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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 8, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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you, mark. thank you. and next at 11 at the house cool going into the next day that will help your energy bill and help keep the cat house school, staying cool and saving electricity around the minds of a lot of people as moves it to , the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. so flex alert is coming tomorrow along with triple digit heat in some places. hello again. i'm andre senior in for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. we have team coverage of this latest bay area heatwave. ktvu is amberleigh will show us the impact it's already having in some inland areas, but first to meteorologist kyla grogan with the warnings and. watches kyla. yeah so we are not under any at the moment, but we will be starting at noon. tomorrow. we have an excessive heat watches going up for a good portion of the bay area's. we'll get to that in a second, but i wanted to talk about the heat that already arrived today because we already saw triple digits in livermore. these are the
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highest today 101 in livermore. you can stick it up to 98. morgan hill 15 in fairfield in 96 in santa rosa. so that's just the precursor to what's coming. the excessive heat warning is where you can see all of the areas in red. it goes from friday until sunday. except for solano county they go through monday, and that's where those triple digit he is expected. santa clara valley as you can see, that is a heat advisory so that one is for temperatures less than 100 degrees, but the north bay hills and mountains, the east bay hills and valleys in the santa cruz mountains get ready because we are going to see some pretty wild temperatures take a look at the forecast over the next few days. zero in on concord. here. you can see they're going to be 101 tomorrow. 105 on saturday and 100 on sunday. we're also expecting those mid to upper nineties in the north bay. and you can see even san francisco by saturday. a high about 78 degrees. i'll be back in a bit to talk about when we can kiss this heat. good for now. i'll send it back to the desk. are you talking about getting it out here even before the riser? thank you. college not to keep these amberleigh she spent
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tonight talking with people about how they'll cope with all this heat. amber andre weren't downtown liver more even though it's 11 o'clock right now, it's still pretty hot behind me. there's a temperature gauge its reading 81 degrees. despite the heat, some people enjoyed being outdoors. some happy, happy families braving the heat at the weekly farmer's market at carnegie park in livermore, i like it. it's good swimming. weather it it feels good if you're inside and see great if you're outside with other people. that's great, too. little sweat never hurt anybody. but vendors say the heat is hurting business that fewer people are out compared to cooler days and then leave this crowds and crowds, people just walking on the path, and now it's like, you know, it's really dead. normally he says he makes 15 to $1600 selling cheesecakes but so far less than $400. it is our most
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popular cupcake here at the market with this vendor based in castro valley, says slow sales in the heat are compounded by the cal isil flex alert, asking people to conserve energy from four pm to nine pm friday, and we always freak out. we prepare. we do everything we can to keep everything cooler going into hot days. but there's only so much you can do with the oven on 12 hours a day. even more pleasant and fire department says when the temperatures go up, they respond to an increased number of medical calls, many from people exercising up in the hills typically will run on people that have been out hiking or running in the peaky to the day and they'll get lightheaded dizzy. just be dehydrated. fire crews respond with a heart monitor and what's called a drug box typically start iv's and, um, and start fluids before they even get transported to the hospital. this shelf was almost pretty much full, and now it's running down to the end of it. at the ace hardware store, the general manager says he's running low
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on misting kits. he says he sold 50 of these kids pools, the store has stocked up on water and fans, he advises people to open their windows in the evening. it's got the house cool going into the next day that will help your energy bill and help keep the house school. kallis so is advising people set the thermostat at 78 degrees or higher. it is also urging people to start conserving energy in the hours before the flex alert starts to help the state managed energy use later in the day, aundre let's see advice from calyx, so hopefully we don't see any problems tomorrow. amber, thank you, and you can get weather information any time with the ktvu news app. it is available in your smartphone's app store now to the earthquake swarm that had drivers dodging boulder. there's along interstate 3 95 in the sierra. this afternoon, the strong magnitude six quake was felt across much of california and nevada. it hit alpine county, south of lake tahoe at 3 50
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this afternoon and it was felt from the bay area to las vegas and down to fresno, as ktvu is jana katsuyama reports, the aftershocks could keep rolling for days to come. the earthquake. a preliminary magnitude six happened in an area south of lake tahoe not known for big quakes catching drivers along highway 3 95 off guard. it was an earthquake. how do you know? because the tires went a little funny. this video posted by brett to rant on twitter near coleville, california on highway 3. 95 shows billowing dust from rock slides just moments after the quake. that is a big earthquake. i don't understand. video also shows large boulders that came tomba. going down right onto i 3 95, the chp says some cars were hit by rocks, but nobody was injured. the rock slides closed about 40 miles of the interstate as crews work to inspect t. the shaking continued with a swarm of dozens of aftershocks. at least a half dozen magnitude
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four or greater, according to the usgs. we actually felt the earthquake here in our office here in sacramento, we saw some of the light fixtures swaying, the state's office of emergency services, says there were no immediate reports of large damage. we have a team of folks who are actively working to do those assessments. check on the roads, check on the infrastructure. any sites of note whether the sewage treatment of jail hospital that could be impacted the earthquake swarm happened near the antelope valley fault. this is just one of the more unusual locations where we see earthquakes from time to time. professor richard allen is a uc berkeley dean and director of the berkeley seismological laboratory. he says this is an area being moved. by shifting plates to the west along the more famous hayward and san andreas faults. that motion is actually gradually moving further and further east into this eastern california shear zone. and so this is part of a sort of long term tectonic process that happens over millions and millions of years.
