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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 6, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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there was a shot fired chaos at the capitol tonight. washington d. c is under curfew after a mob of trump supporters shut down congress. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. lawmakers are calling it a sad day for america for people are now dead. many more under arrest. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. members of congress say they were escorted to safety as supporters of president trump stormed the capital to oppose joe biden tze victory. here's a live picture now of the nation's capital inside. lawmakers are still at work. but there is concerned tonight that pro trump extremists may return in addition to the curve. you, d c's mayor issued an order extending the city's public emergency for 15 days. ktvu is azenith smith begins our coverage with the latest developments as it well, julie,
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we're learning tonight. the woman who was shot by police and later died is from the san diego area. three other deaths were due to medical emergencies, authorities say in total 52 people. have been arrested, a snide fell, protesters lingered around the capital as police the fbi, the national guard surrounded the building. after a day of unspeakable chaos. it was like out of a bad movie. they were putting furniture up against. the door so they couldn't break in. 11 15 pacific time trump loyalists using chemical irritants on law enforcement stormed capitol grounds, breaching security lawmakers about to certify the electoral college votes trapped inside told to wear their gas masks have always. it is a sacred place of hollow. of land and to
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see a breach like that was quite unsettling. it's so sad for this country. this is a bob they were there to destroy things. a new york congresswoman sharing photos on twitter of how she barricaded herself as protesters chanted outside her door, more photos and armed standoff at the doors of the house chamber. protesters taking the podium, scaling walls of the capitol building and trashing offices, including house speaker nancy pelosi is here. gas and flash grenades deployed during the mayhem. ah woman from san diego county was shot by u. s capitol police inside the capitol and died. a number of police and secret service were saying get back. get down! get out of the way! she didn't heed the call. and as we kind of raced up to grab people and pull him back, they shot her in the neck. many lawmakers blaming president trump for inciting the violence. speaking to supporters before the writing, where he repeated unproven claims the election had been stolen. as the violence ensued, he told supporters to go home. we have
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to have peace. so go home. we love you. you're very special and investigation is now underway as to how the security breach happened in the first place. this is not descent. disorder is chaos. it borders on sedition. and it must end. well 13 people were taken to the hospital for injuries related to today's protest. julie azenith smith reporting live for us tonight. thank you, the first lady's chief of staff and the white house deputy press secretary both resigned today following the violence at the capitol. stephanie grisham's resignation was effective immediately in a statement, she said it has been an honor to serve the country in the white hous vision began working for mr trump back in 2015 while he was campaigning for president. the first lady's office has not commented on gresham's departure. white house deputy
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ery deputy press secretary sarah mathews and president trump social secretary and a christina ktvu iced also resigned today, matthew said the events that transpired in the capital disturbed her. after the capital was secured, members of congress went back into session, continuing the process of certifying the electoral college vote for president. our political reporter greg lee, here now with the latest on the process, greg yeah, frank good evening, a surreal and sad day at our nation's capitol. indeed what is usually a ceremonial session thrust into chaos. i want to give you a live look, if we can inside the capitol rotunda. this is the house of representatives to. i am in washington, the house and senate in separate chambers after a successful objection to the vote in pennsylvania, the senate went straight to a vote while the house is in the middle of this lot of two hour debate. this effort will almost certainly fail, but will delay this process further. they
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failed to attempt to obstruct the congress. this failed insurrection on lee underscores how crucial the task before us is. for our republic. this will be a stain on our country not so easily washed away. final terrible, indelicate, indelible legacy of the 45th, president of the united states after hours of sheltering in place and getting rushed to safety from a mob of president trump's supporters, the senate and house returned to the process of certifying electoral college votes to those who wreaked havoc in our capital today. you did not win. violence never wins in time, technically reserved for debate about objections to arizona's votes. some of the president's staunchest supporters withdrew planned objections or rebuked the efforts to overturn election results. the events that have transpired today of forced me to reconsider and i cannot now in good conscious
