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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 29, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox2. now 10:00, the more contagious covid 19 i'd vinified in the u.s. for the first time. the fact that it spreads much easier when we are in the midst of a surge is concerning. it was first seen in the united kingdom, and it is now confirmed in colorado. good evening, i am andre
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senior. >> the discovery is adding urgency to the vaccine effort. jana is here with what we know on the new strain.>> reporter: colorado health officials say they alerted the cdc. i spoke to one health officer in the bay area that says california labs are doing dna sequencing to see if the new strain is here. >> reporter: the first confirmed u.s. case of the new covid 19 strain was detected in a 20-year-old man in colorado. in a statement, colorado health officials that the man did not travel to the uk where the new strain was first detected. the colorado state lab found the sample had eight mutations on the spike protein, specific to the new strain. they do believe it makes it more transmissible. >> we are dealing with a virus that can transmit from person- to-person with greater facility.>> reporter: you see
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public health officials say the new variant it does not appear to cause more severe symptoms or illness. he says the current covid 19 vaccines likely will work on the new strain. >> it tells our body to make a variety of antibodies for the spike protein. even though there have been a few changes in that receptor, we still have plenty of other antibodies that will attack it. none of the other labs detected the strain in california. we are changing some protocols. many of the testing site are asking about travel history for those that went to britain. >> reporter: there is concern that the vaccine rollout has been slow. the trump administration says 20 million americans could be vaccinated by the end of december. the cdc data shows only 2.1 million doses have been administered with 11.4 million distributed. >> the plan for vaccines is
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falling far behind.>> reporter: president-elect joe biden said he would use the defense production act to ramp up vaccine production. the main frustration is how slow it is going due to the limited amount of vaccine. >> reporter: contra costa county health officer say they received 10,000 doses per week. they ramped up staffing to do far more. >> we are pulling and paramedics and private hospital staff.>> reporter: i reached out to the u.s. department of health and human services. they say they are on track to have 20 million doses to the states by the first week of january. president-elect joe biden says he wants a faster timeline with 100 million doses in his first 100 days. thank you, jana. and incoming member of congress has died from complications related to covid
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19. 41-year-old republican, luke letlow, was elected in louisiana. he was admitted to the hoss on december 19 after contracting the virus. he was later put in intensive care. he was days away from being sworn into office. house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying, luke letlow fought passionately for his point of view. he is survived by his wife and two children. and east bay family is mourning the loss of a 44-year- old man, also the covid 19. they say he leaves behind a large, loving family and his death could have been prevented if people wore masks and followed stay at home orders. amber lee is live where she spoke with the man's brother about their message. >> reporter: the brother says the man was an essential worker. that is important to remember that there are people working every day, risking their lives to serve the community during
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the pandemic. >> covid 19 is happening to real people and my brother. >> reporter: theo lost his older brother, and oakland native, sunday. he died after a month long battle with covid 19. he was 44 years old. >> he was an exceptional human being. he was completely selfless. he lived his life with a lot of integrity. >> reporter: he said he was a sole breadwinner of his family, supporting his wife and three children ages 14, 9, and 2. he helped raise two stepdaughters. he suspects he got covid 19 while working at the pepsi warehouse in sacramento.>> reporter: covid 19 is real. we hear numbers on the news all the time. what the numbers boil down to our real people whose lives are devastated. >> reporter: he said he suffered from headaches, extreme fatigue, and had difficulty breathing a few days before thanksgiving. he was eventually hospitalized,
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where he deteriorated. he was on a ventilator the final week of his life, before he died alone. >> we could not visit him. we had to speak with him through face time. we had to slowly watch them get sicker and sicker every day. that was the most painful part for our family. ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪ >> reporter: they never imagined his life would end in such a way. they described him as a jokester the brought joy to others. now sadness and pain, knowing that a vaccine will be available, but too late for him. >> his kids and his wife will feel the effects of covid 19 forever. 2020 does not get to end for them.>> reporter: he says his brother lived for his children. his dream was to provide a college education for them. read it relative started a gofundme account to help his children. they plan to hold a memorial service to celebrate his life when it is safe to have
