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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 15, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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you. i'm andre senior, and i'm cristina rendon the president elects a national address comes just days before he is sworn into office. his vaccination plan is part of a nearly $2 trillion economic and health care relief package. ktvu tom vacar joining us live now with more of the details on how biden plans to tackle the pandemic. ho is really interesting was it really was a lot of details more than anything else. joe biden was blunt. friday afternoon, president elect joe biden laid out his ambitious five part plan to vaccinate 100 million americans in his 1st 100 days in office. there is no time to spare. the honest truth is this things will get worse before they get better. i told you, i always level with you. step one, work closely with the states to fund facilities for a
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much faster vaccine plan and move through those groups as quickly as they think we can. seniors over 65 will be prioritized since they represent 80% of covid deaths to date step to set up thousands of federally funded free vaccination centers in huge gathering places such as the 49ers parking lot. by the end of our first month in office, we'll have 100 federally supported centers across the nation that will ultimately vaccinate millions of people. fleet of mobile clinics will also travel the hard hit and remote communities to administer vaccines. step three, using tens of thousands of sites already giving other kinds of shots were going immediately start new major efforts working directly with both independent and chain pharmacies to get americans vaccinated. step poor put vaccine production in hyper warp. we'll use the defense
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production act to work with private industry to excel. larayedh making a materials needed to supply and administer the vaccine. step five. always be accountable by being open and honest every step of the way who will manage the hell out of this operation. california needs all the help it can get of the 3.4 million doses. the state has received only 26% of the doses. have actually been injected into californians well below the national average. california has been in the bottom tier with regard to the distribution of the vaccines that it has received. but it has taken additional steps to try to get it out faster and on more efficiently, but that will depend on a continued steady stream from the federal government. since public confidence in the state's efforts is waning, this could be a godsend until we no longer have to wear masks and socially distance, but to those who refused the simple, effective measures biden says this it's
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time to grow up. at the end of the day. this is nothing more than a stop the spread mask. it is not any kind of political statement. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. all right. tell him thank you. will you numbers show that 13 million doses have been given out across the country, according to figures put together by bloomberg. 42% of the doses that were distributed have been administered today. governor newsome said nearly 1.2 million vaccines have been given to people in california, he said. the state is on target to give a million more in the next 10 days. the oakland coliseum is another step closer to becoming a mess vaccination site today, the coliseum authority decided to move forward with that plan. it would allow the alameda county health department to use the coliseum parking lot for a drive through vaccination site vehicle today's air, helping to organize the operation. we've
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been in contact with several medical providers that we have relationships with kaiser and sutter as well as the group that's doing the dodger stadium. um event, so i think, hopefully through some of that expertise that we have, operationally the ability to maybe bring that expertise to the table. we can help the entities really get this going as quickly as possible. oakland a's president there, dave cavil. now coliseum authority officials say task force will work out the details. the vaccination side could be up and running in february. now the plan has to be approved by the county health officer. dodger stadium was converted from a covid-19 testing site to a vaccination center. governor newsome easy see there was at the launch site this afternoon as los angeles reels from an ongoing surgeon cases. officials say they hope to give out 4000 vaccines by the end of today, and after 12 fauci. today once more vaccines arrive
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well, many people are finding long wait times and overwhelmed websites as they try to book an appointment to receive the covid-19 vaccine. ktvu is morning malar joining us now with more on what people are experiencing, and really were in the frustration for a lot of people from patients to county leaders. christine a lot of frustration out there tonight at this point where we're at one santa clara county leaders, blaming both the state and federal government for what he calls a lack of clarity around the vaccine, calling it a chaos of information flow. this will sub seniors are spending hours on the phone, just trying to make an appointment. trying to make a covid-19 vaccine appointment friday. kaiser patients calling the vaccination hotline heard this. we are unable to schedule a covid waxing appointment right now due to limited availability. while some sutter health patients got this message, thank you for calling better health. we have reached our current call capacity at this time, the health care provider
