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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 16, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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covid-19 have died here in the bay area. looking statewide, a record 293 deaths were reported yesterday with more than 21,000 total deaths. there have been 1.6 million cases here in california since the outbreak began, and that includes 53,000 new cases, a new record reported in just the last 24 hours. now, the numbers move the entire bay area region to the most restricted tier. ktvu's tom vacar joins us live to go over the new changes. tom. >> reporter: indeed. as of thursday midnight and for three weeks at least, the bay region is under the harshest restrictions, even counties such as san ma dayo that were in a less restrictive tier until this order. as expected, for the greater 11- county bay area which also includes santa cruz and monterrey counties, the number of available intensive care unit beds has slipped below
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15%, down to 12.9%. until vaccines are widely available, icu capacity is the last stand against covid. the bay area region is one of five california multicounty regions which also includes southern california, northern california, greater sacramento, and the san joaquin valley. as a result, beginning thursday at midnight and for the next three weeks at least, the entire region, including those counties that were on less limited restrictions, is now entirely in the most restrictive purple tier. the death rate is increasing statewide nationwide. >> 300,000 people and people won't wear a mask. they won't socially distance, they won't wash their hands, and they won't stay at home. >> certainly driving this are the social gatherings, something we cannot regulate. >> reporter: so nonessential businesses must close. restaurants may only do
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takeouts and delivery. retailers are now restricted to 20% of their indoor capacity, and socializing beyond your own household prohibited. >> and we will enforce that, because that is what the state has chosen to do. >> as long as everybody keeps their distance in the shop, and four customers at a time, i feel okay about it. >> i'm not saying it's foolproof, but follow the rules. what's the big deal? that's how i feel. >> nonetheless, it's another tough turn for businesses. >> your heart goes out to them, but right now we're in life saving mode. the vaccine is on the way. so the actions that we take today will save us. >> reporter: yet another major hurdle is coming. >> we're very, very concerned about christmas gatherings. we are extremely concerned that we'll see a surge in the middle of a surge. >> reporter: so now only three of california's 58 counties that would be plumas, alpine,
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mariposa, remain in less restrictive tiers. all the rest of the state purple. 99.9% of the population. that's the situation, and it's for at least three weeks. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right, tom, thank you. meantime, ucsf medical center just received its first shipment of 975 doses of the pfizer vaccine. they say they began administering the vaccine to front-line employees this afternoon, including nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers as well as custodial employees. ucsf says it expects approximately 11,900 doses of the vaccine by the end of this month. today marin county he received its first allocations of the vaccine as the county maxed out on icu beds. all 29 of its normal fully staffed icu beds are now in use. about half of them are occupied by coronavirus patients. marin health officials say they are switching to their surge
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plan operations, which will provide additional space for people who need critical care. marin county's public health officer received the first 1950 doses of vaccines saying this couldn't come soon enough. these first doses will be divided among three local hospitals and 13 skilled nursing facilities. health officials warp that it will take several months to implement widespread vaccinations in the community. >> santa clara county's health officer says the news is not good when it comes to the covid situation there in the south bay. dr. martin says there were 24 coronavirus deaths in santa clara county just yesterday. that is the most in one day since the start of the pandemic. he also says the county is seeing more cases than ever. we're averaging now well over 1,000 cases a day just for comparison back in july, when we thought things were pretty bad, we were seeing maybe 300 cases a day.
