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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 29, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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francisco, philanthropist, poet and activist who suddenly died today to not community members and city leaders paying tribute to janice america, tani. jan was really one of the pillars of our community. it's hard to even imagine san francisco without jan america timing. she was, of course, co founder of glide memorial church of former san francisco poet laureate and
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a fixture in the tenderloin district. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes, frank and julia off tonight, miracle tani died suddenly today shortly after being diagnosed with cancer, ktvu jana katsuyama is here now, with the heartfelt tributes pouring in jannah. heather and andre. she passed away this morning and the glide community learned just last week that she had been diagnosed with cancer. all of the love that she gave to san francisco is resonating today in the memories that people are sharing tonight. janice marie catanese journey through life was filled with a keen compassion for helping those most in need. she co founded glide church with the love of her life, reverend cecil williams becoming glides first president and relishing glides philosophy of radical inclusivity, providing meals, housing and services in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood, remembering once when four people entered the church wearing swastikas on headbands they came, they had removed their headbands, and they sort of volunteering for the meal. program. she was so
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deeply committed to clyde's mission of serving our most marginalized residents and the tenderloin and elsewhere with food with housing. she was also a poet serving as san francisco's poet laureate, from 2000 to 2000 and a beloved role model in the japanese american community right now are really in shock, and it's really sad day, but you know, we have to reflect on her amazing life and her activism. and it really transformed our lives in san francisco's japantown peace plaza staff with the national japanese american historic society, placed a string of traditional origami cranes and mary catanese photo in a colorful circle around the marker, where one of her poems is etched in stone. her fight for civil rights and peace born from her own family's hardships being incarcerated as japanese americans by the us government during world war two. she was very concerned about the devastation of war and the victims of ppe of war and
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really push for peace and a better world. she just really embodies the best of this city. and you know the ways in which that she worked with other communities and shared their stories and really difficult stories and subjects that are not easy to talk about. she really brought to the forefront her work was recognized internationally by presidents, foreign dignitaries and foreign governments. in october. 2019 the japanese government gave her one of its highest awards. remember the stories we write on our skin luminous with a light that shines from within janice america thani's light still luminous, still lingering in the hearts of every person she touched. in the final line of the poem on the japantown marker, she wrote from my life opens countless lives. the journey continues. today, mayor
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london breed said in a statement. jan. marika tani was one of our city's true lights. she was a visionary, a revolutionary artist and the very embodiment of san francisco's compassionate spirit. she was loved and will never be forgotten. glide is asking that any donations be made in her memory to their women and children's fund. yes such an important part of the fabric of san francisco and such a loss for the city, janet. thank you. for update to the latest coronavirus numbers now, here in california there were more than 7400 new cases recorded today and the statewide seven day positivity rate is now at 6.2% that is up more than 1% point from this time last week, there are now over 3.8. million confirmed covid-19 cases here in california since the pandemic started, and more than 63,000 deaths and 31 inmates in the sonoma county jail, have covid-19 second outbreak in the late in less than six months, sheriff's officials tell the
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press democrat that none of the infected inmates have symptoms. the outbreak began last week among inmates who were recently booked into the jail. they were placed in quarantine for two weeks. 12 jail staff members are also in quarantine after exposure to the infected inmates. last december. 28 it makes and staff members were infected with covid 19. san francisco mayor london breed says that she is considering reinstating an indoor mask mandate in the city and in san francisco over 77% of people have been fully vaccinated, but we see this delta variants really taking shape, so we have to be diligent. we have to be concerned about what that means. and as we recover, we want to make sure that we're not going backwards and our businesses aren't closing down. right now. master only recommended indoors in san francisco. but as the delta variant takes old, that could change people we spoke to had mixed feelings about the possibility of having to mask up once again. i do not
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personally think it is necessary. i think it's pretty unfortunate. i think we started finally feeling like a little normal again and people are out and about it. i think it's necessary. i think it is needed with the way we are trending and everyone has been in that position before. san mateo county this weekend began requiring mask at government buildings once again and supervisor david cannabis said that could widen depending on coronavirus data in the county and sacramento county health officials put a mask mandate in place. all residents must wear masks indoors again, regardless of their vaccination status. that new order goes into effect tomorrow. sacramento is the third california county to reinstate mask orders after los angeles and yellow counties. and today, president joe biden ordered all federal workers to get vaccinated or submit to regular testing, and that includes two million employees nationwide as katie byu's jesse gary reports. it's the president's latest tactic to
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curb the spread of the delta variant. the nation's two million federal employees now face a simple choice. shot in the arm or swab in the nose. machine. a spike in covid cases they're going up. why because of this new form this new variant covered delta variant in an attempt to stem the spread. president joe biden announcing all federal employees and contractors are now required to say if they've received covid vaccination, and if not where face coverings submit to testing up to twice a week. and see work related travel restrictions were never going to see the end the light at the end of the tunnel here with this covid pandemic unless we substantially improve our vaccination rates, while some areas of the country have high vaccination rates, others lag, leaving half the populace unprotected. biden's move is seen as accelerating the number of shops and arms. it's a step in the right direction and often. states and local jurisdictions. they follow suit.
