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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 14, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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i've never quite seen that before. by the way, i put the captain and tenniel backup for you, frank. so you should be happy [ laughter ]. bouts of the sporting life, it's 11:00. >> all right mark, thank you. next at 11:00- we were closed down for the tubs fire, the kincade fire and glass fire. it's been almost every year it's been unless. >> pg&e is power plant shutoffs underway in the bray area as strong winds bring in another round of high fire danger. outages have hit all corners of the bay area near the higher elevations where wind gusts are expected to top 55 miles an hour. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener.
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tens of thousands of pg&e customers are expected to remain in the dark for a day, maybe two people in the montclair neighborhood in the oakland hills enjoyed the evening as best they could before the lights went out. restaurants were busy serving customers all they still had power. many restaurant and storeowners said they anticipate losing thousands of dollars in business during this latest shutoffs. a pg&e map shows where the outages are happening. inverted purple triangles indicated its power the power has been turned off. in those areas pg&e has set up community resource centers where customers can plug in their devices. we have team coverage tonight. our chief meteorologist is monitoring the red flag conditions. first, on the tens of thousands of people who lost their power. >> reporter: for many it will be friday evening, 10:00 p.m. before they get their power back. two full days and nights of getting by.
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generators start their roar as much of calistoga goes dark for the better part of two days. >> i'm watching the wind and it's only like four miles per hour on mount st. helena and three down here. so far so good. >> reporter: residents know the overnight hours may. many have sprung for generators and much more. >> solar panels and batteries, kind of pain in the butt but it beats getting stormed down. >> reporter: pg&e says peak risk cities friday morning. it will still be very dry and you'll still have red flag warning's because the fuels are dry, but the wind of risk will be dissipated. then, restoration. but not until lines are inspected and possibly were spared and they have damage or debris. >> we want to get you back as soon as possible.
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>> safari west, a 400 acre wildlife preserve has 50 overnight guests in the heart of fire country, +1000 animals and a generator keeps it all going. the site has firefighting equipment that almost burned down in 2017. >> so some of these fires were started by power lines, i think the shops are good idea. safety first, always safety first. >> reporter: pg&e says outage would be 12,000 customers larger without improvements it made. east calistoga has a new micro grade, so outage. neighbors to the west are dark. >> we open up our house for showers and called the and yes, we do that. just in our bubble, our friends at our bubble. >> this teacher ex-pats a third of her students will be able to log in the rest of the week. but she suspects the utility is overly cautious now. >> well, we turned out the power. it's not my fault there was a wildfire. >> i just can't imagine what
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must be going through that company's mind. >> reporter: calistoga will have a place for people to cool off, get water and snacks, use wi-fi and recharging stations. pg&e is opening dozens of such centers in the outage areas. i will total this is affecting 53,000 customers in 24 counties. not our chief meteorologist on when we will see the strongest wind gusts. >> that would be tonight, the next three or four hours. then we will see wind again tomorrow night. but the main event really is about now and about four or five in the morning, mainly in the north bay. the red flag warning is in effect. let's take a look at the current winds. what we have done here is kind of the peaks. mount st. helena we got a gust at 36. we have a gust to mount diablo and you can see the general wind direction at about 3000 feet is coming off shore.
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this wind event has begun. the model show us what expected to happen to us at around 2:00 a.m. you see this area, this is the area with the strongest winds, most certainly. would you have power shutoffs. the east bay hills are going to get hit. it doesn't really show up in here, but this model is focusing more on this area. as late tonight or early tomorrow morning. we get a break tomorrow. i think there will be less power outages than folks are anticipating. but it's always better to overestimate these winds. so the story, late tonight once get going. to die tomorrow and come up tomorrow night, but much the less i think we're out of the woods. breaking news in southern california. there was a brush fire that is broken on the redlands area of san bernardino county. at said to be about 30 acres with the potential to spread the several hundred acres. evacuations are currently
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underway. winds are calm in redlands right now. our coverage continues on you will find updates on the weather and power outages. it's all right on the front page. new at 11, the city of menlo park is reopening part of its main street, santa cruz avenue to traffic after dining and shopping. ktvu's azenith smith is here now after speaking to a restaurant owner because the move unfair and dangerous. >> reporter: that restaurant owner says it's unfair since one side of the street will remain closed for outdoor seating and it's not his side. is also worried about pedestrian safety. owner archon i kia opened his italian restaurant in march. and the pandemic hit. he is slowly recuperating his losses thanks to the closure of santa cruz avenue. and has
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allowed his restaurants and others to spill onto the street . but soon half of his coveted outdoor seating will be gone. >> it doesn't make sense. if they want to open the street they should open both sides because this is a competition between us and other restaurants. >> reporter: the city of menlo park plans to open one direction of two lane santa cruz avenue between el camino real and university drive for drivers heading westbound. >> i just don't understand why they're opening one side of the street. >> reporter: akai also thinks the move is unsafe for many pedestrians who he believes will use the crosswalk, but jaywalk where they park. >> what we try to do is obviously balance these estrin interests. >> reporter: the vice mayor says while the closure benefited grass shops, some retail shops may their establishments less successful and visible to drivers. he adds it made more sense to open up one side over the other. >> decide that we didn't open,
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but remained closed, we saw lots of activity from the businesses and utilizing that, that space that had been closed specifically to some of the restaurants. >> reporter: the hair salon says the reopening will help, not hurt their salon. >> i understand maybe not good for restaurant business, but for us it was really helpful for us. >> reporter: as for safety, the vice mayor says concrete barriers and stop signs will help slow traffic. however, his owner says the decision is another setback in an already difficult year. he hopes the city expedites his permit to build a patio at jason street parking. >> i don't know. i hope they will find a different solution. >> reporter: right now san mateo county allows for indoor dining and 25% capacity.
