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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 6, 2021 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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more restrictions are lifted, including changes coming to the city's masked guidelines, plus new information about the double stabbing on market street in san francisco. what we now know about the victims and the suspect in the case, also a violent night in the city of san jose. what we're learning about to double shootings under investigation there in the south bay. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu. fox. two news that new. good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian was the first county in the bay area to move to the least restrictive yellow tear. the new guidelines for businesses, schools and other community events go into effect today will bring in ktvu sally rasmus reporting live now on what's changing. allie garcia, the biggest changes that people in san francisco can now do more things indoors now that the city and county is officially in the yellow tear. they're ready to roll once again at the church of eight
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wheels roller disco in san francisco. we open tomorrow at three o'clock in the afternoon. we're going to go until 11 o'clock, which means you can have a funky good time. the relevant tried to reopen back in march as a fitness center. but the city said no saying it's not a gym, but rather a family entertainment venue. now that san francisco's in the yellow tear, though it can reopen. san francisco leads the way we show other people how to get it done right now. in america, we're the lowest rate of virus infection anywhere. we're showing how it's done. we're going to do the same thing here at the church of a wheels in the yellow tier restaurants, movie theaters, offices and jim's can expand their indoor capacity up to 50% bars in san francisco can reopen at 25% and they can allow even more people in up to 38% capacity. if everyone inside shows proof of a negative covid test or full vaccination. can increase capacs a peca have been rehearsing for tonight's first live
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performance in front of a naughty incense, and we're just thrilled. san francisco symphony will perform for a live audience at davies symphony hall for the first time in more than a year for close to 400, frontline workers and first responders have uplifted this community and help it survive this tend emmick here. so this is a small way that the san francisco symphony can express our deep thanks under state guidelines. once in the yellow tear, all schools are allowed to reopen fully for in person learning most private and parochial schools in san francisco already are, however, only 40% of san francisco's public school students are backing classrooms and only for part time learning a few hours a week. and the reason san francisco is in the yellow tears because it's covered case rate is so low just 26 cases total for a population of more than 800,000. it's test positivity rate for covid is below 1% and 75% of san
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francisco residents age 16 and older have already received at least their first covid shot reporting live allie rasmus ktvu, fox two news. such a stark difference alley from where we were just a couple of months ago. thank you. solano county is the only bay area county that remains in the red tear because of continued high rates of coronavirus infection, according to the chronicle, the county health officer says case rates over the past few months are not going down because of young people who are not getting vaccinated and who are also gathering with other individuals. we're learning more about an 85 year old grandmother, who was stepped at a bus stop in downtown san francisco. she was one of two asian women injured in the attack. family members say she's out of surgery on that they cannot understand why anyone would want to harm her. ktvu elissa harrington tells us police say they're not ruling it out that this was possibly a hate crime. pictures posted on a go fund me page show an 85 year old grandmother in a
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hospital bed recovering from tuesday's knife attack on market street. family members say the woman is recovering well. she had surgery and at one point was on a breathing tube. and the knife went through the arm and into her chest where it actually i was told nix her bone and lung. she's currently on breathing right now, but she's responsive. san francisco police are investigating. if this could be a hate crime, both victims injured in the attack were asian women. the women who did not know each other. we're waiting on immunity platform at fourth and market street when a man with a knife stabbed them. the attack appeared to be unprovoked. the grandmother's family members say she had just finished shopping in china. the town and was on her way home. no no persons, grand parents should ever hear walking out and, you know, try just trying to do to run errands. there were a ton of people out in broad daylight and so awful on y think that we all need to be working together, listening to the asian community supervisor matt haney represents district
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six where this happened. he said he has reached out to city agencies and officials to put a stop to this type of violence. and it's just terrific. you know, somebody should be able to wait for the bus and not have to worry about being attacked. police arrested 54 year old patrick thompson officers were led to the suspect using a photo they recognized him from prior contacts. that man was booked on suspicion of attempted murder and inflicting injury on an elder. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. santa's a police are now investigating two double shootings, one of which turned deadly. the first one happened around eight o'clock last night on the santa clara street, right near south 19th street and roosevelt park. investigators spent all night at the scene and really well into the morning hours when officers first arrived, they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. police initially reported one of the victims had life threatening injuries. he later died. the victim's name is not yet been released, and a motive for the shooting is unknown. a couple of hours later, two other shooting victims pulled up to a hospital in san jose. their
