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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 29, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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oakland, and as rob roth explains, the artist said it also represents much more. >> reporter: first it was vandalized, but now here in this public square in downtown oakland, the new sculpture honoring breonna taylor is gone, missing from its pedestal. >> the racists returned and they removed the remaining sculpture bust, and this is what is there now. >> reporter: artist leo carson fears the but has been destroyed as part of a campaign of opposition to the black lives matter movement. >> this proves that this was not a one-off event of drunk racists, but a coordinated effort to undermine the black lives matter movement. we are not going away. >> reporter: carson began filling the pedestal with a temporary concrete block tuesday. he installed the ceramic sculpture in mid-december as a tribute to the 26-year-old african-american woman shot to death by police inside her
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louisville, kentucky, apartment during a botched raid last march. the artist also wanted to show support for the black lives matter movement. but two weeks later, on the day after christmas, vandals broke off pieces of the sculpture. in a tweet, mayor libby schaaf called it a vicious attack span act of hatred. the artist start add go fundmy campaign with a goal of $5,000 to fix the vandalism. it has now topped $20,000. he said he plans to make a new sculpture out of bronze this time. any remaining money will go to taylor's family. police have been looking into this latest development, initially calling the first incident investigation as an investigation into vandalism. >> this can be a memorial of joy. reporter: the artist said it will take months to create a new sculpture. the city said tuesday the original sculpture did not undergo the city's typical approval process for public
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art. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a top democratic strategist and adviser to governor newsom pled not guilty today to felony domestic violence charges. an attorney for nathan ballard appeared before a judge virtually. ballard is accused of shoving his waif into glass doors at a napa valley resort last month, and also accused of trying to suffocate his four-year-old daughter with a pillow. he said he has been wrongfully accused. his next court date is set for march. >> a police k-9 officer in vacaville was caught on video hitting his police dog. the department said the officer was correcting the animal, put the man take fact video said the officer weren't too far. henry lee has the details. >> reporter: this is video showing a vacaville police k-9 officer in training straddling his dog on the ground is punching it. >> i was wondering what could the cog have done to deserve that kind of punishment?
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>> reporter: roberto palamino was at his warehouse when he heard a dog in distress on monday afternoon. >> i heard a dog crying, kind of like in pain. >> reporter: he looked outside and saw the officer with his dog in a park lot near a vacaville fire station. >> i saw the officer constantly beating the dog over and over. i at least saw 10 punches to the dog. >> reporter: he said that's when he took out his phone. >> the only think i could do was pull out my phone and record what i was watching. >> reporter: he said the officer seemed to be looking for any who may have been watching him. >> i thought he saw me, that's when he stopped. >> reporter: palamino said he didn't confront the officer, because he wasn't sure how the officer would react. >> i was afraid for my life. >> reporter: but said he wanted to speak out now. >> i hope the doesn't goat treat the dog like that anymore, and that he doesn't get to treat people like that either. >> this can be very alarming to are a lay person. >> reporter: the captain said the officer is training to
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become a k-9 handler. his dog wouldn't give up a toy he got as a reward for finding drugs in a training incident. >> the dog attempted to bite the handler. >> reporter: he said the officer made clear that what the dog did wasn't okay. >> it's important in k-9 trainer that the handler take swift action to stop the dog's flavor per palamino said she not so sure. >> i don't think anybody can be trained, even if it was like that, that was way too much abuse. >> reporter: vacaville police tell me they were unaware there were other punches as alleged before the video began. they say they are investigating whether the officer's actions were appropriate. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. at least one case of a more contagious strain of coronavirus has been confirmed in the u.s. for the first time. the governor of colorado says a man in his 20s, from a suburb
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southeast of denver, has that mutation. she in isolation. there are reports of a second suspected case in that same community. the cdc has been notified, and so far vaccines are believed to be effective against the new strain, which was first spotted in the u.k. california set another record for covid hospitalizations today, as new cases remain elevated. more than 21,000 people are in the hospital, and nearly 4400 patients are in icus. california reported more than 31,000 new cases, as the total climbs toward 2.2 million. state officials also say 242 more people died in the past 24 hours. the death toll reached 24,526. ktvu's greg lee tells us the grim numbers mean the stay-at- home orders are being extended now for the central valley and southern california. >> stretching many of our hospitals pretty far. but we know that that stretch has a limit before it breaks. >> reporter: california's
