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back to you exactly. exactly what i appreciate about right next at 11. because i'm not sure what it's gonna be like out here. yeah. so for my safety ologists day inside, businesses are boarded up in sacramento as the city braces for possible violence at the state capitol ahead of the inauguration. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now the national guard is on the way to sacramento following the fbi's warning of civil unrest. that state capitals. hello again. i'm christina. we're don't and i'm andre senior. the inauguration just five days away now, but authorities say possible violence at government buildings could start as early as this weekend. as ktvu is amber lee reports, the capital's neighboring businesses are worried about violence, too. you have a sense that something's loamy. there is a mood of quiet tension at the state capital, according to
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people who live and work in the area, and increasingly strong law enforcement presence that will include the national guard and a highly visible fence surrounding the perimeter of the capital preparation for possible civil unrest in the coming days leading up to the inauguration of president elect joe biden an easy possibility that something's gonna happen, but not knowing what. biggest concern, really, though, is the violence. the fbi says it will ensure that people have the right to speak freely, but that violence will not be tolerated. but we're following up on all leads on all indicators of individuals who may have been involved in violence or criminal activity just three blocks away in a commercial area known as old sacramento, the bright lights of a ferris wheel signal new life as merchants reopened for the first time this friday night since the reed. no shutdown order last month, but now a possible new turn of events
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such as protests, raises concerns were worried about vandalism and break ins. still this comedy club owner is glad to be able to reopen for business will be closed for the inauguration. and we're not gonna have a show next thursday. till kind of let everything settled down. this street vendor tells me she plans to be out selling her merchandise on inauguration day because she needs to make a living. i'm going. i have pepper spray, and i'm probably gonna bring a couple of cousins here, so i don't be here by myself. i'm not sure what it's gonna be like out here. yeah. so for my safety ologists day inside, we're told there is a pro president trump rally scheduled to be held here at the state capital sunday. sacramental police tell me they're not sure whether it will go ahead. but in any event, they say law enforcement is prepared in sacramental amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. facebook plans to block users from creating new events near government
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buildings as another precaution before inauguration day, the event feature is eased to organize social gatherings both big and small, but users will no longer be able to create an event near the white house, u. s capitol building and state houses leading up to the inauguration next week. wednesday facebook says the action is meant to prevent people from using its platform to incite violence. facebook is also blocking event creation in the u. s by non u. s. b. accounts and pages. u s. capitol police were reportedly warned by their own investigators about the possibility of violence by trump supporters on january 6th. the washington post says that internal report came out three days before the siege on the capital that led to five deaths, including a capitol police officer. it's said that the rally crowd likely, including white supremacists and militia members, would see the sixth as their last chance to overturn the election. it's a congress would be a target tonight. the capital area is
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under heavy scrutiny with the inauguration just five days away. all 50 state. fbi jttf sin the four territories are working 24 hours a day to pursue every lead every credible threat and run that to ground today, house speaker nancy pelosi named retired lieutenant general russel on right to lead the investigation into the siege. today. president elect joe biden promised a big turnaround and how coronavirus vaccines are being administered. by the end of our first month in office, we'll have 100 federally supported centers across the nation that will ultimately vaccinate millions of people who will manage the hell out of this operation. the effort will also include mobile clinics to reach rural communities and pharmacies, where many people already get their flu vaccines and buys and says he wants to invest $400 billion to boost vaccine supplies. used the defense production act to work
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with private industry to accelerate the making of materials needed to supply and administer the vaccine. the president elect has pledged to get 100 million americans vaccinated in his 1st 100 days. and even though the vaccine roland has been underway for several weeks now, some people say it is nearly impossible to schedule an appointment for their covid-19 vaccine. if they are in those high risk groups. ktvu is elissa harrington joining us live tonight with more on this story, alyssa patients are frustrated. they say they're kept on hold for hours. sometimes they're hung up on or they just received a recording that says there's no appointments available. so tonight a lot of hospitals are apologizing. and say that the amount of covid-19 vaccine is limited. we are unable to schedule a covid vaccine appointment right now. this is the message many kaiser patients get when trying to book an appointment for the covid-19 vaccine. others have