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california and new york have already implemented similar requirements on its state workers. google and facebook require returning office employees to be vaccinated. look, this is not about red states and blue states. it's literally about life and death. the federal law enforcement officers association, which represents fbi agents, and u. s marshals. released a statement which reads in part, forcing people to undertake a medical procedure is not the american way and is a clear civil rights violation. president counters freedom requires responsibility and protecting the nation from another full blown outbreak means as many people as possible need to get vaccinated. if you had high vaccination rates. we wouldn't be in this spot right now. as an incentive to vaccination across the board, the president is proposing $100 vouchers and paid time off so that people can get vaccinated and he's ordering the vagina to make sure all of its members are vaccinated. and once the defense department to figure
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out a way to make that happen from members of the military in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. growing number of bars and restaurants are requiring proof of vaccination tonight members of the san francisco bar owner alliance started checking status at the door, as did a restaurant opening for the very first time since last march. katie was amberleigh live now for us tonight in asia sf for customers, some of them at least welcoming this new requirement. amber. heather were inside asia as self where the last show of the night just ended. certainly there was a lot of excitement over its grand reopening, but there is also concern about the delta variant, do you mind showing me your vaccine card and your i d please? proof of vaccination from customers now a new requirement to go inside asia sf restaurant cabaret in the south of market neighborhood, this is the venues grand reopening after a 16 month long shutdown. now dealing with sort
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of this sort of mini surge of the delta variant. it adds a lot of, uh, anxiety and stress. this performer who also works as a server says she feels safer because the entire staff is vaccinated and customers are required to do the same. but i love it. i think we all have to protect ourselves, and i think it's our duty as individuals like needed to protect each other. do you ladies mind showing me your vaccine cards in your ieds? one customer tells me proof of vaccination wasn't required when he bought his tickets two weeks ago, but he came prepared a qr code on his phone from the state that provides this vaccine information along with the mask in his pocket, it is getting tiresome. and but once we get to the point where everybody's vaccinated, it will be great. in the mission neighborhood, the owner of the 500 club is now requiring customers to show proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours.
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he is a member of the san francisco bar owner alliance that has officially recommended the bars require proof of vaccination starting on july 29th. frankly, i have want to get shut down again, either, you know, so i think it's important for everyone to know that we're taking steps this couple supports the new requirement for both vaccinated. we actually had covid back in december, and, yeah, it just makes you feel better about being inside back at asia. sf the owner tells me customers who call to cancel due to delta variant concerns decided not to when they learned that proof of vaccination is required. this is good for the business, and it's good for the committee. city, so we think it's a win win. see the owner of asia, sf says there are still some reservations available through the weekend. one customer told me he felt safe coming here because proof of vaccination is required. heather yeah, the actions by those bars and
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restaurants, amber may capture more people who have not yet been vaccinated will have to wait and see if the requirements in fact moved the needle. amber. thank you. millions of americans who are behind on their rent may soon be looking for a new place to live. this follows abide administration's announcement that the nationwide ban on evictions will expire on saturday. the decision comes after the supreme court's 5 to 4 ruling that extended the covid moratorium through the end of july. but just as brett kavanaugh, who was in the majority here, said he'd block any additional extensions unless there was quote clear and specific congressional authorization. the president is calling on congress to act on another extension quote. without delay. president biden would have strongly supported a decision by the cdc to further extend this eviction moratorium to protect renters at this moment of heightened vulnerability. unfortunately as some of you might know, the supreme court has made clear that this option is no longer available. california has its
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own moratorium on rental evictions that runs through the end of september. some affairs are back, but they look a little different coming up tonight. the changes at the sonoma county fair as it kicks off with new coronavirus concerns in mind. the weekend is just around the corner. we'll look into that your friday tomorrow saturday and sunday back here after the break. also ahead tonight pg knee facing criminal liability for yet another california wildfire, the stadium. the statement rather from shasta county's top prosecutor. of anywt
