps her state close. >> federal officials say the group ultimately wanted to take the governor to wisconsin where they were going to try her for treason. the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits fell slightly last week. the report from the labor department shows 840,000 people filed first-time claims down slightly from the 859,000 who filed the previous week. the total number of new unemployment claims this mid- march is 63.6 million and california didn't report any jobless claims last week because the state was finishing up a two week pause to revamp
10:41 pm
its system. nancy pelosi said she is still pushing for a comprehensive stimulus bill despite the presidents call to halt negotiations. speaker pelosi also said there won't be a standalone build aid struggling airlines. last week u.s. carriers began furloughing more than 33,000 workers. she said she told the treasury secretary that airline aid would have to be part of a larger bill that includes testing, tracing and other efforts to crush the coronavirus pandemic. stocks rose on wall street today and the hope for more aid of the economy. the dow rose 122 points and nasdaq gained 56 and s&p added 27 points. banks, technology, and indications company let the markets higher along with energy stocks. stanford university is removing the name of their controversial founding president from campus buildings and streets. david starr jordan was his president from 1891 through 1913 and a prominent
10:42 pm
eugenicists and advocated for policies that led to forced sterilizations in the united states. in his writings he also denigrated races and cultures and believed in the efficacy of education was limited by genetic potential. jordan also served as the president of the university of indiana whose board of trustees have also voted to remove his name from sites on their campus. california secretary of state once you to be prepared to vote safely. up next his advice as millions of californians receive their mail in ballots. >> it was cooler today, but will the lower temperatures last? will martin has a complete forecast next.
10:43 pm
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if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19.
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26 days now until election day. ballots are already in the mail for registered california voters and our political reporter greatly spoke to the state's top election official about things you need to know to make sure your vote is counted. >> reporter: this week millions of californians begin to receive their vote by mail ballots for the election and for the first time every
10:46 pm
registered voter in the state, roughly 21 million people, will receive a ballot. the governor issued the order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and it was initially challenged in court i gop groups. >> my best advice to voters is make your plan now on how you will chose to do this in november and you can do it by mail with multiple options or you can go in person. either way, do it early. truck the secretary of state said several safeguards are in place to prevent fraud despite consistent attacks and vote by mail from the white house and claims the process is rigged. >> it is universal mail-in ballot voting and it will create a massive opportunity for voter fraud and we have a free and fair election. >> they have to constantly correct the record and voters can count by vote by mail not just as a convenient option but is a safe and secure option for casting your ballots. >> reporter: officials in several re-church groups including the brookings institution report instances of fraud with vote by mail a rare and in the march primary a record 72% of votes were cast
10:47 pm
by mail and still he said there are plenty of options to vote in person safely. >> ring your mask and expect to see signs requiring physical distancing. expect workers to be outfitted with ppe and fascial them gloves. >> reporter: whether in person or by mail state election officials are expecting a massive turnout. >> snapshot for 60 days prior to election and we were around 85% of eligible voters who had registered and it is the highest registration rate in decades. again, climbing each and every day. >> reporter: as voters watch the presidential race an important local contest, he reminds people to be patient about official results. >> for close races and final numbers, counties do have more than four weeks to finish ballot processing and auditing before certifying the results. that is not different this year. we would rather get it right.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: he is encouraging voters to use the states new tracking service to follow the ballots journey and find the link on our website. >> we have more in the upcoming election on our website and there you can find more on how to vote, the debate, and recent polls. just visit tran fiveéelection. take a look at some of the temperatures out there. these were from today. boy, you can see way down with 69 degrees today in the north bay and santa rosa here and 74 in fairfield. these temperatures are significantly cooler than they were just a few days ago and if you can remember back that far and i know it is hard sometimes, but a few days ago we were doing temperatures in the mid-90s. so there is fog along the coast and there is some air quality that is less than desirable and it is out there now and it will linger pretty much for the next
10:49 pm
day or so until the system gets here. this system will bring us some onshore wind certainly, which is great. it will also bring us a slight chance of showers. this thing looks pretty productive and it was earlier in the week and i was talking about the chances for a quarter inch or half inch of rain in the north bay. you can see the structure has a lot of moisture. it has everything. but the latitude has shifted and it will hang for the north. we do have a shot at a few sprinkles but it is just that, a few sprinkles and maybe if we get one 10th of an inch i will be stoked. the real rain will fall up here and into washington and oregon which it is all needed and it will all help and for us the humidity increases on saturday and temperatures will remain cool and mild and the low 70s and there will be some
10:50 pm
increased moisture from the skies for maybe one 10th of an inch in some places which will help as we go down the road because on monday and tuesday we get a pressure switch which means the high builds back into that and the wind goes offshore. the temperatures are little warmer than last night. you see the system to the south and that is tomorrow. the system to the north is saturday. and it is hard to see on this image but you will see the jet stream arc up over. that is the high building in. so i was kind of hoping and i think we all were that the system on saturday would produce more and it still could but it does not look like a slamdunk for real rain like not a game changer for you fifth stuff you have to do on saturday. you will do it. there is a lot of fog and clouds the morning and tomorrow will be partly cloudy and sunny and yellows are 70s. that is it. 60s and 70s tomorrow. that is how it stays. the numbers will remain like this right through the weekend and it warms up on sunday
