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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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caught up with erica play artists who was grabbing food like zakariyah on mission and 25th streets. workers were busy prepping what seemed like an endless number of orders while customers lined up along the sidewalk. oh, yeah, we would be sealed. well this morning when we you know when we start open, like that idea was closed on singular mile last year because of covid-19. so for many restaurants like it in the bay area and nationwide will take a lot more than just a busy day to recoup the loss rock over the last year, brother would you get tacos and some enchiladas? president joe biden used a sinker tamayo day that's become popular for friends and families to visit local eateries to announce his administration is offering help to sure up the rest. drawn industry, one of the hardest hit sectors of the economy during the pandemic, make sure to relieve his distributed fair way. also set aside funds for the smallest restaurants, bars food trucks, many family on restaurants that haven't gotten
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any help to date and they needed money for the administration's so called restaurant revitalization fund would come from the american rescue plan that was passed by congress in march. and in a sign that things are starting to turn around the announcement from the president comes in the same week, it was announced that san francisco was joining the yellow tear, which will allow for more seating inside restaurants. the manager at taco loco in the mission tells me that it's the change his business needs to see said table quote. 24 25% but which everything could be better money for struggling restaurants would be available through the small business administration that the s p a. says it will prioritize getting funds into the hands of restaurant owners. it also vows. to respond to every person who applies for this moneywithin two weeks of receiving their application in san francisco, i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. mexican restaurants with outdoor seating were popular spots day up in napa. we found
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a number of folks and join the mexican lunch while taking in the sun. this is typically the biggest night of the year for mexican restaurants, and many of them are running specials to bring in customers. single. tamayo marks the mexican army's victory in 18 62 over france at the battle of puebla. during the franco mexican war. san francisco is now redirecting almost $4 million originally earmarked for law enforcement to black owned small businesses. bear london breed made that announcement today, she says the $3.75 million will go toward training, technical support and neighborhood assistance. it's part of the dream keeper initiative approved last june that redirects money from the police, police and sheriff's budgets to the african american community, also in san francisco, students at an elementary school standing behind a fellow student who was accused of stealing from a supermarket. the 11 year old was stopped by security guards despite showing a receipt into these tom vacar, with more more from the boy.
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and safeway's response, instead of going home is the students of the harvey milk civil rights academy do when the school day ends at one p.m. students. parents, family and friends gathered to march on the safeway store on market street near the castro. they came to protest the treatment of fifth grader jo mari oliver, who went into the safe way april 26 to buy a sandwich. i went to the sounds delhi to pay for my sandwich, then i came back then he, the security guard told me to put myself on the count because i didn't pay for it to your safe way. tell it, the young man was approached by a third party security guard who asked to see a receipt and then allowed him to leave. jo mari and jim ari's mom. dispute that i just showed them the receipt. then they kept on coming like the other security guard said that then the first thing i told him that the sandwich the other came and said, i didn't pay for it. when he walked out of the store. he was crying. so of course, i was very hysterical. with the whole situation. i was taking place.
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he said that they were racist and that they accidentally put his food down and that he paid for. he showed them they're his receipt and everything and they still were antagonizing him until the manager walked up to him. him an ax them tow basically leave him alone. the harvey milk civil rights academy teaches not just scholastic classes, but education and rights and respect for all. why do we keep having this systematic approach? how we deal with people of color? that something is societal? if we don't start to change some things within our society, we will continue to see this even when i have grandchildren. it's important that when we see one of our students at our school in our community being treated unfairly and racially profiled it's important that we as a community, and especially as a school, stand up for our students. definitely a blessing to know that it's not a situation as being overlooked at all safely, apparently made a gesture to try to make things right. they'll talk to the security guards and, you know deal with the company, and they offered him a $25 gift card. so