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gatherings. the experts say we wear masks to protect the people around you. hopefully people will listen and continue to do so. in the meantime, sonoma county jails are seeing an increase of coronavirus cases. 11 inmates and two employees are infected with covid 19. so far, there have been 28 total positive cases at the main jail. county officials say they are working with the sheriff's office to implement twice- weekly testing for exposed workers and inmates. most of the coveted. new cases remain elevated. more than 21,000 people are hospitalized and nearly 4400 patients are in the i.c.u. california reported more than 31,000 new cases as a total climbs toward 2.2 million. sadly, 242 people died as of
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yesterday. the death toll reached 24,526. greg lee tells us the grim numbers mean the stay at home orders are being asked at it for the central valley and southern california. >> we note this stretch has a limit before breaks. >> reporter: california secretary of health and human services describes a hospital system on the brink. statewide, 20,000 people are being treated at hospitals for covid 19. more than 4000 of them are in the i.c.u. >> hospitals are running out of staff and having to use rooms that they don't do, longer than normal, much longer than normal wait times. the bulk of the issues are in southern california where some hospitals have implemented parts of crisis care when resources are stretched thin. this can lead to tough decisions like rationing care. they say no one is there yet.
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as expected, this date asked ended stay at home orders for the southern california and san joaquin valley regions. i.c.u. capacity remains at 0%. >> we do say that the i.c.u. capacity is not improving. demand will continue to exceed capacity. the bay area capacity is at 10.4%. greater sacramento is a 19 one and northern california is at 27 9%. at home orders must remain in place until the state projects i.c.u. capacity will stay at or above 15% for at least four weeks. the doctor said most of the state is seeing hospitalizations level out. he does worry what is to come from the holidays and if people still choose together on new year's eve. >> a significant surge, and a significant need to not only deal with what we have seen up until now, but a more extreme
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condition in the middle and second part of january.>> reporter: he did reiterate, 0% i.c.u. capacity does not necessarily mean there are zero beds available. it is part of the formula that the state uses to indicate that there are so many covid 19 patients taking up those bad that an area or hospital may be ill-prepared to treat other critical care patients. greg lee, ktvu fox2 news. more help is on the way for small businesses here in california. starting tomorrow, owners can apply for grants up to $25,000 through the states small business covid 19 really program. applications will be accepted through january 8, with grant recipients announced on january 13. the grant amounts will vary from $5000-$25,000, depending on the gross revenue. nonprofits are also eligible to lie. grants are part of the $500 million relief program that governor gavin newsom announced
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last month. $600 stimulus payments are going out to millions of americans. how an effort to make them $2000 apiece was blocked? up next, see how a circle of friends and customers is helping to keep a beloved cafc and its mission of float? you have a cafcthat serves the disabled community. how can i go out of business? that is unacceptable. we have a chilly night on tap. we have showers tomorrow. the weather is next. you have the power to help people living with mental illness. visit and donate . growing up, i was always the translator for my mom and dad. doctor's visits, landlords,
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a cafcon the peninsula that helps employ people with disabilities is in need of help it out. ada's cafcin palo alto, like so many businesses, is struggling to survive due to the pandemic. azenith smith is here with what makes this cafcunique .>> reporter: this cafcgives people of all abilities a chance to work and thrive. it is described as the soul of palo alto, community members are stepping up to ensure this asset does not go away.>> reporter: the sounds of making a hot cup of joe go from the cafcin palo alto, in mitchell community park, across from the
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library. it is no longer driving for traffic. the cafcis closed for now. >> our sales have been down about 80%. it is expensive and complicated. some of our employees did not want to come to work because of the rising cases of covid 19. >> reporter: the cafcwas founded 6 years ago. it was to hire people of all abilities. her inspiration is personal, after having amateur twins. one of them, charlie, is develop mentally disabled. he works at the cafc >> it means that i have a job. it is a job that i love.>> reporter: it is not just work. employees are empowered. they have a real connection with the community. >> of course, i miss everybody. the highlight of my workdays are seeing all of the regular
