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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 4, 2021 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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at 11, sparklers, fireworks safe and seen none of it. we don't want any, you know, no matches. nothing. just stay away from the fire, but some are not heeding that warning throughout the bay areag and in, illegal fireworks have been exploding all over the bay area. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now, and fire officials in contra costa county say they have already responded to at least 10. fires just tonight, including some they believe were started by fireworks. hello again. i'm andre senior in tonight for frank. and i'm julie julie haener to give you an idea of just how many illegal fireworks are going off. here's a look at an air quality map from of san francisco. the air quality is in red, which indicates the bay area have been preparing for these illegal f oakland fire department deputy chief
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nicolas looby. nicholas have there been any reports in your area of fires so far tonight? there has we've had a very busy evening throughout the day. actually we've had almost. uh, vegetation. fires reported structure, fires and numerous smoke investigations throughout the city. well, that's quite a bit and you know, we've been hearing about the warnings all week, and despite bay area authorities strongly advising people not to set off illegal fireworks out of concern, they could start a fire. people are still ignoring these warnings. so what happens to someone if they are caught doing this? uh there's the law enforcement, um, action if they are found it is a violation of the law. there's zero tolerance for fireworks used throughout oakland throughout. east bay, and it is punished punishable by misdemeanor action if it catches the structure on fire, it can be enhanced. nicholas yod
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there was a structure fire and there have bee no to fireworks or structure, fires, all fires th and efficiently and everything has been extinguished quickly. so nicholas, we keep watching. we've been watching ever since the sun went down a live picture from our roof camera showing downtown oakland hills in downtown san jose area, and there's just spend a nonstop display of illegal fireworks. and it happens every year. what is your strategy throughout the night? how do you like station crews or your different units? what d uh we take. we take several measures to try to enhance our capabilities that we increase our stopping
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staffing. we have increased istch center. to handle the large amount of calls that come in associated with the fireworks. and also this year we and in past years we've done strategic street closures, so grizzly peak this year was closed. for 5.5 miles up in the oakland hills where we've had in the past fireworks, start fires and the vegetation and also other illegal activities. so we have shut those roadways down the reduced crowds and the legal activity and then this year. we also did some strategic closures around lake merritt that help us with emergency response and emergency vehicles being able to get through in case they fire would start in the areas in the building surrounding lake merritt, deputy chief we know that last year you closed grizzly peak as you mentioned just a moment ago and did that help and secondly, if it did work, will you be expanding that to areas that are more prone to fires in the future? it helps me mentally like i said, i believe this is our third year of closing grizzly peak, and in previous
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years prior to that, it would be it become gridlock up there. we wouldn't be able to access any fires that did start the crowds would be large, they would be engaged in illegal activity. every year we re re analyzed hot spots after everything settles down this evening, and throughout the weekend, we'll go back and we'll look for calls for service came in and we'll start creating strategies for next year. fourth of july and see how we can enhance our service capabilities. to meet the communities risk. hopefully there won't be, uh, any issues do know it is bone dry out there. oakland fire department deputy chief nicolas louis. thank you so much for your your time tonight. thank you. have a great evening in san francisco, the city put on a legal fireworks show for the first time since 2019. ktvu demagogues joins us now live from the embarcadero, where thousands of people gathered today to try to catch a glimpse of the spectacular display. emma yes, they did, julie and
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tonight even right now, we can still hear illegal fireworks going off around us on the embarcadero. but the official san francisco fire her show and then just before 10 p.m. tonight. and if he were northward on the embarcadero toward pier 39, you caught a spectacular. show at least fourth of july. san francis thel day lucked out. how is your day going? my gosh. well let me start with the weather so much better than phoenix tourists flew in for a weekend getaway. first time i've been in san francisco and i love it is a beautiful city hopping on ferry rides to solve. alito cooling off at the exploratorium, which just reopened days ago and feasting at san francisco's top rated restaurants. o apa ferry g say this is probably one of the busiest
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days out and about that i've seen and families that were apart last year celebrated being together once again. my parents are in town visiting for the summer, actually, but we are just spending the day by the water. and then hanging out tonight and watching the fireworks, which we're really excited about. oh don't you live, striking a different tune from last year, last fourth of july. i don't even remember what we did when coronavirus cases surged and staying home was the main event. it's awesome to see more businesses open and people kind of just excited to go out. and uah, it's definitely a welcome change. i think it's amazing. you know how, uh how well the state is doing with all the vaccination and everything and it he feels like back to normal, and here's a glimpse of san francisco's fireworks show from earlier tonight and lasted a little more than 20 minutes and people lined up on the embarcadero for more than a mile long. it covered parts cle,
