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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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temperatures are expected to climb in some inland locations and what's open to help you cool off. plus it was an earthquake. how do you know? because the tires on a little funny. a large earthquake triggered rockslides in the sierra. what we know about the swarm of quakes that was felt right here in the bay area and the concerns surrounding aftershocks. than a major investment in california's public schools. the announcement just a short time ago from governor gavin newsom. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat and for mike mibach. our big story on this friday. today is the heat wave that's returning to parts of the barrier. today. you get a good look at the mount diablo valley there and beautiful mont diablo. where it is h o t in a big way, and it's going to heat up even more this weekend. let's check in with our meteorologist rosemary oroczo to find out how hot and how long happy friday?
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yes happy friday to both of you. it is going to be a scorcher. not only for today, but into the weekend, and we have advisories that are starting this hour. due to that heat giving you a live look here over san francisco, san francisco going to be comfortable in comparison to our inland communities as well as our hills. let's take a look at where we have these advisory set started again just a moment ago. the heat advisory is for our north bay area as well as our south bay area santa clara county area as we get into the shades of pink, also, starting at this hour, you can see it's a little bit more widespread are north bay hills, the santa cruz mountains. as well as the inner east bay and our east bay hills. this is again going to go through. not only today but the next few days, so very hot weather to be aware of temperatures right now, anywhere from 5 to 20 degrees warmer than where we were at this hour yesterday. better details on the current conditions and what you can expect for the weekend. coming
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up, rosemary. thank you. many people in those inland locations will be looking for ways to cool off today and this weekend. ktvu james torres shows us how cooling centers are helping out whatever temperatures are expected to be above 100 degrees for consecutive days, places like the dublin senior center offer up its building. it's air conditioned. it's it has a lovely lounge books, puzzles, wifi access, so it's a great place for people to come and just relax. consider these cooling centers, relief routes. they're meant to give anyone a break from the heat who might struggle to do that at home. some of the older home almost may not have air conditioning. so we do find that some of the older residents do come and take advantage of it. the farther east away from the bay, the hotter we expect these temperatures to get in the east bay. triple digits are likely all weekend long, preventing dehydration is the goal and typically will run on people that have been out hiking or running in the p key to the day
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and they'll get lightheaded dizzy. just be dehydrated. it's not just your physical health at risk, but the health of power supply to the state now issuing a flex alert tonight asking you to lay off power usage from 4 to 9 o'clock tonight. if you're out of the house today and need a cool down just now before heading to one of these cooling centers, you will need to follow covid protocols for the senior center. we are always requiring masks and temperatures will be taken upon entry as well. furniture will be distanced, um especially distant, so people won't won't be too close to each other and. there will be a thorough cleaning all day long. this cooling center is open today. tomorrow and sunday from 9 to 4 p.m. in dublin. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. the city of santa rosa wants to make sure that if there's a power outage, the traffic lights will still work back of batteries for the lights are being installed at 170 intersections to keep the traffic signals crossing signs.
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they can provide power for more than four hours. the back of batteries were paid for by a grant from fema. some people are on the edge following a swarm of earthquakes in the eastern sierra yesterday, shaking could even be felt parts right here in the bay area, the largest quake measured at a six magnitude centered in a role area on the edge of mono and alpine counties. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us live to tell us how this was part of a cluster of quakes all over northern california, parts of nevada. good morning. good afternoon. good morning. that's right, you know, and a lot of people around here felt at least the largest earthquake. there have been more than 40 after quakes and officials say that you should expect those to last for the next few days. was an earthquake. how do you know? because the tires went a little funny a rock slide along highway 3 95 year, colville caught drivers like brett durant off guard, durant posted
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video on twitter. a magnitude six earthquake triggered the slide, sending boulders into lanes of traffic. you see it in the movie. you never see it upfront but to see actual rocks coming down that that's scary that that hurt touches you in a different way. covid from a k o a camp. ground captured parts of centennial bluff. crumbling campers say the tremor lasted about 10 seconds. nobody was hurt. i looked down and the literally the ground is just shaking. i've never seen where the ground is actually moving, like salt and pepper shakers. this swarm of earthquakes happened near the antelope valley fault shaking could be felt through much of northern california, including here in the bay area, the epicenter of the large six magnitude quake in little antelope valley in the eastern sierra. this is a really active area and we expect earthquakes. um, in this area of this of the size and of this type stephen delong, a research geologist with the u. s. g s explained how