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customers that come in. >> reporter: covid 19 cause the eatery to scale back from 50 employees to 6. on the brink of closing, that is until kathleen's friends, regulars of the cafcstepped in. >> i love the community here. i love the people here. >> reporter: they set up an online auction where people can bid on an array of items. the goal is a quarter of $1 million. so far, they raised $40,000. it is keeping paychecks coming for employees. >> this is the most marginalized community. the employees cannot just pivot and go find other jobs. >> reporter: for kathleen, the generosity is overwhelming. >> this work is wonderfully meaningful. it is emotional. i am incredibly grateful.>> reporter: new giving could taste so good. they're hoping to be part of the community as they have always been. ada's cafchopes to reopen one's the stay at home order is
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lifted. if you would like to help, we are posting the link to the auction to the story on that is such a great story of people helping people. the campaign to recall governor gavin newsom received its first large financial boost. the consulting firm, proud 39 in irvine contributed $500,000 to help put a recall election before voters in california. the state campaigns normally require millions of dollars. so far, the campaign received a number of six-figure contributions. the political analyst say the recent half $1 million donation could attract more donors and increase the recalls chances. a former advisor to governor gavin newsom pled not guilty today to felony domestic violence charges. the attorney for nathan ballard appear before a judge virtually. he is accused of shoving his wife into glass doors at a napa valley resort last month. he is accused of trying to
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suffocate his 4-year-old daughter with a pillow. he's as he has been wrongfully accused. his next court date is set for march. 14-year-old girl died in a car crash in santa rosa. it happened at 1:00 yesterday afternoon at bay village circle. the teenager had no visible trauma to her body. she was under his month of in the backseat and later pronounced dead at the scene. police say the 16 all driver hit another car and took off. there were cotton arrested for drunken driving. she had moderate injuries. the case remains under investigation. now an update on a frightening story that we told you about last night. the chp and contra costa county is asking for the public's help in finding the person that threw a rock from an overpass, seriously injuring a woman driving to work. authorities are looking for any dash camera video of what happened. pam burnett, that worked as a nurse, was on highway 242 last wednesday night, approaching
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the highway 4 interchange when the rock went through her windshield. you are asked to call 911 if you see any suspicious activity in that area. we are keeping an eye on your weather tonight. it is the last full moon of the year. we have just a bit of cloud cover. you will probably be able to see it if you go outside to take a look. i wanted to stop and tell you about a hazard coming our way tonight and as we go into tomorrow. the national weather service put out a beach hazard because we have a northwest as well heading our way. that means the beaches that face west and northwest are at an increased risk of rip currents and waves. be very careful and avoid the coast tomorrow. it goes until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. as we take a live look in san francisco, we have a lovely night out. temperatures are starting to drop. you notice this when you look at santa rosa and livermore, they are sitting at 38 degrees. it is 50 in san francisco. we have 40s in oakland and san
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jose. the overnight lows will drop into the upper 20s and low 30s. that means santa rosa and places like concorde and livermore, and that's why we can see patchy frost there as well. will see the inland valleys in the north bay that will be the coldest tonight. as we get into tomorrow we have a mix of clouds and sunshine. we also have some showers rolling through tomorrow. temperatures will be cooler tomorrow as well, in the mid and upper 50s. we will not see a lot of 60s out there. the rain will travel north to south at 5:00 p.m. it rolls to the north bay. as you can see, it is a matter of making the roads slippery. it will be 1/10 of an inch or less. these are the storms lined up in the pacific. this gives us more rain chances. i will have the details in the extended forecast. for now, i will send it back to the desk. we have rain and cold weather. thank you so much. mayor let them breed and the unified school district announced a new partnership to provide covid 19 testing to
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district employees. testing is being done in preparation for the reopening of schools and a return to in person learning. the school district officials are assessing classrooms to ensure they have handwashing sinks and operational windows, among other things. a date for returning to classrooms has not yet been set. federal help for counties in the center of california's surge. how disaster medical assistance teams are being deployed to ease the burden on doctors and nurses? the senate cannot agree on $2000 relief payments. money is still on the way. i am revoking on capitol hill on when you can expect the new $600 relief payments to be sent out.