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object, the certification joe biden. and kamila harris are lawfully elected. will become the president and the vice president, the united states on january the 20th but other republicans duggan, i actually think it's very vital what we do. the opportunity to be heard to register objections is very vital because this is the place where those objections are to be heard and dealt with. on this vote. the ayes or six. the nays are 93. both chambers rejected the arizona objection, and the joint session of congress reconvened prepared for a long night. we always knew that this responsibility would take us into the night and will take as long as it takes. and that is what they're currently doing. as the house of representatives continues to debate the pennsylvania objection, we should say the senate quickly voted it down 92 to 7 reporting
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live. gregory ktvu box tuners, frank. all right, greg. thank you. east bay congressman marked a sauna told us today that he was in an office near the house floor when he was told to shelter in place because people had broken into the building. well, i couldn't believe it. i didn't see that because i was off the floor. but we had people we had way could hear voices raised on by people trying the door. this was a mob. they were there to destroy things. i am turk to try to intimidate us from doing our jobs. president united states was the number one insider this. he said. he talked for over an hour and got these people to come out to be all wind up. the congressman called the takeover quote, disgraceful. he also called on president trump to resign. but he said that that was unlikely. twitter locked president trump's account today for the first time ever after he posted several inaccurate and inflammatory messages. twitter
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says the president's account would be locked for at least 12 hours and could be extended if the tweets are deleted or not. deleted rather, facebook and instagram say they also locked the president's account after to post that violated the company's policies. and facebook tonight is taking action against people who post support for violence of the nation's capital. the social media giant called the events of today an emergency. facebook says it will remove post that violated standards, the company says post that praise and support the storming of the capitol building will be removed as well. messages about bringing weapons to protests earlier tonight on the 10 o'clock news, our political analyst brian sobel, said that today was a crucial moment in our nation's history. he says he's holding out hope that the american people realize that the polarization in this country has gone way too far. what we saw in the capitol tonight, and i hope it extends are republicans and democrats saying enough is enough? we
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have to begin to talk with one another. we can have differences of opinion. we can have huge differences of opinion, but it should end up in the violence we saw today. and only in this, sobel said that one positive outcome from today was that american democracy showed their resilience as members of congress returned to work tonight. protesters didn't just converge on the nation's capital. demonstrators also clashed in sacramento. details on that coming up later tonight also had a family visiting san francisco for medical treatment has their rental car broken tasha, did you know geico could save you hundreds
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in finding a man who has been missing now for the past two days. police say, lester green was last seen boarding the mew need 28 line in the terrible district on monday. he is 70 years old and was last seen wearing a black beanie ah black pea coat and black sweat pants. police say green is considered at risk due to his medical conditions. he is known to make frequent trips to hayes valley and the downtown area. police in san francisco, say a woman was held at gunpoint and robbed of her dog. after she went out for a walk on russian hill. the dog's owners, sarah vorhaus, says that she was at the corner of a leo and hide at about 5 45
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yesterday when she heard a voice behind her, she says the attacker was one of three men who then confronted her. i turned around and he had a gun and he said, give me your dog, and then he punched me twice took chloe. you see any dogs that looklike chloe, if you see any sketchy post on craigslist, anything just reported. before house was taken in the hospital for injuries. she says that her eye is feeling a little bit better. now police are asking people to be on the lookout for a dog that matches chloe's description. she's a five month old french bulldog, a family visiting the bay area for medical treatment for their 12 year old son had the rental car broken into. ktvu is christien kafton tells us the burglars made off with the beloved stuffed toy that has been with that boy through countless hospital visits. ah beloved stuffed cookie monster has been the constant companion
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for 12, year old age and carter through thick and through thin when i see him, i imagine it might just actually alive. boy story alive when i see him like. is always gonna be there for me. aiden has been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called hunter syndrome, his family making the 3000 mile trek to san francisco from their home and straight from new hampshire to receive a new course of treatment at ucsf penny off children's hospital. the family arriving january 1st and taking a trip to the beach near the san francisco zoo to relax after the long journey. we're walking back to the car, and my kids notice that the two back windows of the rental carbon shattered. and so that's when we discovered that some of our items have been have been stolen. among the items the burglars made off with aiden's backpack with cookie monster inside, jennifer carter says cookie monster is more than just a stuffed toy cookie monster has a special place right? he's been thio countless
