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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  July 8, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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from clear to t . this is the fourn new fire say programs, but we'll also overhaul the local and regional approach to fire safety. welcome to the four i'm andre senior, and i'm jana katsuyama. heather and alex are off tonight. all right, we'll get to that story in just a moment. but first we start with some breaking news here. you might have felt an earthquake just a few minutes ago, the usgs reports of magnitude 4.8 earthquake at three. 50 p. m it was centered east of stockton near the community of farmington, but felt across parts of the east bay. we felt it here in the ktvu newsroom, where it felt like a gentle rolling sensation, and we've also received calls from ktvu viewers who felt it in vacaville any och and grass
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valley again at magnitude 4.8 earthquake at 3 50. so far, no reports of any damage or injuries. now back to the heat and fire danger. parts of the bay area are very dry as we head into another heat wave expected in the coming days, especially the east and north bay hills and mount diablo, which you see right there, browned out and dry, and it's the same looking towards mount hamilton, east of san jose. firefighters we've talked to say the fuels this summer are drier than they've ever seen them at this time of year. a big part of that with the lack of rain we had for two consecutive winters can interviews. tom vacar joins us live now from wildcat canyon regional park. and tom, what have you learned about those fire safety plans that berkeley is going to be implementing. they're very big and they're very regional. now we're at wild wildcat canyon park, but wildcat canyon park goes all the way down to tilden in berkeley, which is the situs of this story, which is a regional story. now you have to remember
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that it's still very, very early in the fire season. so take note of all of this. long before berkeley was damaged by the 1991 oakland hills firestorm way back 98 years ago, it lost more than 500 homes to a wildfire that made 4000 homeless thursday morning, the city said, using 12 million voter approved dollars. it's adopting a whole new array of efforts and programs that will ripple well beyond its borders. hiring new firefighters will focus on wild wild fire safety planning. fuel mitigation inspection programs and public education. developing a wildfire fuel reduction plan and developing a new outdoor warning system to warn our community when people need to evacuate just as important, a new effort to put wildfire mutual aid response is already operating on steroids, and we need to work with our east bay regional parks and other cities and other agencies to coordinate our response, stepped up inspections and code
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enforcement will require more vigilance and action on part of residents and businesses to manage vegetation on their properties. this actually allows us to have more inspectors on the road boots on the ground to be able to do those inspections and to enforce those codes. individuals businesses and public agencies will have to step up the removal of huge numbers of dead trees from the previous drought. and suddenly oh, death. the newly identified tree mortality that is now covering over 1500 acres of the park district. the tree mortality is not just occurring on partisan lands, but it's throughout the region and those become a new source of ignition and threat to our for us into our community. wildfire does not recognize jurisdictional boundaries and key to our success is that every resident in our city do their share to teach, keep their property clear. harden their homes cars r narrow and curvy streets.
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consider this by july 4th of this year we had 4600 fires that have consumed 115 square miles in last year's all time record year, up to this point, far less we've had 3800 and 47 fires that black and almost 49 square miles and remember, we are not even close to the worst months, which are august september. october and often november tom vacar ktvu fox two news. that's right. certainly we are early in the season and some good those numbers really tell the story. thanks so much, tom. well this afternoon, governor newsom signed an executive order urging californians to voluntarily cut their water usage by 15% this in response to the states, worsening drought conditions, continued lack of brain do some signed two orders in san luis obispo county. the second expands a regional drought state of emergency, he added. marin and san mateo counties now out of 58 counties are under this order. these conditions are familiar to many
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californians. as a consequence, we have conservation as a way of life as it relates to being more efficient, more effective in terms of our use and utilization and distribution of water resources. i knew some stop short of mandating water restrictions like the state did back in 2015, a number of local water agencies have put their own a stricter rules in place. and ktvu skylar grogan joins us now we have a drought, dry fuels and now excessive heat warning for this weekend column. yeah, exactly, and it's not a great combination. of course we know this going into this. this is not news, right that we're in this situation. we have drought conditions. in fact, the drought monitor came out today. it is updated every thursday and as affected. no change for california. we're all in what is considered here in north california what is considered extreme drought or exceptional drought. the area that you see in the darkest red, which is you know as that, as it gets, frankly, so that's where we start. and now we do head into a weekend where we're going to see excessive heat
