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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 23, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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learning that seven fully vaccinated students at stanford contracted the coronavirus. the warning from health officials and what colleges are doing as the new school year approaches, plus another deadly hit and run in the city of san jose. what we're learning about the latest investigation and the vehicle police are looking for then dangerous conditions for firefighters. we're getting a new look on the front lines as firefighters continue to battle several wildfires across our state. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm mike mibach covid-19 cases are rising in california and across the country. the spike is being driven by the spread of the delta variant ktvu zahle. rasmus joins us live this afternoon from the newsroom and allie health officials say this currency serge is a lot different from the other ones that we've experienced during this pandemic. well, mike, we have heard public health leaders at the national and local level referred to the situation. we're in now as a
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pandemic among the unvaccinated 97% of all the people hospitalized for covid 19 the more contagiouslth officer says the county added 39 new cases yesterday, but the vast majority of them 69% were in adults who are eligible to be vaccinated, the county's health officer says that makes this surge different pre vaccine. those surges were really a sign that we were likely to see people coming in, hospitalized and see increased deaths. we're not seeing that we're not seeing nearly as many people coming into the hostel. little as as a percentage of the total cases. we're not seeing people dying. we haven't had a death in marin county in about three months, and that's because of the vaccine. marin county has now started tracking its covid cases based on vaccination rate, and you can see the difference in their chart among vaccinated residents shown in this blue line, the county seeing 3.9 new
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positive cases for every 100,000 people for the unvaccinated in orange. it is much higher 16 new infections per 100,000. the delta variant is finding those individuals and leading to surges in cases among unvaccinated we can see the covid is here to stay, and it's really a choice at this point. uh am i going to get vaccinated, or am i going to get covid contra costa county also tracks covid case rates by vaccination, and the disparity is even more dramatic there for the on vax people in contra costa county. in that green line, the rate of spread is 28 new infections for every 100,000 people among the vaccinated the line far below. it's just under two new cases for every 100,000 health officers in other parts of the country say they have seen the number of people getting vaccinated go up slightly, possibly. people who are unvaccinated start to realize the impact this delta driven surge could have on them, white house health officials say. just this week that three states florida, texas and missouri. now account for 40%
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of all new covid cases live in the newsroom alley. rasmus ktvu, fox two news. all right, ali. thank you for that. stanford university repinated student. ktvu james torres reports how and the changes that take effect next semester. students i spoke to on campus today, say, requiring vaccines in the fall probably won't be a problem for students coming back here, the university says of the students who have disclosed their vaccine status, 90% have said they've got their shots. i think it's just important for public health in general to take it. summer term students at stanford university or on campus following safety protocols. anyone without a vaccine must test regularly for covid-19. and actually, i know around me already have that's so yeah, i'm not sure how many people have actual problem. starting in the fall. the university will require all
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students were turning to campus to show proof of vaccination, the school, releasing a statement saying, in part, al their vaccine status prior to their arrival on campus for the fall quarter. we will work to help arriving student obtain a vaccination if they have been unable to obtain one at their home location on board with it, and it helps me to feel, um more comfortable on campus. students can appeal to the school to opt out of the vaccine if they have a medical or religious excuse, if approved, those students will need to take regular covid-19 tests. we all collectively won. the students want an in classroom experience, most of us if we can have the vaccine, it's in our favor. this week, stanford reported seven breakthrough cases, meeting cases where students were already fully vaccinated and tested positive for covid 19 likely putting the blame on the delta area. other protocols include required masks inside
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public spots on campus. like the school bookstore and inside classrooms and on modes of public transportation. i will still be really careful about it. very masking door. yeah, students. we spoke to seemed to accept the protocols without issues, stanford says. it's what they need to do to keep students safe. i think here rign with 90% of the students vaccinated reporting in stanford. i'm james torrez ktvu. fox two news san jose police are investigating a deadly hit and run accident that killed a pedestrian overnight. officers were called to the scene on totally road near center at 1 39 this morning. they say a woman was struck as she walked right outside the crosswalk. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. police say the person who hit her was driving a red early. 2000 sport utility vehicle and left the scene after the collision. a former coach for the san francisco 49 ers, greg knapp, has died from his injuries after he was struck. buy a car in san ramon ktvu azenith smith as more on
