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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 29, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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them really view this weekend as their grand reopening. ah break in the storms and music filling the air around san francisco businesses are opening and restaurants are welcoming back diners at perry's and cow hollow staff set the tables complete with printed rules on covid guidelines and got ready for the lunch and dinner rush. we're very excited to be reopening. it's a little overwhelming. we'd love to have had a little more notice, but very exciting. nonetheless perry says. it's been a roller coaster closing. and re opening outdoor dining on lee to have to close again. they've gone from a pre pandemic staff of about 65 to a skeleton crew six managers in about 10 hourly employees restaurant, saying they're hoping this time with the state band behind them and vaccine being distributed that they'll be able to keep their tables set for good. hopefully this is the last time we'll be reopening and we can at least stay out here on ben ultimately
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moved back inside when we all feel it's safe. personal services also began a limit. reopening that means nail and hair salons and barber shops were that the barbershop on union street has reopened, had the staff giddy. it feels good. it feels like i'm coming back from a long vacation. it's been two months since the last shutdown yesterday were super busy today. they're my barber's able to operate indoors. the barber shop reopened thursday and appointments quickly booked up the owner, anticipating that initial rush but preparing for slow down yesterday was the busiest. today's just slowing down. and i know that the first week of the reopening we're gonna be busy, but after that, we're gonna be slow as a whole industry. the owner, saying the uncertainty of when and how they'd reopen has been one of the hardest parts. it's been tough has been very unstable. it's been confusing has been frustrating. everybody needs to be, um, back to the norm has
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just been frustrating for all of us, including my barber. uh how many small businesses say they have received some federal assistance to help him through the pandemic and say that they're waiting on word about additional federal assistance. they say it could really make the difference between making it to the end of this pandemic and shutting down for good reporting live. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news, christian. thank you. in contra costa county businesses are also open today. re opening restaurants and lafayette are getting ready to allow for indoor outdoor dining for the fur. first time since mid december, 1 economist advising contra costa county board of supervisors this week to be ready for long term economic impacts of the pandemic. he suggested that some business district's be rezoned to allow for more housing and areas where retailers are closing their doors. well statewide, the number of new cases is tracking lower about 19,000 new cases reported yesterday and that is below the seven day
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average of 24,000 deaths, though they're still high 617 more people have done right, which is about the average of about 500 deaths per day. the death toll is now close to 40,000 here in the bay area. we saw 2633 new cases and 70 more people have died of the coronavirus in the nine counties this weekend marks one year since santa clara county had its first confirmed case of the coronavirus. and now one year later, there are 100,000 cases. today the county updated us on their fight against the virus. we get more now from. ktvu jesse. carrie. i'm very sad. every one of those people, it's not a number that represents a person. it could be your your parents. your brother, your sister, your mother, your father. covid vaccine officer, dr marty fencer side says santa clara county is prepared to make a major push to increase covid vaccinations currently upwards of 7500 people per day are
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receiving the medicine, he says. the goal is to get 15,000 starting with those 75 years of age and older. getting the vaccine into the arms of their seniors in this community will go a long way in preventing further deaths. one year ago, this county saw the bay area. first coronavirus case soon thereafter the nation's first death. i did not expect it to last this long when we first learned about it. obviously the disease has evolved. there was a lot that we didn't know. and so the knowledge has has changed a bit, officials say. there's now a concerted effort to vaccinate high infection rate areas such as east san jose so far, 450 people there have received the first dose of the vaccine, but there are efforts to ramp up that effort. you know, we have a lot of keep on our community who are a little afraid of the vaccine doesn't character a san francisco 49ers, a stanford cardinal? the spark a new public service announcement pulling in the resource is and
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voices of professional athletes is being used to calm nerves and increase vaccination rates. supervisor cindy chavez partnered with the sports authority on the p ece that we would be showing a united front that we're all as a community. fighting covid and the one of the best ways to do that is to get vaccinated, officials say upwards of 80% of the populist needs to be vaccinated before herd immunity is reached. they say they have the infrastructure but are waiting on the federal and state governments to supply the vaccine. we've had immunity than the disease stops to spread in the society, and that's what we want. if we don't get the vaccine is going to take us longer, and people are gonna have to wait longer. however officials say they expect other drugmakers to start the production and distribution of the code. with 19 vaccine that, coupled with president joe biden, saying he's going to increase u. s distribution to 10 million doses beginning next week. well they believe that will help ease any supply anxieties in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. 100 mass vaccination
