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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  July 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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response to the states, worsening drought conditions. governor newsom signed an executive order asking californians to voluntarily cut back their water use by 15% we are encouraging people to do the common sense. thanks like reducing the amount of irrigation water you doing out on your lawns, for example, reducing perhaps the time that you are in a shower climate change is exacerbating conditions that we're facing in the past. week temperatures as high as 17 degrees above average have exacerbated drought conditions. newsome signs to declarations in front of lopez lake san luis obispo county reservoir that's sitting at 34% capacity. he added. marin and san mateo counties to the regional drought state of emergency 50 out of 58 counties are now under the order while he's urging cutbacks, newsome's not mandating them like the state did in 2015. these
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conditions are familiar to many californians. as a consequence, we have conservation as a way of life. the latest map from the u. s. drought monitor shows most of the bay area in the worst category exceptional drought. new data shows california recorded its driest rainy season since 18 95. the bone dry conditions have prompted many local water agencies to impose their own stricter restrictions. we again have been through these proclamations before, and we've come through them remarkably well, because californians have taken these ah. clarity i've directions. these voluntary efforts to heart. in may, newsome proposed $5.1 billion for drought response and water infrastructure. the details of that plan are still making their way through the legislature. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. and there are now mandatory water restrictions in marin county, the marin municipal water district passed new rules this week that say
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people can only turn on their sprinklers one assigned day per week. assigned day for sprinkling depends on where you live. for example, san ruffles day is tuesday. sausalito is wednesday and mill valley is thursday. the district says the assigned day makes it easier for staff to make sure people comply with restrictions. the district can impose fines of as much as $250 per violation. another heat wave is headed our way and the state has issued a flex alert in preparation. the state's grid operators asking people to conserve energy from 4 to 9 tomorrow night as you look. life at mount diablo. there will be an excessive heat warning for much of the east bay this weekend temperatures will reach triple digits. inland meteorologist collar grogan joins us now with a look at what we can expect, kyla. yeah and i'll tell you what, andre, it's already kind of showing up in the east bay today, we've got some spots in triple digit heat this afternoon that i've already got. the party started a little early, but it's going to spread as we start to have that dome of high pressure that moves
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into california. so yes, we are going to see excessive heat warning start as we get into tomorrow at the noontime hour, so the inland heat is going to peak on saturday and sunday and then we'll start to ramp down as we get into monday and tuesday again, as i mentioned, it's all about the high pressure in the desert southwest that has been growing in strength over the past few days, and that is starting to push our marine layer out and not allow it to go inland to cool everyone down as it has been over the last week, so we are expecting some sixties, maybe low seventies out of the coast will see eighties around the bay and we'll see nineties in triple digit heat inland, and that is why the national weather service has has issued the successive heat warning for all the areas you see in red, so that's the north bay hills and mountains, the east bay hills and also the east bay valleys. those were added earlier today, the santa cruz mountains and then you can see the area and yellow. that's a heat advisory for santa clara valley, and they're expecting temperatures in the upper nineties, not triple digits, so that's why they're in that kind of stepped down category. but how hot are we talking about? well if saturday is the peak
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santa rosa 98 degrees will be about what you'll see 105 and conquered. it looks like the east. say is really going to be where the heat gets going. 78 in san francisco 88 in fremont, in about 92 in san jose, now one of the kind of caveats of our marine layer not rolling in quite as heavily as we have a beautiful view right now is to take a live look outside, you can see just kind of those high clouds that are out there not really covering the golden gate bridge, as it has for the past week or so. and this is where the heat kind of gets going right when that marine layer doesn't roll in. it's 100 degrees in concord right now, at six o'clock, 101. and while that creek, you know, nineties still up in the north bay. so just more of this on the way and i'll have more details when i come back in a bit for dallas, send it back to the desk. oh an earthquake that shook the tahoe area was felt up and down the state this afternoon, including here in the bay area, the magnitude 5.9 quake hit near the california nevada border south of lake tahoe at 3 50 this afternoon, the moderate quake was centered
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in a fairly remote area in the alpine county, but we heard from ktvu viewers who felt it in vacaville. any aachen grass valley. it was followed by dozens of aftershocks and the chp getting reports of rock slides and some sierra highways following the quake, including highway 88 3 95 video posted on twitter shows large boulders in the middle of highway 3 95 year, colville, which is southeast of where the quake hit. so far, we have not heard any reports of injuries or damage. the city of berkley is making a big investment in its wildfire prevention and response efforts, officials say. it's an historic spending increase. ktvu tom baker tells us the mayor says $12 million in funding will help overhaul the city's approach to fire safety. long before berkeley was damaged by the 1991. oakland hills. firestorm way back 98 years ago, it lost more than 500 homes to a wildfire that made 4000 homeless.
