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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  July 1, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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people and president biden in the first lady spent the day with grieving families in surfside, florida this as search efforts for possible survivors of the condo collapse came to a temporary home. from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four and welcome to the forum. andre senior in for alex average, and i'm how their homes we begin this afternoon in vallejo, where a woman and an eight year old girl are in the hospital after being shot while they were driving our crime reporter henry lee spoke to a witness and the police chief there and his live now for us at the vallejo police department with the very latest boy such a scary incident for these two henry, it is heather indeed. i've learned from a source close to this case that this eight year old girl and a relative were caught in the latest in a spree of gang related back and forth, and these were apparently innocent victims. it's gut wrenching to hear her crying for help because she's been shot.
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vallejo police chief shawne williams is speaking out after a woman and an eight year old girl were shot and wounded while driving. we should all be outraged to see i'm a father. and when you have a eight year old victim, that's um, a victim of gun violence. it's a tragedy. it happened at about 10 45 wednesday night, a 30 year old woman was driving with her family on sonoma boulevard near chestnut whether nissan rogue came under fire, a woman was shot and a eight year old female was also shot. tragically the woman was shot numerous times and is in critical condition. the girl was hit in the shin and foot and is expected to be okay. oh my god. i didn't know that. but a child in the woman that's that's shocking. marco sandoval was at home when he heard the gunfire. it sounded like automatic fire and slower detonations that were someone like louder caliber. at least 20 shots were fired. the side of this church was riddled with bullet holes, some smaller as from a rifle. the others, much larger, sandoval says vallejo
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police told him his surveillance camera captured footage of a black dodge that was involved in the shooting the victims, nissan came to a stop in his field where police had to force their way into the suv, telling the woman to keep breathing. this is a senseless act of violence. we don't know what the motive is. it's currently an active investigation, and detectives are trying to determine the motive. investigators are casting a wide net as they try to find those responsible. this is an open investigation, so we don't rule out anything. vallejo resident darien gap as was out for a walk with her family, she says she's rattled. it's scary. you never know what's gonna happen, you know, but we just have to try to protect our our little ones ourselves, you know, and just i don't know what? keep to yourself. and i'm told these two victims were keeping to themselves, just minding their own business driving when they were apparently caught up in the middle of this gang feud. anyone with information is asked to call the vallejo police department live in vallejo, henry lee ktvu fox two news. yeah. yeah. so, henry, i know that police there are still investigating, but but do
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they believe that these were people in two separate vehicles firing at each other or were people in cars firing and others on the street? yeah they wouldn't say whether these shooters were on foot or in different vehicles. but i've learned that this crime scene actually extends for more than a block 20 to 30. bullets were fired and there was a big crime scene. the process alright, are henry lee reporting live for us tonight? hopefully those two? yeah that the woman and the little girl war recover. thank you, henry. well, 17 people were injured after a load of confiscated fireworks blew up in los angeles neighborhood. because you see. just incredible video here, sending debris for blocks away. the lapd actually loaded the illegal fireworks into an armored container yesterday to detonate them because they were too unstable to transport. it was just about £10 about 2.5 tons of fireworks found inside of a home in south central
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neighborhood there. the explosion was heard and felt several blocks away. was asleep and then i just felt like my whole bed like shake and i woke up and the first thing i came out. i was like, where's my baby? like where's my mom? like i feel like an earthquake, and she's like you felt on my mom's like you'd rather not like. yeah it's everybody okay? and as soon as we came out, started, like looking around, the whole neighborhood was out. nine police officers and an atf agent are among the injured. one person was arrested and charged with reckless possession of a destructive device. an investigation is now underway to determine why the containment vice did not work the way it was supposed to. and coming up at 4 30. we will go live to los angeles to get an update on that investigation and the injuries well, cal fire along with the department of forestry and the state fire, marshall sees nearly £80,000 of illegal fireworks. they were seized with support from law enforcement officials back in may in june along the california nevada border, it was part of a targeted operation to prevent the sale
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of illegal fireworks, and it included more than 900 traffic stop. and all three people were arrested and more than 200 citations were issued for dangerous fireworks and other violations. well, after a year of pause because of the pandemic, san francisco's fourth of july fireworks show is back on this year. ktvu christien kafton joins us now live from the embarcadero and christian. the city is celebrating the reopening of its waterfront. yeah after a year, more than a year, really of relative quiet, the waterfront is once again starting to bustle with activity with activities plan. this weekend, all the way out through to october. after canceling last year's fourth of july celebration, san francisco is preparing for the holiday along the waterfront this weekend with the return of the signature firework show. the city is getting ready for an influx of visitors bar goal is to make sure thatpeople have a good time and we keep everyone safe, especially during the fourth of july. we know people are going to be excited to come