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so we've tripled that. >> now, the doctor says the county is not anywhere out of the woods. he urged people to wear a mask, practice social distancing, avoid traveling, and to refrain from visiting others this holiday season. more front-line healthcare workers in cop tray costa and solano counties are being vaccinated with the pfizer vaccine. contra costa county has received 8,750 doses. solano county has received 3900. vaccinations are being given to critical staff at john muir medical staff until 7:00 tonight. the first group of physicians and medical workers were vaccinated yesterday at contra costa regional medical center. >> we see this as the beginning of the end. we have a long way to go still but i think this is the first real hope that we've had that we're going to get this virus completely under control, and for all of us, it's very exciting to know that. >> the next group of vaccine recipients will be staff and
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residents in assisted living facilities. economic help could soon be coming. the house and senate appear to be close to a deal on a long awaited coronavirus relief package. though democrats and republicans seem to be dropping some of their demands that were slowing down a possible deal, but as fox's ray bogan tells us, there is a strong push to include direct checks to american families. >> i think it is the oven, being baked as we speak, and i hope it comes out soon. >> reporter: it smells like money in the congressional kitchen. lawmakers are mixing together the final ingredients for what could ultimately be a $2.3 trillion pie. a little more than $900 billion for coronavirus relief and 1.4 trillion for 2021 government spending. >> we agreed we will not leave town until we've made law. the american people need more help. it's that simple. >> the relief will include 300 billion for small businesses in
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the paycheck protection program, tens of billions for food and rental assistance, and an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits. they're still trying to work out how much money to give in direct payments to americans, if anything. that could mean convincing lawmakers to reduce the check amount from $100 to $600. >> i think there ought to be direct payments, stimulus checks, because the american people are still struggling. >> i think it should be 1200. i think we should do at least would we done the cares act. >> democrats are now accepting multiple offers they've previously denied because they said it wasn't enough. the reason? president-elect joe biden is promising another package when he takes office. >> but it's a down payment, an important down payment. >> the federal reserve is also trying to boost the economy by an announcing interest rates will remain near zero, and they eel likely stay there until
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2023. ray bogan, fox news. >> and our coverage of the pandemic continues this hour. coming up at 5:30 we'll look into how the situation is causing political problems for california's governor. also, one bay area county is showing off two pieces of important equipment that will play a key role in getting vac scenes to the public. plus, how wawrnt storm there on the east coast could affect vaccine distribution. and we've got our own winter weather moving in. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin for a look at what's coming. bill. >> we do have a little bit of winter weather. i wish it was a little bit more. it's been such a slow year, right? we do have rain coming. you've seen the clouds all day thicken up. we even had a few sprinkles in the north bay up towards clover dale a, areas north in sonoma county. here's the system, here it comes. slow. the thing is barely moving. here it gets close to us. late tonight, early a tomorrow morning, we get our rain. there may be a few sprinkles that show up prior to that but
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for the most part that frontal passage isn't until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. some of the rainfall accumulations in mendocino and calistoga, so you get an idea that it is wet up there. the plan, then, for us, is maybe a quarter of an inch to an inch of rain. so the estimates, the forecast models have backed down a little bit on the numbers. at one point it looked like it would be an inch and a half in some places in the coastal k hills. now we're down. snow tin mountains, 12 inches. a winter storm warning will be in effect certainly tomorrow morning if you have travel plans. this storm on a scale of one to ten has been bumped down to about a 6.5, for a winter storm. you can see the timeline on the rain showers. so 10:00, maybe a little something, but for most of us, it's right here. that's the wheelhouse for this weather system, right tin midnight, 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m. hour. and then for tomorrow morning's commute, nothing. just pretty much dry from the sky but wet on the roads. when we come back i'll show you