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thursday morning, the city said, using 12 million voter approved dollars. it's adopting a whole new array of efforts and programs that will ripple well beyond its borders. hiring new firefighters will focus on wild wild fire safety planning. fuel mitigation inspection programs and public education. developing a wildfire fuel reduction plan and developing a new outdoor warning system to warn our community when people need to evacuate just as important, a new effort to put wildfire mutual aid response is already operating on steroids, and we need to work with our east bay regional parks and other cities and other agencies to coordinate our response, stepped up inspections and code enforcement will require more vigilance and action on the part of residents and businesses to manage vegetation on their properties. this actually allows us to have more inspectors on the road boots on the ground to be able to do those inspections and to enforce those codes. individuals businesses and public agencies will have to step up the removal of huge
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numbers of dead trees. from the previous drought and sudden no death. the newly identified tree mortality that is now covering over 1500 acres of the park district. the tree mortality is not just occurring on party stick lands, but it's throughout the region and those become a new source of ignition and threat to our for us into our community. wildfire does not recognized jurisdictional boundaries and key to our success is that every resident in our city do their share to teach. keep their property clear, harden their homes and keep their cars off of our narrow and curvy streets by july, 4th of this year, 4600 fires have consumed 115 square miles. in last year's all time record year. up to this point, we had 3800 and 47 fires that blackened almost 49 square miles, and we're not even close to the worst months, august
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through october. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news happening now he genie is holding a webinar to discuss its wildfire prevention plans and improvements taking place this fire season. the webinar is for alameda, contra costa and san mateo. county residents. pg and e is discussing public safety power shutoffs and listening to customer concerns. the utility says this is part of ongoing efforts to improve ps ps events as the wildfire risk continues to grow here in california and the city of santa rosa is preparing for power outages by installing backup batteries at 170 intersections. the batteries will allow traffic signals crossing signs and detection services to work for over four hours without power. the. batteries paid by 1.4 million grant from fema will be fully installed by the end of this month. not during the last heat wave last month, p genie warned, as many as 121,000 customers of power outages to
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stay up to date with this week's heatwave. be sure to download the ktvu weather app. you can find the latest on heat advisories, hourly updates and the seven day forecast today president biden laid out his plan to complete the withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan by the end of. august fox news. caroline shively tells us some critics say the move will help taliban militants gain ground after nearly two decades of u. s troops fighting in afghanistan. president biden says enough is enough nearly 20 years of experience has shown us that the current security situation only confirms that just one more year of fighting in afghanistan is not a solution. recipe for being there and definitely, but critics say the taliban has already taken over about a third of the country and once the withdrawal is complete, will likely take over even more. the intelligence community is loud and clear, saying that al qaeda will likely come roaring back. the pullout isn't unexpected, president biden
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announced in april the drawdown of the last 2500 to 3500 us troops and 7000 nato soldiers. 650 to 1000 us personnel will remain to provide security for the u. s embassy in the kabul airport doesn't mean you're taking eye off the ball doesn't mean we're not going to try to maintain a focus on this, or, uh, continue to have the authorities in the capabilities to go after terrorists that threaten the homeland from afghanistan. there is also concern for the thousands of afghans who have helped us troops as drivers and translators and other positions and may be easy targets for the taliban. we have already. dramatically accelerated the processing time for special immigrant visas to bring them to the united states more than 2300 u. s troops have been killed in afghanistan since 2000 and one and more than 20,000 have been wounded. in washington. caroline shively fox news remains of four more people were recovered today in the rubble of the collapse, condominium building and surfside, florida. death toll now stands at 64 76 are
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unaccounted for today marks two weeks since the condo suddenly gave way yesterday, emergency workers said there was no longer any hope of finding anyone alive and they're not focused on finding the remains of those who died, and officials say detectives are working to verify that those listed as missing were in fact in the building when it collapsed. waiting and trying to is there hope will we be able to have a miracle? i think i know it's wait a lot of the family just wait on the whole community. i know its weight on all of us. a memorial wall near the condo side is growing. it's covered in flowers, photos of victims and thank you notes to first responders. coming up. dozens of people gathered to mourn a man shot and killed in oakland, but the vigil ended in gunfire, the latest on the investigation fighter looking to get approval for a booster shot at 6 30, the latest on the coronavirus pandemic, including the rising number of cases and hospitalizations here in