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to san francisco to see fireworks with the lifting of restrictions in the holiday taking place on a weekend. the war waterfront is anticipating big crowds. this could be our biggest year yet. so you know, because of that pent up demand, that's that's why it's so hard to really gauge just how many people i mean. we typically see, uh, can accurate data, but 80,000 and so we, you know, we figured, you know, well over 100,000 this year, the meyer family visiting from washington, d. c is already planning on attending the big show. super excited we heard about from d. c one of the reasons why i came over here, uh, can't wait to see it. can we see a kind of fireworks? they have hopeless like super, super loud and super exciting. we're so ready for it and the fourth of july celebration this weekend is. ths also highlighting the return of fleet week to see an air show was canceled last year due to covid. now the event will be returning in october. we're bringing ships. we're bringing
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aircraft were bringing equipment. we're going to bring the navy blue angels. i think everybody's. heard of them. and the city is really hoping that visitors make a weekend of it this july 4th weekend with a return of the exploratorium museum shut down for more than a year, and now visitors are making reservations and visiting in person. we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news. a lot of those businesses looking to recoup from last year, christian. thank you so much. all right, this just in the california secretary of state officially certify the election to recall governor gavin newsom today, and lieutenant governor lincoln, the lieutenant governor, as well. just set the date for the election on september. 14th now governor. newsom's challengers include former san diego mayor kelvin kevin falconer. former gubernatorial candidate john cox and former olympian caitlyn jenner. okay? now we go to the very latest in florida in
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search and rescue efforts have now resumed their in surfside, where that condo collapse after those rescue efforts were halted overnight. officials there were concerned about the stability of the remaining structure. cruz noticing widening cracks in significant movement in a large column that is dangling from the building. there has also been more movement in the debris pile itself. 18 people have been confirmed dead in 145 people remain. missing on the pause in the rescue efforts came hours before president biden and the first lady came to serve side with loved ones of the missing and first responders. foxes. madala rivera is in surfside with the new offers of help from the white house. president biden and the first lady spent today comforting the grieving families here in florida and pledging the federal government's help fema. he's going to provide temporary housing and other urgent needs for the survivors. state department is experience
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expediting visas for family members from other countries. the president is offering the federal government's full support for rescue efforts in south florida. on thursday, he met with state and local officials, saying he believes the government has the power to pick up. 100% of the cost of search and cleanup. simple act of everybody doing whatever needs to be done. is it really makes it different? florida governor rhonda santis think the biden administration for its support what we just need now is need a little bit of luck. need a little bit of prayers, the president later meeting privately with grieving families of the victims, and with first responders, what you're doing here is incredible. president's visit came after search efforts were stopped due to concerns over the remaining structure. stability of officials say early thursday morning cruise noticed expansions and cracks and more movement in a large column hanging from the structure. our primary focus, you know, obviously it is rescuing our victims as well as protecting. our fire personnel that are life saving as well today. officials confirmed that
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shortly after the collapse, cruz heard a female voice on the rubble, but efforts to rescue her were unsuccessful. in surfside, florida mall, the rivera fox news. people are dying and roads are crumbling because it's too hot. we'll have a report on the searing heat gripping parts of the u. s and canada and hear from an expert about why nothing is being done about the temperature spikes, even though the cause is known. and a barrier weather, lots of clouds. even a bit of some drizzle the start off your thursday morning coming up to let you know if we have any warming in our five day forecast, and the state held its final vax for the wind, drawing today, up next more on the winners and the prizes that were given
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get more out of summer. with savings on appliances for every function... style... and finish... during the home depot's fourth of july savings. save on appliances, like this lg kitchen suite. the home depot. how doers get more done. about 20% here in the bay area and across the state since california reopened its economy back on june 15th. the bay area has seen an increase of about