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says its call centers and online bookings are experiencing delays and longer than normal wait times. in a statement, sutter health said it is prioritizing the state's most vulnerable populations, including those who are 75 plus years of age and our community health care workers because they are at greatest risk, according to cdc guidance problem we have at the end of the day is logistics. we don't have enough vaccines in santa clara county on lee, those 75 up are able to get the vaccine with the exception of kaiser, which is scheduling appointments for some in the 65 up category. health officials say the biggest problem is an unpredictable supply due to this limited and unpredictable supply. we continue to need to limit eligibility for vaccination inside the space in front of the county elections office. people are now being vaccinated against covid-19. this burger avenue location is one of two mass vaccination sites launched in the county. the second is at the fair
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grounds with a third site with greater capacity opening and mountain view next week, according to the latest data this week, santa clara county has received 110001st doses and administered 52,000 of them or 47. and if anyone needs to know where to go to make an appointment, you may want to grab a pen and write down the website that's on your screen. santa clara county is advising people who are eligible to make an appointment that they go to www dot s. c c free vax dot or g'kar? that's s c c free vax dot org's. we are putting a link to this website on our website, you'll find it under the web links. section the county says it alone has ramped up vaccination rates now performing 6000 vaccinations a day, kristina and still a long way to go. all right, maureen naylor reporting live for us tonight morning. thanks
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contra costa county says that it has been one of the many counties to expand the vaccine eligibility to people 65 older as of today, 36,000 doses have been given out in the county. just a month ago, we were vaccinating frontline workers it too at at hospitals in the county and now just 30. days later, more than 20 vaccination sites have opened across the county, and we're opening more every day. the county health department says it expects the taxi will be available to most people in contra costa by the second half of the year that a security preparations underway in washington, d. c. the recent attack on the capitol, forcing authorities to block off much of the national mall just five days before inauguration, the fbi now getting word of possible calls form or armed protests. fencing topped with razor wire now surrounding the u. s. capitol, head of the presidential inauguration of joe biden. boxes. lauren
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blanchard is in washington with a look at the preparations going on there as well is ongoing investigations into last week's riots. it's becoming one of the hottest tickets in town with just five days to go until joe biden inauguration preparations are underway in washington for wednesday's transfer of power. but the majority of the nearly 80 million americans who voted for him will not be permitted to attend. in an unprecedented move, the national park service has now closed much of the national mall starting now through next thursday. enjoy it virtually on january 20th across washington, a transformed capital. miles of barricades, fencing and razor wire put up on capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi choked up in her weekly news conference, recalling last week's deadly riot at the capitol was so. so overwhelming, pelosi says protecting lawmakers is a top priority, naming retired lieutenant general russel honore to lead a
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review. looking into the attack as well as security at the capitol. this is the justice, defense and interior department's also announced they will look into last wednesday's attack. we must subject this this whole complex, though. scrutiny in light of what happened. fbi director ray warned thursday that investigators are monitoring extensive online chatter, including calls for armed protests leading up to inauguration day. president trump's departure from the white house wednesday is expected to be unusual as well. not only has he not attending the inauguration. but a military ceremony at joint base. andrews is now reportedly in the works before he flies home to florida in washington. lauren blanchard fox news. our coverage of the attack on the capital does not end here coming up tonight at 5 30. we talked to janet the penalty know about what should happen next as security agencies investigate the attack. a quarter million new cases every
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day here in the u. s while the uk is banning certain flights, and china builds a massive quarantine center coming up next to look at the international impact of covid-19. plus san francisco's mayor outlines a new plan to get more shots in arms. around the bay area this afternoon. unseasonably mild and we're gonna hold on to that pattern through the weekend. that plus a surf advisory to talk about a surf advisory to talk about for tomorrow, coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ digital transformation has failed to take off. because it hasn't removed the endless mundane work we all hate. ♪ ♪ ♪ automation can solve that by taking on repetitive tasks for us. unleash your potential. uipath. reboot work.