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sites are expected to set up around the country. they're part of the plan that the president's plan laid out in his first day in office to ramp up vaccinations now earlier on the four we spoke with former fema coordinator mark tamayo. he says the vaccination sites would be run through a partnership with the federal emergency management agency. what's taking place? it's a partnership with health and human services. cdc national into institutes of health army corps of engineers and particularly the department of defense, being able to bring about 10 to 20 30,000 of those nurses and doctors to come help out. the vote, says those agencies hope to eventually give out 450,000 vaccines a day. another couple covid vaccines appear to be ready to help get people vaccinated. today. johnson and johnson released data on it's a single dose vaccine. overall it appears to be 66% effective at preventing
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moderate illnesses and 85% effective at preventing the most serious symptoms like hospitalizations. this vaccine could be key in the first against coronavirus because it is. single dose and doesn't need to be kept it super cold conditions. noble vax also released a new vaccine. their data says that they conducted a trial with more than 15,000. participants in the uk, the company says the vaccine demonstrated an 89% efficacy and a face the retrial that puts it in the same league as the madonna and fizer vaccines, the state says more than three million coronavirus cases have been administered out of 4.7 million ships. across the country close to 29 million shots have been given out. according to bloomberg. the u. s averaged about 1.3 million shots per day in the last week, and joining us now is dr lee riley, a professor of infectious diseases and vaccine ology. uc berkeley. dr ali thank you so much for joining us. let's begin with the effect
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of this off that johnson and johnson vaccine their vaccine 66% effective. so how do you square that with the two other vaccines that more than 90% effective? right. so you know it's not as good as the other vaccines that we that's hillary been approved, but you know, fda was saying that they'll approve any vaccine that's better than 50% effective. and so, johnson johnson vaccine meets that goal. um so the overall effect is that you said it's 66% but the when the vaccine was evaluated the u. s. was actually about 72% effective and it's also about 85% effective against severe disease. now. one caveat is that and when they tested this in south africa, it was about 57% effective and as you know, south south africa's experience this epidemic of this new variant, and so there's a suggestion that this johnson johnson vaccine may not be as effective. with this new
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variant kind enough that's spreading in south africa. that brings up of interesting point here because if that berrien was able to get hold in other parts of the world would that that would put this vaccine pretty much on the sidelines would also affect the other vaccines that are on the market as well. that's certainly a possibility they don't know. the good news is that a z? i was mentioned the this vaccine only requires one dose and then the technology behind the. fell upon. this vaccine has been in existence on johnson johnson for a long time so they should be able to relatively quickly switch the vaccine formulation in such a way that they can then address the new variant as well. that also goes with marin, a vaccines modern and theo the biotech divisor vaccine as well. so going on the assumption that that the normal coronavirus what we're seeing right now is
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the one that we have to deal with, and we have the single shot available through johnson and johnson that could possibly be approved. how does that affect the rollout in getting this in the more arms? yes oh, this is gonna be a real game changer, you know, now don't have to worry about the second goal. this could be producing mass quantities and just has to be administered once and that other major advantage of this vaccine is that it can be kept in a regular refrigerator for up to three months, so we don't need these deep freezers in deep freezer facilities that's required for the size of vaccine. and what does he do you think it's going to be more easily administered to apologize for that? one of the more interesting things i thought i read about this today is the fact that this johnson and johnson vaccine they say, it's really effective and keeping you out of the hospital. and really preventing keeping mortality rate down as well. what can you tell us about how effective the vaccine is against those two issues? yes oh, so that's the other advantage of this vaccine was single dose. you know, if you think about it with after a
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single dose of the modern era and defies of accent, there's only about around 57% effective. this is ah, vaccines given in one dose, and it's already up to 72% effective and in the u. s. and so, uh, i think it xena has major advantages that i think it's gonna be easier to administer. and so you know, it is that i would consider this to be a very good news doctor rollie as an infectious disease expert here. what are you gonna be watching? um, when this vaccine possibly is approved? what kind of the issues that you're gonna be watching out for here? well of course, you know, as with any vaccine, we need to be watching out for potential side effects. and as you heard with the r. nave actually is a part of these rare cases of severe nfl toxic allergic reaction. well to see if you know a similar sort of sight of excellent joker so far in the clinical trials, they have not seen any major side effects. so we'll see. certainly good news. dr lee