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warnings will cross the bay area. temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, and that has everything to do with the fact that high pressure has built up over the desert southwest, and that pressure has now nudged in, and it is bringing us the heat and in fact, we're already starting to see it a little bit today in some of our inland communities. as we go through the weekend, it'll say okay at the coast pretty cool their sixties maybe some low seventies but as we roll inland, that's where he's going to be felt so as you can see, the excessive heat warning is up for a good portion of the bay area. everything you see in red here, north bay hills and mountains, the east bay hills and now also the east bay valleys, the santa cruz mountains and then the area and yellow that you see the santa clara valley. they are going to be under a heat advisory, and this starts at noon on friday and goes through sunday evening, because again we're expecting to see these hot temperatures. how hot will take a look at this? if you're in santa rosa saturday, looks to be the peak of the heat will be 98 on saturday. but if you're in concord, 15. that's not just flirting with high temperatures. that's you know, taking it to the dance as they say, san francisco 78 degrees
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on saturday 88 fremont and 92 in san jose, sunday, another hot day before things start to ramp down as we get into monday and tuesday, so taking a live look outside. you can see our marine layer is somewhat present, but certainly not as robust as it was yesterday, and that's already affecting inland spots. you can see livermore at 101 right now, whereas san francisco closer to the coastline, where we have a little of that marine influence, still 70 degrees and just 59 half moon bay where we are definitely dealing with clouds there right now it's jake alive like a storm tracker too. you can see you know this time of day were usually watching it roll into the bay, the marine layer right now it's just simply hugging the coast. i'll be back in just a bit to talk more. the extended forecast and also take a look at some of the conditions that we have for this evening, guys back to you. right, kyle? thank you so much. now be sure to download the ktvu weather app so that you can receive the weather alerts and warnings as they come out. you can download it in your app store. two men attending a gunse shot themselves. the shooting
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in east oakland left one man dead and another injured. the victims were attending a vigil for another man who was gunned down just days earlier. our crime reporter henry lee is live in the newsroom now with the latest from police, henry well jenna oakland police are trying to determine whether these shootings are related whether the victims in the latest incident work targeted while morning another life lost. that was so many shots. it wasn't even funny. a woman on citizen app documented the scene of a deadly shooting during a memorial gathering for another homicide victim in east oakland. sound like baby baghdad. i'll hear it out. just crazy. it happened at about 11 40 wednesday night, a man was killed and another was hurt after dozens of rounds were fired at 77th and bancroft. that's where about 30 to 40 people have been paying their respects at a vigil for a man who was gunned down two days earlier. that was just flat out. ridiculous i mean, it sounded like a war zone out here. i heard it from my house, and i'm only a couple blocks away. both shootings happened outside lt liquors on wednesday night at 49 yken to the hospital
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with or police arrived and is expected to recover. it's unclear if the shooting is related to one early monday morning, when a 48 year old man was shot and killed at the same location. somebody died here. somebody died here. we need to care we need in downtown oakland on thursday, community leaders brought a casket to symbolize lives lost to violence. they spoke out outside the alameda county administration building where the board of supervisors recently declared gun violence, a public health crisis rhetoric alone without investment. is not enough. pastor michael mcbride urged the board to go further by investing $100 million in communities hit hardest by shootings, rental support. it will provide down payment assistance, home ownership retention support, affordable our black brothers and sisters and family me you leave us no option, but our mutual de
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have been made in either of the shootings in oakland and anyone with information is asked to call oakland police reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. or santa clara. police say one person was wounded in a shooting at an apartment complex early this morning. investigators say it happened around one o'clock at the boardwalk apartments on floor at this avenue near granada. the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. officials say the suspect fled the scene of men who has lived in the complex for several years now told us he has never seen anything like this. haven't seen this happen. i've been here since 2014 in the same actually in the same apartment. i've never heard anything like that happening in this vicinity, so it's pretty scary, actually. well so far, officials have not released any description of the suspect or a motive for this shooting. a piedmont land was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide for a hit and run that occurred back in may. police say timothy hamamoto of piedmont hit and
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kill on park boulevard. investigators say that harmonize car went off the road and collided with the man haman. oh reportedly got out of his vehicle and ran from the scene, leaving his injured wife in the car or public school. students in san francisco spent a year and a half outside the classroom, and now there is overwhelming support to recall members of the school board. details about what a poll of san franciscans found coming up at 4 30. it's a subject that's been debated for decades. do cell phones cause tumors? new research out of u. c. berkeley school of public health suggests that there might be a link. we'll talk to the researcher coming up next. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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earthquakes within just seconds of each other first a 5.9 quake south of lake tahoe near the california nevada border, then