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california, also ahead for the first time in more than a decade. the state releases new tsunami hazard maps the areas at risk of flooding coming up and taking a live look outside of traffic on the east shore freeway and emma. bill looking up towards berkeley and you can see traffic or it is heavy in both directions. ktvu news at both directions. ktvu news at six will be right back. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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enforcement officer to die from covid 19 motorcycle officers led a line of vehicles down mendocino avenue in santa rosa this morning to honor 43 year old mary lou armor. a private service was held at the luther burbank center. armor was a detective with the santa rosa police department and served there for 20 years. her sister says that armor started feeling sick on march of 2020. she died just a few weeks later, the memorial was delayed by 16 months because. restrictions around the virus. a hate crime
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is under investigation in palo alto police say they found hateful riding on a bathroom stall at el camino parked near the stanford shopping center. it was found during a routine foot patrol yesterday afternoon. the writings included a statement inciting hatred toward white people. public works is repairing the damage. there is no word on a suspect. there was a similar vandalism case at that same park two months ago, but police do not know if they. they are connected. we go down to oakland, where police are investigating a double shooting that left one man dead and another hurt. it happened just before midnight last night at 77th and bancroft avenues the victims were at a vigil for another man who was gunned down just days earlier. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us police are investigating whether the shootings are related. that was so many shots. it wasn't even funny. a woman on citizen app documented the scene of a deadly shooting during a memorial gathering for another homicide victim in east oakland. sound like baby baghdad. i'll hear that just
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crazy. it happened at about 11 40 wednesday night, a man was killed and another was hurt after dozens of rounds were fired at 77th and bancroft. that's where about 30 to 40 people have been paying their respects at a vigil for a man who was gunned down two days earlier. that was just flat out. ridiculous. i mean, it sounded like a war zone out here. heard it from my house, and i'm only a couple blocks away. both shootings happened outside. lt liquors on wednesday night. a 49 year old man died at the hospital. a 22 year old man was taken to the hospital before police arrived and is expected to recover. it's unclear if the shooting is related to one early monday morning when a 48 year old man was shot and killed at the same location. somebody died here. somebody down here. we need to care. we need in downtown oakland on thursday, community leaders brought a casket to symbolize lives lost to violence. they spoke out outside the alameda county administration building where the board of supervisors recently declared gun violence, a public health crisis rhetoric alone without investment is not enough. pastor michael mcbride
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urged the board to go further by investing $100 million in communities hit hardest by shootings, rental support. it will provide down payment assistance, home ownership retention support, affordable housing, invest in our black brothers. sisters and family members or you leave us no option, but our mutual destruction. no arrests have been made in either of the oakland shootings. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the number of people filing for unemployment benefits is up. even while the economy and the job market appeared to be rebounding. new data shows california workers filed 59,000 initial claims for unemployment last week that is up 3000 from the week before. national jobless claims increased to 373,000 up 2000 from the previous week. weekly unemployment applications have fallen steadily this year from
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more than 900,000 in january, but they are still well above pre paid. endemic levels on wall street. today, stocks took a hit, falling from their record highs reached yesterday, the dow lost 260 points. nasdaq snapped a three day run of closing highs, dropping 105 points and the s and p fell. 37 points to close at 4320. wells fargo is reportedly telling it's customers that it will no longer offer personal lines of credit and will shut down existing ones in the coming weeks. the revolving credit lines are typically $3000 to $100,000 there pitched as a way to consolidate higher interest credit card debt, pay for home renovations or avoid overdraft fees on linked checking accounts as fargo is reportedly given customers a 60 day notice that their loan accounts will be closed. all right, well, we've talked about the heat that's coming our way tomorrow. we've got an excessive heat warning, kicking in for a good portion of the bay area. but let's talk about the heat that we've already had today because. the east bay has just been up
