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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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nfc championship game. all right, joe. thank you. coming up next year at 11. we have had a number of large outbreaks, and this variant has been identified in those outbreaks, health officials say and you coronavirus variant is spreading fast across the state and right here in the bay area. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. this variant is different than the one detected in the united kingdom, but no less concerning good evening and hello again. i'm christina. we're donen tonight for julie and i'm frank somerville health and as you'll say that the new strain has been tied to several large outbreaks in santa clara county. including one of kaiser in san jose ktvu azenith smith here now, with the efforts that are underway to try to learn maura about this latest on the state and local level ash officials are studying this variant closely with the cdc
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and the state health department since little is known about the variant, the main questions how easily is that transmitted and will a vaccine be effective? so tonight we have collaborate with uses francisco and santa clara to let you know that there is a very end again. l 45 to our state and local health officials announced sunday in new covid-19 variant that had been first detected and denmark last march and in alameda county and november but was very rare. now it's being founded, increasing rates in several counties throughout california, including san francisco and santa clara. dr charles chiu of ucsf conducts genomic sequencing, essentially fingerprinting for variances of the virus. his latest findings, this new variant went from being found in nearly 4% of cases to 25% and less than a month. this is why it's concerning that we have a variant that was actually pretty uncommon. prior to early
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december. that since then have now is now roughly, you know, 25% of all of the cases that were sequencing what is also concerning? it's unknown how infectious this variant is and where it's located in a critical region of the virus may affect its efficacy to the vaccine. with all mutations in that particular region. there is a concern that is there in will there be an effect? or is there an effect on the vaccine? we have had a number of large out. breaks and this variant has been identified in those outbreaks. santa clara county's public health officer, says one of those outbreaks at kaiser in san jose that sickened more than 70 staff members, 15 patients have also been infected, and one person has died. dr. cody says the health department is still trying to determine the variance role in that outbreak. whether these outbreaks are behaving as they are because of the virus or the.
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because of some other conditions. we don't know. so this is a very important signal to us that we have to lean in and do a lot more investigating. and health officials say. so far it does not appear. this variant is associate id with an increased severity of the illness. frank azenith smith live forced tonight as nothing qanon hiders are being told to hold off on administering a certain batch of modern a vaccine doses. state health officials say an unusually high number of allergic reactions were reported at one community vaccination clinic where specific lot of the modern a vaccine was being administered. they say that several patients required medical attention providers are being told to set those doses aside until the lot is investigated by the cdc. the fda moderna. and the state to new vaccines are still under development by astrazeneca and
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johnson and johnson. doctor anthony fauci says that they could be seeking fda approval within the next few weeks. this as interest in getting the vaccine is high, but the supply of vaccines is not several states or warning they could run out of doses in the coming weeks. senate minority leader chuck schumer says he will pass to push president elect biden's massive $2 trillion rescue plan in hopes that it will help the american people sooner rather than later. money for our businesses, money for our unemployed workers money for mass transit money for food, feeding people money for keeping people in their homes and something greatly missing in the last. plan was direct aid to our state and local governments. mydans rescue packages folded into his national vaccination program,
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which includes pop up vaccination stations in pharmacies and the use of the national guard and fema to help states with distribution. president elect joe biden plants issue a serious of executive orders just hours after he's sworn into office on wednesday. at noon, biden is expected to immediately rolled. back some of president trump's most controversial decisions he plans to end president trump's restriction on immigration to the u. s from some muslim majority countries. biden also plans to have the u. s rejoined the paris climate accord and issue new orders involving the pandemic. those orders include a mandate on wearing masks on all federal property and during interstate travel president look. joe biden is also planning to cancel the permit for the $9 billion. or keystone xl pipeline project. as one of his first acts in office. biden was vice president in the obama administration when they rejected the pipeline project
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because of climate change. the project would move oil from canada to nebraska. t. c energy corporation is a company that operates the pipeline. they haven't commented. representative for biden's team has not responded to a cross for two a request for comment, either. the fbi will that all 25,000 national guard troops coming into washington for president elect biden's inauguration? the u. s. defense officials say they are worried about it, insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing wednesday's inauguration. the massive undertaking reflects the extraordinary security concerns that have gripped washington following the deadly january 6th violent uprising at the capital by pro trump supporters. it also underscores fears that some of. very people assigned to protect the city over the next several days could present a threat to the incoming president and other vips in attendance. fox's mike tobin has more on capitol security measures already underway. national guardsmen