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with that, i don't you know, i never really wanted to keep talking to them. safeway chose to close the store during the rally, and shortly thereafter until. the crowd dispersed, but it's been open ever since. and into the evening tom vacar ktvu, fox two news ah woman in berkeley is facing hate crime charges for the second time this year. police say they arrested antoinette are shimmied for throwing water bottles at an asian woman and yelling at her about being asian. the incident happened last friday. near telegraph and durant avenues, the same suspect was arrested back in january after she allegedly pushed a woman onto the street and made inappropriate comments about people of mexican descent. police say the woman is homeless and is being charged by prosecutors. the grand summit. donovan, 85 year old woman who was stabbed in san francisco yesterday is speaking out tonight. the victim was one of two asian women injured in what police are calling an unprovoked attack. ktvu henry
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lee tells us that one of the victims had just recovered from the coronavirus. it's just terrible and you don't think it's gonna happen to someone you know until it doesn't andrew and is angry and frustrated efforts. 85 year old grandmother was stabbed while waiting for a bus near fourth and market in san francisco. she and a 63 year old asian woman work injured in an unprovoked attack on tuesday afternoon. the two women don't know each other staff. they're sliced first lady and then and then went to my grandma and then stabbed her through the arm being says his grandmother underwent surgery and the knife went through the arm and inside her chest where it actually i was told nix her bone and lung. she's currently on breathing san francisco police arrested 54 year old patrick thompson about two hours after the attack. officers had gotten a photo of the attacker. recognized him from prior contacts. the attack happened there for the 85 year old woman had gone grocery shopping in chinatown. a month earlier. she had gotten over covid. no, no persons. grandparents should
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ever hear walking out and, you know, try just trying to do to run errands. it's disgusting. it's just the most sickening thing possible. supervisor matt haney represents the area where the attack took place. people waiting for the bus, older women. clearly it is asian people who are being targeted. this is a pattern. and has to be stopped and says he's relieved the suspect is behind bars. i'm glad he got arrested, but they hope that justice is served in that he's not let back out into the street. the suspect is several raymond on friday he could potentially be charged with attempted murder, elder abuse and if there's evidence of racial bias ah hate crime henry lee ktvu, fox two news. a jury in rome, italy reached a guilty verdict today for two bay area college students in the murder of a police officer. they were both immediately sentenced to life in prison. the jury deliberated for more than 12 hours before delivering their verdicts against 21 year old finnegan, elder of san francisco and 20 year old christian natali orthe
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of mill valley. the two friends were vacationing in rome two years ago. prosecutors say elder stabbed the plainclothes officer 11 times, and that natali york helped him hide. the knife to claim they were defending themselves during a drug deal gone bad. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says he is not surprised by the verdict. this was a drug deal gone bad, so certainly there wasn't sympathy for the two american young men, and they turned the deceased police officer into a national hero in italy. so this verdict is not shock me at all. there were gas in the courtroom and the widow of the officer who was killed, sobbed when the verdict was read, elder and natalia worth for lead immediately out of the courtroom. coming up, a move that would have global impact in the fight against the coronavirus as the biden administration voices support for lifting patent protections
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to increase. vaccine production, also bar owner under arrest accused of selling fake vaccination cards, the undercover operation and what happens next. are microclimates on full display today fifties at the coast nineties inland, we'll take a look at what happens next. your weather's coming up. also ahead tonight and irreplaceable record collection nearly destroyed after morning fire at a popular store on the peninsula, and now investigators are calling it suspicious and taking a live look right now the conditions on the san mateo bridge this wednesday evening a little hazy out there and some traffic. it's a little slow going, but not too bad. ktvu news
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let us take you to a place you've been craving.
