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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. commodity and catalytic converters are being stolen out from under parked cars in growing numbers, one bay area city says thefts are up 65% so far this year. i'm only one shop in the whole country and i get to calls to three calls a day, valuable metals easily accessible. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and i'm andre senior in for
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frank somerville sandal. andrew police responded to two separate catalytic converter thefts this morning in under two hours. ktvu is amberleigh is live in san leandro, where police cornered one alleged thief and an officer was even injured. amber andre worth the parking garage where the theft took place this morning. as you can see the. the gate was damaged by thieves and has been removed now management posted a notice saying that the thieves may have gained access by following another car into the garage shortly before seven tuesday morning. police responded to a report of a catalytic converter theft inside the garage of this apartment building in san leandro. when officers arrived, the suspects and the getaway vehicle were still inside. the thieves crashed through the gate as they were escaping, and they also struck an officer. it was a really big bang. you heard it because it woke me up out of my sleep. there was a chase that led police into oakland, where they arrested the driver. police say san
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leandro has seen a 65% increase in catalytic converter thefts from last year. there has also been an increase in this type of theft regionally at the model garage in berkeley owner robert perkins show is one of the two vehicles awaiting a replacement catalytic converter after they were stolen over the weekend, expand this section of pipe to just being cut here. and then there's a couple of sensors that have been removed as well. he tells me. there has been a steady stream of customers who have had their catalytic converters stolen and i get to calls to three calls a day. i replaced 3 to 5 a week and that's going on since i says since about 2019, usually victims discover the theft when they hear. this noise when they start their vehicles. i feel victimized, extremely victimized the shops business manager tells me the catalytic converter was stolen from her motor home in late may, and she's still waiting for a
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replacement. my family and i can't enjoy our motorhome. we can't take my grandkids camping. i can't do anything. we're just stuck. that's about $375 installed. perkins says these aluminum shields a deterrent are in. demand for the customers saved. $3000 catalog converted by having this installed, perkins says a theft takes only 3 to 4 minutes. this woman who lives in the apartment where the theft took place, says she's concerned about her car. i don't know what i'm gonna do, you know, i pray to god it doesn't happen to me. police are advising people to install aftermarket guards underneath their vehicles were told the officer who was struck suffered minor injuries live in san leandro amberleigh ktvu, fox two news and staying in san leandro. today, a new police chief was named to head the police department. abdul pridgen will take over as chief on september 13th. now susan mannheimer continues as interim police chief until then, pretty
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conserved as chief in the monterey county city of. seaside and before that he spent 26 years in the fort worth, texas police department, the san leandro city manager, said. pridgen is an advocate for diversity and inclusion and building trust with the community, the arrival of a sex offender has an oakley neighborhood in an uproar, residents say they are afraid for their children and feel like prisoners in their homes. new attend tonight, ktvu deborah villalon tells us they're making no secret of their outrage. every single night. the parents are out. the children are out. that's her court in oakley has always been a hub for families, 19 children that play on this block. not anymore, though. instead banners around the cul de sac blair the presence of a registered sex offender whose arrival in june, neighbors say changed everything has taken away. you know the family presence here. i mean, everybody went in and closed their doors and no one's come back out since, really jeffrey ray ward at 33 posed as a. high
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school student on the internet to lure underage girls to his walnut creek apartment, where he gave them alcohol and videotape them having sex. he was charged with 30 felonies. he was convicted of 11 with four victims were trying to prevent another victim. some neighbors speak anonymously. others express their anger in front of wards. rental people are scared. i don't feel like they're too scared to come and maybe face. them neighbors have learned ward is free to live where he chooses. he served five years in prison. he's been out for 15. he's not answering now, but he has spoken to a few neighbors. he said something like it wasn't his fault. he was lured into it. i think anybody who was a child predators a threat and i don't think you should be here. where should he be? somewhere? worries not here. neighbors have appealed to the landlords and elected officials with no results. in a statement, the police chief says his mission
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is protecting oakley's vulnerable children. he acknowledges concern about the recent arrival of a sex registrant to the neighborhood and rights. we support your cause, noting that kids need safe passage way to school, a route that will take many past ward's house families say. come fall, they will be driving their kids instead, if by then their campaign hasn't succeeded. you can't rent out your house because who wants to live across the street from a predator? and why should you have to give up your. safe space. why should you have to give up your community in oakley? deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news, a 37 year old man is behind bars tonight suspected of setting several cars on fire at a pittsburgh auto dealership. fire investigators with contra costa county fire protection district arrested jesse jackson, a pittsburgh early this morning. he is charged with two counts of arson to property and one count of probation violation. it happened to the dealership in the 2100 block of railroad avenue, firefighters say when