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the trump administration says it's hundred dollars stimulus payments are on their way to bank accounts tonight, with the first paper checks went out tomorrow. as ray bogan tells us, senate leader mitch mcconnell blocked
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an effort at $2000 payments and offered his own plan. working americans have taken it on the chin. >> reporter: chuck schumer tried and failed to approve $2000 relief payments for americans. the majority leader, mitch mcconnell shut it down. now, he is introducing a new bill, giving both sides something they want. for democrats, $2000 payments. for republicans, repealing section 230 of the communications decency act, which shields technology companies like facebook and twitter from being sued for content people post on their site. he reacted to the proposal, senator mitch mcconnell knows how to make $2000 a bible checks a reality, and he knows how to kill them. >> working families need help now. >> reporter: the senate has one more important task to tackle, overrunning the president's veto of the national defense
10:24 pm
authorization act. the president vetoed it in part because it does not repeal section 230. we will address them. we have an opportunity to do that. we should not try to do that on this bill. >> reporter: the veto override will likely succeed, but not all senators are happy that military spending is getting the priority over more coronavirus relief. my republican colleagues, seymour interested in funding defense then in funding the defenseless. >> reporter: this is a growing group of senators that support $2000 relief payments to help americans overcome financial hardship, caused by the pandemic. $2000 may never come. in some cases, the new $600 payments may already be there. the treasury secretary says direct deposits are starting to go out now. on capitol hill, ray bogan, fox news. stocks were lower on wall street after setting new highs across the board monday before. the dow is down 68 points.
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the nasdaq is off by 49. the s&p 500 ticked down eight points. investors pulled money out of texts stocks. for the first time in 2 years, boeing 737 max jet took off with paying passengers today. the flight went from miami to new york city. the jets were grounded after 346 people were killed in two overseas crashes. boeing made wiring fixes and updated the flight control system that was partially to blame for the crashes in 2018 and 2019. united, southwest, and alaska airlines will use the max jets. alaska airlines will ban emotional smart support animals. the airline will only transport service dogs in plain cabins. alaska's the first airline to change their policies and set apartment of transportation change the rules regarding service animals. the department of
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transportation no longer requires allies to accommodate emotional support animals. this comes after numerous instances of support animals causing injuries, health hazards, and damage to aircraft cabins. another fine for a restaurant. the latest accusations against the owner for allowing indoor and outdoor dining against regulations. how catastrophic it would be and urgent plea from health officials to help save lives by celebrating new year's eve at home. coming up in sports, we hear from steph curry as the warriors wrap up the road trip with a win in detroit. later, man sees a police officer straddling a dog and punching it. the concern that prompted him to record what he saw and contact police? our new house is amazing.
