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is starting to pick up again in san francisco, but convention traffic may take longer to recover. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville, a major convention plan for mosconi center has canceled its in person meeting this fall new tonight ktvu jana katsuyama is here. jonah big conventions mean big business for the city's hotels and restaurants. they do, frank and this is a big. low to the city, frankly, but one of the things they said is this is a new reality and that convention business might not fully come back for years. there sounds of life slowly getting back to normal at the palace restaurant in san francisco. it's just a block away from the mosconi convention center when you get the big conventions, you get a sort of a bump in business. but this week bad news. american college of rheumatology told the mosconi center, it decided to cancel its in person november 2021 convention and go entirely virtual 65% of their
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delegates are international. and right now it's very difficult to travel internationally in san francisco traveled ceo jo dalesandro says that means a loss of revenue from an estimated 16,000 attendees. that's hard for the city's tourism, travel and convention dependent businesses over the last 12 months, we've declined about 80% and our visitor spinning and in san francisco, this neighborhood used to remind me of new york city, and now it it doesn't loss of convention and tourism dollars, especially hits the hotel industry. there are 34,000 hotel rooms in san francisco. kevin carroll, with the hotel council, says some san francisco hotels have only 20% occupancy, depending on the day of the week, but they are seeing signs of tourism slowly beginning to return, and some smaller conventions are still scheduled for the fall. the full recovery where we have all three of the groups, whether it's tourism, business travelers and meetings and conventions, it's going to be
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probably at least three years. some people say, though there is hope on the horizon, you can clearly see that san francisco and your bible, an amputee. killer are turning the corner that we're very hopeful about this museums have reopened and we're seeing more and more people on the streets every day. we're looking to drive people from the bay area wide to our space, so that's the north bay, south bay east bay on then, when tourism comes back national traffic. this video by the san francisco travel association is part of a campaign letting visitors know the city is back open. the mosconi center will be transitioning from a covid vaccine site to host conventions that are still on the schedule this fall, and the hotel counsel tells me that they expect most hotels will be opened by may or june for the summer travel season. jana katsuyama live tonight. thank you, the bay area's tv and movie production industry is picking up steam is more restrictions are lifted. crew
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members were spotted today in san francisco filming the revival of usa networks. nash bridges with don johnson. johnson plays the title character of san francisco police investigator. in addition to the scenes being shot today along the embarcadero at the high dive, others have been filmed at the fairmont hotel and in the finance. still district and pacific heights. we're following developing news in san jose. we're police are at the scene tonight of a double shooting that left at least one person dead. it happened just after eight o'clock on east santa clara street near south 19th street. police say the two men were found with gunshot wounds. one of the victims died. we don't know yet what led up to the shooting, but video from the scene shows at least one vehicle with gunshot holes through its windshield. so far, police have not announced any arrests. a bar owner in sama. king county is under arrest tonight, accused of selling fake covid-19 vaccination cards. the california department of alcoholic beverage control says
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todd andersen was selling the cards for $20 each of the old corner saloon in clement's. the abc was first tipped off by the sam a king county sheriff's department. then they sent undercover agents to the bar to buy the fake laminated cards. and then yesterday they arrested anderson during a raid that we know of. this is the only. case that's ever been done even nationwide. possibly we did some research to try to find similar is there may be out there, but we just don't know and haven't seen them. alcohol and beverage control says they have also written up a complaint against a criminal complaint against another employee at that bar, but it is up to the district attorney's office to decide whether to charge that person. the bar remains open, but its license could be revoked. getting your coronavirus shot is now is easy as walking into your nearest drugstore walgreen's cvs wall mart and sam's club of all announced they're taking walk ins for coronavirus vaccines. no appointment needed. this is its stores here in the bay area
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and across the country, the retail chains are also doing same day appointments, some as early as an hour after booking, new figures show half of sonoma county's population 16 and older is now fully vaccinated. 67% of the eligible population have received. at least one does the head of sonoma counties, vaccine rollout, says the news is great for those who are unvaccinated because there are plenty of appointments available throughout the county. just by going to my turn dot see a dot gov. an election in windsor as the town reels over sexual assault allegations against its mayor, ktvu deborah villalon joins us now live after speaking with the woman expected to be the town's next. council member, deb, while julie results are unofficial, but rosa ray knows that has almost half the vote in a field of five and she has no qualms about joining the council at a tumultuous time. i love you, but you never gave up.
