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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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didn't know that hospitals can give out vaccination. as a gift. covid vaccinations given out as gifts as south, the hospital being investigated now for reportedly doing just that. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. there is growing fall out tonight after good samaritan hospital in san jose reportedly offered vaccinations to teachers. in the last gallows union school district. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville will get to that story. in a moment. first though, we have some breaking news when it comes to the coronavirus stay at home order in california. yeah a letter from the california restaurant association, bringing some much needed good news that letter saying late this evening, senior officials and the newsome administration informed us that the governor will announce tomorrow that the stay at home order will be lifted in all regions of the state, and
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we just received some word from the governor's office that officials are saying they're saying promising signs regarding covid-19 numbers. the health department is expected to give a formal update on the situation. sometime tomorrow morning. when they do, we will bring it to you now to santa clara county, where good samaritan hospital is under investigation after it was discovered that they had given out vaccines as gifts. ktvu azenith smith here now, with more on the investigation as well. frank sinclair county says they will not provide more vaccines until the hospital can assure the county is falling of the rules in santa clara county teachers are not yet part of the vaccination rollout plan yet the hospital offered vaccines to 65 teachers and lost god offs. i don't know how a hospital can just give away vaccinations as it as a gift. a smiley is a teacher in the campbell union high school district, shocked when her teacher, friends and neighboring lost gatto's were offered the vaccine when other
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teachers and more hard hit communities weren't i just didn't think it was fair. that this group and happens to be in a very affluent part of santa clara county gets. too have early access to something that nobody else was getting in a letter to good samaritan hospital, the county says it learned from los goddess union district staff that good sam was offering vaccinations to teachers as health care workers under pays one, eh? because district staff raised funds to ride meals too good sam workers they were to register as health care workers. a lack of integri. san. if you know someone look, yeah. and that it's not important to wee ones turn good samaritan says it was avoiding wasting supply that was already thought. so the hospital expanded vaccinations
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to tear one b, which includes teachers, the hospital statement reads. we realized we were and error and sincerely apologize for any confusion. we're committed to working with the county on a plan. we're looking at our systems to ensure this does not happen again. i really wish that they had just automatically included teachers and kind of the first round, this infectious disease expert says. what happened speaks to the desperation and frustration with limited vaccine supply. teachers are frustrated that they're hearing about administrators and. hospitals around patient facing getting him before they are when they want to go back to school. many people we spoke to say vaccines. it shouldn't e withhe to get those 65 year olds and older in that district and in that hospital system vaccinated and the school district superintendent issued a statement that said the target for reopening schools is within the next week or two. and that's why the district was grateful when good sam reached out. the county says it plans
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to give sufficient doses for a second vaccine to those who are given the first vaccine at the hospital, frank azenith smith life force tonight. thank you, the bay area is making a major vaccination push by opening mass vaccination sites. katie ktvu is elissa harrington reports now from the first site launched in san francisco and how city officials are now helping to expand that program. the parking lot of city college of san francisco has been transformed into the city's first mass vaccination site. there's row of kiosks under white tents where people can drive up stay in their vehicles while they get poked and received the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. so these folks are some of the most vulnerable to covid. and so obviously we're thrilled to be able tol acute, this first operation in the city organizers say. so far the operation has been running smoothly. it's by appointment. on ley residents. 65 older are
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eligible, but a vaccine shortage may pose some issues with getting as many vaccinated as the city with like we feel very confident in our ability to flow vaccine as quickly as we get it and southbound await additional vaccine so that we can get vaccine into arms and get people get get everything back to normal eventually, it's great. i mean, this is the beginning of the end of this pandemic. district six supervisor met. haney visited the clinic sunday morning. he said he's working on getting more people access to the vaccine we should be able to do over 10,000 vaccines a day. once we have the supply. we also need to make sure reaching people who don't have cars who may not be able to leave their homes, additional mass vaccination sites in san francisco are planned at a produce market in the bayview ended the mosconi center, while the cityd opening date has not n set. i'm alone harrington ktvu