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injuries are described as not life threatening. now, police tell us there was a sideshow happening earlier in the night at monterey highway and southside drive, but it is unclear at this point if it is directly connected to that shooting. two young men from the bay area were convicted of murdering a police officer in rome, italy. they were sentenced to life in prison. as greg palkot reports this verdict brings to an end a trial that started last year before covid restrictions went into effect. two california men were sentenced in italy to life in prison wednesday night for the 2019 murder of an italian police officer. a jury fighting 20 year old gabriel natali, orthe and 21 year old finnigan lee elder guilty on all charges, including homicide and attempted extortion. the officer's widow broke down in tears as the verdict was read. that's anything to his integrity was defended improved even if the victim was the name of many insinuations. elder, who was 19 at the time of the
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incident, admitted to stabbing brigadier marry oh rega 11 times while his friend natalia north fought with another officer. the men maintain they acted in self defense, saying they thought the officers were trying to get them after a botched drug deal. the pair said rega and his partner were not in uniform and didn't identify themselves as police. ah lawyer for natalia lord said his client was speechless over the verdict. no, i don't completely shocked. he kept telling me he did not understand. the trial began last february. on wednesday, jurors deliberated for the 12 hours before delivering the verdicts. the trial came down to the word of the officer's partner against the two men. elders attorney called the verdict a disgrace for italy but then fencer present. you never think this sentence represents a shame for italy was judges that do not want to see what happened during the trial and during the investigations, attorneys for both men say they plan to appeal. wednesday's verdict in london. greg palkot, ktvu, fox
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two news. here at home. traffic was backed up for hours this morning on 5 80 in dublin after a big rig crash led to a diesel spill in the westbound lanes. the big rig overturned. you're the 5 86 80 interchange about 1 30 this morning, all lanes were blocked and traffic was eventually routed onto an exit lane, but the backup lasted four hours because of all the cleanup work needed for the large amount of diesel that spilled all lanes reopened just after 7 30. there were no reports of serious injuries. climate scientists. we are headed into what is expected to be another record breaking wildfire season, researchers predict this year season actually burned some 9.5 million acres across the western half of the u. s more than 8.8 million acres burned in the entire country last year, half of that right here in california right now, much of the western part of the u. s is experiencing drought conditions. firefighters are looking into the cause of a grass fire and discovery bay. this one started right near yellowstone circle around 6 30 last night. these
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are images from a he jeannie run camera. cal fire's is the fire burn about 15 acres right through some trees actually jumped a canal. the fire was out by eight o'clock last night, and firefighters were also busy early this morning, battling a brush fire in antioch. this one burned 13 acres right near the antioch marina. it started in a homeless encampment around three o'clock this morning that cause of that fire has not yet been determined. no injuries were reported another drop in jobless claims here in the united states, new numbers from the labor apartment show 498,000 people filed for first time job claims that's down by 92,000 claims the week before, and it's the lowest point we've seen since the beginning of the pandemic. california claims were also down last week with more than 71,000 claims. that's down 7400 from the week before, experts say it's a sign of the job market's growing strength as businesses reopen, and consumers are spending more.
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federal judge struck down and national eviction moratorium imposed by the cdc. the judge in washington, d. c. made this decision yesterday that the cdc exceeded its legal authority when it issued a temporary moratorium on residential evictions last september. the cdc is rationale was that a moratorium would help facilitate self isolation. the current federal eviction moratorium is set to expire on june 30th. the ruling will be appealed, meaning the band will remain in effect throughout the court battle still to come this noontime, a community rallies behind 1/5 grader in san francisco. how the boy says he was racially profiled right inside a safeway store while buying a sandwich. plus the recall effort heats up as republicans hoping to unseat governor newsome continue their campaigns up and down the state. what caitlin generous saying about her goals and what needs to be fixed in the state? plus a cool down for some bay area cities as we give you a live look outside a lot of blue sky out there, but maybe. some fog by the coast. we're gonna check in with meteorologist mark tamayo
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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idaho, to students and a custodian were injured and a male student was taken into custody. the victim's injuries are not believed to be life threatening. the middle school students were eventually evacuated to a nearby high school. rigby is a small city about 95 miles southwest of yellowstone national park.
