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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 13, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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after a mob of trump supporters carried out last week's deadly riot. we know that the president of the united states incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion against our common country. he must go. he is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love. this president has inspired future plots. america is still under attack, and that's why donald trump must be impeached. bay area congressman eric swalwell is one of the impeachment managers who will argue the house's case in a senate trial the final vote followed hours of debate. some republicans insisted the president did nothing wrong, while others centered their arguments against impeachment. on the process. democrats are going to impeach the president for a second time one week, one week before he leaves office. why why. politics and the fact that they wanted they want to
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cancel the president. this is so dangerous what you're doing. we're getting all the presidents yes, we can argue back and forth, but you're using this is a weapon after saying impeachment would be a mistake. the house minority leader from california, kevin mccarthy, placed blame on the president for his role in the riot. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action. but president trump. except to share responsibility. 10 republicans went further and broke with party voting for impeachment. several times democrats quoted a scathing statement from the number three house republican liz cheney, the elected chair of the republican conference, wrote. the president summoned this mob assembled this mob. and lit the flame of this attack. these articles of impeachment are flawed, but i will not use process as an excuse. there's
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no excuse for president trump's actions. in a video statement posted after the vote, the president did not respond to his impeachment. he did address reports of more planned armed protests. there must be no violence. no law breaking and no vandalism of any kind. everyone must follow our laws and obey the instructions of law enforcement. today i'm calling on all americans to overcome the passions of the moment. and joined together as one american people not to be very clear here. president trump remains in office only the senate can decide to remove him. so what's next? it is unclear when speaker pelosi will send the article of impeachment to the senate for a trial, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said they'll begin the process immediately once they receive it, though, he said, and made it clear it won't be until after joe biden has sworn in reporting live. greg lee ktvu, fox two news.
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julie all right, greg. thank you. joining us now to talk more about this huge day in american history is our political expert brian sobel. brian first your thoughts on today and the fact that for the first time ever a us president has been impeached twice during one term, frank. it's unbelievable to impeachments. and this is another one of these components of the trump presidency. we'll go down and in the history books by today again how significant is it to you, brian, that 10 republicans. granted it was a small group. but still 10 republicans voted to impeach the president. today it is significant. you have a very partisan congress right now, and so, for the time being, at least you have some members of the republican party who are willing to cross the aisle and.
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today, including list training. well i would remind viewers is the daughter of former vice president dick cheney and detaining knows something about you know how washington works. and yet she was willing to cross the aisle and make a very courageous st what happens now? brian in the senate. obviously the chances are that president trump wouldn't be tried until after joe biden takes office. do you see enough republicans joining democrats? and convicting him and if he was convicted, essentially, what would that even mean? at this point? i do not think there are enough votes in the senate. it requires a two thirds vote, and i don't see the numbers. they're the evidence will come forward in the trial in the senate, but at this point that look highly i'm like if he were convicted, frank the outcome would be that he would be barred from ever running. off
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again, and that would take care of the turn for many people who believe that in his mind, at least he will come back over the next couple of years began to run a campaign for the presidency again, so that would be the outcome. but don't really at this point see the numbers in the senate being president trump spoke today. we saw it during our piece of the top of this newscast, he seemed much more humble than usual. and, among other things, he called for no violence during the upcoming inauguration. i listened to several people today who applauded what he said. but they also said that in their opinion, it was a week late. why didn't he say the same thing last week? well when we were talking that is that you should have come out and denounced the violence told people to go home. i told them that it was wrong. incorrect behavior on that. he didn't condone it. he didn't do any of those things. and today he could have come out very