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fox two news, the state department of public health is saying icu capacity in the 11 counties that make up the bay area region is now a 23.4% that's an increase of 6.5% from the day before. in order for the stay at home order to be lifted a region's projected icu capacity must be at or above 15. the following four weeks. reopening can't come soon enough for many businesses, salons and barber shops have been closed since the stay at home order was issued last month, and restaurants have been banned from serving customers. outdoors ucsf infectious disease doctor peter chin hong is optimistic that the restrictions will be lifted soon. we're looking forward to that movement, and i think it's going to come soon, so but it just means that we need to again. be careful when we engage and re engaged in those activities. in addition to the bay area, san joaquin valley
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and southern california, also under the state's stay at home order, but again, as we just reported at the top of this newscast, we are expecting the state to cancel the stay at home order. we will find out all of the details tomorrow morning. in pacific of the owner of a yoga studio, whose business is being shut down by the county for repeated coronavirus violations, has posted some incendiary comments on social media targeting a cemetery county supervisor and his family ktvu is greg legans talked to both the yoga owner and the supervisor and is here now with more on what they're saying. greg. yeah frank. supervisor david campos says he's an advocate for small businesses, but he's also been a very vocal critic of individuals and businesses that don't follow covid safety rules and the owner of that yoga studio in pacifica, says he feels as though his business in particular has been a target. this is the post on the
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instagram account of pacifica beach yoga reading in part, delete county supervisor david can napa time to get rid of this p. o s and goes on to say get in the face of his family children. let's get on it. yoga studio owner thomas and tune admits writing the post after san mateo county obtained a restraining order to shut his business down and feels can napa may have motivated the legal action channel is trying to end my life. he's trying. he's trying to delete me. that's what he's trying to do, so it's time to delete him right? that was eight speech that was a speck housing violence. violence on my family violence on my child. that clearly crossed. a red line. getting in somebody's face is too much violence right? canada says antoun also sent him directly facebook messages with lines like i'm going to end you. i promise you will have no political career. antunes yoga business focuses on a form of
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hot yoga done in rooms at 105 degrees, conditions not easily replicated outdoors and winter, many patrons continue supporting the business during the pandemic, and antoun provided ktvu with a half dozen letters as proof, even though he says mask wearing is optional during classes, he says, no one has gotten sick to his knowledge. and a current patron says she wouldn't attend classes if she thought she was risking anyone's health, especially her 82 year old mother, so if it will compromise by anyuse my mom is more important to me than the yoga that i do. and tune says he has not taken his objections to safety rules through legal channels because he can't afford it. despite dozens of community complaints more than $3500 in fines and a court order and tune refuses to stay closed. will stand again. it's just a matter of time. right there's no way i'm going to stay closed. right. there's
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no way they can get the fines because there's no money to give them in light of the siege at the nation's capitol and tune says his remarks are not meant to incite violence and our only aimed at getting a politician he views as an adversary out of office, canopus says, though, and tune may not mean to inflict harm. the words he wrote, could resonate with others. and we've seen this. when we had people come to the capitol in washington, d c. they were incited. they were they built up anger. that anger turned into the loss of life. now the supervisor didn't want to give details. but he says, even though he's not necessarily alarmed by these messages, he's taking them very, very seriously. and he says it's being dealt with frank greg logan's life force tonight, greg. thank you. president biden has re imposed a ban on non u. s travelers. having from
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europe and brazil. the move reverses a decision made by president trump just last week that lifted those restrictions at the time, the trump administration said the band would no longer be necessary due to mandatory covid testing for all passengers. president biden now says he will also impose restrictions on non u. s travelers from south africa, where a new variant has also been detected. nearly 25 million coronavirus cases have now been reported in the united states, but it appears that hospitalizations may have started to plateau and almost every state is reporting a decline in new infections. still public health officials are warning that new strains of the coronavirus could delay progress in the united states. just yesterday, for example, the university of michigan paused all athletic activities after several positive test for a variant that was first discovered in the okay, we're in a race against these variants of the virus is going
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to change and it's up to us to adapt it to make sure that we're staying ahead. public health officials say that available vaccines should be effective against the variant from the uk, but the rollout continues to face obstacles. thousands of appointments across the country have been canceled because of a shortage of doses late today, the president of mexico confirmed that he's tested positive for the coronavirus. andres manuel lopez obrador says his symptoms are mild and that he's getting medical treatment. mexico has had about 1.7 million cases of coronavirus and. 150,000 deathsf mexico city have been near capacity for weeks following a holiday search. coming up another busy week ahead in washington, d c. the extensive list of president biden's plans as congress takes on another impeachment trial, and we've got some wet weather to talk about. we had some today. we're