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daily average for new cases is still close to 250,000 with
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about 130,000 covid related hospitalizations. all of these new cases are putting a major strain on hospital systems across the country. in fact, a georgia, the state's largest hospital in atlanta, is now at 0% capacity. officials are pleading with the public to get back to basics when it comes to stopping the spread. let's all continue wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, washing your hands and heating the regulations. many states are also struggling to get people vaccinated. states have now used about 40% of available doses internationally. a new strain of the coronavirus is putting uk health officials on high alert. britain is banning flights from south america and portugal as a new variant leads to a surge of cases throughout brazil. china is also saying arise in new covid infections. officials they're preparing for a surge ahead of lunar new year travel. state media shows construction of a 3000 year. that quarantine facility to
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handle an overflow of patients. here at home. we're finally getting some specifics from san francisco on its vaccine distribution plan and how you can sign up ktvu christien kafton is live with the tails and christian. the city says it's ready to distribute the vaccine on a massive scale. yeah the city is preparing to vaccinate as many as 10,000 people per day starting next week as early as next week. they're also telling people to get ready to check out a new website. they'll be unveiling on tuesday, which will notify people. about when it's their turn. when where and how to get the covid-19 vaccine are among the top questions in san francisco. now city and public health leaders are saying they're ready to roll out their mass vaccination plans, starting with a citywide sign up program so san franciscans could be alerted when they're eligible. sf daca dub slash vaccine notify starting on tuesday into your information, and when it is your turn to be vaccinated, you
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will be contacted with what you should do to make that happen. phase one. a vaccination efforts are already underway. mayor london breed, saying they're an estimated 80 to 90,000 health care providers in the city, maura than many other counties. getting them all vaccinated quickly will be challenging. but she says san francisco it's. healthcare providers will be working as quickly as possible to get shots in the arms of those health care workers and those 65 older. so dph is now serving people in the san francisco help network who are 65 older. i know our private providers are starting to do the same, they see, also announcing its setting up mass vaccination sites, including at city college, as well as preparing pop up vaccination sites and mobile vaccination clinics to reach some of the city's most impacted. communities were ready to ramp up to distribute 10,000 doses per day in the city. as long as we received the supply to do so, vaccine
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supply is the determining factor when it comes to a timeline, public health leaders saying the. dependent on the state and federal governments to supply them with enough vaccine. even with increased supply. the estimates are that most of the general public will not receive vaccine until later in the year. san francisco was also working in a public private partnership with care providers announcing the state will be working with one medical, safeway, walgreens and kaiser, among others, to distribute vaccine as quickly as possible. and here in san francisco. we're pleased to be working with mayor breed and together with other health care organizations that were outlined earlier to create mass vaccination sites as quickly as possible and again as vaccine supplies are available. and we're gonna give you another look at that county website. sf dot gove slash vaccine notify, which is set to go live on tuesday at the city is saying that mass vaccination sites will be up and running next week provided they received
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enough vaccine from the state and federal governments reporting live. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. alright, christian. thank you so much. a pilot program to address homelessness in oakland is being called a success. keep oakland house was started in 2018. the program provides legal representation, emergency financial assistance and support of services to people at risk of losing their homes. a new report released today shows. the program has prevented nearly 5000 households in oakland from being evicted by providing those much needed services and resource is oakland mayor libby schaaf is hoping for additional funding to ensure the program. continues beyond 2021. on average, keep oakland house demonstrates that for less than $5000 a person, you can't address their housing emergency, which is financial, you can give them the legal assistance they need and you can give them the support that case
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management. to stabilize their income, stabilized their lives and keep them in a position of self sufficiency. the mayor went on to say that investing in the city's homeless crisis through this program is the most efficient and humane investment government can make. around the bay area this afternoon 10 to 15 degrees above the seasonal average. that looks like one area tied a record and that would be santa rosa coming in at 70 degrees this afternoon. meanwhile outside our doors, the sun is setting and we do have high clouds overhead. those high clouds spilling over the ridge of high pressure that is bringing us this unseasonably warm weather. let's take a look at some of those highs from today. 66 in san francisco upper sixties to near 70 degrees pacifica and half moon bay around the bay. we had 72 oakland, 69, san jose, and for the inner east bay 69 over livermore. was a look at the
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numbers right now. we've got mid sixties over san francisco, low sixties and walnut creek and in the north base, 61 over napa start temperatures are beginning to cool off and we will cool into the overnight hours. but when our temperatures become warmer in the afternoon, our overnight lows tend to follow suit. and so we won't be quite as cold as we could be. for this time of year. here's a look at storm surge her too, and you can see those high clouds that are moving through and buy back it up just a little bit. you can see how they're just kind of spilling right over the ridge of high pressure that is parked right here off the west coast. so this isn't going to budge, in fact is going to remain in place and we're going to remain above average when it comes to our temperatures getting into the next few days for your bay area saturday, we'll call for mostly sunny skies mild to warm weather very similar to today. now with this warm weather, folks, we're going toe. likely consider the coastline and with that said, we do have high surf advisory. so please be careful through tomorrow evening. hi. it looks like high tide right around one o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