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they arrived on the scene, they found four vehicles were actually on fire. three at the dealership and another at a nearby jack in the box restaurant surveillance video helped authorities identify the suspect. they say they found him about two blocks away from the dealership and arrested him. he is now being held at the martinez detention facility. cal fire crews were called to a wildfire in solano county. this afternoon. you go look at some time last video here of the fire earlier this evening, flames started on the west side of interstate 6 80, north of venetia, near lake herman road. it burned about eight acres in a marshy area, sending smoke into a wide area. no home, so we're threatened now in plumas county and new evacuation mandatory evacuations tonight for wildfire burning north of portola, the beckworth complex is made up of two fire sparked by lightning and has burned about 1200. occurs. it flared up this afternoon in red flag conditions, and you can see the huge plumes of smoke there. people living from beckworth denise road to harrison ranch road are being told to leave that area. hurricane elsa is in
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the gulf of mexico tonight, just off the coast of tampa bay, florida as that state braces for the storm's impact. this is video from santa bell to the southwest, which is already getting plenty of wind, rain and storm surge. the storm strengthened tonight into a category one hurt. cain and is set to make landfall tomorrow morning. fox news steve harrigan tells us there is concern elsa will cause problems up and down florida's west coast. elsa is gaining strength before making landfall along florida's west coast. tropical storm warnings are in place in southern portions of florida. but in tampa and further north, hurricane warnings are in effect, the national hurricane center warning of the potential for life threatening storm surges, flooding and isolated tornadoes. you're going to see impacts all across the west coast up the west coast into the morning hours. key west already feeling the effects tuesday with four inches of. rain and winds
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coming in at 60 mph rain also picking up in areas surrounding clearwater beach, though some folks were still out trying to enjoy one last beach day before the storm hit, hoping it stays further offshore and doesn't strengthen, but, uh, just kind of kind of stick to the plan or vacation best we can we are going to drink. watch the storm from our balcony and say some prayers. so far there have been no mandatory evacuations in areas like tampa but some in low lying areas are taking caution. meanwhile florida governor ron de santis has expanded a state of emergency to include more than a dozen counties where elsa is expected to pass through. please heed. any type of warnings from your local officials. just be careful as you can complete your storm preparations will closely monitor this storm and provider additional updates. elsa is expected to make landfall north of tampa wednesday morning in clearwater beach, florida. steve harrigan
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fox news meteorologist, kyla grogan is here. now. she is also tracking exactly where elsa is expected to come ashore. so how's it looking tonight? kyla you know, it's true to forecast really. last night, we talked about that it was likely to make landfall around cedar key, and it looks like that is the spot if you were to take the center of the cone that would make landfall. let's take a look at where it is right now and you can see it is right off the tampa bay. it is a category one right now. 75 mile per hour. sustained winds moving north at about 14 mph, and you can see that hurricane warning all along the shore, where there is potential for it to make make make landfall, but it is right off the coast right now of tampa bay. you can see it kind of throwing all of these rain bands and add actually a pretty decent looking i for a while, but it's gotten a bit raggedy. now. why did it strengthened today? we'll take a look at this. the water temperature is 83 degrees. one of the reasons people like to swim in the beaches of florida, but it also is a way for the hurricane to get strength. it gets power from
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that warm water. so here is the path as i mentioned if you were to go directly to where the cone is, it would be cedar key, and then it would go over kind of gainesville and head up to georgia and through the carolina coast before then, heading back. back out to sea yet again, getting a little strength again while it is over some water and then perhaps clipping the cape before heading out, but here's where it is right now, and you know it is a weak category one. it is not expected to strengthen%-t looks like it will likely come ashore either as a cat one or is a tropical storm within the next leg. 12 to 15 hours will be keeping an eye on that and i'll have some details on our california weather when i come back and just a bit for nelson, back to the desk, carla thank you meet i'm ailsa is having an impact at the collapsed surfside condo complex later tonight, the grueling round the clock searches. hope fades that anyone will be found alive, plus the elusive vaccine for hiv. the new strategy as researchers at the university of oxford launched a new trial
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and up next covid test kits for every arriving international passengers at sfo. the new strategy to get ahead of strategy to get ahead of coronavirus variants befor ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see you volvo retailer for details. alright, guys, no insurance talk on beach day. -i'm down. -yes, please. [ chuckles ] don't get me wrong, i love my rv, but insuring it is such a hassle. same with my boat. the insurance bills are through the roof.