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the model. i didn't really show you much of a computer model. i'll show you the model, then we'll look at the five-day. nine people were forced out of their home by a fairp west oakland. about 50 firefighters were called to the scene at eighth street and campbell. and you can see it right there. flames pouring out of the roof of thabl. crews say two structures became involved. the fire was brought under control by 3:00 p.m. the red cross is helping the six adults and three children what were displaced. fortunately, though, nobody was hurt. the cause is being investigated now. san francisco's police chief and district attorney say they are on the same side when it comes to criminal justice, even if they don't always agree. our christian calf
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christian kaften is joining us live. >> reporter: in the latest high- profile charging of a police officer, san francisco district attorney's office charged police officers tarps stangle with assault and battery following the arrest of a man with matched the description of a man beating a woman. two others are facing homicide charges, the police chief saying he doesn't always agree with the d.a.'s office's charging decisions. >> there have been times in the past this is not new, where i may not agree with that decision. it may be on -- outside of the sphere of an officer involved shooting in any case, but that's his role. >> reporter: the chief has released a statement saying officers need to be held accountable but, quote, there needs to be a boehm holding individuals accountable when they assault, physically attack, or unlawfully interfere
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with police officers. the district attorney ran on a platform saying that no one is above the law and planned to review cases where officers are accused of unlawful force. >> i promised on the campaign trail to working quick sol that we can give answers, yes or no, whether we're charging cases as quickly as possible. >> reporter: while the city's top law enforcement officials differ in some areas, they say there is much they agree on, including the position that they won't pursue cases in many indicates. >> if you see a guy that you the avenue arrested three, four times in the last month, and here we go again, there's a frustration there. but there's a professional and a right way to handle that. >> i certainly appreciate the frustration officers make an arrest, write a report, present the case, and feel like nothing has changed. all of us want to see the jail
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serve as something more than a revolving door. >> reporter: one other area where the d.a. and chief say they see eye to eye is focusing their attention on the skyrocketing number of burglaries in san francisco since the shelter in place orders saying the surge was unaffect. reporting live, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 5:30 tonight, there's been more carjackings in oakland, and the age of the suspects is getting younger and younger. plus -- >> he's destroyed people's lives, and it's not because of the pandemic, it's because of his mismanagement as governor of the state of california. >> a call for the recall of governor newsom getting louder in california. who's behind this push and what are the odds of it actually happening? and when you look at this burning car, it is hard to believe that anyone survived. coming up, how a california ma
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oakland police arrested a suspect in a series of sexual assaults. crime reporter henry lee joins us with more on these cases. these incidents really scary, henry. >> reporter: yeah, really scary in deed. he's accused of confronting and attacking three women, two at gunpoint. now he's behind bars facing serious charges. a frightening series of sexual assaults in oakland. police say a man preyed on women downtown and near lake
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merritt. i've learned that 20-year-old isaiah was arrested. pamela is director of the lakeshore business improvement district. >> i certainly don't want anything like this to keep happening. i always feel that rather than more police on the beat, we need more investigators. >> reporter: police say op november 30th lawrence pointed a gun at a 33-year-old woman and tried to rob and rape her, but a neighbor yelled at her to stop. that same day police say he confronted a woman, forced her into a prius and raped and robbed her. police say he drove her to a bank and tried to get her to withdraw money but she was unable to do. so lawrence is accused of trying to rape a third woman in downtown oakland back in july. now, the d.a. has charged this man with rape, attempted rape, kidnapping, and robbery. he is being held on bail. henry lee, fox 2 news. >> the cases that this man is linked to are all in oakland,
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but there is any thought he might have carried out similar incidents in other bay area cities? >> reporter: that's always a possibility, heather. now that he is in custody, you can bet that they have his dna sample. it's possible that dna samples from the crimes may have been linked to something in a database so they will check far and wide for any linkages to any other cases just to make clear, though, he does live in oakland so unclear the breadth of his crimes. >> all right. our henry lee reporting live for us tonight. henry, thank you. all righty. looks like winter outside. it's not winter quite yet. winter solstice is a few days away, but we're getting there. long nights, short days, and final small clouds that give you the idea that rain is imminent. and it is imminent. it's just not imminent. it's not a super big event. it's kind of a medium event.
