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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  July 11, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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- the following program is a paid commercial announcement from great healthworks. - welcome. my name is connie craig carrol and i'm so glad that you're joining me. chances are, you or someone, you know is dealing with the challenges and the limitations of pain in our back, knee, shoulders every day. and we seem to miss out on life because we just can't find relief. i know what that's like. joint pain can be such a burden. today we're gonna tell you about omega xl, a product that millions of people have trusted to relieve their pain for the last 16 years.
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it's a, one of a kind natural anti-inflammatory supplement that could literally change your life. just like it has for millions of others. - just to be in pain, puts a damper in your life. it really does. i have grandkids that i love to play with and it's hard to get out and play when your joints are hurting you. - men i've really, really felt the pain. i mean, in my ankles and in my, my heels i can't tell you how bad that pain was. i mean, it was so excruciating. i found this product and it's called omega xl. i mean, i can't tell you how great i feel. i mean, this works - the biggest agony was prolonged hinging, stabbing pain. i can't even tell you how many things i tried. and then i heard about omega xl after so many months and years, it just started disintegrating. and it's just back to myself again. it's given my life a whole new magnitude. my back is back. my back is back in my life is back - today. i'm joined
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by a gentleman that has literally dedicated his life to improving people's health and wellbeing, a health and wellness expert, a visionary leader combined with years of experience in fitness, sports, and pain management. he is the ceo and founder of great healthworks. mr. ken meares hello sir. - hello how are you today? - we're so excited to talk about a product that's changing people's lives. - yes, absolutely. i am. and i'm very happy to be here. thank you very much for helping me along with my message of hope for people who have pain. - we wouldn't be here 16 years later talking about it. if it wasn't working for people tell everybody why this is a one of a kind product - it's true. omega xl is one of a kind, it's a natural, powerful anti-inflammatory' supplement that has the science behind it, that validates over 30 years of studies to help reduce pain caused by inflammation, joint pain.
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and if you have aches and pains, it holds you back. and that's why we're here today to talk about the amazing pain relieving results of omega xl - one of the most important things that we can tell people about omega xl is actually where it comes from. and i'm so impressed right here on the bottle. it says from the pristine waters of new zealand most other products don't necessarily disclose where they come from. - we're proud of that because this green lipped mussel only comes from new zealand. we believe there is no other ingredient or product like it in the world. the oil extract that comes from this mussel is full of fatty acids. over 30, that works synergistically together to create we believe the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory in the world. - well, and i think the thing is too, a lot of us we have that joint pain. we've searched for relief. you can go in any store
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and see lots of supplements, but this is different. this is not fish oil - well, it's way beyond fish oil, because it's not even a fish oil. it's its own class. these mussels only come from new zealand. these are pristine waters, miles and miles in the beautiful beautiful area called the marlborough sounds let me show you why it's so beautiful in the waters of new zealand. - the journey of omega xl begins on the opposite side of the world in the pristine waters of the marlborough sounds of new zealand. these are some of the cleanest waters on earth and they are also the exclusive habitat of the green lipped mussel a food source naturally high in antioxidants. and omega-3 fatty acids harvested after 18 months on the vine. and then they go through the proprietary extraction process resulting in one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatories in the world. omega xl.
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- i love the fact i'm looking at this. this is a tiny, soft gel and i mean tiny because i'm someone who can't take large pills. i just can't do it. - i don't know anybody, i've never met anybody that likes large pills - i know, but look how tiny this is. so if we take.. - small,, easy to swallow small, no aftertaste. - so again when we talk about omega xl and what that's going to do for us and do for the joint pain that we're suffering from if someone's sitting at home and they're saying how is this going to work for me tell us. - it's going to work for them because everyone's body makes inflammation. and that's why they say that inflammation is the fire within your body's on fire. it's the root cause of many illnesses or many challenges. and being in pain is certainly a challenge. it could be athletics. it could be your work environment. it might be from injury. it might just be from lack of exercise. so inflammation is a very big problem and omega xl could take care of that and knock it out.
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- inflammation is one of the worst things that accumulate in the body it's associated with joint pain and a number of underlying conditions. reducing inflammation is key to be able to continue being active as long as you wanna be. and that's why i recommend omega xl. - for someone who's never tried it before. someone who's thinking about it. the thing that was so impressive to me is that there are 30 years. and in fact, i'm going to just take out some of the, some of the research and some of the studies 30 years. i mean, think, about a product with 30 years of science and research behind it. - science and research behind it, this is what makes omega xl so different. i don't know any product that would have that kind of background. 30 years of science to show that omega xl is safe. it's easy to take. and it works, which is so important.