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tests kits to all passengers arriving on international flights. ktvu john cox, i was here in janet. the effort comes as president biden called for urgency today in getting people vaccinated. he certainly did. andre the white house says they expect to reach their goal of 160 million fully vaccinated americans by the end of the week, but it's a race to vaccinate the rest of the nation as restrictions lift and variants spread. as people returned from a holiday weekend celebrating america's battle for independence, president biden turned tuesday to the battle for americans health more than 182 million americans have received. at least one shot, including nearly 90% of seniors. 70% of adults over the age of 27. the urgency is increasing as people travel and returned from family gatherings in crowded fourth of july celebrations, mixing at a time when some states still have vaccination rates below 30. brent and the u. s has seen a spike in cases of the more transmissible delta variant in
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california state officials say 35% of coronavirus variance last month were the delta variant. on tuesday, sfo announced a first in the nation covid-19 testing program, partnering with california department of health to provide free covid test kits to all passengers arriving on international flights, all for it, especially if you can do it at home. my sister is actually coming in on sunday, and i'm going to encourage her to grab one tooth. there's a station kind of after you get also playing in our federal inspection area where passengers can opt in to get a free test. the covid test kits will help track any variants coming into california. this is part of care that epidemiological study of kind of the variance sonoma county also launched free neighborhood covid testing our hospitalizations and basically more than doubled in the last month. and we have about over 40 people in hospitals right now and sonoma countering, but who should get a covid-19 test.
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some experts say anyone with symptoms even if you are vaccinated, i think a lot of that pivots around for those people who are fully vaccinated, whether you have symptoms. if you have symptoms consistent with covid get tested to find out. if that's the case, it could be a breakthrough case. and the kind of covid test you take matters, the whole marriage and test just roughly about 70% sensitive. the whole pcr test is in the high 99 high 90% area. um, the laboratory. pcr test is a little better than that. and for more information, we've set up a link to the cdcs updated covid testing guidelines. just go to ktvu dot com and click on web links reporting live jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news, a group of scientists and doctors from around the world say they believe that the covid-19 virus evolved in nature, not a lab in china. their letter was published in the land set on monday. they say this is crucial to learn how the virus reached the human
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population, now through international cooperation and collaboration that say they want do it, the group said the research must be scientifically rigorous and said quote, allegations and conjecture are of no help. a phase one trial of a new vaccine targeting a broad range of hiv variants is now underway at the university of oxford that vaccine trial as part of the european aids vaccine initiative. it involves 13 healthy hiv negative adults between the ages of 18 to 65, who are not considered to be at a high risk of infection. researchers say they have plans to start similar hiv vaccine trials in europe, africa and the u. s oxford anticipates results from the trial will be reported by april. 2022 a bill that would give opioid users a safe place in oakland, san francisco and la to inject drugs has been delayed until next year. state senator scott wiener, a democrat from san francisco, said the assembly health committee will delay a hearing on his bill until january onto the bill. trained
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staff would be on site to help if a drug user suffers an accidental overdose currently. the sites are illegal in the united states. the proposal is opposed by some law enforcement groups. the legislation would require workers at the centers to try and get users into drug treatment programs or further to medical or mental health care or social services program. people living in a homeless encampment in sandra fell, were forced to pack up their belongings and leave today. this is video of crews clearing the area on state land under the highway 11 overpass. it's at the intersection of fourth and heatherton near downtown workers dressed in protective gear got and what was left behind and put it into dumpsters. city officials say the encampment has been there for years and has exploded in size over the course of the pandemic drone video from the salton sea shows the impact of california's worsening drought. take a look at how significantly the dry conditions are causing the shoreline to recede. experts say. this is creating an ecological crisis as exposed silt is carried into surrounding areas. drought
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conditions are also impacting nearby farmland. california's drought is now considered one of the worst since 1977. yeah pretty interesting to see that video. of course it's telling us what you know we didn't get much rain this season at all, and in fact, we'll have a new drought monitor as we get into thursday. we do every week, but you can see here with the exception of extreme northern and southern california and the entire bay area and a good portion of the state is considered under extreme or exceptional drought. so you know we're not heading into this summer. in a good spot, and we certainly aren't heading into our fire season in a good spot, either. but here we are, so we just do. our best to we soldier on here is our one ace in the hole, and that is our marine layer, which roles in as we take a live look at oakland here every night and does help to raise those humidity levels that helps to kind of counteract some of our fire danger, and that's certainly been the case the past few days. early in oakland. 59 degrees were in the fifties in san francisco and santa rosa 58 liver more in about 60 at this hour in san jose, the wind was a little brisk today, right and