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rainfall accumulations an inch. in the heavy locations, maybe a quarter of an inch to a half inch. the clouds are in. it will be a little warmer tonight because of the cloud cover. i suspect tomorrow morning with this system going through, and the ground becoming wet, as the rain falls overnight, i think valley fog will become something to be concerned wynn the morning. you can see how the back edge of this front, you can see right here. once that goes through, that's the cool air. temperatures drop in the morning, and that should get you some fog certainly. so valley fog could be a really big deal. rain falling in eureka, rain falling in sonoma county. looks like most of the rain is going to end up north of big sur. if you look at the cloud cover you can kind of see most of it favoring the north, and the low center is here. so that's where all the juice, right? that's why portland and seattle, that's a healthy looking deal. we're on the lower end down
5:20 pm
here so the dynamics, the lift and all the different things that make it rain hard aren't really in place, in our region. but enough that we're going to get some rain. cloudy outside for all of us. not getting reports of showers or sprinkles yet. in some places they've had reports of some drizzle up in marin county. current temperatures are in the 50s. pretty mild. overnight lows will get cooler. once that front passes through i think we'll be back down in the low 40s. valley fog something to look for. this overnight rain event, it's going to be the kind of thing i don't think many of us notice, because we're sleeping, but the roads could be wet in the morning. by the time you get done driving it should be done raining from the sky. i'll be back with a look at the five-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> reporter: senators on capitol hill look back at the election. i'm lauren blanchard in washington. i'll have more on that heated hearing coming up. op! it's eas.
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president-elect joe biden today announced another cabinet pick, familiar name from the campaign trail this as the gop- led senate hearing questioned witnesses about alleged irregularities in the election. >> i nominate mayor pete buttigieg. >> reporter: president-elect joe biden rolled out another cabinet knock nation. former south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg for transportation secretary. >> at its best, transportation makes the american dream possible. >> reporter: he plans to nominate jennifer granholm for energy secretary. mean times a hearing focused back on election day and what republicans perceive as irregularities. >> the fact that our last two presidential elections have not been accepted as legitimate by large percentages of the american public is a serious
5:24 pm
problem that threatens our republic. >> this hearing gives a platform to conspiracy theories and lies. >> reporter: an attorney for president trump's campaign told senators their fraud case has been largely ignored by the courts. >> we can't pretend that we have a clean election when there's evidence to the contrary. >> reporter: while former cybersecurity head christopher krebs testified. >> while elections are sometimes messy, this was a secure election. of that, i have no doubt. >> reporter: shortly after november 3rd, krebs said it had been the most secure election in american history. he was later fired by the president. he told the panel that continued claims of election fraud are doing damage to the cup. >> this is not an america i recognize, and it's got to stop. >> reporter: there are five weeks until inauguration day. it's still unclear if president trump will attend. on twitter he scolded mitch mcconnell for acknowledging biden as the president-elect. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. more than 800,000 people
5:25 pm
have signed on in support of recalling governor newsom. how his meal at the french laundry is playing into that push. and questions about an accident involving a san francisco police car and bicyclist. both sides say was the other's fault. investigators hoping this video will show what really happened. some very young criminals. police say they have seen kids as young as 11 committing violent crime. what's being done to stop them.
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the entire bay area region is now under state mandated stay-at-home orders. intensive care capacity in the bay area region has fallen below 15% to just under 13%. that means counties that did not voluntarily enter the stay- at-home order must do so now. statewide there were a record 293 deaths reported just yesterday, and huge spike in cases with a record more than 53,000 new infections. and while the bay area and the state grapple with record coronavirus numbers, organizers of an effort to recall governor newsom say they're getting traction. political reporter greg lee joins us to tell us what's driving the campaign and how the governor is responding to all of this. >> reporter: andre, good evening. there have been 55 attempts to recall a california governor. only one has been successful. the organizers of this latest campaign say they are angry with how governor newsom has