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there. livermore the high today 101 conquered 98 fairfield out at travis air force base got up to 105 today 77 in oakland 69 in san francisco and check out santa rosa 96 degrees for them and 98 degrees for morgan hill, so the heat is not just arriving. it's already here as we take a live look outside of the golden gate bridge. you can see we have quite a view there as our marine layer has kind of taken a back seat tonight. very different picture than we've had over the last week. current temperatures right now 66 in san francisco, but still in the nineties in santa rosa seventies in oakland nineties, also in livermore, where they had 101 today, and 83 in san jose. so the big story here is the heat is coming because high pressures moved in, and it's kind of bumping our marine layer out of the way and you see that the only place is kind of hanging out right now is monterey bay here, looking at storm tracker to i mean, we're pretty clear out there right? just a few high clouds, and that's it now one of the signature moves when we have less of a marine layer is that
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we also get warmer temperatures at night and that's going to happen tonight. as you can see as we get inland, right. so antioch the low tonight is 68 degrees. that's the low 62 in san jose will be in the fifties in the north bay and in san francisco. so tomorrow more of the same here in the east bay and you've already had that heat today, but for everyone else will start warming up around the bay. we should see some eighties and triple digits are going to be with us as we roll through the weekend, so it's not just here in california, you can see the excessive heat more. is very widespread across the west, and here we're going to see that kick in tomorrow at noon, and it goes through sunday at about 11. pm it's all courtesy of high pressure will talk about when the high pressure will give us a break. when i come back in a bit for now, i'll send it back to julie. alright kyla. we'll see in a little bit. thank you for the first time since 2000 and nine the state has put out a new tsunami hazard maps. show what parts of the bay area would be in danger if a tsunami hit, the california geological survey says there is a higher risk flooding risk that is in san francisco's downtown north
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beach and marina neighborhoods. then there was 11 years ago. the maps also show nearly all of alameda and treasure island would be flooded. officials say the map show a worst case scenario tsunami. i heard coming up with 13 year old from oakland can now call himself a national champion later this evening. we hear from him about his weightlifting success, and it's happened again. an organized group of thieves target as san francisco business this time, it's a dispensary surveillance video of that incident right after of that incident right after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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time they overwhelm security and stole from a marijuana dispensary. as ktvu christian captain tells us the incident was all caught on camera. security cameras captured the organized robbery on the south slope of potrero hill at about six o'clock wednesday evening. video shows numerous suspects rushed to the front of an unmarked building. the address is registered to a company called mountain dew farms, cannabis grower and dispensary. police say the robbers overwhelmed the armed guard outside the business. the victim stated that he was rushed by multiple suspects who were able to disarm the security guard of his firearm and he was then four. into the unoccupied building inside for several minutes, the robbers opened the roll up door and moved box after box of cannabis
6:25 pm
and other items from the business to at least three waiting vehicles. multiple suspects, then sped away in different directions. we believe that the suspects targeted this location for the items that were being stored one day after the brazen robbery, mountain dew employees worked on putting new cameras in place on the extra your walls, san francisco police continued their investigation meeting with neighboring businesses and looking for video of the suspects. we haven't confirmed the number of suspects we are stating that they are multiple suspects in a number of different vehicles. right now, we are still working with our witnesses and working to analyze surveillance video that captured the incident. police say the guard who was at the scene was treated for minor injuries on scene and released, but those suspects did take his gun. in addition to the cannabis and other items from the business in san francisco, christian captain ktvu fox two news. it's really hard to tell
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for in most cases, whether something is covid or just a regular cold or allergies coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 as we come out of the pandemic, many wonder if they're cold symptoms are just the cold or covid-19 the advice from doctors, but later the oakland athletics try to avoid sweep and gain some ground on houston in the l west standings. sports director marco baniyas will have highlights from today's early action plus the ultimate in spectator sports turns into a purely tv event as olympic organizers banned fans from stadiums. i'm amy kellogg in milan,
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm