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been put on hold for hours. i dialed at 12 look three, and i finally talked to someone at 206. um and i just was like listening to the hold music. the whole time elissa harrington of san jose was left on hold for more than two hours while trying to make a vaccine appointment at kaiser for her 66 year old father, the state recently expanded covid-19 vaccine eligibility to residents age 65 older, but galvin said she'd got the runaround and getting her dad. the shot was nearly impossible. that first day i tried to make like three separate phone calls. i got like five different phone numbers to call. i just kept getting, like rerouted. it didn't seem like they were prepared in the way that i expected them to be. in a statement, kaiser explained. supply is limited. they have increased after the call center, part of the statement reads. we sincerely apologize to our members who have encountered long wait times when calling for a vaccination appointment and understand the frustration this cause. vaccine roll out a bumpy one. health officials say
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the biggest problem is an unpredictable supply due to this limited and unpredictable supply. we continue to need to limit eligibility for vaccination. the state was also depending on more shipments of vaccine from the national stockpile, but it's unclear how many doses will be available. and when had a news conference at dodger stadium. governor gavin newsom said he does not see any issues with getting people. their second dose is our resolve is to get. all of the existing doses that are in this state administered as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we still have a lot of work to do in that space. so far, the state has received three million doses of the vaccine. kaiser says that by next week, patients should be able to self schedule vaccine appointments, and galvan told me that her father did finally get an appointment. it just took a lot of time waiting on hold for that to happen. reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. all right, alyssa. thank
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you. the oakland coliseum is another step closer to becoming a mass vaccination side. today the coliseum authority chose to move forward with the plan, allowing the alameda county health department. you use the coliseum parking lot for a drive thru side the oakland a's air, helping to organize the side, which will be similar to the mass vaccination side at dodger stadium in los angeles that opened today. the vaccination site could be up and running in february. the plan has to be approved by the county health officer. first more than one million coronavirus vaccines have now been administered here in california. the governor said that nearly 1.2 million shots have been given and more than 200,000. people have gotten the second dose that confers immunity. newsome says he expects to reach a goal of giving out one million more vaccines in the next 10 days. some school nurses in the east bay they received their coronavirus vaccines. today, the livermore unified school district vaccinated four of its nurses, district officials say vaccinating its staff is an
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important step toward reopening schools for in person learning the. district says they hope they can get more doses soon so they could vaccinate more school staff. bay area hospitals air helping to ease the burden of other facilities during the pandemic. we understand that since november, stanford has taken in 600 sevens, transfer patients from hospitals and need some of the patients who were transferred were sick with covid. many though we're not, but in either case, stanford medical center says that it was keeping smaller hospitals from being overwhelmed. officials say they have been fortunate to retain their icu capacity times. we flirt with getting to do that capacity to, but thus far, we haven't and we've been very, very lucky on we have our news new facility and we're still using our other facilities. so we were that came along just in the nick of time. oration to a
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new level during the pandemic. they take part in a daily call where they share help with whoever needs it share help with patients as well. equipment and supplies every level. what we're doing right now has been. san francisco's drug overdoses proved to be three times deadlier than the coronavirus. how city leaders air dressing the epidemic plus developing news in sacramento county. what we're learning about a shooting that left an officer hurt and
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the shooting happened around 8 15 and north sacramento. a spokesperson for the sheriff's office says they responded to a shooting call and found one person dead and their officer wounded. the 47 year old officer was taken to a nearby hospital. we do not know his condition at this time, the sheriff's office says. they're actively investigating exactly what happened and will release more details as they become available. and 11 tonight police in foster city we're looking for the driver or owner. of this ford fusion. investigators believe it was involved in an incident last month that someone threw a £5 rock through the window of a home belonging to the city's vice mayor, risha awadi, her husband and 14 year old son were home at the time, the rock narrowly missed her husband's head. the vice mayor who was indian american, says some were not happy when she ran for city council. and one back in 2018.