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some of those breaking ways could reach anywhere from 15 to 20 ft. the water is still very cold and increase the rip currents, sneaker waves and just dangerous swimming will be out there along the coastline from the north bay coast all the way down through monterey. partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low forties, too low fifties as we start tomorrow morning in the north bay 43 in santa rosa along the coastline 51 in pacifica. and then as we get into the afternoon, another round of unseasonably warm weather with santa rosa expected to warm into the low seventies, we got 65 in san francisco upper sixties and oakland low seventies and livermore and san jose 70 expected for you a better look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow as we get into the back end of the weekend and into your holiday, expecting wind in our hills and that will bring on a high wind watch. better details in the extended forecast coming up, all right, rosemary alcs, then we'll bury a hospital is forced to work together. coming up next see how bigger hospitals, including stanford are helping
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keep other hospitals from being overwhelmed during this pandemic. coming up on, ktvu said six of public health epidemic on the streets of san francisco that is proven three times more deadly than the coronavirus by some city officials hope the year end report on drug overdoses can help curb the problem. anything that can be done to help any individual not place to come to individual not place to come to a drug overdose is. ♪ ♪ are you ready to join the duers? those who du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent. the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks. it's not a steroid but can help reduce or eliminate oral steroids. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions
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including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. du more with less asthma. talk to your asthma specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. if your financial situation has changed,
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you work hard for your money. stretched days for it. juggled life for it. took charge for it. so care for it. look after it. invest with the expertise of j.p. morgan, either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours. chase. make more of what's yours. they're sharing everything from advice to equipment. ktvu zan, rubin explains, joins us now to explain more on that, and you've learned bigger hospitals like stanford or helping smaller ones by accepting transfer patients. capacity changes day to day, but the idea is to balance the load in the region, so no have hospitals get overwhelmed. in
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santa clara county, the holidays filled hospitals pushing them to their limits, but his icu beds filled up. other facilities like stanford stepped up to help. since november. they've taken 607 transfer patients from other hospitals in need. when they're places where you know there's nowhere else left for icu patients to go finding a way to make that work here is this kind of our job. some of the transfers were sick with covid. many were not, but by taking them on stanford was keeping smaller hospitals from being overwhelmed. sometimes we flirt with getting to do that capacity to, but thus far, we haven't and we've been very, very lucky. on. we have our news new facility and we're still using our other facilities. so we were that came along just in the nick of time. in fact, all the region's hospitals are taking collaboration and cooperation to a new level. they've arranged a daily call designed to cut through red tape. doctors that o'connor hospital
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in san jose say it's been invaluable. while the initial the group was to kind of help balance the impact of the surge across the county. it quickly grew into much more than that. it became a chance to share best practices and identify challenges who needed help with patients, equipment and supplies. the beauty in it is its simplicity. on and its speed in terms of being able to happen, because if that has been was running out of resources, nurse no time to waste, and they recognize the hospital that needs help. one day, maybe offering it the next. so these doctors have been digging deep, ready to take on even more. this probably is the most important time in our lives, and those patients lives that we put those things that put everything else aside and just take care of people the hospital's expect things will be difficult for the next couple of months. but they're hopeful this collaboration will continue even after the pandemic, aundre well, we'll see how that goes out. and we've been reporting for us live tonight. and
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what went wrong at the u. s capitol last week? well it's a question investigators and security agencies will be trying to figure out coming up. next we talk with jenna napolitano, who offers her expertise on what should happen next, plus a slow vaccine roll out here in california, but that isn't the case everywhere. we'll talk to a doctor about whether there's anything california can learn from other states, who have been vaccinating at a much faster pace and helping feed the homeless and helping local restaurants keep. staff still to come tonight, we'll explain a new plan called feed to find md
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troops to help protect the u. s. capitol in the wake of the riot last week. authorities say they now want to deploy at least 25,000 forces for the inauguration of joe biden. they have commitments for 22,000 troops so far. meanwhile congress is launching an investigation into how thousands of people were able to storm the capital in that deadly siege. ktvu political reporter, greg lee spoke with janet napolitano, the former homeland security secretary, about whether she believes that the inauguration will be secure. there just seemed to be a lack of law enforcement presence to keep control over the security of the capital.