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vociferously again on condemning that violence and basically, hey, talked in broad terms today about we don't believe in violence and things like that. but that zone the horse is out of the barn is the old expression goes. ryan, you've seen a lot of things during the course of your career tonight in washington. we have 20,000 national guard members guarding the capital and the streets around washington essentially guarding us from us. how is all of this going to go down in history? well, iet's this whole episode is a black mark. when you see the videos of our national guards, people inside the capitol. i mean, really, this is not the scene that americans want to look at for. we want the world to see and washington will be unarmed camp during the inauguration, and rightly so. it is always filled with tons of security, frank, but this time there will be so much
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security that nobody will be able to move around the district of columbia. and that's really not what we want to see in a democracy. but. this is the hand that we've been dealt in. this is the one we have to play and hopefully the better angels of our nature will emerges. americans that we could go forward and put this episode behind them. brian will leave it there. thank you so much for talking to us tonight. appreciate it. absolutely. sonoma county is now teaming up with pharmacists at safeway to administer covid-19 vaccinations to county health workers beginning today, the pharmacists are vaccinating in home supportive services workers in. county at a drive thru clinic at the sonoma county fairgrounds. safeway eventually will provide vaccines to members of the public as well. the county is hoping to start doing that next month. we hope that this will serve as a model for future mass vaccination clinics that we helped to roll out all throughout the county way know that the vaccine is one of our
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most important tools to reopening the economy and ending the pandemic and we want to get it in his many arms as possible. the state has also granted safeway approval to give vaccinations to the health workers at 11 of its pharmacies throughout sonoma county, starting next week. today the california department of health made a big decision by opening up vaccinations to all people. 65 older. the first phase of vaccinations was health care workers and people living in long term care facilities. but now that is about to change, ktvu is and ruben with more on how counties are reacting. and how they're planning to meet the demand and, well, the answer. is there still a lot of confusion at where you go for answers depends on what county you live in. and which health care provider you use. for counties already struggling to keep up. the announcement came as a surprise, governor gavin newsom says now anyone 65
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up about 6.6 million californians can get the covid vaccine in amount of freezers and get them into people's art. it's a big change, requiring big adjustments to meet demand. just this week. san mateo county open drive thru vaccinations at the event center, but we feel we're not. yet done with phase one day and so we don't want to move on. absolutely. no, really addressed that to the best of our ability. the confusion and demand for answers extended to alameda county, where the website to sign up for info went down temporarily and in santa clara county, there's uncertainty to they just announced they're offering vaccine to those 75 enough were constrained by the vaccine supply that we have available here locally and as we continue to get more vaccine will continue to move as quickly as we can. through eligible tears. most folks have ah, fairly simple. set of questions when where and how do i get the vaccine? and they should be able to get answers to those questions quickly and easily today? that has not been the
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case? county supervisor joseph median says there needs to be a cohesive plan, one that links information from county state and private health care providers. i think the governor is wise to have said you know what? let's put some emphasis on simplicity and moving this along quickly, rather than trying to slice and dice the population in a way that's just too hard to administer. for now, santa clara county is doing its best to adapt to rules that just keep changing. as of yesterday's county supervisor's meeting, we still had vaccines that hadn't been administered. my view is let's go. let's go. let's go. starting next week, governor newsome says, you'll be able to register for a text or an email notifying you when you're eligible for the vaccine, also on ktvu .com. we're compiling a list of county websites where you could go from war information. frank and ruben life force tonight and thank you, according to the cdc, california has administered
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more than 891,000 doses. that's about 2200 doses per 100,000. population three point. four million doses have been distributed in the state. in total about 10.8 million doses have been administered across the united states. oakland police are investigating inappropriate comments that officers may have made on a now deleted instagram account, and the investigation includes seizing as many as 100 phones coming up tonight at 5 30 what that account was posting and as more people are allowed to get in line to be vaccinated cities and counties, they're going to need bigger areas to vaccinate coming up. next we'll talk to a san francisco supervisor who's pushing to use some of the city's largest venues as mass vaccinate vest as mass. vaccination sites, and we got into the seventies today. how about that temperatures? well well above the average. that's how this week's going