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caitlyn gavin newsom in the recall election, talkednr first in depth television interview. i need to find solutions to be able to turn this state around. i absolutely love this state. i'm a fighter always have been. wait a second after that opening gender cold herself an outsider and said she wants to go to sacramento and surround herself with the smartest people, jenner said governor newsome is bad for california. he's been bad on every issue. he's been on taxes. um obviously what most tax state in the nation. he's been horrible for business. obviously cos they're leaving left and right. 18,000 companies have left california democrat independent general, so said she wants to be a role model for the transgendercounits have come out against her candidacy earlier this week. general anger transgender
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groups after saying the transgender girl should not be able to play on girls sports teams calling it unfair. there is a new member on the windsor town. council rosa ray knows up secured almost half the vote out of five candidates. ktvu deborah villalon explains the tension on the council and those next steps. i love you that you never gave up. the fourth try was the charm for rosary knows a winning a vacant windsor council seat. i'm still feeling a little overwhelmed, surreal. reno's a ran and lost in 2016, 18. and last year for mayor, beaten then by counsel incumbent dominic for poli, now disgraced by multiple allegations of sexual assault. he knows that calls the town's turmoil a shame it hurts a lot, and i'm here to give hope to our people and bring back a sense of community and respect and professionalism, so i'm really excited about that. but i have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared for poli has stepped
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back from official duties but not resigned. reno's after many years of community involvement, knows the current council members and looks forward to working with them, but she thought for poli lack professionalism even before the scandal, and she will sign a recall petition when they start circulating this month. it's imperative that dominic for poli resign or be recalled, because he's lost the ability to leave the town. and he cannot do his job so he needs to be removed. i'm so proud of you. he knows the remains focused on the issues that compelled her to keep running for office. i just want community engagement. i want more transparency when it comes to development, and she opposes the tear down of civic buildings for a luxury hotels and condos, which for police supports a lot of people say, hey, we don't want to become healdsburg. which is very tourist focus. they knows his backers say they hope her election is the start of a new chapter one new face on one you see when new perspective on the council. it's the beginning of a transition. we feel
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congratulations. thank you so much. people in windsor know me as someone they can turn to that they trust that really is here. toc sincerely listen to them. and represent them. ray knows that has been in windsor more than 40 years. ah mother of three with a background in winery management, she has set to take office next month in windsor, deborah villalon. ktvu fox two news. berry whether a little cooler than we were yesterday. it's not going to stay this way. that was it, mark? yeah we're gonna turn up the heat gasia mikaelian head into the weekend, but today yeah, definitely that cooler breeze sudden up today, in fact, one off the cooler days of the week. in fact, the fog can't doing its thing. coast side and right around the bay earlier this morning, so moreway inland. and of course, we're still trying to find some rainfall and no what? no such luck. in fact, the drought update. this comes out every week that. gets prepared earlier in the week and gets released on thursday, and
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today's map is not good as you can't see extreme conditions, basically blanketing the bay area, severe conditions up to our north and to our south. so this changes every week and, unfortunately is no rainfall not to changing in the direction we wanted to hear is a satellite to check it out. the fog bank still hanging out right near the immediate coastline is becoming closer right now. the clouds out toward half moon bay pacifica portions of a san francisco's you can't see here, but clearing as you do work your way closer to burlingame and sam matteo. wind speeds will be talking about the wind today, tomorrow and into a saturday. it is breezy right now, the delta breeze out toward fairfield gusting to over 20 miles an hour. sfo westerly wind it 15 so will be breezy today and breezy tomorrow with those onshore winds, in fact, windy right near the immediate coastline. current numbers only 54 in san francisco lower seventies for one that create conquered and fairfield's. that's the biggest change today yesterday. we had a few spots right around 90 degrees inland
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today, may basically we're just think it's a lower eighties this afternoon. here's our live camera looking out toward sfo, where you can see some cloud cover, especially looking out to the west that left portion of your screen. some apache fog making a comeback, so the overall weather pattern is this. the syrian high pressure, which was around yesterday is that moving out to the east this area of low pressure wants to move in. so a cooler thursday forecast still fairly warm inland, close to 80 degrees cooler around the vein. chili right near the immediate coastline, with temperatures there only in the fifties. now, speaking of the winds that we are expecting some stronger winds later on today, and then into your friday, still a bit breezy into the afternoon hours. you could see especially coast side. the change will be this weekend. by friday night into early saturday morning, more of a northerly breeze setting up because he was brighter colors closer to fairfield, closer to calistoga, and that's a north wind that will boost the fire danger. no red flag fire warnings but something off the watch into the weekend as we head into the first thing