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how he's being remembered. you know, i think great coaches tell you what you need to do not what you're doing wrong, and, uh, greg had a way of doing that. jim mora coached alongside greg knapp in the nfl in san francisco, atlanta and seattle. mora had visited napa at john muir medical center in walnut creek before turning to his home in idaho. you know when i was with him and saying goodbye to him. my sense was that he was at peace. last saturday afternoon nap was doing what he loved out on a bike ride on doherty road near north, marduk wrote in san ramon when he was struck by a car. this young man witnessed the crash. the windshield was completely smashed cave then and it looked like he had gotten hate. the driver remained at the scene. nap suffered severe injuries, never regaining consciousness. he died at the hospital. if you look at the people that he coached and their career. from peyton manning to steve young to matt hassle back to jeff garcia, the mat liner to matt
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szabo. they've all said the same thing. you know, my career was enhanced. my crew was made because of greg knapp in january nap sign on what the jets in the passing game specialist. he had spent three years as the falcons quarterback coach. four seasons with the denver broncos. he was also coaching oakland, seattle, houston and spent nine seasons with the 49ers. sports commentator greg papa called it a profound loss. napa is well respected by the league. i mean, if you ask. people about him in the nfl because it's a highly testosterone driven league and a lot of band wingmen, and they're competing hard. i don't think you'd have anybody in the home and the other would say they dislike greg nan and a statement, his family wrote greg's infectious personality is most people's first and lasting memory of him the phrase he never met a stranger encapsulates nappers. zest for life. napa surrounded by his family, including his wife and three daughters. i'm azenith smith. if ktvu fox two
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news. we're getting a new look at the dangerous conditions firefighters are facing on the front lines of the tamarack fire right at the nevada state line. this video you see now is from the truckee meadows, fire and rescue. fire engine with a full crew onboard, driving through flames on an unpaved road trying to escape the fast moving fire on both sides. here's another crew caught in the fire zone. this unit from the uc davis fire department recorded this video as members were surrounded by flames and smoke while working to protect the housing development there, chief tweeted out this video praising the cruise bravery. the tamarack fire south of lake tahoe, grew by 12 square miles overnight, now covering some 90 square miles. containment is still at 4% at least 10 homes and other buildings have been destroyed. more than 800 people have been evacuated. flames have crossed highway 3 95, forcing the major road near lake tahoe to shut down from china's spring road to the california nevada state line,
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the largest wildfire in california continues to burn out of control. authorities announced today that the dixie fires now at 21 23 square miles. it grew another 47 square miles overnight containment right now at 18% and more than 1500 homes and businesses in butte and plumas counties are under threat. some people in the town of paradise or back home after they had to briefly evacuate because of a separate fire. this burned in the same area as the devastating 2018 campfire. some firefighters battling that nearby dixie fire responded to this one, and we're able to keep it to just 15 acres. we're now seeing pictures of a barrack. of cotton in the bootleg fire burning in southern oregon fire safety officer scouting potential hazards spotted the bear. and when the officer pulled up his vehicle, the cub climb right up the tree, fish and wildlife say a mother bear was spotted nearby, and it's likely she reunited with their cub. they say this serves as a good reminder for the public to avoid picking up any animals in the wild, even if they are small. if you pick it up and
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take it home, you're basically risking its life because an animal like a bear that's raised by people, it loses its national fear of people, and then we can't release it back to the wild because of the danger it poses. the bootleg fire grew six square miles overnight is now 624 square miles by far the nation's largest fire burning in an area half the size of rhode island. containment is 40% the governor's office of emergency services is hoping that wildfires will serve as a reminder for families to have a disaster preparedness plan in place. we put together a little kids here that last for multiple weeks and this is all put together for $10 to nytimes for $10, you know, can't open her want to have some canned food on hand staying with just some regular protein bars? you know now with covid 19. of course you need some hand sanitizer, some whites course ppe and kind of mask you may need. uh, towels having cash on hand fuel in the car. the last