5:29 pm
managed the pandemic. amid california's ongoing struggle to slow the spread of the coronavirus and mitigate the economic consequences, governor gavin newsom faces a renewed recall effort. >> well, he's destroyed people's lives, and it's not because of the pandemic, it's because of his mismanagement. >> reporter: a senior advisor to the campaign says they are seeing increased support from people dissatisfied with the governor's handling of the pandemic. so far the campaign has check roughly 850,000 signature. there was a huge speck after newsom was seen at a birth did i party contrary to his own message. the governor apologized for the blunder. and when asked about tester he this week, he pivoted. >> the most important thing we can do from an economic perspective is focus on public health, focus on mitigating the spread of this virus,
5:30 pm
eliminating this virus. >> reporter: this is the sixth attempt to recall the first- term democrat. only one california governor has ever been successfully recalled. gray davis in 2003. >> the big difference here is this is being fueled by republicans at the grass roots level. the davis recall grew because there was a lot of dissatisfaction among democrats, too. >> reporter: a democratic consultant says there are many differences from 2003 but one similarity is voter expectation the governor should lead and deal with the crisis. >> this governor has been criticized for trying to do too many things at once. he needs to pick the handful of issues that are most important to californians right now that he has control over and focus on solving them. >> reporter: many political experts have called the latest effort a long shot, in part due to a lack of financial backing and newsom's popularity. a recent poll shows 58% of
5:31 pm
people surveyed approve of his handling of the economy during the pandemic. still, political science professor dave mcewen says there's a bigger picture here. >> it's about sending a message to incumbents in the post-trump era that republicans are not going to go away and they're going to continue to push. >> reporter: as the governor battles on going crises, he shook up his senior staff including adding lobbyist and veteran advisor. >> they have the capability to ramp up, that they won't wait until it's too late in the game, like gray davis did and gray davis' team. >> reporter: now, organizers have until march 17th to collect the number of required signatures to trigger a recall election. reporting live, greg lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> greg what are they saying, the organizers, about the lack of that big money and its impact on the campaign here? >> reporter: sure, andre.
5:32 pm
if you remember in 2003 that recall of gray davis, it was then businessman darrell issa, now congressman-elect, who donated $1.6 million to the effort. this time around they say that's not a comparison worth making because they believe the internet allows them to reach far more people. >> something we've seen a lot lately. greg, thank you so much. federal authorities today announced charges against members of an oakland drug ring. they're accused of commuting to san francisco to the east bay to sell drugs in the city's tenderloin district. the u.s. attorney for northern california announced those charges earlier today as part of an ongoing federal initiative, including cracking down on would pros caw torres call an open air drug market. eight people, including several from the same family, were arrested in this multi-agency operation. >> this daytime filed today
5:33 pm
alleges that members of the cruz crime family live in the east bay and travel daily to the tender loin to sell drugs, both to other drug pushers and directly to drug users. >> investigators say wiretap conversations were discussions about the drug trade. federal and local authorities say an increase in the sale and use of fentanyl is responsible for a recent increase in overdose deaths in the city, more than 300 so far this year. we have new video of a crash between a san francisco police unit and two cycle kists in the city's sunset district. nest camera video shows the accident in the upper right- hand corner of your screen. it appears a police officer drives through the intersection at sun there is set boulevard
5:34 pm
and and vicenti street. the police officer, to our knowledge, ran the stoplight, struck my client, and caused severe injuries. >> it's very important that the investigation be completed 18 timely and transparent way, because there have been -- there's growing concern in the community about this incident. that this afternoon, sfpd said in a statement that an straiive investigation is still open. the results will be sent to the board of review which will determine the cause and recommend any disciplinary action. and now we go to oakland tonight where police there are seeing a disturbing trend of teenagers committing violent crimes. in some cases, the offenders are reported to be no older than middle school-age children.