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saturday morning, and with that temperatures well, little it will respond by warming up just with the change in that wind direction, and that and that cooler system moving out of town highs this afternoon. the warm spots upper seventies into the lower eighties out toward antioch, san jose 73 oakland, 64, keeping it cool coast side with pacific of 56. degrees here is look ahead. your five day forecast and you will see this into your weekend. by saturday, we would have more sunshine definitely warming things back up lots of seventies and eighties. that should be the warmest day of the weekend, but still on sunday for mother's day. it's a pretty warm day as well with lots of sunshine, and it looks like the warm weather pattern will continue into early next week. to come in new and another sign that things were starting to ge thinking two mile celebrations held across the bay area how business owners in santa's, they said it gave
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according the east contra costa fire protection district, five boats caught fire at a shop on bethel island road around 5 30 this morning. no injuries were reported. google now facing a lawsuit, claiming it makes billions of dollars secretly selling americans private information. the lawsuit was filed just this morning. the firm behind the privacy rights lawsuit says the tech company collected information like interests, ethnicity, locations and web browsing history without user consent. google
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claims and values and protects the privacy of its users, and that it did not sell informationerday is the communiy celebrated cinco de maio, lata katie admission and 25th streets was very busy customers lining up outside the door. the restaurant was closed last year for cinco de mile because of covid, and like many restaurants, it's struggling to recoup major losses. we have, but like i said, table for 24 25. which everything coming better struggling restaurants across the country are now eligible to apply for federal grants to the small business administration. said. is they think of the miles of people driving in the streets of downtown, playing music from their cars flying mexican flags look carrying on a tradition in the city sinker tomorrow marks the mexican army's victory over france on may 5th of 18 62. many mexican americans celebrate their culture together. the san jose tradition. everybody gets
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together. you know, you have a good time. it's a very special day. today we get to represent the yard as let's see napa i love always dressed like mexican for me is i'm so proud to be mexican in this country. cross the city. mexican restaurants were unable to pack tables as usual streets were cleared by about nine o'clock, but people said they were so happy to be able to get out and celebrate this year. if you're buying flowers for mother's day, expect to pay more, and you will also see less variety. florists say the pandemic continues to limit imports and bad weather has slowed down flower growing operations in south america floors are advising shoppers to order early. rather than wait until the weekend. so we have been scrambling. and this isn't something that just popped up. we were warned. that shortages we're going to be occurring for multi multi reasons, flower shortage is also expected to affect the
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summer wedding season. couples here are urged to shop earlier and be flexible about their floral arrangements. till the coming new in the san francisco begins to re open. there's a new economic hit to the city. why major convention is decided to back out of its plans to be held in person in san francisco this year, plus more progress reported on the vaccine front as the covid-19 pandemic grinds on. i'm jonathan serrie solano. o
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are now rallying behind a classmate who they say was wrongfully accused of stealing from a supermarket. as ktvu tom vacar reports, the boy's family and his school all say they believe he was racially profiled. marin of going home is the students of the harvey milk civil rights academy do in the school day ends at one pm students, parents, family and friends gathered to march on the safeway store on market street near the castro. they came to protest the treatment of fifth grader jo mari oliver, who went into the safe way april 26 to buy a sandwich. i went to the sounds delhi to pay for my sandwich, then i came back then the security guard told me to put myself on the
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count because i didn't pay for it to hear safeway tell it, the young man was approached by a third party security guard who asked to see a receipt and then allowed him to leave. jo mari and jim ari's mom dispute that i just showed them the receipt. then they kept on coming like the other security guard, said that then the first thing i told him that the sandwich the other came and said, i didn't pay for it. when he walked out of the store. he was crying so coarse. i was very hysterical with the whole situation that was taking place. he said that they were races and that they asked him to put his food down and that he paid for. he showed them they're his receipt and everything, and they still were antagonizing him until the manager walked up to him and asked them to basically leave him alone. the harvey milk civil rights academy teaches not just scholastic classes, but education and rights and respect for all. why do we keep having this systematic approach? how we deal with people of color that something is societal? if we don't start to change some things within our society? we will continue to see this. even when i have