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thing you want to have to worry about is making a stop at the gas station. if you don't have to, experts say that summer travelers should make sure to take an emergency. go bag on the road and make themselves familiar with evacuation routes out of location where they're vacationing in case wild fire breaks out there. the gilroy garlic festival back for the first time since the 2019 mass shooting coming up here at noon, we take a closer look at the changes to this year's event. because of the pandemic. plus the justice department rolls out a new measure to try and crack down on illegal gun trafficking as violent crime surges in major cities. i'm all the rivera in washington with a story straight ahead and we're in store for a warmer weekend across much of the bay area, we'll check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo, who will have the forecast for your neighborhood. oh. master tey
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restitution to the victims of the deadly warehouse fire in 2000 and 16 derek al mina pleaded guilty in january to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. a judge released him based on time served and instead ordered a year and a half of home confinement. prosecutors have said he should pay at least $11 million to the families of the 36 victims. al mina has said he doesn't have any money, but we'll try to pay what he can for the rest of his life. u. s attorney general merrick garland is about to
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crack down on gun trafficking. his approach comes as shootings in major cities are on the rise, as madeline rivera shows us strike teams are heading to some american cities, including san francisco. multiple shots fired in a popular area in d. c thursday night sent people and diners ducking for cover while others ran for their lives. two people were shot while police believe both are expected to survive. the shooting further underscores the surge in violent crime in the nation's capital. what we saw over the last several days is an illegal firearm brazenly used on d. c streets. the shooting came on the same day, the justice department announced. the launch of strike forces in five cities, d c. new york san francisco, la and chicago teams to stem the flow of illegal guns. it's unfortunate to call these paper crimes people who lie in order to get illegal guns are feeding the gangs that
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are then using those guns to kill people in the in the, uh, target cities. the attorney general is meeting with members of federal law enforcement agencies friday, the second day of his chicago trip to address gun trafficking compared to the same time last year, chicago has seen a 10% increase in shootings here today to new york has seen a 22% jump and l a 44% you can look at the numbers throughout the california, california and the rest of the country. crime is increasing is surging, and there's no consequences. some say they're acting on their own initiative and taking precautions. it doesn't matter if you're in a dangerous area or a nice area, these random events will happen outside whenever wherever, so just stay on your toes and communicate often. the justice department says the strike forces will help them identify the sources of illegal guns, and the corridor is a networks. they travel in to hopefully stop criminals from getting their hands on them in washington
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mall, the rivera ktvu fox two news. as we head into the weekend, we check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo. and what do you think we're going to turn up the heat a little bit this weekend? we are, in fact, for a little bit warmer right to all of you. we e looking at mostly sunny skies over most of the bay area if in san francisco got in on that sunshine early on, and here's a live look at sfo, where the blue skies are overhead as well. temperatures in and around the bay area right now 63 in the city of san francisco. we have 70 in oakland. inland it's a warm one already 86 in brentwood as well as walnut creek in the north bay 80 degrees in nevado for our south bay, 78 over san jose san jose, you are five degrees warmer this afternoon compared to yesterday, up by six in oakland. one of the only spots actually a little bit cooler. conquered you're a few degrees cooler. meanwhile in nevado, you're feeling the change. seven degrees warmer outside your door. the winds are a little bit on shore, but weak
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fairfield reporting 12 mph, oakland reporting seven napa. reporting seven so along the coast in around the bay temperatures are right about average, even a little bit below in some spots, and our inland cities are a little bit above. in any case, not an extreme one way or the other, and i'll show you the afternoon highs here in just a moment doesn't look at some of that cloud cover right up against the coastline. but for most, it's a sunny one along the peninsula, san francisco and over areas of the bay as well as our inland communities. here's a look at the future cast a getting into your afternoon will remain mostly sunny, but the clouds to begin to work back across the bay right about sunset, so perhaps perhaps right along the space shore a little bit of cloud cover there and then, as we get into the overnight hours, it'll fill in just a little bit more afternoon highs for today. santa rosa 88 so a little bit about the seasonal known for you there 64 for san francisco. we'll go low seventies in oakland, low nineties livermore and 82 for san jose. you're right on track. here's a better look at some of the afternoon highs expected for today. 83
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for redwood city for the inland east. we have 96 in antioch and for the north bay, a beautiful 83 with mostly sunny skies over napa temperatures will remain on the warm side as we get into the weekend, but then dropped by the end of the weekend. better details on your weekend and the extended forecast coming up, rosemary. thank you. big increase in visitors during the pandemic. next is how many more people right here in the bay area have decided to explore east bay parks. the hidden gems the parks have