5:35 pm
ktvu's cristina rendon joins us live. >> reporter: police say they are seeing an uptick in car jack sings and armed robberies by these teens, and they're not sure why, saying the pandemic could play a factor. oakland police seeing an alarming trend in crimes over the last few weeks across the city. groups of teenagers are holding people up at gunpoint, robbing them or stealing their cars and driving to commit other robberies. the most recent case involves suspects ranging in age from 11 to 16. >> it's unfortunate to see because they're kids, basically, and they're out there doing crimes that could obviously get the victims hurt, get themselves hurt. >> reporter: since december 3rd there have been nineteen combined incidents of carjackings and street robberies. police say sometimes the kids use guns, knives, or force. >> they have to go beyond to see what we can do to mitigate what's going on and what we can
5:36 pm
do going forward to turn them off the path they're on. >> right now the pandemic has forced students to do distance learning and maven after school programs have closed. opd says that may be a factor. they're working with the department of violence prevention and the d.a.'s office to curb the uptick and provide resources. as a department, as a city, as a community, we owe it to these juveniles to reach out to them and see how we can help them more than just making an arrest and getting a case charged. >> so here's the advice from oakland police tonight. they say be aware of your surroundings at all times. also be very conscious as you're getting in and out of your car and keep your doors locked at all times. heather. >> always good advice. really disturbing when you think about 11 years olds pulling off some of these crimes. cristina rendon reporting live, thank you. mckenzie scott, the ex-wife of amazon's ceo jeff bay
5:37 pm
association, donates a staggering amount of money to help people in the pandemic. the bay area charity that helps so many people getting help from that big donation. we will hear what that money will be spent on coming up next. and as we head to break, here is some good news to brighten your day. here's a picture of an army staff saring reunited with his family. thank you for your service, young man. tell us your good news and upload to the we have a slide show on our website showcasing what you have smirktsd and we may anticipate use your submission on the air. we'll be right back.
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glide's annual toy drive is now underway. volunteers worked to pack up toys for low-income families. the toys will be delivered tomorrow. nearly 3,000 toys have been donated so far. >> as we're all sheltered in place and trying to stay safe we're not able to spend time with family and friends, and so the question is, you know, and it's always been for glide, how do we make connections in the community, how do we make meaningful connection. so instead of us just putting toys in a bag and dropping them off, it's like, tell us a little bit about who you are. >> now, each of those bags will be packed with four toys based on a list of the child's favorite activities. well, medicals on wheels in walnut creek has been chosen to receive a chunk of a $4 billion gift from philanthropist mckenzie scott. scott is techs wife of amazon founder jeff bezos and is the 18th richest person in the
5:41 pm
world. she outlined her charitable donations as being focused on helping communities with high food insecurity and racial inequality. 384 different nonprofits will share the $4 billion donation. and joining us now for more is the executive director for meals on wheels. thank you for joining us. scott made the announcement of the donation just a day ago. when did meals on wheels learn about getting part of the money? >> so we found out just a little over a week ago, and it was me that found out, and i had to keep the secret, which is very difficult for me. but that's when we found out. >> so we're talking $4.2 billion to 384 nonprofits. what does that break down to for your organization? >> well, right now we're not sharing the exact amount, but our -- would i can tell you is it was a very generous donation and one that will after huge impact on our ability to
5:42 pm
deliver services to seniors in need throughout contra costa county. >> that's what i wanted to ask you about. how many people? we're talking about 384 organizations for $4 billion here, or part of that $4 billion. how many people will this be able to help in that part
5:43 pm
what would you luke to say to ms. scott about this particular donation? >> i cannot thank her enough. we are a very humble organization in contra costa county, an area that doesn't
5:44 pm
often see big dollars. and we could not be more grateful, and the people we serve will be incredibly grateful. >> yeah, this is an incredible gift to your organization, for the great work that you do, for all the people that you do in that region, the mount diablo region. thank you so much and congratulations on the money that you are getting to receive here from mckenzie scott from this massive donation, $4.2 billion, a portion of that for your nonprofit. thank you. >> thank you. the california nurses association is fighting back against low staffing levels at hospitals amid covid-19. nurses state weighed say the california hospital association and its members are exploiting the pandemic to undermine the state's landmark safe staffing standards. those standards require minimum registered nurse staffing levels for various hospital units. now, nurses say they are already overwhelmed, and at their breaking points, because
5:45 pm
covid patients need much more intensive care than typical patients. nurses say that last week the state announced it will allow hospitals to submit expedited waivers that will let them dramatically increase nurses' work loads. >> my hospital has been approved on the waivers, on the ratios, which is an action that threatens the safety of our patients. >> now, nurses say these waivers will lead to more errors, infections, and poor outcomes for patients. still ahead, things are getting chilly in san mateo, and we are not talking about the weather. coming up, a look at some new equipment that will be important for the vaccine rollout. plus, how a strong winter storm on the east coast may cause some problems getting the vaccine to the entire country. rain in our forecast for late tonight, early tomorrow morning. i'll have the latest model.