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earthquakes have helped shape the landscape in the region. and while this is the largest quake in this particular area since 1994 tremors there are not uncommon. if you drive up through 95, there's a really sharp. scarf there. the cliff is really steep. it's really dramatic, and that's because there's been earthquakes in this area for thousands and thousands of years and the mountains are rising above the valley in each of these earthquakes. mentioned those aftershocks and i'm on the usgs website right now, the most recent aftershock happened just 15 minutes ago in alpine county and mark leave ill so people might feel that shaking for a while now, although so far these have been much smaller than that six magnitude, the most recent one measured 2.8 magnitude reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. alright alyssa. thank you for that 47 people at sonoma county's largest homeless shelter have now tested positive. for the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus county's health agency says the outbreak happens at the sam jones hall
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homeless shelter in santa rosa. it accounts for about three quarters. the recent spike in covid 19 cases amongst sonoma county's homeless population, county health records show. most of the homeless people who are infected have not been vaccinated fighter is seeking authorization for a third covid vaccine dose says the white house tries to combat vaccine hesitancy. lauren blanchard report. it's from washington. americans could soon be lining up for another covid-19 vaccine. pfizer announcing thursday it plans to ask us regulators to authorize a third shot a vaccine booster about 12 months after the second shot was given, but it's not clear if the feds will approve the cdc and fda releasing a joint statement saying fully vaccinated americans do not need a booster writing, in part quote, we are prepared for booster doses, if and when the science demonstrates that they are needed the announcement. comes as the white house and cdc continues to urge folks to get their shots if you are not vaccinated, you remain
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susceptible and are particularly at risk for severe illness, and that and concerns over the delta variants are growing. it's now the dominant strain in the u. s spreading more quickly than anticipated, leading to an uptick in hospitalizations in some areas over the past several weeks, and it's hitting younger americans particularly hard, most pronounced increases last week. were among children younger than 12. years of age. they had a 52% increase in the number of daily cases. the biden administration making another push to overcome lingering vaccine hesitancy throughout the country, standing behind a grassroots based plan to go door to door to get people vaccinated. we're not done yet. and right now only 44% of georgia residents have had at least one shot, and that's just not enough. fighter ays it plans to start clinical trials in august for an updated washington.
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lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. guidelines from the cdc say vaccinated students and teachers don't need to wear masks inside buildings at schools. this recommendation comes as many districts here locally are finalizing their back to school plans. the cdc is encouraging everyone ages, 12 and up to get the covid vaccine, but it's advising schools to allow in person learning for everyone, not just vaccinated students. it will really be up to the schools in the districts in the states to determine if they're able to put different rules in place in the classroom. for those who are fully vaccinated, compared despite the cdc guidelines, masks will still be required for vaccinated and unvaccinated students in california public schools. health and human services secretary dr marc galle announced this morning quote given california's science based approach and the fact that the state's school facilities can't accommodate physical distancing. we will align with the cdc by implementing multiple layers of mitigation strategies,
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including continued masking and robust testing capacity. doctor goes on, students should be able to walk into school without. worrying about whether they'll feel different or singled out for being vaccinated or unvaccinated, treating all kids. the same will support a calm and supportive school environment. new at noon, governor newsom is here in the bay area, highlighting his education package, which will increase funding for schools. the governor visited summer school students this morning at sheer elementary in napa. he said. the $94 billion education package transforms education in our state and increases opportunities for all students. it includes more money for k through 12 public schools and creates a new grade for universal pre k for all four year olds by the year 2025. this is unlike anything we have ever done in this state. so many things. we promoted so many things we dreamed of were
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delivery. when we signed this bill here today, not only creating a brand new grade in the state of california for all four year olds to get high quality education and enrichment, but we're also providing wraparound services. the governor received help from the students when it came time to actually signed the educations. ending bill. the legislation also creates full service community schools after school programs and universal free school nutrition. so to come here at new time new information surrounding a grizzly bear attack in montana that killed a woman from northern california how wildlife officials were able to track down the bear, plus elsa wreaks havoc as it moves over the northeast. i'm j