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seconds later, a 4.8 quake east of tracy. since then, we've been monitoring a flurry of aftershocks around that that first initial quake you can see where it's located there on the map. this is from the usgs. it was felt around the bay area as well. we are seeing reports of it here as well as into the south. sacramento region. we'll get them back to that story shortly here, but cell phone radiation is harmful. but if you want to believe it, that is the word from a uc berkeley researcher who has drawn a strong link here between cell phone, radiation and tumors, particularly in the brain. now researchers took a comprehensive look at stats from 46 different studies from around the world, and it found the use of cell phones for more than 1000 hours, or about 17 minutes a day over 10 year period increased the risk of two rumours by 60% joel moskowitzt study. he's a researcher, cal's school of public health and director of berkeley's center for family and community health. thank you
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so much for joining us. this is certainly an interesting study here. joel what, exactly in the cell phone? did your research find that is causing cancer. mhm. well, it's the microwave radiation, coupled with low frequency pulsing that it's likely the cause of the, um brain tumour risk as well as other tumor risk. and since our study was fun, um, completed, uh there's been two studies out of yale that showed increased risk of thyroid cancer. among individuals who are heavy cellphone users, and that's 1000 hours or more of call time increase the risk significantly, which amounts to as you said only about 17 minutes per day, on average, so you're saying when you hold the cell phone up to your head, it is causing these cancer tumors in certain parts of your head. correct either the head or the neck is at risk when you hold it next to your head, you hold it near
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your breast. your breast is at risk. and if you hold in here, your genitals, your genitals are at risk. and so we often the yellow carry. i have two cellphones, a personal cellphone and work cell phone and keep them in my pocket. what do you what are your thoughts about? that is that also does that also pose a danger? uh does pose a danger in terms. reproductive harm and potential, potentially risk to the genitals. so we recommend that you keep the cell phone off your body. ah initially, when the cell phones came out, they had special, uh, devices to hold the cell phone away from your body. but over time those have disappeared. i have a lot of safety tips on my safer m r .com website s a f e r e m r .com uh, regarding how to reduce your risks from exposure to cell phone radiation, so joel, the food and drug administration is kind of the government authority on cell phones and cancer research
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here. here is what they had to say about all of this, they said the fda believes that the weight of scientific evidence has not linked exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phone use with any health problems. now the fda is also the authority on the covid-19 vaccine. so how does the average person really decipher your findings versus that of the fda, or my findings coincide with over 200? scientists who published over 2000 papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health who have signed the international email. scientists appeal, all of whom, um, find that low intensity cell phone, radiation or wireless radiation where power line frequencies, uh, cause various health risks, including tumor risk, uh and all have called for much stronger regulation. from the fcc, the regulatory body in the u. s as well as in other
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countries. uh, they've contested the radio frequency limits in those countries as well. the fda is really okay. so the blind leading the blind or the blind, breathing the blinded the telecom industry is extremely powerful in washington. spends over $100 million a year lobbying just in, uh, d. c. so let's talk about that in your report. you purport that the federal government is not doing any real research into the subject. why is that? and based on your findings isn't a government study really needs with urgency? well since the nineties, when largely the u. s congress cut off the funding of the epa and which was doing cutting edge research, finding gina toxic effects. the u. s is only funded one major study, which was finally completed in 1918 2018. sorry, uh, which found clear evidence of cancer risks from cell phone radiation. in the male rats. uh
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immediately, the fda dismissed the study and said it's not relevant to humans, which is absurd because almost all the toxicology studies the fda relies upon is done on animal models, especially rats. um, so clearly there is more need for research on cell tower effects. five g on cell phone radiation. uh, if we're hope, if we have any hope of being able to develop, um. safer technology. that stat of 60% increase in risk. there is really, really surprising something that probably needs to be looked into by the federal government as well, including scientists such as yourself are joel moskowitz, the director of the center for family and community health with the u. c. berkeley school of public health. thank you so much for your insight. thank you for having me and now we turn our attention to the weather. it's been kind of a lovely day out there, but certainly a preview of the heat