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beautiful fireworks closer to aquatic park and pier 39 people we spokeughout the day said that they were going to explore the city all day long and stick around just for those fireworks at the very the end of the night. julie call such a great scene in san francisco when people come together to see those fireworks and still people out. and about tonight, emma. thank you for the city of orinda brought back an old fourth of july. tradition post pandemic. the city's parade returned today in its traditional form. today's parade was the first in person large event in the city in more than a year, and those who were there say today's festivities did not disappoint, honoring our country and community. it is a dlebrate our to celebrate all of the wonderful people in our community that do change to the parade this year. there were no vendors to help reduce person to person contact, but there was still a whole lot of celebration and patriotism
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and the fireworks show lit up the night sky in our nation's capital tonight, president biden watch display from the white house and you can see the burst behind the washington monument there. the lighthouse was also lit in red, white and blue before the show, president biden said, while the holiday marks the nation's independence from britain this year, it also marks independence from the corona. virus 245 years ago, we declared our independence on a distant game today we're closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. that's not to say the battle against covid 19 years over. he's got a lot more work to do. tonight's fireworks display at the national mall lasted 17 minutes, president biden acknowledges he is falling short of reaching a vaccinate. goal today he hoped to have 70% of all adults in the u. s vaccinated by today. according to the cdc, the country has only about 67%
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vaccinated tonight while the country may have come up short on the president's goal, the city of san francisco has not with an estimated 74% nesow fuly vaccinated. dr anthony fauci said today even though he is fully vaccinated, he would consider wearing a mask under certain circumstances. in an interview on meet the press today, dr fauci said, in parts of the country with low levels of vaccination and rising coronavirus caseloads, he might wear a mask for an added level of protection, dr fauci said more than 99% of the covid deaths now are unvaccinated people. well we have reported that the delta variant has now become the dominant strain of the coronavirus here in california, but now data from the states of very real tracker shows that the delta variant accounted for nearly 36% of cases in june. that's up from about 6% in may. the delta vary it is estimated to be 75% more contagious than the original coronavirus. they're currently nine so called variance of
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concern in california. but last week, the director of the cdc's said that fully vaccinated people are protected against delta variant and the other strains as well. k through 12 students now have a number of ways to make up for the lost learning brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. those to pass or no pass. juniors or seniors have the school assembly bill one. oh four, was signed into law by governor gavin newsom last week. lawmakers say special interventions were needed to help students overcome the challenges brought on by the pandemic, especially those in low income and minority groups. all my opportunities, everything that i've done i've done in the united states. so i owe a great debt to this country and emotional and special day ahead of the fourth of july. we'll hear from the newest us citizens about how it feels. we've got some low clouds and fog out there this fourth of july evening, but these mild temperatures we've
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been having aren't going to last. i will tell you when the warm up is happening. your extended forecast is next. and right after the break a dramatic demolition in surfside why crews were forced what was t y
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collapsed condo building in south florida ahead of an approaching. storm. this comes
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as tropical storm elsa churns toward the state 24 people have now been confirmed dead more than 120. others are still unaccounted for some residents in surfside say they are glad that officials moved forward with today's demolition. it shouldn't be weeks to do something. you're going to cut red tape right away, and it shouldn't have taken the storm because we have our rescue workers there and it was shifting officials in surfside. we're concerned that strong winds and heavy rain from tropical storm else that could knock down the remaining structure as search and rescue teams sift through the rubble looking for those still missing. investigators say they still don't know what caused that building to collapse are going to san jose were a mobile home was destroyed and two others were heavily damaged in of fire. today, the fire was reported shortly before noon out of mobile home park on south jackson avenue in east san jose. no injuries were reported. firefighters had the fire under control in about 90 minutes. no word yet on the