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northern california woman wildlife experts wearing night vision goggles shot and killed the grizzly bear just after midnight in an approach to trap near a chicken coop, the bear twice wandered into a camp earlier this week, the second time it grabbed a woman from her tent and mulled her to death. 65 year old leah logan was a retired nurse who worked in santa rosa and chico. she was in montana for a long distance cycling trip. now to surfside, florida, where the recovery effort continues at the site of the condominium building collapse. 14 more
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victims were recovered today, bringing the death toll to 78 62 people are still unaccounted for. detectives want to verify that people listed as missing were actually in the building at the time of the collapse, elsa is threatening to cause heavy flooding across the northeast. and as janice dean reports part of the region already seen drenching rain ahead of the storm's arrival. elsa gained speed as it moves further along the east coast. tropical storm warnings were in effect friday morning for parts of massachusetts down through new jersey. the national hurricane center says up to four inches of rain is expected for eastern mid atlantic states up through new england. much of this area remains at risk for flash flooding in tornadoes were more concerned about inland flooding and road wait fund and in the inland areas with 2 to 4 inches of rain come down at a rapid pace, and then. obviously, any power outages. that may occur in new york
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city. heavy rainfall submerged subway stations ahead of elsa's arrival, forcing some commuters to way through waist deep water. the heavy rainfall catching many people by surprise. i had a poncho, but it didn't help. uh yeah, i was. yeah the shoes are still what the storm also knocking over plenty of trees and power lines along its path around 24,000. homes and businesses reported power outages friday morning. further south people in georgia are cleaning up after tornadoes tore through the state, a tornado touching down at a naval base in georgia wednesday night flipped over multiple rvs. people staying at the park now trying to recover their belongings. elsa was the first hurricane of the 2021 atlantic season, which runs through november. in new york, janice dean ktvu, fox two news due at noon, a huge oak tree fell onto a home at redwood city this morning. the home is located ironically on okay avenue. we
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aren't sure how the tree came down, but you can tell from the video from sky fox just about an hour ago. it's pretty good size looks like a big canopy oak, perhaps perhaps it might have been the warm weather a drought that stressed out the tree. we just don't know, but it did come down this morning. a lot of clean up as you can tell, and it looks. like a pretty old tree as well. no word yet let's swing back to our ktvu. meteorologist rosemary oroczo. a lot of us who live inland are worried about these temperatures. for some, they could be dangerous. yes absolutely. if you experience any type of heat exhaustion, of course, heat stroke. you definitely want to be aware of how you're feeling. avoid the heat if you can, especially during the afternoon hours, warming it up today. tomorrow temperatures do peak only slight relief expected on sunday giving you a live look here across the oakland estuary where we have a little bit of haze out there this afternoon and mostly sunny across the bay as well as inland. we're not
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losing the onshore breeze completely and we're not losing the fog completely and that will keep us some areas closer to the coast. definite. more comfortable than our inland cities. if you are just joining us, we talked about at the top of the hour. how we have heat advisories for our north bay in south bay. excessive heat for the inland east bay as well and areas of our north bay hills, east bay hills and down through the santa cruz mountains. take a look at how much warmer we are right now from 24 hours ago, 14 degrees warmer in santa rosa up by 18 in livermore and napa, you are up by about 10. here's a look at some of these numbers in and around the bay area again have to point out just how comfortable we are in san francisco 65 for you there. the east bay shore 73 in berkeley get into the north bay. it's a warmer day. we've got 80 degrees in napa 89 santa rosa. take a look at the inner east bay 100 degrees already reported in livermore and this time of year, areas like livermore could see another five even 10. degrees of warming. all said, and done 96
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right now in danville, 98 in dublin. we've got 96 reported in morocco and one neighborhood over brentwood, reporting one on one as well, the onshore breeze is not going away completely, but it will be weak over the next a few days. we have fairfield reporting six mph right now. oakland reporting 14 and napa reporting a southerly breeze at about 12. here's a view of some of that fog there you can see pushed off the coastline do expected to return as we get a little bit closer to sunset and then into the evening hours, it does attempt to move into the bay. but it doesn't go too far. we are likely to wake up with mostly sunny skies in and around our basic communities, as well as our inland cities for your bay area saturday, as far as temperatures go well above the average 96 for santa rosa today along the peninsula 89 degrees in redwood city, above 100 conquered livermore, antioch, 14 and then our south bay 98. degrees expected in morgan hill again, we are looking at an even hotter day