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medical procedures, countless surgeries. is absorbed countless tears. and so we were hoping that he was sort of helping him through the next six months of medical treatments while we're here, aiden was devastated when he discovered cookie had been taken yet he still managed to be strong for his brother and sister, who were scared by the burglary eden on instead of him being lloyd. what he did is he supported my sister and me, san francisco police say, despite the fact cookie monster doesn't have a high dollar value. they understand that to aiden. he's. priceless men are working hard to find cookie, the backpack and the thieves. the terrible station investigations team is investigating and they're out there now looking around the neighborhood for possible surveillance video, any potential witnesses. police also putting the family in contact with hunters chest, a charitable organization run by a pair of married san francisco police officers who work to help the youngest crime victims were so grateful. that you guys
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are helping edem and us to find his backpack and cookie monster. thanks. you're welcome. really sorry. it happened to you and rich and jen are awesome people and they will do whatever they can help. take care of you. thank you so much. now the carter family is asking the people of san francisco to search carefully rather zoom and around the city and try to bring cookie home. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. calls for unity and change after today's takeover of the capital coming up how one local lawmaker says we can make sure that this never happens again. this is a deeply troubling moment for our country. it paints all of us sickens us to see our capitol building. under siege, our government under attack, and rain back in the forecast. there's not a lot of it just like this morning or this afternoon, but . forecast for tomorrow. i'll tell
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topped with mystery sauce and pickles on a brioche bun. my cluck sandwich combos. only at jack in the box. ♪ events at the nation's capitol are amount to an attack on our democracy. ktvu is, amberleigh tells us one bay area mayor is now calling for president trump to be tried for sedition. this is a deeply troubling moment for our country. it paints all of us sickens us to see our capitol building under siege. our government under attack. san jose mayor sam mcardle is a former federal prosecutor. he says president donald trump should be tried for sedition publicly inciting the use of unlawful means. undermined the will of the electorate. the only way we're gonna be able to ensure this doesn't happen again has set a clear example.
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and no one is above the law and presidential immunity does not extend to criminal prosecution. but this is happening to us now, after hundreds of years of being a democracy. is really stunning and scary. political science professor melissa michaelson with menlo college says this type of revolt usually happens in countries with the new and struggling democracy. what happened in the nation's capital is a sign that our democracy is not a strong as it could be. i don't actually think our democracy is going to crumble. but this should be a wake up call. we're here today to condemn the violence in san francisco community groups held a virtual rally in response to the chaos on capitol hill. i think this is kind of directors appointed this'll man was among the few who showed up in the castro before learning that the rally have been moved online to prevent the spread of covid-19. the president's. behavior today is just completely egregious. it's literally like a coupe that is going on like people
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are trying to stop like our democracy happening. we're not going to allow. violent acts of a few to undermine our democratic institutions and the four progress of our country. professor michaelson oranges, those who question the results of the election to take their fight to the ballot box that. the way democracy works, and that's how it will survive in san jose amberleigh ktvu fox two news. a protest in sacramento turned violent today when two groups of demonstrators clashed. separate them because they can go. police say there were several fights that had to be broken up after hundreds of trump supporters gathered outside the state capitol. they say that they came to show their support for the president, who they hope will run again in 2024. we just here to support the trump
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group, so i know that this time with wayne, but hoping for the next election, 24 hoping. get up being trapped again and be fore ordination. some of the protesters were described by authorities as members of white supremacist groups. sacramento police say about a dozen protesters were arrested for carrying pepper spray in southern california. police broke up a pro trump protest in beverly hills about 100 people had gathered there. officers were called after to biden supporters were apparently attacked by a trump supporter. police declared an unlawful. well assembly and the demonstration dispersed another protest. outside l. a city hall to several dozen people, okay, checking in on a little bit of that rainfall that we saw this afternoon in the bay area. not much in a little bit of be the operative there hills for a candidate about a quarter of an inch. that's the far north babe
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petaluma to tents. that's not bad. santa rosa coming up on two tents can feel just 088 hundreds and canfield. ken fields, a big brain spot, typically, right, so that tells you a lot right there. redwood city 0.1 a non event and then this thing tomorrow, same kind of deal. it's got all its action north of our latitude, and so we're going to see pretty much i think pretty similar rainfall accumulations with the rain from today we did see we do have moisture at the surface and that allows for fog to form so dew point temperatures right now are running pretty close, especially inland. so the temperature on the left and the dew point temperature on the right. s. anna rosa dew point our temperatures 49 dew point 48. right. so you know they're gonna have fog. looks like napa has a pretty good shot. but then when you look at, um channels a is gonna be tough, maybe. and i think open people hard, right? um so valley fog patchy, not everywhere but some cloudy outside right now. that's the bay bridge. course she knew that. um and tomorrow is gonna be kind of one of those
