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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 23, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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selling it for $22 million. bedrooms e, seven t for 35 cars. u ask for.can yo y one thing.i sa victory. charles: what? checked. just the bee consent decrees were and two in 1978. i want my kiss army dues. harvey: see you next time, four candles and flowers tonight mark the spot where a young woman was killed in a barrage of gunfire from another car. >> i just want justice for my daughter. because she didn't deserve to die how she died and it was just horrible. >> family members so the young victim was pregnant and they can't imagine emotive.
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>> tonight berkeley police are asking for the public's help and have a $50,000 award for information. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee joins us live at berkeley police headquarters. >> reporter: police are asking for help in solving this crime. the victim's mother never imagined having to see her daughter die in front of her. family and friends have set up a memorial for serenity henderson on the corner of prince street and ellis in berkeley. there morning the sudden death of the pregnant single mother. she was shot in her car when she pulled up to a stop sign. >> she was the joy of my life. she was the joy of all of our lives. >> reporter: a joy that was taken away wednesday night. >> like a loud sound back to back like pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: her mother says she was in the front passenger seat when another car pulled up next to serenity and fired
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multiple shots and her black honda. one bullet struck her 19-year- old daughter in the head. >> the bullets were coming. i didn't know where they were coming from. i watched my baby die in front of me. she's not saying anything. >> reporter: the car was shot 21 times in the backseat was serenity's 10-month-old son and her 14-year-old brother. >> his first instinct was to grab the baby and put the baby down on the floor and get over the baby and just get down. >> reporter: the family was on their way home from getting dinner when the attack happened. police say it appears the shooting was targeted. >> at this point we don't have a motive for this case that we can share. two family members don't know why anyone would want to hurt her. the loss, painful, especially when serenity's baby closeout for his mother. >> that's what puts him to sleep, when we do this to his head. it puts them to sleep and is no
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more of that. >> reporter: serenity was a hairstylist at a salon. the owner shared videos of the young woman being honored for her work and drive. a 4'11" powerhouse known for her outspoken house. >> they took an innocent person's life, a mother. the need to be prosecuted. bring them to justice. >> reporter: serenity's mother says her daughter was 2 1/2 months pregnant and was looking forward to having her second child. now her family is planning a funeral. tonight firefighters are still at the scene of the historic fire at the historic lorenzo theater. they plan to be there until at least midnight ticking for hotspots and flareups. flames are reported around 3:40 this afternoon. the theater has been boarded up since it sustained damage in
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another fire caused four months ago. >> this really hurts the community. this community rallies around this historical area and our firefighters have a station right down the street. this area is really important to san lorenzo. >> no one was inside and no injuries have been reported. the cause remains under investigation. the napa county fire crews are making progress fighting a brushfire east of the community of anglin. it is 50% contained tenant. the fire broke out just before 4:00, near the area of child's pope valley road in lower childs road, six miles northeast of lake hennessy. it has been 67 acres and no structures have been damaged. the threat of fire as opposed to heat up this weekend with a red flag warning starting sunday for every bay area county. pg&e is preparing to cut power to nearly half 1 million
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customers. we have live team coverage tonight to track the weather and talking to pg&e about plans. these can be some of the strongest winds we've seen the season. >> by far. this event is kind of being compared to the 27 event, 2017 event up in the north bay. this is kind of in another realm of red flag warning's. you've been talking about warnings, numerous warnings over the past few weeks but this is in the upper tier. we're talking about extreme wind and it is very dry and widespread. not just a few spots in the bay area. take a look at the map right now, the red flag warning in place to reflect critical to extreme fire conditions for the entire bay area. this is sunday, monday and into tuesday. especially sunday night and monday morning. here you can see the timeline for the north bay and east bay hills. a little bit of an
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earlier start time, 11:00 a.m. sunday to 11:00 a.m. tuesday. for the rest of the bay area 8:00 p.m. sunday to 11:00 a.m. tuesday. we're talking about winds gusting over 40 to 50 miles an hour. for the north bay hills in the east bay hills we could have fast approaching 70 miles an hour. here's the forecast model. you can see the winds not too bad. this is sunday morning. look what happens as these colors blossom sunday night. this is early monday morning and the winds gradually back off heading into monday afternoon. also, extremely dry. here is the projected relative humidity levels. look at the dry air moving in sunday, especially in the north bend. sunday night we could have relative humidity down to 7%. a horrible combination, extremely dry and very strong winds. unfortunately that will be a reality heading into sunday night and monday. now to the potential for