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secretary of health and human services dr. mark galley describing a hospital system on the bring. statewide more than 20,000 people are being treated at hospitals for covid-19. more than 4,000 of them in the icu. >> hospitals that are running out of staff, having to use rooms that they don't traditionally do, longer than normal. much longer than normal wait times. >> reporter: dr. galley said the bulk of these issues are in southern california, where some hospitals have implemented parts of what's called crisis care, when resources are stretched then. this can lead to tough decisions like rationing care, though galley said no someone there yet. as expected, be the state extended stay-at-home orders for the southern california and san joaquin valley regions, where available icu capacity remains at zero percent. >> we essentially are projecting that the icu capacity is not improving in southern california and san joaquin valley, and that demand will continue to exceed capacity. >> reporter: the bay area
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available icu capacity is at 10.4%. greater sacramento at 19.1, and northern california at 27.9%. stay-at-home orders must remain in place until the state projects a region's icu capacity will stay at or above 15% for at least four weeks. dr. galley again said most of the state is seeing hospitalizations level out, but worries what is to come from the holidays and if people still choose to gather on new year's eve. >> a significant surge, a significant need to not only deal with what we've seen up until now, but an even more extreme condition in the middle and second part of january. >> dr. galley reiterated today zero percent icu capacity does not necessarily mean zero beds available. it's part of a formula the state uses to indicate that there are so many covid patients taking up those beds that an area or a hospital may be ill-prepared to treat other
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critical care patients. greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. starting tomorrow, small businesses and nonprofits can apply for up to $25,000 in a grant from a state fund. in the first round of grants opens at 8:00 a.m., and closes at 11:59 p.m. january 8th. now, the amount of the grant varies from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the applicant's annual gross revenue. part of the half billion dollars the state set off side to help struggling businesses. a moved mexican restaurant in the east bay is shutting down for good. ell charro in. [ laughter ] lafayette is closing after 73 years in business. within hours there were hundreds of comments from customers over the years after the announcement today. the company said that financial loss from the pandemic is the main reason they are being forced to close. new year's eve will be their last day.
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>> in the u.s. capital, the national treasury is starting to send out those $600 stimulus checks tonight. ray bogan has the latest developments. >> there's one question left today. do senate republicans join with the rest of america in supporting $2,000 checks? >> reporter: senate minority leading chuck schumer tried approving $2,000 relief checks this afternoon and got his answer moments later. mitch mcconnell blocked the fast tracked effort. it was a long shot for schumer, who tried getting approval without a full senate vote. the extra checks would cost $463 billion. >> so i don't want to hear it, that it costs too much to help working families get a check when they're struggling to keep their jobs. >> reporter: schumer said all senate democrats support the checks. that includes vice president
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elect kamala harris, who received her first dose of the moderna vaccine today. >> a while back, i recommended that folks receive a $2,000 check, and so i would urge mitch member conle to put my bill on the floor for a vote. >> reporter: mcconnell said the $900 billion relief package signed by president trump over the weekend will provide needed relief. >> this bipartisan compromise was our shot at getting help to working families on are the urgent timeline that they need. >> reporter: president trump agreed with schumer. he tweeted unless republicans have a death wish, and it is also the right thing to do, they must approve the $2,000 payments asap. the house approved the checks monday, and president trump said he'll sign the bill, so the final hurdle to getting it approved remains in the senate. ray bogan, fox news. stocks were lower on wall street after setting new highs across the board yesterday. the dow lost 68 points, and the
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s&p ticked down 8 point opinions investors pulled money out of high flying tech stocks, and financial shares were also low. coming up, an announcement from the justice department today in the 2014 case of 12- year-old tamir rice, and whether or not two cleveland officers will be charged in his death. then a little later, a former golden state warrior star could become one of the first black owner office a major sneaker brand. we'll tell you about the negotiations under way involving baron davis. this and a gorgeous sunset happening out there today. some rain on the way for your wednesday. i'll track that for you coming up. and taking a live look right now at traffic on interstate 80 in oakland this tuesday in evening. where things are moving smoothly. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right back.
