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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 26, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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we know that we need to be on our guard and paying attention. it's impossible predict, if when and where those hazardous conditions may present themselves. the storm is here in tonight. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for burn scar areas in santa cruz and san mateo counties. this is gusty winds are whipping many areas across the bay area. this video shows what it looked like a little over an hour ago at the berkeley marina. and of course we're tracking the rain. it is widespread at this hour. we'll show you. heavy downpours. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. so far we have reports of some roads, flooding also down trees and power outages. let's go straight now to our chief meteorologist, bill martin, right off the bat. we've got that flood watch up in sonoma county has been turned into a
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flood warning. that's for the ellen you fire complex with lightning complex. it's the burn zone. they got up to an inch and a half to 2.5 inches of rain in a very short amount of time, and so when they go up to a warning, that means it's happening. it means there's some debris flow in the area. that means there's some flooding in the area. so be careful. i suspect we're going to see more of that. as this system moves south into the santa cruz mountains, franken julie mentioned the winds it's blowing happened big, gusting to near 50 miles an hour. san jose gusting to near 50 miles an hour, lots of down trees. lots of branches lot. the wind issues right now the system is moving fairly quickly's a good d see the back edge of it moving out. we're seeing snow up on skyline boulevard. we're seeing snow up in the north bay up around sonoma county and napa and you can see the heart of this storm as it kind of pushes through the area and right now is engaged with basically the central part of the bay area and just now getting into san jose, take a look at a live weather observer tree down with
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wires to state route 35. so when you see all these. reports and these are just a few of these air weather observers for the national weather service. there's thousands of limbs down there, step, so be careful driving around. these were just examples of what's going on out there. when we come back, we'll take a look at the radar will push this thing through with the model to tomorrow. we're gonna get a break, and then we'll look at some more rain in the five day forecast. well as bill just mentioned, the bay area's highest elevations are getting slammed right now, with wind rain, even some snow, and that is a threat to areas that burn. just a few months ago. ktvu is amber lee joins us now live. she's in the santa cruz mountains tonight in amber. it's just been pouring out there all night, julie. it's been raining hard, and it's been like this for hours. it's also cold and windy. earlier we spoke with people in boulder creek to talk about the storm and the evacuation orders along highway nine in boulder creek.
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a flashing sign spells out the situation 5000 people. or 2800 homes are under evacuation orders in santa cruz county as they cope with the storm and possible mudslides or debris flow, quite concerned, depending on how the storm turns out, and it's always difficult to say how a storm will end up. i just don't want the house, you know, i don't want it to be so bad that the houses. you know, ruined the flooded or not. they're a difficult year for julie. she meal evacuating on this night, she says the ccu lightning fire last summer forced her out of her home for five weeks. once oil does become burned to that extent it no longer absorbs water cow farces. the heavy rains will turn the mud into a hazard once those mudslides or debris flows start. you can't stop them. there's nothing you can do to stop it. and once you hear it, it's probably too late. erosion sand control bags, they will be in the other side of
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the yard. at scarborough lumber forklift operator xander bollinger's shows us the empty pallets due to the high demand from customers as they prepare for the storm. he was planning to evacuate from his boulder creek home after work all the trees around my house like directly, like right next to my house, they're all burned and stuff like that, and the soil is like just basically ash, and it's not. not settled, so it'll definitely come down with these ranges at while roots market at the center of town workers say a dozen employees left work early to evacuate from their homes. the storm may be short staffed wednesday, but the market plans to be open and it has a generator if needed as a store manager. thankfully i'm in a safe zone as well. so i'll do everything in my power to keep the store open and be here for the community. she meal says she's looking on the bright side. she's a hairdresser and has been out of work during the pandemic. but with the stay at home order lifted, she plans to return to work this weekend. i just really love this community and i don't want to move out. and i
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think that everybody pitches in when something like this happens, many people tell me they'll be staying at hotels and felton, santa cruz and santa clara county. but they say they're hopeful that they'll be able to return home by tomorrow night, julie. right. and you amberleigh, be safe out there. thank you. our team coverage continues now with ktvu deborah villalon. she's following potential trouble spots in those burn areas in the north bay. debra yeah, frank. three burn areas from last fall in particular. let's take a look at one of them. ah live picture now from the skyhawk neighborhood below the glass fire. it is along highway 12 and east santa rosa. it's one of the areas. being pummeled tonight and being washed with rain starting before dark. sonoma county