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power outages because of the gusty winds. pg&e is trying to alert about 150,000 bay area customers that they could lose power starting sunday. number includes customers in every county, except san francisco. >> reporter: we just got an update from pg&e in the past half hour. they said they will be monitoring the situation overnight and probably make a decision sometime tomorrow as to how far they might go with this power shut off. pg&e started notifying customers friday of the potential power shut off, sparking some bad memories. >> that brought back almost ptsd memories of last time. >> reporter: last time 80 mile an hour winds brought a tree and a powerline toppling down in the heavily wooded neighborhood. >> there was a redwood tree right there and it had broken unfallen across, bringing all
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the wires down to the ground. >> reporter: thankfully that powerline had been turned off because of the power shut off. but it completely blocked the road. starting sunday the threat of dry conditions and high winds, once again, is pg&e considering a preemptive power shut off more than 150,000 customers in the bay area. >> this would be a larger and more widespread event compared to last week's event. >> reporter: some cities are scrambling to provide emergency stations to help residents. >> this year the covid situation has advocated at a little bit. >> reporter: orinda's mayor says they plan to switch the help center to the library's underground parking garage. airflow and social distancing during the coronavirus times. >> we will have recharging facilities for people's electronics and any medical equipment help they need. we will have city staff resources here. >> reporter: east bay mud so the powers of african impact water pumping stations and facilities. >> about 100 of our facilities
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are forecasted to be affected but we have these power generators in place and we have also topped off our reservoirs to ensure they are at maximum capacity in critical areas. >> reporter: about 150,000 of their customers could be asked to conserve water if the utility switches the backup generators. >> reducing water use indoors and turning off outdoor irrigation so that we have sufficient honor supplies so our firefighting efforts if that's needed. >> reporter: throughout the bay area residents are being asked to prepare. >> there is a refrigerator and a freezer and a little bathroom. >> reporter: doreen bought this large fan just in case of an emergency. >> we decided probably the best thing to do would be tb to buy something we could evacuate in, that we could take off with the dogs in a moments notice. >> reporter: pg&e also says residents should make sure they are charging their cell phone batteries, have batteries for
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your flashlight and perhaps buy some ice or water to have on hand if your power does go out. >> a lot of people waiting for the fire season to finally be over, thank you. about 1500 pg&e customers in the city of berkeley could face a power shut off. the city want people to be ready to evacuate in a wildfire. berkeley said people might want to consider leaving the hills before winds pick up sunday afternoon. the city says it is positioning extra firefighters and police patrols in the hills because of it. and as we head into the weekend be sure to have the ktvu weather app downloaded on your phone. they are updating the forecast around-the-clock to see conditions in your neighborhood. now to the race for the white house. the debates are over and the candidates for president are making their final pitch to the voters. it's not just lauren blanchard. president trump and joe biden are focusing on a handful of states that could decide the election. >> 11 days from now we are
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going to win the state of florida in four more years in the white house. >> reporter: president trump back on the campaign trail with a full weekend of events ahead in key battleground states. saturday morning he will vote in florida, followed by rallies all weekend in ohio. >> you elected an outsider as president who is finally putting america first. if i don't sound like a typical washington politician, it's because i'm not a politician. >> reporter: the democratic nominee also has a packed weekend ahead with rallies in pennsylvania on saturday. but friday he remained in his hometown, delivering a speech on his plans to combat the coronavirus. >> i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shut down the country. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> reporter: with just a week and a half remaining until election day, it's a race to the finish. the latest fox news poll showed biden narrowly leads in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. but in ohio the president has
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the advantage 11 days from the election. >> we have, for the next 11 days georgia, a fight for the soul of our nation. >> pennsylvania and america need for my more years of president donald trump in the white house. >> reporter: it will also be a busy weekend at the white house. on sunday the first lady will be hosting the administration's fourth annual halloween event. organizers say extra precautions will be put in place. the golden state warriors hosted a poll worker training at the team's facility in oakland today. the warriors plan to open up three voting centers. people will be able to vote and drop off ballots at the facility at 10th and broadway in oakland and the kaiser permanente arena in santa cruz. people can also drop off ballots at the chase center in san francisco.