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shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. tokyo this morning in a nearly empty stadium. this year's games are the first in history to be held with almost no spectators shouts from protesters, though it could be heard outside. as some say the games are too much of a risk due to the pandemic going into the games only about 20% of the japanese population is vaccinated, us. olympic officials say 83% of the team's olympians are fully vaccinated. many student athletes in the bay area universities are competing in the games. this includes 63 from stanford, 53 athletes. 10 coaches u c. berkeley sent 56 to tokyo 49 athletes and seven coaches, and that cow contingent includes 18 swimmers and 17 rowers. the gilroy garlic festival is back, but it is scaled down. the popular event begins at four o'clock this afternoon at the gilroy presbyterian church, instead of the traditional site at christmas hill park this year, no strolls through
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gourmet alley or large cooking demonstrations. instead people pre order and then pick up their select actions at the church drive through and this is the first garlic festival since the 2019 mass shooting that left three people dead and 17 injured. last year's event was cancelled because of the pandemic. most of us have a much greater appreciation for the great outdoors, especially after the year we've all been through. east bay regional park district saw a 30% jump in visitors during the pandemic, and that interest is still going strong. for the past year. plus there has been a different kind of traffic jam at garin regional park. i've been with the district for 41 years. have you ever seen a year like we've just come out of? never. never the pandemic pushed more people to discover the east bay regional park district. many parks such as garrett and hayward are hidden away in the east bay's biggest cities. it's so close. yes, it's just right off mission boulevard. you come over the hill. you're in the park, karen mcnamara has been
12:24 pm
coming here for years. i went to high school down the road, so there was always a parties here at garin back in the seventies. today. it's a long walk with a dear friend were just walking around, checking out the goats and ah, enjoying the kind of calm, you know the calm atmosphere today and just enjoying the breeze and the sun and. climb some trees over there later and just hang out. wherever these kids want to take me. i'm gonna go with them. the surge the park district salt last year is continuing. people are continuing new habits that include a deep appreciation of parks and open space. you could probably find a park. within you know what? five square miles of your house throughout oakland or alameda, contra costa county, both counties, declared the east bay regional park district, an essential service at the beginning of the pandemic for the physical and mental health benefits of being in nature. it's just very peaceful, and, uh, just give us a different perspective. what actually
12:25 pm
happened to us last year, and it's a good way to acclimated back outside our homes. now there are several new and upgraded features across the district, 70 plus parks and 1200 miles of regional trails. it's our first time here, and we think it's enchanting, depending on the park, you can go picnicking swimming, fishing, camping are just out for a peaceful walk. with very little cost or effort. you can spend the whole day at a park that feels a million miles away without trekking too far from home. we're here at garin regional park in hayward, who would know from where we're standing that their houses just over the over the hill there, just outside the park. there's certainly some close by your house. there may be ones that you want to explore. maybe you're used to going to a nearby park. there's another one. not that far away. we have linked the east bay regional park district site to ours at ktvu dot com. i am certain you
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can find something close to home. families continue to struggle when it comes to child care across the bay area. the announcement from the governor just a short time ago when the support that will soon be coming from the state, plus the call the mask up is again gaining steam as the delta variants spreads. i'm jonathan syrian atlanta, i'll have details coming u you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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its federal mass guidance the same, leaving it up to state and local officials to make sire latest, including the push for certain groups toooster shots. momentum is building behind calls to bring back universal mask wearing eveorn those who are vaccinated, including reported discussions in the white house and at the cdc about recommending masks for all americans, the white house tiptoed around questions about potentially updating mass guidance thursday, saying no change in guidance has happened. yet while not denying that a change could come, there has been no decision to change our mass guidelines, if any decisions about public health would be driven by the cdc. meanwhile a promising new study shows the two does pfizer vaccine is 88% effective against the covid delta variant, but the new england journal of
12:30 pm
medicine study shows there is only a 30.7% effectiveness rate for those with only one shot. this is the white house, says 40% of new covid cases are coming from three states, florida, texas and missouri reportedly accounting for one in five infection and a panel of health experts says it supports covid-19 booster shots for immuno compromised people amid growing evidence the shots are less effective among those with weakened immune systems. the group also backs the use of johnson and johnson's vaccine, despite a warning about the low risk of a rare neurological disorder, federal health officials say unvaccinated people account for 97% of those hospitalized with covid night. 18 and more than 99% of those who died in atlanta johnson siri ktvu, fox two news, santa clara county now plans to require all 22,000 of its employees to be vaccinated. san francisco already issued a