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like last year, but not as big as before. covid either. this week, the sonoma county fair returned to the north bay and katie bs. deborah villalon is live in santa rosa, where it's a fair by another name. deb yeah. andre this sonoma county fair has a subtitle. it's called summer fun fest to acknowledge its been scaled back, but all the old favorites are here. the rides are roaring at the sonoma county fairgrounds this year, though, one carnival midway instead of two covid downsizing. we're watching the delta variant, the fair working with public health
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limits the crowd to under 10,000 daily masks required indoors and missing this year. the flower show competitive exhibits and the ponies. no horse racing fares are such a tradition. a family reunion, see people they haven't seen in years. and we just felt that it was something we could do. plus a few new features like camel rides, everybody that calls thank you so much for doing this. thank you. and the livestock are here for a church and future farmers of america competing in the ring last year, they had to show their animals with photos and videos, so they really didn't get the full experience a bunch of our students. this is our first time actually being in the show ring, so they're nervous, but we're also very excited for them. everyone is excited. buy one. get one free on the second day, barker said. business was slow. there's not a lot of people scare still, you know, pandemic is still hurting affairs, but they look for it to pick up on the weekend been out here for 26 years, so i
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know the gang. you know, i know how to get on me in and out. i don't get the money. we're all happy that something's coming back and we hope it stays the couple making funnel cakes here for 30 years, says the fair circuit is still recovering. it's hit or miss. we will have there and then we'll have two weeks off where to fairs were cancelled and did nothing. and then we'll have another fair. fair goers just delight in the familiar sights and sounds. this hits the spot, just the same, almost almost just think this mom loves bringing her sons to the fair she grew up with and i'm so excited that it's back. i mean, it's a little smaller, but it's great for the kids and for us to finally get out and do something fun. this fair runs five days this week, five days next week, total attendance won't begin to rival a normal fair, but it is back and better than no fair. also andre free admission for anyone who gets
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vaccinated right outside the gates on their way in another effort to get people vaccinated, and it looks like a fun time out there. thank you so much. meantime in chicago, the four day music festival lollapalooza started today with hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend over the next few days. but in order to attend concertgoers must bring a printed copy of their vaccination card vaccine record or negative test result taken within 72 hours of attending the festival, there are signs throughout the park, reminding those who are unvaccinated to where they're mass. attendees say they feel comfortable with the new safety measures. i thought the mask would be fine. especially since i'm his dad and you know with him, but you know, because i'm vaccinated and have my card. um but, you know, i do appreciate the, uh you know the security. i mean, this could be a super spreader events, so they're trying to take all precaution. it seems like they're doing the right stuff. not only are hundreds of thousands of people expected as we mentioned to attend this weekend, but in 2019 alone,
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that festival brought in more than 247 million to the local chicago economy, already heading towards the weekend. now friday, kind of like the weekend. almost i mean temperatures today. well this 101 in fairfield. that's the warm spot kind of like yesterday. and then sometimes just a little cooler than yesterday. vallejo was a little warmer three moments a little cooler. tomorrow is going to be a lot like this. not a big change to tomorrow. but then may i mean, we might drop a degree or two tomorrow in the hottest spot, so instead of one on one in fairfield, 98 something like that. but i don't think it's gonna be super noticeable saturday, you'll notice more of a temperature drop in sunday as well to be. it'll be. significantly cooler saturday, slightly cooler sunday. it's kind of cool shot here. obviously the bay bridge and you just a little bit ago, the fog was peeking through. you can see the towers, right. you know, the tower extends up on the west side or the east side of the bridge. it's yeah, see the top of the tower there. lighten up, but you can see the
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tower right there. yes kind of cool. so fog's move in. you can see that you can tell how high it is to write because it's burying the top of that tower. so it's not real deep, so it's not getting real far inland tonight. so we're expecting a day tomorrow? a lot like the day we had today. which includes temperatures in the mid nineties and even upper nineties in the hottest locations. most of us kind of a copy of what we had today. winds are doing the right thing going the right way out of the west westerly wind. sfo's at 14, you can see the sea breeze right there. see the green, right, so that's pretty good temperature. bill brown would i don't know about that. brentwood number 87. that doesn't sound right. um sometimes you get erroneous readings, but that's 71 in fairfield 76. everyone makes sense and cooler around the back. tomorrow will be a nice day. weekend's gonna be nice to little cool down on saturday. we'll get to all that when i see in a minute. all right. thanks so much bill. appreciate it. pg and e. bay face criminal charges for wildfire in shasta county last year, the zog fire killed four people destroyed 200 homes and burned 56,000