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vista relocations will open up a week from tomorrow come on halloween. it's the first step to getting back to normal. >> customers back inside alameda county restaurants. the big changes as health officials allow more businesses to operate indoors. from a convicted murderer scott peterson heading back to court. where prosecutors plan to retry the penalty phase of his child. of next, a creative alternative to trick-or- treating. the drive-through option.
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with halloween next weekend families are figuring out ways to have fun in the covid world. we have an option that launched tonight in marin, drive-through halloween. >> reporter: communities, as we know, are scrambling for solutions that allow social distance but still keep the trick-or-treat going. costumes not required, with still one week to go. >> we are still working on our costumes. >> reporter: the candy is flowing at the marin county fairgrounds now through november 1st. it's a drive-through halloween. 10 bucks a car, no matter how many passengers. >> nobody leaves their cars.
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we designed this so that it would be a completely safe family-friendly event. >> it's a very safe and people kept their distance, just handing them candy as we drove around. and we had a little fair dinner in the car. >> you have to have a funnel cake. >> reporter: the halloween theme was a natural after the success of fair food events over the summer at fairgrounds in santa rosa. but this time, to make waiting in the car less tedious-add some entertainment. although definitely more goofy than ghoulish. >> i think we need something happy. it's not overly scary. does a lot of cool things to look at. >> reporter: for vendors who lost their core income, fairs and festivals, these events help . >> i got right out there when it started happening and tried to figure it out. our industry is devastated.
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>> reporter: carnival games from the car i challenge. everyone wins a prize. >> we are not looking at a traditional halloween this year. we're looking for any sort of nontraditional thing we can do. >> reporter: with health officials strongly warning against door-to-door trick-or- treating or halloween parties, drive-through is a way to celebrate safely and still feel community spirit. >> giving back to our community, giving our families an opportunity to get out of the house and do something fun with their kids. >> i think they did a great job. it's fun. we might even come back. >> that will be open for nine more days and expect 10,000 cars to come through. hours are 9:00 at night, but they may extend the closing time if the i.d. really takes off. they don't want to have to turn anybody away. >> good way to think outside the halloween traditional box there. in san francisco, there
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will be no official city sponsored halloween event this year. officials are hoping people will do their part to help slow the spread of covid-19. door-to-door trick-or-treating are discouraged and so are parties with people outside your immediate household. they recommend looking for virtual halloween experiences like online haunted houses. for the first time since march people in alameda county were able to enjoy a meal inside their favorite restaurants tonight. today the restaurant owners were thrilled. >> reporter: at gym's country style restaurant in pleasanton friday, a site no one had seen here in seven months, people eating inside. not take-out, not curbside, indoors. >> it's great to be back inside. we love this. >> reporter: with alameda county graduating into the less restrictive orange tear, health officials are allowing restaurants, such as gyms, to operate at 25% of normal indoor
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capacity, or no more than 100 people. and abide by other safety rules. the orange tier is the second least restrictive tier. >> it's the first step to getting back to normal and we all excited. my entire team, we worked our tail off the last seven months. is definitely a good feeling. >> reporter: under california garlands the orange tier allows for 50% of indoor capacity. but alameda county health officials want to take a more measured approach with 25%. that's okay with the owner of the chocolate barr . >> as we go through this weekend we will want to keep it that is lower apace so our staff gets accustomed to it. >> reporter: uc berkeley infectious disease specialist dr. jar and swarts burke has concerns about reopening too fast. >> right around the corner we will see numbers going up. we are not isolated from the rest of the country.
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the rest of the country is pretty much exploding. >> reporter: the county moved from the red tier to the orange because the case rates, hospitalizations and percentage of positive test remain stable. >> things are more favorable here and some other parts of the country and we think that, given that, it's okay to let some of these activities happen. but of course we are concerned that the numbers could start to go the other direction. >> reporter: religious services, gym sent movie theaters could open a 25% capacity. and soak him bowling alleys. >> it's a beautiful day outdoors and we are expecting to have a beautiful day indoors as well. >> reporter: in the bay area the only counties in the orange tier are napa and santa clara. san francisco is in the yellow tier, the least restrict. two u.s. drugmakers will
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resume testing of their covid- 19 vaccine candidates after the trials were halted. astrazeneca and johnson & johnson each reported a trial participant suffered an adverse reaction. today the fda gave the green light to move forward with testing. both vaccines are in final stage testing. it is the last step before companies seek regulatory approval. wall street end of the work week mostly mixed, mostly up. the dow was down 28, but the nest egg and 42. that s&p added 11. shares of communication services of healthcare companies were on the upside. $60,000 worth of wine stolen. we will tell you about an arrest in the case. plus, united against gun violence. tonight's show of solidarity in east oakland. leader, new evidence traffic has returned to the bay area freeways.