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- so, we've told you exactly what it is now. we're going to hear from dr. mcquillan, and she's going to tell you why it works. take a look, - you know, because of omega xl comes from the ocean. oftentimes it's compared to fish oil but it is so much more than a standard fish oil. it has 30 different fatty acids. this combination of fatty acids is not found anywhere else in any other product other than omega xl. and it has been shown in clinical research to help with joint pain due to inflammation, which affects so many of us as a doctor, i can tell you, it's one of the most common reasons that people come to see a doctors because of pain. and here we have something that is safe and studied for 30 years. it's natural and it relieves pain due to inflammation. - ken i think one of the most remarkable things we're talking about changing lives, but you actually get to
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hear those stories because people send you emails. we have so many people that talk about the way omega xl has impacted them. - people actually have sent us thousands of handwritten letters and emails through the years. it's amazing wish we could share some of those with the people at home today. - yeah i'm gonna hop over here. i wanna share some because it really is amazing the things that people are saying about omega xl and the way that it's worked in their life. for example, misha says my mother has been taking omega xl for 15 years and it gave her mobility with her knees and helped with aches and pains. and ken i know that when we talk about this that must be your favorite thing about producing omega xl - because we hear it over and over and over omega xl delivers results you can feel - also faith says hubby and i have been taking omega xl for over 10 years. it really works. i wouldn't be walking if it wasn't for omega xl. it is so wonderful. think about how powerful that is.
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if you want to experience the relief that literally millions of people have seen and experienced with omega xl this is your chance to do it. remember we have the research more than 30 years of science and research behind omega xl, tens of thousands of testimonials and the very best offer we've had today. we used to sell one bottle, a single bottle for $69 and 95 cents for years at 69.95 most of us raise our hand and say i would pay whatever it cost. if it takes that joint pain away. if it gives me relief from joint pain but the great thing is today, you don't pay 69.95. this is 39 95. it gets even better. we're going to do not one for 39.95, but two for 39.95. you have nothing to lose except for the pain because you have a 60 day money back guarantee. so again, you'd normally pay 69.95 for one, we're doing one
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for 39.95 and a second for free and 60 days to try it. so if you suffer from pain, joint pain caused by inflammation, or you love someone that does maybe it's your mom, maybe it's your dad. this is the time to do it. you shouldn't have to put your life on hold. and now you don't have to with omega xl - give it a chance, give omega a chance. it will not let you down. - rosie was in pain. she was looking for a solution. she couldn't even come down the stairs but we're going to let you hear her story. - i'm rosie. and this is my story. i was a flight attendant for 32 years was 14 and a half hour days. it was painful. i realized that i couldn't take the pain anymore. it was too excruciating. the spasms were so bad. i had to stop walking in my husband or my kids. they would have to carry me. i would cry. it was so bad. i just had to stop doing everything. i couldn't walk the dog. couldn't play with him. and it was a pity because these like my baby it was hard for me.
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i didn't think anything would make me feel better. and then i discovered omega xl. the pain started subsiding. i get up in the morning. i just get out of bed, go walk my dog. now i could do the things i love again. thank you, omega xl. it really does work. - okay. we are back with ken meares and we've been talking about how millions of people have found relief from joint pain, with omega xl. what's the secret? - omega xl comes from the green-lipped mussel. and as a matter of fact, it takes 10 of these mussels to extract the right oil amount to go into one soft shell. this mussel only grows from the pristine waters of new zealand, and it's backed by 30 years of science. that truly is the secret. - which is amazing. and we wanna see what the studies show. so we're going to take a look - what's really special about omega xl is that omega xl has a full spectrum
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of fatty acids that have beneficial effects on the body. and it includes 30 free fatty acids that have inflammation fighting properties. and it's those fatty acids that make it very effective at fighting pain and inflammation. - when we talk about omega xl and the tremendous benefits i know there are people at home who are saying but who can take it? - so you need to understand that millions of americans probably 50 million americans suffer from joint related pain. - well and you think about people who are on their feet all day maybe waitresses, maybe people who work in retail - fireman moving these heavy hoses full of water and, and construction workers. and, but if you give omega xl a chance it will not let you down. and all the people at home should know this. we back it up with a 60 day money back guarantee. and if it doesn't work, just return the unused portion
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or empty bottle, but you have to try it. there's nothing to lose because we want more people to try omega xl to have a better quality of life. - look at the size of this, look at the size. now i want to show you just one fish oil compared to just one omega xl. - well, if you take one omega xl, how many fish oil counts will you take 10, 10. - i'm gonna try to do this ken i'm gonna try - perfect. for 10. - i wanna show you this - there you go. but it's still 10 - would you rather take one of these or 10 of these - but that's not us. it's a different category. this is totally separate. this is all by itself. this is omega xl. - the physical demands on our bodies seem to increase every single day. - that is true because we overuse our bodies. the reality is when you overuse your body it creates inflammatory conditions.