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for tomorrow before things start to go in the opposite direction. better details on the extended forecasts, which includes your weekend coming up in just a little bit. thank you, rosemary still to come at noon, more people are heading back to the office after working from home for more than a year. next we look at a sudden surge in demand two men bn
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americans are now under arrest in connection with the
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assassination of haiti's president. authorities say the men are part of a group of more than two dozen professional killers, one of the two haitian american suspect is a former bodyguard at the canadian embassy in haiti's capital. three of the suspected attackers were killed in a gunfight with police. no motive has been given for the attack. president biden is cracking down on monopoly power. today, he introduced a wide ranging executive order that's aimed at using the power of the federal government to promote competition across the country's economy. as caroline shadley reports, the hope is that american workers will benefit. president biden sweeping executive order goes after monopolies and anti competitive practices in sectors across the economy affecting everyone from massive internet companies to small farmers. the overarching objective with an executive order is to make sure the president is encouraging competition and industries around the country. the order is aimed at wider business practices, but the white house says it will also directly impact consumers. by supporting
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state level efforts to import cheaper drugs from canada, allowing hearing aids to be sold over the counter limiting cellphone manufacturers ability to block third party repairs. making it easier to switch banks by letting you take your data with you and encouraging the federal communications commission to bring back net neutrality. that's where internet providers aren't allowed to slow down, speed up or block web pages. you're trying to use. it's just one way the order targets big tech, an industry that doesn't usually accept new regulations without a fight. the pushback from washington was always going to be was always going to be existent. all of this isn't changed with the stroke of the president's pen. more than a dozen federal agencies will now have to figure out how to implement the directives. the real question is going to be the matter of enforcement and whether or not this administration really puts teeth to any of this. the order also aims to make it easier for workers to switch companies limiting some non compete clauses and licensing requirements in washington. caroline shively, ktvu fox two
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news starting next thursday, millions of families all across the country will begin receiving monthly payments of the events. child tax credit. it's all part of the american rescue plan. so couples who make up to $150,000 a year and single parents who make up to $75,000 are eligible for the credit. they will get $300 per child per month for children younger than six years old $250 per child for children from 6 to 17 years of age. right now, the payments are set to expire at the end of the year. california's economy starting to rebound from the pandemic stores, restaurants and entertainment spots all across the state have seen a 120% increase in customers since the beginning of the year. that's according to san francisco based marketing firm zen reach the restaurant business is up 145. another sign the economy is rebounding following the pandemic is renewed demand for
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office space. the research director at colliers in downtown san jose, say amazon, google and the silicon valley's other high tech companies are lacey more office space in order to bring employees back into the office and allow for some distance between workspaces. to accommodate more people and to accommodate their desire for more space and not be shoulder to shoulder. there's going to be a need for more space for these companies. currently the vacancy rate for south bay tech company offices is about 10% still to come. at noon. six former chp officers are facing criminal charges. we're taking a closer look at the accusations against them that ended up costing the state thousands of dollars. plus the weather is our big story. today. it's going to be a hot one across the bay area, mostly inland. ktvu meteorologist. rosemary oroczo will take a look at our high temperatures hme
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heat wave that's hitting parts of the bay area today. now we're taking a live look here at the gorgeous oakland estuary. you can see some haze in the background and, honestly, things aren't too bad here in oakland. that's where we find the ktvu newsroom in studios. but boy. just had a few miles
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inland. let's say oh, you know, walnut creek, concord, livermore rosemary oroczo. there's a big 30 degree temperature difference if you just look regionally. here, you're right. and you know, some sometimes during the summer. we definitely see that span a good 35 to even 40 degrees from coast inland. and you're right, gaussian. that's what we're seeing. today there is a little bit of you can see, sort of like a haze in the air today. it's not a spare the air day, but tomorrow one has been called for. giving you a look here at mount diablo, one of the hotspots going into the weekend temperatures are expected to be 100 plus for our inland communities across our east bay hills as well as our inland east bay. and with that we are looking at heat advisories and excessive heat warnings. i'll have better details on these advisories. what you can expect for your neighborhood and how long the heat is going to last. coming up a couple of minutes. thank you. roseberry, the state agency that runs california's electric grid says there will be a flex alert and it will