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professor alan says california does have an earthquake early warning system. the my shake app, which was launched in 2019 and can be downloaded onto your mobile phone officials say the system was working and alerts did go out. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. new tonight in santa rosa 27. people at a homeless shelter have tested positive for the covid-19 delta variant results of an additional 43 tests at the samuel l. jones hall homeless shelter are expected this week. catholic charities runs a shelter. it stopped new intakes when it learned of the outbreak. shelter residents who have tested positive or being housed in an adjacent isolation addicts. the shelter says the majority of those who tested positive had not been vaccinated. spicer says it plans to seek approval from the fda for a booster shot of its covid-19 vaccine. does the company says that the third dose could greatly increase immunity? they say early data suggests antibody levels of 5 to 10 times higher after that
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third dose now in a joint statement, the fda and cdc said that americans who have been fully vaccinated do not need a booster at this time. there were can determine if and when a booster might actually be necessary. this comes as new research from france five and that people who are fully vaccinated with two fighter shots have strong protection against the delta variant. the mutation is spreading rapidly around the world. the cdc says it is surging through us populations with low vaccination rates. it's now the most prevalent variant in the united states and over 50% in some parts of the country, the percentage is even higher. for example, in parts of the midwest and upper mountain states cdcs early sequence data suggest the delta varying accounts for approximately 80% of cases. the french study found that people who only received a single dose of fizer had far less protection against the delta bearing than the fully vaccinated. us. health ofpeople who have had one fightr
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shot to actually go and get the second a growing problem at an east bay reservoir trashed from a landfill is blowing into the water at the bethany reservoir in alameda county. ktvu and ruben tells us neighbors are now working to get the mess cleaned up right now at bethany reservoir and alameda county. there's trash as far as the eye can see. it's on the hillsides that surround it on the rocky shores and in the water itself. to me, it looked like a third world country to be honest residents of nearby mountain house came with cameras to document it. they believe high winds carried trash from the altamont landfill because the reservoir is mostly closed for dam reconstruction. they say no one knew to complain soon. a huge amount of the blowing trash out here is getting lodged on the rocks and then submerged in the water and workers out here. tell us this isn't even a bad day. the landfill that sits up on the hill is supposed to have containment fencing for debris. they're missing a huge section of their fencing, and it's been out for the last 34 months.
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community members tried reaching out to california state parks and to waste management that runs the landfill but didn't have much luck. kind of getting the brush off was frustrating. um so we took it to the streets. we took it to the people that use that water. they began organizing a community cleanup effort until they realized there was simply too much trash for them to handle the scale that this is that is beyond community cleanup. it needs a professional cleanup, and it needs to be maintained after that, and it looks like community members will get their wish late thursday, waste management released a statement saying quote while it remains uncertain where all of the debris has come from waste management, willis assist in cleaning it up, they add keeping our landfill and surrounding areas free of windblown debris is a priority. neighbors certainly hope so to see where it is. now is it breaks your heart? it's inexcusable in alameda county and ruben ktvu fox two news coming up bone dry conditions
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as california's drought worsens today's call to cut water usage statewide by 15% and tonight spelling bee champion the words she spelled correctly to win and how. she is breaking barriers in other ways. usaa is made for the safe pilots. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco
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the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. water usage by 15% the governor signed two declarations in front of lake lopez, a reservoir in san luis obispo county. that is 30% capacity
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right now. he also added marin and san mateo counties to the regional drought state of emergency 50 out of 58 counties are now under that order. we are encouraging people to do the common sense things like reducing the amount of irrigation water you're doing out on your lawns, for example, reducing perhaps the, uh time that you are in a shower. new data shows california recorded its driest, rainy season since get this 18 95. these bone dry conditions have prompted many local water agencies to impose their own stricter mandates new tonight it is no surprise that companies like amazon, google and silicon valley software giants profited during the pandemic. more people went online for their everyday needs. now is ktvu demagogues tells us some companies are finding they need more office space for their staff. the big tech. they they flourished. lena tut co.