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we're getting an exclusive look inside san francisco's and medical examiner's office after the city's had a disturbing record of 699 deaths related to overdoses last year, but is three times more than the number of people who died from the coronavirus. interviews evan sernoffsky tells us how city officials are working to keep that death toll from rising that words coming from sophisticated equipment, identifying whether drugs are in the bodily fluids of people who died, ktvu toured the state of the art laboratory at the san francisco medical examiner's office were staffer inundated with overdose cases. these individuals they days of someone's loved ones. dr luke rata is chief toxicologist here, and he's often the first to know and drug death, si increasing it's important to see the extent of what's happening on a cd basis, and even a month to month basis he
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spoke is the office issued a year into report marking a record 699 overdose deaths in 2020. he hopes getting the data out quickly will help other city agencies in the response. anything that can be done to help any individual not. you should come to a drug overdose is obviously any everyone's gone. overdose deaths increased more than 50% from the previous year, which at the time had a record 441 deaths. fentanyl has been the large driver for these increases an accidental overdose deaths. the powerful narcotic was responsible for more than 500 deaths last year and has become the drug of choice for many users in san francisco. ktvu has been documenting the epidemic for months. many experts believe that social isolation from the coronavirus may be contributing to the death toll and every level what we're doing right now is failing. san francisco supervisor matt haney introduced legislation compelling the city to release
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overdose numbers more quickly. he said the city's response to the crisis has been a disaster. we had under 200 people, tragically dying love covid-19. and nearly 700 dying of overdoses, but we know what it looks like to respond to a public health epidemic. in san francisco. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news, san jose police arrested a man today after he was accused of opening fire on two police officers. early this morning. several people called 911 to say they saw someone firing a gun. you're duffy and the net in eastenders, a 27 year old silly. jassi ka ho of san jose, was identified as the suspect. late this evening, police tracked him from the scene to a nearby home. i mean, more than a dozen rallies that schools around the bay area, my parents and students say youth sports should be allowed despite pandemic plus stay at home order is lifted for south lake tahoe. the concerns from
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the city's mayor is tourists continue to flock to the sierra. in a barrier weather. it looks like our warm pattern will continue into the weekend. it does not feel like january out there coming up a look at the forecast highs and when we the forecast highs and when we could be tracking some hi, i'm mike. jack hired me to tell you about his bagel breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. jack i thought you hired me to be the spokesperson! why choose one when you can have two? my 2 for $5 bagel breakfast sandwiches.
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hi, i'm mark, here to tell you about jack's bagel breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. whoa, mark. jack hired me! i got a contract. you mean like this one? why choose one when you can have two? my 2 for $5 bagel breakfast sandwiches. effort to urge high school's toe let the winter sports season commence. ktvu magus has a message from parents and student athletes. okay outside san ramon valley high school in danville friday, dozens of students and parents gathered at a distance masks on and signs raised, calling for a kickoff to the now delayed football season. if i don't
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know sports, and i can't really focus and also helps me mentally, i feel happier when i play sports, the california interscholastic federation in charge of high school sports, was hoping that football and other winter sports could resume on january 25th. but the organization's central coast commissioner, told. ktvu that with much of california under a stay at home order, the state public health department won't allow it. for now. the season is on hold until public health issues new guidance, the american academy of pediatrics came out with new guidelines for youth sports last month, noting that teens who had previously tested positive for covid-19 should be cleared by a doctor for heart risks and recommended that face masks be worn at indoor sports practices. we can do the right protocols we can do the right thing. and we deserve that opportunity, doctors say, even with social distancing and masking protocols in place, the risk for spreading the virus is still high in san mateo county in the last 30 days in the age
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group from ages, 10 to 19 years there were just over 1000 cases. still for high school senior athletes. it's now or never. he was robbed of his senior football season and now it looks like he will be robbed of. his senior prom. so again if we can get even just an abbreviated season, i think it would be nice for the kids to at least have that this in particular this senior class emma dos ktvu, fox two news. south lake tahoe can now reopen outdoor dining wineries and salons after the state lifted the stay at home order for the sacramental region with a three day holiday weekend, many people are expected to head up to the mountain to ski resorts. earlier on the four we spoke to the mayor of south lake tahoe, she says businesses have been struggling and re opening is a big sigh of relief. but she also wants visitors to follow safety rules. i would like for them to follow our mass
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quarters where a mask social distance that just because they're on vacation there, not on vacation from coronavirus. earlier this week, the governor said the sacramento region could reopen based. on stabilized case rates and icu projections, and i'll just look at the forecast or south a tahoe a forecast high at 60 degrees as we had in a sunday, so it's warming up here in the bay area, warming up in the mountains as well before temperatures do cool off of the mountains on mondays we head into early next week, taking a look that they of the warm temperatures from today. lots of sixties and still some seven. he's tying a record up in the north bay santa rosa 70 degrees earlier this afternoon. here's a plan this weekend for your saturday, starting out with patchy morning fog. it'll be warm once again, and the only change in the sunday will be some stronger winds and the winds will eventually be the biggest weather stories we head into early next week. some strong winds moving in on the
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north, especially for the north bay hill's current numbers in the most areas in the fifties. still a few sixties out there, eventually, everybody. was off into the forties overnight. here's a live camera looking out towards san francisco, where we do have some high clouds painted paid us a visit right now, and we'll start out tomorrow morning with partly cloudy skies, some pockets of fog and temperatures. as i mentioned most areas will be. in the forties. but here's the set up an offshore flow developing so it's happening. you have that northeast wind. we typically see a pattern like this and maybe a september and october which really boost the fire, danger. thankfully we do not have any any red flag fire warnings, but something will have to keep it on. the recent rainfall has helped us out. but any time you get up ah long duration wind event in this will be a long duration would event sunday night, possibly in the tuesday fire dangers. still, we'll have to monitor that as we head into. that the time period for tomorrow, though mostly sunny skies, mild to warm. you could see what
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happens that we're tracking the system moving to the east, the bay area, the pressure difference in that area of high pressure off. she worked that low pressure center generates that wind and the wind could be really strong, especially for the higher terrain could be topping 50 to 60 miles an hour right around 3000 ft, and some of the stronger winds could mix down the surface as well. so the valleys could be on the order of 25 to 40 miles an hour. were forecast highs will be in the sixties to the seventies for tomorrow for your saturday we'll do it again in the sun daily, tracking the stronger winds by sunday night and into monday no rain clouds just yet in this five day forecast. all right, mark, thank you so much for coming up in sports. controversial comments from charles barkley about. athletes and the coronavirus vaccine, but first the numbers are in for tonight's huge mega millions. jackpot they are 3 11 12 38 43.