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even over breakfast. and with fast, free delivery there's more time for the good stuff. shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. visit today. here in the bay area, felt an earthquake that shook the tahoe area. the magnitude six point oh quake hit near the california nevada state line about 3 50 this afternoon. it was followed by a number of aftershocks. no word of anyone being hurt here, but the chp is getting reports of rock slides along some sierra roadways. governor gavin newsom signed an executive order today asking californians to voluntarily cut back their water use by 15. he stopped short of mandatory water restrictions, leaving that to local agencies. newsom also expanded the regional drought state of emergency to all but eight counties in oakland. a man was killed during a memorial gathering for another man who was fatally shot at the same location. on
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monday. it happened shortly before midnight last night outside lt liquors at 77th and bancroft. it's unclear if the two fatal shootings are related. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 new updates tonight in the fight against the coronavirus. and the delta variant. pfizer announced today that it plans to seek approval from u. s regulators for a third covid-19 vaccine dose. the company says that the booster shot could greatly increased protection against the highly contagious delta variant, they say early data suggests antibody levels are 5 to 10 times higher after that third dose, no word yet on when a decision could come down. this comes as new research from france confirms that people who are fully vaccinated with two fighter shots have strong protection against the delta variant. the mutation is spreading rapidly around the world. the cdc says it is surging through us populations with low vaccination rates. it is now in the most prevalent variant. it is the most prevalent barry it
6:31 pm
in the united states at over 50. then some parts of the country, the percentage is even higher. for example, in parts of the midwest and upper mountain states cdcs early sequence state and suggest the delta varying accounts for approximately 80% of cases. the french study found that people who only received a single dose of pfizer had far less protection against the delta variant, then the fully vaccinated. us health officials are encouraging people who have had one fighter shot to get their second shot. so is it a cold? or is it the coronavirus? many people are asking themselves as they begin to go out again, and a risk of catching both the cold and the coronavirus and covid-19 as well that ktvu maureen naylor rather talked with local medical experts to help sort out the symptoms. getting the common cold in 2021 can be confusing. it's really hard to tell for in most cases, whether something is covid or just a regular cold or allergies,
6:32 pm
several infectious disease doctors in the bay area we spoke with, say this july, colds are coming back with a vengeance. lots of people have calls. it's very difficult. to disentangled from covid covid tests are easily available, the doctors say, adding that's helpful because the delta variant of covid is presenting with symptoms more like the common cold. we are living in a very confusing time that we are basing decisions on data from last year yet we also know that. the variant and vaccinations are changing all of those calculations. so how can you decipher between a cold and covid in general doctor peter king hong says colds are limited to the head while the whole body reacts with covid so whole body reacting includes things like. cough, shortness of breath. fevers um, these are signs that something beyond jessica is happening. he also
6:33 pm
points out that rsv a respiratory virus, mainly a problem for younger kids is also circulating. i think a whole lot of people are going to get a whole lot of tests in in the fall and winter. just because it's going to be very difficult to disentangle symptoms by infection. experts add the virus that causes covid is continuously evolving. rather than wonder whether you have covid if you have symptoms. the easiest thing is just to go ahead and get tested. and, you know, put that question to risk. maureen naylor ktvu fox two news. new numbers show. the state seven day positivity rate is now at 2.1% that's low, but just a week ago, the rate was at 1.4% there are over 1500 covid-19 patients in hospitals today of 4% increase from yesterday but far from the states peak of 21,000 patients back in january, statewide, more than $42 million covid-19 vaccines have
6:34 pm
been administered 60% of californians age 12 and up are now fully inoculated against the virus. the olympic games kick off two weeks from tomorrow in tokyo, but for the first time in its history, fans will not be allowed to watch in person as fox news, amy kellogg tells us now the highly contagious delta variant is driving the unprecedented move. it will be an olympics like no other organizers of the tokyo games, announcing thursday that no spectators will be allowed in the stadiums following the declaration of a state of emergency in the tokyo area, prompted by a big spike in new coronavirus cases, the modern olympics have been canceled just three times, most recently during world war two. but this will be the first year they're proceeding with no fans to cheer on the athletes. one day dad about the tokyo games were supposed to be a rare opportunity to feel the power of sports through packed stadiums. it is with regret that it now must be held in a very limited way. a ban on
6:35 pm
