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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 25, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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minutes. >> joe, we will see you then. we have the cars all charged up we had one going out that way. people in high-risk fire fire areas are ready to leave as the biggest event of the season hits the bay area. it is another round of red flag warnings and power shutoffs. this time the risk is expected to be more widespread, brought on by hurricane type winds. >> windy gusts have hit 80 miles per hour in the high elevations of the bay. bill is tracking the conditions. how windy is it now? >> we have seen gusts up to the 65 miles per area range, mount
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st. helena. a red flag warning for pre- much all of the bay area. the big event is tonight. it is essentially going on right now the wind will peak, most likely. the model pushing forward, let's get to about now. this really tells the story. 11:00, 12:00. the contour is getting a little brighter. it starts, weeks, and comes back down. between now, 4:00 and 5:00, the wind will be pretty robust. that is the main concern. a secondary event shows up on tuesday, but it is not as
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robust. mount diablo, 67 miles per hour, mount st. helena, current numbers at 50 miles per hour. >> bill, thank you. hundreds of thousands of homes are in the dark after pg& e cut power. a total 6000 customers are expected to lose their power. >> so far this weather event is unfolding as they predicted. because of the anticipated strong wind, the utility began to shut down power .
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>> she's unsure if she can work on monday >> i work from home. if my wi-fi is out, if it is not on yet, that could be a big problem. >> reporter: even more of a problem for an elderly woman with a disabled child. she became a recipient of neighborly generosity with battery power lights on loan to keep the lights on during dark times. >> as you can see, it brings me close to tears. >> reporter: one of the donors says he's not lacking anything serious, and calls it more inconvenience rather than hardship >> we are missing the comforts. first world of them spec we don't have a light to cook from. >> pg&e energizes lines to prevent equipment from parking sparking a fire.
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>> gusts above 53 miles per hour, with relative humidity down to 15%. >> windy gusts could reach 70 plus miles per hour overnight. the utility expects to cut power to 61,000 customers in 36 counties. >> this is by far the largest event we've experienced. the most extreme weather. >> reporter: many are learning to cope, saying that they prefer the inconvenience over the alternative >> we do not want another big fire, we don't want the same situation of 2015. they are going to make us safer. >> reporter: if all goes as planned, they expect to begin the process of power restoration tomorrow afternoon. but it could be later in some
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spots. is all dependent on the weather, and any damage to any equipment. >> craig, thank you. and amber is on grizzly peak in the oakland hills. doesn't look that windy right now. >> reporter: it comes and goes. we've been looking at this tree to see it as a gauge, sometimes it can really be moving, right now it is called. we went to both oakland and berkeley hills to see how people care for a high fire danger. >> flashlight and rubber gloves. >> reporter: sharon singer has packed to go backs, ready to leave on short notice. her car is parked facing out for quick exits. >> if the wind is more of an
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issue, we will probably leave. >> reporter: residents have been advised to pre- evacuate voluntarily, and unprecedented move. >> reporter: she was planning on evacuating on sunday evening. dave added additional staffing, stepped patrols, and taken other measures. >> they are blocking off the entire turnout. >> reporter: heather tells me people rather that turnouts to smoke and set off fireworks, and they are adding to the fire danger with expect gusts up to 70 miles per hour, with low humidity and drive you will.
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>> reporter: volunteers with the northern alameda amateur radio group are patrolling the east bay hills. >> we are looking for smoke, and illegal barbecues. >> i will run like hell we have the cars all charged up. we have two different escape routes. >> reporter: residents are ready to evacuate, but don't plan to do so unless absolutely necessary. the wind has been picking up on and off. we will have to wait and see what happens over the next few hours. the contra costa county fire protection strict told residents to consider staying elsewhere until fire danger goes away. firefighters say that the areas of particular concern are in the hillside versions of the
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county, including el cerrito, richmond, martinez, and lafayette. residents who are choosing to stay have been told to have an escape plan and make sure cell phones are fully charged. the high fire danger is not just a concern in the bay area, it is a concern across the state. >> this event is widespread with wind from oregon, down the sierras, down into southern california. >> cal fire has increased staffing across the state with firefighters positioned in high- risk areas. people are advised to sign up for cell phone notifications from emergency alert systems. and east bay parks are closed because of the extreme fire danger and the threat from the
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wind. they will be turning away visitors tomorrow, anyone caught trespassing could be arrested or find. claremont canyon, lake chevelle and tilton park could all be impacted. power outages could affect 12 schools, they don't have any in person shut offs, district officials are urging students to charge their computers, cell phones and wi-fi spots ahead of time. if students are unable to log on, they are being asked to do schoolwork on their own and check in with the teacher, the first chance they get. it is shaping up to be a record-breaking election. millions of people who have already cast their ballots. one high school in the south bay since all of its students
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should get tested for coronavirus.