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ventilators are now on their way from other countries, but a shortage of vaccines remains the problem just to over 2% of india's total population of about 1.4 billion people has been fully vaccinated across india, hospitals are scrambling to accommodate the growing number of patients. have to set up hospitals quickly. doctors in nurse's aides, icus regulators and keep that in a in a certain area where the numbers of the you know among the highest for a couple of months. in london, india's top diplomat and his entourage were forced to self isolate ahead of the g seven foreign ministers meeting after two members of the delegation tested positive. that delegation will now participate in the summit. virtually india and other developing countries are applauding a major decision from the biden administration. our political reporter greg li tells us the president is throwing his support behind lifting patent protections to ramp up vaccine production around the world. oh as
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covid-19 cases and deaths surge in india and south america, the biting administration announced it supports waving intellectual property protections for vaccines would allow other places to manufacture these vaccines, even for other countries like india and south america. what happened is india itself. may be running out of capacity, but other countries can make these for india in a statement, u. s trade representative catherine ty said. this is a global health crisis and the extraordinary circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic call for extraordinary measures. ties to the u. s will participate in negotiations with the world trade organization, but it'll take time. indian south africa first pushed for a waiver in october, it would exempt wt o members from enforcing some patents with the goal of allowing drug makers in other countries to speed up production of generic doses. the crux of the issue the u. s in wealthier countries
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have a steady vaccine supply, while many poorer nations air struggling with access and distribution. this is a huge decision. it's going to mean that hundreds of countries around the world will now have access to the vaccine formula to develop the vaccine. it's going to save thousands of lives by then face pressure from the international community as well as congressional democrats, like ro khanna to back the waiver. there's pushback from pharmaceutical companies that don't believe it will ramp up production instead stifling innovation and creativity. in response to ties, announcement the pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of america, a trade group wrote. this decision will sow confusion between public and private partners further weaken already strained supply chains and fostered the proliferation of counterfeit vaccines. dr gandhi points out. this is the same debate that occurred during the aids epidemic. she also says it's incumbent on the us to help stop the spread in the rest of the world to prevent new variants from affecting vaccine efficacy. it is
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absolutely we're unified world when it comes to this pathogen, and i agree with you. it is something that's in our self interest as well to get the rest of the world vaccinated. the u. s was not the only holdout. but advocates are hopeful that after this move from the bidet administration, other countries will follow suit. after the news stocks fell for major u. s vaccine makers, including fizer and madonna. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. pharmaceutical stocks plummeted following president biden's patent waiver announcement shares the moderna novaks buy on tech advisor all dropped sharply on the news, though shares of fizer and johnson and johnson recovered by the end of the trading day. on wall street. stocks closed mixed today, mainly due to concerns about the potential for a rise in interest rates easing the dow gained 97 points. nasdaq was down 51 the s and p finished the day up about three points. all right, let's turn our attention to the weather where we've had about a 40 degree temperature split
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between the coast and inland today, so to say that our microclimates were in full effect is an understatement. it's been kind of a wild day with the coast, you know, having the marine layer present right and areas that kind of get that influence of state cooler today, while inlet heat it has just gone into the nineties yet again, so. let's take a live look outside. we do have the marine layer moving in. but you don't see that here in the east bay. we're taking a look right now towards while not creak, and you see plenty of sunshine there. so right now in oakland about 58 degrees san francisco 50, but we're in 82 in livermore, and we're in the seventies and santa rosa right now and in san jose, with plenty of sunshine. so here's live like a stormtrooper too. you see that? marine layer rolling on and bringing in some of that fog. some of the clouds they're gonna be with us as we go throughout the night tonight, and that's really going to have an effect on temperatures as you get into tomorrow that we start to see an enhanced marine layer kind of ah, deeper marine layer is it moves on its not just ben, by the way in northern california, it's been kind of
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hugging the coastline of the entire statement. as you look to the west, you see a low pressure system that kind of comma shape right of the clouds. that's a classic low pressure system, and that's going to be rolling into so all of this is going to contribute to the fact that armor three layer will start to deepen, which means that we will have more of an influence as we get in the overnight into tomorrow, and ultimately it will cool down those inland spots that have been sitting in the nineties yesterday and today. also getting an onshore flow you could see about 22 mile per hour wind there. sfo have a little breezy right now in fairfield as we get that delta breeze going there above about 50 about 20 mph. and tomorrow we're gonna wake up a little cloudy, little foggy temperatures overnight in the forties and fifties but notice the oranges and the reds not happening for you tomorrow and conquered livermore. you're gonna cool down for talking upper seventies up to maybe about 80 degrees. tomorrow i'll talk a little bit more about the weekend in your mother's day forecast, right? come back in a bit, pronouncing it back to the desk. it's that time of year again when goats could be seen all across the bay area, they're they're used as a fire prevention tool. this video was
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taken by the oakland fire department today, a few dozen goats were dropped off in the oakland hills to eat up all the dry brush fire fighters in oakland say the goats will be in the hills throughout the summer. as they prepare for the upcoming fire season. investigators on the peninsula say a fire at a popular record store is suspicious. ktvu is jesse gary tells us the fire could have done more damage than just destroying records. down the road. people may write them hard copies of the music they grew up with. gary saxon is part curator and part record sales guru, the inside of the record man store and redwood city reflects a time when vinyl, not digital downloads, was the way to experience music. you didn't just cherry pick one or two songs generally that you liked you would sit down. with a group of friends and listen to that whole album side. for the most part saxons irreplaceable collection dating back 100 years was spared from a wednesday morning fire. the
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second lease on business life means more turns for listeners who are getting younger, not older. a lot of people are getting back into or getting into for the first time. records while shops such as this may be few and far between, they do exist and are thriving in the age of covid people were looking for, you know, affordable entertainment at at home, and i think they really rediscovered what many of us knew from our youth streetlight records manager page, brodsky says. there's something magical about being able to hold vinyl. supposed to look at an artist work on a screen. the result, according to industry reports, is a 4% uptick in record sales. you think people see it as a great way to support these artists, especially during this covid pandemic back at the fire scene, gary saxon says he's still taking inventory, but promises one fire won't ruin his record run of 30 years. it's bad, but it's not too bad.