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acres today, shasta's district attorney said the utility is criminally liable. but she said a final determination on charges has not yet been made. cal fire found that a pine tree falling on pg power lines sparked that fire. the company cooperated with cal fire's investigation but has not commented on today's announcement. well, there are new details tonight about the struggle that pg any workers face getting to a tripped fuse that may have sparked the dixie fire in court documents. pg and he revealed that its crew members struggled for hours to get to the failed equipment because of a close your on highway 70 steep and narrow access roads also meant that one utility worker could only drive three miles an hour to the site, the dixie fire burning right now, and butte and plumas county is now california's 13th, largest in history. it's burned 226,000 acres and destroyed 42 structures. and for some, it is bringing back painful memories of the deadly campfire there in
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butte county three years ago. it just brings back. um really terrible memories. terrible memories, given the fire conditions that were in this year with the drought and everything else. it just seems like somebody completely dropped the ball one more time at pg near. firefighters are bracing for more hot, dry weather in the coming days, particularly on eastern fire lines. containment though of this fire stands at 23% well still to come tonight, rising coronavirus cases in tokyo smack in the middle of the olympic games, plus, most of the 40 niners are vaccinated, but one major star is not what nick bosa said today about his vaccination status coming up next. us an act of kindness from a fremont company coming up at 10 30 how the company is helping a homeless man and his dog after one of its employees hit the pub with a company van. she's like i'm gonna go. i'm gonna foot the whole bill and i want to make sure you guys have everything you need to be
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successful with the dogs when she gets out. um that i am going to do so of the team is no.
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but that number does not include defensive end nick bosa. i'm just evaluating everything right now, uh, haven't made a decision for yet. but following the protocols, and, uh, see where it goes. bosa was asked about his vaccination status today at training camp. the team's entire coaching staff is vaccinated. the nfl's not requiring players, though, to be vaccinated, but players who do not get the shot must be tested every day. earlier this week, the league, said 83% of players have received at least one dose of the vaccine. well as the olympics continued. tokyo is seeing a spike in covid-19 infections. the city recorded 2800 new cases. and,
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as greg palkot tells us tonight, that's double last week's numbers, team usa, adding another goal to its medal count on thursday. gymnast sunni lee became the fifth straight american woman to claim the olympic all around title. judging how gymnast from brazil and the russian olympic committee defending champion simone biles cheered the stands after withdrawing from the competition to care for her mental health. i was starting to put a little bit too much pressure on myself knowing that simone was gone. i know what i'm capable of, and i knew that i had to hit the best routines in my life to get here. meanwhile the olympics continue to take place under a microscope as tokyo sees a spike in covid-19 infections. local health officials reporting a record 3800 new cases on thursday, double the number from a week ago to foreign olympic athletes are hospitalized more than 30 yourself isolating in hotels. dozens of people protested in tokyo thursday, blaming the games for the recent surge, just saying. by hosting this
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event, we are going to create the tokyo olympics variant and those who tested positive will return to their countries. tokyo has been under 1/4 state of emergency since july, 12th but despite stay at home request people are still walking around the city. japanese officials now sounding the alarm. she got so much this highly infectious delta strain is progressing and to reduce the number of new cases we talked about how it is necessary to further reduce the movement of people. japan's prime minister says that he will decide on friday whether to expand emergency measures. in london. greg palkot fox news. coming up tonight in sports. the golden state warriors had two picks in the top 15 of the nba draft. our sports director market baniyas will have everything you need to know about the guys who will be joining stuff and company and the company does not hesitate after one of its employees hurt some homeless man's dog, how their footing the bill for thousands of dollars in veterinary bills.
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also ahead, bay area based stock trading app robin hood makes its market debut on wall street. but it did not meet expectations and more than 100 businesses in san francisco's chinatown targeted with lawsuits that some called frivolous the allegations by two plaintiffs regarding americans with disabilities act violations. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck?