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we still got some spots like napa seeing 20 mile per hour wind, but things have pulled back a little bit. that's our afternoon rush as the marine layer rolls in, and we get that onshore flow, sfo is gusting over 30 mph earlier now they've dropped down a bit. so tonight will be similar to last night and the night before where temperatures stay relatively mild. that marine layer works its way in. we wake up with fog. it certainly piles up along the coast for one more day tomorrow, and then we noticed temperatures tomorrow, creating much like today. but if you look, some of those reds and oranges are starting to kind of scoot their way a little bit closer to our inland communities as we get into friday, saturday sunday in particular, we're going to see these temperatures start to store and let and in fact, we have an excessive heat. watch, as you can see. for a good portion of it to your california and we'll talk a little bit more about that when i come back in just a bit for now, set it back to the desk. isla thanks tumultuous male real primary in new york city has a winner tonight. the former police captain who ran as a blue collar new yorker who is claiming victory tonight, up
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shooting in the maintenance yard that left 10 men dead, including the gunman. ktvu is jesse gary has a look at what needs to happen before vita resumes routes and when i iose, rivals lara, i'm depending on the liberal all time because i had to go to work, eliminate tasking used to ride veritas light rail line up north first street to get to work at a san jose casino, but without that service, she says she now walks in. our in the wee hours of the morning to make it in on time because the bus doesn't run that early. this kind of an income means for you, then pretty much. yes pretty much depended on public transportation vytas light rail service has been shut down since may 26th that day, sam
10:24 pm
cassidy entered the guadalupe light rail yard and killed nine co workers before taking his own life. it's been a few weeks now where we have had, um employees given time off to grieve and attend funeral services, and many of those have concluded, and now it's time. to work. the plan to bring back light rail service beat a spokeswoman brandy children says the authority is using a five phase plan in hopes of resuming service by the end of july, the first phased finished last week had some of the 300 yard employees returned to collect personal items. phase two is identifying and repairing damage done to two buildings within the yard and hiring new employees to fill roles vacant following the murders. the third phase will see employees returning to work and engineers, inspecting equipment and lines. the fourth phase is running trains to complete testing without passengers and service would resume in full in the fifth
10:25 pm
phase. we still have a team that can rise and will rise to the occasion. we have, you know a number of employees that just want to help and get back to providing the public service that that we do our communities because after all, that is. that is why vita is here once veta light rail service presumes, officials say they're going to look at the frequency of the trains and adjust accordingly. also officials are working on plans for a private memorial for the victims that will be held july 18th at the s a p center, but it will be private by invite only dared on station in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. a big update tonight out of new york city, the mayor's race their brooklyn borough president, eric adams, is the projected winner of the democratic primary. he bested a large field of new york's first made a real race to use ranked choice voting. a former police captain, he try to strike the right balance between fighting crime and ending racial
10:26 pm
injustice in policing. adams would be the city's second black mirror if elected, early returns that showed atoms in the lead, but new yorkers had to wait for tens of thousands of absentee absentee ballots. to be counted, adams is poised to be the favorite of the general election against curtis lee, while the republican founder of the guardian angels means on new york governor andrew cuomo has declared a gun violence state of emergency. the move makes it the first state in the nation to make such a declaration now since the spring of 2020, the number of shootings has soared in new york city, at least 687 people have been wounded or killed by gunfire this year now included in the executive order is additional money and programs for gun. violence prevention. cuomo also signed legislation allowing anyone in the state to take legal action against gun manufacturers. and intruders shot and killed by the homeowner inside, coming up the shooting being considered a case of self defense, also, what's next for mills college? the school's announcement today
10:27 pm
on supporting students and staff as it looks to align with northeastern university. milwaukee bucks get their star player back from game one of the nba finals against the phoenix suns sports director mark albania shows us how it all went down later in sports, then it happened again. watch this in a blink of an eye, roberts go in, break the glass, and then they're gone, along with tens of thousands of dollars worth of handbags coming up. how these types of crimes are changing how stores do business
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all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here."