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the research director at colliers in downtown san jose, has a high rise view of the growing tech office landscape. they're expanding their footprint by close to a million square feet. in a new report analyzing the most recent financial quarter, she found silicon valley as a whole has reached a turning point in the office market not seen since the spring of 2018 before the pandemic, there wasn't enough supply of office in the market, and tenants would at least the properties that were under construction, or sometimes not even started construction. so now that those properties are online and built now we're finally realizing those gains in the second quarter, she says. companies like amazon, google and silicon valley's software and social media giants profited as more people went online to get their jobs and their shopping done. now, these companies are leasing more and building new offices to accommodate more people and to accommodate their desire for more space and not be shoulder to shoulder. there's going to
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be a need for more space for these companies, like most tech workers there, spitzer has been working from home for nearly a year and a half. he said his company announced a hybrid schedule, bringing people back to work in the office at minimum three days a week. and have the option to work from home twice a week when i want to be productive and get work done without interruption. i'll probably be working from home because i have a good set up. they're now tepco expects in office work, whether full time or hybrid will peak around the end of this year, even with more office space coming here, 10% of southbank tech company office space is vacant and the cost of rent space has also gone up in downtown san jose demagogues ktvu fox two news. are all a 14 year old from new orleans tonight became the first african american contestant to win the scripts. national spelling bee mary, uh and you are anyway, that is correct. that's like shoes. she is zaleha vanguard. she won the bees 93rd contest. after
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correctly spelling that word you heard there, which is a type of tree and to win the competition. she spoke correctly, words such as promo. gnaeus sally dongle it and napa to the team will receive a $50,000 cash prize. congratulations mhm still ahead tonight, a bay area mother, the unattended victim of gunfire coming up her recovery just a few days later, and the gang violence being blamed for a surge in violent crime. and we are about to see some triple digit heat starting tomorrow, and we have an excessive heat warning. i will tell you all about it. plus when it will about it. plus when it will wrap up
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she was caught in the crossfire during a neighborhood fourth of
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july celebration. the gunfire also wounded two teenagers and killed a man as ktvu is, deborah villalon tells us it is the latest in a surge of gang violence in santa rosa. jonathan jones got to wife megan, right after the paramedics. i got to say i love you as they're putting her into the ambulance just after midnight monday, gunfire in santa rosa's roseland neighborhood men shouting gang slurs, drove past a fireworks party and began shooting someone in the crowd returned fire. megan was at a friend's house a few doors down her. large and small intestines 12 times, and they had to remove a foot and a half of them test and now, megan mom to four year old cooper is awake after two surgeries getting to see hear and talk to her and hold her hand. it was awesome. the gunfire also wounded two teens and killed a 35 year old man, the latest in a surge of violence in santa rosa, are we've seen well over 30 shootings, believe, uh, 12
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shooting since, uh, early may. and you know five homicides this year high numbers for a city of 180,000 short staffed at 170 officers. we can't arrest our way out of every problem, but it definitely it definitely is a part of it with gun seizures, escalating, the chief wishes he still had a gang unit disbanded two years ago to save money. he has increased patrols around parks. where many shootings have happened and is developing a strategy combining crackdown with outreach. it's still safe to come to santa rosa. uh we are seeing that uptick. but you know, we're doing everything we can. the turf wars are definitely out of control makes no sense. jones is sad for his hometown and shaken how their son might have lost his mom. but that's bad guys in the think the family that night had actually attended a much smaller party on the street and had already gone home when
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megan double back to retrieve her son's shoes. left behind something so simple could have ended at all. and i'm glad i didn't in santa rosa deborah villalon ktvu fox two news, all right, during our attention to the weather now, of course, we're all kind of thinking about talking about the fact that these temperatures are starting to soar and we do have an excessive heat warning kicking in tomorrow at noon. i think one of the tell tale signs that we were warming up. is that at this hour if we look at current temperatures right now, you know, there are numbers that we don't usually see at this time of the evening. so take a look at livermore were got up to 101 degrees today. it's currently 78 78 also wanna creaky, see mid seventies and fairfield and conquered san jose at 73 right now 60 in san francisco about 63 in santa rosa. this shows you the difference than temperatures between 24 hours ago. and now so you know, clearly those temperatures are on the move. and it is all courtesy of high pressure that we've kind of been watching it nudged slowly in and the slowly part is over because it is here