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happen later today. kelis a wants all of us to conserve electricity, particularly between four and nine o'clock tonight because of the heat wave parts of the bay area, much of california right down now that flex alert is designed. take some of the strain off california's power grid in the late afternoon and early evening when electricity demand is, of course, at its highest ktvu is amber lee went to liver board to see how people are trying to beat the heat. god's i'm happy, happy families braving the heat at the weekly farmer's market at carnegie park in livermore, i like it. it's good swimming. weather it it feels good if you're inside an act great if you're outside with other people, that's great, too. little sweat never hurt anybody. but vendors say the heat is hurting business that fewer people are out compared to cooler days. and then we this crowds and crowds, people just walking on the path, and now it's like, you know, it's really dead. normally he
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says he makes 15 to $1600 selling cheesecakes, but so far less than $400. it is our most popular cupcake here at the market with this vendor based in castro valley, says slow sales in the heat are compounded by the cal isil flex alert, asking people to conserve energy from four pm to nine pm friday, and we always freak out. we prepare. we do everything we can to keep everything cooler going into hot days. but there's only so much you can do with the oven on 12 hours a day. the living, more pleasant and fire department says. when the temperatures go up, they respond to an increased number of medical calls, many from people exercising up in the hills typically will run on people that have been out hiking or running in the peaky to the day and they'll get lightheaded dizzy. just be dehydrated. fire crews respond with a heart monitor and what's called a drug box typically start ivs and start fluids before they even get transported. to the hospital.
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this shelf was almost pretty much full, and now it's running down to the end of it at the ace hardware store, the general manager says he's running low on misting kits. he says he sold 50 of these kids pools, the store has stocked up on water and fans, he advises people to open their windows in the evening at the house cool going into the next day that will help your energy bill and help keep the house school calisto advising people to set the thermostat at 78 degree. freeze or higher. it is also urging people to start conserving energy and the hours before the flex alert starts. help the state manage energy used later in the day in livermore, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news, kool aid centers will be open throughout the the weekt santa clara c and if you're morgan hill, the centennial rec center is the place to be over in contra costa county, 20
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libraries will be cooling centers got the full list of cooling centers. check it out at ktvu .com and look under the web blanks. the state is now calling on people to voluntarily cut their water use by 15. ktvu political reporter greg lee explains how the governor is trying to take action on our state's worsening drought. we are now two years into a drought, having just come out of a five year drought in response to the states, worsening drought conditions. governor newsom sign an executive order asking californians to voluntarily cut back their water use by 15% we are encouraging people to do the common sense. things like reducing the amount of irrigation water you're doing out on your lawns, for example, reducing perhaps the time that you are in a shower climate change is exacerbating conditions that we're facing in the past week. temperatures as high as 17 degrees above average have exacerbated
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drought conditions. newsome signed two declarations in front of lopez lake san luis obispo county reservoir that's sitting at 34. percent capacity, he added. marin and san mateo counties to the regional drought state of emergency 50 out of 58. newsome's not mandating them like the state did in 2015. these conditions are familiar to many californians. as a consequence, we have conservation as a way of life, the latest map from the u. s drought monitor shows most of the bay area in the worst category exceptional drought. new data shows california recorded its driest rainy season since 18 95. the bone dry conditions have prompted many local water agencies to impose their own stricter restrictions. we again have been through these proclamations before, and we've come through them remarkably well, because californians have taken these ah. clarity i've
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directions. these voluntary efforts to heart. in may, newsome proposed $5.1 billion for drought response and water infrastructure. the details of that plan are still making their way through the legislature. greg lee ktvu fox two news arise and gang violence and santa rosa as people who live there concerned for their safety, and police struggling now to respond. the fourth of july been shout at the names of local street gang gang says they drove past the fireworks party in santa rosa's roseland neighborhood and began shooting somebody in the crowd returned fire. one man was killed. two teenagers were wounded, and a woman who was at a friend's house down the street was also hit by that gunfire. hit her in large and small intestines 12 times, and they had to remove a foot and a half of intestine. we've seen well over 30 shootings, believe, uh, 12 shootings since, uh, early may. and uh, you know,
12:37 pm