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that we're going to be seeing soon and one of the reasons is our marine layer this morning was there, but it was a lot less robust. so, for instance, normally you know, past few days we've had it about 2000 ft of depth, and it was down to about 1000 to 1200 ft. and as we look at it live here and storm tracker, too. you can see what's happening. it's just kind of dissipating, right kind of rolling into the coast, but certainly not pushing into the i like it normally does. we do have a few high clouds out there and that's what you're seeing is we take a look at this live picture, but it's a difference, and it's a difference are going to see over the next few days is that marine layer is less and less influential. it makes it you know, not as far inland is really what happens and that allows those inland communities to heat up and take a look at this already seeing it. san francisco right now, 66 degrees, but santa rosa is 92 74 in oakland and take a look at livermore sitting there at 101 degrees. right now, and this is before we have the excessive heat warnings kick in san jose right now at 85. this is the difference in temperatures
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between yesterday this time yesterday and now and livermore is 24 degrees warmer. so fairfield 18 degrees where we're even hayward's 17 degrees warmer so you can see we're on the way there is some heat out there and it is certainly in the southwest, and it is pushing its way into california and there it is. in bakersfield window. three, fresno one. oh four right now. it certainly las vegas is hot. expected to be this time of year at 1 13. so the headlines are that we're going to see our skies clear a bit tonight our temperatures in the overnight lows are going to be a bit warmer tonight. tomorrow at noon, the excessive heat warning kicks in and the heat is going to go right through the weekend, peaking on saturday, so i talked about slightly warmer lows tonight. take a look at antioch. the low tonight is 68 degrees. you see a lot more sixties on the map than we've seen. and again, we'll start to see the clouds start to clear out a little bit as well. unless you are at the coast real still have that marine layer influence. so tomorrow the heat is on. here we go. we're talking sixties of the coast because of that marine layer, but eighties around the bay and upper
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nineties to triple digit heat as we get inland, and as i mentioned that will go right through the weekend. now notice if you look all across the west, you see red, and that is excessive heat warnings are widespread throughout this part of the country, bringing it into the bay. as i mentioned, we're going to go under that excessively warning. friday through sunday, and santa clara valley is going to be under a heat advisory and i'll talk more about that. and when this high pressure will finally relent when i come back with your extended forecast for nelson, back to desk thanks so much, kyla and we are still following that breaking news. here's a map that can kind of show you where these earthquakes that we have been talking about are located a 5.9 quake south of lake tahoe. you can see it's right there near the california nevada border. now initially, the usgs reported. there was a 4.8 quake just seconds later east of tracy. since then, they have removed that earthquake off of their map. there have also been a number of aftershocks reported around the initial quake area near st line. they are kind of clustered together those red dots that you see
4:23 pm
right there. it was felt all the way out here in the bay area, as well as into the sacramento region. we are reaching out to the usgs and will bring you any updates as we get them. well, today marks two weeks since that condo collapsed in florida, the latest from the scene where it officially changed from a rescue mission today
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we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure. condominium collapse in surfside, florida late this afternoon, the mayor of miami dade county announced four more victims were found in the rubble, bringing the death toll now to 64 76. people are still unaccounted for. the mayor said. that search and recovery teams paused for a moment of silence early this morning at about 1:20 a.m. which was around the time the condo came crashing down cruise on side of the condo collapsed today made the official shift from a rescue mission to a recovery effort. local leaders vowed to
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proceed with continued urgency, speed and care and the painstaking efforts to find the victim's fox reporter phil keating has the latest from surfside. emergency workers in surfside, florida returned to the pile for day one of recovery operations search for survivors ended on wednesday after officials announced there was no longer any hope of finding anyone alive. crews are now shifting focus to finding the remains. of those who died. when that happened, it took a little piece of the hearts of this community. at least 60 people are confirmed dead and dozens more unaccounted, officials say detectives are working to verify that those listed as missing were in fact in the building when it collapsed, the waiting and trying to have is there hope will we be able to have a miracle? i think i know it's wait a lot of the family just wait on the whole community. i know its weight on all of us. crews continue to work on their hands and knees to comb through
4:27 pm
the debris. more than £7 million of concrete has been removed from the site and additional equipment has been brought in to help speed up operations. rescue workers, families of the missing and faith leaders marked the end of rescue efforts with a moment of silence wednesday night. he also walked from the debris to the memorial wall, where they said prayers, shed tears and mourn the lives that have been lost the work. continues with all speed and urgency. all task forces are being deployed from across the country and the world officials say they continue working around the clock to find the victims but ultimately ending this job is likely several weeks away. the e spectator sports turns into a tc organizers banned fans from stadiums. i'm amy kellogg in milan, and i will have all the
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details coming up. we'll also have this. he's only 13 but already a national champ coming up. we talk to this oakland teen about his weight lifting dominance.