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i'm sure that will not happen next week for the inauguration, like much of the country, former secretary of the department of homeland security janet napolitano was in shock is a pro trump mob assaulted the capital. her previous role in the politan a lead the country's efforts to counter terrorism and enhance security as authorities continue to arrest and charge those responsible for the insurrection, she said. a lot of questions need to be answered. where was the security planning? what was the planet? what was the plan b. there certainly was enough information out ahead of time that. things could get crazy. the fbi has urged the law enforcement around the country to be on high alert, warning of threats of violence leading up to and on inauguration day, governor newsome called in 1000 national guard members to help protect the state capitol in sacramento. more than 20,000 troops are pouring into d c to help secure the nation's capital. despite the threats,
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napolitano was confident in the secret service and their partners to keep everyone safe as the new president is sworn in. president elect biden is intent on abiding by the norms of how we do inaugurations and ceremonies. and i think it's important that he do so to show that. we do have the peaceful transfer of power on that. he is the president of the united states next month in the paul tana was launching the center for the study of security and politics at berkeley. she says one of the things they'll discuss is the need for the department of homeland security and other law enforcement to prioritize investigating extremist groups in the u. s. well, i think we need to deal with them as azenith smith. they organized online. um and it's not their speech that violence of the of the law. we're free speech country.
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what's violative of the law are the violent actions that they undertake on the violence that they insight. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. authorities have set up a temporary security perimeter, including a 6 ft chain link fence around the state capitol in sacramento. the chp says that it is not going to issue any more permits for rallies of the capital around the time of the inauguration in d. c this afternoon, governor newsome said some of the 1000 guard troops called up will be posted at other sites, but he did not name them for security purposes. santa cruz county has now surpassed 100 deaths from the coronavirus, according to the health department. there are now over 3000 active cases in santa cruz county, 346. people have required hospitalization because of the virus. the health department says the counties in the middle of a surge related to the holidays. our surge continues
5:34 pm
that started with halloween, so we knew that the back to back holidays of halloween thanksgiving christmas new year's all the other, many celebrations that happened during those months. we're going to take a toll on our community. and they perhaps have hit santa cruz county harder than they have the rest of the state. well, health officials say there have been several outbreaks around santa cruz. many were at assisted living facilities and hospitals. others have happened at a variety of places such as grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants. joining us now to talk about the vaccination processes. doctor burney a saying, doctor, thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. i wasn't even in giving. yes well, the first doctor i wanted to start with the vaccinations. what do you make of the changing guidelines here? should the changes have been made earlier? are they being made at the time that we now have learned? maura about the vaccination process? yes. so you know, that's a great
5:35 pm
question about you know, should these have been made earlier? in hindsight, things seem pretty clear that we should've expanded the group to 65 older as well. a sloth with. home morbid conditions because i think that it's surprised folks over the holidays. how slow the rollout was here in california. we know that's only 27 to 20% vaccine doses that have been utilized. perhaps it was a thought that more people would sign up. but there was also labor force is issues over the holidays. and really when you think about the covid vaccine and the disease being talked about every single day throughout the day and the effect it's had over the last year that's been surprising. i am glad to hear that the state has expanded its allocation to who is a priority group. but what's really important is to get the distribution quickly so that folks can get immunized at this time when it's clear that the surge is having a big impact. we'll get to just where
5:36 pm
our state ranks pretty much to the bottom in terms of administering the amount of vaccine that we have. we'll get to that in a second. but first we are hearing from a lot of seniors were wondering how they signed up for unemployment here to get this vaccine. now, do these seniors actually retire to their doctors or local county health officials to schedule getting these vaccinations? yes so this is also a really important question that has been coming up with a lot of seniors who, though they are very interested in getting the vaccine don't really know where to start. i can tell i had called my own parents, uh, position clinic, and they themselves were unclear about if they would, in fact that it where is now i think that the news you folks have made it clear that a lot of people are unhappy. for example, stanford today announced that those folks and santa clara county and san mateo clowney. part of stamford health here as patients and
5:37 pm