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end cyber attacks. comes to the slow rollout of covid-19 vaccinations. joining us now to talk more about this is san francisco supervisor matt heini, who represents district six. matt you're among those saying that people are getting the run around. what are you doing to change this? well this is you know, there's that phrase. this is what we've all been waiting for. this is literally that moment. we have been waiting for a year for this on. we should have been. preparing for it. people need answers as to when and how and
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where they're going to get this vaccine. i have a 92 and 93 year old grand parents here in the city, and they have no idea how or when they're going to get this vaccine. so what i'm doing is pushing for us to have a plan for mass distribution of this vaccine. we should have large sites, like many other counties have all over the state. we need to have transparency and support so that people know how money back since we have. where they can sign up where they can get information. and frankly, right now, too many people are in the dark, even people who are a priority for the vaccine and that has to change right away. yeah like you said, we all knew that the vaccination was coming. i don't know why it's taken so long to come up with a plan. but we're talking about mass vaccination sites. what are some of the sights around san francisco that would be considered as possible candidates, tonto, how people get vaccinated? seen in other counties there. baseball stadiums like petco and oakland
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coliseum. we should be using oracle here in san francisco. we should be using keys are we have parking lots and playgrounds and parks all over the city. and in reality, this has to be an all hands on deck operation. it cannot be something that we just tell people, you know. go talk to your doctor. go talk to your private provider. this is a public health epidemic and for that, right. then we need public leadership. and that means putting all of our infrastructure on the table. that means getting volunteers. there should be no vaccines sitting in a refrigerator when we know that that vaccine can save someone's life, and it could mean that people get to work sooner. they could see the families. we could reopen small businesses and california shamelessly of vaccinations. i know many folks have friends and family across the country and we're seeing teach. prison older folks get vaccinated. that should be
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happening here, too. and it can. we just need a plan and we need to start to do it right now. you're talking about good idea is getting these mass vaccination sites. what are you hearing and talking to your fellow supervisors, your colleagues about a realistic timeline. we have the vaccine now available. how soon can we get these shots up and running and out to the people who need them the most right away. how long do you think this will take? you know, this is something that is happening and can happen right now, you see in sonoma in san mateo and santa clara. they're setting up these mass sites in san diego. they're doing 5000 vaccinations today at petco park in partnership with uc san diego. so all of this. it should be happening right now. people should be able to get answers. they should have transparency and information and most importantly, we need to make this is easiest possible. you should be able to sign up right online. go and get. vaccination if you're in a priority group a soon as next
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week, the state of california just said that people over 65 now can be given the vaccination. there's no reason to wait any longer and what we can expect is that in the coming weeks, we're going to get tens of thousands more vaccine doses here in the county, hundreds of thousands into the millions in california, and we've got to be ready and continuously deploying those as soon as we get them, and so that's what i'm working with our department of public health see, i don't think they're moving fast enough. so i've called a public hearing on it. we've had a lot of pressure put on them to move faster. you know this takes creativity. it takes ingenuity, but once most importantly, it takes actually recognizing that we as a local government as the public health department and officials have the responsibility to do this. we've seen far too much difference to simply say, go talk to kaiser. whoever your provider is, i think that's a long way to do it. we have to get this done at scale. no. and that takes public leadership.
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yeah, and you mentioned that 11 centralized place like a website where people could get the where, how and sign up like that would be easy information is desperately needed out of people emailing me saying i want a volunteer. i'm a registered nurse. i just don't know who to contact the help. we need something like that asap. i know you're working on it, and we appreciate your comments tonight. san francisco supervisor matt haney. thank you. thank you, checking on the sunset tonight off the sales force building. you can see it couldn't stay light or a little bit longer days. we're stretching out very slowly. but after the winter solstice is, you know the nights get short of the days get a little longer, and at this time of night you could see about where the sun is come to see where it is on the horizon based on this is like a little thermometer. we got clouds out there now. we've got clouds expected tonight. valley fog expected again tonight and dry expect against night. although we did have a little drizzle few scattered showers in the