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san francisco has started with the shanty project to provide personalized ballot pickup at drop off to san francisco voters who request assistance, with information on how to track their ballot.
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residents who are interested should contact the shanty project online or by phone. president trump and joe biden are in a close race in three southern battleground states. a new survey shows that they are neck and neck in north carolina, florida and georgia. joe biden currently leads to trouble by two points in florida, 50-48%, and by four points in north carolina. they are tied in georgia at 49%. joe biden leads among those who have already cast their ballots. president trump is ahead among those who have not voted yet. a record number of people are headed to the polls, after election day this year. early voting totals hit a new milestone over the weekend, as pulling sites in several major states opened up. >> reporter: it is the final
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stretch for early voting and the lines and numbers keep climbing, with the week until election day, with 56 million americans already voting. surpassing the number of early voting ballots cast in 2016. early voting kicked off in new york on saturday, the first time allowing early voting, determined people showed up in droves, causing hours long waits as they made lines around the blocks. >> the line is around the block three times. >> reporter: in los angeles, iconic venues at the home of the lakers serving as pulling sites, many voters want to avoid crowds and want to make sure that their ballot is cast. >> i might not be able to take the time off for actual voting
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day. it is going to be crowded that day. coming in early is a big advantage. >> republicans are slowly narrowing the gap as election day inches closer. chris demeo, fox news. kamala harris was in the campaign trail in michigan, she talked of the importance of the affordable care act. >> there is so much at stake. public health, it is a pandemic. you've got joe biden on one head, working together with president obama to get their football care act passed, which provided health care to 20 million people and protect people with pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: with less than a week and half remaining until election day, it is a race to the finish. president trump made last-minute
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local jobs at his opponent while competing in new hampshire. >> joe biden is the shut down candidate, the democrats are the shut down party, they will shut down your jobs, your schools, your businesses, your police departments, your energy, your freedom, the greatest economic comeback in the history of our country. >> he also held a rally in maine today. at least five top aides to mike pence have tested positive for coronavirus, the outbreak includes chief of staff mark short, one of the trump administration strongest skeptics of coronavirus restrictions. the white house says the vice president tested negative again today, and will not go under quarantine despite having been in close contact with his aides. mike pence was out on the campaign trail once again today. the gilroy unified school
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district is urging students to get tested for coronavirus in an effort to contain a possible outbreak, a large party on extra on october 16th included a student who tested positive, they've got 200 students who reportedly attended that party. the district also canceled athletic activities, since many of the students are involved in school sports. looking back at the weather, it's all about the wind and that red flag warning, the most robust red flag warnings tonight, with a lesser one tomorrow night. really to the north, the north and central bay, concord and fairfield, you really see the conditions here. it will still be windy and breezy, the really nasty band is blowing in the next few
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hours, it will be dying down. mark found a gust of 80 miles per hour, on the west peak of mount st. helena. the red flag warning is for real. it is a high-grade red flag warning. it will last night, probably into tomorrow as well, with the strongest wind being tonight. no fog, a big ridge of high pressure. and the ridge is here, a low went through, it just jumps in. and then the winter starts to blow offshore. what isdifferent is how we are
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reacting to these. 37 miles per hour in downturned oakland. 39 miles per hour in hayward. gusty and breezy. as you look at the forecast, green for tomorrow, yellows for the 60s and 70s. the wind, the heat wave, it makes it worse. and with the low humidity, it is deftly a problem. see these pants, and this serve? my mike went out.
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in colorado, a massive smoke cloud is hanging over parts of the state as wildfires continue to burn west of denver. and the rocky mountain national park. mandatory evacuation orders were given to 6300 people in the area. the fire started on october 14th and burned 194,000 acres, with just 4% containment. a 30-year-old man was arrested in petaluma on suspicion of intentionally striking and on-duty firefighter with his car. it happened shortly after 3:00 this morning. firefighters were treating a patient in a shopping center parking lot, when he began questioning crews. authorities say he drove his car into a firefighter when asked to leave. that firefighter was fortunately
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not seriously hurt. gas prices have fallen three cents on average over the past few weeks. the average price for a gallon of gas is now $2.22. they expect that prices will continue to fall, because of the pandemic. the average price of diesel is $2.49 per gallon, down about a penny compared to two weeks ago. coming up, joe and jason will an impressive victory in new england. and a look around the league, in sports rep. >> and coming up next, a bay area nonprofit is helping kids through the pandemic. >> this is going to have an impact on lives for a very long time.