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at least one dose. well mask mandates are now back and affected the state capital. the legislature is tightening up its mask rules on the recommendation of the state health department. this after at least nine people in one wembley office tested positive for the coronavirus, mass were already required in common areas of the capital. and now even those who are vaccinated and working in their private offices at the capitol must messed up once again. additionally all unvaccinated employees will be required to undergo covid-19 rapid testing twice a week. a majority of san francisco voters appear to support a school board recall. the emc research poll attained by the san francisco chronicle found 60% of people pulled support a plan to recall three board members. that number rose to 69% among parents in the district. the recall dr started after proposals were introduced to rename 44 schools and change the way students are admitted to lowell high school. actors
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have until september 7th to gather just over 51,000 signatures. coronavirus mom still more surpassed today, and it's one that nobody wanted to see. more than four million people have now died of covid 19 worldwide. and as stephanie bennett tells us here in the us, the delta variant is now the dominant strain. oh the global covid-19 death toll, eclipsing the staggering four million mark for perspective. it's roughly equal to the population of los angeles and health experts warn. if more people don't get vaccinated, that number will continue to increase virtually all covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths. the united states. are now occurring among unvaccinated individuals. the cdc's says the highly transmissible delta variant is now the dominant covid strain in the u. s driving up the case count, especially in pockets of the country with low vaccination rates. the delta variant has been detected in all 50 states and at least 96 countries some,
4:33 pm
like australia. israel in hong kong to reinstate restrictions help slow the spread, but health officials reiterate vaccination is key. are authorised vaccines prevent severe disease, hospitalization and death from the delta variant, of course, widespread vaccination is what will truly turn the corner on this pandemic, but of the three billion doses that have been administered worldwide less than 2% have been in the developing world, causing cases in places like south america, latin america and africa. a spiral out of control. we need to get syria. it's about that. this is the worldwide from him that needs worldwide solutions. countries like the us, france and great britain have all pledged about one billion doses to help close the inequities gap, but experts say about 11 billion doses are needed to immunize the world. stephanie bennett, fox news, all right
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now we have to get back to that breaking news we have on the phone now sarah mints, and she is from the usgs to talk more about the earthquake that was felt along the california nevada border and in parts of san francisco, sacramento and the south bay as far south as san bruno. sarah thank you so much for joining us. first of all, can you give us an update on where things are right now? i counted 13 aftershocks so far. um, yes. uh so there was a magnitude 5.9 earthquake this afternoon at the california nevada border. there have been a number of aftershocks in the neo like we are the epicenter all and the largest magnitude i'm seeing at the moment is. um about magnitude 4.2, which is not unexpected for north quake of this magnitude and sarah, we're seeing these clustered kind of right along this area between california and nevada. what can you tell us about the
4:35 pm
fault lines where they where they cut through this area, and are they all in one central fault line or are there several that are meeting in that location? as an interesting questions, so it's actually significantly different than what we're used to in the bay area. so in the bay area, um what you're seeing is a tectonic boundary between the pacific plate moving to the northwest and the north american plate moving to the southeast, being with the strain concentrated along a few narrow folks like the sierra andreas sport, and he won't force so in the very, very long time, los angeles is coming up to say hello to san francisco in east of the ceo. nevada's that's inside the north american continent that isn't actually a balance between technomic any tectonic plates. however that whole area is under extension. it's being pulled to the rest, and that's what creates the sort of characteristic topography that you see in nevada of these
4:36 pm
middle hills separated by little valleys. the values are being pulled apart and formed as the entire on material moved to the rest. and so, um, mostly 14 was very distributed across the area. decency eyes and through nevada. sarah wanted to ask you earlier. we had initial report and we saw on the usgs map that there was this earthquake that was senator near the stockton area near the community of farmington, and that was later removed. what can you tell us about that particular incident? why it was ruled problem map. it was simply an automatic event. so the all systems one, um, completely automated to get information as quickly as possible, and then they are immediately reviewed by humans to see if the automated algorithms alright, elected of improvements can be made and it's real, but some time to time earthquakes, um may be detected automatically that are not real earthquakes. when you actually have a human go in and