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transition days as the next system in this syriza of. weak systems. i mean, it could have been something great, but it's just these systems have just really not been producing. as we just saw today, and as we'll probably see tomorrow i think tomorrow's rainfall accumulations will be very similar in all the time it out. let's do the model right now. so there's tomorrow morning. there see the fog in the valley. see that signature? that's the fog right there. and then that's our fox valley fog for sure. and then there's thursday afternoon, and then you see that thing coming on shore. overnight to am it's raining. oh, and then it's gone. eight am friday morning. that's it. and you wake up saturday morning with fog and you're back into a dry pattern for a little while, so it looks like a non event. but do you keep the umbrellas handy and duke bqe consider the potential for a little bit of wet on your morning commute on friday, so there's five day forecast missed opportunities this week. you guys for rainfall, but hopefully we'll get back on it here soon. i'll see you guys back here tomorrow i
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know you're watching it for us. all right, bill. thank you. coming up next in sports. the warriors played against the los angeles clippers tonight. but it was the pregame comments ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (beeping sound)
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tonight. well, the games did go on for the most part of the embassy tonight, but several discussions by teams all over the league as to whether or not they really wanted to go through with it, considering the goings on in washington, d. c but they did play and that includes the golden state warriors, although it didn't work out very well against the clippers, but players from both teams acknowledging the goings on back in washington, d c great matchup here. always aggressive. patrick beverley all over steph curry. fine just
11:27 pm
a little sliver of daylight to hit the three but he had only 13 tonight. take the third quarter dream up will drive it and love it up for james weissman and roxy brings the warriors to within two. that's gonna be a nice combo through the years with wiseman fourth quarter still down a bucket. andrew wiggins, stepping back for three is part of an 18 5 run. wiggins at 19 brief. leave now up four. can't phase four inside. eric paschal does that. he worked six point lead as glad night, steed and now tied why letter was getting a work? not pretty, but it drops. he had 21 points. where's that shot 11 8 from three and that did the damage nick but whom for the clippers hits it and the clippers pull away but very notable curry tweaking his left ankle again. he was not able to return left the premises a little bit early afterwards, steve kerr said. it's. not
11:28 pm
serious. the warriors fall, one awake 101 and the prior to the game. it's coach kurt talking about what it took actually get up the emotion to play on a day like this. yet another reminder of how inconsequential the game is. my job is a coach's to remind the players of having perspective as if the fate of the world depends on the outcome of. this basketball game and oh, my gosh, how lucky are we to do this for a living? they shouldn't feel too much pressure because today's a great reminder. this is just a game. as usual, coach her putting things in perspective. yesterday the heisman trophy winner was announced a couple of months ago. you would have said, no doubt about it. that kid that clips of quarterback he's gonna win it. he did not. he finished second, but he's gonna win a lottery of another sort. today. trevor laurence has declared officially that he
11:29 pm
will leave clemson and forgo his senior year and he will no doubt be the number one pick in the draft. that will probably be jacksonville barring a trade. officially announced he will not attend his last year at clemson. enter the draft had led clemson to the national title in his freshman year. what else could he accomplished? other than moving on up to the next step. you'll be playing on sundays and mondays and in covid years any day of the week, actually. alright let's close it out here with something positive, right? it's got nothing to do with sports, but back by popular demand, because frank and julie demanded ah, hug here. this is great video of a little girl and how she greets her big brother from the school bus. every day, a little time lapse video, and that is just got cute. they're seeing her. get that second. that's the sporting life. you today like
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this, mama and daddy. very sporting life. you today like this, mama and daddy. very happy. so cute family fun meeting by the front door, stat! "stat" means right now! ugh. what is it? ignore her. she's been in a bad mood all day. and luke isn't home yet. oh. i'm right here. where were you? this house still holds its secrets. you're probably wondering why i called you all here. - nope. - well, stop your wondering... - we're not wondering. - and behold this wonder! - (haley) oh, my god! - (claire) wow. - (phil) ha ha! - aah! i sold a home to the one and only pete johnson. there's only one pete johnson? only one who's california's top r.v. dealer. there's 835 others. nightmare of a deal to paper. well, and this was his way of saying... - thank you. - of course. (lowered voice) he paid a commission, too, right? yes. and he told me i could take jolene out anytime. yeah, i named her! let's take this dirty girl for a spin up the coast! - (alex laughs) - (haley) yes! - (luke) awesome! - pretty sweet, huh? - yeah! - huh.


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