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antioch police are looking for a missing girl, who is possibly on her way to san francisco via bart. she is 4-foot tall, 70 pounds, with black hair in a ponytail,
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she was last seen in a white and beige striped shirt and jeans. you are asked to call san francisco or antioch police if you have seen her. experts say that coronavirus pandemic will be felt for years to come, research shows that children are absorbing what is happening in profound ways. >> we care services for children says right now is more important than ever to focus on early intervention and. >> for 60 years it has been about the children. even in the middle of the pandemic, the focus remains on helping the youngest members of the community process the world around them >> the reality is, all of this is incredibly disruptive. in general, and for developing. >> we care services for children supports with early intervention services for the time children
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are born, through the age of six. >> children are learning how to be. very small things can affect children, and have dramatic impact. we are looking at the fundamental health and development inside, to promote the best chance at life. >> instead of getting up close and personal, covid-19 has left we care with only virtual connections. >> we need eye contact. for 60 years we have sitting in a room with a child helping them physically go from place to place, working closely. so much evidence has come out about nonverbal cues. truck they hoped for a short- term problem, now we are looking for ways to survive the
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road we are all on. >> i was worried about low income folks, not everyone has a cell phone in 2020 as well. >> it is important to remember that our children are absorbing more than we think. >> maybe it is an issue of how much we are talking about stressful stuff in the news, how many conversations do you think the child is too young to understand? these are all things that really impacts a child's ability to be resilient, and grow. >> and issues like domestic violence, and things get even more, get. helping children and families now is a critical part of the future. >> this could have an impact on lives for a very long time >> caldwell says medi-cal
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patients have services available here 211 is also a great resource. and we care services for children says they are always willing to help point people the right direction. >> that is it for the report tonight. sports wrap with joe and jason is next. and the morning news will start at 4:00 a.m. with the latest on wind, power outages, as well as the high fire danger. thank you for joining us. have a in business you have to be able to shift-pivot-adapt. then do it all over again. comcast business gives you fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network. and now for a limited time, you can also get fast shipping- with amazon business prime essentials. so no matter what comes next, you'll always be ready to bounce forward. get started with powerful internet and voice for $64.90 a month, and ask how you can get one free year of amazon busines prime essentials on us. call or go online today.
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the banged up 49ers make a statement in new england. and how jimmy garoppolo handed bill belichick's worst loss in 20 years. >> and why was derek carr very impressed today? >> and i dodgers bounce back in game five, they are one win away from ending years of frustration. plus all the highs and the lows from week seven in the nfl, just one undefeated team remains. feel the beat, because it is time to crank things up.
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sports wrap is next. >> fox to sports wrap is now. >> welcome to the studio, jason joins us from his home. we wanted to see if today resembled the team that played the rams, or the dolphins. we did not have to look hard to find the story line for today's game in new england. >> this was the first game back in new england for jimmy garoppolo since he was traded back on halloween, three years ago, for a second round pick. he was outplayed by a wide margin with the current quarterback, cam newton plank the patriots. >> and the guy who list tom brady's backup, super bowl winners, and the 49ers went on
11:32 pm
an impressive drive they get the hands the ball in the hands of evil samuel. depot samuel. they are in front 7-0. they come up on the opening drive, and the 49ers are getting their death at running back. kyle shanahan gets the balls into the hands of brendan isley, setting up a field goal to make it 10-3 or the time for the 49ers. and things get better for the patriots on the next drive drive, camden is rushed, picked up by warner, as usual dominant self, also leading with seven tackles. and kyle gets a chance to run the ball. a 4-yard score made it 17-3. and tell me you had to michael
11:33 pm