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the holidays are a time for giving. to your friends... your family... to your teachers. in that spirit of giving, chevy's proud to give our employee discount to everyone. the chevy price you pay, what we pay. not a cent more. because giving, ...and giving back, is what the holidays are all about. use the chevy employee discount for everyone to get a total value of over eight thousand four hundred dollars on this silverado. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. a major driven on many new year's eve plans this thursday
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from the pandemic. there is a strong warning from san francisco health leaders about the upcoming holiday. >> traditionally nurses eve is a time of celebration with family and friends. a celebration to mark the end of 2020 will be muted by stay- at-home orders amid covid-19. the director of public health saying the city's covid indicators may be turning around due to strict orders to avoid contact with others outside of your household. >> we are so something reasons for are hope, but we are still in a precarious position. >> caller: colfax said numbers appear to have peaked since the post thanksgiving surge. few now the city and the bay area wait to see if a surge in christmas travel will lead to a surge in covid-19 cases in january. dr. colfax says if people celebrate new year's eve this year as they have in years past, gathers in big groups and sharing meals, the results could be a surge upon a surge. >> i can't emphasize enough how
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catastrophic it will be in people celebrate in ways that we normally do for new year's eve. if we see a surge like we did at thanksgiving, we will have, as you can see from the numbers, thousands more people in the hospital. hundreds more people dying. >> tony marcel said new year's eve is usually a big day for restaurants. and for us as a restaurant community, this is one of our top nights of the year. so i guess the best thing that we could see is continuing to move it forward by sharing and getting out there with the community, southeastern though they can't come and gather. >> reporter: harass sell hoping that new year's cele brants hope support local businesses. he said that way fair tavern is offering packages for people to share at home this year, even reimagining the tradition of buying a round of drinks for family and friends. offer a way to buy food or drink and send it to someone you would normally be celebrating with if person. >> if you were in a place,
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someone would be wanting to treat somebody else a friend, and the same thing can happen today, around the bay area, or even locally, and they could pick it up and drop it off to them themselves, or however they would like to do it. but that was our vision, yeah. >> san francisco's director of public health said there is a lot of reason for hope going into this new year with vaccines having already been delivered to more than 4,000 front-line workers. he said the more people work now to slow the spread of coronavirus, the sooner the stay-at-home orders will be lifted, and the sooner we can return to a new normal in the new year. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. also event bright has removed listing force at least two new year's eve parties that were going to be held in the bay area. the chronicle reports one party was to happen on jones street noon union square in san francisco. the other was a formal party organized by gentleman in a reserve's wine and travel and scheduled to be held in south
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san francisco. event bright removed the postingsing amid-the state's current health order that bans both indoor and outdoor dining. police in san jose are stepping up enforcement of illegal fireworks for celebrations this year for new year's eve. >> snap a picture if you can safely do so, and file is a report on-line. >> with new year's eve and the vietnamese lunar fest approaching, they were reminding people that all fireworks are illegal in the city. san jose recently raised fines for those setting off firework works to $1,000 for the first violation. the sale of fireworks can result in a $50,000 fine, plus jail time. you know what time? going to be working right here on new year's eve, so you guys can all hang out with me at 11:00. i'll be dancing around the tv. it will be a safe but a good
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new year's, everybody. the sunshine has been gorgeous today. obviously the sun has set now. san francisco at 54 degrees. oakland at 54 as well. 50 in livermore. san jose with a few clouds around, and they are at 54 degrees a few clouds are make their way in, but it's not a lot. we have a ridge right now that is protecting us. that is going to break down eventually as we get into tomorrow, but i think for tonight, and we have a full moon out there tonight, it will be pretty nice. so this evening, another chilly night out there as temperatures drop into the -- how about the upper 20s in you're in the north bay? about 44 out at the coast. we could see some patchy frog frost in those inland values as well. tomorrow, clouds rolling in. 55 at the coast, 57 around the bay. 59 inland. a little cooler than today. showers as we get into the evening. i'm going to take you overnight tonight. there is our cloud cover at