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40 new infections, according to figures compiled by the san francisco chronicle. infection numbers are still relatively low, though compared to the numbers seen at the peak over the winter. health experts say the rise in new cases can be linked to the spread of the more contagious delta variant, and they say what mask mandates and other restrictions lifted. those who are not vaccinated are especially vulnerable to contracting the virus. state health officials today held california's final vax for the wind drawing picking six people to win the california dream vacation giveaway contest. what a better way to enjoy this summer, then going out to a destination with a fully reopened california some winners sounds pretty good right? today's drawing was for six vacation destinations to locations in san diego. bomb springs, los angeles, anaheim and san francisco. the prices include hotel the prizes rather include hotel, food and entertainment for up to four people. the vax for the wind program was established as an
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incentive to encourage more californians to get their covid-19 vaccine. state officials did not publicly identified those picked during today's drawing only what county they are from, and most of the winners are from right here in the bay area. the six names drawn come from san mateo county, contra costa. alameda county, san francisco, as well as santa cruz county. there was also a winner from orange county. all of those who were picked for they giveaways are being contacted. by the state. well barry weather does not feel like summer out there with a lot too low clouds, even if it is some drizzle even almost felt like light rain in a few cases this morning, no major changes to our forecast, as we had a near friday. and into the weekend, although temperatures will warm up just a few degrees, but no, no major heat in our forecast. as we take a look at some of the numbers were not showing you. both temperatures were actually showing you measurable rainfall amounts here that mostly the formats
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and drizzle from this morning out toward the coast. in most po nothing significant, but i guess it's just kind of a nice, refreshing change compared to all the heat that could be in the bay area this week or this time of year. here's the satellite the radar once again. we're talking about some more showers and thunderstorms in the sierra. and if you are heading to the sierra this weekend for tahoe, there is a slight chance. still some thunderstorms each and every day for tomorrow into saturday and into sunday on the fourth of july as we're coming closer, here we go at the low. the low clouds and fog got toward half moon bay, pacifica, even san francisco's ocean beach. looks like the clouds cleared back to near san francisco. remember yesterday we had persistent cloud cover, even extending across the bay out towards berkeley and emeryville. current numbers out there. for the four o'clock hour. we'll check in on those readings. we have san francisco 64 warm spots in the eighties as you can see out toward concord, but lots of seventies and eighties, but you'll notice no triple digits. not much in the way of nineties so kind of a mile to
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warm pattern for today, that continues, you probably notice the wind speeds. the winds have been picking up throughout the afternoon hours in fairfield. that's the southwesterly breeze at about 23 miles an hour. sfo western lied about 16. so another breezy afternoon breezy to windy. afternoon here's a live camera. we're checking on sfo, as you can see, we have some blue sky up above. but looking out to the west, we still have some low clouds and fog and kind of trying to contour some of the hillsides there with that sfo camera. once again tomorrow morning. we'll have some cloud cover, especially coast side and right around the bay and the possibilities and drizzle and then into the afternoon hours. let's see the clouds will clear back to near the coastlines, so it's kind of the same old forecast partly cloudy skies around the bay more sunshine inland. most areas too. morrow should be just a little bit warmer than today. and it looks like this. a trend will continue as we head into the weekend, the holiday weekend. we'll have more on that. with your full forecast coming up in just a little bit. all right. thanks so much mark. appreciate it. second fast moving wildfire
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is burning in the shasta trinity national forest, and it has reportedly destroyed at least a dozen homes. the salt fire started yesterday afternoon it is burning east of interstate five about 30 miles north of reading. the fire has burned 2800 acres and also forced the closure of i 54 time. the reading record, searchlight says at least a dozen homes were destroyed in the gregory creek acre sub deficient, the forest service says, along with ground crews, they are getting aerial support. including air tankers, some of the san francisco firefighters who were headed to the lava fire in siskiyou county arew of a fire north of mount shasta in siskiyou county hases. and this afternoon. it is contained. containment is up to 25% the california national guard tweeted out video showing lines of fire retardant, helping to contain the fire. more than 1200 personnel are on the lines, and so far they are
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keeping the flames from spreading to communities on the west side of the fire at the same time of those burning wildfires, this week's heatwave is being linked to hundreds of deaths across the pacific northwest and canada after strohmeyer has details. record high temperatures in the northwest could be proving deadly as health officials across oregon, washington and even north of the border and canada are now reporting hundreds of deaths throughout the week. citing the intense heat as the probable cause. the entire west coast of north america from baja to alaska is red hot, and it's a problem that could only be getting worse as the monitors in several cities continue climbing into the triple digits. portland oregon breaking a record earlier this week, reaching a temperature of 116 degrees monday. medical experts say many times he related fatalities can be avoided deaths from heat at hospitalizations from heat, all preventable by just helping people get to the cool space.