10:51 pm
through tuesday. you know, you never know. i will be the first one to say that but hopefully things transpire a little more aggressively on saturday so we could get more than a few scattered light showers and there is a five day forecast and i will see you back here at 11:00. in san francisco a ferris wheel in golden gate park has finally be cleared to go and operation. it is a 150 foot high ferris wheel built for the parks 150th anniversary, but because of the pandemic, it stood idle for the past six months. the sky star wheel will finally welcome guests on october 21. this is the first ferris wheel in the city since the world's fair back in 1894. coming up after the break, it was another home run derby between the a's and astros as both teams combined for six homeruns and this is a do or die
10:52 pm
game for the a's. mark is up next to show us how they did. on the 11:00 news, two elderly people beaten in one san francisco neighborhood and how city leaders are addressing the racially motivated attacks. they do one of the most difficult jobs there is,
10:53 pm
even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
10:54 pm
how is it going, everybody. it is the end of the line for the oakland a's unfortunately and just and absurd abundance of homeruns in the series down at dodger stadium and they caught a perfect storm and jacked up baseball and no wind and hot weather and bob mehlman and 24 home runs and he was about ready to view and look at that signals the number 2 meaning breaking pitch and ramon said his thank you very much and quenches eighth 3 run homer in his first of the postseason and a's often i start 3-0 and it looks like they will add it to the 4th and
10:55 pm
he is a deep right and a's fans how many times have you seen josh reddick do that in the old days for the oakland a's? and olson, and the dugout can't believe it and then it turned the tide right there and the bottom of the 4th the same score and mike bradley gets into it taking frankie deep to a two run homer and he would hit 2 and the astros still trailing 3-2 until later in the 4th with 2 on for carlos korea who is found his stroke and had a rough regular season and he knows it is gone and the astros are hot and they lead 5-3 and they were not about to let up. jose altuve a puts all of his 160 pounds into that one and eight two run homer off of jay and his second of the postseason and astros with some sad faces to the a's while dusty and company are moving on and they eliminate the a's advancing to the alcs for the 4th consecutive year. they may be the villains, but
10:56 pm
they are rolling right now. >> we knew it would be tough and 60 games felt more like a regular season, but even playing field for everyone he. our goals were lofty and we fell short of them. >> we have another good one in the american league in the yankees and raise will go the distance and the new york cup 2- 1 in the pinstripes add to it. he had a crunch off of ryan yarborough and in the 4th deck of the western metal supply company and the yankees win 5-1 to tie the series 2-2 and they will settle it tomorrow. in the national league, look out for the dodgers and they have not won at all since 88 and they have not even lost a game yet in the postseason and they sweep to the padres and they get a historic game out of will smith and the youngest guy
10:57 pm
ever to have 5 hits in the playoff game and the youngest but also the only dodger ever with 5 hits in a postseason game and one of his efforts was a 2 run double and the dodgers put to rest the padres a 12-3 and a clean sweep and la 5-0 so far in the postseason. they will take on not miami but the braves and 1-0 and travis hit it deep off the youngster and freddy freeman has himself a run and it is a double for him and it is an easy 7-0 win for them. all right. we have some football to talk about and look like a pretty good matchup with 23-1 teams going at it. but as it turns out it is the
10:58 pm
upset here with nick foles in the second quarter and the bears down 6 any fines jimmy graham in the end zone and that is a beautiful one hand grab right there and it turned the tide 14-13 team and on to the fourth quarter and chicago leading 20 minutes 19 and brady with the come back like he has done some the times on 4th down and he is denied checkup brady and this is odd for a veteran quarterback right there is he thought it was only third down on the incomplete and he didn't know how many downs there were and that is somebody's fault and he is frustrated. the buccaneers fall 1 shy in the bears are four minus one for the first time since 2012 and disturbing news tonight regarding a former 49er. the great fred dean a pass rusher supreme in his career who helped lead the 49ers to their first super bowl and 81 and 82 reportedly hospitalized tonight and on a ventilator after being infected with covid-
10:59 pm
19. fred of course could use all of your well wishes and prayers and he is 68 years old and we certainly wish him all the best. we have a little extra time so why not check this out. this is some cute stuff to finish us out. some cute kids and it never fails with that. first four years old and already skilled. and check this out. twin sisters, 15 years old from france and they do some nice trick shots together. and that is a lot harder than it looks. >> heck yes it is. >> and it never touches the ground. watch and see how they did that and i wonder how long they worked on it. that is the sporty my for this hour. back in the studio and it feels pretty good and 11:00. time for that. >> yes. i miss you guys.
11:00 pm
all right. i hope so soon. thank you. coming up next at 11:00. is kind of like we can breathe for the moment but it feels like there is something just around the corner and that is very unsettling and very unsettling to feel like this is our new normal that nobody wants to have. >> fire survivors relive the frightening moments three years ago when they had to evacuate their homes and flee from the tubbs fire that burned through coffee park in santa rosa like a blowtorch. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. it was three years ago today that the deadly tubbs fire broke out and tour through neighborhoods and destroyed thousands of homes. hello again. i am frank somerville. >> many survivors it feels like the tubbs fire just happened especially as so many now find th


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