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8:00 a.m. tomorrow. we stay dry during the day, but by about 5:00 or 6:00, showers rolling through from the north to the south. it's quick, about a tenth of an entrepreneur at best. and then thursday is the last day of the year. everybody ready for that? i'm ready. i'm ready. we have more rain in your extend forecast. i will talk about that when i come back in just a bit. for now, back to julie. there will be some changes on bay area toll bridges in the new year. the bay area toll authority announced that drivers who don't have a fast track or license plate account will be mailed a monthly bill for their toll crossings, instead of after each crossing. the change applies to all of the state-owned bridges, which means it does not include the golden gate bridge. driver who use fast track see no change. >> chevron refinery has agreed too pay $147,000 to the bay area air quality district to settle more than two dozen air quality violations at its plant
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in richmond. the settlement addresses violations between 2016 and 2018 enfluiding faring which occurs when the refinery needs to vent gases during animal function. say that the violations have since been corrected. disturbing new video of a native american man being tased by a park ranger in new mexico. what led to this incident and the response from the national park service. also ahead, a mother of two severely injured by a rock while driving to, in the east bay. the warning from police about the area where this happened.
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a native american man said he was tased by a national park service ranger for trying to social distance from other hikers. you can see the man in this video we're about to show you here screaming. his sister took the video at petroglyph national money you .in albuquerque, new mexico, on sunday. house said he went off the trail because he saw a group approaching. he said he was cited for interfering with the ranger, concealing his identity, and being off trail. now, the national park service said in a statement quote while we work to gather the facts of this specific situation, we cannot speculate on the events leading up to what was captured on video. we take any also of wrongdoing
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very seriously and appreciate the public's patient patience as we gather the facts. >> the justice department will not bring federal charges against two cleveland police officers in connection with the 2014 kills of 12-year-old tamir rice. authorities say the video of the shooting was of too poor quality for prosecutors to officially establish what happened. the black boy was killed at a rec center after a person called 911 report seeing someone with a gun. the caller said the individual was probably a juvenile and the gun was probably fake, but the information was not relayed to the officers. in closing the case, the department brought to an end a long-running case that has helped galvanize the black lives matter movement. >> and back here in the bay area, an investigation is underway in the east bay after a man was found dead on state property. authorities say the body was found on cal tran's property near don castro recreational center this morning. a tent and an encampment were
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in the area, leading investigators to believe that the man was homeless and living in that area. the man's name it was not released. investigators waiting for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. a nurse and mother of two was badly injured just before christmas when a rock smashed through her windshield on an east bay freeway. the chp thinks someone threw that rock off of an overpass in concord, just as pam burnett was headed to the contra costa regional medical center. it caused her to lose vision in our right eye. it happened near the overpass in concord at olivra road. she said she heard a large bang and then felt a lot of pain. >> i started freaking out, because i couldn't see, and something hit me in the face. i thought, you know, i thought, like there was not an emergency on the road i had to swerve out of the road for. there it was not -- there was
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nothing. this is all senseless, and without purpose. >> burnett underwent restrictive surgery on christmas day. so far no one has been arrested, but the chp said there have been similar incidents on this same stretch of highway in recent months. >> coming up on ktvu news at 6:30, a federal disaster medical assistance team deployed to california. we'll tell you about the pilot program aimed at treating covid patients before they develop severe symptoms. >> petroglyph president-elect joe biden is not impressed with president trump's pace of rolling out the coronavirus. i'll have that story coming up.