spectators had always been an option, but some olympians now say they're worried about how it will impact their performance, with experts predicting top athletes will have to adjust their style. it's going to be a bit weird. and maybe for some athletes that's going to help them raise their game. but for most top performers, it will feel strange. the olympics also facing new political fallout in the united states, a group of republican lawmakers pushing for the removal of some athletes from team usa, saying their plans to protest in tokyo should disqualify them. despite the controversy and the new emergency protocols, japanese officials say they're determined to move forward with the games. the. the world can be united as one and we can overcome the difficulty with our effort and wisdom. the state of emergency goes into effect monday and will last at least until august. 22nd in milan, amy kellogg fox news. middle school student from
6:36 pm
oakland has been named one of the strongest 13 year olds in the country, seth evans recently became the us champion an olympic way lifting for his age group. the competition was held in detroit last weekend. it's put on by the committee responsible for sending the u. s team to the olympics. the eighth grader at madison park academy started lifting just two years ago. the team trains out at speed power strength game in oakland, and he's also a straight a student to earlier today on the floor. we caught up with seth. and his coach, michael jenkins, at the gym. oh trained first and once and you're getting back then i go home now and then do all my schoolwork if i have any, and then i got from that. well seth lifted £145 in a move that had him grab the bar and put it over his head in one motion and a movie called the clean and jerk. he moved £176 from his shoulders. then as you see there over his head. coming up a week after a massive
6:37 pm
fireworks explosion rocked in l. a neighborhood families are allowed to return home, the latest on the investigation up next and trash litter in east bay reservoir it's blowing in from a nearby landfill at 6 45 how neighbors are working to get it cleaned up. the scale that this is at is beyond community cleanup. it needs a profes
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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after a massive fireworks explosion in los angeles were finally allowed to return today. 80 f representatives met with the residents to brief them on their investigation. 75 families had to temporarily move out and at least two homes are red tagged and are unsafe to live in. residents say they . we've been in a hotel for the most part. first night we were we had to sleep in our car, our comforts. god you know, like most people, everybody is already the first we all pay bills. we paid our rent, so we had no money. you know what i'm saying? so it was. it's just difficult. the explosion happened a week ago when authorities decided to detonate thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks in the middle of their neighborhood. they say they believe some of the materials were too unstable to drive to a safer area, but the blast destroyed the truck and left 17 people hurt. the lawyer who once represented adult film star stormy daniels is a lawsuit against president trump was sentenced to prison today.
6:41 pm
judge in new york sentence mike 11 82 2.5 years for trying to extort $25 million from nike of nadi had threatened the company with bad publicity in court of a naughty with tear was tearful, saying he had destroyed his career and his life have not. his lawyer said his client has been humbled. it's been a pleasure to get to know a new michael of anarchy. is deeply humbled as a result of his experience, and he's excited to start the next. uh next part his life. we'll have a naughty faces fraud charges in los angeles later this year and a separate trial next year in manhattan, where he is charged with cheating his former client, stormy daniels, out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. well, we're already seeing triple digit heat in the east bay more to come. i'll have details coming up. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus julian arrest has
6:42 pm
been made in the death of haiti's president. what we're learning tonight about that brazen assassination, plus berkeley city leaders are working to prevent wildfires and increase their response efforts. the major investment made today that some are describing as historic. we'll have those stories and more coming if it's set. and on ktvu , but first after the break how san francisco will spend $12 million to help small businesses recover from the pandemic and taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge with a little cloud cover over there from our view from sutro tower. it's a beautiful evening in san francisco. we'll be right back. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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east base facing another problem, this is the bethany reservoir in alameda county. trash from a nearby landfill is blowing into the water, leaving the reservoir littered and now neighbors are pushing for someone to clean it all up. ktvu zan ruben has a story. right now at bethany reservoir and alameda county. there's trash as far as the eye can see, it's on the hillsides that surround it on the rocky shores and in the water itself. to me, it looked like a third world country to be honest residents of nearby mountain house came with cameras to document it. they believe high winds carried trash from the altamont landfill because the reservoir is mostly closed for dam reconstruction. they say no one knew to complain sooner. a huge amount of the blowing trash out here is getting lodged on the rocks, and then some emerged in the water and workers out here. tell us this isn't even a bad day. the landfill that sits up on the hill is supposed to have containment fencing for debris. they're missing a huge section of their fencing, and it's been out for the last 34 months.