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north bay last night real light stuff, but it was something like these highs from today. that's a stunner. 70 and fairfield, 70 and antioch the highs from today, january. was a january 13th and we're doing 70 and fairfield 71 in mountain view. high temperatures tomorrow, right back in the same spot. we're gonna have a few more clouds tomorrow, especially in the morning and then we'll call it partly cloudy. partly sunny throughout the day tomorrow. this is kind of how the states setting up right now the state's dry basically from humboldt county, southwell sonoma, at least northern sonoma county, south and dry and warm. los angeles tomorrow is going to go. 84 degrees san diego 80 degrees there. five. danger comes up a swell our fire. danger comes up a little bit, but we'll keep an eye on it for now, because you just don't want to have any kind of wind event. looks like we might see some windows. we get in towards their early part of next week, so there's a high pressure right there, and you can see what it's still in its setting itself up. it's just gonna bulge to the north, and this high is interesting people at the pacific high and
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mentioned it all the time because. um it determines that the economy of the state it determines societies, the social settings in the state at the high pressure when it goes up, we're dry. we're in drought. we could have fire when it goes down. we're wet. we have floods. it's very everything that happens in the state of california is tied to that pacific high and right now what it's doing. going out. it's dry. it's warm in the summer. this would be a big fire pattern, but in this time of year, it's hopefully won't be so we'll see you back here. well, let's look at the five day forecast to get some more of those impressive forecast high temperatures for tomorrow. california restaurants fighting back against fees coming up next what they're asking for in a newly filed lawsuit that includes at least one bay area restaurant and coming up on ktvu news at six paying taxes on unemployment benefits, what you need to know to avoid a surprise tax bill and the remaining defendant in the
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ghost ship warehouse fire now expected to take a plea deal. what that deal for derek l meant a is expected to include to
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data from the state. there have been nearly 2.8 million cases of covid-19 reported in california since the start of this pandemic with more than 33,000 new cases in the past 24 hours. 31,000 people have now died in our state from covid with 589 more deaths since yesterday. southern california attorney is filing a lawsuit on behalf of restaurants across the state, he says they shouldn't have to pay their regular business and license fees while they're forced to keep their doors closed. ktvu christien kafton here now and christian, at least one restaurant in san francisco is now signed on. yeah, that's
5:25 pm
right, because that restaurant signed on it now means that the case can proceed here in san francisco. the city, meanwhile, saying it is doing everything it can to try to keep small busi says, especially those restaurants afloat. san francisco is known worldwide for its cuisine. now the city is facing a lawsuit saying san francisco and other cities and the state should forgive any fees associated with running restaurants while they're being forced to close their doors, so this lawsuit simply says for the time that you were closed, you forced us to close in whole or in part. we deserve a pro rata share of our fees that we paid you back. it's that simple. brian cabell tech represents restaurants in the lawsuit, including the blue light in san francisco, the blue lights owner saying he signed on to help raise awareness of the struggle that many restaurants are facing. and he says he appreciates any efforts on behalf of the city to make things easier for restaurant owner's capital x says any fees over this last year could make or break a business. what we're
5:26 pm
talking about is a relatively small amount of money on each restaurant basis, so restaurants probably pay anywhere from $2,505,000 or more a year in these kinds of fees, but this money makes a huge difference at this time, the city attorney's office responded, saying it's aware of the lawsuit, but points out that the city has already taken significant steps to suspend fees and help small businesses. john cho tae from the city attorney's office, releasing a statement reading, in part quote the city has provided more than $24 million. prison grants and loans and recently waived an additional $5 million in fees for our hardest hit small businesses like restaurants, the city attorney's office, also highlighting the mayor's announcement tuesday that the city would be providing an additional $62 million for small business relief. the attorneys spearheading the suit, says he's currently looking for restaurants throughout the state and the bay area to join the suit we filed in other counties were filing in all the large counties. ron, california all the bay area counties. contra costa alameda, santa
5:27 pm