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san mateo county received two ultra cold freezers. officials say they expect an initial 50800 doses which will be distribute to the six general act caught hospitals throughout the county. >> the vaccine has to be kept at a very low temperature, so we had to purchase a new freezer, and which means that in a very short time we'll be able to get people vaccinations and rehe leave some of the concern that people have about this virus and their neighbors and their families. >> health officials in san mateo county were expecting those doses to arrive today. meantime a healthcare worker add severe reaction. a woman in alaska reacted within ten minutes to receiving the shot. we're told she is going to be
5:49 pm
okay. britain had reported a few similar reactions last week but unlike those cases in britain, the alaskan woman had no history of allergic reactions. another round of covid-19 vaccines will go out in the coming days but shipping companies face a big hurdle as a snowstorm hits the northeast. fox's alex hogan shows us how the winter weather company affect getting the vaccine to where it needs to go. >> reporter: the east coast getting its first major winter storm of the season, impacting the appalachians to new england with much of the heavier snow falling tonight through early thursday. boston expecting around a foot of snow. winds could reach 50 miles per hour in some areas, leaving dangerous road conditions and low visibility. new jersey governor phil murphy declaring a state of emergency. >> we urge you to please take it slow and use common accepts and caution. we ask specifically that you stay clear of any plowing or spreading operations.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: the storm also coming as fed ex and ups work around the clock to transport coronavirus vaccines. each box is being monitored with a gps tracker to ensure that it remains a cold temperature and reaches the destination on time. they have contingency plans in place in case airports or roads are closed, but officials expect vaccinations to go on as scheduled. >> we expect to keep getting the deliveries and keep being able to turn it around and get people vaccinated. they're going to move this very, very aggressively. >> reporter: fed ex and ups say they're prioritizing vaccine delivery. >> on thursday morning we pushed off the start date to 11:00 a.m., but we're going to do full sessions on thursday and friday. >> reporter: the storm also falls on the year's busiest shipping day, so holiday packages could be delayed. at laguardia airport, alex
5:51 pm
hogan, fox news. all right, this cold front is barely moving. so as it goes slowly across the far parts of northern california it will work its way here somewhere around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning for most of us. it's a quick mover. it is going to be through the bay area in about three hours. rainfall accumulations, it would be nice if the slowed down a little bit. rainfall accumulations are going to end up being -- hopefully more than an inch, but i think most spots are going to be down to around a quarter of an inch. you never know, but right now it's looking a little bit fast. not quit as powerful, at least at our latitude. further north, it looks pretty good. outside, lots of clouds. it feels like winter, looks like winter. there's the system right now. you can seat wrapping itself up and coming on shores. showers around you are rei could. you guys getting a little
5:52 pm
shower activity, mendocino and point brag. where we reside, we are yet to see anything. currently it's cloudy. the real rain starts somewhere after midnight. that's the plan. overnight lows will follow suit. lots of 40s, maybe even some low 50s. here's the model. this is midnight. it's sort of got itself into marin county, and then there's 2:00 a.m. now it's across san francisco. and then there's 3:00 a.m. so, of course, over the course of three hours, three and a half hours, the main frontal band has moved through the bay area. the mountains that winter storm warning will verify. the mountains will linger a little bit longer on the day tomorrow but look how quickly it clears out. friday morning, just a memory. a little bit of valley fog shows up, and we're waiting for the next one. now, the next one looks pretty good, but it's more towards the middle end of next week. that's how it looks right now.