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we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure. marcus store clutching high end handbags, and it's all caught on camera, the video jaw dropping the crime brazen, the thieves smashing displays grab what they could and made off with thousands of dollars in merchandise in a matter of seconds here, ktvu crime
10:30 pm
reporter henry lee has details on the lightning quick crime and the search for those thieves. cell phone video share with ktvu shows about 10 men and women escaping with designer handbags and purses from the neiman marcus store in san francisco's union square. you can see the sign on the door reading curbside pickup here. clearly this is not what the store had in mind is just really unacceptable and we can't this is a first class city. rodney fong head san francisco's chamber of commerce. we can't continue to live like this in san francisco and we ask all of you all of our elected and everybody to really focus on this. it happened about 10 minutes before the store closed at six monday evening. the next thing you know you heard glass breaking the group smashed display cases and grab expensive purses and bags from the wrecks and knocked over mannequins. we know that that several tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was stolen from the store. these ran into a white infin fan see security guards recording and watching but not stopping
10:31 pm
them, which is standard procedure. there are no consequences. for committing crimes in san francisco. a lot of times he's low level crimes lead to more serious crimes. a lot of them are intertwined. organized retail crime has caused some stores in san francisco to reduce their hours or close all together. we want to do everything we can to stop this action. we want people to feel safe to come to san francisco. we want these stores to remain open. the incident has similarities to several snatch and grabs in palo alto, including the neiman marcus store, the real real and louisville time. in a statement, neiman marcus said the safety and welfare of our associates and customers is our top priority and were relieved to report that no one was harmed in the incident were cooperating with the san francisco police department in their investigation. san francisco and palo alto. please tell me they're comparing notes with other law enforcement looking for any connections. henry lee ktvu fox studios. now. earlier today on the floor, we spoke with sf state business professor mitchell marks about the shoplifting surge, he said. the city's political climate is having an impact. if we're going to let
10:32 pm
these blatant attacks go without any repercussions for the perpetrators. what else can a store do them either shut down completely or reduce hours. i don't see any other alternative for them. mark says it reminds remains to be seen if the latest heist at neiman marcus will push san francisco lawmakers to call for changes to address this issue. homeowner shot and killed a man he says was breaking into his house this morning in solano county, fairfield police say the intruder knocked at the door of the home on vintage valley drive at about 8 30 this morning when there was no answer the suspect kicked in the door. the homeowner had already reached for his gun. when the intruder entered, he fired twice, hitting the intruder in the chest. authorities say the suspect died near the scene and a gun was found nearby. whatever the motive was, it does not look like it was peaceful or legal. we do know that the suspect was armed with a handgun and semiautomatic that was loaded with an extended magazines. as far as i know, there is no known relationship between the homeowners who are true victims
10:33 pm
here and the suspect. the suspect has been identified as a 27 year old man from suisun city. he was on parole for home invasion in alameda county. police say the homeowners are shaken but otherwise doing okay. 15 year old boy from fremont is in critical condition tonight after being hit by a vehicle while riding his bike officers responded to the area of hanson avenue and dutra way at about 9 30 sunday night. he was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the 23 year old driver is from fremont. police say he stopped at the scene and cooperated with investigators who do not believe impairment was a factor in that collision. well, there's new scrutiny of tesla's autopilot system as the company faces a lawsuit from the family of san lorenzo boy as ktvu tom baker reports. the suit alleges that the boy died on interstate 8 80 when the suv he was riding in was hit by a tesla. in this tesla onboard video provided by the new york
10:34 pm
times, 15 year old giovanni maldonado of san lorenzo died on a bay area freeway when a tesla rear ended his father's pickup truck. neither tesla as much self bragged about autopilot system nor the driver even tried slowing down until a split second before ramming the suv. javanese family represented by south bay accident attorney benjamin swanson, who retrieved the crash video is suing tesla, one of several such autopilot lawsuits. i do not know of any. cases involving fatalities that have come to a decision at this point times automotive reporter neil boudette has followed tesla's autonomous driving efforts for years. elon musk is the only one who is predicting many time after time after time. we're just around the corner or six months away a year ago on the czeslaw website, confident ceo elon musk said this i'm extremely confident that's level five for essentially complete autonomy will be with, uh. what will
10:35 pm