12:31 pm
similar mandate and as ktvu jesse gary reports the health officers for those counties as well as one in contra costa county are urging business owners to do the same. we can see the covid is here to stay, and it's really a choice at this point. uh, am i going to get vaccinated, or am i going to get covid fearing another full blown covid crisis health officers from san francisco contra costa and santa clara counties thursday recommended employers require employees get the covid-19 vaccine. they say there are 28 new cases per 100,000 people statewide that in people who are not vaccinated, most of those have the delta variant. that's more than 10. times the case rate for those who are vaccinated, health officers say business is taking the lead could stem the tide. this search is among the unvaccinated folks, which is why it's so important today that everyone who isn't vaccinated in san jose's sofa neighborhooda
12:32 pm
soul has stayed in business by practicing covid safety measures. corner depth i should lose, says his 10 employees haven't stopped wearing masks and all are vaccinated. we just shared kind of the cdc mandates are the cdc recommendations. we always share the county recommendations with our staff, and you know, we leave it up to them to make the decision for themselves. health officers say their current recommendation could become a health order if covid case rates continue climbing. could there be further? um actions taken in the future? yes of course. uh you know, things were not saying anything's off the table has to be a compelling reason. um which i think people would agree. the current situation is constitutional, law expert professor margaret russell says the nation's high court has allowed vaccination requirements in the past, even the constitutional right to liberty, uh and integrity of your bodily autonomy has to give way to a public health or public safety emergency. the
12:33 pm
three health officers say they would rather businesses and their employees take action now, as opposed to waiting for the current situation to spiral into a health crisis, and then they issue health orders for people to get vaccinated, which would lead to lawsuits in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. i knew childcare to thousands more children across our state, the governor said this morning. the budget bill will ensure that 200,000 more children will have access to care. it also includes a minimum 15% pay increase for childcare providers, most of whom are women. this comes as providers are celebrating their first ever union contract. i'm elated that our decades long fight for a strong union contract has made a difference for providers, the children in our care and the families who count on us. union leaders say that 40,000 childcare providers are now
12:34 pm
covered under the collective bargaining bargaining agreement. it also includes funding for training and help for new providers to become licensed. this morning, san mateo county celebrated the long awaited launch of a project to repair. a ribbon cutting ceremony marked the start of a $60 million seismic retrofit and modernization project at the hospital in daly city, southern california based hmc healthcare purchased it last year along with seat and coast side. its previous owner, verity health systems went into bankruptcy. despite those difficulties, the hospital played a key role during the pandemic. seton rose to the occasion and became a hospital facility to provide the care to the sickest with covid under the new owners. some union employees say they're still dealing with broken equipment, low staffing levels. today. hospital executives pledged to work with their union partners to provide
12:35 pm
safe quality care after 29 days of search and recovery efforts at the site of the collapse condo in south florida task forces are finally headed home. miami dade fire fighters officially ended their mission in surfside, florida today. cruz left in a convoy of fire engines and other vehicles this morning, police and forensic specialists will continue their work to identify remains found in the disaster. the june 24th collapse killed at least 90. seven people. a man who was shot and killed in walnut creek last month may have been the victim of road rage. the victim's mother says she is not happy with the investigation to date. she also says only one of the six people who were in the other vehicle has been arrested. ktvu is amber lee reports. he had just this captivating smile. kimberly banks is finding comfort in looking at photos of her only child, stacy corley, and reminiscing with his girlfriend at his home in concord. the two are forging a path together to find justice. the 25 year old was shot and
12:36 pm
killed while working as a food delivery driver losing him. i felt like i lost my home. i lost my safe space on the night of june 17th shortly before 11 at the intersection of north california boulevard near ignatius valley road in walnut creek. banks says stacy was on his way to his last delivery in his white sedan when he was confronted by six young men in an suv. stacy was shot nine times. police tell me the deadly confrontation stem from road rage. 18 year old dylan baker is now facing charges of murder and shooting at an occupied vehicle. this was just senseless and heinous. none of the other five people in the suv has been charged, including the driver, jason collado, who was initially arrested. there were six people present that that that isn't justice. if we don't get justice for what they did one day, they're gonna go.