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rally professor of infectious diseases at uc berkeley. thank you so much for your insight this evening. thank you. coaches and student athletes from around the bay area joined forces hoping to convince the governor to allow them to play sports. well, they are essential workers that have a much higher rate of covid infection. and now state politicians say they should be vaccinated as a matter of national food, security and 5 to 6 ft. of fresh no not unheard of in lake tahoe, but one california ski resort nearly hit 10 ft this week. yes and as we know, alameda rain fell throughout the bay area, the last few days were drying out temporarily. we do have the opportunity for scattered showers over at least parts of the bay area for the weekend details after the break ♪ ♪ it's the brand new chicken dance song uh ♪ ♪ get down heat it up like a sauna ♪ ♪ spin around one time if you wanna ♪ new chicken dance new chicken sandwich
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my cluck sandwich combos. only at jack in the box. ♪ many people are wondering who will be able to get the shot next. ktvu tom vacar joining us live now, after speaking with some people, and really, there's a huge and often overlooked population, tom that many people say should be vaccinated as a matter of national food security. absolutely true. consider this if farm workers and agricultural workers had their own city, it would be the size of san jose. california's farm workers, a million essential workers are the working poor who labor side by side and live in very close quarters. the perfect agricultural petri dish for the unbounded spread of all strains of covid. in fact, in october analysis of infections
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by uc berkeley researchers showed a whopping 20% of all farm workers infected. as opposed to 1% of bay area residents. at the same time, dr maximiliano cuevas said clinica de salud del valley day salinas participated in the research at the 10 salinas valley clinics. he works in and manages once they get infected. there's no way you can isolate. our quarantine the individual nonetheless, almost 60% of the infected and sick workers. we're going to work because one there's no sick or quarantine pay. the second big reason was fear of losing the job. state senator melissa her tano, a daughter of agricultural workers, sees this is a matter of national food and economic security. we feed the nation and we feed the world and when you have, you know employees of her getting sick that are dying that are higher risk because of the nature of their work. farm workers need to be prioritized.
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so making sure that we get these vaccines directly. to our ad workers is extremely important. but the vaccination rates of these essential workers is pitifully low. so much so the california retailers association is looking at ways for pharmacies to mobilize and deliver vaccines directly to ag workers wherever they live and work and it's not just. the retail pharmacies. they're our business is up and down the state of california that have been asking that have been beg. you put us to work. we will volunteer. we will bring in resource is we want to help hit the vaccine out, senator and lawyer and a caballero has fought for farm workers her entire life and says they're even put in a lower priority tear than other essential workers. equity to man's fairness up the number of vaccine doses in rural california, which has been a real problem. we're getting much less than we're entitled to buy our population. now, if
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you feel ag workers should receive higher priority. call or email, state legislators and the state department of public health. so these workers can keep supplying all of us with healthy food. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. i think it's great that they can. they can use all the help they can get. and really, they are the definition of essential workers. tom franks. well, snow pounded the sierra this week ski resorts in tao. so about 5 to 6 ft of snow after series of storms and your dodge ridge and mammoth, those areas got more than 100 inches of snow. both highways 80 and 50 year open. still caltrans warns those head into the sierra this weekend to expect delays. the first time in my 60 years that i've been stuck like this, so yeah, it's a new experience. well right now, traffic is heavy between truck and squad valley. caltrans says cleanup efforts
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are in full force and. to be alert for highway crews. as we know a lot of rain fell over the bay area, bringing our numbers up for the season. great news there we had quite a bit of rain, especially in our hills. here's a look at the 72 hour totals you when the rain starts on tuesday afternoon and goes all the way until thursday night, it's a little bit hard to keep up with all the rainfall amounts from day to day. but 72 hours they're showing you three days, gilroy picked up five inches. boulder creek in the santa cruz mountains picked up 7.5 inches. ben loman, also in the santa cruz mountains, picked up more than 6.5 inches, so a good amount of rain and the models did really well at predicting how much rainfall we would get around the bay area. here's a look over us san francisco where we do have partly cloudy skies. pretty day out there and mainly dry day for most to san francisco, a chilly 49 51 in santa rosa, 54, oakland, livermore and san jose for most of us were within a few degrees of where we were yesterday.