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braces for an uneasy night, hopefully by one or two o'clock this morning, the storm will have moved on officials unsure if the fire charred landscape behind so many homes will let loose when it's pounded by rain. either as a debris flow, picking up rock and sediment. as it goes, it creates kind of a slurry like cement. it's literally earth in motion. at that point, it's almost liquid in form or a landslide. when soils move as almost a solid mass, both those conditions could be created when they're significant rainfall in a burn scar area. and so responders wait, ready? the city of santa rosa activated its emergency operations center this evening, staffing it overnight and urging residents to be vigilant too. if you see anything, any sort of movement and the excessive blood or anything sliding under your property. please don't hesitate to call 911 and it doesn't look right the mud slides and stuff. these
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residents are grateful that kincaid fire that burned down to windsor backyards was in 2019, so the scar has had a bit more time to regrow burned all the way from. i think, 30 miles up t o right behind these houses right here. they they're back. fences burned on. there's some pretty steep hills up there. and although there are no evacuation orders in sonoma county tonight, do not wait for us to come and evacuate you. the county fire chief urges residents to act on any doubts now middle of the night when the storm is at its peak, households in jeopardy may not be very rest fall anyway. think somewhere safe for tonight so you can. sleep all the night and not have that concern about what that hillsides doing behind you. since last year's fires tremendous effort has gone into rehabilitating damaged watersheds. knowing that storm's like this, we're coming. public works crews clear dead trees leave the stumps, seed the slopes and restore drainage. sonoma county
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has spent a few million dollars on such work, frank. hopefully they'll see some of that payoff tonight. yeah, hopefully all right. deborah villalon life force tonight, deb. thank you. parts of lake county are being blanketed by snow tonight. it started late this afternoon is lois 1500 ft. parts of napa county even saw snow. the heaviest snow is expected to fall overnight with a second round occurring tomorrow morning drivers. we spoke with along highway 1 70. five above middletown and along highway, 29 said they were not prepared. i was sliding all over the road, and i didn't have a lot of traction even with my traction control on and all were dr. a winter storm warning remains in effect until noon tomorrow above 2000 ft. in lake county. the national weather service has upgraded a winter storm cals is expecting five or more feet
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of snow at donner summit and chain controls are in effect. this is a look now at the freeway there in king veil, while all that snow may sound tempting to skiers and snowboarders. caltrans says their best advice is to wait out the storm until things clear out. hopefully by friday, and a reminder that you can download our ktvu weather app so that you can take our forecasts. wherever you go. the app also gives you the current radar plus hour by hour forecasts. yeah, still ahead. president biden signs 35 executive orders and actions in his first week on the job, i'll tell you about the four new ones he signed today, also the latest on the trump impeachment trial. the move today by republicans eggs. or and actionse
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white house says will improve racial equality. the biden administration says they will end the use of private prisons and improve the federal government's relationship with native american tribes. the orders also direct the department of housing and urban development to review previous regulations that they consider racist and to fully implement the fair housing act. need to open the promise america every american, and that means we need to make the issue of
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racial equity, not just an issue for any one department of government. it has to be the business of the whole of government. one order also commits the federal government to address discrimination against the asian, american and pacific islander communities during this coronavirus pandemic for the first time in its 232 year history, a woman is now leading the u. s. treasury department. the duties of the office upon which i'm about to enter the duties of the office upon which i am about to enter, so help me god. so help me god. congratulations madam. secretary congratulate president. thank you for. today vice president kamila harris warren janet yellen as treasury secretary. yellen is an economist and former professor at u. c berkeley. she was also the first woman to chair the federal reserve as head of the treasury. ellen is expected to help president biden's $1.9
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trillion american rescue plan. get through congress and oversee its rollout. meantime the senate has confirmed president joe biden is nominee to service secretary of state anthony blinken is 58 years old. he's pledged to be a leading force in the administration's bid to reframe the u. s relationship with the rest of the world. blinken is a longtime diplomat and a member of president biden's inner circle. he served the past two democratic administrations. as deputy national sec secretary of state senate republicans today tried to declare the impeachment proceedings against former president trump unconscious itu sh inal because he is no longer in office. the senate was sworn in today as jurors in the upcoming impeachment trial the measure to declare the trial unconstitutional, failed in a vote of 55 to 45, all but five republicans say there's no point to it. victim of former president you don't got to