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yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. man's puppy after an employee accidentally hit the little dog with a work van ktvu zander smith tells us he is now grateful the company helps save that dog's life. oh change, the seventh month old jack russell terrier mix is one lucky dog. many is recovering a beacon veterinary pet hospital in free months after being hit by a car, not just any car, some would
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say the right car. many belongs to al rivera, who stays in a trailer near the mall parkway in fremont, along with minnie's brother, hannah. those are my kids, you know, i raised those two and, um, and meanings of fireball. on tuesday, i'll took the dogs out for a run a walters and wolf construction company work. van was coming down kristie st when many bolted in the street, the driver accidentally hit her. i immediately saw her role and she went into the bushes, and she hid. so i went in there and i looked at her and i can already see that her leg was chewed up, many taking a beacon pet hospital under the care of emergency doctor jessica portela. when she came in her foot was pretty mangled. she was very painful. she was, you know, in hypovolemic shock, a broken lug a fractured pelvis, several toes how to be amputated. many was at risk of being put down. even the walters and wolf technically wasn't responsible because the dogs were off leash. the company didn't hesitate to pay for the medical bill. think of final estimate was somewhere
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between 12 and 14,000. so they left like a $12,000 deposit. i reached out to the company who said it was the right thing to do. they didn't want the dog to suffer, but have a chance at a good life that was like astounding. she like really knocked me off my feet when she said she would foot the bill, and they didn't register until about a couple hours later. also has a lot of times, people look down upon the homeless this time they didn't honestly, um. it was very hard for me, uh, it's not something you hear every day. many is expected to make a full recovery. the company also paid for her to be spayed and vaccinated and bought. the dog knew leashes. i think they're very nice, beautiful people for doing that in fremont, azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. yeah what a nice thing that company did. south san francisco police say detectives helped to reunite a stolen dog with her owners. after that dog was taken during a violent robbery. investigators say that this
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french bulldog named prada was stolen last month when three suspects forcefully entered a hotel room and attacked one of two victims that these them made off of the dog as well as a cell detectives tracked down the suspects and yesterday carried out a sting operation during which the suspects thought. they were selling product. instead police arrested all three suspects and were able to reunite the dog with her family business owners in san francisco's chinatown say they are being unfairly sued for violating the americans with disabilities act as ktvu henry lee tells us say, say, it's important for people with the disabilities to have access, but they believe they are being exploited. these plaintiffs are abusing 88 take start. chinese speaking mom and pop businesses. san francisco chinatown leaders are fighting back over what they call fraudulent ada lawsuits could recover from the after the covid 19 pandemic, but now faces another crisis in this
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attack, an exploitation targeted to all chinese more than 100. chinatown businesses have been sued or receive demand letters alleging 88 violations such as inaccessible front doors or restrooms. many involved the same two plaintiffs. the forest cafe is one of chinatown's oldest banquet halls. the pandemic forced it to close for more than a year. it reopened just last month. five east cafe but through a translator, owner bill lee said that joy was short lived. when he was sued. he was feeling like there's hope for coming out of the covid coming out of the pandemic suddenly and he got hit by this lawsuit, city administrator carmen chu said. her own parents were hit by a lawsuit years ago while running a restaurant in southern california. it was. really a scary thing. you know, all of a sudden, you have a lawsuit. you don't know what to do. and you worry. like, what does this mean for me? i reached out to an attorney whose firm has filed many ada lawsuits. he wouldn't say how many involved chinatown businesses. but in a statement, he said, in part, a simple search of the docket will indicate that we do not discriminate in bringing suits
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that said every single case filed by our office is the result of a violation of state and federal law and my clients are enforcing those laws in the way the law intends a little more than a week ago, san francisco dhs. it's a boudin says he's launched an investigation into potentially fraudulent ada lawsuits. now china town and city leaders say they're gathering funds for inspection, repair and legal costs. henry lee ktvu fox two news, san francisco mayor, london breed today signed the city's two year budget. it comes just two days after the board of supervisors approved at $13.1 billion budget for this year and a $12.8 billion budget for next year. among other things, the spending plan provides more than one billion. dollars over the next two years to address homelessness. so in this budget, an unprecedented investment in homelessness and shelter in mental health beds and resources. we did not take the decisions that we made to make these investments lightly. so we should be really proud of