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that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ we're made for. night or nearly right now, in ordinary times, which we are far from, we've been talking about the warriors game against the suns, but you've heard about the postponements you've heard about players testing positive. charles barkley has a semi solution. just make sure all pro athletes are vaccinated first put him at the front of the line, he says. they should let the nba players and coaches all get the vaccine. that's just my personal opinion. i
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think you know i don't i don't think that's what's called people. i'm not a word. we're talking at the front of the line. we need 300 million shots up given 1000 twosome, nba players. what about what about nfl nfl? look just get rid of nfl players? hockey players? listen, it's much taxes. these players pay. let me repeat, that is much taxes. these players pay. they deserve some preferential treatment for life. all right. those comments kind of got social media gun as you could imagine, among other things, he was accused of elitism. but you know what? that's why they pay charles barkley so much money gives things stirred up and that's all he was doing right there. i don't totally believe that he believes what he just said. all right, can we talk college basketbal little bit because the stanford women are certainly worth talking about number one in the land and undefeated that continues
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against the utes up in utah, as stanford goes at it behind, none other than serena williams. yeah williams, you get the three to go there got the shooter's bounce, you might say. 18 points, third quarter brand believing stealing, she'll go the distance, making it. tough laying. she's fouled. it counts. this thing was never really a game 80 to 54 stanford now eight and, oh and roll and they're gonna stay number one. but man, it's a sob story for the cal bears right now. they are winless owen 11 under the first quarter air barest moving around pretty nicely. leilani mac in touch with the soft touch three cows down on lee four, but come the third, the buffs of colorado. get it working with jalen sherrod stealing the ball in transition. frieda foreman gonna finish yet? 1975 69 cow is oh, and eight in
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the pac 12 so hard times for them. the stanford cardinal keeps moving friday night with the videos. we got a little time to check this out and tell you about a cult figure back in boston, and this guy's name is taco fall, 7 ft. five they love it when he shoots from outside back yet all three of these shots today you can see by his teammates reaction right there. they absolutely love him, and the celtics won easily and back by popular demand. everybody loves this food trade here because he's smart, and he's an opportunist, and he's. pushing that chair into the kitchen to make sure you congratulate biter to up the counter before his master catches him and onto the streets of madrid, spain. i don't think you see this too often, they had a massive snowstorm over there and skier being told by a car looks like
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he's having a ball right there. no. no snow in spain that is the sporting life. 100 the sporting life. 100 christina it's been mighty cold in here since "the big chill." what say we warm our hearts by... "st. elmo's fire"? yes! couple of wine coolers and some '80s rob lowe -- i can get into that. i'm still holding out hope i'll have plans tonight. great. two for two. haley? oh, so fun, but i'm gonna have to say no. i have a photography-class thing. what kind of a thing? oh, you know, just an exhibit, like, to show our photos. is it something that we should go to? claire, we just made plans. mom, this is a college class. i'm not in the third grade. don't you have nap time there? no. i have free periods, during which i sometimes nap. is it me, or was she just being purposefully vague? alex, i want you to go through her stuff and find out about this thing tonight. wait, wait. i-i don't feel good about us snooping. i know. that's why i told alex to do it. i think haley knows more than she's letting on.


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