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but one of them is joint pain. we believe that this is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory on the planet. it's safe. it's easy to take. they're very, very, very small - not habit for me, - there's no after taste. this is a product that changes people's lives. - hi, i'm kathy lee. i have the pains and the arms, the shoulders. it is my responsibility to take care of the house. now, when i'm almost 60 years old, i needed an answer. i figured i would always be in pain for the rest of my life. i never thought there was a solution. now with omega xl, i found the answer is i have to take an omega xl. it's a whole lot easier to take care of my dad. thank you. omega xl. - it's a choice. that's a natural pain reliever from inflammation natural.. most other products don't necessarily disclose where they come from. - buyer beware, caveat emptor you bought it,
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you put it in your mouth. who knows where it came from? one question, where did the fish come from? you ng it. - b is the fact thatessive you have 30 years - we're selling something that people swallow. so we have a responsibility to make sure that it's safe and it works. and it does - so here's the product omega xl this is what we used in our study. again, proven to be a very very effective anti-inflammatory agent. there's a lot more fatty acids in omega xl compared to fish oil. and that makes it very very effective in reducing inflammation. so again, studies have shown that pain has been reduced after you take omega xl. the good thing about this product is one it's all natural. and two claims that are made are backed up by scientific evidence. - millions of people have found the relief that they've been looking for with omega xl.
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and we have alber who saysals tha my father is you. he's 92 years young and refuses to be without these he's been taking them for over a year now and talks about it like crazy to his friends and family members. cause we all want to share the good news when we find something that works. also, we have jeanne that says i hope omega xl is around forever. it's been amazing. also faith says hubby and i have been taking omega xl for over 10 years. it really works. i wouldn't be walking if it wasn't for omega xl. it is so wonderful. think about how powerful that is. and kim says the product is the reason i am able to walk around with very little pain. and i think the amazing thing is we've shown you the testimonials. you've had a chance to hear the research. we're offering you the best opportunity to try omega xl for yourself. in the past, we've sold one bottle for $69 and 95 cents.
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today. that same bottle is 39.95, but that's not all. we're also going to include a second bottle for free. and then a 60 day money back guarantee. all you have to lose is the pain. so you've heard the stories. you've had a chance to see the testimonials, ken, this product is amazing. - my name is paula berger. i'm a personal trainer for 15 years. as a trainer, i specialize in cardio training resistance training and range of motion work. the inflammation i was getting, i think from lifting and pushing and pulling all day really slowed me down. pain would normally start in my hands and they would get very hard for me to lift dumbbells in the gym and move things around. once i started taking omega xl, the joint pain that i was having in my hands and my elbows and knees started to diminish significantly. it's important to take omega xl to help keep the
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inflammation under control. i actually find them very easy to take because they're so small. i don't have to worry so much about that pain coming on at three o'clock, four o'clock like i used to be more. it has changed everything. it is so much better. truth is omega xl changed my life - ken that is so powerful. - and it truly is life changing. - we have lots of people just like myself, just like you at home. but then you have celebrities and athletes who love this product as well because it works. that's the bottom line, it works. - many athletes, cyclist, volleyball players football players. - well, and that's the thing. when you talk about pain, when you talk about joint pain specifically caused by inflammation it doesn't discriminate. in fact, we're going to show you more who have tried this wonderful product - as an athlete, omega xl is as essential to your performance as the gear you buy. i try to avoid anything that is not natural but my body i've knee pains. i wake up in the morning
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i'm in pain, my shoulders, kills me constantly. i'm getting older. and as you get older everything is amplified and everything hurts. now omega xl i'm actually stunned as to how good i feel. i'm back to feeling like i felt 15 years ago. it's life that i actually didn't think i'd be able to return to. and with omega xl it's totally different than anything i've done before. there's no way i'm gonna stop using this. i would recommend this to absolutely anybody. - well, we are thrilled to have the ceo and the founder of great healthworks. ken meares here with us ken, as a society we have an aging population. and i think a lot of people are just settling for the fact that they think they have to live in pain and that's not true. - you've got people that say they're going to retire, but they can't. and they're forced to keep working and they're going to be working and living in pain. there's no reason to do that. give omega xl a chance. it will not let you down. - and it's a natural solution that works. - a natural, anti-inflammatory one of a kind from the pristine waters of new zealand.