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there are no reported injuries and most of the damage came from smoke and water as opposed to flame from the actual fire. investigators are checking to see if this fire is connected to a second fire around the same area on the peninsula around the same time of day wednesday morning in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. in san ramon. police are investigating a deadly collision involving three vehicles at a busy intersection. it happened about one o'clock today on crow canyon road at bollinger canyon road. both streets were closed in the area for hours while police investigated no word on how many people were killed or injured in the crash. police have also not yet said what led to the collision still ahead tonight, debate over a main drag in the north bay businesses are butting heads over whether to keep the road closed. or re open it to traffic as restrictions ease. and now the chamber of commerce has decided on a compromise.
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but first after the break, facebook's oversight board decides to keep former president trump's account suspended how lawmakers are suspended how lawmakers are responding and what ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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allowed. back on the facebook platform. the ban extends to instagram as well, the board says facebook needs to clarify its policies and decide whether the account will be frozen forever more tonight from fox
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news long blanchard in washington, d. c. democrats are celebrating republicans angry former president trump will not be allowed back on facebook or instagram for now. facebook's oversight board said while they're upholding the ban on former president trump's accounts, the 20 member board told the social media giant they need to decide in the next six months whether their policy is to permanently banned the former president or suspend him for a specific amount of time. otherwise they must give him access back. facebook actually shipped its responsibilities, and the board insists that facebook apply and justify a clear penalty through his new blood on his website, former president trump reacted writing radical left lunatics are afraid of the truth. but the truth will come out anyway. bigger and stronger than ever before adding these corrupt social media companies must pay a political price. republicans have long said social media giants need to be regulated or broken up. congress needs to
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get up off its ice, cold, lazy butt and face this issue head on. they're not cos their countries. and when he'd regulate them, the white house says, well, president biden will not weigh in on the board's decision. he does believe social media companies need to do more to address misinformation on their platforms. his view is that there's more that needs to be done to ensure that this type of misinformation disinformation, damaging sometimes life threatening information is not going out to the american public. former president trump's chief of staff says he will likely start to hold rallies again and it's not the last of candidate trump in washington, laura and blanchard fox news. reality tv star kim kardashian reportedly owns an ancient roman statue that was smuggled out of italy and now the u. s government wants her to give it up, according to a federal lawsuit. the case dates back to 2016 when the antique roman statue was seized by the u. s customs and border protection in los angeles. documents submitted to
6:26 pm
customs by the broker listed kardashians as the consign e and importer a rep for condition says kim never purchased the piece, and it was never received. coming up on ktvu channel two news at 6 30 more than 100 students in the east bay are in quarantine after 21 of them tested positive for the coronavirus. what county health and school officials are saying about the outbreak, plus a bar owner arrested on suspicion of selling fake coronavirus vaccination cards. what state officials are saying about the investigation also ahead, and orioles pitcher throws a no hitter and comes oh, so close to a perfect game. mark has it all for you a little later.