five homicides this year. we can't arrest our way out of every problem, but it definitely it definitely is a part of it. the police chief says with an increase in violence, he wishes he still had a gang unit that was disbanded two years ago to save money. police in oakland are investigating two shootings that happened just a few days apart. they were both outside the same liquor store in east oakland at 77th and bancroft. police say one man was killed and another wounded after dozens of rounds were fired outside the liquor store late wednesday night. dozens of people had gathered there to pay tribute to a man who was gunned down and killed outside that same liquor store on monday night. community activists are now demanding the city of oakland invest more money in neighborhoods that have been hard hit by increasing gun violence rental support. it will provide down payment assistance, home ownership retention support, affordable housing. invest in our black brothers and sisters and family members. or you
12:38 pm
leave us no option, but our mutual destruction it, oakland police say it's still not clear if the two shootings outside the liquor store were related. six former chp officers are facing criminal charges for stealing from the state by building for some $23,000 in overtime hours. they never worked. the state attorney general says the officers worked in east los angeles and typically work 3 to 4 hours overtime, giving protection for highway workers during road construction projects. prosecutors say they build the state for eight hours of overtime. the union representing the officers has not responded to requests for comment. five palo alto police officers suing the city over a black lives matter mural. the mercury news reports that the officers are suing the city for harassment and discrimination. after being forced to walk past the city commission bureau last year. it features the 19 seventies liberation army figure. asante shakur. she was convicted of shooting. killing
12:39 pm
a new jersey state trooper back in 1973 and the officer's lawsuit, they say a mural honoring chuck your created a hostile work environment. another group of thieves has targeted a san francisco business this time they overwhelmed security and stole from a marijuana dispensary. ktvu s. christian captain tells us the incident was all caught on camera. security cameras captured the organized robbery on the south slope of potrero hill at about six o'clock wednesday evening. video shows numerous suspects rushed to the front of an unmarked building. the address is registered to a company called mountain dew farms, cannabis grower and dispensary. police say the robbers overwhelmed the armed guard outside the business. the victim stated that he was rushed bymultiple suspects who were able first into the unoccupied building inside
12:40 pm
for several minutes, the robbers opened the roll up door and moved box after box of cannabis and other items from the business to at least three waiting vehicles. multiple suspects, then sped away in different directions. we believe that the suspects targeted this location for the items that were being stored one day after the brazen robbery, mountain dew employees worked on putting new cameras in place on the extra your walls. san francisco police continued their investigation meeting with neighboring businesses and looking for video of the suspects. we haven't confirmed the number of suspects we are stating that they are multiple suspects in a number of different vehicles right now, we are still working with our witnesses and working to analyze surveillance video that captured the incident. police say the guard who was at the scene was treated for minor injuries on scene and released, but those suspects did take hise cannabis and other items from
12:41 pm
the business in san francisco, christian captain ktvu fox two news still to come at noon, trash littering an east bay reservoir. what many people think is the s
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but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. summertime plans include a trip up to lake tahoe researchers that u c davis say, like to host, famous for its clarity is now reaching its lowest level since record keeping began back
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in the late sixties. they say the dirt kicked up by the growing car traffic around the lake. it's causing parts of like to become murky, and the researchers say climate change is also a factor with warmer waters, creating a friendlier habitat for algae now to a growing problem at as of war in the far east bay trash from a landfill is blowing into the water. there ktvu is and rubin explains how neighbors are working to get that mess cleaned up right now at bethany reservoir in alameda county, there's trash as far as the eye can see. it's on the hillsides that surround it on the rocky shores and in the water itself to me, it looked like a third world country to be honest residents of nearby mountain house came with cameras to documented. they believe high winds carried trash from the altima landfill. because the reservoir is mostly closed for dam reconstruction. they say. no one knew to complain sooner. a huge amount of the blowing trash out here is getting lodged on the rocks and then submerged in the water and
12:45 pm
workers out here. tell us this isn't even a bad day. the landfill that sits up on the hill is supposed to have containment fencing for debris. they're missing a huge section of their fencing, and it's been out for the last. 34 months, community members tried reaching out to california state parks and to waste management that runs the landfill but didn't have much luck kind of getting the brush off was frustrating. um so we took it to the streets. we took it to the people that use that water. they began organizing a community cleanup efforts until they realized there was simply too much trash for them to handle. the scale that this is that is beyond community cleanup. it needs a professional cleanup, and it needs to be maintained after that, and it looks like community members will get their wish late thursday, waste management released a statement saying quote while it remains uncertain where all of the debris has come from waste management, willis list in cleaning it up. they add keeping our landfill and surroundingre of windblown debris is a priority.