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now to our top stories. a police k-9 officer in vacaville was caught on video hitting his police dog. vacaville police say the officer is in trainerring to become a k-9 handler, and was scolding the dog for not giving up a toy it had just said as a reward. the animal also apparently lunged at the officer, but the man who took the video said the officer went too far. a sculpture on broadway in oakland paying tribute to breonna taylor is now missing. the apparent theft comes just days after vandals damaged it. the artist thinks it has been
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taken as part of a statement against the black lives matter movement. the governor of colorado said today the new variant of covid-19 has been identified in a man. a big move tonight to try and flatten the curve in a california town with one of the worst infection rates in the state. >> tom vacar tells us a pilot program involving the drug regeneron could be the key to helping save the lives of covid patients. >> reporter: imperial county, a vast agricultural area along the mexican border, is ground zero for the most covid infections per capita in the nation. >> the hospital is butting at the seams. >> dr. adolph edward, ceo of
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the el centro regional medical center has one fervent wish, especially for his medical staff. >> relive the community of the pressure and steph they've been under. . >> reporter: to help with that, the federal government is stepping in. >> various medical personnel from across the country that donate their time to respond out to disasters. >> reporter: the federal health and human services department and the department of defense have sent in a disaster medical assistance team for at least a month to try to cut covid off before high-risk patients begin to show serious symptoms. the team will administer emergency use approved drunks from regeneron and eli lilly, the type of drugs that quickly and successfully make patients feel better. the same thing that worked for president trump. >> now we have these potential therapies to potentially benefit thousands of americans.
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>> reporter: in simplest term was these medicines contain materials that minimummic the human boyd's age to fight off targeted infections, such as covid-19. >> it keeps them healthy and preserves hospital capacity. our hospitals are literally already breaking or at the breaking point. they haven't hope is that early treatment will not only improve patient care and lower the number of admission, but will also reduce the relents workload on medical staff who are doing all they can under extremely great pressure. >> the treatment that he is bringing here, the infusion treatment, is really key to making a world of change as we get into 2021. >> go home, potentially, maybe never go to the hospital. >> reporter: all of this raises the real possibility that these teams could be deployed operationwide, to keep covid at bay until enough vaccines are administered to give the overall population so- called herd immunity. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
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vice president elect kamala harris has received the covid- 19 vaccine. harris received the shot, the first dose of moderna's covid- 19 vaccine at united medical center in southeast washington d.c. she joked with the nurse administering the vaccine that it was easy and she barely felt it. after that, she said it's safe and realliable and urged everyone to get vaccinated when it's their turn. >> it's literally about saving lives. i trust the scientists, and it is the scientists who created and approved this vaccine. >> harris's husband also received the vaccine. president-elect joe biden was vaccinated last week, and vice president mike pence the week before that. >> perez joe biden said he plans to launch a macive vaccination campaign once in office as the trump administration is falling far short of its promise to vaccinate 20 million people by
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the end of this year. biden's goal is to administer 1 million covid shots a day. >> reporter: the incoming president came before cameras tuesday to slam the trump administration for what he said has been a slow rollout. >> the trump administration's plan to distribute vaccines is falling behind, far behind. it's going to take years, not months, to vaccinate the american people. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control, for man 2 million americans have received their first shots, and more than 11 million doses have been distributed. >> i've directed my team to prepare as much more aggressor -- a much more aggressive effort with more federal involvement and leadership to get things back on track. i'm going to work to set up vaccination sites and send mobile units to hard-to-reach communities. >> reporter: president trump's coronavirus testing czar said the vaccine will be moving out by the millions in the months ahead. i spoke with him on fox news sunday. >> even with just the vaccines we have right now, we still
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expect that any american who wants a vaccine can be vaccinated by june. >> reporter: president-elect joe biden has set a goal to have 100 million americans get their first shots during his first 100 days in office. >> as part of the hundred-day challenge, i'm going to be asking the american people to wear a mask, for the first 100 days of my administration. it's not a political statement, it's a patriotic duty. >> reporter: despite the vaccine, coronavirus concerns haves for add change in plans for president-elect biden on inauguration day. the traditional luncheon held at the capital in honor of the new president after the swearing in has been canceled. in washington, mike emmanuel, fox news. for the first time in almost two years, a boeing 737 max jet took off with paying u.s. passengers this morning. the american airlines flight made the trip between miami and new york city. in the max jets were ground after 346 people were killed
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and two overseas crashes. boeing has made wiring fixes and updated the flight control system that was partially to blame for the crashes in 2018 and 2019. united, southwest, and alaska airlines, are also expected to use the max jet. >> coming up, an east bay nursing home said it is the first such facility in the bay area to vaccinate all of its staff and residents. plus another challenge for bay area schools hoping to reopen campuses. the critical shortage that some districts are now facing.