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batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit officer in rome, italy. both were sentenced to life in prison. 21 year old finnegan, elder of san francisco, stabbed the plainclothes officer to death in 2019 and 20 year old christian natalio earth of mill valley helped him hide the knife. they claimed they were defending themselves during a drug deal gone bad students from harvey milk civil rights academy in san francisco march down market street today protesting the treatment of a class made at a safeway store on market last month. the fifth grader jo mari oliver, was accused of stealing a sandwich. despite having a receipt. the store has since apologized and
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offered him a $25 gift card. mexican restaurants are enjoying a boost in business. the cinco de maio san francisco's mission district, looks like it's back to pre penned emmick activity. as customers lined up outside their favorite mexican eateries. president biden also showed his support today for the restaurant industry and announcing by announcing rather a new relief plan for restaurants. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 more than 100 students in the east bay right now are in quarantine after being exposed to the coronavirus officials that lost lamb was high school in walnut creek, say this all stems from an off campus event last month where 21 students tested positive for the virus. ktvu is chris scenery don't tells us the district began contract tracing contact tracing weather with the help from the county 21 students from las lomas high school in walnut creek tested positive for covid-19 during the last two weeks of april. contra costa health services says the origin of the outbreak is believed to be related to an
6:31 pm
off campus gathering at a private home in mid april. school officials say those students went into isolation, the district and staff began contact tracy with the help of the county health department. the superintendent of our colonies union high school district says do you contacted potential exposure more than 100 las lomas high students are in quarantine, part of a statement reads. quote. there is not been a positive case from the event since the beginning of last week, and the associated quarantines are expiring this week, isolation and aggressive contact tracing resulted in quick containment, contra costa health services says they have no information indicating that any of the cases are linked to in person instruction. or exposure to the virus on campus. not much is known about the private home event or the age range of the students. officials say. they're limited in what they can release you to the medical privacy of those 21 patients. the outbreak, a reminder the pandemic is not over, especially as more schools reopen for in person learning
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and younger people gather and socialize this spring, county health officials say people should still wear masks when gathering your people from other households and follow safety measures. like distancing and washing hands, and they encourage anyone 16 and older to get vaccinated. cristina rendon ktvu fox two news as demand for coronavirus vaccines, decline, some counties and cities are offering incentives to get people to get their shots. we do. we needed to do something. and so we came up with the pizza idea, and that really generated a lot of traffic on social media, and we saw her numbers increase that we only had a few folks from 16 to 24 that were registered, and we did the pizza gift card promotion. it jumped 150 in solano county today, people 16 to 24 years old, who receive vaccinations in venetia were offered $25 gift cards for pizza. i'll get the gift card. when they received their second
6:33 pm
dose. santa clara county is doing something similar, but it's calling these events vaccine motivators. they're being held the first event, the rather they did held the first event over the weekend. james look high school where about 150 teenagers showed up to get vaccinated. those who got a shot also got free boba drinks and cookies. we're almost at the finish line, and we know that from this point forward against against more challenging to get people vaccinated, and so we have to try. we have to diversify our strategies. on and we have to meet people were they are and so we, you know, we have to try a multitude of things. santa clara county says these events are intended for people who are a little hesitant or on the fence about getting a shot. the county plans to partner with other high schools for pop up vaccination events to get more young people vaccinated. the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site is set to close later this month. officials say the site is closing because requests for appointments have dropped from
6:34 pm
about four or 1000 a day to 400 a day. officials say the site has administered half a million shots but will now close on may 23rd alameda county says it is shifting to more community based strategies for vaccination against the virus. in marin county, a city has been rustling with a problem many communities may be facing these days. the issue is whether to keep a downtown street closed to traffic to allow for outdoor dining. ktvu is rob roth tells us some businesses loved the idea. but other businesses are worried about a lack of parking here in typically quiet mill valley. there have been concerns and disagreements lately over what to do with miller avenue. the city's downtown. some businesses, including the restaurant, piazza di angelo would like to see the street clothes to make room for enlarge. nor dining area. that's how it was during last summer and fall when the pandemic took away. indoor dining in restaurants desperately needed customers.
6:35 pm
we have a lot of families that coming to dine, and it was very popular for them to sit out in the street and let their children run through the streets and the square we've had, as if opera musicians performing within the closure regularly throughout last year. you know, it's just been it's become had become a gathering place, but it didn't work for everyone. the owner of sprouts, san francisco and infant in children's clothing in toy store told us by phone closing the street men, a lack of parking near her shop, pregnant women or families with strollers will have a hard time parking for their way and navigating their way to the store, therefore, making it less likely for that toe come shop for the past several months, the city tried keeping one lane open sundays that idea has been getting bad reviews that concerned there for the community was that it was not a safe because you still had one lane that was open to traffic that was coming through. but the mill valley city council is
6:36 pm
come up with a compromise. the street will close to all traffic, but only from saturday's it knew this sunday evenings, this version of it is reduced. but we hope to recapture that magic again. the shortening of the hours to just saturday afternoon through sunday afternoon is way better for us and i think is a legitimate compromise at the time that's making it will mean that the community can enjoy the space again. there will no doubt be many other berry communities in the weeks to come wrestling with this very same issue and street closures in some cases could end up lasting a lot longer than the pandemic itself. rob rob ktvu two news. a bar owner in san joaquin county is now under arrest, accused of selling f covid-19 vaccination cards. the california department of alcohol beverage control says todd andersen was selling the cards for $20 each at the old corner saloon in club clements.