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; county hospitals are getting federal help as they struggle to treat the growing number of covid 19 patients. 39 medical staff, including doctors and nurses from the department of defense arrived to help. they will be at lodi memorial and damron hospital in stockton. the counties hospitals have been at 0% capacity for weeks. with the federal help, officials say they can add about 20 icy beds at each facility. the federal government is helping in a southern california border town with one of the worst infection rates in the state. tom baker says a pilot program there, could be the key to helping save the lives of covid 19 patients.>> reporter: imperial county, vast agricultural area along the mexican border is ground zero for the most covid 19 infections per capita in the
10:30 pm
nation. >> the hospital's busting of the scenes. the doctor and ceo of the regional medical center says hundreds of thousands of people have been here. >> we need to relieve the community of the pressure and stress we've been under. >> reporter: the federal government is stepping in. doctors, nurses, x-ray technicians, various medical personnel from across the country that donate their time to respond out two disasters are here. >> reporter: the federal health and human services department and department of defense have sent in a disaster medical assistance team for at least one month to try to cut covid 19 off before high risk patients begin to show serious sometimes. the team will administer emergency use approved drugs from regeneron and eli lilly, the type that quickly and successfully make patients feel better. that was the same thing that worked for president trump. >> now we have these potential
10:31 pm
therapies. they could benefit thousands and thousands of americans. >> reporter: these medicines contain materials that mimic the human body's ability to fight off targeted infections like covid 19. >> it keeps them healthy. it preserves hospital capacity. hospitals are breaking or are at the breaking point. >> reporter: the the early treatment will not only improve patient care and lower the number of admissions, but reduce the relentless workload on medical staff that are doing all they can under extremely great pressure. >> the treatment he is bringing here, the infusion, is key to making a world of change as we get into 2021.>> reporter: you can go home, or never go to the hospital. >> it raises the possibility that the teams could be deployed nationwide to keep covid 19 at bay until enough vaccines are administered to give the overall population so-
10:32 pm
called herd immunity. tom bakker, ktvu fox2 news. one restaurant has been find $20,000 for defying public health orders again. the monterey county district attorney's office says starting in early december, the owner allowed people to eat inside and outside of the restaurant, even after receiving a notice from the county. this is the second time the restaurant has had a fine. in june, they had to pay $15,000 because the owner did not implement social distancing protocols and did not require employees to wear masks. our states stay at home order will put a crimp on a lot of new year's eve plans on thursday. there has been a strong warning from san francisco health leaders about the upcoming holiday.>> reporter: traditionally, new year's eve is a time of celebration with family and friends. operations to mark the end of
10:33 pm
2020 will be muted by stay at home orders and covid 19. san francisco's director of public health as the covid 19 indicators could be turning around due to strict orders to avoid contact with others outside of your household. >> we are seeing some reasons for hope. we are still in a precarious position. >> reporter: numbers appear to have peaked since the post- thanksgiving surge. for now, the city and the bay area waiting to be the surge from christmas travel will lead to a surge in cases in january. dr. colfax as a people celebrate new year's eve this year as they have in years past, gathering a big groups and sharing meals, the results could be a surge upon a surge. >> i cannot emphasize enough how catastrophic it will be if people celebrate in ways that we normally do for new year's eve. if we see a surge like we did from things having, we will see thousands more people in the
10:34 pm
hospital and hundreds more people dying.>> reporter: tony marcel from san francisco says new year's eve is a big day for restaurants. >> is a restaurant community, this is one of the top nights of the year. i guess, the best thing we could see is continuing to move forward by getting out with the community, even though they cannot coming gather. back there hoping new year's people help to support local businesses. he says the wafer tavern has pivoted, offering packages for people to share at home this year. they reimagine the tradition of buying a round of drinks for family and friends, offering away to buy food and drink, and send it to someone you would ordinarily be celebrating with in person. >> maybe you might want to treat somebody else. the same thing can happen today. we can do this around the bay area, or even locally. they can pick it up and drop it off to them.
10:35 pm
however they want to do it, that was her vision. >> reporter: the director of public health as there is a lot of reason for hope going into the new year with vaccines having been delivered to more than 4000 front-line workers. they say the more people work now to slow the spread of coronavirus, the sooner the stay at home orders will be lifted and we can return to a new normal in the new year. there may not be a crowd in times square this new year's eve, but there will be a celebration. today, event organizers launched confetti and watched it rain down the hard rock cafe marquee in times square. this is part of the annual confetti test. the iconic celebration will not be open to the public. spectators like to watch the live performances and events leading up to the ball drop on tv or online. the children's book about the coronavirus. the project from bay area
10:36 pm
nursing students, and how they help the message goes far beyond kids? study video of a hiker that as he was tased by a park ranger while trying to social distancing. we have the response from the park service. we have a lot of chances for rain coming up. i will tell you all about it. your weather is next.