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but it's not just people who need a shelter from the sweltering summer weather. josephine mauer of olympia, washington, lost her beloved dog to the elements. he was a senior dog, and he couldn't breathe really great. and so when the heat hit, he was really struggling to breathe. and as for the heat so far, officials in oregon and watch washington state say at least 80 combined deaths are linked to the hot weather, but medical crews in the canadian province of british columbia are investigating close to 500 potential deaths. ashley strohmeyer fox news. so why is it getting so hot? and what are the most extreme dangers that these rising temperatures post? no different bar is with stanford university's department of earth system science. tell us more about this, noah. thank you so much for joining us today. first of all, 2020 tied 2016 for the hottest year on record. 2020 was also the worst year on record for wildfires. can all of this be attributed to climate change? uh well, we have very clear evidence that not only is global warming
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happening, uh, you know the frequency and intensity of extremes are increasing around the world. um, you know, our research shows that around already at more than 80% of the globe, uh, the odds of unprecedented heat have already increased. and we also know that when these so called heat domes, these high pressure. uh patterns occurred that severe heat is more likely it's more intense, and it's more widespread, so i'm sure we'll see in the coming weeks. analyses of this specific event, but this is completely consistent with what we already know about how climate change is already elevated the risk of extreme heat. so you have the evidence there. we are also seeing people dying here. we're seeing infrastructure threatened in some cases, roads have buckled in parts of the country. so since we know all this, and we see this happen then why isn't more being done in more earnest on a national and global scale? do you think? well these kinds of events really highlight the challenges of adaptation we have, you know.
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very sophisticated. uh uh, management systems infrastructure that were designed and built in an old climate. we're now in a climate where they're being tested more and more and the challenges that you know the 1 degrees of global warming that we've already had. that's uh you know that that's averaged over the whole globe. it's a pretty small number for anyone place, but the reality is that we're where it you know is really having impact is in these extreme events where we're going outside of the historical threshold. that's exactly what we've seen. tragically. uh this week in the pacific northwest, where you have these these true. unprecedented heat events where there isn't widespread air conditioning where the infrastructure was built for a different, uh, temperature envelope. and so this is really the story of climate change its here and now the global warming we've already had is already impacting us in these nonlinear,
4:22 pm
accelerating ways and we can expect more of this in the future, even if the paris agreement. is successful, and we hold global warming below two degrees celsius above the preindustrial that's still twice as much colder warning as we've already had now, so that brings me to my next question here. will this get worse than what we're experiencing right now? how bad and we'll get much worse in our lifetime? in terms of the magnitude of these kinds of, uh, events that how frequently they happen. what has been unprecedented that we're now starting to experience more and more, we can absolutely expect this to continue. uh, the question is how much we have agency. uh you know, we, uh, we have opportunities to curb that. halfway of global warming. but even if we're successful, uh will will still get more
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climate change than what we've already had. so the challenge really is. how do we not just catch up with what's already happened? but how do we leave the head to be prepared for the climate change in the future? that's clearly a challenge. tragically we're seeing that in real time, but we do have opportunities to, uh. increase our resilience. uh and be prepared for these events, but it starts with an acknowledgement that we're in a climate that's different than the one that we're used to. yep still much more needs to be done. we know the infrastructure bill that the president has introduced is supposed to be addressing some of these issues, but there are still some issues with that infrastructure spending plans that the president wants to push through and how it relates to climate change. all right, no different bob with the department of earth system science at stanford university. thank you for your insight this afternoon. thank for having me a top trump executive goes before a judge in the first criminal indictment and the investigation of the trump
4:24 pm
organization. i'm eric shawn at court in new york, and i'll have that story coming up, and the case was considered a major victory for the me too movement. but now that bill cosby's conviction has been overturned, advocates for sex assault survivors are worried.