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cooler in nevada, down by five livermore of little bit warmer and san jose up by four. the winds are generally light, and there's a look at where we're still seeing just a little bit of residual moisture. keep pointing out to areas over mount hamilton, where we have pictures of snow at this very hour. still seeing a lot a bit of rain snow mix and then into the sierra. we continue to see a little bit of rain. snow mix here is well the advisory for winter travel is when it comes to the snow expired early this morning. you can see we've gotta rein stomach stride around public pines, which is about 4000 ft. and you mount hamilton right about 4000 ft so we could be getting a little bit more there before all said and done what we are going to see in the cr if you're traveling early tomorrow morning is fog and with freezing conditions out there, it is expected to be freezing fog, and that's going to, of course, add up to that advisory there that goes until nine o'clock in the morning. be careful, because if you get enough accumulation from that fog enough mist. it actually comes to the ground. it could
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create some ice, very icy conditions out there. when it comes to us here at home, there's a look. a saturday morning partly sunny, mostly cloudy skies. look what happens in the afternoon a possibility of scattered showers along the coastline, and especially in the north bay as we get into the afternoon evening hours, this model has changed since earlier today and will continue to change, although we are calling for the possibility off light, scattered on and off shower activity over the north bay on saturday. and perhaps along the coastline, there's a look at the temperatures for tomorrow morning a chilly start. 36 santa rosa 45 for san francisco. when i come back, i'll have a look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow and farther down the road. we have an opportunity for more rain for the entire bay area. more on this coming up in just a bit. well, we need it. all right, rosemary. thank you. near decade long investigation into an alleged serial predator. that man now behind bars, but police freeze. sir. assed. the vs
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all underage girls, ktvu crime reporter henry lee is here. now, with more on the investigation, henry. well, andre, these crimes go back almost a decade, and investigators tell me the suspects accused of assaulting four girls, some of whom he met on social media. 30 year old kaylen freeman is in jail accused of sexually assaulting four girls going back to 2012 for the victims range between 13 years old and 18 years old sama tail county sheriff's investigators said. they had little to go on at first, but they soon developed evidence they say points to a sexually violent predator. it used a typical predatory type of grooming system where he. would befriend these girls on occasion and lure them in with drugs. authorities say it appeared freeman had access to a variety of drugs. it was the gamut a lot of times it was marijuana. but other drugs were also used. the sheriff's office
5:25 pm
arrested freeman at his home in l. granada near half moon bay. detectives believe there may be other girls who have not yet reported being attacked. that's why it's so imperative for anybody else who may have been a victim of his to come forward and get connected with our detectives, so we can also get them the help that they might want or need. freeman was arrested on suspicion of rape, sexual assault, stalking and two counts of kidnapping, and each of those carries a life sentence. the multiple victims exposes this case to a life sentence. sama tail county d, a ski wax f says his office will review the case next week. this is ah. among the more serious cases for sexual assault we've had submitted to us in quite a while. kalen freeman's being held at san mateo county jail is bill's been set on more than $5 million reporting live, henry lee ktvu fox studios. alright, henry, thank you so much. student athletes and their coach is from around the bay area. all have the same message for the governor. let us play the rallies to reopen
5:26 pm
youth sports coming up next another day of wild swings in the market price of gamestop on expert joins us to talk about how this could be driving volatility and the rest of the market plus a ban on many evictions across california, at least for the next few months. what the governor's signature means for renters and landlords coming up.