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the native american man said he was tased by national park service ranger for trying to social distance from another hiker. you can see the man in his video on the ground, screaming. his sister took that video at petroglyph national monument in new mexico. the man said he went off the trail, which is banned in the park, because he saw a group approaching.
10:39 pm
he said he was cited for interfering with a ranger, concealing his identity, and being off the trail. the national park service said in a statement, we do were to gather the facts of this pacific situation, we cannot collate on the events leading up to what was captured on video. we take any allegation of wrongdoing very serious the and appreciate the public's patience as we gather the facts of this incident. the justice department will not bring federal criminal charges against two cleveland officers in connection with the 2014 killing of tamia rice. authorities say the video the shooting was of to poor quality to establish what happened. the black boy was killed after the person calling 911 reported seeing someone with a gun. the colors of the individual was probably a juvenile and the gun was probably fake. the information was not relayed to the officers. a k-9 officer vacaville was
10:40 pm
caught hitting his police dog. the department said the officer was correcting the animal. the man who took the video says the officer went too far. our crime reporter, henry lee has the video that some viewers may find troubling. >> reporter: this shows a vacaville k-9 officer in training, straddling his dog on the ground and punching it. i wondered, what could the dog have done to deserve that kind of punishment? >> reporter: [ indiscernible ] was at his warehouse when he heard a dog in distress on monday afternoon. >> i heard the dog crying in pain. >> reporter: he looked outside and saw the officer with his dog in a parking lot near a fire station.>> reporter: i saw the officer constantly beating the dog over and over. i saw at least 10 punches. >> reporter: that's when he took out his phone. you make the only thing i could do was pull out my phone and recorded what i was watching. is at the officer looked for anyone who may have been watching him. >> as soon as he's tommy,
10:41 pm
that's when he stopped. >> reporter: is that he did not confront the officer because he was not sure how the officer would react. >> i was afraid for my life. >> reporter: he said he wanted to speak out. >> i hope he does not get to treat the dog like that anymore. i hope he doesn't get to treat people like that. >> this is very alarming to a layperson. >> reporter: the officer is training to become a k-9 handler. his dog had just found drugs as part of a training exercise, but would not give up a toy he got as a reward. the officer did get the toy back. >> the dog reacted to this. the dog lunged at the handler with an attempt by the handler. >> reporter: is there with the officer did was make clear what the dog did was not okay. >> it is important that the handler takes swift action to correct behavior. >> reporter: he says he is not so sure. >> i feel sorry for the dog. i don't think anybody can be drained train like that.
10:42 pm
that was too much abuse. >> reporter: is they were not aware of the other punches. they say they are best getting better the officer's actions were appropriate. a children's book about the coronavirus. >> small steps can make big impacts in the community. >> reporter: the effort to reach multigenerational families that may not all speak english. air meteorologist is tracking more rain for the bay area. she is back with the timing and whether or not it will affect your new year's day.
10:43 pm
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this portion of ktvu fox2 news is sponsored by mancini's. parents have an extra reason to say no to candy, k, and ice cream. the first u.s. government dietary guidelines for infants and toddlers released today recommends feeding only breastmilk for at least six months. the guidelines also call for no added sugar for children under age 2 two. the dietary guidelines are released every 2 years by the department of health and human services. they use them to set standards for school lunches and other programs. some nursing students in the bay area created a book designed to teach kids about covid 19 in a fun and easy way to understand. ann rubin tells us that the book is being distributed to hundreds of families.>> reporter: is hot off the presses, 2800 copies of the covid 19 activity playbook.