12:37 pm
they're gonna pass away. we're all here temporarily. and they're going to have to answer to god and mama told me pick careful who you cause your man's bank says stacy's passion was writing and performing uplifting rap music. she wants life without the possibility of parole for the person who killed her son. he needs to live every day, knowing what he did in the decision he made happy birthday to you stacy's loved ones are cherishing this birthday video from a few years ago, they never imagined he would not live to. see his 26th birthday july 22nd suspect baker is due back in court on september 8th. his bail is set at $2 million in walnut creek, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news, in alameda county firefighter is being called a hero after saving a man's life on a plane, alameda county fire officials say firefighter eddie pastora was flying back home after a
12:38 pm
vacation in mexico when a man overdose firefighter pistore and a few nurses sprang. right into action when the man became unresponsive, pale and cold to the touch, pastor administered narcan started an i v and helped with ventilation. the plane eventually made an emergency landing in houston. that life saving medication is now available for free at the marin county jail. the sheriff's office says narcan kids can be found inside a vending machine right there in the jail lobby. the kids address the opioid crisis and are intended to reduce the number of overdoses. the sheriff's office says the county use state grants to buy the vending machine and the medication. several south bay community groups were given grant money to help combat racial injustice. santa clara county's d. a jeff rosen awarded those grants in a ceremony at hillview park in san jose. this is part of the d a s social justice reforms after the police killing of george floyd. each group received either a 25 $100 grant or a $5000 grant. do you spend the our community grants and reforms are an example of the
12:39 pm
strength of our hope and the resilience of our ties to each other. our annual dollar amount that we usually try to operate and so $5000 that we can earmarked specifically to help young adults in high school with this issue is very important. the $50,000 the fund program that funds the program comes from the d a s asset for forfeiture fund. californians having trouble collecting unemployment benefits will soon get some help after the state changed how it will pay out those benefits. the e d. d now says it will continue to pay some people even while it investigates their eligibility. previously the state would suspend payments until the investigations were complete. now this change only applies to people who have certified for benefits and have already received at least one week of payment in the past. california's two year drought is forcing communities to scramble to find alternative sources for water, the press
12:40 pm
democrat reports. the mendocino coast has been trucking in water as its aquifers and wells are drying up. the city of fort bragg has been delivering water to mendocino, but stopped this week to make sure it has enough water for its own residents. mendocino may consider water shipments by barge trains or wine tankers from cities such as will its and yukiya still to come in noon. he is being called one of the most interesting men in the bay area, and he also has one of the most interesting homes up next. we'll show you inside the fish house and introduce you to the man who created it, plus temperatures in the nineties for many england communities this weekend as we give you a live look out at. jack london square in oakland back to rosemary, we go and she'll tell us just how long that he's gonna stick around. bay express e
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most interesting man out there. and as ktvu claudine wang reports to make sense that he would also build what might be the most interesting house in the east bay too. it's called the fish house, and it has long been a conversation starter. you know, everybody came in to see what this was about. it's been called the safest house in the world. architect eugene sway calls it biologic design, but it's taken a while to grow on people. for many, many years, i was considered a crackpot. but now. i think the world is realizing that maybe eugene was
12:44 pm
right that maybe nature has something to tell us to understand the house. you have to understand the man. the 66 year old is also an author. he's a closing designer, a composer and a father. you can't put this man in a box. he really doesn't like boxes. the box in nature doesn't exist, and that's because. the cube is the weaker structure in nature. and so he lives his life outside of the box in every way he learned gymnastics in college and eventually became the four time senior olympic all around champion. in his late forties, he found boxing. the first championship. i went to buy one eventually over a 10 year period. i won eight world championships he uses life experiences and a love of nature to design his buildings. so it makes sense that when his parents asked him to build them
12:45 pm
a house, it too wouldn't be shaped like a box and in fact, it's hard to find a straight line in this four bedroom, three bath 2000 square foot home. take me through. okay so you notice that when you first entered the house, it's narrow and dark. that's purposely designed that way. you walk from dark to light to the center and a 33 ft ceiling. the house is also built like a boat. so the whole all these this whole floor is one piece. it's two stories, but you won't find stairs and it invites you up. the ramp brings you up and passed a huge plexi glass around window designed to explode light. all the windows here are round. okay, the round windows there round because in an earthquake, which were very prone to of stress and strains are taken tangentially around the frames, so there's no cracking. and while it's known as the fish house, it was actually inspired by something else. one is the most indestructible living thing on the planet. i looked that up,