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cause of the fire. police departments across the bay area are reminding people to drive safely tonight. extra chp officers are out on patrol. all watching out for people who are speeding or driving under the influence. san francisco police started conducting dy patrols at seven o'clock tonight, officers say a recent study found 30% of drivers in deadly crashes had at least one substance in their system. officers are also on alert for distracted or aggressive driving and road rage. incidents we're continuing to monitor the illegal fireworks have been popping up around the bay area, which is a tinderbox right now, check out these live pictures in. all over east oakland right now, crews have been preparing for. ktvu gg liggins tells us more about the extra staffing this weekend. sunday afternoon, cal fire and contra costa fire joined forces to knock down flames burning in the hills off kirker passburgh . officials say a burning that quy
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spread to 40 acres before being contained. firefighters are hoping they don't have to contend with more of these sunday night, as they did last year, when scores of fires many started by fireworks stretched resources, then. we had so many fires in a three hour period last fourth of july and here con fire that we had to reduce our response levels from the normal three or four or five engines or trucks down to one per fire because we had so many fires about 103 hour period. con fire has again beefed up staffing and equipment for the fourth and is making a final plea to the public about fireworks. whether legal or not across the different jurisdictions using them on a night like tonight. these conditions with these winds is nothing short of totally irresponsible in the north bay, the scene of so many devastating fires in recent years, cal fire says it will have full staffing of engine stations and dozers and then
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throughout the evening will be out patrolling the areas. uh, just in to help inform people high fire danger is emblematicd of conditions throughout most of the bay. despite the danger being addressed ad nauseam on news outlets on the fourth of july. some people persist in ignoring the advice of those who risk their lives, putting fires out. yeah, we sparklers fireworks safe and saying none of it. we don't want any, you know, no matches. nothing. just stay away from the fire part. king is not allowed along much of oakland's lake merritt until five a.m. monday to make it easier for emergency vehicles to make their way through and in the hills grizzlyboulevard hd through monday morning, a strategy the department says proved successful last year, it's to prevent people from lig. that's a high fire threat zone, right? it's all grasses brush, and it's also like i said, it's
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all drought conditions. the fuels are super dry. in addition to discouraging the use of fireworks departments are urging people to call 911 as quickly as possible. if they think they see a fire. don't assume someone else is going to call because getting limited resources to fires as soon as possible is going to be critical. greg legans ktvu fox two news now the oour side tonie marine layer has certainly made a comeback this evening, and that helps our relative humidity levels to rise. and that brings the moisture in the air and those dry fuels on the ground. around. of course, you know, any spark could start something. so you just want to be really careful regardless of the fact that we are fortunate to have that marine layer you can see it. certainly streak alive. look at oakland, you see those clouds kind of hazy conditions out there. temperatures have certainly rolled back this evening. 56 right now in san francisco and berkeley, about 59 in oakland, were about 60 in fairfield, 61 conquered 61 of mountain view. that's what the highest never on the map wind has calmed down
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from where it was this afternoon, so little delta breeze and fairfield and it is that onshore flow that is helping to bring the marine layer in yet again tonight but again kind of ramp down. we'll see that wind pick up again in the afternoon tomorrow and then start to ramp down again as we get into the evening kind of the typical summer patterns. so tonight temperatures around the bay with low clouds and patchy drizzle. we're looking out for low fifties and some of our valley's like santa rosa and napa and out of the coast in the mid to upper fifties around the rest of the base, so we're kind of nestled between two pressure systems low pressure off the coast. high pressure is inland, and right now, low pressure is pretty much controlling things right, bringing that marine layer. in and that will be the case for monday and tuesday as we keep those pleasant temperatures, but certainly those foggy mornings and the little fog out but we get later into the week, we're going to see high pressure start to nudge in, build up. and when it does, here goes the temperatures particularly inland. so how warm are we talking? well san rosa today was 75 degrees. we're looking at her 94 next saturday. 84 conquer turns into 100 by next
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saturday because you san francisco looking out for 70 and mid eighties in san jose is you know, start to warm up well on thursday, then friday, saturday and sunday. we'll see those temperatures go up. but tonight we're gonna have the marine layer really in control. so you see the fog tomorrow morning about seven am pretty pervasive around the bay. it does pull back and just kind of hang out at the coast, but it really won't clear out for most of us until about noon tomorrow. 11 a.m. noon. it looks like one of get a little chance of some sunshine in there. and then it rolls back in tomorrow night and again that keeps us moderate. so tomorrow temperatures expected to be 65 in san francisco. we'll see some seventies out there in places like napa, but eighties and conquered santa rosa and we're going to ####. you'll get up to about 85 degrees, so little warm inland but mild out at the coast again. the typical summer pattern, the extended forecast shows you that the warm up kind of kicks in as we get into thursday and friday, but then head towards the weekend. there. it is triple digit heat inland on saturday and sunday, and of course that