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what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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organization has now led to the indictment of a longtime top executive, alan wiesel. burke today appeared in a manhattan courtroom for his arraignment on several charges as foxes eric shawn reports. wiesel berg's appearance came hours after he surrendered to the manhattan district attorney's office. the first criminal charges in the investigation into the trump organization have been unsealed, charging chief financial officer alan weisser berg with grand larceny scheme to defraud tax fraud and other charges to accounts. he pled not guilty, he was
4:27 pm
handcuffed as he walked in the court to face justice. the indictments damaged from a two year law and tax for an investigation by the manhattan district attorney in new york state attorney joan. investigating if the company evaded taxes by giving top officials fringe benefits like the use of fancy apartments, cars and school tuition as a way to secretly pay them off the books case is unprecedented. when you look at the charges, it is a corporate apartment. it is a corporate car. it is, in one case, the payment of his grandchildren's tuition, which every expert on the planet will tell you is a gift. the former president. trump's personal lawyer responded to the indictment in a statement saying quote the district attorney is supposed to be a political, but everyone knows that the only reason they're proceeding with this case is because it is trump backing up what the former president said earlier this week. new york
4:28 pm
radical left prosecutors come after me. you've got to always fight. you gotta keep fighting. it's a disgusting thing. why so berg's ex daughter in law has been cooperating with the probe. the taxes are thing. step one. but that's that's just the beginning. prosecutors say the tax fraud scheme lasted for 15 years. as of now, though, there's no indication it will touch former president trump in new york, eric show on fox news. still ahead more on that massive fireworks explosion in los angeles at least 17 people hurt. we will have a live report from the scene and the supreme court upholds voting restrictions in arizona coming up next we talked with a legal expert. about what this decision means and how it could set a precedent
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angeles. it happened as officials were attempting to safely detonate homemade fireworks and it was all caught on camera. take a look now. you can see, it really was something else. 17 people were hurt. the force of this explosion was so great. it even flipped a car on its side. susan here is suna is with katie tv. our sister station there in l a and she joins us now live and susan boy. so many questions this afternoon about how something like this could happen. absolutely and what we've learned today is the national response team. from the a t f members about 15 of them are on their way. they are
4:32 pm
and the l a f d so they will launch what they call a post blast investigation to see what happened to figure out what happened earlier, the lapd admitted this was a catastrophic failure. something went wrong with the system, so the way the system is designed. there's a cylinder inside that containment truck there. you can see it's in pieces. the explosives about £10 of what is like an ied went into that cylinder was contained was supposedly contained by the truck and then by one account by one experts account to me. he suggested that it was a spontaneous detonation. they didn't really intend for it to happen the way it did, and it was catastrophic. so many people felt it was halfway down the block three quarters of the way down the block, and people were talking about damage to their walls and the concussion that they felt from the sound waves, so it was quite remarkable. but as you say 17 we
4:33 pm
lapd officers tried to getsuccen came to be in this situation with so much explosive power, and why that detonation system failed, failed catastrophically water. just why it didn't work. we're going back to the source of the fireworks. again all of those fireworks that were seized were seized from one individual one home there in that neighborhood. a man in his twenties a suspect now in custody. apparently they took away £5000 of commercial type fireworks. you know, the type that is sold sometimes legally at fireworks stand, but he had £5000 in an area where it is not legal to have fireworks at all, but was the greatest concern was about £10 of these. i e d type look like they perhaps were home made, and i talked to a
4:34 pm
couple of neighbors. who said, really? you decided to bring that into our neighborhood and n that play on the street every day,ough, to think that here is, you know, lapd trying to get rid of those fireworks safely from the neighborhood and then in that removal process, you have this, you know, unintended explosion. we had. one a sound bite one interview with an lapd officer, lieutenant who said something came off of the container that was supposed to rate remain on it, so they're sort of suggesting there was something wrong with the container itself. now, remember, this is the kind of system that is used all over the world to deal with explosives and ordinances that they need to get rid of so as far as they were concerned, they've done this before to evacuate the area around the truck was enough to protect the community and what that was not expected d
4:35 pm
not supposed to hap, the focus is going to be on that container and on that vehicle itself. great reporting there. susan really appreciate your time today. thank you, all right, switching gears now. today the supreme court upheld voting restrictions in arizona. the 63 vote will keep the 2016 law in place that states all leave voters, family members or caregivers can collect and deliver completed ballot. it also requires officials to throw out ballots cast in the wrong precinct. david levine with the uc hastings college of law is here to dig through what this truly means, david. thank you so much for joining us. now it's the country. good afternoon to you, and it's the court's biggest voting rights decision in several years. what could this ultimately lead to. well not only are these restrictions in arizona upheld, but it gives a roadmap to states that want to continue to restrict. voting and we've seen
4:36 pm
a huge number of bills. i think we're close to 400 bills across the country where states particularly ones controlled by republican legislatures and republican governors, want to restrict vote in in different ways, and the supreme court has given them the majority is giving them a big road map as to how to do that, and stay within this interpretation of the voting rights act. this is incredible here, not democrats had argued that those rules end up disproportionately affecting voters of color and therefore violate the voting rights act. why didn't the high court see it the way democrats are arguing? well, the way justice kagan explains it, that's the supreme court majority. uh, just wanted to almost imposed its own version of the statute. she accuses them of not following their own rules on being a true did the text. she gives a long history voting rights active, how we got to it and the people who died, uh, to get us this bill.