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the owner believes more people feel comfortable dining outdoor than indoor. on friday the city will begin posting notices on barricades about the street reopening, which will take place on monday. today marked the first day for businesses in santa clara county to operate in less restrictive international zones. more customers are allowed indoors, which should help our businesses to have low. restaurants, movies, houses of worship and fitness centers cannot 25% occupancy per 100 people inside. officials say the average daily new covid case town has steadily declined since july and a low positivity rate also led state officials to move the county up one more tier from red. the california republican party says they're not going to remove their unofficial ballot drop boxes, despite a cease and desist order by state leaders. the gop's general counsel says
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the boxes comply with the states ballot harvesting law, which lets people collect and return ballots to county election officers. sofar party leaders have put their ballot boxes in orange, fresno and l.a. counties. the california secretary of state says he is worried voters will confuse the republican boxes and those put in place by county officials. the senate judiciary committee wrapped up its third day of confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy connie barrett. in the second day of questioning judge barrett repeatedly faced the same accusations democrats leveled on day one. but the president is fast tracking barrett said today the nomination process has been excruciating.. for me to say i'm not going to take you even though this is something important would be a little cowardly.
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>> the public questioning and testimony is now over. to continue looking continue to baiting her nomination tomorrow morning. followed by witnesses both for and against judge barrett. new at 11:00, the california supreme court has sent the scott peterson murder case back to san mateo superior court to be re-examined. the court says the decision follows revelations that a juror in the case failed to disclose that she had obtained a restraining order against a woman who had harassed her while she was pregnant. peterson was convicted of killing his pregnant wife lacey 16 years ago, but the supreme court overturned his death sentence in august after finding that the trial judge dismissed jurors, who opposed the death penalty. coming up, a beloved lemur missing from the san francisco zoo.
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also had, two young men killed in a brazen daylight shooting. it follows a barrage of gunfire last night in the same area. in business you have to be able to shift-pivot-adapt. then do it all over again.
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new tonight, dozens of people held a rally in san jose to bring awareness to a military conflict that has killed hundreds. the bloodshed between armenia and azerbaijan flared up in late september. they were fighting over disputed territory, it is inside by zone and largely populated by mindy consent. their calling on the u.s. to do more to the bloodshed. police say a street confrontation may be to blame for a brazing shooting that happened in east oakland today. two young men were killed, another wounded. oakland has seen an increase in gun violence.
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>> reporter: multiple shots ring out on the 1900 block of 84th avenue in east oakland around 12:45 wednesday afternoon. police say it appears a confrontation led to the shooting of three men. one died at the scene, the other at the hospital. they were 19 and 23. police in the third victim, an 18-year-old, is in stable condition. neighbors are frustrated by the senseless gun violence. >> a bunch of cowards. just fight it out instead of shooting it out. >> reporter: the two latest killings brings the homicides to 78 so far, three more than all of last year. >> it is not acceptable for in broad daylight, in the middle of the day, for rounds to be fired in our community. >> reporter: just last night, three blocks from the troubleshooting, a spot recorded more than 60 shots fired around 8:20. >> here in oakland it's very
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crazy. >> reporter: mary matteo tell me she and her nine-year-old daughter ashley were in the living room watching television. >> it sounded very close. >> reporter: what did you hear when you sounded heard it? >> i got a bit scared. i was going to go to my parents room. >> reporter: police say that the group barrage of gunfire doesn't appear to be related to the two homicides on wednesday. >> but this is connected to the ongoing violence we have seen in our community. >> reporter: they say a sound of gunfire is a regular occurrence and just a part of life in this area. every other night were sitting there watching tv and now i'm kind of addicted to it. we don't even react to it. >> reporter: investigators are looking for witnesses and have so far not released any suspect description.
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the san francisco zoo discovered this morning a beloved lemur was missing. proposition 16 takes on discrimination.
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tonight, an unusual theft.
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police a burglar broke into the san francisco zoo overnight and made off with one of the animals, a lemur named maki. ktvu jana katsuyama explains what happened and why this animal is so special. >> reporter: the san francisco zoo is home to more than 2000 animals. no one of them is missing. police say tuesday night a burglar broke into the littman family lemur forest exhibit. winced after their morning headcount, one of their most cherished members was gone. >> somebody would steal a lemur? that's terrible. >> reporter: police got the call around 9:40 wednesday morning. >> officers arrived on scene and discovered forced entry that was made to the animal enclosure where the lemur was housed. >> reporter: zoo staff say this photo shows the stolen lemur, a male named maki who was born at the zoo in 1989. that was before the lemur exhibit even opened. and his offspring are among the endangered ringtail species.