6:37 pm
the abc was the first to abc was first tipped off by the san joaquin county sheriff's deputies. they then sent undercover agents to that barred by the fake laminated vaccination cards, and then yesterday they arrested anderson during a raid. that we know of. this is the only case that's ever been done even nationwide. possibly we did some research to try to find similar is there may be out there, but we just don't know and haven't seen them. alcohol and beverage control says they have also written up a criminal complaint against another employee at that bar, but it is up to the district attorney's office to decide whether to charge that person. the bar remains open, but its license could be revoked. coming up san francisco's embarcadero becomes the backdrop for a new version of a former well known hit tv sh were shooting today. outside of the high dive, and caitlyn jenner sits down with fox news. sean hannity is the former olympian and reality star discusses her bid there. guy. knf
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emergency powers during the coronavirus pandemic. three appeals court judges in sacramento overturned a lower court that said newsom had overstepped his authority. the case resulted from a lawsuit brought by two republican state lawmakers. they claimed governor newsome's emergency orders amounted to one man rule. the appeals court says the governor acted within his authority granted to him in
6:41 pm
times of crisis. the two lawmakers say they plan to appeal now to the state supreme court gave her first in depth interview tonight with fox news. jenner spoke to sean hannity. she called herself an outsider and says she wants to go to sacramento and surround herself with the smartest people. jenna called governor newsome a hypocrite and bad for california has been bad on every issue. he's been on taxes. um obviously what most tax state in the nation. he's been horrible for business. obviously cos you're leaving left him right. 18,000 companies have left california democrat some lgbt q groups have come out against generous candidacy. and just a few days ago, jenner angered transgender groups after saying that trans girls should not be allowed to play on girls sports teams, calling it unfair and another challenger, republican john cox, was in the bay area today. his so called meet the beast
6:42 pm
bus tour made stops in san francisco on treasure island. and in fremont, you got a lot of attention for his campaign event yesterday when he was standing next to a £1000 there in sacramento. says the recall election will give voters the opportunity to seek change. we've tried career politicians and pretty boys, we've tried celebrities and for decades the quality of life in this gorge. just state has been degraded and degraded. cox was defeated by newsom by about 24% points in 2018. the landslide was one of the state's most lopsided governor's races ever. all right. we're about to get a break from our end lin heat, i'll tell you about that and also get you into the weekend. your mother's day weekend forecast coming up, let's go to ktvu is heather holmes. now with a look at some of stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus,
6:43 pm
julie knew tonight in seven if you're feeling like you're itchy eyes, runny nose and scratchy cough or worse than usual. this allergy season? well, it is possible that the pandemic could be to blame. we hear from a northern california allergy specialist to explains it all for us. also, we're learning more details about the bill and melinda gates divorce case. tmz's harvey levin talks with me about the pricey, pale one of those stories and a lot more all coming up live in just a few minutes on the seventh over on ktvu plus, but first after the break a watershed moment in private commercial space tourism. the announcement from billionaire jeff bezos. and how soon the maiden voyage
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extraordinary trip that's out of this world. fox news jailer, whitfield tells us where you could go for the right price for all of you out there who have said i can't wait to go to space. i've got some good news for you. wait is over. blue origin. amazon founder jeff bezos rocket company announcing they're auctioning off one seat on the first sub orbital sightseeing flight aboard its new shepherd spacecraft. be out of this world trip, ushering in a new era of private commercial space travel. the space firm is offering the seat to the highest bidder of an online auction of winner of this auction. they're going toe here. she will write him her self into the history books, not just a space flight blue origin is aiming to make the next giant leap and space travel on july 20th the historic flight coming after years of testing
6:47 pm