4:37 pm
and yet the supreme court gives us rather cribbed interpretation. so the idea that merely showing disparate impact is not going to be enough. you're going to have to show intent and you're going to have to show that the effects are very strong in each individual restriction that these states imposed. did this decision come from the. balance of the court as it is right now, do you think? absolutely it's a 6 to 3 decision. it's the r conservative wing hanging together when the liberals kagan, sotomayor and breyer, uh, saying that this is improper, um, so that that line up is what we're going to be seeing more and more and in fact, we saw it in the companion case today. at 6 to 3 majority, so expect more coming up in the fall, so it's really hard to separate politics from the rule of law when it comes to the supreme court and issues like this. well the supreme court majority would say that's not
4:38 pm
what they're doing. their claim is they are neutrally applying the law, but justice kagan really schooled them on that her opinion is longer. than justice. alito's opinion, uh and really takes him to task for what she saw as he is pushing the law almost out of recognition. you can see her anger. and the way she wrote this, uh because she really was upset and what she thought was a big departure from neutral principles of applying the constitute the tools of the supreme court to this particular statute. do you see now that this ruling has been handed down kind of a domino effect on uncertain states in which they are led by conservative leaders, mostly republicans using this as a way to kind of craft their election laws to the way they want to see it?ight there's two roads. andre manages to pass these voting rights bills that are on tap, uh, the for the people acting
4:39 pm
that john lewis act and a lot of what's going on now would be rolled back. but if those bills don't pass. then the states will go are going to have just an open road map if they just follow what justice lido said. they're going to have no trouble imposing a lot of significant restrictions, and all they have to do is say there was fraud and so away. the big winner here was president trump. because he's the one who's been claiming election fraud without any proof and the supreme court majority who he allows the states just to say we're worried about fraud without any proof that there is any fraud and that that is a significant interest, and that's going to end up outweighing the interests of minority voters, and i'll bet time after time. so if the if the members of the state legislatures can read. and follow what justice alito was told them to dorictions ando see this, uh
4:40 pm
2024 interesting turn of eventss presidential elections and elections for congress as well. david levine, professor uc hastings college of law thank you so much for your insight. any time. good to see you. good senior as well. alright still ahead this afternoon, a showcase of restaurants in san jose dime downtown kicked off today while the live interview on why this event this year is so important and of area whether we start out the day with lots of clouds in a bit of some drizzle a little bit of some warming as we had any. your friday forecast. but what about the weekend? we'll have more on the holiday weekend forecast.
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counties, which will keep prisoy stopped new admissions today and they will close for good. two years later, he admissions will now be overseen by 58 county. probation departments. convicted teens 14 and older can now be housed in county secure youth treatment facilities. instead another law going into effect today helps homeowners impacted by wildfires. the assembly in senate bills are aimed to aid those who lose their homes in a wildfire and to help them cover living expenses. if they're displaced. the new law also requires insurance companies to offer payments for lost items without the need of an itemized personal. property inventory. how when you think about fire season, of course it is such a serious situation, especially this sutd of in that mild tto have the fo. that's why we have this weekend. no major changes as we had in
4:44 pm
here friday. no major changes as we head into your weekend, taking a look here and remember when conquered his wealth above 100 degrees, not the case this week. temperatures only in the eighties to the andy's tuesday one of the warmer days the week and then today looks like we're maxing out in the lower eighties. we are expecting a little bit of some warming as we head into your friday satellite and radar once again, just like the past two or three days. the more showers and thunderstorms developing over portions of the sierra, especially the southern sierra. back here in the bay area, we have this the low clouds from half moon bay to pacifica to san francisco. and remember yesterday we had that cloud cover extending across the bay looks like clearing back to san francisco this afternoon, but it looks like the clouds will redevelop as we head into the overnight hours current numbers out there in the sixties, and the seventies looks like a few eighties out there conquer, checking in 81 degrees and the winds by the winds. it's one of those deals where it's a relatively calm, win and in, thg around pretty quickly, so it's