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keeping a watchful eye on state capitol buildings amid fbi warnings of potential terror threats in all 50 states. in michigan, a small group of armed protesters demonstrated sunday outside the capital and lansing but kept things peaceful. we encourage. all of our choppers in faction across the country to come to their capitals on the defense to urge a message of peace and unity to the left and right states, which served his battlegrounds in november's election are on especially high alert. there are. armed, disturbed people. or in this state of mind where they believe that their country is being taken from them. and so it's a threat. law enforcement in the states has to take very seriously. the heaviest security presence of all is in washington, d. c saturday, capitol police arrested a woman who they say was impersonating law enforcement. when question at the security checkpoint. she drove off but was quickly caught and taken into custody. the area around the capital has been essentially locked down by the national guard ahead of
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wednesday's inauguration of president elect joe biden. i do. you think we have to take another posture in our city that is more domestic terrorist focus than external. we don't want to see fences. we definitely don't want to see armed troops on our streets, but we do have to take a different posture. secret service. the fbi and other agencies are assisting with security here around 25,000, national guardsmen and women have been tapped to be on duty for inauguration day in washington, d. c. mike tobin fox news. law enforcement throughout northern california is on high alert to prepare for any potential violence leading up to the presidential inauguration. so far, ktvu has been told by one agency that there are no known potential threats. ktvu scrag liggins here now with more on what's happening both here in the bay area and also greg in sacramento. indeed frank, in the words of the alameda county
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sheriff's department. the threat matrix for the bay area is low at this time. still preparations are underway both here and in sacramento. in case the situation changes. surrounding the capitol building in sacramento, a thick layer of protection consisting of fencing as well as the national guard, sacramento police and chp. i've never seen the capital covered with so many police is security and to see a fence. um all over the heavy security is due to fbi intelligence, indicating the potential for armed protests in capital cities across america. leading up to or on inauguration day. 32 years worked in corrections that long persimmon never seen anything like this in all my life. it sounds so sad day for america, the alameda county sheriff's department is the regionalaw enforcement coordinator for the bay area and beyond covering 16 counties. sheriff say they're
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keeping an eye on the oakland airport and critical infrastructure such as bridges and government buildings. but in oakland, most residents say they aren't concerned about violence here. i don't think anything is gonna happen out here for say, i've got it down over here. that's what's gonna happen. the chp is on tactical alert and in a statement says, in part, it's been working with other agencies for months to ensure the outcome of the election will be respected. and that any protests, which may occur are free from violence. ah former presidential fema appointee says in the wake of the insurrection in washington, law enforcement is expecting the unexpected and they're using their imagination. what do you think, may or may not? what is just so far fetched that we would never plan for it. they're planning for it this time. the heavy presence of law enforcement is aimed at helping a nation going through rough times usher in a smooth transition in power. i feel safer that we have the national guards and the police and that government is working to collectively to make the
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citizens united states safe. now due to the potential for civil unrest, the chp says is going to be keeping is uniformed personnel on tactical alert for an indefinite period of time. frank grow gilligan's live for us tonight, greg. thank you. republicans are worried that a corporate backlash because of the riots at the capital could hurt campaign contributions. they also have concerns that it could impact the party's prospects of retaking the senate it and then. next election, even after the capital take over eight republican senators still voted to reject electoral college votes for president elect joe biden. the backlash was swift corporate giants such as a tnt, nike and wal mart all pledged to withhold donations to republican lawmakers who voted to reject the outcome of the election in arizona. or
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pennsylvania. way are tracking that wind advisory as well as a potential wind warning. also record temperatures today and perhaps again tomorrow and where's the rain? all that when i see next another pharmaceutical company is working on a coronavirus vaccine, how it's different from the vaccines already available, and they couldn't smell the smoke because they had coronavirus later ton to defend against dark forces attacking your organization, you need to see in the dark. to have the wisdom to understand multiple cyber threats. the precision focus to end attacks instantly. on computers, mobile devices, servers and the cloud. join the world's leading companies
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tonight, and we also have video from our roof camera in oakland earlier today, when there was just a libraries. you can see it there, but winds were much stronger and other parts of the bay area this afternoon, and it's expected to get much stronger tonight over the next couple of days. ktvu chief meteorologist, bill martin is here and bill. what are the conditions like it this hour? well the winds are starting to ramp up. we already had a gust of 73 miles an hour on top of mount e. apple earlier today, way had records today. two years you're looking at those as well. but the idea that these winds are gonna ramp up late tonight or early tomorrow morning as they often do this offshore event, so that's when the wind would be the strongest we get to the model. you can see. take a look at it yourself and kind of see what we're looking at it. it's not just a short term event. um, this. hmm wind event looks that's in the last couple of days, 48 hours, so there are the highest from today. we know what those look like. 77 fairfield. you kidding?