6:46 pm
community members tried reaching out to california state parks and to waste management that runs the landfill but didn't have much luck. kind of getting the brush off was frustrating. um so we took it to the streets. we took it that use that water. they began organizing a community cleanup effort until they realized there was simply too much trash for them to handle. the scale that this is at is beyond community cleanup. it needs a professional cleanup, and it needs to be maintained after that, and it looks like community members will get their wish. late thursday, waste management released a statement saying quote while it remains uncertain where all of the debris has come from waste management. it will assist in cleaning it up. they add keeping our landfill and surrounding areas free of windblown debris is a priority. neighbors certainly hope so to see where it is. now is it breaks your heart? it's inexcusable in alameda county and ruben ktvu, fox two news.
6:47 pm
good news tonight about how the california economy is rebounding from the pandemics, restaurants and entertainment spots in california have seen a 120% increase in foot traffic since the start of the year. that's according to zen reach, a san francisco based marketing firm visits to restaurants alone or up 145% the national average is a 57% increase for restaurants. new at 6 30 san francisco mayor london breed is helping small businesses get back on their feet. today, she announced a new loan program that provides 0% interest loans to the city. small businesses. the city says the new loan program is the largest to date with loans of up to $100,000. a recent report from the san francisco chamber of commerce found as many as 50% of san francisco's businesses remain closed even as the city has reopened. all right, well, ready or not, here it comes. and if you're in the east bay, you're already feeling it. the
6:48 pm
heat is here, and it's gonna be with us throughout the weekend for inland communities. now, if you're at the coast, you're still going to have the effects of a weakened marine layer and we're seeing that already. tonight is take a live look in san francisco. it's a beautiful view and a beautiful night tonight and frankly, lot of you have been out of the coast or right around the bay there in san francisco been doing a lot of clouds right over the last week that marine layer has really dominated your forecast. we're going to get a little break from that. that would be the upside to what's coming. uh 71 degrees right now in san francisco, speaking of which the downside would be that it's you know, 6 48, and it's 100 degrees and conquered the east bay has been heating up handily today in north bay as well, you can deliver more 21 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. nevado 18 degrees warmer. you can see santa rosa is up there as well. so you know you get the idea. high pressure is starting to win the battle, and that is why we are seeing our marine layer reduced greatly. and frankly, monterey bay, the only spot i can really see any of it right now, even as you look down the entire
6:49 pm
coast to california, and then you know, look into nevada as well. there are a lot of clear skies out there tonight, and that has everything to do with high pressure that's been building up. we kind of talking about this for the past few days, and now it's happening that it has nudged into california kind of pushed our low pressure out to see that was helping to drive. in the cooler temperature, so that's why we're going to have a pretty hot weekend on tap. the heat looks like it will peak on saturday. so let's start with tomorrow morning looking at future cast and notice, not a lot of fog out there will be patchy at best overnight lows between 54 68 degrees. it's a little warmer than we've been. and then tomorrow here comes the heat. you see all those reds, oranges, even some of the pink starting to roll in. that's where those higher numbers are going to be. looks like the east bay is probably going to see the highest numbers, but north day won't be too far back. find you can see the forecast highs for tomorrow. triple digits in concord, livermore, antioch and fairfield. you know, we'll get close to it in other spots like morgan hill tomorrow, expecting about 96 degrees and 74 for san francisco. so starting at noon on friday are excessive heat
6:50 pm
warning kicks in for the north bay hills and mountains, the east bay hills and the east bay valleys, also the santa cruz mountains and then the santa clara valley is under a heat advisory. so that's the area you see in yellow. that's because they're not expecting triple digit heat, but we'll likely see some nineties. so saturday is the peak of the heat and you can see again inland. you know, we could see spots like walnut creek and anti out get up to one of three. we're looking at eighties around the bay and those upper sixties, mostly at the coast. that's where the break will be at the coast. if you want to cool down a little bit, we will all start cooling down as we get into monday, and by tuesday, things will be, you know, still above average, but certainly a lot better as inland communities will be looking at mid eighties for their highs upper seventies around the bay and back to about 60 degrees f the coast guys. back to you. wow it's gonna be up. thanks kyla. well, some harsh words spoken last night during the giants games. find out if one of the cardinals accused the giants of stealing signs sports director market baniyas with details next.