qualifying the priority group will get it so slowly. the hospital system seemed to be coming around, but i think they have to make it easier. the providers to get the information, so they know either where to direct their patients or they themselves when they can administer, and i think that has been a big gap in all of this. it seems like the information is but scattered, so they're trying to figure out who to talk to get the correct information. now, let's get to this question here. west virginia, north dakota all of the top of the list here most successful states and administering the vaccine. yet here in california, on lee about 25 27% of distributed doses actually made in the people's arms. what has the state done wrong here? why are there so many doses? still sitting in storage? yeah, again. this is this is surprising. press state, which is often ahead of the curve in terms of. thinking about data innovation. how to implement new concepts had anticipated and really, you have to commend north dakota, west virginia and other states
5:38 pm
that have been right on top of it. in fact, i went to the north dakota public health department website is so clear in terms of. who they're noting as priority groups that providers have to actually sign up by a certain system to be part of those is to receive the allocation that the allocation goes to centralize place and then is redistributed to the providers, and it's so clear on their website. not only that, but who the priority groups are. it seems to be updated. where is here on our website? you in california? i'm sure this will change every day because. this is obviously you know, inflow, working work in progress, but it was more about the larger philosophy about an equitable distribution. but the public health officers in the county are really the ones that are in charge of this and certainly stanford has said that is other hospitals, but i think it has to be made more clear for the providers,
5:39 pm
perhaps, and smaller clinics, systems and for the larger health s to coordinate and my understanding is that the local bear hospitals large and smaller, all coordinating now, and i think that really is something that if it hadn't happened weeks ago, perhaps we would not have unfilled slots on did also just getting people who could work during the holidays and after i'm sure there are many people who are willing to help out in this time of need, but also just to pay them and t give them some work would have been very helpful. yeah, yeah, a lot of people still need that vaccine. across the country, their 31 million doses that were distributed 10.6 million have been administered. of course, california's has much bigger population is then west virginia, north dakota, so that might have also contributed to their higher numbers are daca vanina saying thank you so much for your insight this afternoon. oh, it's great to be here. thank you. officers responded to 911 collar, saying they could hear gunshots and
5:40 pm
when they arrived, the suspect opened fire on those officers coming up next what it took to finally arrest the gunmen. what's the bankruptcy being cheered in some groups details about the n r raise decision to file bankruptcy today. hi, i'm mike. jack hired me to tell you about his bagel breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. jack i thought you hired me to be the spokesperson! why choose one when you can have two? my 2 for $5 bagel breakfast sandwiches.
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hi, i'm mark, here to tell you about jack's bagel breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. whoa, mark. jack hired me! i got a contract. you mean like this one? why choose one when you can have two? my 2 for $5 bagel breakfast sandwiches. officers today in san jose, as ktvu crime reporter had really tells us those officers weren't hurt, but we're close enough to see muzzle flashes. began just before 4 30 in the morning when many people called 911 to say they saw someone firing a gun near duffy and lynette in the san jose officers arrived individuals not out in the street when they arrive, but that quickly changed. they observed. a male approach the area, the male raised what appeared to be a firearm. it was dark, so they were able to see a muzzle flash. the
5:43 pm
officers took cover. officers were not able to return fire. it happened very quickly. the shooter slipped away. but after the merge or swat team in. other officers converged on scene, they tracked the suspect down to a nearby home. negotiators contacted him and urged him to give up. he surrendered about four hours later in the swat team helped take him into custody. just thankful that it ended peacefully. police say. it could've been worse. i want to emphasize, too, that we are very lucky that our officers were not hit. this guy obviously had a firearm fired multiple rounds. standard clara county d's office will review the case before deciding whether to file formal charges. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the national rifle association filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. the gun lobbying group also said it's moving many of its offices from new york to texas as it restructures. wayne lapierre, who runs in our race, says the group is quote dumping new york because of its corruption, political and regulatory environment. texas is home to more than 400,000 and our
5:44 pm
remembers the bankruptcy follows litigation and allegations off financial mismanagement. for a change in the regions stay at home order means some businesses are allowed to reopen around like tahoe coming up. next we'll talk to the north lake tahoe chamber of commerce about what you need to know if you plan to travel to the mountains. for your bay area weekend. unseasonably warm weather in store. we also have a high surf advisory and a high wind washed to discuss this coming up after the break.