4:45 pm
pret topping 20 miles an hour and a few spots. there's sfo westerly at about 16 miles an hour. here's our lives. camera checking out sfo this afternoon where we have some blue scott up above. but looking onto the west looks like we have a solid bank of some low clouds, low clouds and some fog and relatively deeper marine layer is leading to, with some cooling even for the inland spots. lake tahoe, a popular destination this weekend right now, temperatures in the seventies and the eighties. and here is the plan as we head into a saturday and sunday partly to mostly sunny skies, temperatures, mainly in the eighties, and each day there is a slight chance of a few isolated thunder. storms popping up, so i'll be watching out for the sky, especially after the two or three o'clock hour and you get the daytime heating in the mountains. first thing tomorrow morning. we'll start out your friday with some low cloud cover partly cloudy skies well, inland and kind of like this morning. there is the chance we could have some drizzle return once again, especially coast side and right
4:46 pm
around the bay shoreline and then into the afternoon hours. you've heard this forecast before with some coastal fog, more sunshine inland and temperatures on the mild to warm side, although tomorrow should be a little bit warmer than today. and that'll be the case for tomorrow. some eighties inland around the base seventies upper sixties to the seventies and the beaches in the sixties. here's the plan for tomorrow for your friday afternoon, and you can't see temperatures low sixties for the beaches pleasant around the bay seventies, the warmest locations inland will be a little bit warmer than today. mid to upper eighties. here's look ahead your five day and no major changes were kind of on cruise control as we head into the weekend and on july 4th. it's kind of still a little bit fun. see, but it looks like we could be tracking some low clouds that want to watch the fireworks as well around the bay. so we're watching that closely, but it looks like that'll be the case as we had into sunday night. it looks like overall a pleasant forecast for us here in the bay area. indeed it is a nice forecast. if you want to maybe eat outdoors when the pandemic ravaged businesses all across
4:47 pm
the country. it certainly hit the restaurant industry especially hard. they've done everything they could to try to stay afloat. and now many restaurants in san jose are taking part in a big food fest that could offer for a much needed boost. nathan all she is with the san jose downtown association and thank you, nathan. so much so dying downtown is back. it kicked off today. tell us what all those foodies can expect. yeah. good afternoon, heather. thank you. this our 14th annual dying downtown week with 26 restaurants participating this year. this year is gonna be a little different than we've extended it to 18 days due to the pandemic, as you alluded to and as we know, for more than a year, businesses have struggled. so our organization along with many others have helped where we can, but this is really an opportunity where our community can come together and support our local restaurants and despite the woes of the pandemic, we've seen some new restaurants popping up like the good spot at kiska scott's charterhouse in check pocket. that's great. so you have some of those who have traditionally taken part, and then some of
4:48 pm
some new places, adding to the growing list here, talk feels here. absolutely so we are having like i said 26 restaurants participate now that masks can come off for inviting folks to come downtown. enjoy the restaurants at a fixed. excuse me fixed price special menu with many delicious options for folks to choose from, with price points. that very different restaurants, for example, so you can start the morning at your grace deli cafe. have a breakfast combo of egg bacon, avocado with hash browns with salsa and fruits. plus bottomless coffee for only 11 bucks. we got petit scopes. they had a three course menu that includes appetizers of flame teresa with asparagus price 15 choices on the main course, of course, menu cheese from seafood poultry, with five additional choices are the sweet ending. and if your sweet tooth isn't savoured by that we do have some optional, uh, cookies at knox cookies for delicious go that melts in your mouth with every bite. okay.