10:46 pm
>> we did not expect it to be such a big hit. >> reporter: this was published by a group of five nursing students from san francisco in san jose state. they're hoping to take the very serious topic of coronavirus and make it manageable for kids.>> reporter: want to give them an activity to learn and make it fun, and less scary. >> reporter: information on symptoms and safety measures are packaged as games and coloring pages. see make adding fun images and graphics, and fun activities that will keep children engaged. that is the best way to ensure they get the information and retaining it. hopefully they will share with their entire family.>> reporter: that will be key. the nursing students created the book while interning for a health partnership, nonprofit healthcare provider that sees this as a valuable way to reach multiple generations. >> many patients, english is not their primary language. by having the children that grow up in these communities do speak english, they learn about
10:47 pm
this firsthand, they can relay the information to their families.>> reporter: the women want to translate the book into other languages as well in hopes of reaching more people more easily. they make a lot of our group is bilingual. we translate for our parents. we know how difficult relay information can be. >> reporter: with internet access hard to come by, they figure printed pages would be best. the books are already getting a lot of buzz. it will be distributed through health clinics and by outreach workers. >> small steps make a big impact. >> reporter: they are planning a sequel to the children's book. it is about understanding the covid 19 vaccine. ann rubin, ktvu fox2 news . i tell you, ayana, i love young people doing great things. i want to start off with sobering news. that is, this is where we stand as far as rainfall is
10:48 pm
concerned. we are in severe drought in the north bay. you can see parts of our viewing area to the northeast is in extreme drought. that is why i get a little too excited when i see things like this happening. finally, i am seeing storms lined up in the pacific. this is what we normally get in our winter rainy season, which is now through february and into march. it has not been so great so far this year. the current look right now, we have clouds out there. we do have a nice night. we will get chilly tonight. get ready for it. temperatures are rolling into the 30s already. you can see this in mountain view and santa rosa. it is 39 in walnut creek. it is getting chilly at the coast. it is 40 in san francisco. it is a nice night out there. we had the last full moon of the year. it is lighting up the sky. you can see where the cold will be, in the north bay. the inland valleys i getting into the upper 20s tonight. we will see 30s around the bay
10:49 pm
in redwood city in mountain view. it will be 34 in livermore and concord. you will feel that if you walk outside. i want to show you a zoomed out model. i want to show you, tomorrow night we will have light showers. 5:00 p.m., they will start rolling through. look what happens, i will roll this forward and let it keep going. years friday and saturday. here is saturday into sunday. here we go to monday. you get the idea. it is one after another. these models, as mentioned, are not as precise as ones i show you when we get right on top of the system. this is just to show you the broad strokes of the fact that we have the storm door kicked open and it looks like we are finally going to get some rain in here. i am happy about that, if you cannot tell. tomorrow we will get some cloud cover. temperatures will have more of a lid on them. we are talking upper 50s. we will not see chimneys making it over 60 degrees. the rain will rolling quickly
10:50 pm
from north to south at 5:00 p.m. it will go really fast. it will be 1/10 of an inch or less. we get some sprinkles on friday night. thursday, for new year's eve day, we are dry. on friday we a sprinkles. saturday night into sunday, that is when we get the next significant system. we will refine as we get closer. it does look like saturday night into sunday is the one i am keeping an eye on right now. you know, i am happy to see this. as you know, as meteorologists, we watch the drought monitor. it keeps getting worse and worse. if we don't get the rain, by the time we get to march, we don't get the rain. that is the way it goes. this is a really good sign for the new year. i have big hopes for 2021. >> big hopes indeed. all of us do. thank you so much. some southbay families are in need, and they are getting help from a local nonprofit.
10:51 pm
hunger at home kicked off another day of the expanded holiday distribution efforts in san jose. staff and volunteers worked to get ready for the drive-through event. they handed out holiday staples to help feed the homeless. >> the city tapped us to do 60,000 additional meals on top of what we are already doing. it was thousands every day already. we definitely took the city up on the opportunity to help the community. >> volunteers worked for three hours. in addition to handing out food, they also handed out toys, coats, and blankets. coming up in sports, the warriors have a solid road victory in detroit. jason is here with all of the highlights. on the 11:00 news, a ceramic tribute to breonna taylor was broken, and then stolen. how the artist is responding to this latest act?