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drawing's this weekend. the mega millions jackpot is an estimated $750 million. it's been growing steadily since september and is now the fifth largest lottery prize in history, and the powerball has ballooned to $640 million. the prize is one of the game's five largest jackpots of all time after no 11 wednesday. and all
5:47 pm
of this lot of excitement is prompting some bay area residents to play the game for the first time in their lives, won powerball ticket and one mega million ticket. i bought 10 tickets for each one. so 10 for tonight. 10 10 chances to win saturday night, but there's a big payout. as you know, this is my first time playing. i feel lucky feeling fortunate, rolling the dice. yeah you don't play you can't win. the drawing for mega million is tonight. and powerball's drawing is tomorrow night. good luck. around the bay area this afternoon temperatures ranging from the upper sixties to about 70 degrees. in fact, santa rosa tied a record this afternoon coming in at 70. and we're gonna hold on to this pattern, at least for a few days. we have a few other items worthy of noting one high surf advisory. the second will be a high wind watch that comes into play on the back end of the weekend and into the holiday.
5:48 pm
here's a look at what's happening over san francisco. it's ah beautiful evening out there. we do have light winds. a few high clouds overhead and temperatures are beginning to cool off. san francisco right now reporting 61 degrees oakland low sixties for you, there is well a sliver more san jose. and santa rosa at 66, so slipping four degrees or so from your afternoon high star tracker to they're showing you that we do have the hide level clouds overhead. if you look a little bit farther north, you can pick up even on some green there. we've got activity happening not for us so much, but there are this storm's that are moving through the pacific northwest. we've got some rain and snow over washington, northern california just being clipped. but for us, it's this ridge of high pressure that will keep us high and dry for the next several days, so we're not going to see any rain, but those pacific storms, helping to create high surf along our coastline, and that's for that advisory is coming from now. eventually on the back end of the weekend, we have a system that moves across northern californ and sinks
5:49 pm
in along the back side of the state, and that is going to kick up our offshore wind and that will keep us try and breezy and again looking at a high wind watch for some areas. so i look at what we can expect. for tomorrow we'll go mostly sunny skies mild to warm weather temperatures very similar to today, the winds will be generally light. the high surf advisory is already in place, and we'll go all the way until tomorrow seven pm for our entire coastline could see breaking waves anywhere from 15 to 20 ft. at times again. the water is very cold, and it's just not a good time to be in the water so that to be aware of their. meanwhile we do have this high wind watch that's anticipated for late sunday into monday, and it does include our north bay hills or east bay hill. so we'll be keeping track of that. but again that doesn't come until later in the weekend. tomorrow morning. we've got partly cloudy skies a few areas of fog and temperatures in the low forties, too. low fifties 48 sandra fell for tomorrow's wallace oakland, 49 in san francisco. and even some of our
5:50 pm
cold response that could be freezing tomorrow morning. not too bad 43 in santa rosa in her east bay, 46 expected over livermore. even a few low fifties out there so the afternoon highs, helping to bring up the overnight lows as well. your afternoon highs for tomorrow 65 of san francisco low seventies for livermore into the south face 73. morgan hill. and in the north bay will go 74 over santa rosa. these will be some of the temperatures to beat for tomorrow notice. santa rosa could tie another record. san francisco not expected to break a record, san jose could get close within a few degrees or so there's your extended forecast. when it comes to the temperatures were gonna remain high and dry through the weekend and beyond. we only begin to see those numbers slip on wednesday, but again in the short term is the high surf advisory to be aware of, as well as the wind advisory or highway. watch that will come in sunday night into monday. back to you. hard rosemary,
5:51 pm
frank you well, today marks 12 years since that miracle on the hudson. remember that that's one of pilot from the east bay landed flight 15 49 and had just lost its engines after hitting some birds safely on the hudson river, us airways captain chesley sully sullenberger lived in danville at the time he safely landed the airbus a 3 20 on the new york's hudson river, saving the lives of the 155 passengers and crew on board. the flight was headed from laguardia to charlotte time. that's $2000 worth of sales. and. you know all we get all hands on deck that day. it's a plan to help local businesses and also helps feed the homeless details about this new partnership. in the city of alameda and coming up on ktvu news at six security preps underway in sacramento to monitor any potential threats at the state capitol ahead of next week's presidential inauguration. we will hear from fbi agents assigned to that
5:52 pm
field office. everybody should be be prepared. everybody sh these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control.
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with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help.