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or visit your local xfinity store today. immigration, just one of the several issues on the agenda. fox news mark meredith has the latest now from washington. fore new president. biden administration expected to take action on a number of agenda items, including the environment, the economy and immigration. we're still
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waiting to see what that may mean for the president's pick to lead the department of homeland security, al under my or kisses nomination has basically been blocked from being fast tracked over concerns about the president's border policies. this as mexico's president, said in a recent poll. he was told that the u. s will spend at least four billion to boost central american country. these places where migrants may try to leave to come to the u. s one democratic senator telling fox news he believes, though comprehensive immigration reform can pass this congress. i know there's strong bipartisan issue interests in several musicians, worker visas desperately needed and every one of our states. we need a predictable system on it closer to home. the white house says there's also heavily focused on the pandemic as well as the economy. the new white house chief of staff, making a case the lawmakers to pass a new $1.9 trillion economic aid package, even though many republicans are speaking out concerned with the price tag, the total figure is pretty shocking ifulus,
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because i'm one of those is convinced that, we've got to get beyond covid. the president's kept a fairly low profile this weekend. he did go to church sunday morning at holy trinity catholic church in georgetown. it's unclear if this is going to be his new go to spot on sundays or if he'll try out other churches. at one point, the motorcade even stopped as his son hunter, grab some food from a nearby d. c. deli. on monday. the senate is expected to hold final votes for the nominations for the secretaries of state and treasury, the administration eager to get cabinet secretaries confirmed as the senate gets ready for another impeachment trial of former president trump at the white house, mark meredith fox news. the white house is expected to lift restrictions on transgender service members in the u. s military as soon as tomorrow. this would reverse and directed by former president trump. the wall street journal reports. the move was expected after president biden on his first
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day in office, signed an executive order to prevent discrimination based on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. in washington senators are preparing for the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump. but some republicans are at odds about whether the trial is constitutional. more tonight from fox news, kristina coleman, former president trump's second impeachment trial doesn't officially start until february, but the process moves forward monday when the house sends its impeachment article to the senate. trump is charged with incitement of insurrection for the capital riot, which took place earlier this month. senate majority leader chuck schumer. laying out a time line for the trial. the house managers will come to the articles of impeachment at 7 p.m. on monday after that, both the house managers and the president's defense will stay and have a period of time to draft their legal briefs. that's once trial will be historic. no president has been
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impeached twice or been tried by the senate after he's left office, senator mitt romney, who voted to convict trump during his first impeachment trial, says it's not necessary to hold the former president accountable over the last year or so. there has been an effort to corrupt the election in the united states, and it was not by president biden. it was by president trump. romney's comments put him at odds with other congressional republicans. a lot of americans were going to think it's strange that the senate is spending its time trying to convict and remove from office. man who left office a week ago. senate leaders have agreed to start the trial the week of february 8th before then they'll work to confirm president biden's cabinet nominees and advancing covid relief bill. if all senate democrats vote to convict trump, 17 republicans would still need to join them and break ranks to get a conviction. kristina coleman fox news. in arizona. the republican party is signaling that they still support former president trump. they voted to censure arizona governor doug ducey, former senator jeff
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flake and the widow of senator john mccain. all of them were openly opposed to former president trump's attempts to overturn the election results, but the center is merely a symbolic step today. utah senator mitt romney said he thinks there will be a shift in the republican party in the coming months. i think our party is going to return to some of our more fundamental principles, which is fiscal responsibility, believing in the importance of character standing with our allies and pushing it back against people like kim jong un and vladimir putin. president biden beat former president trump in arizona by. more than 10,000 votes, okay, we have some rain coming our way it starts really on tuesday night in tow. wednesday the day today was kind of wet this afternoon and then dried out, and we ended up with a pretty pretty are actually wet dry this morning and pretty well this afternoon. we end up with a pretty okay