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what we have invested. now let's make sure these dollars work to change the conditions that we see on our streets. the budget also includes increased spending for the police department to maintain staffing levels rental assistance as well as support for small businesses. wall street today gave stock trading app robin hood, a cool reception in the online brokers highly anticipated market market debut, the fast growing trading company finished the day at 34 82 down 8% from its offering price. it was a disappointing performance, as the offering had already priced at the low end of its expected range. only about a quarter of us ipos have dropped during their first day of trading. on the broader markets, stocks advanced on strong corporate earnings results from banks and tech companies. the dow was up 153, the nasdaq added. 15 and the s and p added 18 to turn positive for the week. california school district is making a major
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change this school year coming up later tonight. the district that will be requiring all students and employees we tested for the coronavirus weekly, regardless of vaccination status. we've had a cup. hot days around here, especially inland. but things are going to cool off a bit this weekend, saturday and sunday forecast is coming up next and after the break details on a violent carjacking in alameda, the search investigat
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carjacking. authorities say it happened around 10 15 on tuesday night there on the corner of mozart street and santa clara avenue, the victim told officers he was sitting in his parked car when two men suddenly opened his door and ordered him to get out of the car and lay on the ground. they said they had a gun when the
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victim complied. police say the suspects hit him several times. want to show you now what? that stolen vehicle looks like it's a blue toyota tundra with the license plate for 84 to 1. f one. if you have any information or surveillance video with that car in it, where you were asked to call alameda police, the alameda county d. a s office says it will not file charges against the man accused of holding a woman captive in his home and repeatedly raping her. investigators say after thorough investigation, it was determined that the woman's allegations of kidnapping and being raped at an oakland home are unfounded. a source close to the investigation told ktvu. there were credibility issues with the woman, the source says. the woman texted for friends and visited a grocery store during the time she said she was held against her will. well there is a new effort now to help people feel safer in oakland's chinatown amid an increase in violent attacks on asian americans, a community ambassador program was launched this afternoon. it uses community members to walk
10:41 pm
seniors and other vulnerable people to their destinations and the law. so keep watch on asian owned businesses. the program is funded through the oakland city budget. san francisco mayor london breed local lawmakers and jewish community leaders came together today to raise public awareness about the rising anti semitism and hate going on in the city. we know that this is an important community in san francisco. and when this community is hurting. when this community is attacked. and as you can see, all of the people that are standing with me here today, all of us from the black community from the chinese community. from the latino community from different religious communities. we stand here. in solidarity, really event at congregation. emmanuel also included the unveiling of a new online social media campaign to confront an increase in anti semitism. we
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will be really keen about our safety protocols to continue to implement that and ensure that our students and families feel safe, somebody area schools are starting in just two weeks with students back in the classroom full time, but it won't be quite back to normal and cooler temperatures heading our way. chief meteorologist bill martin has the details in your five day forecast coming up next two f
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the bay area and school districts are preparing for students to return to the classroom for full time in person learning ktvu rob roth takes a look at some of the changes, students and teachers can expect. school districts throughout the bay area's say they're ready for the first time in almost a year and a half. it's back to in person classrooms. one parent of an oakland second grader, is thrilled. the first day is august 9th excited for her to be back in the classroom on campus with her, her teachers in person and her fellow students. there will be one key difference between now and pre pandemic students, teachers at anyone who enters a school in california will be required to wear a mask. we will be really keen about our safety protocols to continue to implement that and ensure that our students and families feel safe. i'm just kind of accepted it, even though i think if it were up to be i would be okay with my