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impeachment about former president it's vindictive former president trump committed in the view of many, including myself, the gravest defense ever committed by a president of the united states. the trial is set to begin on february. 9th senate majority leader chuck schumer says he expects the trial to be quick because there will be few, if any witnesses and the senator who was expected to preside over the impeachment trial. was taken to the hospital today. paramedics took democratic vermont senator patrick leahy to the hospital for observation after he said he wasn't feeling well tonight, though we're told that he underwent some tests. was released and is now back home. senator leahy is 80 years old. he was sworn in earlier today to preside over the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump. again. that trial is set to begin in about two weeks. coming up after the break a traffic alert on the bay bridge
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to tell you about right now, where this jackknife big rig is causing problems also flooding concerns in the south bay as emergency officials closely monitor the guadalupe river and ross creek back here with the latest live radar in the five day forecast, and the
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bay bridge west of your butt. buena island happened about 9 45 on the lower deck that's heading eastbound toward the bait. the east bay. obviously the chp says tonight's gusty winds are suspected of pushing the truck to the side. the chp says they've also responded to a small fuel leak as a result of the crash. right now on lee,
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the number four and five lanes are open all of the lands, though, are expected to be opened by about 11 40 tonight we have some power outage numbers to bring you tonight from pg any 26,000 customers are without power because the storm the largest concentration is in the east bay, including parts of oakland, berkeley, hayward, el sereno and richmond about 5500 customers are without power in the north bay 4800 in the south bay and. under 1000 in san francisco in the south bay tonight, storm is bringing concerns of flooding and an alert to hundreds of residents near willow blend in san jose ktvu is azenith smith has the details. city workers spent most of tuesday evening going door to door after alerting hundreds of residents living near the guadalupe river of potential flooding in one of the reasons for the alert is a possible water rising above
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certain levels. this area is a known hot spot. we had one year where the water came up all the way to her house, and then we opened the gate man it rare into the front yard. emergency officials are closely monitoring guadalupe river and ross creek, letting people know. be prepared to evacuate. we're expecting a lot of rain in a short amount of time. so if you think about a bathtub and you turn on the water really high, and it only contains so fast, our creeks might fill up the rivers, creeks and reservoirs are dry because of a dry winter. this being the first real storm of the year i'll see how it goes tonight and i took my umbrellas down and took everything down. that was gonna blow over this long time resident will get sandbags if necessary at neighboring paul moore park. city of san jose, opened a temporary sandbag location, one of two in the city of san jose, the other at marbury service yard, the wet, cold and windy weather, also bringing concerns for the homeless. we did stand outreach teams out to try and reach the
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residents that the un housed folks that are living on or near the creeks. the timing for the storm couldn't be worse for restaurants given the green light monday to resume outdoor dining, we also sell merchandise self patron. are feeling cold. we have stars. we have sweaters way have hat, jackson said jose's japantown, a loyal crowd under the new tent installed after the second shutdown, the co owner optimistic the 10 will sustain the wind and the weather won't dampen sales now they had to cancel. we have heaters with that propane tank. back a propane tank of smooth ktvu. fox two news, the east bay regional parks districtosed 11 e storm that's hitting the bay area tonight. the district says parks from wildcat canyon in berkeley. toe like chabot will be closed until about friday. until until excuse me until eight o'clock friday morning.
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they say that high winds could cause falling trees and branches, which could injure people in the parks. some of the parks that are closed our lake chabot original park roberts recreation area. sibley regional preserve children, park and wildcat canyon regional park firm or on the conditions now and again. the storm is just now slamming into the bay area would go to our chief meteorologist. bill martin. yeah, that's pretty much happening, really, since the newscast started, it's gonna last for another hour. two is this thing moves through? frank mentioned the winds out there. you know what i'm seeing here? we're seeing rain issues. certainly that flood warning up in sonoma county, but here's the flag on the golden gate operations barely see and that's got a little wind shadow, too, but it's howling out there. we're getting lots of trees down lots of branches down all over. i mean, i'm just getting report after report after report wind gusts up on top of diablo right now near 80 miles an hour 37 miles an hour on middle pico on the mount tam. all my 70 miles now on
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rose peak, ben moments 38 miles now are now we're going to come down to the surface so you can see what's happening there and we've got wind gusts of almost 40 miles an hour in oakland and downtown oakland 40 mile an hour winds so it's howling, more surface winds 47 nearly 50 miles an hour in downtown san knows they're out by the airport, so it's just really turning into quite the wind event. the rain is coming down really aggressively right now, especially. parts of san francisco south to half moon bay. that's the core of this system. as it moves through, we've looked at some of the observations up here by watson village. see what they got? probably a tree down several large tree limbs down the roadway. just that's sort of the theme is how much the wind is affecting the area. here we are at midnight. here we are one of the two in the morning. here we are. four in the morning. here we are at six in the morning, so it's out of