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the fourth try was the charm for rosary knows a winning a vacant windsor council seat. i'm still feeling a little overwhelmed, um, surreal. reno's a ran and lost in 2016 18 and last. here for mayor, beaten then by counsel incumbent dominic for poli, now disgraced by multiple allegations of sexual assault, ray knows a calls the town's turmoil a shame it hurts a lot, and i'm here to give hope to our people and bring back a sense of community and respect and professionalism, so i'm really excited about that. but i have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared for poli has stepped back from official duties but not resigned. reno's after many years of community involvement, knows the current council members and looks forward to working with them, but she thought for poli lack professionalism start circulating this month. i'm so proud of you, he knows the
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remains focused on the issues that compelled her to keep running for office. i just want community engagement. i want more transparency when it comes to development, and she opposes the tear down of civic buildings for a luxury hotel and car. does which for? police supports a lot of people say, hey, we don't want to become healdsburg, which is very tourist focus. they knows his backers say they hope her election is the start of a new chapter one new face on one new seat, one new perspective on the council. it's the beginning of a transition. we feel congratulations. thank you so much. people in windsor know me as someone they can turn to that they trust that really is here to sincerely listen to them. and represent them. right, knows that has been in windsor more than 40 years. a mother of three with a background in winery management, julie, she is said to take office next month. deborah villalon reporting live tonight, deborah. thank you,
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republican john cox was in the bay area today in his campaign to replace governor gavin newsom in a possible recall election. his so called meet the beast bus tour made stops in san francisco on treasure island and in fremont. got a lot of attentionfor his campaign event yesterday when he was standing next to a £1000 bear in sacramento. cox says the recall election will give voters the opportunity to seek change. we've tried career politicians and pretty boys, we've tried celebrities and for decades the quality of life in this gorgeous state. has been degraded and degraded. cox was defeated by newsom by about 24% points back in 2018. the landslide was one of the state's most lopsided gubernatorial races ever. today's a very special rates they would get to represent the yard as lefty napa cinco de mayo celebrations in all corners of the bay area. the excitement today from people to
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businesses as we see yet another sign that we're getting back to normal, plus a debate over a road closure in marin county. the compromise from mill valley to help restaurants and businesses during the pandemic. the sleep number 360 smart bed on sale now! it's the most comfortable, body-sensing, automatically-responding, energy-building, dually-adjustable, dad-powering, wellness-boosting, foot-warming, snore-relieving, temperature-balancing,
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recovery-assisting, effortlessly life-changing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. and now, save up to $1,200 on select sleep number 360 smart beds and adjustable bases. plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time district. workers were busy and people were lining up along the sidewalk at lot zakariyah on mission and 25th streets. the
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restaurant was closed on cinco de mayo last year due to covid-19, and like many restaurants, it is now trying to recoup significant losses. we would be busy all alone this morning when we you know when we start open, we have but like i said, table for 24 25% but which everything can be better. struggling restaurants all over the country are now eligible for federal assistance through the small business administration. the spk says it will prioritize getting funds to owners and about to respond to all of those who apply within two weeks. there were sizable crowds in san jose tonight celebrating singledom mile ktvu is amber lee tells us, many felt embracing this tradition. is get another step toward normalcy vehicles with music playing and flags flying while driving on the streets of downtown san jose, a display of pride mexican americans say it's important for them to come
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out on this night. it's a very special day. today we get to represent the yard as let's see my i love always dressed like mexican for me is i'm so proud to be mexican in this country. police say they're prepared for traffic congestion and were on hand to monitor and direct drivers single. the mile commemorates the mexican army's victory over french forces on may 5th 18 62 from fighting off the french and how a small little country could defeat such an imperial country. that was kind of amazing. this college student tells me she carries the flag. proud symbol of her native country. i'm very proud of where i come from the battle puebla. that's why we're here. celebrated at don pedro's. the owner tells me normally single, demayo is the busiest day of the year because of the pandemic. he expects only half the business compared to previous years. the san jose celebration started early in
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the day fenders did a brisk business selling commemorative items. the san jose tradition and everybody gets together. you know, you have a good time and good weather helped bring out people get out of ah covid, and everything has got us out here celebrating, you know, no master. those were vaccinated here back in downtown. the owner of 55 south, a bar says some patrons are still not ready to come out due to covid concerns. the overall just seeing everybody out on day enjoying themselves is the first part vehicle and foot traffic started slowing down around nine o'clock. definitely not the volume we'd see in previous years for single demayo celebrations in downtown san jose amberleigh ktvu fox two news, mexican restaurants with outdoor seating were popular spots today in napa. we found a number of people and join a mexican lunch while taking in the sun. this is typically the biggest night of the year for mexican restaurants, and many of them