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new at the clock, a 57-year- old man is behind bars of suspicion of stealing $60,000 worth of wine. police say scott davis has burglarized a millbury storage unit multiple times since august . he stole wine and sold it on craigslist. detectives identified davis using witness information and surveillance footage. they arrested him today at his
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own storage unit. anyone who believes they may have been a vic of davis is asked to contact the millbury police department. the san francisco supervisor says he is outraged and embarrassed the city can't do more to prevent car break- ins. several cars had their windows smashed between san francisco and pastry sometime before 7:30 this morning. a viewer sent us this video. this is an area that has seen a big spike in car and garage break-ins. police are investigating. san francisco supervisor catherine stephanie said, rather than pat ourselves on the back for perceived falling crime rates, we need to face the facts and take seriously. i look forward to hearing our police department and district attorney's plans to hold accountable these groups that continue this behavior. they're looking for the public's help to find a driver who struck and killed an 81- year-old woman this time last
10:26 pm
night. police received calls about 11:00 p.m. the victim, amy stewart of fairfield. she was taken to hospital, but she died. the incident is being investigated as a felony hit and run. fairfield police are turning to the public to help find the driver of a vehicle involving a deadly shooting. on thursday october 15th a man driving a dark green smaller four door sedan pulled up next to a group of five adults on horizon drive and fired several shots. a 20-year-old, identified as josccortes of fairfield, was struck and later died. new housing for the homeless, see how state funding during the pandemic has gotten projects off the ground quickly. plus, back to class in napa. the precautions being taken with students set to begin hybrid learning on monday. the dodgers rolling game three of the world series. we have how they dominated all
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but i can't say i expected this. because it was easy. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15. prosecutors in the scott peterson double murder case say
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they will seek to retry the sentencing phase of his trial. this comes after the california supreme court throughout the death penalty in august due to proper instructions to the jurors by the judge. we examine what the next in this high-profile case. >> reporter: friday, in a stanislaus county courtroom, prosecutors signaled they are willing to retry scott peterson's death moc sentence. he was convicted of the 2002 murder of his wife, lacey, and their unborn son. but the california supreme court struck down the death sentence in the penalty phase, saying the trial judge erred during jury instructions. >> the judge basically was her moving jurors who disagreed with the death penalty, even if they would follow the law. >> reporter: before the courts can decide if that part of the process will be retried, defense attorneys requesting more time for hearing questioning alleged misconduct one of the jurors. >> what the defense is going to do here is examine the former scott peterson juror to see
10:31 pm
whether she was honest when she gave her answer during jury. it is a big deal in this case. >> reporter: a is a list of questions presented to a list of jurors at the beginning of the trial. >> once someone is selected for adrian they are told specifically, you cannot communicate with anyone else about this case. you cannot do your own homework. you are to staff of social media and you are to answer truthfully. >> reporter: defense lawyers argue a female juror didn't reveal while pregnant she then received a restraining order boyfriends ex-girlfriend. peterson's attorneys say had they known, she wouldn't have been on the jury. >> not to have that information and to make a decision, do we want this juror?, but more importantly, to be able to ask the juror, given that experience, do you think you can be fair in this case? is a significant error in problem in the guilt phase of the trial. if it's determined that private scott peterson of a fair trial,
10:32 pm
he is entitled to a brand-new trial. >> reporter: if there is any trial defense would have to put in a change of venue motion. prosecution could look to cut a plea deal or go through this all over again. >> michael cardoza, assisted in peterson's defense said the defense will likely ask to move the retrial of the penalty phase out of stanislaus county. >> my guess is they're going to have motions to change venue and that venue is going to have to be, in my opinion, san diego , probably los angeles. and they don't have, in socal, the type of publicity we have out here. i think that's the only place that he will really get a fair trial. >> the chief justice of the state supreme court would decide where the trial could be moved. the u.s. senate is preparing for a rare weekend session as it begins the process of confirming judge amy
10:33 pm