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today the european union announced it will bye 100 million more doses of the pfizer vaccine. e.u. officials say the additional doses will bring the total number of vaccines to 300 million. it will go toward efforts to vaccinate the entire e.u. population of 450 million residents. there are 27 nations in the european union, and officials have pledged to vaccinate small are less wealthy nations at the same rate as bigger ones. an east bay nursing home said it is the first skilled nursing facility in the bay area to inoculate it's entire staff and residents with the covid-19 vaccine. the gateway care and rehabilitation center in hayward says it vaccinated all of it workers and patients monday. an admin stater told ktvu by phone that no one has experienced any side effects from the shot, and everyone there seemed relieved to get the vaccine. gateway said national attention back in april during the early stages of the pandemic when a
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covid-19 outbreak killed at least 13 will notes and infected more than 50 others. and on the be peninsula today, a new pop-up testing site opened. it will be opened every tuesday by the mitchell park library. the free test is give with a self administered cheek swab. you can sign up on-line at the website, the local company administering the test. hunger at home kicked off another day of its expanded holiday distribution efforts in san jose. staff and volunteers worked this morning getting ready for the drive-through event, handing out holiday staples to help feed families in need. >> the city tapped us to do 60,000 additional meals on top of what we are already doing, which was, you know, thousands every day already. so we definitely took the city up on that opportunity to help
6:41 pm
the community. >> volunteers worked forethree hours, 9:00 a.m. to noon, and in addition to food, volunteers also handed out toys, coats, and blankets. >> well, we are winding up the year with a need to catch up on some rain totals, and we're going to start next year with some rain in the forecast. your extend forecast is next. >> ktvu's alex savidge joins us with a look at some of the stories we are working for the 7:00 news over on ktvu plus. >> julie, thank you. we've been telling you about that more contagious variant of the coronavirus that's been reported in colorado. the first such case here in the u.s. coming up tonight in covid conversations, an infectious disease personalist ways in on what we know and don't know about this variant and how it might frequent the new vaccines being rolled out across the country right now. we'll have that story and a lot more coming up tonight live at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. but first, after the break, teaching children about covid- 19 in a fun and interesting way.
6:42 pm
how a group of bay area nursing students came up with a way to provide students the facts in a fun way. and taking a live look right out outside on this chilly tuesday evening. ktvu news at 6:30 will be right back.
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a critical shortage of substitute teachers during the pandemic may make it difficult for some california school districts to reopen campuses. there's been a sharp decline in applications for substitute teaching credentials since january. what's more, already credentialed substitutes have left some districts amid classroom closures. substitute pools at school districts are being complained they part because temporary
6:45 pm
teachers are tired of waiting to called for the scarce jobs available during distance learning, or are uncomfortable with the technology required. mayor london breed and the san francisco unified school district today announced a new partnership to provide covid-19 testing to district employees. testing is being done in anticipation of the districts reopening of school sites and return to in-person learning. they want to make sure they have functional hand washing sink, as well, and operational windows, among other things. a date for returning to classrooms still has not been set. when school resumes on january 5th, the district will continue to provide distance learning. a group of nursing students in the bay area have created a book designed to teach kids about covid-19 in a fun and easy to digest way. as ann rubin tells us, the back into now being distributed to hundreds of families. >> it's hot off the presses.