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grandchildren. it's important that when we see one of our students at our school in our community being treated unfairly and racially profiled, it's important that we as a community and especially as a school, stand up for our students safely, apparently made a gesture to try to make things right. they'll talk to the security guards and, you know, deal with the company, and they offered him a $25 gift card. so with that, i don't you know, i never really wanted to keep talking to them. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. there's a big new focus on getting younger americans vaccinated against covid-19 as the summer is approaching. jonathan siri brings us more from atlanta. more than half ofcan adults have gotten there. fizers permission to give its vaccine to 12 to 15 year olds were expecting an fda decision as early as this week. on wednesday, canadian regulators gave the green light, saying
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the data showed the vaccine is safe for young people. everybody 12 12 years of age and older. no matter where they live, or what medical conditions they might have will be eligible to receive a covid-19 vaccine. there's also new progress and fighting the new strains both visor and moderna releasing new data showing their vaccines are effective against covid variants, and health officials say if current trends continue, infection rates should decline significantly by the end of summer. we need to keep vaccinating people, but we all need to keep practicing certain prevention interventions to help us get to the prince. addicted good outcomes. meanwhile a new survey from the department of education shows about 54% of elementary and middle schools are offering full time in person learning up from 46% in january, but most students are still learning from home about 40% full time and another 20% with a hybrid schedule officials making a big push to get kids back into classrooms. and most parents
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say the risk is worth the reward the cost benefit in terms of him potentially getting covid versus definitely having some emotional social problems. to me. it was kind of a no brainer. students in the south and midwest were most likely to be back in the classroom full time with the west in northeast lagging behind in atlanta, jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news. mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum will close later this month. the site is closing because request for appointments have actually dropped about 4000 day, down to 400 a day alameda county is now shifting to community based strategies. the site will close may 23rd, a san francisco was reopening a major convention that was supposed to be held in person. this fallen mosconi center. has now turned, ktvu jana katsuyama shows. is struggling to bounce back. there sounds of life slowly getting back to normal at the palace restaurant in san
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francisco. it's just a block away from the mosconi convention center. but this week bad news the american college of rheumatology told the mosconi center, it decided to cancel its in person november 2021 convention and go entirely virtual 65. percent of their delegates are international, and right now it's very difficult to travel internationally and san francisco traveled ceo jo dalesandro says. that means a loss of revenue from an estimated 16,000 attendees. that's hard for the city's tourism, travel and convention dependent businesses. over the last 12 months, we've declined about 80% in our visitor spinning and san francisco, but there's so much that lives all that blue myself, and i hope that you know it does recuperate and the tourism, you know, comes with course, the convention, the loss of convention and tourism dollars, especially hits the hotel hotel rooms in san francisco, kevin carroll, with the hotel council says some san francisco hotels have only 20% occupancy,
12:35 pm
depending on the day of the week. they are seeing signs of tourism slowly beginning to return, and some smaller conventions are still scheduled for the fall. the forward every where we have all three of the groups, whether it's tourism, business travelers and meetings and conventions, it's going to be probably at least three years. many say that slow rebound is having a big impact on jobs. that's where there's some money. people employed in the bay area in hospitality and tourism on that's why we're lacking the rest of the state and the rest of the country and that recovering our our lost jobs here. some people say, though there is hope on the horizon, we're looking to drive people from b area wide to our space. so that's the north bay, south bay, east bay. on then, when tourism comes back national traffic jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. ceo salesforce mark benioff says that workers can be in returning to the salesforce
12:36 pm