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- tell us why it's important that we know this is from new zealand. - well, because this green-lipped mussel only grows in new zealand and it takes 10 mussels to make up one capsule because the meat that's in this mussel goes through our manufacturing process. that creates an oil extract. that is very powerful. that works has great amounts of science behind it. and it truly is life changing. - okay, we're going to hear from the doctor on why that's so extraordinary. - comparing omega xl to fish oil. first of all, it's just so much more than a standard fish oil. again, fish oil has epa and dha, primarily two fatty acids. whereas omega xl has the 30 in a free fatty acid form. and when we calculated it it has 22 times more free fatty acids,
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which are the type of fatty acid, which is more bioavailable, easier to absorb, doesn't have the side effects of the after taste for this associated with fish oil. - i wanna show you again the alternative although it's not even fair to compare that to this because it's completely different. - that's a fish oil, this is from a green lipped mussel. this is a category all of its own, over 30 fatty acids. - so again if you're taking fish oil, 10 of those, or one of these to one of these tiny, soft gel caps. so would you rather take 10 fish oils or one tiny soft gel cap? i know my answer. - small, safe, and easy to swallow and millions of others have enjoyed it. - to me the impressive thing is that we're not just talking about a feel the difference product. we have 30 years of research and science behind omega xl. that's amazing.
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- that is amazing. i'll tell you, we were very proud of this. it's surprising to people and this is, this is real. this is real science, real studies, 30 years. this is why you can take omega xl with confidence and know that you're helping yourself, your family your loved one, a mother, a father someone you care about and yourself, this product works. - okay. so if someone is sitting there and we've been talking for a little bit but someone's just now tuning in and they've stopped. and like you said earlier you've stopped because you have pain. you heard the word pain. what would you say to them? - omega xl can give you a chance to get back what pain and inflammation are taking away from you. when you're 65 the average person will live 20 years longer. it's a big number. and you want that to be high quality years but millions and millions of people as the population ages need caregiving. and when a daughter is caregiving for her mom
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her mom is 50 miles away and she calls her daughter at night. and the mom's in pain that tears your heart out. - it does. - but when you see a loved one, receiving pain relief it's a joy that you can't even put into words. - it is. - i noticed that she was having a lot of trouble just using her hands. - my hand, were swollen in that interfere with my daily life. i couldn't play with my grandson. so it was painful. it was crippling. - she had been feeling a lot of pain. after my mom started using omega xl. she was engaging in things that she wasn't doing before. - i'm starting to cook. i can walk my dog without fear. i can paint. omega xl changed my life. really.
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- thanks to omega xl. i have my mom back. - the bottom line is if you wanna be able to do the things that you love doing in your life, this is the product that's gonna help us do that. - help, it solves the problem in many, many cases with that i can say categorically. - so we've told you how omega xl could change your life. and we're going to share even more testimonials. we've been through lots during the show but it's so exciting to know. it really, really works. here you can see heather said it really did lessen my joint pain and no other supplement worked for me. maria says it saved my life. i was in a lot of pain. omega xl is a miracle. i love hearing the testimonials because that tells you it works for real people. so the great thing is this could be your chance and your opportunity to find the relief that you've been looking for. because if you wait you're just going to be suffering that many more days.
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- well that's interesting, you bring that up because in the world of pain the people do search and they lose hope. and there's nothing that zaps the human spirit like the loss of hope omega xl can bring back your belief that there is something that works. - well and i think the exciting thing is we know it works because millions of people have ordered it. we have tens of thousands of testimonials. - it's an amazing feeling. - well i have lived with pain in both of my knees for many years but with that came tremendous pain in other areas. my back, my hips, walking my dogs was out the door. i really found myself isolated from friends and from my family because the pain was so emotionally draining. it really was a lonely, lonely time to feel like that. well, i was introduced to omega xl through my husband and he would leave it out for me in the mornings. and at night he wanted me to feel better. the thing that i like about omega xl is that it works.