clara, we're gonna file on all of them. and the golden gate restaurant association, also releasing a statement saying, quote we are not involved in the lawsuit, but we're watching it to see if any additional fee relief is forthcoming, which is critically needed. for our industry reporting live. christien kafton ktvu fox two news, christian. thank you. oakland is facing a big budget deficit, one of the ways to save money, pulling three fire engines off the streets every day, and that's getting a lot of pushback now inside and outside city hall. plus if you miss your holiday crab tradition, just wait a couple of days. crabber is finally picked up their crab pots today when you can expect to see fresh crab at your local market up next. the city of oakland seizes phones from his many as 100 police officers as they investigate comments
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if you can't afford your medicine, police officers. it's part of an internal investigation into inappropriate comments made on an instagram account. our crime reporter henry lee joins us now with more on this case, henry well, juliette issue is whether in oakland officer ran this instagram account and whether any colleagues responded favorably to means that were racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate. ktvu has learned
5:31 pm
that the oakland police department has seized as many as 100 city owned phones used by officers who are part of its crime reduction teams. sources close to opd say it has to do with officers accused of making controversial comments on a now deleted instagram page that had the handle crime reduction team. it's very disturbing that anyone would post this because of the sort of sexist and racist. ondas sexualized imagery. darwin bond grand, the news editor for oakland side broke the story about the instagram account and reported that they may have been run by an oakland officer in this mean birds representing officers react to a newly hired female police recruit. birds respond by saying mind. another post seems to ridicule reporting use of force by fellow officers. ah little girl represents an officer. what they're basically saying is they're expressing support for insubordination and the subversion of a policy that's really core toe policing today in a statement, the
5:32 pm
oakland police department say we will not tolerate any form of hate speech and the expression that supports hate speech or any acts of subversion, whether in person or on online platforms. they're clear policies and guidelines that govern this behavior, and opd will root out this conduct anywhere within the department. it was a similar response after oakland side reported that officers like pro trump and far right comments made by a former oakland officer who was present during the capital siege, speaking generally, john allen, who heads oakland citizen police review agency says only city owned phones can be searched and they absolutely should be. in any case. we were concerned about those communicat. so we can see exactly what was being passed from one officer to another. you cannot confuse your first amendment rights with your right to be a police officer. civil rights attorney jim chanin says these officers should know that any negative comments could bring disrepute to the department still struggling to meet court order reforms. officers should know that by now, and the fact that some of them appear not to is extremely disheartening. for
5:33 pm
now. oakland police are only looking at city owned phone, so it's possible that any online comments could've been made from personal devices reporting live. henry lee ktvu fox two news, henry. thank you. families in berkeley held a city in today to demand that school's resume in person learning. they gathered in 1000 oaks primary school, where classes were set to resume today, but the first day was canceled due to the surgeon coronavirus cases in the bay area, the family's pic 1000 oaks elementary because it's where vice president elect kamala harris went to school as a child. today was the day that our kids were supposed to go back to school for in person. we're commemorating that day by doing this sit in that she graduatede because had she had it, you know, a year of education disruption would she
5:34 pm
be are vice president now, officials with the berkeley unified school district say. they're making progress and we'll be ready to open schools for in person learning as soon as the bay area region moves from the purple tear, san francisco mayor london breed says the city is doing everything it can to get students back to school. we spoke with the mayor this morning during mornings on too, she says. it is a top priority to get students back to school this academic year. he told us the city has given the district $15 million to help with reopening. she also supported a successful ballot measure to help improve teacher salaries and enlisted the help of other city d we have been at the table with all of our city resource is department of children, youth and families. reckon, part our department of public health. we have been partnering with the school district to support their efforts to get them open as quickly as possible. breed also
5:35 pm
said she is backing a plan to include educators in the next phase of covid-19 vaccinations in exchange for a promise to return to school. the oakland fire department is finalizing plans to close up to three fire engines each day on a rotating basis. the move comes as a way to help meet the city's budget deficit. but the firefighter's union told ktvu is rob roth. it's a bad move a specially during a pandemic. city leaders air still ironing out the exact details, but oakland is plenty to have 2 to 3 fewer fire engines able to respond to emergencies each day. the reason budget cuts due to covid firefighter union leaders say it's a dangerous idea in the middle of a raging pandemic in the middle of a wildfire season that is getting worse and worse every year. the idea of closing fire stations is absolutely ludicrous. technically no fire station will be closed permanently under the city administrators plan up to three of the departed. is 25 fire