happen and i think will happen very quickly last december, must said he will be delivering fully autonomous cars to test our customers in 2021. i think there are no fundamental challenges remaining or level five autonomy. the society of automotive engineers says level five autonomous vehicles need no human attention without steering wheels without accelerator pedals without breaking pedals. and can do anything experienced drivers can do. are we there yet? no, we're not even close. duke university engineering professor mary cummings of former fighter pilot is a renowned autonomous vehicle expert who says autopilot and self driving has proven dangerous when you hear full self driving, you think indeed your car can drive itself. and then you let it do that. so how soon until truly self driving cars decades. the federal government says not including giovanni 10. other people have been killed, an autopilot involved investigations. tesla
10:36 pm
has dissolved its media relations department. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news, triple a said today. the gas prices are expected to rise another 10 to 20 cents through the end of august, the average price of a gallon of regular in the united states is 3 13. that's almost a dollar more than it was a year ago when the pandemic kept people at home. statewide the average price for a gallon of regular gas is $4.31 gas prices are up because of a breakdown in talks among opec and its allies. they're trying to decide whether to expand oil production as we emerge from the pandemic in oakland mills college, says it's making progress on a potential partnership with northeastern university. financial hardships forced mills to announce in march that it would stop accepting first year students after this fall. but last month, college officials said it would soon start discussions to partner with northeastern for now, mill says it's working on new scholarship funding,
10:37 pm
transfer opportunities and helping current students earned their degrees. mills also says it's providing a 3% pay hike in a 3% 41 cave match to faculty and staff. everybody is so happy to be up here in the mountains. it's great summer camp in the age of covid, how camps are keeping large numbers of unvaccinated kids safe, keeping an eye on your weather are mild days and nights are about to take a back seat is the mesquite. i'll tell you all about it. your extended forecast is next. also next. an update from south florida hundreds of rescuers continue sifting through the debris of the condo complex that collapsed the impact hurricane elsa has had on rescue efforts.
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or a public charging credit. see you volvo retailer for details.
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surfside as hurricane elsa slows the recovery effort. yeah, this is several of those who perished in the collapse. er laid to rest. fox news correspondent phil keating has the latest now from surfside. fema. another funeral today for victims of the surfside condo tower collapsed four funerals. in one the entire guara family died together. the parents, marcus and anally and their little daughters, lucy to and emma ages, 10 and four. may we all be guided by their lights. will shine too bright for this world due to tropical storm elsa, all of miami dade county is under a tornado watch. watch until late tonight. the outer bands of the storm whipped winds and rain through the debris pile monday and tuesday, slowing the search teams periodically and making their delicate work a little harder. nearby lightning also cause that you are a pause, 200 urban search and rescue experts are on and in the pile around the clock to shifts. 12 hours each
10:41 pm
looking for victims while still hoping for the very small chance they may still find a survivor. no one's been rescued alive since just a few hours after the collapse 12 days ago. miami dade's fire chief says they're seeing no signs of life fortune. we're not seeing anything positive that continues and that sense you know the key things we're looking for all throughout in regards to avoid space, livable spaces. you know, we're not coming across that more than £5 million of concrete has been hauled away, allowing crews to search deeper looking for voids or tunnels. a u. s geological survey team is also now on site. miami dade county's mayor says they are examining all levels. local state and federal for accountability in their final effect finding report on what caused this disaster. we're going to be making policy changes, as you know, at every level and at every step in the building process to ensure that this can never ever happen again and tonight's evening
10:42 pm
update reports that four additional bodies were pulled from the rubble this afternoon, bringing the total. confirmed dead now to 36 with 109 still unaccounted the morning for that were found overnight. combined with this afternoon's makes one day total of eight. that's the most recovered in a single day since this disaster began nearly two weeks ago in surfside, florida fill heating fox news. the san francisco based neighborhood social network app. next door is going public, the 10 year old company announced plans today to go public through a reverse merger with a special purpose acquisition company next door says the deal is valued at $4.3 billion and will generate proceeds of about $686 million for the combined company. merger is expected to close in the fourth quarter this year, and the company will be listed under the ticker symbol kind on wall street today, stocks pulled back from their record highs, the dow lost 208 points
10:43 pm