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california law bans lemurs as pets. >> it is illegal to have a lemur as a pet. number one, it is endangered. the other aspect that the zoo staff is very concerned about his the age of the lemur. >> reporter: maki, at 21, is well above the lemur's median age of 17 years. staff say he slow, making it easier for burglar to catch. they are worried, because he also needs special food to survive. >> i'm not even sure how they can feed this animal. so that's crazy. i think it's endangering the lemur. >> reporter: police say they are analyzing surveillance video in and around the zoo and staff are hoping their lost lemur will be found. >> maki is an endangered animal and requires specialized care. we are asking the public to help get him returned back to the san francisco zoo.
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>> reporter: police say if you see the lemur, call 911 immediately. try to give the exact location or description of suspect or vehicles with it. the zoo is hoping someone will bring this endangered animal back home. taking a look at the weather , we've been watching the winds come up in the last couple of hours. look at mount st. helena after 43 miles an hour, diablo up to 42. the winds really materializing kind of out in this area, in the northeast quadrant, may be up around the calistoga area. down at sea level, let's do that. you are not seeing the winds right now, so it's maybe a little bit higher. that's how it will be too much of the bay area. above 1000 feet, that's when you see marvin in the mountains. there about 5:00 in the morning
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the windsor backup quickly and then we get a little, while not a little, but another wind event tomorrow night at about the exact same time, but with much less potential for big wind. there is the winds above us right now. you see them turn the direction, northeast. and then you also see the 70 in concord, 70 in walnut creek. those are current temperatures running about what they would last night at this time. and in the forecast i. tomorrow will be a warm day. advisories throughout the bay area, places near san francisco. so the five day forecast, the plan here is to just really geb 6:00 in the morning. we can breathe a little easier because this is the main event. right now it looks like it'll verify, but it is not doing well with this. >> sorry, we are just getting breaking news regarding former
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niners player fred daily. if you remember him, he was part of the championship teams of the san francisco 49ers going into the super bowl. he had coronavirus and was in the hospital. some very sad news about fred dean, we will have that in a moment. also, their backs are against the wall. the night the doctors showed why there is still some dangerous coming up in sports. how they did something in a postseason that has never been done before. i didn't choose this job because it was easy.
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but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. good evening, market is back with you. just moments ago getting very sad news here tonight as it was revealed that former 49er great friend dean has died. we reported last week he had
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been diagnosed with covid-19 and was put on a respirator. things did not go well as far as recovery and they just announced a few moments ago, your member fred dean as an absolute force on the 49ers defensive lineup, a ferocious pass rusher that definitely helped the 49ers to their first super bowl back in 1981, 82 season. if you just don't believe what this disease can do, fred dean was just 68 years old and an absolute specimen of a human being. fred dean tonight died at the age of 68. the los angeles dodgers that a little something nobody else has done. just a ridiculous display of power in the top of the first inning today. today in their mls cls game against atlanta most of it happened with two outs. carl great was the victim, jack peterson took him deep with a
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three-run homer and it just got worse. the dodgers actually continue to play on it and load the bases. max muncy, a former a, hits the shot deep with loaded bases. that's a grand slam 11-0. no team is ever done that in the postseason, score 11 runs in the first inning. the doctors trail the series after winning this one 15-3. but they have the momentum. two games to one, the braves on top of the series. let's go to the american league. a week ago dusty baker and company were polishing off the a's, the great leader that he has encouraging joscout to video has had some problems. home run to the first with a 2- tame given tampa. it is 4-2, astros lead. now here is the key sequence and a nod to old school baseball that is a great idea, that
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cranky with mike russo to end the threat as tampa had the bases loaded in the square hole.4-2. and the series is still 3-1. but the astros managed this game to the tune of 4-3. san jose quakes, remember how miserably they start the season? they turned things around and they look off a playoff team right now in the mls down in los angeles, dealing with the galaxy. and we had a scoreless much and the 44th minute. andres rios with a nice set for nick lima. he is from castro valley and scored two goals tonight. with five matches left the lakes are looking pretty good as they take this much 4-0 over the galaxy.
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and that is the sporting life. frank you are around when the niners won that super bowl. >> just a great guy. the coronavirus doesn't care at all. maybe they're not mine! i've always been faithful to you! (groaning) push, damn it! i'm not losing another baby today. -(flatline) -(groaning) cardiac arrest. crash cart! the shock could kill the baby! (paddles whine) that's something i'll just have to live with. maybe we could turn off the tv? -clear! -(tv shuts off) well, folks, i'm afraid i have some bad news. oh, my god. no. n-no, not that bad. i'm sorry. i did not think that through. no, you're not giving birth today. you've had false contractions, known as braxton hicks. it's very common. uh, so what does that mean timing-wise? it's no indication. it could be five weeks from now, could be five hours from now. i suggest you and your husband go home, get some sleep while you still can. oh, we're not married. we're just lovers. ugh! yuck. she hates that word. grosses me out, too, and i spend a lot of my time covered in afterbirth.


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