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day but as we go into tomorrow, we're going to see mostly sunny all day with temperatures generally in the if he's then tuesday night into wednesday, it gets pretty pretty wet. we're going to see a significant rain, especially tuesday night around 34 a m. north bay central bank on that will impact. certainly the tuesday morning commute. you can see all the rain coming in. now. that's from the last system that's moved up into the mountains. now we're seeing a few scattered showers. the difference with this system is a lot of this moisture. it's just the tropical moisture tap. it's an atmospheric river, but it's looping around like this, so it's going to come all the way from down here and get wrapped around this high, and that's the plan and there's a lot of moisture like this. that wasn't of miles of tropical moisture that has to make its way through the bay area in the next seven or eight days, and it's going to do that. and if that when it does that we're going to see some significant rain. snow levels are going to be going up there going to be going down there pretty low right now, partner. we're gonna bump up pretty quickly. tomorrow's a nice day. we do have a wind advisory. tonight
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through tomorrow morning on, you can see why it's blowing 30 miles an hour gusting and conquered right now we have higher elevation winds up to 40 and 50 miles an hour as that low leaves, and the high builds in for tomorrow's fairly nice day. but then after that low low pressure dominates the landscape, and it gets incredibly well this matter fact some of the models were suggesting in the lake tahoe area. over the course of 10 days. maybe 15 20 ft of snow. i've seen models suggest more, but i don't want to say it out loud because it's ridiculous amounts of snow, these atmospheric rivers if they hit, right, as you know, can really cause us. significant accumulations of snow and rain. that's why there is a flood watch in a flood concern for the burn scars of northern and central california as well in here is tomorrow. not nice day, you saw few lingering showers in the area and then tuesday morning. nice but watch out quick. plea tuesday evening and afternoon boom and then boom, and then it's on and then this
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that that moisture just keeps coming in really right through the weekend into early next week, at least that's how it looks today. in the meantime, tomorrow, pretty nice day, really considering and then things deteriorate and you'll see that in the five day forecast so really heavy rain tuesday into wednesday night or wednesday morning, thursday's showery all day friday. we get a bit of ah, break with a few sprinkles, and then it starts to get going again saturday and sunday with something early next week that has the potential to be very wet as well. so we'll keep an eye on it. it's evolving, rapidly changing situation, but just know tomorrow's good wet tuesday night into wednesday morning, all right, well, we need the rain bill. thank you. in the east bay, caltrans is set to begin overnight repair work this week on the caldecott tunnel, and that could cause some delays. the work begins late tomorrow night, caltrans crews will be closing off single boards in both directions for that maintenance work during the overnight hours. tomorrow and then again on tuesday. other boards will remain open. while one boar is
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closed. the work is scheduled to take place between 11 30 at night until four in the morning on those two days. coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap will preview the super bowl as tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers take home patrick mahomes and the kansas city chiefs. some are calling it the family business coming up next. the story behind this vaccinat op to practice your skia
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coronavirus vaccine clinic. fox news, lauren jackson tells us that she also had the chance to vaccinate a very special patient. this is part of history. this is a really big deal. when i was like, i can't pass this opportunity up for you. a be nursing student, haley, full men working in the hospital's vaccination clinic is a hands on opportunity. she couldn't turn down its own. after you do it right now, like i would feel confident doing it, and that's just because i've had this opportunity and the call to serve runs in her blood. haley's mom, lisa has been a nurse for 35 years, and hailey's grandmother, lucy was a nurse for more than 30 years. i remember my mom talking a little bit about when she was in school, she was able to help vaccinate for polio and for the third generation nurse. things came full circle when her mom walked into the vaccination clinic, but you're honest, i was a little nervous i need. i mean, i knew she was the students in your practice. we practiced at home on an orange. i knew that my mom would be very honest. i knew that she
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would. only for her and issue. tell me if i need you to do something different or if i did good, but lisa says all of hayley's practice paid off in the shot was easy, likely outcomes. good she said. it did a good job. she did a great job. a bonding experience for the mother and daughter while working on the front lines that was proud. she's done very. well. she's gonna be a good nurse. and we think everyone who's working so hard to help stop the spread of covid-19. that's it for us
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covered california. this way to health insurance. 43 years old doing what this man is doing remarkable how tom brady pulled off the improbable to lead the once lowly buccaneers to a super bowl in their home city home super bowl for the first time in nfl history. i think there's a lot of cool things in perspective. standing in brady's way of 1/7 ring is patrick mahomes and the kansas city chiefs. who took care of the upstart buffalo bills to reach the title game for the second straight year. kansas city has a date now with the tampa bay buccaneers after two straight blowout losses will discuss whether warriors head coach steve kerr is ready to shake things up. everything is


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