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it's a soft gel, and it's easy to swallow, drug-free and it's a natural product. so now that i'm taking omega xl, there are no excuses. it's amazing some of the things that i'm able to do, walking with my dogs, riding bicycles, and we're just really enjoying life again together, omega xl works. - it will make us feel so much better to know that you tried it. it'll make you feel better but one more bottle sold won't change our life but it can change the viewer's life if they try it, just try it - exactly. well. and that's the thing we want to say to you. if you are putting limitations on your life if you are not doing the things that you want to do because let's face it your joint pain is taking you out of the game. this is an opportunity for you to experience the relief that millions millions
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of people have actually had from omega xl. now the exciting thing is, this is where it gets really exciting. we used to sell one bottle a single bottle for $69 and 95 cents for years. and at 69.95, i think all of us who have joint pain we raise our hand and say, i would easily do that. i would pay whatever it costs. if it's going to help relieve my joint pain. the great thing is today, you don't have to pay 69.95. we're doing this for $39 and 95 cents. so you can actually experience what millions of people have experienced in terms of relieving the joint pain, not at 69.95, but at 39.95. now it gets even better. if you call, we're going to do not one for 39.95 but two for 39.95, a 60 day money-back guarantee. what are you waiting for? if you're just getting up in the morning and it takes a while to get going because you have that joint pain.
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wouldn't you love to know that today you can make that call. and then within a matter of days you have something that has provided relief to millions of people. you could be our next testimonial that tells us how this has changed your life. - any of you at home who really care about your quality of life or a loved one just give it a try because this product truly works. it delivers results you can feel, you'll be happy that you did. - thank you so much, sir. - thank you so much. amazing. thank you so much. - the preceding program was a paid commercial announcement from great healthworks.
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alex michaelson this week. the issue is space. the final frontier californian victor glover, the first african american to have an extended day on the international space station. we talk about his spacewalk. his conversation with vice president harris his own political future and what's next for space tourism, then? the streets of the state are too dirty. we go one on one. california governor gavin newsom on his plan to clean up the state and fight back against the recall. plus where do you see the future of work going in america and exclusive with the secretary of labor, marty walsh and congressman mark takano about the future of jobs. the issue is starts right now broadcasting across california, california's only statewide political show. you're watching.
6:31 am
the issue is he literally flew like an eagle in space for over six months, and now he's reflecting on that journey in his first statewide interview, welcome the issue is and that looks michaelson and this week a show that takes us. literally out of this world after glover has been back on earth for two months after six months aboard, the international space station, became the first african american to stay there for an extended period of time. and part of that time was walking in space. his life story is extraordinary. glover is a proud california native. he grew up in pomona, ontario, studied at cal poly san luis obisbo and joins us now from nasa in houston. victor glover. welcome to the issue is and on behalf of all the people of california. we are so proud of you. thank you for your service, alex. thank you. it is great to be here. thank you very much.
6:32 am
all right. so after six months on the international space station, you're now back on earth had a little bit of time to adjust. what's it like being home? oh, it's great. i tell you. what, uh, being home is great, you know, partly being able to share more in depth with my family about what it was like to be there. i've had some time to process. it's been really great these two months and i also at the time to take a little vacation just to spend time with my family. and so that has been really great. well let's talk about how you became that man growing up here in california, ontario, pomona, cal poly san luis obispo big wrestling. or football player sports had a big influence on you, but so did your great teacher when it comes to engineering. yeah yes. absolutely mr. hargrove you're talking about the first person who told me that i could be an engineer. and i i've got the engineering degrees now, and a large part of that is due to mr
6:33 am
hargrove in that early, believe he planted a seed in me that you know it has grown into a lot of this. part of my life, and so you know, southern california is really special because it has a lot of my most important aerospace memories. you know, i learned to fly the f 18 in san diego. i got to go to test pilot school at edwards air force base, and i learned to fly the dragon at spacex headquarters in hawthorne there and so like southern california to me, it's just such a special place. oh, i was born there too, you know, and so it's been very special. and you know, i think the biggest thing that helped me to get here was having a family that loved and supported me. they tolerated by tinkering with all the toys and the lawnmower, taking them apart, putting them back together, and they let my curiosity go where it was going to go. they told me how important it was to get a good education. you got to do something that very few people in human history have ever gotten to do. you got to do a
6:34 am