while nasdaq gained 24 points and the s and p dropped eight. investors weighed report that showed growth in the services sector slowed in june after record expansion in may, but price increases also slowed last month, hundreds of unvaccinated kids camping together the return of summer camps and strict quarantine rules to keep everyone safe, and meteorologist kyla grogan is tracking a return of hot is tracking a return of hot weather for northern california attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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including the return of sleepaway camps for kids. ktvu maureen naylor spoke with several camp directors about what's new this year because of covid protocols. that's right. welcome to camp towanda right outside yosemite national park, where scenes like this weren't possible last year. here's what campers did to get here. families quarantined before their kids came to camp. everybody took a pcr test before coming, and then every bunk was a pod for the first five days, and then they took another round of pcr tests. and then when those were all negative, we were able to pod the whole camp 360 kids between the ages of seven and 17 are spending three weeks together, playing soccer, swimming and just strolling all in the age
10:47 pm
of covid, the almost century old camp also adopting a new outdoor dining pavilions because of pandemic. precautions, it's summer. seems like this one, the camp director says she'll never forget when the whole camp was able to unite after multiple covid tests. it's just so powerful to see these kids with big smiles on their faces in a beautiful place in community after so long, having been isolated and alone. it was a really special moment. everybody is so happy to be up here in the mountains. it's great. at camp high sierra, also near yosemite, the boy scouts silicon valley, monterey bay council is hosting about 300 scouts per week where they can hike, play chess or simply float the summer away. anyone 18 and older needs a vaccine. those younger need a vaccine or a negative covid test. probably 80% of our youth up here. that are coming up between 11 and 17
10:48 pm
have been vaccinated.. the counselors are all vaccinated and sleep in these cabins, while campers are limited to two per tent to different camps, one memorable summer. i think, after a year of covid of isolation, uh, addiction to technology, that camp is really the antidote. it's everything that covid and sheltering in place wasn't both camp directors say they have had zero cases of covid public health officials advise it's not too late for incoming campers who are eligible to get vaccinated before they go. marine naylor, ktvu, fox two news. costco is planning to drop its special shopping hours for seniors later this month. like many grocery chains, costco has offered special hours since march of last year to allow those who are most vulnerable to the virus to shop with smaller crowds. all stores will resume regular operating hours on monday, july 26th. all
10:49 pm
right, turning her attention to you or whether we had another, you know, lovely day in the bay. we've been stuck in this pattern where we're a little foggy. start off with we get some sunshine inland, and then we get the marine layer bringing in what i call nature's air conditioner. i certainly felt it today when i opened the windows after the six o'clock show all of the cool air just rushed in. here are the highs today we were cool out of the coast 59 in pacifica, sixties and seventies around the bay and then we had our eighties inland. warmest temperature was 88 in antioch 86 conquered. was a close second seemed in fairfield live. look outside, and you can see that marine layer in play right now, as we look down the oakland estuary so little hazy out there, right? certainly those low clouds are present and temperatures reflecting that, as we have cooled down a bit in san francisco and oakland were down into the fifties, same story in the north bay fifties as well over in walnut creek and about 60 degrees in san jose. so the only place you see kind of hanging onto the heat their brentwood sitting at 75 degrees, and you know our inland communities are the places that we go. and to really see the
10:50 pm
temperatures start to soar as we have a pattern change coming up, but not tonight. tonight will be that rerun of what we had last night. low clouds and fog a little drizzle out at the coast and temperatures staying mild. so tomorrow we'll start off foggy we will have temperatures in the sixties in san francisco about 66, the coast will stay a little cloudy like it did today. we'll see some nice seventies around the bay and again, santa rosa is going to be at 85 conquered 84. so you get the idea. it's kind of a rinse and repeat of today's forecast, but notice when we look at this. if you were with me last night, you know the high pressure that was in the four corners says slip a little bit in towards california, and the low pressure has slid a little bit further out to sea. so that's allowing the high pressure to come into play. now it won't come into play tomorrow. tomorrow. you know, we're still going to have pleasant day as i mentioned with the fog, but as we get towards thursday and into the weekend that high pressure is going to take charge of our forecast, and what that means is if you're inland. it is really going to warm up quickly. so by thursday, we're talking nineties and
10:51 pm
santa rosa and conquered 71 in san francisco 86 in san jose, and as we get towards the weekend, you see where i'm going with this inland communities. some are going to be looking at some low triple digit heat most of the upper nineties too low. 100 so the coast staying relatively cool the bay warming up, but you know pretty nice. excessive heat watches just gone up as you can see for good and a good portion of the interior part of california that does include solano and yolo counties, and that starts friday morning until monday afternoon and take a look at your extended forecast. there it is. the heat rolls in on thursday really pumps up friday, saturday sunday and it will start to pull back as we work our way into the beginning of next week, but. deep breath. enjoy the cooler temperatures tomorrow in the morning and evening and then we're going for a little ride on the heat expressed everybody. yeah, the heat is on the way. it looks like it's going to stay for a little while. kyla. thank you. coming up in sports. the giants try to walk off the cardinals with two outs in the ninth. mark has the dramatic finish coming up next. then on the 11 o'clock news, the bay area man