kony barrett to the supreme court. democrats tried to throw up procedural hurdles and voice about how close this is happening to the election. most republicans support barrett's confirmation, but susan collins said she would not vote for the nominee. even without her of the senate has enough votes to confirm barrett. >> what republicans are doing now, is packing which court by changing the rules in the united states senate. >> they are mulling over because they can see they lost, president trump is still in office and we still have a republican majority. >> the final vote on barrett's nomination is expected monday night. new information tonight about the bay area's freeway and how many people are traveling on then. new data confirms what some drivers already see, traffic has picked up a lot lately. but that is not the case everywhere.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: even well before the governors mid-march stay-at- home order, the metropolitan transportation commission sought a numeric jaw dropper. >> early in march traffic dropped precipitously on the san mateo and dunbarton bridges. >> reporter: after the stay-at- home order the bottom fell out of traffic. >> we went into a steep dive in traffic volumes all around the region, beginning in the middle of march. and kind of hit the bottom in the early part of april. >> reporter: since hitting bottom, bay area traffic has recovered in some places it has recovered slowly. some places more quickly, but still well below pre-pandemic days. today the dumbarton bridge is still down by half. the san mateo, down by a third, the bay bridge and its main theater bridge, the san rafael, are once again getting busy with only 15% below former volumes. commutes are once again there,
10:35 pm
challenging. >> what is different is the congestion during peak times. it doesn't last as long, doesn't start as early or linger as late. >> reporter: in recent weeks bart ridership is down. 87% down in the last six weeks. three things seem to have the greatest influence on this. one, writer health fairs of close commuting. two, many people driving instead of using bart, both of which would increase the use and road and bridge traffic. three, where we now work, especially in the mid and southbay. >> that points to the ability of the large employers in the south bay and on the peninsula, for their workforces to adjust perhaps more easily, are more readily to the remote work environment than employers and other parts of the region.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: with many employers i am work at home as a real option, the gutwrenching, vein popping and nervous wreck style of pre- pandemic commuting may take a long while to fully raise its ugly head. however, chp says when traffic is light, they are giving out my speeding tickets for 100 miles an hour plus and fatal accidents are also up. children and not are going back to school this week, but only in a limited capacity. the plan to resume in class learning on monday with a hybrid model. that means 2 1/2 hours of in- person instruction per week. families will still have the option of keeping kids at home with over learning. coming up, debit cards frozen. action as the edd cracks down on suspected fraud. , governor arnold
10:37 pm
schwarzenegger recovering after surgery. and bay area whether we have patchy fog trying to develop and cool temperatures with light winds.
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former governor arnold schwarzenegger is recovering from heart surgery. he tweeted photos from cleveland, where he had a new aortic valve implanted at the cleveland clinic. pictures show him walking around the city after the procedure. he thanked his doctors and nurses and said he feels fantastic. schwarzenegger had his pulmonary heart valve replaced in 2018. on employment benefits from at least 350,000 californians are being withheld, following suspected fraudulent claims. the employment development department says debit cards were frozen for several reasons, including a high number of claims from one address. they said the claims were part of the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program. and was created as a lifeline for those who would not normally qualify and for many who are unemployed during this pandemic. >> the main goal for us is to
10:41 pm
be able to pay people as quickly as possible. >> california has processed 15.2 million unemployment claims since march. the man who supplied the weapons used in the deadly 2015 terrorist shooting, this is in san bernardino, was sentenced today in federal court. henrique marquez was sentenced to 20 years in prison. marquez brought rifles for his next-door neighbors. the couple opened fire at a holiday gathering, killing 14 people and injuring 22 others. both died in a gunfight with police. onto a happy update, to a story we first brought you on tuesday enveloping warriors is a fan deborah rhett. she is dying, or battling terminal metastatic breast cancer and her dying wish of meeting clay thompson was granted when the two video chatted for about 25 minutes earlier this week. now we have learned she
10:42 pm
received a warriors care package today, including a special jersey with a handwritten note from clay himself, thanking her for being an inspiration. that is an amazing move by clay, love to see that story. >> is all about building a bridge to permanent housing. new housing options, thanks to the pandemic, as the governor greenland funding for other projects as well. in business you have to be able to shift-pivot-adapt.