spacewalk. so real basic question. what's it like to do a spacewalk? wow gosh, i you know, i think of the most think of your most amazing dream about flying, right? i think we all have flying dreams. so think about that. and then also think about maybe you're most like terrifying nightmare, and it's got aspects. it's got aspects of both. you know. nasa astronaut victor glover working to get that a p f are installed on the canada arm to all the training in the world. all the simulations there is nothing to prepare you for that very first moment you spend outside the space station, and that's just something you have to do to experience it and it was. it was breath. taking and it was just such an amazing thing to experience. but once we got out the door we had work to do so i couldn't just float around taking in the view. i had to go grab this big box. go get on
6:35 am
the robotic arm and get out there to work installing this antenna, and so it was also a very busy time. and i'm glad there were moments where i got to just reflected and check out the view. but they were also very berry is you know you you made history as the first african american to be on an extended international space station and at one point kamala harris, the country's first african american female vice president called you in space and acknowledged that history making moment, victor it is so good to see you the history making that you are doing. we are so proud of you. what did that mean to you to have. being able to talk from so many miles away and be really a model, too young boys. young girls like your own kids, you know, i think that first of all that beautiful example for young kids that never gets old to me, you know, i think i can
6:36 am
summarize kind of the feeling it was such a great event and, you know, i felt like the whole time. i wanted to just go. you're in the white house, you know, and i felt like vice president harris wanted to say you're in space, you know, and that's just how the whole thing so i think both of us really had an appreciation for what the other was doing, you know, and she said something that i parroted in that in that interview that you know being the first is good, but it's important to make sure that you're not the last, and i think we both said something like that during that event as well, and that's something that her mother said to her multiple times throughout her life. so kamala harris used to be the senator from california. we've seen a lot of nasa astronauts become senators who got mark kelly from arizona. john glenn, of course, famously from ohio. any chance we might see senator victor glover from california? you know, great question. i tell you, it's not. it's not in my short term plan. i love public service. i've been in the navy 23 years now at nasa.
6:37 am
eight, and i, i have loved every moment of it and i would love to continue to serve the public. and if that becomes the way that that we my family and i think we could make do the most good. and i would consider it, you know, but i would say right now it's not on my in my top list of things to do just because the folks i have listened to talk about campaigning and what that's like. it sounds pretty grueling. and i you know if someone wants to appoint me to something, hey, again, i love public service, and i'll put my best foot forward, but i would love to avoid the campaigning if i could in the political world. he just did not say no. which means it's probably a yes. now let's get it. i mean, what is the long term plans? is it is it the moon? is it mars any interest in either of those? i mean, the long term plan, you know is to watch my kids grow up and chase their dreams. career wise. we're starting this for miss program and we've got a lot of exciting things coming on the horizon if the
6:38 am
future involves another mission, then hey, i'll wait until nasa brings that up. but i'm not chomping at the bit to talk about leaving home again just yet. i'm happy to be right here. with my feet on the ground and a couple other quick question. on musk. richard branson, jeff bezoza all have their own space companies in different ways. space tourism, uh, going to become a thing within the next year. what do you make of that? and where do you see the future of space travel, you know, and this the inspiration that comes from human spaceflight. it's not this soft. fuzzy thing that's just purely emotional. it turns into you know, industrial active academic activity. it affects the economy in our society. so like that inspiration is a real tangible thing. you know, these billionaires may be leading the charge, but it's to get more regular people in space they want to see like like the
6:39 am
airline industry in its early days, it's going to go from this thing that is a little bit economically prohibitive to something that. people can see themselves doing and it makes us put our best foot forward in everything. science medical and everything that we do as a little kid that was obsessed with star trek and still is signed me up for whatever trip in whatever way i love the final frontier. quickly we'd play a game called personal issues on our show. this is where we put 30 seconds up on the clock. we get to know you as some of your pop culture favorites and other things, uh, you know, beyond just the space stuff, so here we go. i don't know how up to date. you are and everything after spending six months in space, but here we go. here we go. ready uh, what's your favorite tv show? i watched, uh, the expanse in space if that count favorite movie. okay a new one. so tenant, i watched tenant in space, and i really enjoy that. that's a great movement favorite athletes. marcus challenge favorite sports team,
6:40 am