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offered specials to try to bring in customers. the city of mill valley is making changes to a downtown street that was totally closed to vehicle traffic during the pandemic. some businesses, especially restaurants, wanted to see miller avenue remain pedestrian on lee, but some retail shop said that was hurting business. so the mill valley city council came up with a compromise. the street will be closed to traffic, but on lee from saturday's at noon to sunday evening, thing. just shortening of the hours to just saturday afternoon through sunday afternoon is way better for us and i think is a legitimate compromise that the town is making. it will mean that the community can enjoy this base again. a number of other cities around the bay area are also struggling with the same issue after closing some streets to traffic due to the pandemic. fifth grader in san francisco wrongly accused of stealing from safeway today's show of support from his school and his classmates who say he was
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racially profiled. i just showed them the receipt, then they kept on coming like the other security guard, said that the first thing i told him that the sandwich the other came and said i didn't pay for temperatures. hopping tonight. we've got a little cool down on the way i'll have your extended foreca
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student today after he was accused of stealing from a supermarket. ktvu tom vacar tells us that student's family and his school believe he was racially profiled. marin of going home is the students of the harvey milk civil rights academy do in the school day ends at one p.m. students, parents, family and friends gathered to march on the
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safeway store on market street near the castro. they came to protest the treatment of fifth grader jo mari oliver, who went into the safe way april 26 to buy a sandwich. i went to the sounds delhi to pay for my sandwich, then i came back then he the security guard. told me to put myself on the count because i didn't pay for it. to hear safeway tell it, the young man was approached by a third party security guard who asked to see a receipt and then allowed him to leave. jo mari and jim ari's mom dispute that i just showed them the receipt. then they kept on coming like the other security guard said that then the first thing i told him that the sandwich the other came and said i didn't pay for it. when he walked out of the store. he was crying so coarse. i was very hysterical. with the whole situation. i was taking place. he said that they were and that they asked him to put his food down and that he paid for. he showed them they're his receipt and everything, and they still were antagonizing him until the manager walked up to him and asks them to basically leave him alone. the harvey milk
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civil rights academy teaches not just scholastic classes, but education and rights and respect for all. why do we keep having this systematic approach? how we deal with people of color that something is societal? if we don't start to change some things within our society? we will continue to see this even when i have grandchildren. it's important that when we see one of our students at our school in our community being treated unfairly and racially profiled, it's important that we as a community, and especially as a school, stand up for our students safely, apparently made a gesture to try to make things right. they'll talk to the security guards and, you know, deal with the company, and they offered him a $25 gift card. so with that, i don't you know, i never really wanted to keep talking to them. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, also in san francisco, the city has now redirecting almost $4 million that were originally earmarked for law enforcement. they're using the money to black owned small businesses that giving
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the money to black owned small businesses instead, mayor london breed made the announcement today, she says the $3.75 million will go toward training, technical support and neighborhood assistance. it's part of the dream keeper initiative approved last june that redirects more made from the police and sheriff's budgets to the black community. a woman in berkeley is facing hate crime charges for the second time this year. police say they arrested antoinette archer mead for throwing water bottles at an asian woman and yelling at her about being asian. the incident happened last friday near telegraph and durant avenues, the same suspect was arrested back in january after she allegedly pushed a woman onto the street and made inappropriate comments about people of mexican descent. police say the woman is home. less and his being charged by prosecutors. okay, we had a bit of a wild day temperature wise today. very big temperature spreads of europe. the coast. it was in the fifties. but if you were in fairfield, they're
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conquered europe in the nineties today, so big difference, right? our micro climates on full display. take a look at this. the highest today pacific of 54. san francisco 60, but we had 93 conquered the livermore 97 in fairfield 90 in morgan hill, 88 in santa rosa. so well, well, well above average inland. tonight. we're seeing the marine layer. start to move in. we're seeing it expand, right starting to deepen. so that means you're getting a cooler, moister air mass that's rolling in, and we're starting to see that when you see the blue start to pop up on the map were already in the forties and nevado in san francisco. 49 in santa rosa still fifties in most spots right now, brentwood sitting at 70 degrees, which is pretty wild, but they got very hot today. so high pressure is what's been keeping that inland heat going, and now it's going to be replaced by low pressure as it starts to move in. so means tomorrow we could have a bit of a foggy start to the day cooler around the bay and instead of nineties and lend we're talking upper seventies. big difference here is the difference in temperatures from 24 hours ago. two now so, yeah, fairfield, where it was 97 degrees today, they're 10 degrees clear right now. and they were this time yesterday.