12:46 pm
it happens to be a little a little. it's called. it's an arthropod. it looks like a little bug. a little fat bug with eight legs. it's called the tartar grade. there's something about the way they're shaped. it must be the way they're shaped the way their geometries are put together. and so i mimicked that in the fish out the so called fish shells back in the nineties. lots of people didn't want his house. the planning review the city council, the neighbors screaming at each other stream and say, you know this. this is a travesty time. has been more gracious can you imagine from his history in 1991 or two? as you know, not in my backyard and now, 27 years later, it is now voted as the best design in old berkeley. is there part of you right now? that's going i told you so. oh, absolutely absolutely. claudine wong ktvu
12:47 pm
fox two news on this friday afternoon about a lot of people want to get out and about i'm guessing we should bring sunscreen, rosemary and maybe a hat. yes great choice and some water. garcia mike, eligible for you and happy friday to everybody. sun is shining over most of the bay area just a little bit of fog along the coastline. here's a look once again, sfl blue skies here, san francisco started out with sunshine this morning and temperatures this morning this afternoon, at least for most up by a few degrees from yesterday. we continue to watch that fog there will remain close to the coast are just off the coast until about sunset begins to work its way back into the bay and perhaps along the east space shore in time for sunset. if you do have a dinner plans later this evening outside of that we've got mostly sunny skies a beautiful summer like pattern in place right now. the winds onshore at hayward at about seven mph. we've got the winds through the delta, but not too strong anywhere from 10 to 15 mph, but coming from the right direction, so that's some good news. we do
12:48 pm
have changes coming our way temperatures will begin to drop off on the back end of the weekend. we also have the possibility of that monsoonal moisture coming from the desert southwest. once again working its way into california and up over the sierra. i'll show you the future cast model will come back around. take a look at your temperatures for today. int the future cast giving it to you for saturday sunday, not a lot of change at the start of sunday, but by sunday afternoon noticed the blips of blue. we've got the cloud covered that has moved in from the desert southwest. so could be a little bit humid and a very slight chance that maybe even some thunderstorms coming our way right now. it looks like the sunday through tuesday timeframe, so we'll be tracking that between now and then it's going to be all about the warm weather for inland communities very comfortable around the bay. if you go into the sierra, there's also a possibility here into sunday as well. right now temperatures at south lake tahoe 76 degrees sun is shining over blue canyon at 84. getting into the weekend just going to
12:49 pm
be warm over tahoe upper eighties in the forecast, not only for tomorrow but sunday as well but again, adding that possibility of just a slight chance right now and maybe some thunderstorm activity or scattered showers developing. so we'll be watching that between now and then. meanwhile outsider doors at this hour 63 degrees san francisco upper sixties for the east based short, hayward go inland. it's a warm one for your upper eighties in brentwood. north bay. gorgeous 70 santa rosa in san jose 78 as well. so the hotter temperatures for today inland east bay. no surprise. 96 antioch 94 conquered closer to the water will go 72 for oakland along the peninsula, 83 in redwood city and in the north bay, 82 over san rafel. your extended forecast will show you temperatures will be very similar tomorrow may drop off just a smidge may or may not notice so much into sunday, though a notable drop in our temperatures. and then we kind of remain there monday through tuesday, but the other element that will be watching for the possibility as those thunderstorms back to you, rosemary. thank you. many of
12:50 pm
the major bart repair projects are ahead of schedule. bart says it was able to speed up construction work during the pandemic, with reduced ridership and service crews are replacing rail and track components that are original to win. the system opened back in the seventies. bart says more than a quarter of the repair and maintenance projects that voters approved and measures are are have now been pleaded. there's a new plan for a controversial sculpture of sir francis drake. one year after it was taken down in the north bay, the larkspur city council voted unanimously this week to sell the sculpture, saying the piece was too divisive to go back to larkspur landing or any other park in the city. the 30 ft tall statue was taken down last july after complaints that it on a man with ties to slavery and colonialism and concerns over public safety after activists threatened to topple the artwork, a creative idea they saw the solution for not being able to take his children to come here how one father brought
12:51 pm
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students at university of california schools, including cal, you see, says the increase is necessary to maintain the high quality of education. his ktvu is rob roth tells us some students say they're being priced out. students demonstrated in front of the university of california headquarters in oakland thursday morning. they urged the u. c board of regions to vote against raising tuition students like me, like other low income students, working class students, students of color can no longer afford to be able to pay tuition. but the protest wasn't enough. you see regions voted 17. five to raise tuition fees for the first time in four years, beginning in the fall of 2022 tuition and fees