you know, team usa. i love the olympics. i really like the raiders, but i love the olympics favorite team usa favorite book. i read the bible frequently. probably the one thing i read the most. but i also was really impacted. by richard hofstetter paranoid style of american politics really, right? super impactful meal you miss the most in space, fresh greens salad is this fresh vegetables in general? have you had in and out yet since you've come back? not yet. i got to get to a play. we don't have one down here. isn't that tragic? yeah, that is tragic. and who's finally who's your role model? my mother and my father. my stepmother. my grandparents, like i said, it is not lost on me. what what they did the sacrifices they made to support me. and so they are. all collectively, my role models and who i try to emulate. and lastly, what do you want? the children of america to learn from your
6:41 am
story. oh oh, this was not preordained. this was not my fate. i worked really hard and had a lot of people who worked really hard with me. and for me who believed in me even when i didn't believe in myself and we. together have made this this happened. it's really important to understand the process and not just the end product, um, to know that the struggle is worth it. it's important to work hard. and there's a reason to the working hard. well, victor glover, i think the word hero is overused. but you are a genuine american hero, and it is an honor to speak with you. thank you for inspiring me and inspiring. so many of the people of california with your life story and your work and what a great privilege to talk with you, alex. the pleasure is mine. thank you for the kind words time. next the secretary of labor in california to meet
6:42 am
with members of congress and talk about the future of work, but we go to break with space man from the killers and images of our favorite space man, victor glover. hey frank, our worker's comp insurance is expiring, should we just renew it? yeah, sure. hey there, small business owner. pie insurance here with some sweet advice to stop you from overpaying on worker's comp. try pie instead and save up to 30%. thirty percent? really? get a quote in 3 minutes at wow, that is easy. so, need another reminder? no, no no, i'm good. uh, yes please. oh. ho ho ho, yeah! need worker's comp insurance? get a quote in 3 minutes at
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story this week, the secretary of labor, attending several events throughout california, pushing the president's agenda when it comes to the economy before being a cabinet member. walsh was a long time mayor of boston and a labor union leader. we caught up with him in rivers along with the congressman from that area democrat mark takano. here's our exclusive interview. secretary walsh, congressman chicano. welcome to the issue is nice to have you on for the first time. nice to have you in california, boston guy, right? it's great to be here. it's great to go you show for the first time and excited to see what mookie betts taking the world series away from boston. bring into l a still have to think about that could happen again. this year is a
6:46 am
president biden just said we could see the dodgers back. come on. i think we may be doing this again by the end of the year. i let's talk about the infrastructure plan. right now. there's the bipartisan proposal. some moderates in the senate are in favor of it. some on the left someone the right are not where we add in terms of it actually getting its before word. it's a great venessa. it's at $1.2 trillion investment and physical infrastructure in this country and it still has a ways to go to work to work through. i feel good about where we are with the bill, and i also feel good on the other track with the chaos economy, moving that forward as well. so you know the way the out of legislating is compromising, and that's what the president did. but he was able to bring a group of senators together with democrats for the first time to be able to accomplish something incredible. are you comfortable that that's going to pass? uh i'm very optimistic at this point, but the speakers made it clear that she wants to see
6:47 am
that bill as well as. of reconciliation. uh bill, which would include more money for the care economy involved in it, and part of that's something that's already passed was the coronavirus relief bill. we saw the stimulus checks that came with that, but a big thing that's about to start july. 15th is the expansion of the child tax credit. uh payments being made in advance to people as much as $3600 per kid that's making a real impact in places like riverside, huge. impact i can't emphasize how big this is for the 41st district, 190,000 children and their families will be beneficiaries of this child tax credit. um we think we've estimated about $3200 on average. on average, some families will get more, but this will be a huge boon to fill a huge need in the area as we're trying to lift ourselves out of this pandemic, and that's something that starts
6:48 am
with direct deposits next week. yes, this this is a automatically going to company government. they can always contact my office, but they don't see it and we'll troubleshoot. we'll figure it out. you know the number one issue the pandemic situation here in california looks pretty good. but there are a lot of people that have been left behind, but big picture long term. where do you see the future of work? going in america? it really is about investment and workforce development. an apprenticeship programs, job training. when you think about places like california that have emerging technology these high tech biotech just like my home, state and other place across the country. there's a real opportunity for us to train young people into those into those skills. and congressman, you are the chairman of the veterans affairs committee alone talks about work we think about veterans who are struggling. we see some of them homeless on the streets of california. what can be done specifically to help veterans when it comes to employment under the american rescue plan,
6:49 am