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11 degrees cooler. and livermore, the only spot that's warmer is half moon bay, right where it's been very chilly all day today, so future cast him to show you this front that moves through no rain for us, but you can see maybe up north of eureka will get a tiny bit of rain. we'll just get some clouds and the cooler temperatures. as we go across the next couple days, so tomorrow, a hive about 60 in san francisco will look at ah per seventies inland so we could see it 80 degree marker too, but i think for the most part of the seventies were kind of stay in that space for thursday and friday, and then we start to warm up again on saturday because we've got high pressure ruling in yet again. so what does that mean? well, it means that we've got two days of kind of roll those temperatures back and then we're kind of off to the races again, and that does include on sunday when we have mother's day happening, so if you have after plants with mom should be a nice day, our marine layer should compress a little bit as we start to warm up again, and high pressure moves in. maybe if you're gonna go take a walk outside or to a picnic or something like that, i think will be just fine. but inland, we'll be back up into the mid eighties as we get into our
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saturday and sunday, guys back to you. all right, kyle. oh thank you. new details tonight about a grass fire that broke out today and discovery bay east contra costa county fire officials say that 4 to 5 young people were seen leaving the area of the fire about the time when it started. the fire was first reported about 6 30 tonight in the area of yellowstone circle. fire officials say it burned 15 acres, and witnesses say it burned through some trees and jump to canal. fortunately it was under control by about a 30. it's the time of year again when goats could be seen all across the bay area. they're used as a fire prevention tour. this video was taken by the oakland fire department today, a few dozen goats were dropped off in the oakland hills to eat up all the dry brush. fire fighters say the goats will be the kale's throughout the summer as they prepare for the fire season. coming up the giant today's came into today with the two best records in baseball. mark tells us where they stand tonight, the first taking a live look right now
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outside of downtown oakland on this wednesday night. you're watching the 11 o'clock news right here on ktvu. we'll be right back. check out my new mini munchies with mac & cheese bites. ♪ one more bite- ♪ ♪ just ♪ ♪ gimme one ♪ ♪ more bite. ♪ woah. ♪ cuz i can't wait forever. ♪ my $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box.
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♪just give me one more bite.♪ ♪cause i can't wait forever.♪ mac & cheese, now in a tasty bite. part of my new $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box. different games with the aids leading 3 to 2 kind of a pitchersduel looking tightt blor the blue jays in the 8th and 9th inning combined. bob melvin looked twitchy early on nervous about this after beating the jays a couple of the road down to nothing early in the first ramon ariano deep. god this guy's been so hot. that's his fourth home run of the month, and this is may 5th. all right.
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ninth inning, though the jays come on with a five run eighth and then in the night that's their young studs. bloody girl! look at this laser. the left gets over. mark can't elissa harrington 50.3 seconds and it's boba shet scoring from first and you see why they call him flow but! let that long hair ride. let your freak flag fly, and it's the 94 final lays the 1913 other won loss record that's still the best in the major leagues. giants. in colorado. that was the deal with about an hour and a half rain delay. you know what they always say up there? you know, like the weather. wait it wait five minutes. it'll change and that it did sunny skies for the giants as brandon crawford tees off on one of the second, his sixth of the year already gives him a to nothing lead, but the iraqis coming on back bases loaded in the fourth, and it's ramiele happy. elena shot right back through the middle, almost
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took up. matt whistler's calf, two run single rockies lead 62 and the giants claw back into it again trying to play come back up like the rockies did last night in that nightcap, darren rough, two run, shot his fourth minute. 64 giants scored one in the ninth to make it 65. they're coming home tomorrow to celebrate willie mays birthday after losing two out of three course stadium. hey, back in baltimore. we had a no. hitter john means asked the a's about this guy's beating him twice. already this year, there's your final out first orioles no hitter since 69 when jim palmer did it, ah wild pitch strike out was the only base runner of the game. he faced the minimum 27 battles because that guy who reached base was thrown out stealing six nothing. orioles are winners. all right now that they're just kind of right enough into the skating off, i
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should say into the sunset sharks with a couple of games left playing a little better, too much hurdle. gonna play his 5/100 career game tonight, he's gonna score to prove he was there. you vander kate flipped it toward the net. hurdle will tie it to two against the abs. 6.5 minutes later. cross ice. it's evander kane for erik karlsson, his seventh gold three twos. the final three games left for the sharks. we have time for a teachable moment. you need to check this out. take it to wrigley field chicago last night and the visiting dodgers hit a home run, guys, and what do you do when the visitors hit a home run? i don't care how old you are. how young you are. you gotta throw that ball back. dad breathed a kid up, right? throw that souvenir that you worked to get, like. i'm not giving up that girl that is someone raising
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this kid. that's well yeah, thank you. letter man. thanks for joining me later. good for joining me later. good night. honey, honey, look, look. she's doing that thing with her jaw again. phil: poor kid. she puts so much pressure on herself. it's an obsessive-compulsive thing. i have read like 100 articles about it. where does she get it from? yeah, it's -- it's a mystery. i know. [ clicks tongue ] alex... honey, hi! hi, hi, hi. why don't you take a little break? mom, the test is tomorrow morning. i'm not taking any breaks. just a little -- oh, okay. she does that jaw thing every six seconds. it's like the hippopotamus at the miniature-golf place. ohh, i've bounced so many balls off those big teeth. it's all about the timing! luke! oh! [ laughing ] so close! stop it, you idiot! hey, hey, luke, go to your room. go on! she's got to eat. i did it out of love. go. [ chuckles ] look at her with the little harmonica. i know. she's like a little junior junior wells.


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