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government health officials say the emergence of coronavirus mutations is a wake up call. the variant that was first detected in the uk has now been confirmed in more than 300 cases in 29 states, the head of the cdc says doctors and public health officials should approach each new case of the coronavirus as if it's a mutation. we continue to remain concerned about the emergence of variants in the united states and our rapidly ramping up surveillance and sequencing activities as we work to closely monitor and identify variants as they emerged, the white house, says president joe biden is coronavirus relief bill contains money to expand efforts to track and identify mutations. meanwhile throughout the pandemic, businesses have been struggling to adapt and change in order to survive these difficult times and gyms are really no different. we understand. this week, a state relaxed its strict stayed home
5:30 pm
orders allowing more businesses to open offering outside services. at least one gym in san ramon moved its operations outside the general manager of the san ramon 24 hour fitness, says being outside fills a need in the community and does so in a safe, socially distance environment that makes jim. hours feel comfortable. obviously they come in here they feel safer following protocol, but also we know that you know, fitness in itself. you know, physical health is important. but we also know that you know, mental health is important on fitness is just essential to us. 24 hour fitness now offers more than 50 outdoor gyms in california. student athletes, coaches and parents are stepping up their campaign to allow high school sports to start back up. attorneys have now father lawsuit against governor newsome on behalf of two student athletes and youth sports advocates are appealing to the public for support came to be is rob roth heard from coaches and students today and he joins us live with more on that, rob. yeah andre, many
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student athletes and coaches feel that time is running out, and they were appealing to governor newsome to let them play. students parents and coaches rallies in san ramon friday, part of a statewide push to allow school sports toe open back up these days. football fields are empty here it james logan in union city, and it all other high schools across california because of the pandemic, demonstrate hand mrs playing football. it's skyline high school in oakland, this very emotional sitting in this room every day and not being able to go work out. not being in regard to run and have fun with my teammates, not being able to go compete with other people and different schools. and it's hard tray and was among a group of students coaches in youth advocates who held a virtual meeting urging governor gavin newsom to allow school sports to resume including close contact games that just football and basketball allow them to get back on the field. the cords,
5:32 pm
the pools and all of those things. that brings joy to their lives. the meeting was organized by the golden state football coaches community and a parent group called let them play, see a let them play us filed a lawsuit in san diego against state officials, including newsome, on behalf of two student athletes. the suit seeks an immediate order for coronavirus related restrictions to be removed, allowing sports to resume. and more than 20. state legislatures have signed a resolution urging sports to start back up. let them play. see a did me with newsome innis staff last week. the reality is since that meeting very little has happened. we believe we can work together to find a reasonable. and save solution for all the kids and all the communities, the states has low contact sports, including cross country golf, swimming and tennis can resume. the group submitted a statement from a list of physicians calling for the return of all sports, saying that quote with safety protocols children cannon
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should return to sports. now we asked ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hung what he thinks just getting off. shelton please being in purple trying tioga get off horrible to go to the next year. eyes may not be the right right time. coaches expressed some concern about losing some of their athletes to drugs, violence and depression. if school sports don't resume soon, andre all right, rob roth with the big push to get school sports going back again, rob. thank you so much well on wall street today, stocks wrapped up their worst week since october with more declines. three major indices all down about 2% the dow was down 220 or 620 points, the nasdaq gave up 266 points and the s and p fell 73 points. now much of the volatility is being driven by the speculation over game stuff online investors are bidding up shares of the video game store, which
5:34 pm
was being shorted by big hedge funds, some popular online trading sites such as robin hood, restricted trading a gamestop and several other stocks throughout the day. and despite all that, though, gamestop was up 66% today to more than $327 a share as gamestop goes higher as these other should heavily shorted stocks goes go higher as margin calls on those sides get extended. it puts pressure on the rest of the market. well the securities and exchange commission says it is monitoring the situation. and it warned investors that when the bubble bursts, it could expose investors to quote rapid and severe losses. joining us now to talk more about the markets is j. mcbride financial expert with the mcbride group, james. thanks for joining us today. let's be honest, gamestop is a hot stock and, you know, experts predicted that despite its peak this week, it would come down. but that did not happen. it ended the week up 400 per sent, and that's despite the fact that
5:35 pm
some brokerages limited trading. so what is the takeaway here? and what do you think happens next week? well, we're in an environment that is invincible to reason, and what's happening now is insane to make to be polite about it. that casino that makes no sense and just as they were saying earlier is that it's going to come to a bad end because this stock is not. deserve this valuation based on the fundamentals earlier today, i looked at the fundamentals. i looked at income net income earnings per share just kind of all the way down the line, and the numbers are surprisingly negative front to back so to have a stock at these airplay to prices makes no sense and it will come down and a lot of people are going to get hurt. you know, there's a lot of talk about these brokerages that have limited trading. and i'm curious. you know what you think? what would have happened if they didn't limit trading and prevent people from buying? because you just said it yourself. this company shouldn't be valued at