on the shepherd rocket and capsule combo, which will launch six passengers more than 62 miles above earth into sub orbital space, they will experience a few minutes of incredible views. and weightlessness before returning to earth and blue origin. isn't the on lee company looking to get into the new era space race. ellen must spacex is working to launch the first all civilian space flight in history in richard branson's virgin galactic is targeting 2022 to start flying private customers to space. nasa astronauts who arrived at the international space station last month for a six month stay. wait. leslie weighed in on space tourism. i think it's very exciting that more and more people are going to have access to space in the coming years. blue origin will announce the winner on june 12th in atlanta jail would feel fox news. a revival of usa networks nash bridges with don johnson is currently filming in
6:48 pm
san francisco. johnson will once again play the title character, a san francisco police investigating the show will first air as a two hour movie. the board of supervisors has approved using sfpd insignias on uniforms and vehicles for the show. we're also told that johnson's long time co star cheech marin, will return as johnson's wisecracking partner. seems have already been shot along the embarcadero at the fairmont hotel in the financial district and in pacific heights in new york city, live theater has been given a green light to reopen this fall, new york governor andrew cuomo says broadway will officially reopen september 14th at full capacity, governor cuomo says safety precautions like mask and health screenings will be mandatory. as of right now, but that could change depending on the covid situation. tickets for many shows. go on sale tomorrow, all right, let's turn our attention to the weather. today we had some wild nineties
6:49 pm
yet again inland and we had fifties out at the coast. so it's just been that tale of two temperatures today. let's start with a look at some of the highs today just to show you how extreme it was. 57 was the high in pacifica 60 in san francisco. head to conquer, and it was 93 head to fairfield now 97 degrees north bay a little bit cooler 88% of rose 87 per napa. morgan hill made it up to 90 and san jose about 83. so currently we have cooled down quite a bit from those highs. but if you look at concord, you know that east bay still hanging on december that he 36 sprint win it 90 right now. san francisco at 52. you could see the north bay is really cool down into the sixties live. look outside as we take a look towards wanna create plenty of blue skies in the east bay. but it's been all about the marine layer at the coast and certainly in san francisco. right now we are watching that marine layer roll in and could see it showing up right here on stormtrooper, too, is a rolls across san francisco through the marina district and right on over to the east bay. so tonight we're gonna call it. partly cloudy will have areas
6:50 pm
of fog out there. temperatures will be mild in the forties and fifties, lowest number on the map there 44 degrees in santa rosa, san francisco about 49 tonight for the overnight low, and then tomorrow we start to see a bit of a pattern change for a couple of days, at least high pressure is going ahead. the east, replaced by low pressure that's rolling in from the northwest. unfortunately it won't bring us any rain. however it will definitely coolest down significantly if you are inland. so tomorrow foggy is the coast of clouds will certainly be around like they were today cooler, though around the bay and you know a heck of a lot cooler. if you're inland, we're talking upper seventies instead of 90, so big difference your highs tomorrow. 60 degrees for san francisco 68 for oakland will head into the north bay where we'll see some 70 75 napa. fairfield looks like 80 degrees, so that's you know, far cry from the 97 you had today. 73 tomorrow expected in san jose, i want to show you this little dot on the map that looks like one drop of rain is a little drizzle possible the coast as you look a future castro. for the most part, there's not o'clock tomorrow morning. it's going to be
6:51 pm
clouds and tomorrow kind of a mix of clouds and sun as we get into the afternoon before it starts to clear out again so that marine layer is just going to expand and be far more present than it has been on the last few days. as far as moving inland. as far as rain is concerned, you can see extreme northern california. up in eureka getting 1 1/100 of an inch. yeah that's nothing. so we're not gonna get anything out of that. but again, it does finally cool our inland cities down. now it's going to warm back up as we head towards the weekend, so mother's day looks warm and sunny. not quite a schools will see the next two days and even warmer as we head into monday, guys fight you. you coming up in sports. the giants try to avoid their first losing road trip of the season as they battle
6:52 pm
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ couldn't quite completely erase the brutal memory of blowing that six to lead in the second game of the doubleheader last night, same score they were facing in the other direction. today, they almost pull it off. although we did have to suffer through a hour and a half rain delay up there in colorado before the game gets underway, and it looked like. giants were gonna take up where they left off in the first game of the
6:55 pm