10:52 pm
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to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day. bonnie was with the in the vital room tonight. if you're a giants fan, and you happen to be one of those people who tends the scream at the tv, i got in trouble a couple of times tonight. i mean, this was aggravating right? baseball could be so frustrating, and that was certainly the case for the san francisco giants tonight in san francisco. sometimes we take for granted just how beautiful willie mays ballpark is johnny cueto on the mound first inning, nolan erin, not just just taxes. and this guy hit the home run against the giants 32 versus the giants lifetime. two run shot quick to
10:55 pm
19 league, fifth inning giants of trilli for two and brandon crawford for its tonight. this one. he smokes into the corner and ripe. he's got himself an r b i double three r b i's for granted and so forth. three games we go to the eighth inning, the giants trailing 64 stream ski at first base to out wilmer flores routine pop up to center field, right? uh you got it. i'll take it will mess that thing if it falls between three would be cardinal defenders. yes hustling all the way from first comes into score, 65, and here it is. two on two out, jason boss lor deep left field looks like a walk up winter, but no dylan carlson, sensational catch for the cardinals up against the wall. two runs with a score and that's what you call ending it on a defensive walkwo straight o
10:56 pm
the cardinals. that was tough to take good news. hard to find for the a's, but we did find them more true. matt olsen will participate in the home run derby as well as representing the a's in the all star game, first standing against the astros tonight, face it to get a three run first inning, going against first place houston and it continued. into the second. elvis andrus finds a whole base it up the middle, and the a's are leading 42, but what an explosive lineup the astros having chris bassett didn't have it went four to third, gave up six runs, including three on this swing by your then alvarez, lifting it onto that short crawford porch out there. he had two homers. he's got 16 that made it 66 and in the sixth inning jose are proving it with a line shot, always pesky two run single v as mero petite 96 final and the a's now find themselves 4.5 back of the astros in the west.
10:57 pm
they have lost eight out of 11 against houston this year. nba finals started tonight as safer, good drama. you've got to have a good billon. you've got to have a hero, protagonist and. agonist and this series seems to have neither. but you know whoever you want to win milwaukee or phoenix, there's a storyline yannis and to the coop. oh, missed a couple of games. he's back. chris paul 16 seasons. never wanted, in fact, never made it to the final. yannis did miss two games with the knee injury, but i think he's healthy chase down block here. you tell me if that need looks okay. he had 20 points 17 rebounds tonight for the bucks, but they were no match for the sun. at home. they're up 11 3 36 left chris paul. he's fouled that counts. janice falls over. chris paul tonight 32 points, nine assists. 1 18 105 is the final and a one nothing lead,
10:58 pm
so here in the united states were wrapped up in our baseball in the nba finals, but globally. this is what's happening. soccer. we'll take it to euro cup 2020 at wembley in england it's a spain versus and down one. nothing alvaro morata will score it the equalizer and it's 11. they go to overtime extra time. no goals, penalty kicks and for the win italy's your you know, with what the announcer called kind of be. pinky gold right there. he got it. four to italy. on the penalty kicks, they will face either denmark or england in the final. as for the copa america, argentina vs colombia 11 it goes to penalty kicks, messi will connect for argentina and his great artistry there, and it came down to edwin. carriedo denied
10:59 pm
by the argentine goalie emiliano martinez and argentina's a winner. it'll be neymar versus messy in the final brazil versus argentina that is the marquee matchup quickly. let's go to one of the plays of the night. check this out. billy hamilton of the chicago white sox. this is a catch in the rain slip and slide out there on the warning track. that is a beautiful thing right there. max kepler, the twins is robbed, and i'm sure there is frustrated. his giant fans were tonight with the cats that ended their game. that's the sporting life better day as they had for the giants and his guys. alright, mark. thank you. next at 11. he shouldn't feel comfortable anywhere he's at. he made his choices. he made his choices. he made wrong choices. and these this is what he gets. outrage in oakley tonight after registered sex offender. moves
11:00 pm
into the neighborhood. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now and parents speaking out, saying they must protect their kids from a sex offender turned next door neighbor. hello again. i'm andre senior in for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. people who live in the oakley neighborhood are urging elected officials now to step in. new tonight. ktvu deborah villalon tells us those neighbors are very vocal about how they feel every single night. the parents are out. the children are out. that's her court in oakley has always been a hub for families, 19 children that play on this block. not anymore, though. instead banners around the cul de sac blair the presence of a registered sex offender whose arrival in june, neighbors say changed everything has taken away. you know the family presence here. i mean, everybody went in and closed. the doors and no one's come back out. since, really jeffrey ray ward at 33 posed as a high school stu


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