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daughter not wearing a mask. vaccines are encouraged, but they're not required to gain entry. vaccines are not available for students under age 12 some districts, including san jose unified are requiring regular covid testing of any staffer teachers who are not vaccinated school districts will have air purifiers in classrooms and cleaning. protocols that were in place last school year will remain. we have definitely and instituted, uh, more stringent cleaning procedures, disinfection procedures than existed before the pandemic. no question about that. these days terms like learning pods, cohorts and hybrid instruction are pretty much gone from everyone's vocabulary. we no longer have to worry about the physical distancing. we no longer have to worry about masks outside. will, of course, follow the appropriate hygiene as we always would, but distance learning is still being offered as a separate independent study program, only a few 100 students in each of the districts we surveyed are choosing that option. the rest
10:47 pm
plan to come to class even if it's with mass. it will be different in that way. but everything else is what was and we are so excited to welcome our students. even with the delta very in health officials are recommending schools open in person, but rules and requirements could change. change as long as covid remains a moving target. rob roth, ktvu fox two news, the los angeles unified school district will require weekly testing this school gear. the new mandate applies to all students and employees returning for in person learning, regardless of vaccination status. previously the district was only going to require those who are unvaccinated to get tested. district officials say. the move aligns with recent la county guidance mobile testing teams will visit schools to provide the testing, which begins monday. the school year officially begins august 16th. how okay, checking in on those temperatures again from today, one on one in fairfield. that's the hot spot. these
10:48 pm
temperatures are still going to be pretty worn tomorrow, but i think that like 97 in an yeah, it goes down to a 95 101 goes down to a 98 so temperature's going to drop. potentially 2 to 3, maybe a little more in some places, but not a big drop opposite. it's not going to be heavily noticeable. the fog is pretty much moving into the bay right now, as you would expect. it's not as far inland as it had been getting last week, so we're going to see a lot less fog coverage tomorrow morning that we had in the previous weeks and kind of like this morning, essentially a little bit of wind out there now, but not a lot 16 miles an hour out in fairfield, which. fairfield this time at night, this time of year, you know, you could easily be 30 miles an hour. there's the fog footprint actually, temperature footprint, but it shows you right shows you the greens where the sea breeze is getting, too and as well as areas inland are still staying pretty warm, aren't they? it's about 1 degrees warmer and therapy a little cooler and conquer than it was last night. so just split the difference and call it pretty much the same night that we had last night. the founder serves up in the mountains today they were going pretty good up
10:49 pm
around kirkwood today. let's see. i put the loop on. you'll see. right. come on up. come on. there it comes about in the afternoon about 234 o'clock. those thunderstorms really started to pop off sunsets or the sun gets low on the horizon in the storm. stay down. it's going to happen again tomorrow, so i grew up around lake tahoe, especially south lake tahoe. prepare for thunderstorms actually, anywhere from um susan ville south, i would be wouldn't be surprised to see thunderstorms tomorrow, all the way down to mammoth fog at the coast. right now, the winds are going the right way. we don't have an extreme fire danger, but we do have. fire danger because it's summer. tomorrow morning, we got fogged right at the coast. very little inland. push those clouds you just see in the middle. those are that's that's a tropical moisture. so we're going to be seeing more of that. so humanities will be elevated from you where they typically are this time of year, and there's your temperature footprint slightly cooler than it was today. and then saturday's the day you're going to notice more significant cooling like we'll see in the five day forecast, san francisco and raw make 67
10:50 pm
degrees for daytime high. we've got 96 the antioch tomorrow, officers at fairfield number down in 96 or something like that. and then the five day forecast. you see temperatures. i'll get out the way you can see temperatures drop off on saturday. pretty significantly, you know, certainly in the inland spots lower or upper eighties, so there's five day forecast. i'll see you back here at 11 with updates. so thank you coming up tonight in sports vote bay area baseball teams winners tonight, but it is the team that the giants beat that is stealing headlines. late this evening, our sports director walked. the banias is coming up next on the 11 o'clock news. look at the future of california's economy. special economic advisor michael thomas says a guaranteed income could help the state recover from the pandemic. with you here on nba dt
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
night. of course, the truth is, we're not going to really know for two or three years. how well these draft picks really turned out, but, you know, at least on paper for the warriors. they got a lot younger, and they got very athletic. here's what they did with seven and 14 tonight. with the seventh pick. in the 2021 nba draft, the golden state warriors select jonathan, come, inga! yes they did, indeed, extremely athletic jonathan commingles six, ft seven about £210 wing from the congo originally is just 18 years old might be the best small forward available in tonight's draft. he played the g league based out of walnut creek also played in the bubble in florida, where he averaged 16.7 rebounds needs. work on his shot doesn't have a whole lot of offensive game right now, but he's got a big upside and definite great work ethic.