5:36 pm
engines will be closed each day on a rotating basis. the brownouts are expected to begin any day now and last through june. firefighters worry this could affect response times by several minutes. in a profession where seconds count a fire doubles in size every minute and if we can't get to a fire within five or six minutes, that's the difference between being able to put something out when it's small versus losing an entire house, or maybe even an entire block. the city says the plan would save about $5 million. as it grapples with this $62 million shortfall. the savings would come in reduced overtime in vacation relief. the city is not laying off and he firefighters. the cuts do not require city council approval. but councilman noel guyot is opposed to the plan. the need is extremely great and karen oakland for public safety, and i s an elected official public safety's of priority and any neighborhood for any family, the fire department said it. this statement. quote as we
5:37 pm
prepare to implement this temporary flexible deployment model, the fire department is confident we have the personnel in technology and data driven decision making model in place to maintain it in here to the standardized response times for fire and medical incidents. we treat all covid patients and i don't know of any other fire department in the country that is reducing their capacity to respond in this time of pandemic. the firefighter's union says it's planning to go to court to secret rouz. training order to block the plan from going into place. rob rob ktvu, fox two news. to east bay women announced their joint bid today to unseat the alameda county deputy or district attorney and the sheriff. civil rights attorney. pamela price is running for a second time to unseat d. a nancy o'malley and jo ann walker, a san francisco police officer who lives in hayward is running to oppose sheriff gregory ahern. election is next year. both women say
5:38 pm
they're running on a progressive platform to reform what they see as abuses within the criminal justice system. we're running as a criminal justice reform slave because we believe together and separately independent as independent women, that alameda county is ready for a change. i'm ready to apply the things that i have learned since i have been an officer for 25 years. coupled with my experience as an african american woman, coupled with my experience as a teacher on mentor. the election is scheduled for november of next year. coming up the nurses union described the year of covid as a marathon, but nurses may be sprinting at the end the changes they hope the to the bred
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
prompting others to call on the state to take some action. are south bay reporter jesse gary has our report tonight. days ago, scores of nurses rallied outside hospitals in multiple cities around the state. this nurse's i've been running like a marathon. only to ask them to sprint at the end. it's on reasonable. alim kamara of the santa clara county registered nurses professional association says the issues are staffing and patient to nurse ratios. recently national nurse united sent a tweet urging followers to write the state's health department. this union and others want to end governor gavin newsom is waivers, allowing hospitals to increase nurse to patient ratios in the icu currently. california is the only state which, by law limits the ratio to 1 to 2. under the pandemic fueled waiver. hospitals can apply to have the ratio increased to 123. nurses can only do so much with
5:42 pm
patients at a time. and so that's why the ratios are important that the fewer patients that a nurse has. the more care that they can provide. some experts say increasing both workload and ratios could lead to a worsening the current covid-19 spread. the evidence suggests that there is a correlation between having higher staffing ratios and improved patient patient care in terms of quality of care. reduce the number of. of staff that are caring for patients can compromise care. if does your loved one. would you want somebody? who can just run from one room with a ppe into your loved ones. room. the answer is no. and an afternoon news conference, santa clara county officials put the burden of improving conditions for nurses on the shoulders of the public. we really urge all residents in the county to be staying at home to the greatest extent possible, avoiding non essential activities and really strictly following the public health orders. with the public,
5:43 pm
weary from seemingly endless health orders and nurses, one thin by more patients and little help, the calls for relief from the state could grow louder in the coming weeks in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news bay area mortuaries are seeing the impact of the surge. in fact, many are now running out of room to store bodies. workers at baker prato mortuary in oakland say they have had to turn away more than two dozen families since monday. the funeral director there says the mortuary has the capacity to store 30 bodies. i've been doing a 16 years and i've never seen this many deaths at one time each day. a new portable cold storage trailer arrived tuesday at the alameda county coroner's bureau, bringing the total to two each can hold 40 bodies, a county spokesperson says the morgue is not overwhelmed yet, but is
5:44 pm