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
good evening everybody. after two blowout losses is reason, the warriors responded with back-to-back victories tonight. green is out for the fourth straight game with a bum foot. he is telling the rookie, wiseman, to be aggressive out there. maybe should be this aggressive. he tries to follow a shot and caught griffin with an elbow, inadvertently. griffin has a bloodied lip and it is being evaluated for concussion. the pistons are up seven when kelly oubre drives at the lane and throws it down. he's trying to break out of an early season slum. he had 14 tonight on six of 10 shooting. look at the hustle by anderson out of castro valley high. he goes the other way and
10:55 pm
stefan curry rewards him. anderson gets a reverse layup. fourth quarter, james wiseman shows off his full repertoire, the lock on mason, the ballhandling, bringing it up the floor, and throwing down the hammer. wiseman did fell out with three blocks. the next possession, it is andrew wiggins getting things going. he knocks down the three, putting the warriors up by 9. he had most of his points in the fourth. look at him with a man in his face. warriors go on a 17-4 run late. curry had 41 is the warriors win 116-104. the pistons dropped to 0-4. >> it has been a roller coaster week. we start the year off, and
10:56 pm
overall, people are getting more confidence in what we are trying to do on both ends of the floor. we are getting comfortable in our rotation. it is great for morale, obviously. it makes the five hour flight home even better. >> the flight home is better for kelly oubre came in tonight with a historic shooting slump. he was 0-17. he was 0-31 on any shots other than a dog. he was shooting 17 1/2%. kelly oubre broke through with his first three and the bench is showing him some love. prior to the game, he was asked to relate his lump to once he had during his playing days. >> how did you get out of your own head when you went through a slump? the mecca never did, i was in my head for 15 years. it was a miserable is to be. it was miserable. [ laughter ] >> i hated myself by the end.
10:57 pm
i wanted to go do broadcasting. it was much healthier. >> do not let him for you, he is still the most accurate three-point shooter in nba history. stefan curry is number two as far as three-point percentage. all right, college hoops, santa clara gets overshadowed by st. mary's. the broncos are off to a 5 have a 1 start of their own. tonight, in los angeles, the squad has a late sub. they are dealing with covid 19 issues. this was all trojans. isaiah mobley works inside for the dunk. he finished with 13 points. usc is up by 14 points at the half. in the second half, the broncos falls leap on the inbound way. isaiah wait and make them pay. this is a 23 point victory for the trojans as they improved to 5-1. santa clara is impressive
10:58 pm
at 6-2. texas in colorado playing for that trophy tonight in san antonio. texas is up early. they put on ice right here. casey thompson goes deep. he will hit dixon in stride for the 73 yard touchdown. the longhorns win 55-23. a gatorade bath for tom herman was now 5-0 in bowl games. is time to turn back the clock to the glory days of the 49ers. this day in sports history with joe fonzi. it was in this day in 1984 when the 49ers continue to record season. joe montana passes to dwight clark, getting the scoring started, one of three touchdown passes in the playoff game against the new york giants. the 49er defense sacked bill sims six times in a 21-10 san
10:59 pm
francisco win. the 49ers were 16-1. they were on their way to the championship game. that is this day in sports, december 29, and i am joe fonzi. the bears went on to be the dolphins insuperable 19 that year. once upon a time, the warriors had this record. check this out. this happened in miami tonight. milwaukee bucks set an nba record for 29 made three pointers. every single player hit at least one three-pointer except the two-time reigning mvp. they rolled 144-97. now let's go to the junior hockey championships. matthew goes between the legs. this is an amazing goal. he did not do this himself. united states crushes the czech republic 7-0. i will be back for more sports news at 11:25. we will see you then.
11:00 pm
this is a tragedy. it is pain beyond measure. if you don't need to gather, do not gather. and east bay man loses his battle with covid 19. tonight, his family is urging others to follow health orders and stay home. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. a man from the east bay is dead after a month long battle with covid 19. he was just 44 years old. hello again everyone, i am julie haener.>> i am andre senior. the man's family says his death could have been prevented if people wore masks and followed the stay at home orders. amber lee is live where she spoke with that man's brother about their message.>> reporter: the man was an essential worker. the brother tells me that he is sharing his story to


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