10:54 pm
they didn't go all the way in for the trapped. have the most and i so things in his draft and. it just might work. i think that had put everything every day. you know, working pretty much everything. i don't work on one thing, so basically going to going stays like i'm not going to be the man of the team. at night and day. i'm gonna be wanted blair when it seemed as gonna help with him to win. golden state warriors. as for the number 14 pick, they use it to select moses moody, who is a six, ft six guard out of arkansas. he's a scorer and looks like he checks. all the boxes apparently moves very well without the ball. he's got a feel for the game. great aptitude, physicality and can guard multiple positions on defense should fit in just right with the warriors and the way they like to do things, particularly on offense. just high marks and all regards about 15 points, five assists per game. in his last year of college. okay the blockbuster
10:55 pm
tonight new playmate for lebron, and it is future hall of famer russell westbrook. that's right. he's coming to l. a to join lebron and, of course, anthony davis. that's quite a big three. westbrook great point guard, of course, plenty left in the tank, as he showed this past season with the wizards didn't come cheap. truckload of talent will go to the wizards like kyle kuzma, montrell harold and kentavious caldwell pope, plus the 22nd pick in the draft tonight when our giant fans not happy when their team beats the dodgers. well when they find out that those very dodgers are about to acquire one of the best pitchers in all baseball, max scherzer and a very, very talented trade turner who can play on the infield, he's an all star for sure. and the giant says of yet haven't done a thing. trade deadline. one o'clock our time tomorrow. let's take a look, though on the positive side of what
10:56 pm
happened this afternoon, added willie mays ballpark. it's never too early to get your kid rooting for the giants, and this guy's back his first game feature injured on the i. l brandon crawford, a strokes it nicely the opposite way down the line. he's got himself an oppo double up david price that place a couple of runs and the giants in the first standing off to a nice start. it continues in the second wilmer floors into the wide open spaces visa. it's everywhere you want to be. he's got himself in. our fbi double hostage. slater at a couple of hits and then three nothing. johnny cueto. big story today, pitch well but got into trouble in the sixth bases loaded and two out incomes highland garcia to strike out. cody ballenger. everybody on the giants bench is pumped. gets out of a bases loaded jam that was as close as the dodgers got the scoring five nothing. the final the 16 games, we turned the giants and dodgers this year, they split
10:57 pm
up 88. but the giants have won five out of the last seven, and they have a three game lead in the west. like i say, oh, dodgers loading up, max scherzer looks like he's heading their way and they're finalizing that deal. the ayes have finalized a couple of trades and one of them paying immediate dividend. down in southern california against the angels, meet starling marte, a all star caliber outfielder. made it in time donna anais uniform and contribute in the first inning. doesn't matter of fact he's on when ramon laureano rips it to left. he's got himself a two run double marta by the way, one for four to walk a storm base. scored that run in the fifth inning mad chapman had trouble with the bat, but not the glove on both ends. gold glove work from matt olsen as well, along with chappy and the age shut down the angels. that is just some nice leather work right there. frankie montas, throw aspirin
10:58 pm
tablets tonight. 10 strikeouts, seven innings, gave up only three hits and no runs. for nothing. the final the houston astros, who were headed to san francisco, we're off today, so the a's still trailed them by 5.5 games in the western division of the american league. remember how devastating it was for the 40 niners win just two games into the season, they lost their superlative pass rusher, nick bosa. well it turns out there was a little bit of a silver lining to that situation because having been hurt so early. well that many had plenty of time to get ready. it looks like he will be on the field when the 49ers open the season. he's certainly been on the field as they open practice yesterday. very very impressive. physical specimen and ready to go, and he spoke to the media for the first time today. i knew when it was an early injury that i had, for
10:59 pm
the most part, probably be ready to go. um for week one and everything right now is trending towards that. so um, i'm hoping to ramp it up as i go and be ready to give it i got weak one. all right. team usa in the gold cup beat qatar. one nil that is the sporting life right now. back to you, andre and heather lost your mike for a second there. thank you so much mark. appreciate it next at 11. we're hoping, hoping that steps like this will persuade others who have been on the fence on getting the getting the vaccine. you may need more than just your id to go out in san francisco tonight, more bars began requiring customers. show proof of vaccination before entering the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now, starting today, members of the san
11:00 pm
francisco bar owner alliance have the option of requiring proof of vaccination for customers who want to drink indoors. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes i'm andre, senior frank and julia off tonight. it's not just bars that are taking this step. some restaurants are too as well. ktvu is amber lee joins us live from san francisco and amber. how are customers reacting to the new rules, andre? we found people to be largely supportive here at asia sf there was certainly a lot of excitement over its grand reopening, but there is also concern about the delta variant. do you mind showing me your vaccine card and your id? please proof of vaccination from customers now a new requirement to go inside asia sf restaurant cabaret in the south. market neighborhood. this is the venues grand reopening after a 16 month long shutdown now dealing with sort of this sort of mini surge of the delta variant. it adds a lot of, uh, anxiety and stress. see


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