prepared to order more trailers or use cold storage units normally reserved for other purposes. director of operation warp speed, has resigned. his post at the request of president elect joe biden operation warp speed is the trump administration's plan to coordinate coronavirus vaccine development. the director of operation warp speed, said that he planned to step down once vaccines hit the market, but that he stayed on the job to assist in the transition to the biden team. his last official day is january 21st. but he plans. to stay on in an advisory role for some time. in your local grocery store and fish markets by this weekend, coming up tonight, crabbers heading back out to pick up their crab pots. why even a delayed season is so important for the industry. that we are tracking the world forgot in
5:45 pm
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to pull up their first pots of the dungeon is crab fishing season we hoped and i'm sure the fishermen hope that the first catches will be being unloaded this afternoon. ktvu tom vacar joins us now with a look at why it may be the weekend before we'll start to see them at the store, tom. well these guys have some really hellacious luck in recent years. this year crab season was delayed almost eight weeks this time, causing crabbers once again to lose the prime something season. that ain't this morning now to see the first commercial dungeons crab pots were pulled up in hopes were high. but given what crabbers found crabbers will be late coming back, perhaps keeping them at sea for another day. we don't see huge amounts of crab out there so many boats
5:48 pm
may stay out for a couple days until they until they get a delivery was so many restaurants now closed. it may not matter quite a much since the bulk of this season's crabs will likely be sold in stores. there's no reason that we won't see crab in in your local. your local grocery store and fish markets by this weekend for the ever dwindling number of commercial crabbers. what they get from processors is even more crucial in a year. when we don't see high abundance, we can simply not afford to go fishing in a low abundance year for a low price. it's just not economically viable. consider that, even if a crabber does not have a boat loan, which many do. other major costs are unavoidable. as we learned earlier this morning, you've agreed to pay for your fuel to pay for 1000 bucks a month. insurance just have this thing sitting here before i even turn the key and did that a huge bill for bait to put in the crab pots, food for the crew permits ever present maintenance fees and
5:49 pm
substantial daca parking fees. and just about every year crabbers and processors lose a lot of time fighting over the price. in recent years, toxic algae has shortened or severely limit. season's new environmental limitations assure more safety for whales but can result in much higher costs in many recent years, including this one crabbers have had to miss totally lucrative thanksgiving and christmas sales this year. there are essentially no tourists or restaurant business is getting tougher and tougher every year, then there are also storms, wind and waves. dungeness crab fishing in california, oregon and washington is the most. it's dangerous job in the united states, according to the cdc, california's crabbing industry is a mere shadow of voter woz in past decades. but like all good fisherman and fisher, women, hope springs eternal with easter. okay we're looking
5:50 pm
at the temperatures from today because they're worth looking at again. i mean, 70 and fairfield 70 and antioch livermore 70 71 in mountain view. that's where we're going. i mean, these highs this whole week. we're gonna be in the sixties and low seventies so very warm pattern setting up a dry pattern as well. as you know, you may have gotten a little bit of sprinkle activity. this morning. there was some drizzle out there. i know some of the ground was wet. so the commute, especially in the north bay, there is the jet stream and there's the atmospheric river. but now, it seems pointed even further north. it's pointed way up into the alaskan territory. so before this thing yesterday day before the day before that this is the focus of this atmospheric river. the moisture was in the pacific northwest with seattle in portland. now it's moving further north is that high begins to pump up. with the high pumping up. we're going to see warmer conditions
5:51 pm
that so when the high builds in the air sinks and is there sinks, it warms when air rises, it expands right cool. it expands and cools. when the high presses down. it's the opposite of a low pressure. it presses the molecules. they're together. they kind of get a little fiction thing going on in the air actually warms like five degrees per 1000 ft. as it comes down, and that's what's happening. that's why we got so warm today. there's a little bit of patchy fog at the coast right now, they'd be a little patchy fog tomorrow morning when you wake up temperatures running warmer than yesterday by seven degrees in santa rosa, here's the forecast for tomorrow. you see the valley fog, yellows or seventies weezy. don't show you this. i sit there map until march or april. but here we are in january going, you know, like seventies greens, or 60 says definitely a warm day fog and low clouds and then cloudy in the morning. partly cloudy for most of us and then mostly sunny by the afternoon, with temperatures in the city into the sixties, even mid sixties and parts of san francisco
5:52 pm