hastie on your depth chart. the undrafted rookie goes 20 yards, into new england territory. that set up wilson for his second touchdown of the game, the 49ers headed to the locker room for a 23-3 lead. the 49ers picked up where they left off in the second half. a beautiful adjustment to haul in a 23-yard pass. six catches on the day, for 115 yards. and this ended any doubt, wilson finds the end zone. the third guy 30-6. wilson brushes 112 yards, but he hurts his ankle on the play. lesson was taken to the locker room with yet another high ankle sprain. but things could not have gone any better in his homecoming, they
11:34 pm
improve 4-3 with a 30 3-6 victory. head all the way across the country for a win and make everyone happy. >> a cool week with a lot of emotion and a lot of memory, coming back here and seeing the same stadium and the same songs that they used to play. it was exciting, i can imagine it going any better than this. >> there was impressive character, adding up collectively. these guys play every down like it is their last play. >> you've got to give credit to all the guys who are stepping up. we take great pride in the guys stepping out there, keeping the defense study. >> last year against carolina, 30 plus russians and running the ball everywhere, tim coleman had three or four touchdowns, jeff olson had three touchdowns,
11:35 pm
it's good for the niners. the whole team embodies it, have fun, play fast, be physical. >> everybody is happy after a win, but jason, you have to give credit to the 49ers defenses, they had a lot of moving parts. guys were getting substituted once again check and fred warner was another bigconstant. >> robert still has plenty of good players, despite all the injuries. tony romo said today he thought he was the best linebacker in football, he got picked off, cam newton, the by the way with nine of 15, 98 yards, three interceptions, one of the worst games of his career. and you have to give all the credit to the coaching staff of the 49ers and to john lintz for funding so much depth, they sustain so many injuries and are
11:36 pm
still doing it. >> here is emmanuel mosley. and we've already mentioned several of them, mosley is one of them, undrafted free agents. now here is taylor, once again check who was talking about him when the season began? and they had to make guys work, with no jimmy ward today. >> we talked about the depth, the defensive depth, how about offense? with raheem moser and jaredb mccann and out for most of the game. jeff wilson went off, 117 yards and three touchdowns before leaving without ankle injury. then, enter another undrafted pay a player, he runs with a certain amount of violence, doesn't he? >> they were making the comparison, tony romo said it reminds him of marshawn lynch.
11:37 pm
he delivers, and he goes forward at the end ofthe contact, everyone loves to see that when you have a running back doing that. you have the unsung quarterback, he had an opportunity to get into the end zone. >> it is nice. the second time in three games, 197 yards on 37 carries, and then there is always the energetic george kittle.
11:38 pm
five catches, 55 yards, you know what he does better than catch, we all know that he is best blocking tight end in the game. he can catch a lot of balls as well. my ditka and kellen winslow are the only ones with more receiving yards through the first 50 games of their career. >> i think travis kelce was in on it this week. and rod gronkowski. maybe they've started something here. not to mention the fact rod gronkowski, the raiders saw a little bit of him today. >> yes, they take on the upstart tampa bay bucs after a covid-19 scare earlier in the week where four out of five offensive lineman were found at positive and sent to quarantine. you saw how derek carr would
11:39 pm
do, the second highest pass rating in the nfl, and tom brady giving them instant credibility. a strike over the middle, nelson agholor for a touchdown. legal 7-0. he goes down with it, zero chance on that one, 25 seconds to go before the half with the same score, brady goes deep to scotty miller, who hauls it in at the back of the end zone. perfect throw, next catch. midway through, hanging tough, it's 24-17 for tampa bay. brady was outstanding today. he puts this game on ice in the
11:40 pm
fourth. he finds chris goslin from short range. later in the fourth, brady to tyler johnson for a 1 yard touchdown pass. that is his 559 career touchdown pass. he passes drew brees for the most all-time they go on to win this 145-20. almost like that score for super bowl 37 back in 2001. tom brady goes 369 and four touchdowns. john gruden and derek carr fonda silverlining. >> it was a tough week. it will make it better in the long run. hopefully deep down, there are benefits to be had here. >> the job that we were able to
11:41 pm
do against the number one defense in the nfl, with everyone missing practice until today, i'm very impressed. >> not often do you walk away feeling okay, that's exactly what they did today. still to come, no way the dodgers and race could stage the kind of game like they did last week, we will show you how game five turned out and how they come close to ending years of frustration. >> and kyler murray and the arizona cardinals knock the hocks from the ranks of the undefeated.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> in case you were not watching in spanish, basically i can't believe he ran down to score that series winning run. jason, that was a tough act to follow.