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does bring increased fire danger with it. and just, you know, time to kind of get that back into our vocabulary. we've had kind of this nice cool temperatures in the mornings and evenings these past few days. so julian andre, it's just a different pattern coming our way and hopefully it won't last too terribly long. we were duterte, kyla. thank you so much. well two men from the east mayor trying to break a 50 year old record for time spent rocking back and forth on a teeter totter in 1971. 18 year old chuck walker, right. about two hamburger shop workers in southern california who had set a world record by spending 168 consecutive hours on a teeter totter. a month later, he and a buddy beat that record spending 216 hours honestly saw in a sacramento parking lot. well 50 years later, walker is trying to beat his own record. he and his friend martin, mike hartshorne, are three days into the venture at toto santos park and conquered. walker and hartshorne are planning to stay on. teeter totter through july 10 and bay area native joey
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chestnut has done it again, winning the nathan's famous international hot dog eating contest for 1/14 time. 37 year old from vallejo slammed down 76 hot dogs in just 10 minutes today that is a new world record. it's also 26 more hot dogs than the second place finisher in his career at the annual fourth of july. event chestnut has now eaten more than 1000 hot dogs. yes. yeah alright, coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap joe fonzi sits down with nfl star davante adams, who was back in his hometown of east palo alto joined jason appelbaum and special guest star frank mallicoat to hear what adams says about the possibility of joining the raiders when he becomes a free agent. but at first after the break dozens of new citizens sworn in just in time for the fourth of july holiday. what it me
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use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most c and anxiety. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ the chance to swear in the newest american citizens thursday on the battleship iowa reporter alex michaelson spoke with senator alex padilla about what it means to be an american. i hereby declare on help. yeah, they're taking the oath to make it. official these are the newest united states. citizens sworn in aboard the uss iowa in san pedro. what does today mean to you? hmm it means it means everything. to me. it's
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america in the armed forces. all my opportunities everything that i've done i've done new citizens getting their certificates from california through this process after they immigrated here from mexico in one generation. our family has gone from being immigrants and cooks and housekeepers, too. i have the tremendous honor and responsibility to serve as your representative in the united states senate that's the american dream. what does being an american mean to you? oh, pride and patriotism is just oozing. today. badia brought his son diego to observe the ceremony. what do you want him to learn from this moment, part of the opportunity ahead was to share with him. her grandma and grandpa went through a ceremony like this some years ago. what is being american mean to you? diego awesome if he can take
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away just a little bit of the inspiration, the motivation, the patriotism that we feel today, i think it will serve him well when he starts to first grade. those here say the fourth of july will be especially meaningful this year. it's the best country in the world to live in, um, hand style. it's such a privilege to become part of it. alex michaelson ktvu fox to i just want to say congrats to all of them. i moved to this country to when i was 10 years old, so i know how good it feels and the opportunity that this country provide something. i'm happy to be here. happy independence day, everyone new beginning and new opportunity and a special day for all of those people. all right, thanks for joining us tonight sports route with jason appelbaum and frank mallicoat is coming up next. thanks for being with us, everybody. good night. over the years, mercedes-benz has patented
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thousands of safety innovations. crash-tested so many cars we've stopped counting. and built our most in our effort to build the world's safest cars. we've created crumple zones and autonomous braking. active lane keeping assist and blind spot assist. we've introduced airbags, side curtain airbags, and now the first-ever rear-mounted front-impact airbags. all in the hope that you never need any of it.
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goodbye. wow coming up. star spangled fourth of july edition of sports wrap diving play alexander's he gets up through
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the first and he got it. unbelievable the first time all stars with him in the lineup. everybody is better than possible injured stars. we thought it was best to kind of get him out of there and get him checked out. riders seeing stars bomb went off the road and down the grass verge there a sit down interview with one of the nfl's biggest stars, davante adams. sports has done so much for me. just give me out of trouble and rising golf stars stand yeah, gosh, keep your eyes straight ahead. sports wrap is next products news sports wrap starts now. good evening, everybody. welcome to sports wrap jason appelbaum here in our ktvu studios frank mallicoat and for joe fonzi joining us from his home s, we appreciate you going for ourw tonight. i'm going to tell you, jason, i'll be smiling.


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