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estate program that helps communities build my housing for the homeless got a big shot in the arm today. project home she is getting an additional $200 million. we reported how it plans to spend that money. >> reporter: this housing project, the first of its kind in san jose, was made possible by the pandemic. emergency measures meant less redtape and more funding. and as a result, christopher pisano, who had been homeless for a year, now has a bed. >> i have asthma and chronic -itis. so if i get covid-19, that's it. >> reporter: the plan is that these modular units will stay long after covid is gone. and it's all about building a bridge to permanent housing.
10:46 pm
and while more traditional housing would've taken four years, this one took four months. there were two similar sites in the works. >> we're trying to think differently about this challenge and these three projects offers an alternative. >> reporter: other projects in san jose include tiny home communities and thanks to a $12.2 million rent from the states project helmke, the purchase of a 76 room hotel to house the homeless. >> we have seen what is happened to the state as it relates to the issue of homelessness. we recognize our ability to do more and we are building capacity and partnerships that never existed. >> reporter: no governor gavin newsom is announcing an additional $200 million for project humpty. however, in all communities are welcoming the money. and milpitas city officials voted to sue their impending project. the governor's response- >> i get the pressure. but you are going to look back
10:47 pm
in your life and will regret this. it is a moral moment. do the right thing. >> reporter: for people like sandy, these projects have been life-changing, getting her off the streets after six years. >> we like being treated as people, okay. not a statistic, but like real people. >> reporter: with today's announcement, the total budget for project humpty is $800 million. some additional funds will go towards projects in oakland, san francisco and in santa clara county. the contra costa county fire protection district has a new tool to help battle fires and to help people in need of medical attention. the agency unveiled a new helicopter today in concord. conair one is a partnership between con fire and reach aeromedical services. it's capable of firefighting in local areas and as a state resource, when needed. and conair was expected to play a key role in any fires during the current red flag warning
10:48 pm
period. >> what we bring is very local response. so if you have a little fire this morning over here mount diablo, we can be there in minutes. you are not going to see any cds aircast, maybe in half an hour. >> how fires is conair one is already being put to use. and responded to the fire in martinas we told you about earlier, just a few minutes after its unveiling. this is con fires second helicopter. over the past few weeks we've been talking about numerous rents like fire warnings. but they've kind of just been on one level. over the weekend we are talking about extreme fire danger events. this is not starting until the second half of the weekend. if you could take care of anything tomorrow, please secure outdoor furniture or anything like that. so the red flag warning for the entire bay area is a sunday, monday and into tuesday. what is the key concern?
10:49 pm
we always talk about this, the offshore flow, the northeast flow setting up. especially as it works with the terrain here, as it comes down the hillside, that actually dries out and warms up. so this will be the result toward the sierra and also for the bay area hills as well as we head into sunday and into monday. and i would watch, in fact it's linked up with fire danger in the red flag warning. the high wind watch, 4:00 p.m. sunday till 10:00 p.m. a.m. monday, especially for the higher elevations. we could have gusts between 50 and 70 miles an hour. in fact, here's a forecast model. we're just showing you the city here and now into sunday morning not too bad. but later in the day sunday these colors kind of blossom over the bay area, indicating the stronger wind speeds here in the wind coming out of the north and east. as i mentioned, the winds really are strong sunday night and then into monday morning.
10:50 pm
than throughout the day on monday we will scale back on the wind speeds and finally having improving conditions by monday afternoon. but it will be a tough time period, especially for the 12 hour period from sunday and 9:00 p.m. until monday at 9:00 a.m., or 11:00 a.m. , in the 12 to 14 hour time period. for this weekend, starting on saturday, patching morning fog, partly sunny skies and clearing skies and ears and a forecast. is out of is picking up on high clouds in southern california with patchy fog cossette around the bay. current numbers are in the 50s. there is a bit of a chill in the air. overnight the cool spots will be dropping down into the 40s. here is our live camera looking out toward san francisco we have partly cloudy skies for tonight. definitely want to bundle up tomorrow morning and temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s. here is the setup that generates the wind. high-pressure offshore, this area of low pressure diving to the east of the bay area. that pressure air france sets
10:51 pm
up the wind event we have developing sunday and monday. forecast highs for tomorrow, mainly the 60s and the 70s. the heat is out of here. and typically with these stronger offshore wind events, historically, they have been linked to cooler weather patterns and that's what we have this weekend, strong winds sunday night into monday and finally improving conditions later in the day monday and tuesday as the winds finally began to relax. but that time frame, as we head into sunday and monday, that will be a big challenge here in the bay area. coming up in sports, jason appelbaum bringing us aim three as the dodgers dominate in all phases tonight. then, solving crime by building relationships.