4:49 pm
i'm definitely i'm definitely hungry. now. let's take one of each of those. hey nathan. really though. how important is this next 18 days for these restaurants? it's crucial. as you know, people are starting to get hired at these places, too, so it's not only for the businesses is for the employees that are coming back and then more particular. it's for their families that want to come back downtown. it's safe. we have free parking for 90 minutes. it. park s j garages. but you know if you're single, it's a date night. you wanna get together with family and friends, please do come out support great weather as we just indicated here. it's an opportunity for our businesses an opportunity for our community to come together. we need to support we need the help. and obviously i'm guessing that this is the reason why this year it has been extended just to give people a little more time to enjoy. absolutely in our restaurants have been waiting for this moment. every year. we do it this year. it's even much more beneficial for them but needed. and so we've tried to extend this to the 18 days that we can. it's accomplished. we're here. it starts today. police cannot support nine
4:50 pm
downtown .com. we have more information. sounds great, nathan, i'll be there. see? you see there really appreciate you coming on the show. hopefully some other folks will take part in the great restaurants there in san jose, and we have more information on the dying down talent event on our website just looking out of the web link section. right there at ktvu .com. allegations of tampering with time cards the accusations by four ups workers about their employer, but when your truck alright, but why are you choosing to let your such a big taylor swift? that's in alameda county sheriff's deputy playing taylor swift during a confrontation why the officer played that music and the investigation that has now been sparked by that interaction and bye. bart is changing the oakland a's plans for friday night's big game, and some fans are not happy about it. why the frustrated team stopped selling tickets to the game and the fireworks
4:51 pm
we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪
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we're made for. it of tampering with time cards and other workplace violations. the suit was filed in contra costa county superior court, asking for class action status so other ups employees could join, possibly join this suit. now the three ps drivers and a warehouse worker alleged supervisors altered their timecards several times. they also claimed the company didn't pay for sick time for covid-19. related absences or for work related events, including required covid security screenings. ups says it's revealing the complaint. now the nfl is finding the washington football team $10 million as a result of an investigation into sexual misconduct toward the team's female employees find is the largest the league has ever handed down over the last decade, as many as 40 women reportedly described the team's workplace as toxic and demeaning towards female personnel. the women say they were fake. they were faced
4:54 pm
discrimination in the workplace. the leak says the money from the fine will be used to support organizations committed to character, education and anti bullying all the online trading app. robin hood says it wants to sell some of his shares to people who use the service, the menlo park company filed for its i to set aside 20 to 2020 to 35% excuse me of its stock for its customers. this comes one day after robin hood agreed to pay a record fine of nearly seven. million dollars. regulators accused robin hood of giving users misleading information and improperly allowing them to make risky trades on wall street stocks finished broadly higher with another record for the s and p. 500 the dow was up 131 points. the nasdaq gained 18 points and the s and p closed with its fourth record in a row. rising 22 points. energy companies, bank stocks and travel related companies gained ground. investors will also encourage that jobless claims were down
4:55 pm
to their lowest levels since the beginning of the pandemic. bill cosby up next why his release is so concerning to survivors of concerning to survivors of sexual all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure.
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call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ call one eight hundred, i eight million ♪ you u mit bebe sprisised in 2000 and 18 was seen as a major victory for the me, too. movement given yesterday's dramatic reversal, and cosby's conviction overturned, advocates worry that victims of sex crimes will be less likely to come forward. fox is an excel bank has reaction. the feelings of the person. shouting support towards bill cosby. are not shared by clara reynolds. i can certainly see where there may be survivors out there that just go isn't worth it. she runs the crisis center of tampa bay, which
4:58 pm
helped 550 victims of sex assault in 2020, she says cosby's released from jail on a legal technicality is devastating to her team and potentially to other victims. only 2% of perpetrators are convicted. reynolds asks everyone to consider what cosby's victim is thinking right now. she is re traumatized. she's re victimized all over again. um these are things that you know again. you think you have closure. instead cosby walked after three years because of an agreement with a previous prosecutor that said he wouldn't be charged in order to encourage him to testify in a civil case. saint pete lawyer catherine henry calls this extremely rare in a kind of case that already present psychological and legal hurdles for victims, even though a court effectively found the trial should notsn't change whad during it
4:59 pm
against him were no longer looking at the testimony of the witnesses were no longer looking at whether or not he was guilty further because of how much attention this will get. reynolds is concerned his freedom makes it look like it's even harder than it already is for victims to win in court. that's why it's so important that even when something like this happens that victims of sexual assault no that the community is rallying around them, and i think that's really the big ktvu. fox two news at five starts now. shots fired in the city of valeo, an eight year old girl in a 30 year old woman both in a vehicle when they were hit by bullets tonight the investigation is underway to find the person or people who opened fire. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. the woman and the eight year old girl are both in the hospital tonight. our crime reporter henry lee talked with the witness and the police chief about what happened. and henry joins us now live at the vallejo police department, with the latest on the investigation,
5:00 pm
henry well, julie, i learned from the source close to this case that this eight year old girl and the woman apparently innocent victims caught up in the middle of an ongoing gang war in vallejo. it's gut wrenching to hear her crying for help because she's been shot. vallejo police chief shawne williams is speaking out after a woman and an eight year old girl were shot and wounded while driving. we should all be outraged to see i'm off. father and when you have a eight year old victim, that's a victim of gun violence. it's a tragedy. it happened at about 10 45 wednesday night, a 30 year withr family on sonoma boulevard near was shot and a eight year old female was also shot. tragically the woman was shot numerous times and is in critical condition. the girl was hit in the shin and foot and is expected to be ok. oh, my god, i didn't know that. but a child and a woman. that's that's shocking. marco


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