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now, and that is what is going to keep us hot all the way through the weekend, so out of the coast will be where we'll get a break. right? so if you're looking for a place to beat the heat, the coast will be in the sixties, probably upper sixties seventies and eighties around the base and not a bad weekend to be in san francisco. also it's inland that will start to see those triple digit temperature. so tonight clearing skies certainly warmer temperatures that we're already seeing. and our overnight lows tomorrow we wake up, not a whole lot of fog because the marine layer has compressed and we'll start to see triple digit heat in the east bay and this is like concord and livermore. yet again, antioch fairfield will get close to it. morgan hill about 96 for you 89 in san jose 94 in santa rosa 74 in san francisco. so that's what i'm talking about. if you're in the city, it's going to be kind of nice. the heat peaks as we get into saturday, but sunday is also going to be a very warm day here. some of the temperatures that i'm talking about here with our excessive heat warning between 95 105 degrees, so the spots that we're looking out for here north bay hills and mountains,
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also the east. hills and the east bay valleys. the santa cruz mountains, all in that excessive heat morning. that goes friday. if your sunday and then the santa clara valley because it's a little bit cooler, they're meeting. they're just going to get the upper nineties. a heat advisory for you. so here's a look at some of saturday's temperatures and you know they are extreme. if you are in wana, krekar, you know annie haak, we're talking 103 104 degrees. in oakland about 80 on saturday, and we head out to pacifica about 67 degrees. here is where the relief is coming. take a look at your extended forecast monday. temperatures pull back inland are marine layer will return. and by tuesday, you're looking pretty good mid eighties inland and about 79 around the bay 60 at the coast. julie back to you. all right, kyla. thank you. children's musical theater. san jose opened snoopy the musical today in a new outdoor venue. the musical features children ages 7 to 10 at is the first show in the new outdoor stage. older
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children performers will next put on starlight express that will be followed by american idiot featuring teens and young people. the musical company says it is proud to reopen with protocols in place to keep everyone safe. the entire stages built outdoors so that it's covid safe so we can gather together. we encourage audience members to wear masks, but it is covid safe and we're here from july 18th to the 25th. the shows are performed at the creative arts center in san jose. a well next in sports how the sounds made the bucks look like darren headlights, sports director marco baniyas. we'll have highlights
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. vinyl room tonight. i guess you were a basketball fan and your team that you pulled pork gets
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eliminated. then you just want to see a great nba final. but phoenix is really not making that possible. so far, they go after their first ever crowned trying to beat yana santa the coop. oh who did his best to emotionally pump up his bucks, but it's tough to talk when you got talent like devin booker on the other end, he's a smooth 31 point. sons up 15 in the third. later, the bucks hanging around the honest, just daring him to take that three. and that he does. he had 20 points in the third period alone, and they just wouldn't go away. but the sun's here up only eight, the fourth king of the mid rage shop. that would be chris paul. he can hit it, but the bucks continue to stay within striking distance. devin booker, a rare miss, it's andre eight. the board out to paul. he can't hit a three you know, and that he does 23 points put away. the phoenix fans going desserts can despite 42 from and to the
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campo, milwaukee heads back home, trailing this series, two games to none. 1 18 to 108 is the final escape coming up sunday. all right? i don't think the oakland a's at this point, care how they got that victory taken care of it used to just get out of town finally beat. the astros wasn't the most thrilling affair, but bob melvin and company pick up again in the first place astros there 4.5 out right now and early on, they start getting some breaks. look at this model, little pop up down the left field line. looks like almost gonna go foul. instead it's a ground rule r b doubled. put one nothing lead in the first of the jed lowry up the to die with signal, and it's better that scores olson to nothing lead and that was going to hold up because frankie montas brought his a game today. 10 strikeouts in six and two thirds innings of work. he winds up getting his eighth win that vaunted houston lineup. no
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match for montage and the bullpen does their work jig. dieteman is seventh save and tony camp with a pretty good plate ended eight. hold on to one. and as i say there 4.5 back, alright, i know giant fans. your team had the day off. you don't root for the padres, but they had quite a comeback. you got to admit they were down eight. nothing came back and part of it done by a very unusual source of the grand slam. you do need to check this out. camarena keep right field cabaret now, pleases land. diego are you kidding me? yeah i'm not kidding you and you'll see his brother in the stands. why is it so unusual? daniel camarena just called up for the miners. yesterday he's a relief pitcher, a grand slam in his second big league game, his first major league hit and
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first grand slam by a relief pitcher since 1985 and padres came back to win it. 98 that's came back to win it. 98 that's the sporting life. mark. thank it's been mighty cold in here since "the big chill." what say we warm our hearts by... "st. elmo's fire"? yes! couple of wine coolers and some '80s rob lowe -- i can get into that. i'm still holding out hope i'll have plans tonight. great. two for two. haley? oh, so fun, but i'm gonna have to say no. i have a photography-class thing. what kind of a thing? oh, you know, just an exhibit, like, to show our photos. is it something that we should go to? claire, we just made plans. mom, this is a college class. i'm not in the third grade. don't you have nap time there? no. i have free periods, during which i sometimes nap. is it me, or was she just being purposefully vague? alex, i want you to go through her stuff and find out about this thing tonight. wait, wait. i-i don't feel good about us snooping. i know. that's why i told alex to do it. i think haley knows more than she's letting on.


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