5:36 pm
what it is now. well, the analogy that i would use is if you were a bartender and you were serving somebody that was intoxicated by law, the bartender is liable if that person hurts themselves or somebody else. in other words, you gave alcohol to an intoxicated person and made them even worse, and that's kind of what they're doing by limiting the trading there, quite frankly, saving people from themselves. they're doing it for a lot of, though the reasons because they have restrictions on the amount of money to have the hold in reserve, just because of that's how the markets function, so it's not there not being completely altering. stick about this, but what they're doing as far as the investor is concerned, i think it's the service by not letting him get into this because it is going to come to a bad end. i promise you that i don't know when but it will. yeah, there. there's some argument there on the other side of that coin, just for people who say look, i had the opportunity to buy it and make money here, and i was prevented from doing that. who's to say i should be cut off when i know the risks and i
5:37 pm
willingly accept those risks when i go into the market? well, i've been doing this long enough to know that when things go against people. they forget that they said that ok? i will leave it at that. i'm gonna move on, though to the stocks overall, because today we saw the volatility bring all of the stock's down is what we're seeing with with gamestop and amc really affecting the price of other stocks to go down. it's certainly affecting the psychology of the market, but i think if we look at the underlying strength of the market is pretty good. and as you know that the market tries to do is look ahead 68 months and it's gonna it sees that a 68 months of this pandemic. this terrible pandemic will be behind us. and a lot of the underlying fundamentals of the market look pretty good, particularly with respect to the pandemic because we have hospitalizations are down. icu availability is up. we have three spectacular vaccines in
5:38 pm
the market now, with visor madonna and astrazeneca and then johnson and johnson and noble baxter coming out with more vaccine soon, what's exciting about the johnson and johnson vaccine is that's a one shot ghost. so. from the pandemic side. things are slowly but surely getting better. and it's also fair to say that the stimulus in one form or another will be passed by congress, even if the president requires reconciliation to get it through and that it's important to remember, too, that the economy was very, very good going into this pandemic, and once this pandemic is behind this, probably by this summer that the economy will reset, it will reboot and that will be on our way again. i want to ask about just regular seasoned investors, not the people who have been joining in on the fat stocks this week because the season investor could look at this and say, i see the power of social media and i see how it can drive the markets and drive certain stocks. maybe that makes them concerned and maybe they decide that they don't want to, uh hold onto the
5:39 pm
socks that they have. do you think it it maybe makes him fearful and they want to sell and basically get rid of their holdings. it sure does that underlies people's confidence in the market. when we see such speculation generated by social media, you know ellen must. i think it was today said something nice about bitcoin and you know they went up about 9% a few days ago. iman must said something nice about sd because he had bought something for his dog and the stock went up. social media is powerful, and it does concern people because you're seeing the value of socks being changed just by social media or a text from hell. i'm us and it's important to remember that long term the stock market is going to go up through your lifetime, and it's good to ignore this, but it certainly does cause concern and it does make people uneasy, unfortunately, but that's what it is, and the market's really never had to deal with social media before and we're all
5:40 pm
running our lessons as we go along. yeah, it is a phenomenon that we haven't seen before. that is for sure. james a bride with mcbride group always appreciate you coming on the show. thank you, governor gavin newsom today signed a bill extending the state's eviction moratorium. the existing moratorium was set to expire in just a few days. the extension last or june and also helps cover some unpaid rent with $2.6 billion in federal stimulus money. supporters say the new law aims to help low income families who are struggling to pay rent due to covid-19 hardships as well, a support their landlords. he had, you know, i think there was just one exceptional, unanimous support. democrats and republicans coming together in the senate and the assembly on a big bill. well landlords will be paid up to 80% and unpaid rent dating back as far back as last april as long as they agreed to waive the other 20.
5:41 pm
hundreds of people received their first covid-19 vaccine shots at a community drive thru clinic. why a second drive thru clinic has been canceled, really caused a lot of problems and gave us a lot of sleepless nights, details on the county making the decision and how 566 people will now have to get their second dose.
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[doorbell rings] babe, are those the tots we ordered? ♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my $4 sauced & loaded tots— with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch. coronavirus vaccine has now been shut down, and that is that people who received their first dose scrambling to figure out where they're going to get their second shot. ktvu sand, rubin explains. the clock is ticking to help them find appointments. for hundreds of senior citizens near lafayette. this drive through vaccination clinic seemed like a savior.