tower in san francisco on may. 17th daniel made the announcement in a tweet celebrating san francisco's transition to the yellow tear. it's not clear how many sales force employees will return on may 17th last month's sales force said it's reopening plan was to have fully vaccinated employees return to the office first. and that all employees would have the option to continue working from home through the end of the year. now to google, which is relaxing its remote working plan for employees, google says it will allow 20% of its workforce to continue to work remotely even after the pandemic is over. 60% will work a hybrid schedule. this means three days in the office two days really, wherever the employee feels they work best. most of google's 135,000 employwork from home through september. there was a celebration today to mark the 20th anniversary of the revitalization of the presidio's crissy field. this morning, speaker 1000 see pelosi and other federal state and local leaders joined the national park service here at the celebration. chrissy field, which was once u. s army air field was reshaped into a
12:37 pm
waterfront park and became part of the golden gate national recreation area. speaker pelosi says the transformation of christie field and the old well, dr approach to the golden gate bridge or inspirations to everyone who visits the area. it's a place of america americana of the beauty of it all, and it's a place about how we reach out to young people in our community. make sure that they know that everything in nature is connected and everything in our community is connected when they come here, chrissy field became a national park side in 2001 through. donations from the hospice family fund, as well as thousands of other donors as part of our continuing coverage of asian american and pacific pacific islander heritage month. we're taking a look at the a p i influence in silicon valley. for some the path to prosperity in the south bay started with staying for months or in some cases, years at a long
12:38 pm
forgotten orphanage. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary brings us this story. at the end of a tree lined lost ghetto street sits who wouldn't arch? that's also a doorway to silicon valley history. this is not only meaningful for us, it's meaningful for the chinese community. it's also significant for lost gattis 73 year old janet chang is part of a special sorority. she's a former resident of the mingkwan home and orphanage that once sat on this site. the old days. this was they on lee structure up here. today. the 13 acre area is office space for uplift family services, which aids abused and neglected children. they think it's an important part of our history. we try to maintain links to our own past, but also as a way to allow these women to maintain contact with each other. when donald dina cameron open mingkwan here in 1936 few if any places
12:39 pm
provided services for asian orphans. example of an early organization that really left a very, very significant mark. on the ensuing decades. the home welcome thousands of asian for e change first stepped on the campus as a sharp tongue 12 year old whose merchant marine father was usually deployed and who's overwhelmed. mom needed help dealing with her daughter's penchant for throwing. the first punch if i had been sent to juvenile hall, it is no doubt that i would be either dead or in jail. to the contrary, the troubled middle child took too regimented life at mingkwan in two years. the seeds of life long change sprouted what it taught me woz. there's a whole new world out there. besides what i was experiencing in my community. and i wanted something different use of welcoming
12:40 pm
young asian girls than boys help the home influence the surrounding silicon valley community, according to historian amy long, it is an example of this town. they did wrap their arms around this orphanage and these girls, they weren't just isolated a buildings, you know, shut off from the rest of the community. they were integrated into the town. as time marches on the numberliving men. quang sisterslines their fund raising to restore the arch so future generations will know the safe haven for asians once offered on the other side, it continues the story for other people to know what what's the possibility on assignment in los cabos? i'm jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. you can find this and other reports highlighting important issues to the asian american pacific island community on ktvu .com slash ap. i will keep this conversation going the entire month of may for a p i heritage month how
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with the best bargains ever... at ross. record today, with the number of new confirmed cases at more than 400,000. this brings the total number of cases in india to more than 21 million hospitals are struggling with low oxygen supplies and shortage of vaccine remains a problem. it's over 2% of india's total population of 1.4 billion people have been fully vaccinated more than 100. students in the east bay right now are in quarantine after being exposed to the coronavirus. officials at las lomas high school in walnut creek, said this all stems from an off campus event last month where 21 students tested positive for covid-19 ktvu cristina rendon tells us that district began contact tracing with help from the county. 21 students from las lomas high school in walnut creek tested positive for covid-19 during the last two weeks of april, contra costa health services says the origin of the outbreak is believed to be related to an off campus gathering at a private home in mid april. school officials say those students went into isolation,
12:45 pm
the district and staff began contact tracy with the help of the county health department, the superintendent of our colonies union high school district says do you contacted potential exposure more than 100? los lomas? hi students are in quarantine, part of a statement reads. quote there is not been a positive case from the event since the beginning of last week, and the associated quarantines are expiring this week, isolation and aggressive contact tracing resulted in quick containment. contra costa health services says they have no information indicating that any of the cases are linked to in person instruction or exposure to the virus on campus. not much is known about the private home event or the age range of the students. officials. they're limited in what they can release you to the medical privacy of those 21 patients. the outbreak, a reminder the pandemic is not over, especially as more schools reopen for in person learning and younger people gather and socialize this spring. county health officials say people should still wear masks when