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if your financial situation has changed, under the plan, the city will pay local restaurants to prepare hot, nutritious meals to people were homeless or escaping domestic violence. ktvu rob ross spoke with the restaurant owner who will now be able to bring back much of her laid off staff, at least for a day. before the pandemic spicy, calmer, a german restaurant in alameda had 44 people working here now, the owner says. it's less than 10. all of last week. we made as much money as we used to make on a friday, but some help is
5:55 pm
coming to this and about 40 other restaurants in town, the city's about to launch a new program called feet, alameda. under the plan, the city pays one restaurant a week to provide almost 100 meals to homeless people and two women who are living in shelters fleeing domestic violence we have seen, unfortunately, an uptick in domestic violence cases and i'm midway shelter for domestic violence victims and their children is float. the restaurant was picked by lottery to be among the first to prepare 90 individual hot meals beginning next week. $25 for each meal. that means extra money coming in and employment for dozens of staff. that's $2000 worth of sales. and um, you know, i'll get all hands on deck that day, and you know it's quite a operation to put together 90 meals already at the same time to go out. so you know, i think everybody'll feel good about it. and also it's a day's work. it is a different restaurant every week for as long as the fence hold out. the
5:56 pm
mayor says she got the idea after participating in a video card. it's of us mayors. this is just a little way to help give him a little funding stream to keep them in business. dozens of homeless people, including those living in these trailers, will also benefit by getting a take out dinner from a local restaurant, says the director of a nonprofit program that works with those who have almost nothing in tow ability to provide a good fresh hot meal. home cooked meal is so essential to our. and so on shelter, so i'm just so grateful for them for this program. the city is launched a go fund me page to help keep the program going. so far, it's raised almost $24,000 rob rock ktvu fox two news. how many people are debating whether to get a vaccine once it's available, but not everyone may have a choice in the matter.
5:57 pm
ktvu or excuse me. fox is actually strohmeyer reports that many companies are requiring their employees to get the shot before returning to work. with vaccinations across the country. well under way, you might be wondering if your employer can require you to get a vaccine. the answer from the us equal employment opportunity commission is yes with a few exceptions for religious or medical reasons, while companies can legally mandate vaccinations, most are only encouraging them in. some are offering financial incentives, all actually pipe. all staff members to have it done on be paid and i'll be done in their work time. dollar general will reward its employees with four hours of pay for getting the vaccine and trader joe's who offer two hours of paper dose. one maren georgia is even handing out $200 gift cards to any city employee who gets their injection in a timely manner. we want to make sure everybody has a sense of urgency to get the vaccine. that's why we came up with the $200 gift card so that we. when the time comes
5:58 pm
and our employees are able to tomo receive that vaccine that they'll hurry right out. one worker says that 200 bucks will probably change his mind. do you have your doubts? when the city offers its employees $200. that's a great incentive. but not everyone is on board just yet, but i'm going to wait to see what happens. turns out many people actually wouldn't mind getting jabbed for their jobs. a lincoln survey found. 46% of us employees actually agree with companies mandating vaccines, actually, strohmeyer fox news. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six today. president elect joe biden detailed his five point plan to get america vaccinated as governor use of attended the launch of california's newest mass vaccination side. but here in the bay area officials are expressing frustration and say they need more doses of the vaccine. have a lot of the same
5:59 pm
questions, including how we get more vaccines. my focus has been on setting up the city to be ready when we do get vaccines. the problem we have at the end of the day is logistics. we don't have enough vaccines. long wait times and overwhelmed websites as people try to make appointments to get the coronavirus vaccine. good evening. i'm cristina rendon i'm andre senior, some local leaders or even blaming the state and federal government for the lack of clarity surrounding vaccine distribution. ktvu maureen naylor has more now on the growing frustration. trying to make a covid-19 vaccine appointment friday. kaiser patients calling the vaccination hotline heard this. we are unable to schedule a covid waxing appointment right now due to limited availability. while some sutter health patients got this message, thank you for calling better health. we have reached our
6:00 pm
current call capacity at this time, the health care provider says its call centers and online bookings are experiencing delays and longer than normal wait times. in a statement, sutter health said it is prioritizing the state's most vulnerable populations, including those who are 75 plus years of age and our community health care workers because they are at greatest risk, according to cdc guidance problem we have at the end of the day is logistics. we don't have enough vaccines in san. clara county on lee. those 75 up are able to get the vaccine with the exception of kaiser, which is scheduling appointments for some in the 65 up category. health officials say the biggest problem is an unpredictable supply due to this limited and unpredictable supply. we continue to need to limit eligibility for vaccination inside the space in front of the county elections office. people are now being vaccinated against covid-19. this burger avenue location is one of two mass


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