5:44 pm
that was until the county shut it down. now, those who got there first shot at stanley middle school aren't sure where to get their 2nd 72 year old margaret elmer spent 4.5 hours on hold trying to get an answer. and at one point i actually had on monday. three phones going when she was really amazing. the shutdown was the result of two things. one a dispute over what contra costa county's rules allowed, which resulted in a complaint on file. the second involved a change in the number of agencies allowed to distribute vaccine. all this meant a second drive thru clinic couldn't happen. the politics. is overcoming the medicine and the needs of the community. and now that community is frustrated. many have been turning to senior advocates that llama renda village looking for answers now that the second clinic has been canceled. there is a lot of confusion happening. and a lot of requests for help. here is what contra costa county is saying that if you're over 75
5:45 pm
john muir's clinic will contact you. if you're under 75, it will be the county's health services. but they say every person affected will get second doses through county sites, and it's us directing them and also telling them to wait because. we actually directing them to call a number. we're telling them this is this is what the county is going to do. but for these 566 people, it's already been two weeks since the first shot and the clock is ticking to get the second in time. margaret elmer says she didn't feel comfortable waiting for the county's call. they really caused a lot of problems. and gave us a lot of sleepless nights again. those that used the lafayette drive thru clinic can expect a call either from john, you're or from the county, and we're told those calls have already started for those that still have questions you can call 833 vax cocoa again. that number is 833 v, a ex ceo seo
5:46 pm
and ruben ktvu, fox two news. the storm damage is adding up along the central coast, where this section of highway was washed. out in a mudslide. after a brief reprieve. we have scattered showers in the forecast, at least for parts of the bay area this weekend and more to follow details after the break. ♪ ♪ it's the brand new chicken dance song uh ♪ ♪ get down heat it up like a sauna ♪ ♪ spin around one time if you wanna ♪ new chicken dance new chicken sandwich my juicy, thickest fillet yet. my cluck sandwich combos. only at jack in the box.
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introducing my brand new chicken. crispy, crunchy breading on my juicy, thickest fillet yet, topped with mystery sauce and pickles on a brioche bun.
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my cluck sandwich combos. only at jack in the box. ♪ night sky fox, who over the area today the truck toppled down, rain soaked valencia school road inapt us, according to the chp. api jeannie worker was inside that truck and suffered neck and back injuries. he was in the area trying to restore power at the time. valencia school road will likely stay close for a while until repairs are made. caltrans crews and contractors are assessing the damage on a section of highway one. near
5:49 pm
big sur highway one is closed until further notice between degen's in and ragged point and family was obispo county, part of the highway near the big creek bridge washed away during the storms. check out this drone video posted by caltrans. today you can see just how massive this section of road is. it's now gone. crews are assessing the damage there have already started the first stages of clean up mud and debris blocked the rest of the road, which does happen a lot along the big sur coast. during the winter months and up in nevada county. a team had to be rescued after getting trapped under 5 ft of snow for hours the 14 year old was playing in a snow cave on wednesday when snow fell from the shed and left him buried. initially, no one knew what happened and the family called truckee police to report him missing. during the search, fire crews noticed the aftermath of the roof avalanche and check that area with a probe. they quickly found that teenager and dunk him out. he was. not seriously hurt,
5:50 pm
several feet of snow reported in the last few days over the sierra and for us several inches of rain in our hills. our urban areas anywhere from 1 to 3 inches, a few areas coming in with four. so the models did a great job of predicting how much rainfall we would see between tuesday afternoon and early this morning. here's a look at where we fit when it comes to rainfall amounts for the season or in a lot better shape than where we were when all the rain started. san jose now at 45% of average, we've got 41% of average reported in santa rosa. we were down to just 20% of average, even a little bit below that before the big event. here's a look at strong tracker to where we have just a few scattered showers out there if you look over towards the diablo range, and mount hamilton, we've got a little bit of rain snow mix. your levels are about 4000 ft. we have had pictures earlier before the sunset of a little bit of snow there on top of mount hamilton and the lick
5:51 pm
observatory area. the next system is already moving into the pacific northwest in over areas of northern california. this is likely to bring scattered shower activity to the north bay, perhaps the coastline, but it doesn't look like it's going to go beyond that. and i can show you what the future cast model to future cast models to show you. here's a look at tomorrow morning where we do have mostly cloudy, partly sunny skies. and then as we get into the afternoon noticed that rain line right about lake county sonoma county getting into the second part of the day just past sunset. widespread scattered shower activity over the north bay parts of the coastline. and then it's beginning to the afternoon. that possibility still there, it looked a little bit more bullish. early on, it has scaled back some, even in the rainfall amounts. earlier we saw the projection for almost three quarters of an inch of rainfall. now the future cast model is showing us less than 2/10 of an inch. in any case, we may have a few scattered showers over the north bay as we roll through saturday, there's a look at monday afternoon when the
5:52 pm