we move forward money for rapid retraining. veterans there's a special fund to rapidly retrain our veterans specifically because of the pandemic, and there's more we can do. uh and but this is an immediate in the horizon. president biden has requested also $18 billion. i hope to add another $3 billion on top of that to upgrade our medical health centers for veterans across the country. american people support that by a huge, huge multi. it's one of the most popular parts, the president's package and just, lastly, paint a picture for us because we hear about work and automation and computerization and changes that are coming. where do you see the workforce 10 years from now? 15 years from now, what does work in america look like? well, i think it's really important that we passed these two infrastructure bills because it is laying down the foundation for the future of the workforce in america, and i think without
6:50 am
them, it's very hard to paint a rosy picture. i think with these two packages. kids economy build back better. the infrastructure bipartisan bill, we really have a great opportunity to continue to lead the world in technology and innovation and create an opportunity for everyone to access those jobs. so the future to me, it looks like, uh, elder care, er, the people who do elder care of the people who do childcare, not even not even talk about early childhood educators that they are respected and paid for the great work that they do, uh and the shorts. it is one of the things that's holding us back, even people who can pay full freight for childcare. they can't find slots and childcare centers because they don't exist. we have to build that infrastructure, and that's why it's so necessary the past the american families plan alongside the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, and just lastly as a boston guy, what do you what do you make of california? how's how's this
6:51 am
day going? what do you think of our area? i mean, today is great. in california before, but it's been great today, and i'm getting a lot of razzing about the dodgers today. no one seems to talk about the rams, so it was just finding on top of the over the top of the dodgers, so i just have to take it. yeah ticket, right. you got to take him for an in and out burger before he leaves right? no for sure. congressman chicano secretary. thank you so much and go dodgers. thank all right. thank you very much. still to come. california governor gavin newsom says california is rising after pandemic and we now have the funds to clean up the state, his critics say too little too late. we talked with both next .s
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
over. i think it's republican assemblyman kevin kiley on abc in sacramento this week. talking about his decision to run for governor, he's one of the governor's most vocal critics. challengers must decide by next week in order to
6:55 am
qualify for the ballot. as for the governor himself, he's largely ignoring questions about the recall and trying to focus on doing his job, including cleaning up the state of california governor gavin newsom and l. a mayor eric garcetti. pick up trash near downtown l. a. california recently allocated $1.1 billion in state funds to clean up california. the governor says it will create 11,000 jobs. there's nothing bad about this program, more jobs, cleaner highways, less homelessness, less crime. on this day, the governor doing similar cleanups in the bay area, and in fresno, he first pitched the idea back in may when we talked with him exclusively back with him again. for this we mean business. this is not a photo op. this is not a press conference. we were out here a number of months ago. you're with us. um we're coming back and going to come back again and again and again and again.
6:56 am
how do you though make it last permanently, you gotta keep coming back. the governor says california needs to deal with the key underlying issue causes. homelessness the state recently allocating a record $12 billion on that front at the difference between now and in the years past, as we have money for an alternate when you're actually out here and you see it as compared to being in sacramento in some office and you see what these streets look like, what goes through your mind? i mean, i said this when we were together a few months ago when we initiated this, you see people's stories, their lives. that expression is and what they left behind. and it may be tragic and maybe needles but also maybe diapers. for me. there's no substitute, have an academic briefing in sacramento and your desk versus actually going on, and i've done dozens of these all over this state. we're gonna come back over and over and over again till we see measurable results on the streets when we come back 75 years ago, jimmy carter asked rosalind to marry him all these
6:57 am
years later, what's their secret to a lasting marriage? nt
6:58 am
6:59 am
week, an exclusive sit down with the u. s. secretary of education miguel cardona on come pandemic, but we end this week with a presidential love story. this week, the carters became the first presidential couple to celebrate their 75th anniversary. on pbs. judy woodruff asked them what's their secret? we give each other space and we try to do things together. we're always looking for things we can do together. at the end of the day, we try to become records child. and overcome all the differences. get arose during her today. we also. make up and give each other a kiss before we go to sleep. it and every day with a kiss. thanks for watching this week and to the
7:00 am
carters happy anniversary, lovebirds. hmm are in a state ofo shootings overnight in oakland, as people who live in the city say they're sick of the violence that has plagued the area more on the latest violence and how community members are taking action, plus the heat wave had some parts of the bay area in the triple digits, how it affected businesses and why some say they were especially hard hit also ahead. we've all as a team are now getting very excited. today is the day billionaire richard branson attempting to reach earth sub orbit, but the mission has been delayed. why and what is expected to happen in the next hour that's coming up from ktvu. box two news. this is mornings on


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