12:46 pm
gathering your people from other households and follow safety measures. like distancing and washing hands, and they encourage anyone 16 and older to get vaccinated. cristina rendon ktvu fox two news with the drought situation, worsening here in the bay area, state and local water officials are discussing discussing issues tied to dwindling water supply. according to the u. s drought monitor. the entire bay area is now in the extreme drought category, along with nearly three quarters of our state, the public policy institute of california water policy center says it began looking at drought conditions last year. it says many reservoirs are at historically low levels. when we can see is that we are already in similar conditions to what we were in 14 4014 was already the third year of the drought in the 2012 $16. so now in the second year of this doubt, we're seem in similar conditions in the sacramento valley that we were in 2004 in the 2012 $16. impact
12:47 pm
of extreme drought. conditions include water shortages of restrictions, loss of crops and um, or active wildfire season. then mark. i know you're up in phoenix like they're in the mount tam watershed. the just yesterday. i mean, i was sad photo that weight that lake is i've never seen it that low. yeah, we're used to seeing the water level is just so high when you're running around the lake or biking around the lake and unfortunately, yeah, it's startling when you go up there, and it's just a constant reminder that you know we do have water. we don't have a lot of water, but we still have to take the actions right now to conserve because we definitely have to make some adjustments over the next few weeks because there's no rainfall in sight, and we know what we have, as we head into the summer time months as we head into the weekend we're talking about a warm up is you can see. we are cooling things off, though compared to a yesterday but by saturdayct, the warm spots could be flirting with the 90 degree mark once again that drought monitor showing you the extreme
12:48 pm
conditions over the over the bay area, and this map is changing every week and no one no real improvements out there. here's a satellite as we come in showing you the fog hanging out toward the immediat about hy pacifica out toward toward basically approaching south san francisco, but we have more sunshine for the. bayside locations closer to berkeley and hayward. and as you can see, right now, those wind speeds are picking up so we will be talking about some wind not only for today but also into it tomorrow and a change in the wind direction. black sea boost the fire danger as we head into first thing saturday morning right now, sfo says, stayed out of the west and 15 miles an hour where we have some patchy fog nearby. it's chilly out toward half moon bay 54. degrees oakland 59 some more seventies inland, so that's the biggest change. today, the inland spots instead of nineties. the warmest locations maybe right around 80t here, looking out toward the
12:49 pm
fog here, and you can't check out to those patches moving back into the picture this afternoon, so not completely clear near portions of the coastline. and we tracking something overcast, so keep those temperatures on the cool side for the beaches for today and as we head into a tomorrow, here's the set up, though the overall of weather pattern this area of low pressure scooting in so a cooler thursday forecast. chili for the coast. cool right around the bay and temperatures inland, actually pleasant in the upper seventies to writer on 80 degrees, probably more sunshine for tomorrow, but not a change in temperatures, but we are expecting temperatures to a rebound spring back up as we head into the weekend. here's the forecast model this afternoon. you'll notice it's a bit stronger out toward the coastore tomorrow morning, and those winds c. youe this a change in the wind direction by friday night into saturday. it's that this that this wind here that's the element that will change that will increase the fire danger. no red flag fire warnings, but
12:50 pm
something like to watch closely as we head into a saturday morning temperatures for today, one of the cooler days of the week forecast hi san francisco in the upper fifties. fairfield 79, livermore, 76 san jose in the 70 73 degrees. here is a look ahead, definitely warming things up into the weekend. saturday should be the warmest day at least this five day period. a nice day on son. day from the moms out there in the previous weather update. i felt bad. do not have any flowers for mom. but let's see if we do right now. there we are from other mothers day lots of sunshine temperatures inland on sunday, mid eighties, the bayside location seventies and the beaches will be in the sixties. so nice weekend, but a warmer one headed our way and those flowers look great, mark. thank you for that. if you suffer from allergies and think this season is a little bit more difficult compared to other years, one doctor says the pandemic could be to blame. dr travis miller has a practice in sacramento, known as the allergy station were stuck inside during last bring shelter in place order, we avoided the usual prolonged
12:51 pm