12:46 pm
neighbors certainly hope so to see where it is. now is it breaks your heart? it's inexcusable in alameda county and ruben ktvu, fox two news. well we've got a friend with a pool or better yet, if you can find a nice, clean lake or the ocean, you might want to head that way because it's going to get hot this weekend. rosemary yeah, stay hydrated, folks. i make sure your little ones are sipping on water even when they insist they're not thirsty outside our doors at this hour, the sun is shining. i mentioned it a moment ago today not to spare the air day, but we will have one tomorrow and there's a look. at a beautiful golden gate bridge, although you can see a little bit of haze out there a little bit of fog along the coastline, but the marine layer going to be very shallow in the coming days in our inland areas going to really feel it the worst we've got our inner east bay as well as our north bay hills are east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. under that excessive heat warning and a heat advisory for our north bay as well as our santa clara valley locations, so do expect. friday
12:47 pm
through sunday this to be the case right now, it looks like temperatures peak on saturday, only minor relief on sunday. let's get into the inner east bay, where temperatures are already quite hot. danville reporting 98 degrees as well as dublin. we have one of 3/1 area near brentwood as we shift to the north bay where again we have our valley's under the heat advisory at this hour. 90 right now. rhona park 96 hills, berg, 93 san anselmo. if i pull back just a little bit, you can see not everybody in the heat. we've got our east bay with low seventies san francisco checking in a beautiful 65 in the south babe 84 over san jose. definitely part of that heat advisory, but it's really our inner east bay. where folks are going to be suffering this weekend. from that heat. the winds do remain a bit onshore. it's a week one, but it's their oakland reporting 14 mph through the delta travis air force at fairfield reporting six. a little bit of fog hanging close to the coast will keep things very comfortable
12:48 pm
along the coastline. with that compressed marine layer. it's not going to be transported inland far enough to bring much relief. even our basic communities are going to be warming up. here's a look at what we do expect for today. by the afternoon, mid upper eighties for the peninsula eighties expected for ari space shore, and then as you get into the north bay, 94 napa, south bay, 90 to san jose. and then we go over to the inner east bay where we're above 100 degrees one of three and concord, 103. for livermore and one of four expected in antioch, so the heat is on and going to continue throughout the afternoon. if you're going to see the giants played later today, partly cloudy skies, temperatures expected to remain in the upper sixties. and then that west breeze picking up in the afternoon as well. so very comfortable at the game cou even be a little bit cool. you know how that goes. make sure you bring the extra layers. the weekend, going to be a warm one here right now, 81 degrees reported in truckee low 80 south lake tahoe. saturday sunday. we're looking at about 90 degrees under mostly sunny
12:49 pm
conditions here at home. here's a look at what we can expect to getting into the weekend, with the advisories lasting through the weekend again. temperatures at their hottest tomorrow, coming up a few degrees and then dropping slightly on sunday. better cooling coming monday and tuesday. back to you. come on tuesday, rosemary. thank you. now what traffic for people driving in concord this weekend. north bound lanes of 2 42 will be completely or partially shutdown beginning at 10 o'clock tonight for some maintenance work. the highway is scheduled to reopen by 10 o'clock monday morning. the closure is from the 2 42 interstates, 6 80 separation and the concord avenue on ramp, the highway will be closed again next weekend. 700 goats have now joined the fire prevention effort in the east faith. they're eating dry brush right near the fremont bart station. the goal here is to reduce vegetation that can cause fires to spread, especially during this hot, dry weather at eighth grader from oakland just won the us championship and olympic weightlifting for his age group 13 year old seth evan started lifting two years ago after
12:50 pm
first playing some football and running track. seth is also a straight a student by the way he trains in oakland speed power strength gym. he and his coach talked with ktvu s. andre senior, uh, trained first and once and you're getting back then i go home now and then do all my schoolwork if i have any. and then i got him there. he's getting it done. seth goes to madison park academy. his father, by the way, is the athletic director there and the us championship. seth lifted £176 over his head. lausa all right, still to come at noon. is it the common cold or the coronavirus? what doctors are saying about the confusion as more people begin to get sick again. and the giants and the a's are both having great seasons. on tuesday, three giants players and one from the a's are playing in the mlb all star game right here on fox to the fox super six app is celebrating by giving you the chance to win $10,000 of big poppies money. it's free to