11:45 pm
>> how are the doctors going to respond 24 hours after that gut wrenching loss? the answer for them, just fine. clayton kershaw, not his best stuff tonight. but a gutsy performance out of him. the doctors look to strike first. mookie betts comes in score. the dodgers are up 1-0. 2-0 dodgers, peterson takes the glass no pitch, 428 feet to the left, third inning now, the race, pushing in the run. rbi single off kershaw, it's 3-0 for los angeles. it's 3-2, most hits with 27, ghost goes second and throws off to take third. he is safe as he slides and, the rays are making it happen
11:46 pm
on the baseball. and then even more greedy, they try to steal home. austin barnes gut does get the tag down in time for the out. the dodgers are still up 3-2, to the fifth, the same score. max muncy looking to give a little bit of assurance. taking the pitch deep for a solo shot, 4-2, los angeles. bracing that tying run of the play, like trying and is on. striking out willie at thomas. game owner over, they are just one win away from the first world series title for them in 32 years. here is clayton kershaw and his biggest fans. >> it was obviously a very
11:47 pm
special opportunity. my kids are really tired, if you can't tell. it is stressful in the post season. we will all be ready to go for game number six. i am still personally going to try to get ready and recover as best as i can, get ready to pitch at any moment. >> very much like riley and curry. >> a trend has been set as far as that goes now. all right, let's take a short break. when we come back, we turn attention back to the nfl, where a nasty hit head that cap was head coach calling out his own team. we explained, next. >> and a guy rallied late today, to win, we will show you how he did it, when we come back. i didn't choose this job because it was easy.
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>> playing with one another, protecting one another. and earning respect. >> here's what mike harvey is referring to, andy dalton takes off running, taking a hit to the head, he attempts to find a cheap shot. mccarthy was upset that none of his teammates came in to defend . the kevin torres are an absolute mess right now, they are in disarray. at the opposite end of the spectrum, the seattle seahawks now we've got cardinals breath as the seahawks. >> seattle at arizona, these two veterans squared up a few times, russell wilson, larry fitzgerald, the cardinals
11:52 pm
trailed by ten. kyler murray is christian kirk. regulation force overtime. the seahawks got the ball back. they tried to get into field goal range. simmons goes into territory. zane gonzales then lines up for 40 yards. drama on the cake, but it is good they are 5-2, seattle is five and one. very tough in the nfc west. >> the steelers and titans are in a battle of the undefeated, at one point pittsburgh was 24- 7. stephen goes into force overtime with 36-yard, but the steelers hang on to win this
11:53 pm
127 to 24, now they are the loan undefeated team. >> 16 seconds away from a win over cleveland, the browns are 24 yards from the end zone, and jones does that toe tap, getting them down, 37 to 34, clinton goes 5-2. >> the falcons are down by two, with 1:10 to go, todd gurley tries to go down short goal lines so the falcons can beat out the clock and the game- winning field pool, he goes down a little late and gets over the goal line. it is a touchdown. he is mad as he sits on the bench. matt stafford and the lions get the ball back, no stem to tie the game. matt prater has to
11:54 pm
kick a 48-yard extra point tubing. he does just that and the lions win a crazy 23-22. when we come back, a couple of all-time moments on this day in sports history.
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the second third ranked players in the world were placed in thousand oaks three rounds, from four strokes down with a late value to, patrick would make nine birdies in all, shot a final and 65 and had to wait, and john was the last guy to catch, missing a 38, a one struggling, justin thomas is the third round leader is out number two, and three in the
11:58 pm
world >> you are a fan of long time dairy area sports broadcaster lon simmons, this might ring a smile to your face in this day on sports history. in heaven this day, 1964 you might not ever see it again >> jim barto is running away >> picking up a fumble, returning 66 yards the other way and it was on this day 196, mookie wilson got the infamous ground ball that went to the legs of bill butner. ray knight came home with the winning run to give them it's a win in the world series, then two days later, they went game seven in the series.
11:59 pm
>> a momentous day. >> i think i've waited about seven months tosay this, so if we could cue the music, please it is time for that kids got game. we don't just feature great young athletes, we feature all types. [ music ] this little drummer is just five years old. that is about all the information i have, but she is absolutely shredding here and look at her face, her smile she is enjoying the jam.
12:00 am
>> i can't think of any way to send you off for, the starting run coming up on tuesday have a good week, everybody. t this is no backwater destination obsessed with a painful past. lithuania is a modern, forward-looking country and a thriving member of the european union. the capital city of vilnius showcases lithuania's charming centuries-old legacy as well as it's modern, progressive spirit of today. perhaps because of its harrowing history, the lithuanian people can be shy and reserved, but they are anything but unfriendly. the damp and cold winter when we visited meant we'd have much of vilnius' old town charms almost to ourselves. but we were warmed by the hearty and natural cuisine and the hospitable locals. despite the cold weather, i liked lithuania,


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