doubleheader, brandon crawford with a shot long gone to write his six to nothing lead as it came with a man on fourth inning bases loaded, though, rommel tapia heck of an outfielder for the rockies always seems to be in the middle of problems. he whistles. one past the head of matt whistler on the mound. that's a two run single and the rockies go up six to but the giants cut into that deficit in the seventh darren rough. either seems to strike out hit a home run. here's the shot here to run. jimmy jack made it 64 going to the ninth giant said two on nobody out and curt casali the backup to buster posey. and he thought he checked his swing. but no, says the ump on a 32 pitch instead of the bases loaded, nobody out. got two on one out the managed to run but fall shy 6 took five. we just might have another superstar pitcher in
6:56 pm
the major leagues that they went. the oakland a's definitely know his name. he's beaten him twice already. john means business with the third no hitter of the year already check this out. there's a line dragon. that's it, john means on wednesday, may 5th 2021 has thrown a no hitter against the seattle mariners on wind. it's yeah, but first orioles no hitter since jim palmer back in 1969 113 pitches 12 strikeouts for means. get this ah! wild pitch strikeout was the on lee baserunner against him would have been a perfect game and that base runner got thrown out trying to steel. he faced the minimum 27 batters in the orioles beat the mariners six to nothing. you notice all the drama in the national football league always seems to set around the quarterbacks 49ers have there's green bay packer
6:57 pm
fans. real nervous. aaron rodgers says he wants out of there. former 49ers richard sherman never shy about letting his opinions be heard. talks about rogers and the green based situation. he's been getting disrespected by green bay for a while. you see him draft his replacement last year, and there's no problem with that. i don't think he's really that has irked about that, as people think, but i think there is a disrespect when you say, hey, we got two replacement sitting here and you just had an m v p season and we're just supposed to think everything's cool. we'll see how that plays out. meantime we're gonna have an all english final in the champions league championship today. top of the line soccer at chelsea will take it to the 85th minute. it's already one nail chelsea american christian politic will fake and set things up for mason mount to score the second goal right there. you'll see the replay just great patients. the young
6:58 pm
22 year old politic who will score it. chelsea wins two nothing 31 on the aggregate they'll face man city on may 29th in eastern bulls for the final politic, by the way, will be the first american ever to play in a champions league final. alright we had some bad blood in the national hockey league. frank, look at this off the opening face up rangers and caps. i they combined for two goals. three of syria go face off three fights simultaneously. rooney and that is off face up. they got into it monday night continued get this in the first period alone. there were 20 penalties and 100 penalty minutes served and the caps beat the rangers for two. that's the sporting life such as of this exact acenas. i think i was talking. all right. see you later. golingan. thanks see you later. golingan. thanks for joining us. yeah, tha
6:59 pm
completely empty box. if you'd like to examine it... mm-hmm. yep. i see nothing in this box but a wasted childhood. little snarky there, cello lessons. and we have this completely ordinary cylinder. if you'd like to examine it... ordinary, yet i sense it is dripping with magical potential. oh, dear lord. a man pops out for a moment to evacuate his bowels and catch up on the adventures of the caped crusader, only to emerge and discover his apartment has been transformed into a cabaret. sheldon, he's just practicing for his cousin's birthday party. as i was saying... empty box, empty cylinder, and... ooh! (whispers): voila. i'm telling you, dude, there's a seat on the hogwarts express with your name on it. this is how you're going to entertain your little cousin and his friends?
7:00 pm
by lying to them? (chuckles): how is this lying? a magic show is an inherently deceitful proposition. "this is an ordinary top hat." "you've chosen that card freely." "i do not have a set of lock picks lodged in my keister." koothrappali: can't you just enjoy the wonder, sheldon? why must you peek behind the curtain? or up the butt? if we poison the critical thinking faculties of children by telling them that rabbits come out of hats, then we create adults who believe in astrology and homeopathy and that ryan reynolds was a better choice for green lantern than lovable rogue nathan fillion. sheldon, he's just gonna do a few magic tricks for some kids. i really don't think they're gonna end up liking the green lantern movie. don't be so hard on him. it's natural to be a little cranky when you have... (grunts): a quarter in your ear! coins lodged in body parts is not a source of amusement. when i was five, billy sparks put a mexican peso up my nose.


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