4:37 pm
take a look at the data. um it can be especially actually tricky doing an earthquake because went over and he said mom would always are moving. it can be hard to both find otherwise. i think that might be happening and not to see some of that. moving as being a separate earthquake. ali so automated systems and that's why we always have humans come through and give up federal ansel mhm. certainly important to have that kind of verification. check one question that i did have to. it's you know, as we're seeing this, there's that one little dot that's over to the west. and then that cluster right there. i'm wondering about that one dot and then also, sarah, if you can kind of give us a big picture sense is this an area that has had a lot of seismic activity in the past? or is this something that is relatively new that you're seeing? okay um, those are both great questions. one thing that the point to know is that again, everything will go through a series of revisions and assignment over the next hours. days weeks. um so locations do have uncertainty associated with them. so the locations you see on the map
4:38 pm
right now are the initial locations they will be revised and people may even come back as you very specialized analysis that will decrease cantoni, but and for the for the real time information right now. the uncertainty is several miles on any of these locations, so i wouldn't necessarily be too much into one of them being slightly to the rest when the more careful analysis is completed, they may turn out to be all in exactly the same spot or to have some more structure that you can't see. so i wouldn't use the real time data at the level of. look that one is likely to the rest. that's a little bit too much to ask from the really fast locations. um you may know more when we have something that's more refined. um side, ms city east of the ceo in nevada mountains. well, we did recently have a number of earthquakes ranging from the witchcraft earthquakes, which were sort of southeast of sierra nevada mountains. in
4:39 pm
2019 around independence day, and there have been a couple of other ones out in the desert. that probably didn't make the news as much because they didn't impact a lot of people. all these things do actually happened fairly regularly in nevada, and the few hours but they often don't impact a lot of people, so a lot of time to fly under the ladle. are you concerned, sarah that there could be more aftershocks. do you anticipate them? perhaps even getting larger. larger earthquakes are always possible. um, but they're also very uncommon. so your rule of thumb is that for every earthquake of this magnitude, which was, um about 96, there will be 10 magnitude, 500, magnitude four than 1000 manages threes. and you would expect to see about 10 of these for every magnitude seven that you see so overall, the very the very well doesn't
4:40 pm
mean that there won't be one, obviously at two years ago, and the witchcraft sequence there was a magnitude 6.4 of us, followed by a magnitude 7.1. but that is. unusual because large may and you don't earthquakes are just very uncommon, and we certainly remember a lot of large magnitude earthquakes here in the bay area, sarah mince in with the usgs. thank you so much for taking time to talk with us and help give a little bit of perspective and context to these quakes that we've seen just happening within the past hour. thank you for having me. well moving on. he's likely the strongest 13 year old in the country. now he has the national championship medals to prove it and he's right here in oakland coming up next, we'll talk to the national champ about his journey and where he eventually wants to end up and i'm keeping an eye on your weather. we have heat on the way. in fact, some of you are sitting in the heat right now. we'll talk about how high those numbers will go. your weather is coming up.
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champion. that's him when they're seth evans recently became the us championship in olympic weightlifting for his age group there, the eighth grader at madison park academy started lifting now likely the strongest 13 year old in the countryains out of sn oakland he and his coach michael jenkins, joins us now live from the gym where they're taking some time away from their work out to talk to us. thank you both for joining us. so first of all, seth that's your in eighth grade 13 years old and an olympic weightlifting champion. where did you reach this milestone? uh what do you mean by that? what? when did you reach the mall? so when did you find out? you were the a 13, year old olympic champion or olympic lifting champion. when i first got into. and what's
4:44 pm
that happened? i wasn't trying to get in and over my head, but i was looking out of like, okay, okay. i think i'm gonna last. then i just went from there. when wasd uh, competitiont a week ago. all ri, and so? so how much did you lift to become to get this national champion? and snatch with 66 kg and then knee jerk elected 80 heroes, all right, and so, coach michael had you ever seen anyone at seth level at his age? no. seth came in. obviously there's something special bottom first time we saw him at 11 years old, not just physically, but he had he was able to focus mentally on the hard training and he was, obviously anybody can see that he had something special, so he's able to work hard, and, uh. and get his talent out as we stay here, and, uh, became the