12:55 pm
for new in state students will rise by 2% plus the rate of inflation. that amounts to an estimated $534 a year increase, bringing the cost up to about $14,000.08 year, not including housing. under the plan, those students will not see another rise in tuition for six years. you can count on this. we will not raise your tuition in the neck. six years graduate students and then to graduate students. that's an extraordinary promise the region's plan cost for each subsequent undergraduate class to get the same terms with tuition increases based on the inflation rate for that year, but some regions questioned the urgency of voting on tuition hikes. now after the state is pumping $1.3 billion in new money into the uc system, i think it is the wrong time. to pass a plan for tuition increases at the exact same time that the commitment of the state of california to our students has never been greater. but you see, says the campuses
12:56 pm
are under a financial squeeze, and the increase in funds will help improving this faculty to student ratio to enhance student mentoring, increase experiential learning opportunities. and achieve better educational outcomes. you can't buy excellence on the cheap, you see, says it is making more financial aid available, and it says that only about 40% of all you see students pay full tuition at u. c. berkeley rob roth, ktvu fox two news. there's a new push to keep mills college in oakland alumni trustees filed a motion asking a judge to order the college. released documents related to the future of mills. the group also wants 60 days to review the colleges finances to find a way to preserve the historic women's school. the administration may shut down the school or have emerged with northeastern university after financial hardships forced mills to no longer accept first year students after this ball, the cleveland indians baseball team is changing its name to
12:57 pm
the guardians. last fall, the team announced that it would look into a new name after the washington football team. removed it's redskins name indians is viewed as offensive to many native americans. in an announcement just today, the team highlighted its past but recognize that it was time for a change. that rebrand will happen in time for next year's baseball season. the first place san francisco giants are back home from their road trip and taking on the pittsburgh pirates tonight, added oracle park. it was quite a game last night down south in l, a. and the top of the ninth giants down 31. dodgers thought they won the game here after what they thought was the final out. but the giants reviewed that close. call it back in and the call was reversed. it was safe and that was the lifeline the team needed. they scored four runs in the ninth and beat the dodgers. 5 to 3. the oakland a's are on a 10 game road trip right now and taking on the mariners in seattle is pitcher sean manaea, healthy is beat the mariners last night, he dominated on the mound for oakland, striking out a career high 13 and seven innings. ramon laureano also drove in
12:58 pm
two runs in the aids, beat the mariners 5 to 1. tonight's game starts at 7 10 well, some of the world's fastest vehicles are on display. and sonoma county this weekend. it's the start of the three day national hot rod association. sonoma nationals. vehicles notice top fuel dragsters can go 330 miles an hour. fans and drivers are back this year after the event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. san jose sharks are less than three months away from returning to the ice. the nhl released its regular season schedule. the sharks open on october 16th at s a p center against the winnipeg jets. the sharks will host the league's newest team, the seattle crackin twice once in mid december, then at the end of february, the nhl will take a break in early february to allow players to compete in next year's winter olympics in beijing. china highly acclaimed, interactive digital art exhibition opens exclusivelyancn immerses visitors with lush imagery drawn from nature and
12:59 pm
east asian art. spectators can walk around the room filled with music as colorful flowers and butterflies swirl right around them. carlsbad dad as created an elaborate disneyland inspired ride for his daughters at their home market. he and his family has not been able to go back to disneyland since before the pandemic, so he took matters right into his own hands and made a mini disneyland at. home he created a mad tea party inspired teacup ride a replica of disney's star tours, attraction and much, much more. yeah we have an adventure land downstairs, and we have a tiki room, and we just kind of built that over the years just to make the most of the space we have and have something cool for the girls that they'll, you know, use and like, hopefully remember for a long time. yeah why not very cool, eaten works as a filmmaker and has experienced building sets and props, so he had a little bit of a head start on getting that project up and running. but saying that man is a big project to undertake and you can see they're happy and smiling dad
1:00 pm
of the year for sure. absolutely let's go to his house, right. thanks for joining us today at noon. our news is always on ktvu. com and the app will see you back here at four. >> he said he wanted to eat my ribs. dr. oz: behind the shocking allegations against actor armie hammer. >> when he did was dangerous and irresponsible and trawmenteddizing. dr. oz: his ex opens about abuse and his cannibalistic desires and elizabeth hasselbeck on how her family has coped during covid. coming up next. dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. you know armie hammer from movies


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