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colds again, but plenty of people. it's hard to tell the difference between the coronavirus and an ordinary call. katie views maureen naylor spoke with doctors about how to know which is which. getting the common cold in 2021 can be confusing. it's really hard to tell for in most cases, whether something is covid or just a regular cold or allergies, several infectious disease doctors in the bay area we spoke with, say this july, colds are coming back with a vengeance. lots of people have calls. it's very difficult to disentangled from cultivated covid tests are easily available, the doctors say,
12:55 pm
adding that's helpful because the delta variant of covid is presenting with symptoms more like the common cold. we are living in a very confusing time that we are basing decisions on data from last year yet we also know that. the variant and vaccinations are changing all of those calculations. so how can you decipher between a cold and covid in general doctor peter king hong says colds are limited to the head while the whole body reacts with covid so whole body reacting includes things like. cough, shortness of breath. fevers um, these are signs that something beyond jessica is happening. he also points out that rsv a respiratory virus, mainly a problem for younger kids is also circulating. i think a whole lot of people are going to get a whole lot of tests in in the fall and winter. just because it's going to be very difficult to disentangle
12:56 pm
symptoms by infection. experts add the virus that causes covid is continuously evolving. rather than wonder whether you have covid if you have symptoms. the easiest thing is just to go ahead and get tested. and, you know, put that question to risk. maureen naylor ktvu fox two news, the city of fremont has kicked off a new program that's designed to encourage people to get moving this summer. it's called active fremont, the mayor and other city leaders let a community walk through the warm springs neighborhood last night for the first formal event of this new program and. after this covid time period. we want to help us build a better for us to be able to bring the outdoors together members, three months walk, bike and hike program continues for the next two months, each member of the three month city council will host their own community walk this summer. a young girl from the bay area was one word away from winning the scripts. national spelling bee, a 14 year old girl from
12:57 pm
new orleans is this year's big winner. she made history with this, mary, uh and you are anyway, a. that is correct. i love that twirl zyla avant garde one, the bees 93rd contest. correctly spelling the word maria. it's a type of tree. she's the first african american to win the spelling bee. this is 12 year old child, guatemala from san ramon. she came in second avant garde 1 $50,000 cash prize, plus that trophy, the 2020 scripts spelling bee had to be cancelled last year due to covid, making this year's competition extra special for its 11 finalists. nice tonight, the giants will take the field and their new uniforms for the first time when they host the washington nationals at oracle park. they will feature a new orange white designed a silhouette of the golden gate bridge and an image of fog. the giants will be wearing them during the entire weekend series against the nationals before they take a break for the all star game. warriors
12:58 pm
strive city summer series resumes a chase center in san francisco, the summer series launched last weekend with a daytime block party and starting today and for the rest of the summer, there will be events. there on friday and saturday nights. the first friday happy hour will be today, starting at four p.m. and will include live music and a beer garden thrive. city summer series will continue through the end of august. the alameda county fair is returning to the fairgrounds in pleasanton in october. the fair will have all the usual food favorites, the carnival concerts plus vendors. livestock show has actually been taking place at the fairgrounds this week, and the junior livestock auction is going to be held the fairgrounds on saturday. the county fair is set for october 22nd through the 31st this year. not to the long awaited film black widow. it premieres in theaters and on digital streaming today. you don't know everything about me. this is the first marvel movie released since the start of the pandemic. industry insiders predict the film will gross $140 million
12:59 pm
worldwide in its opening weekend. black widow opens in 4100 theaters nationwide and on disney plus premier access for $30 children's musical theater in san jose back open and open with snoopy the musical in a new outdoor venue. ah features s 7 to 10. older children. performers will be put on starlight express, followed by american idiot featuring teens and young people. the musical company says it's proud to reopen with its protocols in place. keep everyone safe. the shows are performed at the creative arts center in san jose. and if it's outside, imagine they'll have plenty of water on hand this weekend. yeah you do the old fashioned, we get the old spray bottle filled with water. and missed yourself, right if you live inland, stay cool. stay comfortable and safe. there are a number of cooling centers on ktvu .com. you can check out thanks for joining us here at noon. our news is always on the ktvu news app. we'll see you back here at four.
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