exposure outdoors. toe allergy triggers will now that many folks are returning to their normal outdoor routines. their immune systems could have a more difficult time this spring. people are just really getting hit hard by this spring season because last season we just kind of skipped and our immune system sort of forgot what to do during that time. dr miller says. it's just a theory and he does not know if it will apply to next allergy season. he does recommend, though avoiding prolonged exposure outdoors and using air purifiers inside. not a heartwarming story out of utah after two little girls saw their dad for the first. her ann tight. very last person from utah deployed to afghanistan
12:52 pm
with the utah national guard returned back home yesterday after a year long deployment. dozens of family and friends gathered to welcome him home. great big hug there, all right, still to come this noontime, a special celebration for baseball legend willie mays, how he plans to celebrate his 90th birthday. selected. an a. tr
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12:54 pm
12:55 pm
its city landmark. where sam carter this morning announced the city council's unanimous approval of the landmark. the design was selected from ideas presented by 1000 artists all around the world. the mayor says this landmark will be both inspirational and beautiful. as was driven this community effort, to create an iconic piece of public art right here in downtown santa, say. one that could be seen by residents
12:56 pm
by visitors from miles. one that will help the brand our city, one that represents the great aspirations of our community. landmark is called breeze of innovation. it'll be located downtown and guadalupe river park. the design will have 500 steel poles that will sway in the breeze. it will be visible for miles in marin county, one city has been wrestling with the issue on whether or not to keep it. downtown street closed to traffic in order to allow for some outdoor dining as ktvu rob roth found out some businesses loved this idea, while others worry about a lack of parking. here in typically quiet mill valley. there have been concerns and disagreements lately over what to do with miller avenue. the city's downtown. some businesses, including the restaurant, piazza di angelo would like to see the street clothes to make room for enlarged outdoor dining area. that's how it was during last summer and fall when the pandemic took away indoor dining in restaurants
12:57 pm
de to sit out in the street anddr en run through the streets and the square we've had as if opera musicians performing within the closure regularly throughout last year. you know, it's just been it's become had become a gathering place, but it didn't work for everyone. the owner of sprouts, san francisco and interpreting children's clothing and toy store told us by phone closing the street men, a lack of parking near her shop, pregnant women or families with strollers will have a hard time parking further away and navigating their way to the store, therefore, making it less likely for that toe come shop for the past several months, the city tried keeping one lane open for cars in closing the other from thursdays. sundays that idea has been getting bad reviews that concerned there for the community was that it was not a safe because you still had one lane that was open to traffic
12:58 pm
that was coming through. but the mill valley city council is come up with a compromise. the street will close to all traffic, but only from saturday's it knew this sunday evenings, this version of it. is reduced, but we hope to recapture that magic again. the shortening of the hours to just saturday afternoon through sunday afternoon is way better for us, and i think is a legitimate compromise at the time. this making it will mean that the community can enjoy the space again. there will no doubt be many other berry communities in the weeks to come wrestling with this very same issue and street closures in some cases could end up lasting a lot longer than the pentagon. make itself rob rob ktvu fox two news, dr anthony fauci says summer camp restrictions by the cdc could change even before campers arrive. the cdc calls for masks for everyone. it camp even vaccinated adults. children his youngest, two years old, but
12:59 pm
also recommends everyone remain at least three ft apart, doctor fauci told usa today the restrictions were a bit strict and could be reevaluated in real time as this summer nears the bay area's tv and movie production industry is showing a little bit new life here yesterday in san francisco, we saw crews filming actor don johnson's tv show for the usa network. nash bridges where johnson plays a san francisco police investigators. some c scenes were shot right there along the embarcadero and high dive, great little dive bar there on your appears. 30 and 32. also some seeing shot at the fairmont hotel and in the financial district. we are wishing a very happy birthday to the say, hey, kid, giants legend willie mays turn 90 today is the oldest living person in baseball's hall of fame and because the giants don't play today, they're gonna be celebrating his birthday at tomorrow night's game. it oracle part the padres in town, willie mays expected to be there. it's gonna be his first time garcia back. get the ball park in san francisco in two years. big happy 90th, willie mays, absolutely. that'll be
1:00 pm
good to see tomorrow. thanks so much for joiningnews. our news s online. ktvu calm in the ktvu news up, believe you this beautiful, sunny picture of the east bay and dr. oz: next oz. a mom fakes her own son's cancer and conscious people to buying. shocking scams. >> what kind of person does something like this? dr. oz: horrifying allegations of abuse in a girl's boarding school. how a daughter useded tiktok to put her parents behind bars. ♪ dr. oz: i a people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime.


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