4:45 pm
national champion. just about a week ago, the strongest 13 year old in the country that is simply amazing. and i think you touched on a moment ago. but can you tell us a little bit more about the secret to success success here? i would say percent. it's um he's able to focus and do the boring work. he's able to practice and get all the techniques. stuff out of the way technique is the main focus of what we do here in weightlifting, and seth is able to focus on a high level to get all of that out to bring his practice to the platform. it's something i know i'm empty yourself as an athlete. no athletes of he has a he has a very special mindset when he's competing. so seth, i wanted to ask you this. obviously it takes a lot of work to get to the level that you're at right now. but how are you doing in school? doing fine in school right now. i'm waiting for it to start back up again. get straight as governor, you said so you're getting straight a's so how do you find the time to studying gets treaties and also train. uh i'll say i trainede no
4:46 pm
all my schoolwork if i have any. and i got from that. and so over the last year of the pandemic did that affect the training that you had to go through? no, it didn't affect it. it just made me want to do weight lifting more so that get it, uh, second encouraged me to do it better in school. and so, coach. what is the what's the next move? what are you guys training for next? i think, uh, championship nationals is a year away between now and then. we have a lot of competition we want to do except is just going to keep getting better and better. um olympic waiting. the thing is really a growing sport and a lot of things are getting into it now coming from different sports, and so for seth, i think it's just keep developing, um, school first and then weight lifting barbells, then books books,
4:47 pm
then barbells and keep competing. keep having fun. well, it looks like he's doing both very, very well. talk about focus. you've got to have some focus to be getting straight a's and making it in this field of weightlifting. olympic weightlifting. seth congratulations, coach. michael. thank you so much for joining us of sp. asked jim in oakland, and congratulations again. thank you. thank you. well, that is so cool. congratulations seth. and i love that his coaches encouraging him to get a great education to that's the way to do it. all right, let's talk weather, everybody. it is going to be hot out there. in fact, you know if you're in the east bay right now and livermore, it's already very hot. let's take a live look outside the and you can see kind of a set up for what's happening. our marine layer has retreated a great deal. i mean, we've had the past few days or we can't see. any of the golden gate bridge now just very thin high clouds out there, so not a lot of marine layer, making it into the bay 70 degrees right now in san francisco, so you kind of see that's a little bit warmer,
4:48 pm
right? but check out livermore where it's 11, 99 and walnut creek were in the nineties in santa rosa nevado as well half moon bay, however, where the clouds still are. pretty cool that they're still in the fifties. this is the difference in temperatures from 24 hours ago. two right now it's deliver more right now. running 24 degrees warmer. 10 degrees warmer in oakland, 17 in hayward. you get the idea, so our pattern is changing, and it's because we've got high pressure that's been building up in the desert southwest, and as it gets stronger, it starts to bump into california and that bumps are marine layer right back out to sea, so that's basically what's happening and why you see as we look here at storm tracker to you know much of the west coast, right? now very, very clear, and that is going to allow that heat to keep going. so we are looking out this weekend for the coast to stay relatively mild. a few spots could get into the seventies around the bay. we're looking at eighties and inland nineties and one hundreds, and we'll see a whole lot of fog unless you're actually out at the coast. so take a look at this.
4:49 pm
this is future cast. this is seven o'clock tomorrow morning noticed, not a whole lot of fog out there and temperatures in the overnight lows. if you're in antioch below tonight is 68 degrees. that's pretty warm for an overnight so tomorrow notice the reds, the oranges, even the pink starting to creep in on the map that shows you where that sick that triple digit heat is going to be, and it will be in concord, 11 for you tomorrow. 100 for livermore 13 for antioch in fairfield, a little bit cooler up in the north based. i think the east bay is going to get the bulk of the heat tomorrow. 74 in san francisco tomorrow in 89 in san jose. we are starting at noon on friday under an excessive heat warning for all of the areas in the day that you see in reds that includes north bay hills and mountains, the east bay hills and valleys santa cruz mountains and then notice the santa clara valley's under heat advisory, where we'll expect temperatures to get into the nineties. saturday will be the peak of the heat. so here we go again, a little warmer at the coast warm around the bay and then downright hot as we head inland. here's your extended forecast. and i know the next question is, when is this over monday? check it out.