upper sixties down san jose area like in morgan hill, fairfield, santa rosa 70. degrees 67 napa. it's gonna be a warm run and dry run, too. so as much as we need the rain, we're not getting it. we're not gonna get the snow either, but.f warmth. so if we push forward into the next few days, umbrellas not needed commutes will be dry, and it's going to be warm. the thing i'll mention as i have been a lot is the swells were still big. i mean, this was down, but it's still giant. pretty good size, so be real careful. i know when it's warm like this. everybody wants to go to the beach, and that's what happens. but ocean beach can be deadly soak in sharp park and all those areas so don't let your guard down even though there's not a high surf advisory. i mean there is but there, you k it's off a little, but it's going to get be just kind of unruly out there this whole week. so please, please be careful. i'll see you back here at six. so should olympic athletes be allowed to skip to the front of the covid vaccine line? i'm
5:53 pm
kevin corke in washington with more on that debate, coming right up and coming up on ktvu news at six u. c. berkeley receives its first shipment of the covid-19 vaccine. how soon the school plans to begin inoculating people and who is eligible. pause. thousands of national guard troops flood washington d c will show you the security
5:54 pm
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the washington d. c area during inauguration week, the fbi has warned of the possibility of armed protests in washington, d
5:56 pm
c and state capitals ahead of next week's inauguration. airbnb says it has already identified a number of people who are either associated with hate groups or otherwise involved with last week's riot. they have now been banned from the platform. anyone who had reservations next week will get refunds. youtube is now the latest digital platform to curb president trump social media presence. the san bruno based company is suspending him for from posting new content on his youtube channel for at least the next week. a recently unnamed video was removed that youtube says incited violence. youtube is also disabling comments on his other videos. youtube issued president trump one strike on its monitoring system. a second strike is a two week suspension and a third strike means a permanent ban. talks are underway on whether olympic athletes should jump to the front of line for the coronavirus vaccine. olympic officials and health experts are wrapped up in this debate as the delayed tokyo games draw
5:57 pm
near fox news. kevin corke tells us about both sides of the argument and also what athletes themselves are saying about it. with the tokyo olympics just a few months away. a contentious question is looming. should athletes get priority access to the vaccine? long time, international olympic committee member dick pound has said athletes should be vaccinated as soon as possible, so the games can go ahead his plan, but many athletes themselves have spoken out against this idea, saying health care workers. seniors in the vulnerable should be first in line. infectious disease. experts agree with the athletes warning against. meddling with vaccine distribution for the sake of the olympics, i think, especially when you have a vaccine rolling around. that hasn't been working very well. you're gonna have a lot of people that are going tol. i think frank would be quite angry and unhappy. but that idea that's all to say. if the tokyo games take place it all cases in japan are surging, and the greater tokyo region is currently under a state of
5:58 pm
emergency. japan's prime minister, however, is determined to avoid yet another postponement of the olympics signing vaccinations as a glimmer of hope. but health experts say vaccines alone are not enough to safely host the world's biggest sports event in the middle of a pandemic. 60% of people are vaccinated by them. it's good, but please for me, i would definitely say that the stone did i on vaccine. for yes or no to conduct or indeed, if it were up to the general public odds are the olympics would not take place as two. recent polls found that more than 80% of the folks in japan think the game should be delayed or canceled in washington. i'm kevin corke. fox news. this'll is ktvu fox two news at. six and historic move by the house of representatives as members vote
5:59 pm
to impeach president trump for a second time and today 10 republican lawmakers cross party lines voting to charge him for inciting an insurrection against the government. today. in a bipartisan way, the house demonstrated that no one is above the law, not even the president of the united states. president trump is now the first president in u. s history to be impeached twice and today's unprecedented move comes exactly one week before the end of his term. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville tonight. the president remains in office since a senate conviction is required to actually remove him from office. our political reporter greg lee here now with more on today's historic action in the house, greg. blanket evening. this second impeachment vote took place just a week after many of these lawmakers were sheltering in place during the assault on the
6:00 pm
capitol security some metal detectors installed at the entrance to the chamber, meaning lawmakers have to walk through them. just one of the steps taken to secure the building and those inside. on this vote, the eyes or 2 32 the nays air 1 97. resolution is adopted without objection. for the second time in 13 months, the house voted to impeach president donald trump. he is charged with inciting and insurrection for his role in last week siege on the capital. he's the first president in u. s history to be impeached twice. the house moved at record speed after a mob of trump supporters carried out last week's deadly riots. we know that the president of the united states incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion against our common country.


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