6:46 pm
2800 copies of the covid-19 activity playbook. >> we didn't expect it to be such a big hit. >> reporter: the book by a group of five nursing students from san francisco and san jose state. the hope, to take the very serious topic of coronavirus and make it manageable for kids. >> for us to be able to give them an activity to learn and make fun and less scary. >> reporter: here information on information on symptoms and safety measures are packaged in games and coloring pages. >> adding fun images, graphics, and fun activities that will keep the children engaged. that's the best way to ensure that they're getting this information, but that they're also retaining it, and hopefully sharing it with their entire family, as well. >> reporter: and that will be key. the nursing students reiated the book while interning for the community health partnership, the nonprofit healthcare provider sees this as a way to reach multiple generations. >> by having the children, who
6:47 pm
are, you know, growing up in these communities, or speak english, ladies and gentlemen of the jury bout this firsthand, they can then respliff this information to their families. >> reporter: a ultimately the women would like to translate the book into other languages, too, in the hopes of reaching more people more easily. >> a lot of people in our group up being bye bilingual and translating for our parents, so we know hour difficult that relaying information can be. >> reporter: and with internet access hard to come by in some neighborhoods, the women felt that printed pains would be best. they will be distributed through health clinics and outreach workers. >> really shows that small steps can make a big impact in the community. they haven't from a is already planning a sequel to their children's book. it is about understanding the otherwise vaccine. ann rubin, ktvu no objection news. >> today was lovely. we have a little rain on tap for tomorrow night. we are having a really nice night out there in san francisco.
6:48 pm
just a few low clouds as we look at the big picture. two low pressure systems that are lined up and ready to bring some rain in, and that's just the beginning of the parade of storms that are in the pacific as the storm door is wide open, and we're going to see kind of a pattern that continues over the next week or so. this ridge has built up and predicted us and given us the sunshine today, but i don't think it will be very successful tonight. just a few clouds out. there mild, 52 degrees presently in san francisco. 50 at berkeley. 46 in mountain view. there are some 40s on the map there, and we'll certainly be chilly again tonight as you see temperatures drop down to even potentially the upper 40s in some of our areas. santa rosa, i'm talking to you. 36 in san jose. so similar to last night. it's going to be a little chilly out there. futurecast, we go through into
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tomorrow. the clouds patrol the. there's your wednesday at 9:00 a.m., and then we get into the afternoon and evening, and see showers roll in from the north bay to the south and when clear out again of thursday. that is the last day of the year there on thursday. should be a nice day, sunny skies. notice as we get into friday afternoon, you see another system approaching us from the northwest. so that's kind of that parade of systems. we're in this on again off again pattern, where we go from being sunny like today to tomorrow being cloudy with some of those evening showers. notice temperatures will be a little cooler tomorrow. upper 50s instead of seeing some of those 60s, 64-degree temperatures like we did today. so new year's eve will be a slight touch warmer, right? so a little warmer than we are tonight. but it will be clear. one of the days where we don't have rain. so it should be a dry new year's eve, and as we head across to the new year, we have symptoms developing as we get into the weekend, and looks like saturday night into sunday, a more significant
6:50 pm
system could deliver some beneficial rain us to. it's so just going to a little bit of rain tomorrow on wednesday. nice on thursday, maybe a couple of showers, sprinkles, i think, even, on friday night, and then saturday night into sunday daytime where i think we see a more significant move towards some more rain that will be measurable and will probably put a little bit of positive on the board for us, as we head into the new year. andre, back to you. former warriors guard baron davis is in talks to buy a major shoe brand. he is in negotiations to buy reebok. adidas is the parent company. the talks are to buy the company for $2.4 billion. still ahead, the warriors end their road trip detroit. all of the highlights coming up next in sports. >> and here is a look at
6:51 pm