4:50 pm
everyone we're cooling down monday into tuesday. inland you'll be back in the eighties goes back to you. thanks so much. kyla coming up a grizzly bear is still loose after attacking and killing a california woman in montana. how the deadly encounter happened coming up next and in just minutes at five. it has happened again. a swarm of thieves overwhelmed, overwhelmed a store and then take off with merchandise. this time, it's a pot store, and they didn't just take marijuana and money. the other stolen items that has law enforcement concerned. and trash as far as the eye can see a barrier reservoir with trash floating in its waters. new at five. how all that rubbish got into the reservoir and what's being done to fix that trash
4:51 pm
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what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? wildlife specialists are trying to track down a grizzly bear that killed a 65 year old
4:53 pm
camper from chico 65 year old leah loken was staying in the town of ovando, montana on tuesday morning during a long distance cycling trip. grizzly first entered the camp and then left when everyone woke up, campers removed food from their tents as a deterrent, but the bear returned an hour later and attacked loken. witnesses say the bear pulled the woman out of her tent and attacked before other campers could use their bear spray. something like this just kind of shakes us. and this is a small community and more so than a community as a family, so it's a small group of people. um, so it's a little nerve racking it. campsites in the area are now closed until sunday location with a retired nurse who worked in santa rosa and chico. friends say she loved the outdoors and was planning to backpack along the pacific crest trail. wildlife officials are still tracking down the bear, and they do plan to kill it once they find it a full economic recovery is still out of reach for many americans as more people file unemployment claims, new data
4:54 pm
released today shows california workers filed 59,000 initial claims for unemployment last week. that's up 3000 from the week before. national jobless claims also ticked up with 373,005 last week up 2000 from the previous week. weekly applications have fallen steadily this year for more than 900,000 in january, but they are still well above pre pandemic levels. new help is on the way for the state's employment development department. state assembly members now have the authority to help the e d d clear its backlog, the mercury news reports all 80 state assembly members can now hire two staff members. to help the edie with requests for assistance. more than one million californians who filed for unemployment are still waiting for their benefits online dating service match com is settling a consumer protection lawsuit that was filed by state task force, which included the santa clara county da's office match. com will pay $2 million in
4:55 pm
civil penalties to settle the lawsuit. the suit alleges that the company charged customers for automatic renewal without their express consent and failed to inform them settlemend match did not admit wrongdoing. president biden rates with top advisers as the u. s withdraws troops from afghanistan and the taliban gains ground. i'm caroline shaven washington of usn
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
by the end of august. foxes caroline shively reports that critics say the move will help taliban militants gained ground. after nearly two decades of u. s troops fighting in afghanistan, president biden says enough is enough nearly 20 years of experience has shown
4:58 pm
us that the current security situation only confirms that just one more year of fighting in afghanistan is not a solution. but a recipe for being there indefinitely. but critics say the taliban has already taken over about a third of the country and once the withdrawal is complete, will likely take over even more. the intelligence community is loud and clear, saying that al qaeda will likely come roaring back. the pullout isn't unexpected, president biden announced in april the drawdown of the last 2500 to 3500 us troops and 7000 nato soldiers. 650 to 1000 us personnel will remain to provide security for the u. s embassy in the kabul airport doesn't mean you're taking eye off the ball doesn't mean we're not going to try to maintain a focus on this, or, uh, continue to have the authorities in the capabilities. to go after terrorists the homeland from afghanistan. there is also concern for the thousands of afghans who have helped us troops says drivers
4:59 pm
and translators and other positions and may be easy targets for the taliban. we have already dramatically accelerated the processing time for special immigrant visas to bring them to the united states more than 2300 u. s troops have been killed in afghanistan since 2000 and one and more than 20,000 have been wounded in washington. caroline shively fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now friends and family of a victim of a deadly shooting gathered to remember that victim and celebrate his life. but the vigil ended in a barrage of gunfire. another homicide in oakland organizers called it a celebration of life. but another life was lost. good evening. i'm andre, senior and for friends and i'm julie julie haener. we will get to that shooting at the vigil in just a moment, but first more on the breaking news. we have been following people in northern california andom felt e that shook the tahoe area about an hour ago. the magnitude 5.9 quake hit near the california
5:00 pm
nevada state line at 3 50. this afternoon. the usgs calls that a moderate quake it was felt across a wide area and here in our newsroom, it felt like a gentle rolling sensation. and we heard from ktvu viewers who felt in vacaville, antioch and grass valley and in the tahoe area. fortunately though, no reports of any injuries, but it was followed by a number of aftershocks, the usgs says. this is a seismically active area. we did recently have, um, a number of earthquakes ranging from the ridgecrest north quakes, which was sort of southeast of sierra nevada mountains in 2019 around independence day, and there have been a couple of other ones out in the. i thought that probably didn't make the news as much because they didn't impact a lot of people. what things do actually happened fairly regularly in nevada, and eat the errors, but they often don't impact a lot of people. so a lot of time you could fly under the radar. the usgs


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