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good evening, everybody. the dodgers are noticed two wins away from their first world series championship in 32 years. and we've got astros fans at the rangers ballpark to watch the dodgers in the race. this is just 2020, folks. third batter of the game, justin turner, takes shirley
10:55 pm
morton deep for the solo shot. the dodgers set a franchise record with 24 homeruns this postseason. 1-0 ally, top third, same score. two on, two off max muncy brings home a pair of runs in the former a, muncy, you better believe he's fired up, 3- l.a. . to the fourth, the key bets with a two out dribbler that sneaks through, scoring another run. the doctors have scored a major league record 48 runs in this postseason, with two outs. offense was clicking and so was starting pitcher walker buehler, who strikes out in the six. buehler ends up with 10 strikeouts, six innings, gives up just three hits and one run to get the win. the dodgers take aim, leading the series 2-1. game four tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., right here on fox 2. nfl fans and raiders fans
10:56 pm
in particular, if you had thought you had seen the last of antonio brown, no such luck. brown, who retired back in july , has an retired and agreed to a one-year deal with the tampa bay bucs, where he will be reunited with tom brady. you may remember, brown played one game in new england last year before the patriots cut him due to off field issues. prior to his short stint in new england, the oakland raiders signed brown to a $50 million deal, but he quickly became a sideshow and a distraction, which prompted the raiders to cut him before he played a single-game. and then the nfl suspended brown for the first eight games of the season for multiple violations of the nfl's personal conduct policy. but tom brady likes him, so he's getting another chance. the earliest we will see him, week nine versus the saints. as for the raiders, they host tom brady in the box the
10:57 pm
sunday in las vegas. the big question is, what will their offensive line look like when they take the field? currently, all five starters are in quarantine after tackling tackle trent brown tested positive for the coronavirus. the good news, those other four starters have tested negative and are eligible to come off the covid list sunday morning, which is cutting it awfully close for 1:00 p.m. game. but, assuming they all test negative with the rapid test prior to the game, they will likely be back in the lineup. >> i'm really proud of our team , our coaches and our trainers have done a great job. there are protocols that are updated during this process and safety is paramount. i'm proud of the nfl and proud to be in this league right now playing during this pandemic. we are going to play sunday at 1:00 they told me, and we will be ready to go. >> rooted in the raiders will be taking on tom brady. the 49ers will be taking on brady's former team, the new
10:58 pm
england patriots. that means cam newton, he is a running quarterback. is not at all like tom brady who, as we know, rarely ran. so the niners, they struggle with these mobile quarterbacks. how are they going to deal with cam newton? here's what the head coach said about taking on mobile quarterbacks. >> amazing against mobile quarterbacks is always a challenge. is a different element that changes up your run and one more player you have to account for in every single play. it's always a challenge. we make a big emphasis of it. it's been good training having a number of them this year and hopefully that will lead us to continue to get better at it. the pac-12 football season kicks off two weeks from tomorrow. the big ten kicked off tonight at camp randall in madison, wisconsin with the badgers taking on the align i in front of an empty stadium. the badgers' quarterback was near perfect and i. he has 20
10:59 pm
of 21 for 248 yards and five touchdowns, including the 53 yarder to danny davis as they cruised to an easy 45-7 win. and we always have time for dog playing billiards. check this out, this is halo. she is a bulldog from baxter, minnesota and she's good at billiards. i mean, she's not just hitting the ball in the hole, she is using the cue ball and then she is actually hitting it off other balls and in. so she is playing the angles. i think christina and andre, that's pretty impressive. amine, halo from baxter, minnesota. impressive. >> better than all of us! that's for sure. [ laughter ] next at 11:00-stigma hearing there could be another ps ps brought back almost ptsd
11:00 pm
memories of last time. >> this year could be the biggest. pg&e says it is preparing to cut power to nearly half 1 million customers. >> it's not what people wanted to hear, bone dry conditions, gusty winds and a recipe for wildfires in the forecast for this weekend. possible power outages to protect against wildfires, pg&e is starting to alert more than 150,000 bay area customers that they could lose power starting sunday. that number includes customers in every county, except san francisco. we begin our live coverage and spoke to people who knows all too well. >> the real concern here is that the high winds could topple trees or powerlines or spark


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