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78 san jose, we had the recorg . we've got large surf buildingg d you it was gonna be weeks of this big service on well, i say impressed and i haven't seen a run a big surf like this in a long time that was searchable. mavericks is breaking nearly every day, which is really unusual. but if you're going to the coast. super careful. just do a lot of lot of current lot of tight swing and a lot of swell s o. the high pressure is building in. there's a little low. that cloud area represents this little no, that's gonna tweaked by and when it does, it creates a vacuum in the high jumps in it just fills it and when it fills it, it creates the offshore winds. and that's why the wind late tonight early tomorrow morning is getting going to get going pretty good. esos forecast highs tomorrow, yellows or seventies greens. sixties looking at well above average 10 to 15 even 20 degrees, in some cases above where we should be for this time, your tickets. it's january. 17th almost the 18th. we do have rain. somewhere down
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the road. not this week. sadly enough hate to say that it looks like our next best bet for raks like we've got a nice run of potential together so many of these potential possible events, but we do have something that looks pretty tasty. on the end of sunday, monday and tuesday of next week, so we'll keep our eyes on that, uh, frank, and you guys will see you back here tomorrow night. all right, bill. thank you. california's vaccination rate has improved slightly with the coronavirus, health officials say providers across the state have administered an estimated 40% of the coronavirus vaccine doses they've received. that's up from 38% that was reported the day before. in all 3.2 million doses have been shipped to california and 1.3 million people have been given the shot so far. to put that in perspective, though, there are
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about 40 million people in california, so obviously we have ways to go despite the slight improvement in the vaccination rate rate, many are still frustrated by the process. ktvu is. candese charles tells us the continue in roadblocks when it comes to getting the shot. it's bruising at the scenes where eight times in terms of covid patients where we were in october from the front lines of the fight against the pandemic, dr peter chan hyung says the need for vaccinations is dire. so ucsf where dr chen homeworks is administering vaccines a little disruption. california counties continued toe leg in vaccine distributions, california ranks amongst the bottom 10 states and that minister in vaccine doses the county and the state is not like ucsf. unfortunately so. there's a lot of variation for one. california is the most populous state in the country, with many hands in the covid vaccine distribution pot. we're
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dividing into all of these different systems, so there's. the department of public health. there is connie level, there's a state level and there are there's a federal level that distributes vaccines all the different. streams two different groups of people, for example, doctor jin hyung, said a health care worker who works at a hospital and an outpatient facility may be offered the vaccine twice where as a person with a private insurance company and no access to register for the vaccine online could lose out on that opportunity, so i think all of these gaps and redundancies make its. obvious that our health care system still has a long way to go. so far the state has vaccinated just under 3000 people. poor 100,000 rate falling below the national average as counties scrambled open mass vaccination sites in the coming weeks, and officials wait for vaccines from the state and federal government. there is hope. vaccines. amazing. not that many side
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effects super effective on we might be turning over the corner, but i'm still cross my fingers to find that when you could be next in line to get vaccinated stopped by covid-19 not see a doctor slash vaccines. now, according candese charles ktvu, fox, two news bearer has now joined the growing list of pharmaceutical companies that are now working on a vaccine for the coronavirus. bear is steaming up with another german company to develop a vaccine, which is now in late stage clinical trials but has not yet been approved. the company says it's using the same vaccine technology as visor and madonna. the bear says it's doses to makt says it's taking action in response to the current shortage. of vaccine doses around the world. in egypt, a 14 year old yearlong dig has now paid off archaeologists who this weekend discovered a 4000