5:53 pm
here we are, forecast highs for tomorrow. 59 in santa rosa, 61 in fairfield. partly cloudy, partly sunny. the five-day forecast for tomorrow, and the rest of the weak, kind of exactly what would you expect. it is going to clear up on friday for sure. well, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. monday and tuesday are kind of not bad. then we get into -- it looks like some rain, some significant rain towards the middle end of next week. so i'm rooting that on right now. there's the five-day forecast. again, the rain is mostly going to be about overnight tonight late into early tomorrow morning. so will you notice wet roadways as you head out, but probably nothing coming down from the skip the morning hours. >> definitely good for the morning drive. bill, thank you. just in the nick of time, car in flames, and a baby trapped in the backseat, until a california marine jumped into action. >> so i just used my knife that i had on me he to cut the seatbelt so that i could get the baby's car seat out of the
5:54 pm
car. >> this marine says he is no hero. why anyone who sees the story would disagree. just this weak we told you about coyote attacks in the east bay. now we are hearing about a third incident that happened behind a grocery store. plus, california set to loses millions of dollars in healthcare funding because of the state's policy on abortions.
5:55 pm
♪ do you recall, not long ago
5:56 pm
♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ all we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ the volvo xc90 recharge plug-in hybrid. ♪ ♪ christmas during covid will be different. even the christmas tradition lacks different. in this nativity scene in bolivia baby jesus is wearing a face mask and protective visor. the artist is hoping the figurines will serve as a friendly warning to the public
5:57 pm
to not let their guard down. some are even going further measuring hazmat suits for nativity figurines. in southern california a marine was in the right place at the right time, saving a baby trapped in the backseat of a burning car. fox talked to the soldier about the dramatic rescue. >> reporter: guppery sergeant kyle was in the right place at the right time december 7th when a car carrying a family with a small child in the back caught while driving east on mission road in fallbrook. >> from the time it happened to fully engulfed was four or five minutes. >> reporter: by the time he reached the car, mom was out and dad was desperately trying to get the car seat out of the car. >> dad went around to the back side of the car but he was struggling. at that point i got tin backseat on the driver's side and tried to get the seatbelt
5:58 pm
to disengage, but because they put the before the accident on so hard i believe the seatbelt was locked up so i used my knife to cut the seatbelt so dad could get the baby's car seat out. >> reporter: north county fire would never have made it in time to save the car or perhaps the child. >> in this case this family was driving with a young year and a half old, i believe, in the backseat, resulting in the car seat being jammed. it's really hectic. if you didn't have a plan, it's hard to divert back to how do i get this child out. >> what i would hope is anybody in my situation would help out. we're aime this together. this life of ours is not just a single person. you're not in it alone, and that's what i took away from it. if my wife and my children were in that car way hope that there was someone like myself that was willing and able to help out. >> reporter: and really the big take-away beyond the heroic actions is to have a plan to keep you and your family safe.
5:59 pm
this is a story that clearly could have add much different ending. from fallbrook, fox 5 news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. a jaw dropping jump in single-day coronavirus cases across the state of california. as both the daily case rate and daily death toll set new record highs. sending the bay area's icu capacity to dangerously new lows. >> so our pandemic locally is out of control, and our healthcare system is quite stretched. not yet to the breaking point, but steadily marching towards that point. >> tonight the dwindling supply of intensive care unit hospital beds has now forced the entire bay area interest a state mandated stay-at-home order. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes in for julie. >> i'm andre senior in for
6:00 pm
frank. here's a look at the latest numbers. in the past 24 hours the state reported more than 53,000 new cases. that's a 3.3% increase from yesterday, bringing the total number of cases to more than 1.6 million. sadly, there were also 293 new deaths reported, increasing the total death toll to 21,481 since the pandemic began. as for the number of patients hospitalized with covid-19, there were 688 new patients for a total of 15,886 people hospitalized across the state due to the virus. now, the severity of those hospitalization numbers are reflect in the number of people now in intensive care units. and today icu capacity in the san joaquin valley region dropped to zero. southern california is only slightly better, at half a percent. here in the bay area the icu capacity fell


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