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here pretty quickly, and then tomorrow's all about showers. scattered showers. some snow flurries and maybe even a thunderstorm forecast highs tomorrow on the shower is breezy day with some sun will look like this mostly in the fifties, so warms up a little bit. and then the partner, you guys, but the five day forecast kind of sets us up with some nice breaks in here. and then we're going to get going again as we go into sunday, monday and tuesday of next week, so it's a wet period. it's not going away. keep the umbrellas out, frank, cause you guys, you're going to need him really right through the weekend into early next week. all right, bill. thank you in san francisco mayor london breed said the city is moving forward with the second mass vaccination site, this one at the mosconi center. she tweeted that the new site will have the capacity for at least 5000 doses of day once the city receives enough supplies. the mayor did not say though exactly when the site at mosconi center would open there was already a mass vaccination site in san francisco at city
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college. ah, third one is planned for the bayview district. it is a major league baseball hall of fame blackout with no new players voted in mark is up next to tell us just how close very
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tonight. manager. free. here. today. i don't know if you can hear it here. i guess the window but you know, you gotta feel for a spans tonight they lose another young, great player, basically because they can't afford him. and this time, it's ah, homegrown product in marcus. simeon you know, we went to high school in berkeley at st mary's college, cal, and now he's going to the toronto blue jays on a one year deal. $18 million career best
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year in 2009. 18 33 homers. 92 r b. i fell back a little bit in the pandemic shortened season, but the blue jay certainly still see his worth the hall of fame kind of strange these days. they don't vote anybody in this year and pete rose's there. barry bonds isn't there. roger clements. just take a look at the list of guys who were up for it today and didn't make it. curt schilling came the closest you know, you have to have 75% of the vote. barry bonds, just a little uptick from last year. roger clemens still not close and the scott rolen and former giant short star omar vizquel not really that close to making it, so i don't know what's going on, but it's gonna be a quiet summer. at cooperstown. it was quiet for the sharks tonight against the colorado absa young season, but definitely their worst game. anytime you give up six goals in a hockey game, it wasn't
11:28 pm
happening for you, and it wasn't against the abs tonight, even with great all around tough guy, mike ricci checking things out on the bench, even though they get off to a nice start one nothing. ryan donato picking up the garbage in front of the net, and the sharks actually led this game. wonder nothing but the abs back with have vengeance, leading to one. nathan mackinnon. great effort. dish it off for me co raton in he's got the one time marin from the right hand side 31 abs in the second and this just can't happen. the sharks of the sloppy turnover. john leonard can't do that valerie nick's pushkin's takes him pay. that's a short handed goal, and it just got worse from there for the sharks. 73 is the final and the sharks of three and four so far in this young season, get a little time. so why not check this out? let's show you some hockey the way it should be playing. let's say vegas. yeah great passing by vegas tonight.
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look at this four passes in four seconds, resulting in a max patch already goal. he had a hat trick tonight. that is tiktok toe hockey. at its best, but vegas did lose the game in overtime. alright some nba stuff this is beautiful from john wall behind the back and make it happen with the nice laying right there before him. his new team houston with the left hand, he will scored and then the overall performance in the nba tonight. check this out. you got to be atlanta's trey young with the big steph curry type downtown. three emotions to the floor and. does the 24 in honor of kobe bryant. he had 38 points tonight, and the hawks wind up winning their game all worth checking out tonight, and that was beautiful hockey. i know you appreciate it there from vegas, man. that sure was i so wish we had time to debate roger clemens and
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barry bonds because i so completely disagree with you on whether they should be in all of them. you're crazy. that's of them. you're crazy. that's another time oh! not so bad. haley: better than it looks from the outside. oh, drop the cool-girl act. it's perfect! so, it turns out our house has mold -- which is not a reflection on this excellent homemaker. anyway, we have to vacate the house while it's being treated. i got us the last room at a hotel nearby. i was a little concerned about the five of us sharing a room, but for one night? i don't know. could be fun. [chuckles] [cello playing] - watch it! - look out! haley, i need the wi-fi corner. get down. ugh, i need instagram to know there's still beauty in the world! - [blender whirring] - luke, you'll set off the dogs! - [dogs barking] - ugh! look what i got from the vending machine in the lobby -- a charleston chew. remember these? can someone please tell the nigerian family - to shut their dogs up?! - check it out! according to this wrapper, we can win tickets to the 2005 all-star game! i think i'm most excited about the night. - it's gonna be like camping. - yeah. okay, does anybody else need to use the bathroom? - no. - mnh-mnh.


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