tonight's prime time line-up on fox. at 8:00, it's the resident, followed by prodigal son at 9:00, and then we hope you'll join us for the 10:00 news and 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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good evening, everybody. the warriors in detroit tonight with a chance to even up their record at 2-2 before heading on home and draymond green is still out with a hurt foot, but that doesn't stop him from coaching up james wiseman. fourth straight game that draymond green is out. maybe green was emphasizing to follow your shot,, that's what wiseman does here, but watch the replay. he nails blake griff machine the process. griffin ends up with a bloodied lip, but stayed in the game. but wasn't much of a factor. stephen curry, the bounce pass to pass cal who slams it down. warriors, though, down by 5. moments later, curry to kelly oubre jr. trying to blame brake out of that slump of his. and then no substitute for hustle. anderson out of castro valley high with the save, sprints the other way, and curry rewards
6:55 pm
him for his efforts. nice little reverse layup. and then the rookie showing off his full repertoire on this play, showing way to they made him the number two overall pick. wiseman, the block, the ball handling, and then the hammer. he fouls out, though. next possession, andrew wiggins, finally getting it going. knocks down the three. 17 of his 27 came in the fourth. and then it's curry, and you know what he does. the three with a man in his face. the warriors go on a 17-4 run to pull away. curry with a game high 31, as the warriors take it 116-106. improve to 2-2. the pistons drop to 0-4. speaking of kelly oubre, he came into tonight's game in an historic three game slump. 0 for 17 on three-pointers. 0 for 31 on all shots besides
6:56 pm
dunks. the lowest of any player player in nba history through the shot clock era. but he was better tonight, so maybe she breaking out. here is what serve kerr said earlier today. >> he's pressing. he's pressing. if you've played in the nba long enough, and you've gone through this, everybody throws through it. it's be probably more common at the beginning of the season, especially if you're with a new team, and trying to make a good impression. >> >> how did you get out of your own head when you were going through a little slump? >> i never did. i was in my head for 15 years, and it was a miserable place to be, b. aft, miserable. lapierre. i hated myself by the end. i just wanted to go and do broadcasting. it was much healthier. >> don't let steve kerr's several deprecation fool you.
6:57 pm
she the most accurate three- point shooter in nba history. stephen curry is number two in terms of percentage. joe fonzi with a memorable moment this day in sports history. his name is bubba wells, and on this day in 1997, he was sent into the game to do one thing. foul the bulls dennis rodman. wells did that. he committed six fouls if three minutes. the fastest anyone has ever fouled out an an nba game. and it was on this day in 1984 at the 49ers continued a record season. joe empty 349's pass to dwight clark got the scoring started. one of three touchdown passes by montana in a win over the new york giants. the 49ers were 16-1, and on the way to the nfc championship game. that's this day in sports,
6:58 pm
december 29th. i'm joe fonzi. and the 49ers shut out the bears in that nfc championship game, and then went on to play in the super bowl and routed the miami dolphins down at stanford. 'tis the season of giving. sports gifts the theme. check this out. >> what is that? >> what is that? is it? >> yeah, a young fan had his christmas dreams come true. a jersey of his favorite player. tight end deron waller. sword waller may try to get him an autograph, as well, and then this is little boris, 21 months old, sun and wrapping his first ever basketball. julie and andre, i think our son was five or six when we got him his first ball. he now wears a size 14 shoe, 10 basketballs later. >> aww, that's so great. >> love that. >> they do, they really do. >> thanks for joining us tonight.
6:59 pm
e it doesn't have enough live acidophilus cultures. it'slly just ice milk with carrageenan added for thickness. oh, that's very interesting. it's also not pink and has no berries. yeah, but it doesn't really answer my question. what was your question again? do you want some? oh... right. no. i'm lactose intolerant. right. so, gas. yeah, got it. well... good night. what are you doing? oh, there's a draft. i didn't feel a draft. why don't we just go into, uh, your... oh. yeah, you know what, maybe we should slow things down a little. no, no, i didn't mean to go into your apartment to go fast. no, i know. i know what you meant, it's just...
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