6:51 pm
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within the vital room tonight, kind of a bad things started to happen in major league baseball players ducking out of the all
6:54 pm
star game, which is set for next tuesday. jacob degrom having an unbelievable year for the mets on the mound, decided he's not going to pitch, so he's not even going to show up to the game, says he wants to spend time with his family. say, bring your family to the game respect major league baseball respect the fans who want you there and the houston astros accused of cheating a couple of years ago. they got a couple of players carlos korea and jose altuve, who both announced after today's a's game. they're ducking out because of so called injuries. oddly enough, they were well enough to play today against the ace down in houston final game of a three game series bob melvin, trying to figure out ways to beat the astros, who came in nine and three against oakland. the key apparently get some breaks. how about this? in the first inning models little pop ground rule double down the line that scores elvis and it's a one nothing lead for the a's the next hitter again. you got
6:55 pm
to have some luck. this is a scene i singled. center that gets through that's an r b i for jed lowry and a two nothing lead that held up because frankie montas was throwing aspirin tablets man he was on his game loaded houston lineup, but he struck out 10 of them, including korea, you're done. alvarez and kyle turner beat the a's of the homer last night, six and two thirds for the win. and jake dieteman gets the final out on a nice play by tony kemp, who seems to show up in the highly lights every night, jake hickman, with his seventh saved. montas is a when the a just find a way to win one out of three. they are 4.5 back in the western division behind those houston astros. alright san francisco giants have the day off before the washington nats committed town over the weekend and last night in their victory over st louis. was it a case of. we're just trying to get an edge, or are we cheating another installment?
6:56 pm
here's the setup. okay, early on in the game, second inning. mike stream ski breaks a 11 tie with a shot to center field. rookie pitcher johan oviedo of the st louis cardinals. he's standing at second base. meanwhile it is wilmer floors at the plate and rv adults seems to think that jastremski is relaying signs tools to exchange words. yeah, just like just stay shut up and pitched and oviedo is like just shut up period has to exchange words. later alvarado said that he had to be exchanging sides with the batter. otherwise romer floors wouldn't have known to take those pitches either way, kind of a tense moment. here's what yes, has had to say about the incident after the game into his back pocket for that card again. that's part of the game is, is the mental side, right? so any advantage that we can take over? you know, weather teams are paranoid, whether
6:57 pm
they think we're doing something that we're not. it's just a way to hopefully get a distraction off the hitter and to get onto the base runner so they can't make their pictures. so you got to sell it sometimes. you know, we're in the entertainment business, so you know, just it's just another way that you can try and impact the game from the base path to try and get your guy at the plate a better pushed it. little subplot, all in good fun. meantime nba it's the draft on july 29th that's coming up, and the warriors figured, have a busy time between then and now, one of the things they've got an unrestricted free agent kelly oubre jr. who was notified earlier in the year, apparently by steve kerr that he's seen in the warriors future as a role player kind of coming off the bench that didn't sit too well with kelly, you braid jr. apparently. i don't even want to speak in the library much on that situation, but all i would tell you these guys for firing my heart. um you know if you added more fuel to the fire to, you know, have a year where my opportunities lessened. and
6:58 pm
then as the year goes on, you know, um, you know, put into this category of trying to shake out the future for the organization. you know when i haven't been getting a fair opportunity to show what i could be on a on a large scale. you know, so and so what? you said obviously, yeah, it isn't fair. all right. bottom line. he's not going to be on the team this year. all right. got to show you as we check this out. my fan of the week so far. you guys alone. this guy. he's a padre fan trying to put a hex on the washington nats last night. it didn't work. the padres lost like 15 to 5. but and then this is kind of cool. this is when the adrian's of belgium she's known as an ostrich. whisper part of a horse whisper, julie, but she runs an ostrich and bird rescue farm, and obviously, she's got some kind of special relationship and report or got
6:59 pm
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