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year old temple. the temple belonged to the wife of king teddy. he was the first king of the sixth dynasty of the old kingdom. inside the temple. archaeologists found dozens of wooden coffins, mommy's funeral masks and other relics dating back thousands of years. without 22 shots in one shaft. we found 54 coffins inside each coffin. there's a mommy and we found about diary. 5 m long beside the one of the coffins. the discovery was. made in an area about 20 miles south of cairo. coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap jason appelbaum goes one on one with sanders a shark's veteran patrick marleau, in an exclusive interview. you will only see right here, and drug overdoses in san francisco drug overdoses in san francisco proved to be three times
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why choose one when you can have two? people wounded in the tenderloin. police say three people are now in custody. the shooting happened here eddie and taylor streets about 9 30 last night. police say members have at least two groups started shooting at each other. all five victims suffered non life threatening injuries. we're told to 30 year old man from stockton, a 44 year old man from san francisco and a third man of from oakland have all been detained. we're
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getting an exclusive look tonight inside san francisco's medical examiner's office after the city said a disturbing record of 699 deaths related to overdoses last year. sadly that's three times as many people who have died from the coronavirus. our investigative reporter evan sernoffsky tells us. city officials are working to keep that death toll from going even higher. that words coming from sophisticated equipment, identifying whether drugs are in the bodily fluids of people who died. ktvu toured the state of the art laboratory at the san francisco medical examiner's office, where staff were inundated with overdose cases. these individuals they days of someone's loved ones, dr. luke rata is chief toxicologist here, and he's often the first to know and important to see the extent of what's happening on a dvd basis, and even a month to month basis he spoke is the office issued a
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year into report marking a record 699 overdose deaths in 2020. he hopes getting the data out quickly will help other city agencies in the response anything that can be done to help. any individual, not they should come to a drug overdose is obviously any everyone's gone. overdose deaths increased more than 50% from the previous year, which at the time had a record 441 deaths. fentanyl has been the large driver for these increases an accidental overdose deaths. the powerful narcotic was responsible for more than 500 deaths last year and has become the drug of choice for many users in san francisco. ktvu has been documenting the epidemic for months. many experts believe that social isolation from the coronavirus may be contributing to the death toll and every level. what we're doing right now is failing. san francisco supervisor matt haney introduced legislation compelling the city to release overdose numbers more quickly, he said the city's response to the crisis has been a disaster.
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we had under 200 people tragically dying of covid-19 and nearly 700 dying of overdoses, but we know what it looks like to respond to a public health epidemic. in san francisco. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news, a 17 year old girl in waco, texas, is being credited with saving the rest of her family from a house fire. the girl is healthy, but three other family members have covid-19 and were not able to smell the fire burning. bianca rivera says the smoke will grow up and she knew she had to get the rest of her family out of the house. started smelling burnt plastic. that's when i got more alert and i ran outside of my room, and i could even passed the hallway because it was filled with so much smoke. i don't really count
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myself as a hero. i just did what anyone would else would do for their own family. i just wanted to get everyone out safe and alive. and she did, rivera says. she opened the back door of the house and got everyone out one by one. she also saved the family's four dogs. wow all right, that'll do it for us sports wrap with joe and jason up next. you have a great evening and everyone the letter evening and everyone the letter cristina. ♪ ♪ ♪ digital transformation has failed to take off. because it hasn't removed the endless mundane work we all hate. ♪ ♪ ♪ automation can solve that by taking on repetitive tasks for us. unleash your potential. uipath. reboot work.
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games are set any rolling out throws it, she said. the c championship game after a gutsy call, the chiefs are now one win away from getting back to the super bowl. but the big question is who will be their starting quarterback next sunday against the bills in a battle of two of the all time greats tom brady delivered when it counted and drew brees didn't have it in what may have. been the final game of his all of fame career. three weeks into the nba season. we take a look at the warriors and ask the question. come this spring. will they be a playoff team? as


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