entire bay area begins to see a change. monday night. tuesday looks like it could be a song you won tuesday afternoon and then wednesday morning. it looks like it moves out. so the next opportunity for widespread rain will be monday night in the winds. day morning. the winds out there generally light the temperatures are cool. upper forties too low fifties for most of us tomorrow morning going to be a chilly start 36 santa rosa for the inner east bay 39 in concord, 43. expected san matteo and 47 by the water in pacifica. afternoon highs will be just about average even a little bit below 53 the afternoon high for santa rosa 58 over san jose and 56 expected san francisco. extended forecast. there shows you we will be slightly warmer on sunday, not much change on monday what? whether returning wholeheartedly to the bay area monday night into tuesday, back to you the break coming at a really good time, the weekend rosemary. thank you so much. well, there was a long line of people in the east bay today who can afford to put nutritious food on the table themselves. the food bank of
5:53 pm
contra costa solano held out drive thru food distribution in richmond at the richmond civic center. hundreds of people received boxes of food. the. who bank says there's been a record need for food, and it's still growing as a pandemic drags on. we're still seeing the economic replications of the pandemic. i think we're kind of seeing cases go away. we're not rebels here now. but the need as far as the food and security has not lessened up at all. little food bank will distribute food again tomorrow morning from 9 to 11 a.m. at st anthony's church on o'hara avenue in oakland. there were some hearts left and san francisco today six to be exact. those a large hearts are on display at union square as part of the s f. general hospital foundation's annual hearts of san francisco fundraiser, organizers say artists created the hearts to represent the city, its community and culture and how everyone has been pulling together during the pandemic. our heart artists
5:54 pm
that a wonderful job creating beautiful heart work to represent the black lives matter movement the importance of wearing our masks and the importance of coming together as a community. hearts will be on display in union square until valentine's day. the increased security at the u. s capitol building and for members of congress may be here to stay for a while. i'm re broken with a look at the new measures that are being suggested by
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
relief package and how to boost the economy. the u. s economy
5:57 pm
shrank by 3.5% in 2020, and that is the worst level seen since the end of world war two. the president is now urging congress to move quickly on a $1.9 trillion bill or negotiate something similar. there is a overwhelming consensus among economists left right and center that this is a unique moment in this crisis and cost of inaction is high cost him in action. the proposed relief bill includes another round of simulates checks, unemployment insurance through september and hundreds of millions of dollars to speed up vaccine development. security remains high in washington following the right of the u. s capitol earlier this month. some lawmakers are now saying they have a threat or they have fears rather about a new threat boxes. ray bogan has the latest u. s. capitol police officers will be on patrol at d. c area airports and union station to
5:58 pm
protect members of congress in the wake of the january 6th ryan, the acting house sergeant at arms is also requesting members notify law enforcement of their travel plans. it's acting capitol police chief pittman stated thursday. i can unequivocally say that vast improvements to the physical security infrastructure must be made to include permanent fencing and the availability of ready backup forces in close proximity to the capitol, but proposals to make troops and other security measures permanent are receiving bipartisan push back. the answer is not to turn the capital the people's house into a fortress or a permanent armed camp. the american people once we get back to know mole and the pandemic is behind us should be able to come visit their elected representatives. house speaker nancy pelosi says the enemy is within. it means that we have members of congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of congress, the capitol building and surrounding complex have been closed due to the virus but are
5:59 pm
normally open to the public. outside thousands of people enjoy the fields and fountains every day, d c mayor morial bowser twitted her opposition quote, we will know except extra troops or permanent fencing as a long term fixture in d. c the investigation into the january 6th right is ongoing. the fbi ba tf are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the person who planted pipe bombs next to the republican and democratic party headquarters. brave bogan fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. a sexual assault suspect behind bars tonight. the alleged victims all underage girls, prosecutors, calling the suspect of violent predator. and this is ah, among the more serious cases for sexual assault we've had submitted to us in quite a while. the alleged sexual assaults date
6:00 pm
back as far as 2012. good evening. i'm cristina rendon in a monetary senior. the victims range in age from 13 to 18 years old and authorities say the suspect often lord them in with drugs. ktvu crime reporter henry lee is here now with more on the investigation, henry. well, andre, the crime school. had almost a decade and investigators tell me this man's accused of assaulting four girls, some of whom we met through social media. 30 year old kaylen freeman is in jail accused of sexually assaulting four girls going back to 2012 for the victims range between 13 years old and 18 years old sama tail county sheriff's investigators said. they had little to go on at first, but they soon developed evidence they say points to a sexually violent predator. it used a typical predatory type of grooming system where he. would befriend these girls on occasion and lure them in with drugs. authorities say it appeared freeman had access to a variety of drugs. it was the gamutot


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